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Your purpose? Your lucky Money factors? Your relationship analysis? We got it all covered. 

The mystic meaning behind your name

Did you know that ancient Chaldean Numerology is the most in depth numerology still preserved? In it, every number up to 80 has its very own personality and can reveal some things about your destiny. We compiled everything we could find about the meaning of the numbers and put together a long ass page about it. 

Unknown birth time?

Most astrology services and reports require your exact birth time. This used to be a huge problem for some people who have an unknown birth time. Even if you know your birth time, chances are, it may be a few minutes off and so your birth chart wont give you exact results.

This can be solved by doing a birth chart rectification. Problem is, it is a looong process, it costs lots of money, and in the end it may not give you a result. 

So, to make this shit available for all, we searched the www for you. We found a free online birth time rectification tool.  It needs some personal info and dates from you, and doesnt always give a result, but when it works it is on point. 

The smaller the time span it has to test, and the more info you can give, the higher the likelihood of success.  

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