Aquarius Degrees

0-1 deg Aquarius

Embarrassment of riches. If other components enable the native to make up his mind without delay and to stick to his decision, he will be in a position to enjoy the fruit Providence has strewn in plenty along his earthly path. Faith in God and contempt of hackneyed ideas and prejudices are supported in him by a creative imagination and a fair intelligence, but those faculties may drift easily into fatalism, self-centered haughtiness and idle daydreaming.

Yet the real danger lies elsewhere. Should the pattern fail to show any trace of resolution which, as stated above, the native even too badly needs, the very favors of fortune would be wasted on him. Many an occasion will pop up and slide away before he has found it in himself to grasp it. His rightful place in the world may be taken by the first comer, even by someone less intelligent and scrupulous than himself.

This degree rules the hands; favorable aspects give ambidexterity, whereas harmful ones make every gesture of the upper limbs awkward and clumsy.

Denotes a weak character, one who will not make headway in the world through indecision.

Denotes one of sensitive and poetic imagination who is capable of sublime flights of fancy. He is somewhat easily swayed by others, although himself capable of showing the way. He is a dreamer of dreams and a man of action, and many will have cause to honor his name. It is a symbol of Doing.

Easily influenced by others but a capable leader in psychic or occult studies. He defies the conventions of the day.

Independent, refined, and courageous character. Success is achieved in all occupations requiring strength, dexterity, and a swift intellect such as fencing or the military, diplomacy, art or literary review, as well the Bar. Although one enjoys sustainable fame, one is unlikely to become very wealthy, unless one marries a wealthy person. Indeed, this degree grants sudden riches but takes them away as quickly.

Taking a good look at things with an eager eye brings you right into the middle of the dilemma of polarities. As you stand there faced with the different sides, you are impartial; neither side pulls you more sharply than the other. Immense opportunity. Huge challenge. You have vital potential for brilliant synthesis, but a subtle temptation to think too long. A schooling in alchemy in every moment--do you find what is ready to emerge or do you think about it? Progressive evolution draws you through all your mistakes into all that can be.

Homicidal tendency; inquisitiveness; obesity; a bold innovator; humane, reserved; apt to be sensitive; sometimes; considered visionary or dreamy; on Ascendant; great energy; handsome appearance, neatness, a lovable disposition and beneficence in despair; right shinbone nerve.

This is a symbol of one whose life will be wasted in dreams and visions and vain projects to which he cannot lend the power of action. He will be dreaming where others are working and in consequence will lose the virtue of utility and the right to sustenance. Moreover, because of his unpractical and indifferent nature, he will be at the mercy of others, and will suffer depredation and fraud at times, and at others will be pushed aside to make room for the more intelligent and responsive workers in the worlds great field of action. He will dream of wealth while others are making it, and all the while he will neglect the opportunities which lie as simple everyday occurrences close to his hand. It is a degree of LASSITUDE.


1-2 deg Aquarius

This is the index of one who has a scientific and highly versatile mind. He will be disposed to the study of the laws of nature, will gain an intimacy with the principles of scientific and philosophic investigation and may be the inventor of some instrument, or the discoverer of some force in Nature by which the elements of space (the compass) and time (the hour-glass) are annihilated to a great degree. Undoubtedly he will be a man of considerable depth of thought, and will make some useful discoveries. It is a degree of EXTENSION.

Inquisitiveness; obesity; goes his own way; seldom wants advice from anyone; women with planets here are friendly and sociable; men usually serious, inclined to shun society and seldom rare a family; fatty degeneration; bold, confident, valiant, unyielding, ambitious, and liberal nature, great and sudden but ephemeral wealth, a position of command; makes its natives guilty of bloodshed and gives danger from reptiles, left shinbone nerve.

We adopt a split-screen mind when the outward frame of things seems so insistent that we must be reasonable and logical and make complete sense in a quantitative, functional way. But what happens is that the other side of our awareness, the outlawed side, gets very strong in the subconscious and stays alive. We can almost play off of it in emphasizing our skeptical or worldly approach to things. But there is a joke to it. For you are aware of what you are not aware of--you are tuned into the very things you deny. This kind of edge hones the mind and the soul. It teaches invaluable lessons, not the least of which is to make way for the unknown while hugging the known close to you, knowing all the whole how profoundly the unknown beckons.

Denotes one of romantic disposition and fine taste who will be favored by fortune and who will attract many friends. There is benevolence and sympathy in this nature, and prophetic ability also. He is generally successful in the attainment of his desires. It is a symbol of Contentment.

An outstandingly powerful and manifold mind, capable of probing deep and ranging far, keen on scientific research and philosophical musing (each of which does not bar the other); apt to fathom the unknown and to improve on the known; independence in character and scientific methods; a great handiness.

A romantic degree this, one who will outlive the other members of his family; he will probably be the last of his race.

Original, sympathetic and psychic, Successful if be concentrates in any given direction.

Thoughtful, brilliant, and pleasant character. All careers in science and ornithology are very favoured. Success and fame are achieved thanks to a major discovery of principles ruling the laws of Nature, or the design of a revolutionary measuring device. One may also feel attracted to the arts and to water sports. This degree often indicates instability, intense sensuality, and numerous but short-lived romantic affairs.

2-3 deg Aquarius

Living timelessly. Cast loose from the rigors of karma. Given free rein to follow the inner soul, you encounter the vast infinity of worlds which await those who let go. Experimenting with the innovative, the utopian, the fantastic, you are able to spin out magnificently. Investigating and exploring. A consciousness that spreads itself far and free. No one thing more important than another, everything blissfully equal. Possible futures. Staying open. You bear ideals and visions through dark times--nondiscouragable, irrepressible, tireless. Fabulously wealthy with the open possibilities of life. The great open-ended adventure. The known fades, the unknown beckons.

Determined, resilient, and generous character. Unless the natal chart indicates otherwise, a reversal of fortune brings about sufferings, separations, and poverty. With great fortitude and the solace offered by devoted friends, one pulls oneself together and successfully rebuilds a life of happiness and prosperity.

Faithful and courageous, practical yet truly religious. He suffers in silence.

One with great occult ability, and who has a mission to accomplish; a White Magician! and conquer.

As the olive, when broken in the mill oozes sweet oil, so let your broken heart bleed a song that redeems, uplifts your will —D’Annunzio

It is a degree of action closely following thought; there is love of art, mastery in one’s chosen art or profession, courage and combativeness. The head or the legs risk being affected by numbness, illnesses or wounds. Pain in general casts its shadow over the native’s karma, but a stalwart will power enables him to bear it like a man. There may be disappointments, sorrow, dissolution of bonds, perhaps grief the loss of dear. ones.

Victory is likely to crown the native’s steady daring, but it will be as splendid as fruitless. The native, has a mission to fulfill and is not supposed to fight for his own sake. Occult initiation is not unlikely.

Denotes one of a truly religious mind whose career will be as full of incident as the many pieces which go to make a mosaic pavement are full of color. Material life is not without its dangers— moral and physical—but the native is not born under the heel of fear. He sees beyond his times and bears his cross. It is a symbol of Faithfulness.

Inquisitiveness; obesity; brings strange events into one’s life; women are much loved; men are natural leaders and follow some unusual line of work; right fibula.

This symbol is related to one whose life is liable to many and severe shocks of misfortune, the severing of ties and the disappointment of hopes. Nevertheless, he will show a spirit of steadfast resignation to the will of Heaven and therein will find consolation for his grief’s and sorrows. The task which he will have to perform in life will be honorable but unprofitable, and many will be the difficulties which encumber his upward path. He is nevertheless equipped for a long and arduous journey, and being endowed with a patient and firm will, he must eventually attain his goal. Only in the interval he will have to surrender all that he holds most dear in life. It is a degree of PERSEVERANCE.


3-4 deg Aquarius

This is indicative of one who will show considerable merit in diplomatic or governmental work and who may become a minister of state or high official. To him will be entrusted the care of high secrets and charges, and he will be associated with persons of high estate and power in whatever land he may be called upon to serve. It is probable that he himself will be able to boast an ancients lineage and there is, a part from his destiny, an inherent dignity and repose which will enable him passively to withstand the assaults of his enemies and by patience finally to overcome all and succeed to the highest positions of trust and confidence. It is a degree of AUTHORITY.

Art, inquisitiveness, obesity; eccentric but sociable; fond of moving from place to place; women sometimes seem masculine; and some of the men effemmate; suspicion and mistrust; success but retirement under a cloud; not a happy influence; beneficences; sacrifices; left fibula.

You become aware all at once of staggering things, of astounding things, of world-shattering things. States of revelation. You are being called inwardly to shake off the slumber of the common day and to heed the stirrings of the future. Capable of bounding leaps, your are infused with a spirit of new beginnings. Especially strongly drawn toward altered states and threshold awareness. You've been brought to places where all of the shared assumptions and ideologies become pale and lifeless, and something other sparks recognition and pursuit. Collectively inspired to find alternatives, to seek a vision, to gather with those who are similarly touched, you are in on the ground floor of new movements and innovative discoveries. And full of wonder and awe at the process, and at a whole way of things in worlds such as this one.

Calm, reliable, and fair character. One may have inherited a high social position or earned it through personal merits. In both cases, careers in politics, diplomacy, finance, or the transportation industry are very favoured. If in the natal chart, this degree is in conjunction with the Midheaven, it heralds exceptional honours. With the Imum Coeli, huge financial success through real estate or agricultural activities can be expected. However, if the natal chart indicates dishonesty, wealth is acquired through illegal means, including money laundering, embezzlement, and forgery of official documents.

Denotes one of refined mind who is destined to advance and gain power and influence over others. He will bring relief to many a thirsty soul, and many will bless him as he passes by the way. He is humanitarian, sincere, romantic, and harmonious. The life is not free from danger until after the thirtieth year has passed. Thence his way is elevation and peace. It is a symbol of Defending.

One whose inner nature few understand, and who will never be popular in the nineteenth century; one outwardly a babe, but inwardly a giant-of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Unpopular authority. The native is likely to be misunderstood, but will be held in esteem by those in power and may be entrusted with delicate, sometimes very important, tasks. The most congenial field of action seems to be diplomacy in general and politics in particular, but any activity connected with travel and negotiation is possible, a typical example being trade, either on one’s own or as a representative. It goes without saying that the whole of the pattern must point this way.

An oversensitive temperament, jealously close in self-defense and liable to have its purposes misconstrued. Inborn authority is strangely coupled with some puerile traits; e.g., a liking for flashy and liveried attire. The character is unsteady but, at the same time, likely to offer the toughest passive resistance. This last feature may decide victory.

Easily affected by surrounding and subject to home condition until he realizes his power to relieve others when he becomes more positive.


4-5 deg Aquarius

The feminine is the most ancient and the most futuristic of source energies. It is far back and near forward. Either or both ways, in source wisdoms or in awakening vision, you cleave to the Mother for inspiration, guidance, and sustenance. Your whole heart and soul are given over to the lineage of those who know and serve the Goddess. An evolutionary return on the next spiral to a fresh individual discovery of just how to follow the Divine Feminine within Earth expression. Moving into innovations, breakthroughs, epiphanies. Living for these. And in the stream of a whole new world coming into being, right in the center of what is vital and pivotal and must come out. You feel synchronized with the collective, riding the crest of the wave, knowing and remembering what living in the Earth is truly all about.

Self-centred, sensual, and frivolous character. Meeting one's sexual needs is the major concern for which one is prepared to sacrifice everything. Because sensuality prevails over true love, one may be involved in adulterous relationships and experience big affective losses. On the professional area, owing to the influence of the constellation of the Dolphin, all artistic careers are very favoured, especially when the theme chosen is about love, beauty, children, or flowers. Paradoxically enough, this degree sometimes indicates a true religious vocation.

One who readily receives impressions from other realms of consciousness and utilizes these in the service of mankind.

Denotes one who reaches fame fitting his rank. He will have elegant tastes arid a love of luxury, but is liable to be imposed on or wrongly advised. He can quickly grasp impressions and set his thoughts into activity, but he should direct his will unto himself and watch the threatening rock shore with his eyes well opened. It is a symbol of Inclining.

One who is very precocious, with early promise of genius, but who rarely lives to maturity.

The native will be weak with himself and his sexual urges, but self-assertive, even too much so, toward others; he will leave a marked imprint on his own surroundings. An engaging, though selfish, lively, prompt and precocious being, he will show a marked artistic talent since his green years, which can thin out into good taste, or can gain volume and ground and can blossom into creative power.

But his existence is threatened with untimely death, and luck is undermined by all the trouble the native will call down upon himself through his sexual urge, either as love of the opposite sex or as exhibitionism, narcissism and worse.

Medical, healing; interest in Oriental philosophies; smoothness silk; peace; singers; chanting; a clever and piercing intellect especially conjunct; Mercury or in any aspect to Mars or Uranus; good mentality sometimes hidden by modesty; honest and firm to the point of obstinacy so idealistic about love that platonic relationships appeal more than the personal type; nerve of right fibula.

It is not necessary to say, perhaps, that this is a symbol indicative of extreme danger to the moral nature of the person ‘born under this degree. There is an element of dalliance and self-love in the nature which will be liable to lead to serious complications and entanglements. It may be that this egotism will only veil a weakness which cannot withstand the temptations of the carnal nature. The nature will be sympathetic and to a large degree reflective of the immediate environment, in which, however, there will be too strong an accent of self. It is probable that the native may show artistic tastes and a marked ability for portrait painting or sculpture. It is a degree of EGOTISM.


5-6 deg Aquarius

This symbol is related to one who has considerable faculty for teaching (prophecy), and skill in manual crafts. As a director of thought, an exponent of religious teachings, as traveler, lecturer, even handicraftsman, he will show himself capable and will meet with distinction. He will be ambitious and will have a mind set upon things that are remote from his environment. Careful in his methods, and ambitious in his designs, he will have to travel far, nevertheless, for the results of his actions, and of him it may be said that what is remote from the sense is ever more attractive than things corporeal, and that which is afar than which is near. It is a degree of APPERCEPTION.

Medical; healing airmen (avoid air travel if Jupiter is afflicted); if prominent; it warns against accidents when traveling especially by air; inventive, unconventional, loves new and experimental schemes; interest in Oriental philosophies smoothness - silk, peace; singers, chanting, nerve of left fibula.

A liability turned into an asset. Something is missing; something else is freed up. Integration, wholeness, balance, coherence are missing. You discover in their place innovation, wild impressionability, and extravagant opening into multiplicity. The life-force runs wild. Consciousness cannot contain it. It is an explosive display of what it is like when the witness is disenfranchised and all the energy goes into the immediate operator. You become totality bursting loose in a particular personal form. This way of being is simultaneously a throwback to idiosyncratic ways of the past, in the vein of eccentricity and being a character, and a first cracking through of new ways framed as spontaneous revelation. You move into any and every kind of awareness-frequency with abandon and with resiliency, to keep juggling, opening, discovering, and discarding with a fervor and a zest and a trace of really knowing that this is the best way to let go of a whole bunch of stuff and open the floodgates for something different to happen here. Something just like it was a long time ago, and just like it will be when the whole world shakes loose a little.

Fiery, shrewd, and idealistic character endowed with great intellectual capacities and persuasion powers. Success can be achieved in activities requiring physical and mental deftness such as archery, skating, acrobatics, advertising, education, etc. One can also be an excellent spiritual guide.

Denotes one on whom Fame smiles and who is fitted to receive her favor. For this native there is dignity and honor, which follows a degree of struggle, disappointment, and comparative obscurity. He is moved by many and varied feelings and is blessed with a vivid and fine imagination. He is cultured, neat in style, and artistic, with considerable psychic ability and occult understanding. It is a symbol of Ascending.

A disagreeable, unsociable man, a fault-finder; one who cannot talk without argument, and who cannot argue without losing his temper; hypercritical.

The typical figure of the peevish, stubborn, ambitious, envious and cantankerous critic. He is devoid of neither taste nor of finer feelings; as he is something of an artist himself, his eye will at once detect a breach of the rules of perspective, and his ear will be keen enough to perceive the tiniest intervals in sounds and to denounce the slightest off-key note. Artistic technique will hold no secrets from him. But he is a slave to school precepts and prejudice, his jealous god is method, and he subconsciously strives after an unearthly perfection. He never will be satisfied with what he knows or possesses, hankering as he does after things he can improve upon and picture to himself as beautiful as his heart can desire.

He has no sense of measure. Though he is fond of practical jokes and lively verbal fencing, his humor lacks the human touch. A pliant and hard-working pupil and later an outstanding professor, he ought to get through other stars the winged stroke this degree In itself cannot bestow, in order for him to become a real master. He will strive subconsciously to fill up the vacuum with travel, which can play an important role in his existence.

Outside the artistic and teaching field, he may gain some repute as a speaker. As a priest, he would emerge as a preacher, and his services as a director of conscience would be in great demand. All this is likely if other strands in the pattern bear out a great eloquence, lead toward the sacred orders, etc.

In a more modest nativity, artistic leanings may pave the way to humbler activities and may confer the makings of an outstanding craftsman; on an even lower plane, it may lead to a juggler’s sleight of hand.

I think here are all the prerequisites for a good chess player: a sharp eye, a grinding criticism of the opponent’s moves, an agnostic and methodical spirit.

Cultured, artistic, psychic. Assuming responsibilities in connection with partners which entail personal lose.


6-7 deg Aquarius

Karma works by indirection. We draw to ourselves what we previously activated and as it comes back, we curse the reflection. Such gestures multiply. They gather force and momentum. And soon we have fixed ideas about what is pulling us back and what is carrying us forward. Before you know it, you have become partisan, taking up this side against this other side, swept up in the drama. And you even become sure in your mind that whole segments of existence are bad and terrible and must be renounced completely. Yet you are making a self-commentary in where your mind as led you, and there must come a point in the journey when the mind strips away its disguise and you know once again that all is of God, that all is toward the good, and nothing can ever harm you, unless you insist upon it.

Stubborn, impulsive, and boastful character. Despite real skills, one wastes a lot of efforts defending futile causes, especially when one is manipulated by flatterers. One must develop self-control and discerning faculties. Pent-up aggressiveness must be canalised in activities requiring physical strength and endurance.

Gentle inoffensive, psychic and satisfied with little. He brings light to suffering humanity.

Denotes one whose path in life will be filled with rocks and roughness, whose soul will be directed to the secret of the Holy Truth. He is liable to assaults, injuries, and the stings of jealous hate. Still he goes forward, forward like a conquering hero with light to lift the darkness and pain. He may falter, but he will not fall by the way. It is a symbol of Suffering.

One who is entitled to more than he possesses, and who has powers of which he is unconscious.

Dangers deriving from sudden impulsiveness, indiscretion and stubbornness. Greater offensive than defensive aptitude. On the other hand, the power the native is entitled to would be greater than the one he groundlessly insists on wielding in another way. A sharp psychologist, just and objective toward others, he cannot either probe into himself or cling to his own principles, and will be satisfied with a lower status than due him; at the same time he will squander his forces in mean squabbles’ and pointless strife from which only danger can accrue.

Sight; produces a character of depth who is hard to understand; fond of peace; seldom acts on impulse; one who is entitled to more than he possesses and has powers of which he is unconscious; medical; healing; vein of lower right leg.

This symbol denotes one who has extreme powers of penetration and yet will be incapable of adequate self-defense in the ordinary affairs of life and will fall a victim to his own want of discretion. In him the knowledge of the truth does not entail the following of it, and this denial of his own convictions will lead him to sore troubles and possibly to disgrace. He will show an impulsive and headstrong nature, such as may lead him into serious conflict with others, thereby laying him open to the danger of assault and hurt in the passage of arms. Let him beware of the direct thrust and practice the use of the two-edged sword. It is a degree of VULNERABILITY.


7-8 deg Aquarius

This symbol is indicative of a nature that is strong forceful and independent, loving freedom above all things and desiring death by hunger rather than servitude or restraint. Such an one will prove himself to be of greater service to the race when left to his own resources and given full freedom of action than when bound to a narrow or restricted walk in life. Nevertheless, he is liable to captivity or imprisonment, whether it be as a prisoner of State or as the victim of a hard and unrelenting Fate, and this will be entailed by his inordinate love of freedom. He will, suffer and will serve, and thus gain both wisdom and freedom for all time. It is a degree of ESCAPEMENT.

Hearing; anemia; may be especially good or clever at some particular thing; afflicted; an extremist; hitting at truth of life (something universal); vein of lower left leg.

Destiny can keep rearranging itself under special and unusual conditions, where you have written into the contract ahead of time extravagant allowance for major shifts throughout the course of your lifetime. Ready and able to live several lifetimes in one, you are eager to wipe out the traces of a given cycle and start all over again. In love with change and in desperate need of change. Because one side of mind is dogmatically rigid. And so in order to neutralize and outwit your own dry, stuck places, you make sure to generate innovative, radical currents--slowly wearing away the tight self- identity knots and generating freedom where being stuck in old pictures had sealed off the territory and made life predictable and unbearable.

Independent, wise, and courageous character. One regards freedom as a priceless treasure and pays little attention to worldly goods. This degree symbolises the dilemma between freedom with all its uncertainties and security with all its constraints. Unless the natal chart indicates otherwise, one resists the lure of money and power. Nevertheless, there is a danger of deprivation of liberty caused by political reasons.

Denotes one of a vital, vigorous, and martial disposition who endeavors to cut his way by mind or sword. Danger in early childhood may be overcome according to the power of the horoscope, but danger is never absent from him, and he is liable to be constrained or oppressed with enemies of his own making or he may be a dangerous enemy to himself. To pass through a barred window self- conquest alone knows the way. It is a symbol of Limitation.

One who is fond of Astrology; a just, kind person.

Here is certainly a sincere thirst for freedom. The native’s defiant, brisk and masterful character will endow him with growing efficiency as more and more of his energies are released by his conquest of freedom. But his karma is certain to bring him either moral or physical chains, and he himself is likely to tend unconsciously to chain his neighbors. Therefore, the hidden aim of this degree will be the release from bondage. One’s bondage will in its turn warm to respect the freedom and dignity of one’s fellow beings.

Kindness and love of justice are not wanting. The sense of justice may not be enough, as there is tog much self-centeredness, leading the native to look at things from a too strict personal point of view. This applies to the mind as well, as the individual flight into new and unfenced territories is held back by the fetters of logical reasoning.

Should the native be able to break his chains, his thought thus freed might soar beyond the Threshold.

One who must realize that self-conquest is the greatest conquest. Then his daring and masterful nature will be of the utmost service.


8-9 deg Aquarius

The old past-centered facets of life are predominant in this world. Those who take on the thought patterns of this old earth find themselves immensely trapped in time and space, and in physical form most of all. Yet in the very midst of thinking and operating in this rationalistic way, you are subtly and secretly fostering a great wealth of New Earth consciousness, of fresh ways of seeing. By relentlessly exposing yourself to the rigors and consequences of the mentally-based world, you come to that edge where the way to liberation becomes so sharp that the deeper seeing comes up to give you space and breath. It is quite a process to live between cycles, bridge divergent worlds, and feel the necessity of keeping it all going. But truly the soul is witnessing each dangling moment, and preparing to go free when the season is right and the prison doors open of themselves, as the karma is completed and the unknown calls you onward.

Serious, lucid, and tactful character. One does not shun difficulties and displays a great deal of courage, especially when anyone needs to be rescued. Physical and moral strength turns destructive lightning bolts into an inspirational energy which illuminates the path towards wisdom and spirituality. Success and fame can be achieved in sports and in all risky occupations requiring bravery, particularly those aiming at helping people in distress.

Internationally famous for he feels the heart throbs of every race and works for unity and peace.

Denotes one of powerful energy and firmness of purpose who in the second half of his life attains the reward of his labors and the gratification of his ambitions. He then attracts fame, drawing it unto himself as the loadstone draws steel. From his wisdom come rays which dazzle men by their brilliancy. It is a symbol of Reputation.

An unambitious person, one who is quite contented with his lot.

A huge inner power, immense mental horizons. A courage exempt from earthly ambitions, the utmost physical or mental combativeness; an orator’s, a polemicist’s, or a critic’s temper; brisk and watchful brains and nerves, capable of the timely and quick execution of any task.

The native is likely to embrace religion, turning his back to the atheism or agnosticism he formerly professed, or to convert himself from a lower to a higher form of faith; and then it will just fit his nature to try to convert others, to become a missionary or to preach in his own country. However, he is certain not to get at truth gradually but by a sudden flash, and. he is apt to get down at once to the task he feels himself entrusted with, as resolutely and firmly as his fiery personality bids him.

The physical organ of sight is extremely sensitive and therefore vulnerable.

Skin; a deep thinker; alert, energetic; and fearless; has unusual ideas and plans; hearing; anemia; skin of right lower leg.

This symbol denotes one who has a powerful, aggressive, forceful and executive nature, capable of driving his way through all obstacles, however hard and enduring they may be. Quick, energetic and alert, he will make considerable progress in his particular walk in life, and may be the means of convincing the most skeptical concerning certain matters of a celestial and ethereal nature. His spirit is too intense and forceful, too incisive and, critical not to be the occasion of much reviling and bitterness of spirit in others. He will do his work in the world with celerity of action and directness of execution, and he will let light into dark places. His departure will be sudden, but will not transpire till he has done some work of magnitude. It is a degree of CONVERSION.


9-10 deg Aquarius

This is the sign of one who lacks co-ordination of thought and action, and who may eventually be liable to paralysis or similar affections of the body by wounding and the severance of nerves. Possibly he will be separated from his kindred and will be bereft of guidance and sustenance at an early age. He will only learn by severe affliction and many sufferings how to co-ordinate his thought and action, and useless projects, irresponsible and foolish actions, and a badly regulated life will thus be turned to the service of the body corporate of humanity. It is a degree of DISJECTION.

Universal viewpoint; executive, presidential if prominent good at handling men when tact and courtesy are required; leadership -often in positions of authority or command; alcoholism; has poise; tact; and courtesy, and is a genius for smoothing out difficulties and antagonistic relationships; solves problems by attacking them from an unusual angle; skin of lower left leg.

A watcher poised, observant, keen. Seeing into souls. Negatively disposed, absolutely alert to what is wrong, to what is missing, to what should be changed. Fabulously mental, with a gargantuan appetite for trouble, for difficulties, for crises. Scavenger, bird of prey. Karmic endowment of a strange kind. Susceptible to the dark. Wandering in a maze. Knowing just where you are but not who you are. Identity is eclipsed by the necessity to be effective in action. You are compelled from within to make yourself useful, to do the dirty work, to get down under. Gravitating toward the impossible, and somewhat blind to the pitfalls of such a way of operating, you ferret out the facts. You serve a poser behind the scenes, and are obedient to a fault.

Immature and irresponsible character. A sudden separation from the parents during childhood is probably at the root of psychomotor and coordination problems, as well as of difficulties in taking charge of one's life properly. The presence of a devoted partner is necessary.

A lover of antiquity; an archaeologist; one who finds more pleasure in the retrospective than in the prospective.

The native will either be a scatterbrain or will risk bodily losing his head to the executioner’s ax, or will face maiming, laming, or invalidity.

Apart from this, the influence is divalent if not altogether contradictory. Experience can teach many things, can drop a pinch of salt into the native’s head and inspire him to a fondness for archaeological or historical research and even, at the limit, can make him into a good organizer of other people’s activities. In this last case, however, the sense or polarity of such organizing is not revealed by this degree and must be sought elsewhere in the nativity, as it may tend toward evil as well as toward good.

Anyhow, such a gift will be the exception, the rule being still dispersal of energy. A gift for managing and ruling is, as I said, a limit; even if the native gets his mind under control, he will use it only to sink back into memories of his past, whereas in the present or in the future his plans will stay just as fruitless as will his sexual power.

The early or efficient cause of these evils may be traced back to his having been exposed, orphaned or neglected, and therefore, inadequately brought up in childhood or in his early adolescence; hence the waste.

Denotes one fated in the strongest sense of the term. If Venus is afflicted in the horoscope the native will be liable to suffer from overindulgence of some kind or from some trouble indicated by the Venusian position in the natal chart. He may do things he will regret and from which suffering may come. He should take hold of himself as a rider does a restless horse. Let him learn to open his eyes and to strike off his chains, and he will know the beauty which surrounds him. It is a symbol of Narrowness.

Able to influence, arouse and lead others, sometimes to their sorrow. Should try to comprehend both sides to a question.


10-11 deg Aquarius

Giving yourself free rein to negate, to destroy, and to deny. You go with the darkness and wait to see how its cycle extends. While waiting, you can indulge the lower side of your nature to the utmost. The fun lies in getting away with it. Those most skillful and adroit will keep this malice on subconscious levels and will identify consciously with being the victim of such impulses. A complex and confounding internal politics ensues. You must get away with murder while proclaiming your naive. Ingenuous ignorance of anything wrong. However, the rational mind becomes so entangled in the webwork of spy versus spy that sooner or later every inch of territory is eaten away by plots and counterplots, and nobody is left who can tell who did what to whom. For, once you start letting the carrion birds in, very little virtue territory shall remain.

Self-centred, assertive, and courageous character. One is seldom taken by surprise and always responds efficiently to unexpected events, especially in order to protect one's self-interests. Nevertheless, one must be careful not to display arrogance because conceited and scornful manners provoke violent conflicts, more often than not. Efforts to consider and respect other people's stands must be made. At this condition, one can be successful in equitation, the military, polemics, and in all occupations requiring strong argumentative skills.

Gifted but isolated. His productions whether in music, art or literature are understood only by the few but long remembered.

Denotes one of gifted mind and exceptional qualities, a singer of songs and a bearer of light, whose works gain for him respect and dignity, and whose name will be remembered long after his form has left this earth. Beautiful thoughts will cling to him as the ivy clings to the garden wall, and pleasant minds will come to him as the flowers which entwine the scepter. It is a symbol of Taste.

One who will seek and attain ephemeral popularity, but it is soon over.

Warlike, rushing and forcible, outwardly splendid and innerly noble, the native seems to have no bearings and no aim. Reckless—nay, altogether blind—he will be destitute of any authority; his victories and his possible popularity will be short-lived. If a winner, he will not know how to exploit his victories and will leave his shoulders undefended for his opponents to hit back; if a loser, he will wander about as luck would have it. In a material sense, theft is a real danger of wounds, mutilation, or death sentence.

Fame, leadership and skill at handling men when tact and courtesy are required; can smooth out difficult and antagonistic relationships; when inspired by an ideal; these people have tremendous power; where the cause is great; his work may have its effect on future generations; right crural band.

This symbol is related to one in whose nature there is more force and energy than power of direction and self-restraint, and who in consequence will be continually running into dangers which to him will be wholly unforeseen though obvious enough to others. He will rely upon his strength and pushfulness to overcome his enemies, but it will be shown to him that there is nothing so insignificant as the strength of a man. Since he cannot overcome Nature let him learn to use her forces with discretion and moderation or he will be wounded in the conflict of life, and unseen dangers will lurk within the hour of exultation as snakes beneath the flowers. It is a degree of FORCEFULNESS.


11-12 deg Aquarius

A degree of fame; intuitive or irrational; depending on aspects, philosophy, may be person of high aspirations or one who is erratic and headstrong; leadership and skill at handling men when tact and courtesy are required; can smooth out difficult and antagonistic relationships; a secretive, unsympathetic person who takes pleasure in others misery; “artist away from the world receives new inspiration”; left crural band.

Tension and release. Contraction and expansion. The breath of the mind resolving its dualities. In order to make it possible for radical truths and significant realizations to come through, you must first karmically dramatize, inside the ego-mind and outside as well, the unbearable tension between opposing points of view. You enter upon disputes, advocate positions, set up heroes and villains. And then when your whole inner and outer world is packed with dilemmas, problems, arguments and battles, you become ready to seek out synthesis, to enter upon a cycle of restoring wholeness. During your experimental years, spice means everything. But during your maturity, there is no further mileage to be had in turning anything against anything else. Getting it that you made it all up in the first place, and that the rational mind delights in controversy but has its limits. When resolution comes, everything looks different. All of life turns around, and most particularly your relation to yourself changes from the critic into the friend and respectful ally of your own inward intentions.

Uncouth, quarrelsome, and reckless character. One often antagonises other people without thoroughly weighing the possible consequences of such aggressions. Furthermore, one is not aware of one's physical strength and, even when one tries to help friends, one hurts them out of clumsiness. It is indispensable to be more thoughtful before taking action and to understand that the saying «Might is right» is not true.

Denotes one of sympathy and feeling who thinks deeply because he feels deeply, and whose ideas, entirely utilitarian, find the ready acceptance of is will have much to do with the majority. He launching of beneficial reforms, and will ever be striving to heal the wounds of others and point a way to go. It is a symbol of Reforming.

A secretive, unsympathetic person, who takes pleasure in others’ misery.

Can a man born to rule find his feet in a world where even the lords do menial work and live like slaves? Craving liberty and being proud, strong and resolute, he has such a high feeling of self- respect that he cannot allow others to presume to have him at their beck and call, or to exact—or even to expect— homage or salute from him. Free from lip service as well as from inferiority complexes, he is, however, still swayed by his inner feelings and endeavors to stem and hide them; but the harder he tries to confine them, the harder they bite him.

This is not the only weakness of such a strong mind; unless favorably aspected elsewhere, he will be haughty and devoid of human sympathy; he even may trample upon his inferiors and prove wicked and crafty at the same time.

Bad aspects may earn him a sentence for rebellion, insubordination, resistance, or outrage upon armed hirelings, and the like; he may be compelled to beat it or to cross the border for a certain time. Other, less unfavorable stars may force him to champ at the bit for awhile in bondage, or on one of those ignoble duties going under the name of civil service or military career.

It may be remarked, by the way, that in ancient Egypt the scribes were slaves and there were no misunderstandings about this; the juridical figure of the public servant exactly corresponds to his moral function.

Moved through his sympathies he is prominent in reform movements and learned in those sciences through which the wounds of others may be healed.

This symbol imports a nature of considerable native strength and dignity, yet unfortunate and in danger of being carried away by his passions and love of freedom. Hard though it may be to force his spirit into submission it will be well with him should he early learn that his compeers and superiors are equally jealous as himself of their rights and privileges. At some time in his life he will be the victim of a nature superior to his own and will suffer restraint and curtailment of liberty thereby. Let him adapt himself to his environment. His will else be the hard fate of those who are born of free spirit into the bonds of necessity. It is a degree of RESTRAINT.


12-13 deg Aquarius

There is nothing to go back to. The past has become a phantom. You are propelled forward into the great unknown. But it is so easy to become somewhat desperate and out of context. So much depends upon how you interpret the fact that you are strictly on your own without a personal history or heritage to fall back upon. Is this real opportunity or a strange fate? It is very hard to tell the difference, as it all becomes ambiguous, paradoxical, very mixed. Where do you go from here? No easy answers anywhere. Perhaps the only thing to do is to acknowledge and move with this radical opening and to put no interpretations on it, assuming nothing at all. For if you can welcome multidimensionality with truly open arms, it might well turn out that the future was never supposed to be like the past. And that becoming so free does provide an open access channel for what needs to happen--to come through a jump ahead of the last moment, synchronized with evolution beautifully.

Ambitious, independent, and fiery character. It is indispensable to give up vengeful projects and to ensure that one's authority is not misused, lest all kinds of disastrous events and setbacks crop up. In a figurative sense, this degree indicates that one may be kept in prison by one's rebellious and anarchistic tendencies.

In undeveloped types, ever ready with excuses but in the more highly evolved there is a deep, sympathetic occult understanding.

Denotes one of occult understanding and a deep, feeling nature who will often be alone or apart from busy centers. Wherever he may be he never can feel really alone, for there is a power of seership bestowed on him which enables him to see the true, the beautiful, and the sublime in a form unknown to the masses of humanity. His is the eye that sees. It is a symbol of Discernment.

A lover of his home, a person of conventional proclivities who may be called a house-proud individual.

Attachment to one’s own interest and to the interests of one’s family and clan; combativeness in all fields, from literary polemic to real weapons. Fine manners and quick action.

All these features may sublime into the highest virtues —watchful and selfless daring, love of one’s home and ancestry, human solidarity, noble pride — and may ebb into the correspondent vices — unscrupulous and reckless aggressiveness, a decayed gentry’s pride and prejudice, a gangster’s solidarity with crime, conventional formalism.

The native will have to be on the lookout if he is to avoid destiny’s unexpected blows, and he will have to respect his neighbors if he wants to be respected himself.

Musical inclinations; deep feelings; literature; love of beauty which they seek to express in some form or other such as writing, music, poetry, or art; often physical beauty; these natives may achieve as the will is directed; has a ready answer for everything; instability, contemptible, disagreeable, nagging nature; artery of right lower leg (fibula).

This is the index of a militant and naturally aggressive nature, the sign of one who, while outwardly cautious and suave in manner, is ever alive to his own interests and on the defensive. At times ‘he will be led into dangers by the aggressive attitude he will display in regard to his fellows, and although well equipped by Nature for all emergencies, he will never be so safe and free from harm as when observing regard for others. He will show a vigilant and alert nature, much power of self-defense, and will be remarkable for his capacity either in the military world or that of polemics. It is a degree of ASSEERTION.


13-14 deg Aquarius

Literature; idealism; music; “Jack of all trades”; apt to be a child of fate; fortune may push him up or down in unexpected ways; appreciation of the beautiful; degree of an artist; versatile ability; rheumatic fever; rheumatism; artery of left lower leg (fibula).

Coming to a point in the journey where everything you fear, all that you wish to avoid, inevitably happens. Your mind's blind spots call up remedial action. Karmic lessons take over. A probationary path of self-testings and self-torments, Never letting yourself off easy. Determined almost blindly to expose yourself to the worst, you are particularly drawn to work out collective blind spots and missing pieces. Even willing to take them on, to play them through. Preferring to be the villain or the gadfly or the devil's advocate to letting well-enough alone. You feel irresistibly compelled in both self and world to draw everything up to the surface, to bring it all out--to make it visible and tangible. You have the excessive and redemptive eye for the dark side that must be cleared for free passage to become possible ever again.

Courageous, wise, and helpful character. One is used to stand up for oneself since childhood, and one has thus developed great resourcefulness and self-sufficiency. Owing to one's wisdom, one attracts many genuine friends. This degree indicates a possible accident affecting the limbs and

limiting the mobility, or a reversal of fortune caused by unpredictable phenomena such as flood, earthquake, or war. In such extreme circumstances, wealthy and grateful friends prove reliable and readily offer their support.

Denotes one who strives to do more than he can accomplish, who has “ too many irons in the fire,” and, while thinking to accomplish much, does but little. He may be two-sided or have two philosophies obtruding themselves at the same time. The life is restless, anxious, and over it hangs a threatening hand. Peace comes from the cultivation of the higher and the rejection of the lower. It is a symbol of Difficulties.

One with a very impressionable mind, who retains but little.

Endowed with a poor memory but alive to the slightest impressions of pain, the native will, right in the middle of his earthly life, face sudden disaster, as injury to life and limb, financial breakdown or any other accident. Such a mishap will prevent the native from getting on in one of his activities, in which he is unlikely to pick himself up again. From then on, should the interrupted work have been his main one, the native’s future will really be in God’s hands.

One who is utilitarian but fate imposes two lines of work so that there is much restlessness until there is complete submission to the higher forces.

This is the symbol of one whose life will be beset with unforeseen dangers, and who should therefore go warily and with much circumspection into the narrow walks of competitive life. About the middle of his life there will be a great catastrophe, by which he will either lose the use of a limb, or will suffer a total collapse of his affairs. He will then be in danger of liquidation and may become involved in serious trouble. Almost from his boyhood he will have to be self- supporting, and while he is sure to be of considerable service to others, and may even be author of much wise counsel, he will himself stand in need of help and sustenance ere his days are half completed. His future thereafter is in the keeping of Heaven. It is a degree of COLLAPSE.


14-15 deg Aquarius

This is the symbol of one who will possess an enterprising and somewhat adventurous spirit, such as will lead him into associations with others remote from him in nature or in clime. He will show a catholic and cosmopolitan spirit, a versatile and ambitious mind, and a benevolent and sympathetic nature. If he should be induced to leave his country it will be to form alliances that are productive of the greatest good to himself and to others. If he should follow the mercantile life, he will be fortunate therein. But whatever may be his calling, he will prosper and gain to himself a position of affluence and distinction. It is a degree of AFFLUENCE.

You feel propelled into a self-consistent, thematic existence with a characteristic flair or touch, stuck with being a certain way and following this out to the end. The mind is logical, rational, and linear. The life is the same. Yet what happens to you along the way is that so many pasts and so many futures wander through that the basic karmic pattern of holding true to a fixed nature is counterpointed by intimations, overtones, and undertones of everything but that. You cleave tightly to a purposive track, while almost flooded with alternatives and diversions. A rocklike nature. Ego- driven. Mentally compulsive yet peripherally open to the wildest array of worlds, you are someone who cannot stop doing and saying the same things in the same ways, and it can go on for just about forever. Yet inside of that, you have virtues and gifts galore, held for the indefinite future cautiously, prudently, and discouragingly.

Fiery, mystic, and creative character endowed with strong persuasion powers and contagious enthusiasm. Success can be achieved in philosophy or occultism, as well as in all careers involving iron and fire, from the basic blacksmith to the wealthy owner of an industrial complex. It is necessary to exercise analytical thinking in order to avoid people who prefer superficial pleasures to work, and who exert a negative influence.

One who lives and teaches that through faith alone can we overcome difficulties.

Denotes one who is guided through the many intricacies of life by a faith which cannot be shaken, being born of a philosophy or understanding which sinks deeply into a receptive nature. The mind is broad and wide in its sympathies, and the native feels and knows the reality of the way immortal, even though he may not be able to express it in mere words. It is a symbol of Guidance.

One with great intuition. Those having this degree should pay strict attention to those impressions which the world calls foolish, but which show the Divinity speaking through humanity.

An all-round open mind, an enterprising character, an ambitious and adventurous spirit; the native’s country is the whole world, as he feels at home everywhere. In his native country he will associate happily with congenial cooperators and he will do excellent business abroad, profitable both to himself and to others.

Fluent in speech and articulate in writing, possessed of a sharp insight, pleasant and easy with everyone but far from submissive, the native will be able to build himself up into a splendid financial position if other stars lead him to trade or to other lucrative callings. On the contrary, should he take to purely intellectual or altogether spiritual activities, he would enjoy a transcendental intuition enabling him to perceive the spiritual reality underlying this world.

Attainment and success; music; carnival area (moments when one has to let it out); appreciation of the beautiful degree of an artist; sometimes eccentric, restless, or fantastic; rheumatic fever; lymph vessel of right lower leg.


15-16 deg Aquarius

Oil producing, literature; appreciation of the beautiful; the artist; often prominent in charts of those who have achieved literary eminence; judicial with good mentality and mathematical ability; fond of sports, music or reading; usually suited to law, finance, statistics, or literary work; lymph vessel of left lower leg.

Technical proficiency across a broad spectrum of forms and ways. Knowing how to do just about anything, you are involved with the precise combinations in a dazzling display of capacity. You seek to find new ways, innovations, and fresh approaches, yet you are steeped in tradition and ancient wisdom. Somewhat swept away with the whole enterprise, where the mere linear intelligence takes charge and views everything on its terms. Intent upon results, looking for proof, insistent that the objective, factual, practical realities are everything. You feel compelled by your vantage point to apply a fierce ideology to every manifest particular. Seeing examples, variations, confirmations, and validations of the theory, the principle, the standpoint. Driving home verbally, brilliantly, the argument. Caught in the dialectics of truth and falsehood. And comprehensively enclosed within a one-sided and self-justifying thrust of mind that is so good at playing this game that you will win and prevail. Yet, something is missing; much is denied.

Ambitious, enterprising, and nice character. Success, fame, and wealth can be achieved in the exploration of unknown territories and all kinds of journeys. One must be very careful in the selection of business partners because there is a danger of being taken advantage of, particularly by people who do not belong to the same social circle. This degree warns against possible swindles and violent death, whether one is the perpetrator or the victim.

Denotes one of a trusting spiritual nature who will have trials in life threatening and bitter, and who will often be storm-driven and held in the grip of hard circumstances. Now and then there are breaks in the storms of life which bring relief, no matter how small. But he must go on; his way is difficult and the night is dark, but in the morning light will come. It is a symbol of Experience.

Denotes one who will ever live in a state of uncertainty, subject to many changes and severe trails; his career will be a struggle for existence.

A fiery will, a stormy ardor; immense, often inordinate, aspirations, boundless fantasy and enthusiasm, a nearly always unhinged and jarring mood; in a word, a volcanic character.

There usually will be a modest career not in keeping with the size of the native’s ideals or with the power of his constructive mind. A rough and tumble life, full of surprises and ups and downs, is not at all unlikely. The profession or trade may be bound with physical fire or glow with the flame of Spirit, normally symbolized by fire. Let this be a warning in both senses, as playing with fire is usually dangerous, and one can easily come off with ugly scars.

The native is likely to have the god Vulcanus’ bodily defects.

Sacrificing all on the altar of what he believes to be God-given purpose of his life through which he incurs much criticism.

This symbol is related to the one who will show considerable aspiration in things of a spiritual nature and will be instrumental in awakening in the breast of man a belief in things supernormal, by fanning the spark of intelligent faith into a flame of conviction and consuming desire. His profession will be allied to the useful arts and his walk in life, although simple and devoid of ostentation, will nevertheless be of singular service to humanity. Great in soul and of immense aspiration, he will prove a veritable Vulcan. It is a degree of INSPIRATION.


16-17 deg Aquarius

This is the index of a mind that is inept, a nature indolent or perverted, and a fortune that is wholly dependent on the goodwill of others. It denotes one who will evince but little interest in the wider and more virile achievements of his fellows, whose mind will be cramped and warped by egotism and selfish indulgence, and whose body will grow sleek and nerveless in default of proper use and adequate exercise. In a more fortunate circumstance, it may depict only a physical malady requiring constant rest. In the worst case it denotes imbecility. It is a degree of APATHY.

Knowing what you know, being who you are and going where you go, with absolute autonomy. A complete world unto yourself. Living out away from the unwelcome intrusion of alien perspectives. Ornery, taciturn, eccentric. Convinced that your own truth-consciousness is the real thing and that very few others know what they are talking about. Steeped in experience of a solitary kind. A highly distinctive mode of awareness. You seek to link ancient wisdom with future worlds, absolutely intent upon losing nothing in the translation. Rabidly convinced you must not concede unnecessary territory to the common mind of today. Acutely well-informed and voluminously knowledgeable. Working for the future Earth, you are supremely intolerant of compromises and latter-day confusions.

Lazy, passive, and selfish character with a tendency to let other people do the work and take advantage of it. This degree may indicate a health condition which wreaks havoc on the marriage, including impotence or frigidity. It may also describe limited intellectual faculties or deep solicitude for an ailing person.

Self-centered and having many affiliations with the opposite sex.

Denotes one of great perseverance who clings on to his ideas with a tenacity which forces respect. Things of earth worry him; he will have to bear his cross, and he bears it without protest. He will not surrender, no matter how hard he may be pressed. He gains the victor’s wreath in the teeth of opposition. It is a symbol of Strife.

A vicious degree; denotes one subject to filthy habits and deeds; he that hath this degree on the ascendant should Know himself and seek to conquer his evil nature.

It is one of the worst influences, as it can lame the body, pervert the soul, poisoning both at the same time. Idiocy also can fall to the native’s lot.

Airmen and aviation: air, gas, or gasoline; explosive; a sincere person with broad views; ability for concentration; usually respected but sometimes misunderstood; nervous system of the spinal cord.


17-18 deg Aquarius

This is the index of one whose nature will be warped by feelings of selfishness and jealousy. He will exhibit little, if any, interest in the common lot of humanity, and will assume an attitude of melancholy, silent and envious misanthropy. Such an one cannot fail to become a source of hatred and malice to his own hurt and that of others. Wrapped around with the cloak of selfishness, he will fail to attain happiness in his own life and will be jealous of it in that of others. Hence bitterness and secret enmity will poison his soul, and in the end he will be in danger of an isolation not less painful because merited, and will be cut off iron kith and kin and left to his own imperfect and cramped resources. Let him study to preserve interest and sympathy in all that is human and so escape being abandoned of heaven and Earth. It is a degree of ISOLATION.!

Airmen; state of air and gasses; has something to do with air, gas or gasoline, one who may do his best work in isolation or be confined or isolated from friends and relatives; often found associated with explosives; Bright’s disease; nervous system of the spinal cord.

An American Indian woman in a canoe. She is gathering wild rice.
A free spirit comes in surprising packages. Navigational sophistication veiled by the simple ways of life. Inside the soul, a rich complexity, an astounding grasp of what is happening and what it means, lives on undisturbed. Outwardly, you greatly prefer and gravitate toward any form that will throw everybody off and leave you in peace. The story lies inside. Many times and places, many dimensions and worlds are set loose to be simultaneously worked out, played out, encompassed, and freed up. A dazzling virtuoso performance inside the soul of letting go of everything. Yet outwardly a stiff upper lip composing the appearances. So that you can be blameless and impeccable, and even keep your own conscious mind entertained and confused long enough to get away with radical evolutionary moves, into the vast unknown, never to look back.

Withdrawn, envious, and selfish character with strong misanthropic tendencies. One can achieve success in all occupations requiring discretion and excellent investigation skills such as the police or intelligence services. One must refrain from using one's shrewdness with the purpose to sow discord, suspicion and slanders, lest life ends up in loneliness and poverty. This degree may also indicate that, as a result of a serious accident or a painful disappointment, one decides to live in seclusion. If one makes the effort to open up to the world and learns the joys of sharing, life will immediately change for the better.

Denotes a strong nature, capable of good or evil, who, after early struggles amidst uncongenial surroundings, begins to perceive roads leading to some definite goal. According to the portents in the horoscope will the selected way be one of tears or smiles. There will be achievement of benefit or otherwise, and the earth end will be violent or peaceful as it is willed. It is a symbol of Doubting.

An unfortunate degree. Denotes one liable to infirmities and diseases of the legs and feet.

Wickedness and gloom. Shyness and sensitivity, a shunning of company that may drift easily into misanthropy. In spite of the native’s sexual power, marriage is unlikely. Sex will come to light as a selfish, sustained and cruel coquettishness, a fierce jealousy not exempt from envy.

Unless excluded by the rest of the pattern, such a influence can lead to sexual magic; many a witch and sorceress will be born under this star.

As sex is marked, so also is the character. There will be sensitiveness to cold and danger of harm to the lower limbs. Barring pointers to the contrary, life is full of mishaps and grief, the greatest being the progressive, estrangement of relatives and friends as the years go by.

Many struggles in early life but in middle life a definite work and purpose absorb his entire attention and live after him.


18-19 deg Aquarius

This symbol is related to one in whose life some great catastrophe will occur at a time when providentially there will be a friend at hand to rescue him from his danger. It indicates that a deficiency of tact and skill is liable to reader him subject to adversity of fortune, and he will suffer financial disaster and even peril of death. But there will be raised up to him a friend capable of sustaining him in his extremity, and he will not therefore sink into the depths. This will be in response to his great faith. The nature, although daring, is lacking in tact and strength. All his troubles will arise from failing to admit his own incompetence. He will travel afar. It is a degree of INSECURITY.

The indomitable spirit of one who has been at this forever and will still be on collective karmic alert to the very end. Purpose hugely takes precedence. Whatever is changing and whatever is staying the same are the two forces you track with and report back to cosmic center upon. You are being driven to the utmost to observe and witness objectively and dispassionately all the decisive and epochal shifts and pressures in the collective mix. Eyes wide open in the dark. Attention riveted to trends and turning points, and yielded up to a long-ago-agreed-to code of recording and evaluating all the relevant data; so that the cosmic forces can determine what is happening way down here and can fine-tune their ways to evolve the situation optimally; so that all concerned can synchronize with the greater ways and be released from anything and everything that runs counter to the bright promise of Earth evolution.

Unconventional, enterprising, and reckless character. Success can be achieved in the world of finance and in careers involving trips and water. All projects need to be carefully selected and prepared because a lack of organisation would put them in jeopardy, even though at the last minute, and as by miracle, unexpected circumstances and providential assistance enable their good completion.

Intuitive and intellectual with a simple manner of presenting great truths so that many are influenced.

Denotes one who has a graceful method of expressing his thoughts and who will reach his place when life’s midway has passed. He will accomplish much, and his words will ring so that many will stop to listen. His actions harmonize with his beliefs, and his soul is serene. It is a symbol of Proclaiming.

Denotes a business man, an expert accountant.

The native will go far. A man of many parts, he may, however, dangerously skirt light-headedness or anateurishness. He is not independent, but wields a measure of authority that may make him feared. He will love his lord as faithfully as did Pilades love Orestes, or as Kurnewald loved Tristram.

All these features may be marked enough, but they do not reveal the key of his personality, lying in a formidable either psychic or bodily strength, such as to enable him to survive catastrophes apt to shatter lesser men. Vulgarly he would be thought to possess nine lives, as is said of cats. Just in the nick of time, when everything seems lost and any further hope of rescue would sound absurd, a providential intervention allows him to survive. Usually this will come as a deserved prize for the faithfulness mentioned above.

Will it be faith in one’s lord or in the Lord? Here the rest of the horoscope should supply the answer. At the limit, the symbolic image recalls the miracle of St. Denis, who, after being beheaded, rose and picked up his head again. At the opposite limit, the native would be an executor of Justice’s dire retribution, and would show the populace the culprit’s severed head.

Musical ability; medical fields gain and recognition in any field; good intellect; well adapted to literary work. Bright’s disease; nervous system of the spinal cord.


19-20 deg Aquarius

Brings one in touch with leaders of his time; one who can accomplish almost anything he undertakes; favors the arts as well as research work; medical field; gives musical ability a degree of eminence and exaltation; gives an ungovernable temper, malevolence, destructiveness; finds it comparatively easy to become well know in whatever field he is engaged; spine; nervous system of the spinal cord.

Inward intention counts for everything. Outward results do not matter. You are dropped into remote places to be a subtle glue, a connecting intelligence just along the inside. Upon the outside, nothing happens. A tenuous sensibility stays tuned to subtle frequencies with celestial dispassion. You are remarkably absent from the daily rough and tumble of what seems to go on around you. Inexplicably and improbably, you indwell an otherness, an alienness that consciously has no idea what it is doing. But when you are around, other people find that there are blessings, breakthroughs, protections, and odd phenomena, adding up to the impression that one is touched by something marvelous and strange. Being an empty open vessel for the cosmic and inhabiting foreground consciousness not at all. Just being there. Nothing else is asked.

Hard-working, withdrawn, and altruistic character. After a few ordeals, one achieves a wealthy and independent position in religion or humanitarian work owing to one's merits and dedication to the public good. One readily lends assistance to people and, as a result, one receives providential assistance. This degree indicates longevity and professional changes rewarded by success and security.

Denotes one of a somewhat conservative nature, thoughtful, studious, and serious, by whom the training of the mind is placed before all else and whose soul is set on works of cultivation. He may show special genius in some section of art or music, or he may be in a position to advance them. He is a seeker after truth and the key is near for him to use when the guardian has slumbered. It is a symbol of Skillfulness.

Denotes a musician of no mean order; a brilliant violinist with musical ability.

This degree denotes skill either in art (music in particular and, more especially, stringed instruments), or in industry, medicine or science at large. An everyday philosophy, much fondness of work, a great handiness, a patience apt to stand the stiffest tests, and an even excessive prudence.

By this word I do not mean either fearfulness or sloth; in my eyes the native treads with leaden feet like a tortoise, keeping, as it were, to the Italian proverb “What is done accurately need be done but once.”

Fenced in by a nearly hermetic reserve, he enjoys his neighbors’ esteem, though he holds aloof from them, engrossed perhaps in planning his future welfare. But anyhow, he seems unaware of the outside world. The astrological picture in its entirety will have to say whether such a prudence will sink to cunning or sublime into a noble equanimity.

Barring pointers to the contrary, life will be exceptionally long. The native’s face, however, is liable to appear precociously lined and shrunken, but his die-hard physique is likely to lack real ruggedness.

One who does much to advance the more conservative arts and sciences.

This denotes one of patient and plodding disposition, disposed to rusticity of habit, endowed with great powers of endurance, an even disposition and contented mind. His position in life will always be secure, owing to his great prescience and providence, and he will create about him by slow and patient toil the means of his own security and well-being. His life is likely to extend to phenomenal years and his position in old age will be one of independence and security from all harm. Of rather solitary and retired nature, deeply philosophical, patient, and contented with simple ways of living, he will yet evince a kindly disposition and will live long to enjoy the fruits of his labors and the esteem of his fellows. It is a degree of PROVIDENCE.


20-21 deg Aquarius

It is the symbol of one whose nature is void of virility and ambition, and who, consequently, will fail to assert himself in the fight for life. Where others are in intense activity, he lies nerveless and powerless amid surroundings which, although natural, are devoid of comfort and unreflective of the arts and sciences of human evolution. Such an one will show moral. apathy, mental ineptitude, and physical weakness, all of which will conspire to render him an object of pity to the passer by, and a burden to his kindred and friends. In some cases it may indicate incapacity merely. In others it will predict a moral paralysis. It is a degree of WEAKNESS.

The transcendent and the fragrant particulars of life feed into each other and complete each other if you are radiantly responsive to their comminglings. In the dance of time, there comes a fresh cycle where the high feminine spirit comes into her own. She is Queen of the Heavens, yet she belongs in the Earth. And as she comes to herself she brings the worlds together, repolarizes and articulates the power of love. She is the caller, inaugurating the future. Yet early on she stumbles and falls, for what she is carrying is immense and it is too much for her personally. She must discover how to find a true form to harness, discipline, and distribute what she knows and who she is. As she gets her greater bearings and embraces multidimensional selfhood, she shall indeed find that destiny situates her right where she needs to be. And that becoming a collective fount of real-life inspiration is her very nature, her path, and her complete liberation from the misunderstandings and fragmentations of the days when she just could not get out of the way with sufficient grace and authentic conviction.

Active, observant, and optimistic character endowed with the capacity to turn obstacles into assets. Childhood is clouded by financial setbacks underwent by the parents. For professional purposes, one travels abroad and amasses valuable knowledge which one puts into practice in one's country. Success and decent wealth can be achieved in all careers requiring movement.

One to whom all races and creeds are us one. He strives to eradicate injustice in whatever form it takes.

Denotes one whose life is set on the eradication of injustice and whose advocacy of what he considers right brings on him pain, ridicule, and misrepresentation. He is limited, chained, constrained, opposed, and oppressed, and will suffer hurt even from those for whom he gives up his comfort and ease. But the seal is set, and he will see the tree which many considered barren bearing fruit. It is a symbol of Heralding.

Denotes one fond of solitude and very reserved; a recluse; one naturally inclined to a religion of a severe type.

This influence strongly reminds one of the three hundred seventeenth degree. Yet this three hundred twenty-first degree offers one way out: the cloister, provided the prior has some grit and will prevent loafing.

Medical fields; faith homicidal tendency; alcoholism; degree of eminence and exaltation; great energy; one who will win many friends; appendicitis; nervous system of the spinal cord.


21-22 deg Aquarius

Medical fields; homicidal tendency; practical; a dual mentality; active, energetic, and forceful; impulsive but has good will power and perseverance; would make good publicity man; alcoholism; defeat by eivl later turned to success; danger from animals; right gastrocnemius; cecum.

Withheld from the personality spotlight. To you intrinsic, fine things matter exquisitely and being somebody does not. A highly distinctive form of service keyed to a slow, steady, inward sensibility. Very little connection with the here and now. Eternal foundations. Needing to be humble, sober, and plain in order best to be transparent and effective, you are remarkably detached from your own reputation or outward impression. Dreaming new worlds into being. Cast loose on an infinite sea. Yet being circumspect, quiet, and not particularly noticeable. A super subtle edge between poverty and riches, surface and depth. Knowing your way in the dark. And intent upon completing each task and carrying it through; nothing more, nothing less.

Violent, excessive, and spiteful character. If one is able to control one's outbursts of fury, success can be attained in the military and in all occupations requiring physical strength, or in surgery and medical research. This degree warns against vengeful deeds because extreme brutality can only result in equally extreme disasters.

Denotes one of a literary and scholastic mind to whom the pen is truly “mightier than the sword,” and who inclines to the production of original works, whilst carefully preserving those that have gone before. In other ways he is a patron of literature and redeems much of value to the world. He may find himself in the midst of conflicting forces and be compelled to actions which may cause pain. It is a symbol of Conserving.

This is the degree of beauty; those of either sex who have this ascending will be always admired.

Enmities but luck. When not altered by other components, the female native, or the male native’s mate, will postpone any affection and any ideal to the care of her person. Her physical appearance will be a matter of taste and will appeal especially to those fond of lusty roundness, apart from the real beauty of her complexion, hair and eyes. Her disposition will be less appealing, being a mixture of cunning and violence, of unbridled passion and cool scheming.

As beauty is not rated an asset in a man and excessive personal grooming is a morbid symptom of narcissism, this influence will lead a man nowhere. In a man, beauty will be an excuse for that fitful impulsiveness and that loss of self-control in anger which in a woman are usually blamed on the weakness of her sex. If stressed by other malignant stars, those sudden surges of wrath can lead to hideously brutal acts and can transform the woman into a termagant and the man into a murderer.

Should other factors supply those inhibitions which this degree by itself fails to grant, the blind urges may be checked and bent, so that violence may turn into manly resoluteness. But too much would be needed to sublimate the cunning selfishness, the wickedness and the turbid flow of passions which make the native into a hated, though perhaps feared and even admired personality.

Literary and intellectual. Attracted to wards a political career with doubtful success.

This symbol denotes one whose passions are liable to run to excess and whose anger may lead him into the commission of acts of violence. It shows one of a strong and forceful nature, capable of forcing his way in the world by push and energy, yet not so strong as to be capable of controlling his own feelings. At such times as his passions are aroused he is capable of acts of brutal ferocity, and though he may gain the victory over all his outward enemies, there will yet be one within remaining unsubdued. It is essential that an otherwise fortunate nature should not ruin a great career by actions of impulsive ardor and indiscretion. It is a degree of VIOLENCE.


22-23 deg Aquarius

Learning ultimate things the hard way. You have to put yourself totally into every realm to experience it for yourself, with a zeal for empirical wisdom or the wild edge of the scientific method. The experimental test case is yourself. And you are out there all alone in vast, uncharted territory, just the way you like it. You've been granted the chance to prove things, to follow them out quite far, bearing a determined intelligence with karmically-trained faculties of subtle perception. However, objectively speaking, this is an intensively arduous and relentless way to do it, without safeguards or precedents, relying upon the moment's edge. If you can be tirelessly strong, doing it this ruggedly will prove to be the only way to go if you wish to uncover future territory without imprinting bias or distortion upon it. You just have to invent the wheel in yet another dimension.

Hard-working, careful, and discerning character. Teamwork is more profitable than solitary work, and mutual aid is a major asset. Despite many rivalries, success can be achieved in all occupations in the wood and construction industry, or in architecture. This degree warns against floods and fire. Before building anything, the nature of the soil must be carefully assessed by professionals.

Unorthodox and a believer in platonic friendship until the actions of those he has trusted force him into seclusion.

Denotes one over whose early life a shadow hangs, of original mind, unorthodox and artistic. He is strangely moved by beauty and grace, blending loveliness of form with the seductive invisibility of sweet sounds. Living in the midst of high vibrations, the native is in danger of being drawn into the vortex of oppositions. Then the evil crosses the good and the devil wrestles with the man. It is a symbol of Crossing.

Denotes one who will meet with much rivalry and opposition in whatever he may engage in.

This is one of the best zodiacal degrees as it bestows a strong and merry, active and tireless, faithful and sturdy nature, an industrious intelligence, a constructive mind, capable of creation and execution at the same time; a knack for trade and, usually joined to it, artistic taste. Where other factors concur, it may bestow genius.

This degree’s most beautiful feature is the cheerful eagerness with which the native carries out his work and gives it the finishing touches; humble as his work may be, he plunges into it as enthusiastically as if it were a feast. Any advice as to the most congenial profession would be wasted on him, as he instinctively knows what he must do and does it well.

The crucial point of this degree lies in the province of social life, as the native’s relations with his neighbors will have a decisive influence. If the horoscope shows favorable features in the sector of trade and of the outside world (the non-ego), the fruit of his personal initiative will increase an hundredfold through intelligent association. On the other hand, bad components in those aspects will hinder success, arouse redoubtable rivalries and unfair competition, and threaten loss of the deserved profits.

Sorrow with happiness; humanity; medical fields; pioneering spirit; unconventional and detached; capable of such concentration then he forgets everything else; homicidal tendency; healing (doctors, actors, comics); astrological area original thinker and tireless worker; beneficence combined with destructiveness; appendicitis; projecting and the arts alcoholism; left gastrocnemius.

This is the index of one to whom work will be a matter of daily and continual pleasure, and whose efforts will be sustained with diligence and fidelity. He will show much executive ability, exceptional constructive faculty, and extreme powers of endurance, so that his pathway to success is sure. There is, however, the danger that, at the supreme moment when the fruit of his labor falls due, it may be swallowed up and lost to him forever. Except for this his position is beyond all power of assault or harm, for habits of industry and strenuous energy are sure of recognition. He may become a well-known worker or dealer in timber and the building trade. It is a degree of INDUSTRY.


23-24 deg Aquarius

A remarkable mentality in men (not so favorable for women); organ music; acting, dramatic ability; homicidal tendency; anarchism; idealism or sympathy; engaged in the physical welfare of humanity; the stage; astrological area benevolence or intolerance, depending on aspects and personal choice, usually kind hearted and charitable, but subject to trial and tribulation; alcoholism; rheumatism linked with sexual problems; trouble, disgrace; sorrow and joy, life and death, always hanging in the balance; healing power and generosity to the weak and unfortunate; a healer power and generosity to the weak and unfortunate; a healer who may use unorthodox methods; such as acupuncture; a sense of humor and charming bedside manner; right tribial muscle.

Gross indulgence and a conscience that just won't quit. Saturating your energy field with exaggerated gestures of capitulation to your own lower nature. But you do this in continual ironic juxtaposition to an observing intelligence and a keen conscience which deplore and have no use for your own shenanigans. Being split between the compulsive and addictive personality and the dispassionate and icily-removed consciousness. You're trying to turn yourself around by alternately bingeing and reforming. But each binge triggers a reaction of the other side of mind, and each renunciation and reformation in turns triggers a further reaction. This dialectic between being bad and being good is all on the pro and con level of the dualistic mind. The only hope in this pattern lies in wearing out both ends, so that a third place can open in which neither acting out nor becoming exemplary is all that necessary. You do what you do and you see it the way you see it and all the self-conscious overlays and each and every self-manipulation in whatever direction dissolve when the space is clear.

Courageous, intuitive, and curious character endowed with great intellectual, literary, and artistic gifts. Although some health condition and affective ordeals lessen the vital energy, one overcomes obstacles. One can achieve success and fame in botany, particularly with medicinal plants, as well as in equitation and in all occupations related to horses.

Denotes a refined person forced to meet sorrow face to face. According to the degree of experience to be learned, so will be the degree of sorrow to be endured. Passion is not apart from this degree, but passion leads to pain, whilst subjugation leads to mastery. It is a symbol of Tribute.

Denotes one who will ever be beset by secret enemies of the worst type, and may eventually be killed, although there may be no apparent reason for this.

This influence confers a bright mind, but carries something tragical in itself and spells mishap. The rest of the horoscope will have to say whether the native is himself the author or the victim of such bad luck. But whether evil or ill-fated, the native will be an unhappy being anyhow, unable as he is to grasp the meaning of his own actions. According to what the stars say, he may lack partial or total moral sense or prudence. He will get into trouble unconsciously in any event, and will realize his plight when it is too late.

The physique inclines to weakness, as does the mind. I said there is a remarkable intelligence. I may add, this is not in keeping with all the rest. However, the chance of distinguishing oneself in some branch of science is not ruled out; the native is even likely to attain renown, though it may be in a good or bad sense.

One who suffers and endures and through his suffering inspires others.

This symbol is related to one of undoubted faculty and mental ability, but with too little courage and power of attack to make his merit felt in the world. Such an one will be bent and broken by the winds of adversity, and having but small physical stamina he will find it difficult to sustain the highest expressions of his mental growth in the face of much want and physical distress. Yet he will not be bent or broken by adversity till he has given expression to an extraordinary amount of learning and will be popularly appreciated. It is a degree of BENDING.


24-25 deg Aquarius

Disciplined, constrained, and consistent. Keeping things within the boundaries set by rational cognition, doing what is strictly appropriate. Objectively, impersonally, dispassionately deciding and choosing and following this up with a way of life. Circumspect, intensely aware of reputation and community standing. You live up to the highest standards impeccably and are self-suppressive routinely. Everything has been decided ahead of time. Obedience to the greater instructions.

Subordinated to what shall serve and what shall reach far and wide. Able to tailor and custom-fit your behavior and expression so that the greater good is served absolutely, you manifest pure adherence to the law, with no qualms, no quibbles, no questions.

Violent, vindictive, and passionate character. One is always ready to unleash one's brutal instincts without discriminating between right and wrong. Therefore, serious troubles are to be expected, including imprisonment or committal. The practice of violent and risky sports, or an occupation in the military if the mental state allows, can provide a helpful outlet to pent-up violence.

A scientific investigator who ignores the pain of others in his desire for knowledge until he meets cruel suffering face to face.

Denotes one born to conquer, but whose material conquests bring him pain and grief. As he advances in life and the sun of his soul throws brighter lights before him, he will realize how worthless aggression really is and how much grander is a word spoken in kindness than one spoken in anger, how much sweeter a kind face than one made hideous by the poison of hate. Then he will break his sword. It is a symbol of Reaction.

Denotes one who, ostentatiously, will dispense much good by charitable deeds.

No lack of rational intelligence, but rather a lack of inner balance. Passion may blind and momentarily black out the native’s wits, provided of course that other stars point the same way. (Mercury in quadrature with the Moon, Uranus or Neptune; Neptune with the Sun; Saturn in Scorpio and in the house of reclusion, etc.).

In such cases, the native is apt to fall in with the typical picture of the mad criminal, who believes that his moral duty is to kill, either to pacify the wraith of a revengeful relative or to restore the stained honor of a lineage. (Unfortunately, only lunatics believe that a family’s honor resides exclusively in a woman’s reproductive organs. Such ridiculous and revolting ideas are especially spread in the Mediterranean countries). Or he may kill on account of other crazes rooted in his psychical foreground and likely to invade gradually the patient’s consciousness and to obsess him.

Neither the typical born criminal nor the passional criminal is excluded. Nobody can deny that the former is abnormal; the latter is only momentarily so, as long as it is enough for the flash of passion to dazzle his mind and to guide his hand to bloodshed.

Other factors must decide whether he is to be a harmless lunatic, a sham, or a regular criminal. Certainly if other strong components fail to neutralize the effects of this degree, he will be a pathological case or, at any rate, an unbalanced being. Such a lack of measure will leave a trace even in the good deeds he is quite likely to do if more benevolent stars lead his passionate nature to find an outlet there.

Homicidal tendency; danger by water; often found in charts of photographers; fond of historical novels and research; peaceful but proud of their strength; they do not pick fights but probably welcome one when it comes along; angina pectoris; alcoholism; left tibial muscle.

This symbol indicates one whose nature is vindictive and passionate almost beyond power of control. There will be some danger of frenzy or even acute mania, such as will warrant his enforced detention is thoughts are those of the Ishmaelite and avenger of herednary wrongs, and he is as one who sees blood in the air and runs amok. It shows a dangerous predisposition and unless controlled by the power of moral persuasion, intellectual training and social culture, will assuredly lead to trouble and disgrace. It is a degree of MALICE.


25-26 deg Aquarius

The “great lover” type, usually popular with the opposite sex; understanding and misunderstanding; immorality, pearly fishing; homicidal tendency; astrological area; has something not in common with others; sometimes an actor who acts so much that his real self is overshadowed by the parts he plays; alcoholism; suicide; abscesses; right fibular.

Vicarious experience. Living through others. Collecting data. Knowing what everybody thinks, you put your attention rabidly outside yourself into the collective and its traps and pitfalls. Circulating in the thick of collective karmas. You are cynically fascinated by what is wrong, what is miserable, what is rotten--gathering lessons from the worst. Somewhat taken over by the downward tug of wastage, decadence, the ends of things. Witty and stimulating, provocative and penetrating. But cut off from spirit, you wander in the maze of the cultural intellect, trying to find meaning where there is mostly nothingness.

Confused, helpless and self-righteous character. Instead of stubbornly repeating the same mistakes, one must seek the advice of more experienced friends who can help avoid dangerous traps and teach the rudiments of one's job. Clear-sightedness is a must, and when one is lost, one must remember that sitting down on the ground protects against injuries in case of fall.

Denotes one of mystic and reformative leanings who may be impressed by invisible forces for certain work on earth, but who may not be conscious of the part he is called upon to play. He has intelligence, force, and bravery, with a strong will, and what he is willed to do he will do. He should never permit himself to be hypnotized nor entranced. nor yield his will to the power of another, in the body or out of it. It is a symbol of Service

Denotes one who has SOMETHING not in common with the rest of the race.

Among his neighbors, the native will stand out like a beacon, but his nature is as reckless, and his position as unstable, as water; the danger of tumbling is an ever present one. His steadfastness is greater than his firmness, the elemental forces of the whole being are more powerful than limpid. I do not say that there is mud, but the purest source loses its transparence if it squirts out too violently.

As in other similar case, the danger of tumbling may even literally come true; the rest of the pattern must throw light upon this as well as on whether that steadfastness is not to turn into a boring persistence.

Should other strands in the pattern offset the headiness of the temper and induce a certain order in the turmoil of ideas babbling up in his mind, the native could turn into a real master (initiatory components would make him into an occult master); on the other hand, baneful components may warp his recklessness into blindness (taken literally or figuratively).

One who has a duty to perform for the race, the direction of this being revealed to him as he develops.

This indicates one whose thoughts and projects are liable to become chaotic and confused, so that he may be said to be walking in the dark, and to that extent may be led into grave dangers. It may be from ignorance or from want of alertness and responsiveness to his surroundings that he will come by hurt to himself, but save by the helping and directing hand of some wise friend, or the overarching love of Heaven, he cannot escape downfall and ruin. The higher tame position he may occupy, the greater the danger of falling. Let him therefore study to walk warily and in humility in the simple ways of life and not aspire to tread paths which are unfamiliar and full of pitfalls for the unwary. It is a degree of BLINDING.


26-27 deg Aquarius

If vision and practical skills are brought into a place beyond either one, new worlds can come into being. Tenacity is the key. You have to see the pattern, inscribe the pattern, and let it set collectively. For when you are out ahead of everybody else, you must master the craft of timing in this Earth. Everything is perfect in the right time and place and awful when out of sync. Contained within yourself is the blueprint for the future; you need to season and temper the extraordinary forefront awareness with life-experience, and discover the intricacies of the cultural landscape. A mission pursued, a task taken on with a vengeance. A destiny that stands out and speaks volumes.

Sociable, simple, and benevolent character. One achieves success and wealth in real estate, trade, or industrial companies. Without ostentation, one enjoys a happy family life surrounded by numerous loyal and grateful friends.

One capable of holding many positions of trust and responsibility.

Denotes one, forceful, strong, and aggressive, who will be the guardian of many responsibilities and who unites strength of purpose with executive ability. He defends and attacks: he is a master and a servant. Errors are always dangerous, and only from errors will regret come. It is a symbol of Stewardship.

Denotes a leader of the multitude, a public character, or perhaps a reformer.

This is one of the most desirable degrees. The native is a highly aristocratic being in the fullest sense of the word, as he is likely to join refinement and splendor, generosity and prudence, kindness and reserve. He will be extremely liberal, and a conservative in the best sense. He is nobly proud of his house and lineage; he delights in remembering the deeds of his ancestors and, though reproving the bad ones, he nonetheless keeps as careful a record of those as he does of the good ones. He loves his country’s soil as his own land, his nation as his ancient kin, and is as jealous of the national as of the familiar customs.

He is apt to couple the cult of the past with a keen sense of progress and evolution, and is likely to initiate reforms and to be the trailblazer of new ideas. Therefore, the die-hard gentry may consider him a revolutionary and the all-out Jacobins may twit him with conservatism. If the stars do not hinder his progress, such slander will not keep him from following a brilliant political career, if he should wish to. As a politician he will enjoy immense popularity and prestige, owing to his broadmindedness, his civic sense, his humanity, and especially owing to the instinctive liking that everyone will take to him.

He has a keen mind, perhaps an excess of inquisitiveness. Though he has a generous and hospitable heart, the sense of private property and of hereditary right is lively in him. His only real defect may be an unjustified cocksureness, or an undue eagerness to defend himself and his own property.

Fortune conferred by this degree is really what the Romans called Fortuna Major; little as the stars smile on him, the astrologer may foretell the native, “...should you follow your star you cannot fail to land in glorious harbor.” (Dante, Inf. 15,55-56).

Neurasthenia; astrological area; musical; usually successful at what he undertakes; big plans and fixity; left fibular.

This symbol denotes one who will be house- proud, fond of his home and desirous of acquiring estate, so that he may have the uninterrupted joys of continuous home life. He will prove himself to be a capable and polished member of society, a good patriot, and an earnest upholder of the traditions of his people and country. Of a pleasant and frank nature, and humane disposition, he will readily attract friends around him, and will be never so happy as when entertaining them in a homely but unostentatious manner. He will prosper in the world and will be beloved for his breadth of mind and wide sympathies. It is a degree of POSSESSION.


27-28 deg Aquarius

This symbol denotes a person of dissipated and irregular life, whose weakness for wine and gambling is likely to lead him into sore difficulties and many excesses. His mind will be addicted to the pursuit of fortune by adventitious means, so that while he may succeed in attaching himself to others of like propensity and habits, he will lack even their confidence, and failing, will lose their adherence also. Thus, unless he shall elect to follow the paths of simple industry and patient toil in the ordinary walks of life, he will come to ruin and will be forced to pick up a precarious livelihood in the, byways of social activity. It is a degree of SPOLIATION.

Occult; gamblers; astrology; goiter; music; painting; receptive to psychic or occult influences either consciously or unconsciously; home luxury and abundance; right tibia.

Karmic process restricts the self, curbs the self, dictates what must happen to the self. A work upon yourself and, far more strongly, an outer plane self-discipline has been in progress a long time. It must be resumed, taken further, no matter what. Unfortunately, this often means imposing duties upon yourself presumptively. You just do what you have to do. But if the heart is not in it, work becomes mechanical. A dilemma faces you at recurrent cross-roads: to stay with what has been set up, or to introduce innovations. Any such innovations represent a huge issue. But without them, the inner core of self is short-changed and the outer mind takes over. You are being propelled by a greater destiny-current to honor all karmic agreements, and to enhance these by bringing into play a vitally engaged present-time attentive willingness to be surprised, meet things from another side, and realize that everything is just beginning now and needs to be met with real passion.

Unless the natal chart indicates otherwise, this degree describes dangerous tendencies to over- indulge in life's pleasures and particularly in heavy drinking and gambling. If one does not struggle against alcoholism and all forms of addiction, one is in great danger of ruin and of being abandoned by one's children.

Denotes one born for great deeds, aspiring and energetic. His work will travel far and will be of a strong and reformative character, which will meet with the usual opposition afforded to such works amongst a certain caste. He must never stay. Ever with the symbol before his eyes must he continue his way, for victory is sure. It is a symbol of Reformation.

Denotes a true child of nature; one who will never conform to the ways of Society.

The assets will be merriness, an absolute naturalness of manner, a direct insight into reality. This degree’s besetting sin is a tendency to ply the rummer. There will not be bad manners; there will be no manners at all.

Possible vices are alcoholism, idleness, fondness of gambling, dissoluteness, a tendency to loathe both poverty and the means to keep it at arm’s length. Any reflection upon the consequences is superfluous.

One who will travel far, carrying with him the banners of truth and justice.


28-29 deg Aquarius

Whoever has this astral signature will be remarkable for his powers of attack and defense. He may be a clever barrister, a successful diplomat, or a man of the sword. In the passage of arms which will constantly fall to his lot, he will prove himself capable and skilful to a degree. He will show considerable powers of execution, a pointedness and directness of speech, an incisive manner, and sharp acute, penetrating mind. He will gain honor in his special walk in life, and should he take to the sword either in the defense of his own country or the conquest of another, he will meet with distinction and honor. Yet he will hold but little of this world’s goods and must rely continually on his power of cutting his way through life by his own continuous exertions. It is a degree of EXECUTION.

The most unusual and distinctive of inward conditions. You are held within a mode of awareness that is from another time and place altogether. You have nothing to say and nothing to do. There is no power of individual life-force. Instead you see as the ancient ones see. Utter unworldliness to a point of dissociation from surface experience. A part of the mind transported by a reverie of timeless, effortless realization. Everything is clear. The subtlest, most refined things are obvious. It is all a matter of perspective, and here the perspective is that the only thing that matters is how the inward resonant echo registers and where it leads you in choiceless awareness, in communion with the Gods.

Unless the natal chart indicates otherwise, this degree describes dangerous tendencies to over- indulge in life's pleasures and particularly in heavy drinking and gambling. If one does not struggle against alcoholism and all forms of addiction, one is in great danger of ruin and of being abandoned by one's children.

One who will be elevated above his position at birth but who must be ever watchful lest his fall be greater.

Denotes one whose rise in life will be sudden and who will maintain his position with difficulty. He will enjoy the smiles of favoring fortune and suffer the frowns of envy, and is destined to wrestle with opposition and inharmonious conditions. Let him study his horoscope and steer clear of the breakers. It is a symbol of Debate.

A degree of sorrow. Denotes one who will be subject to most harrowing trials through life, and who will die heartbroken.

An heroic degree, but its chivalrous character may degenerate into quarrelsomeness, or induce a destiny too bristling with frightful ordeals to be borne by human beings.

Should no other element in the nativity point to recklessness, or threaten hurdles too high to clear, we may well foresee a degree of luck as high as the degree of daring, military and civil honors, the raising to the highest dignities, fame among contemporaries, and renown in posterity.

As the body is nimble, so the mind is swift, suitable for word fights as sharp as the sword. Military careers and the art of fencing, diplomacy and the bar ought to be accessible in themselves, but an eye should be kept upon the rest.

Astrology; home luxury and abundance; music; one who will gamble with money, love reputation, or even with his life; left tibia.


29-30 deg Aquarius

This symbol denotes one who will rise to distinction and offices of great power and influence. He will display capacity for government and rulership, and, however humble his origin, will speedily attain to a foremost position in his own sphere and may successfully attempt even greater heights than many of his predecessor and contemporaries. In mind he will show himself to be rigid, strict, upright, and unbending in his integrity. His affections, although by no means warm, are yet sincere and constant, and his ambitions are compassed by the one word AUTHORITY.

Home luxury and abundance; clairvoyance; music; practical and thoughtful; good for writers, actors, and musicians; neuritis; connections.

Integration and synthesis. Putting it all together. Creative intelligence at its best. Having gone on ahead and seen what can be, yet suspending your vision so that freedom and open-endedness are honored. Living on many planes at once, in intricate refinement. You have the ability to hold in place as many independent variables as become relevant, an especially distinctive quality of unqualified or unconditional regard and respect for one and all. Universal brotherhood and sisterhood as the impulse of the future, active now.

Honest, rigid, and fair character. Regardless of the social layer to which one belongs, this degree indicates that one rises to an exceptionally prominent position and becomes famous in one's field of competence. This degree describes authority and grandeur.

Denotes one of sober judgment and a natural leaning towards the occult arts. He has respect for such learning, in which he himself is gifted. His logical nature refuses to be led by orthodox thought or to yield to the shallow opinions of hypnotized crowds. Generally the life is fortunate. The native is slow to move, but has abundant sympathy, which his mind regulates or restrains. As he advances in earth life, his psychic eye will be opened and he will know and understand those things which he before accepted with reserve, but without scruple. It is in the latter part of his life that the gates of knowledge are opened to his soul. It is a symbol of Controlling.

He who has this will not have trouble; wealth flows to him, but he only lives for himself, and seldom benefits others.

This degree portends an all-round fortune, excepting perhaps only the faithfulness of one’s marriage partner. The native himself—or herself—is faithful and sincere but lukewarm if not altogether frigid; hence the danger of marital unhappiness. This refers to a married person, but wedlock is far from likely as this degree suggests that smooth, self-possessed wisdom expressed in the Italian proverb “Better alone than badly matched.” Unfortunately such an easy self-mastery may breed selfish isolation and, at the limit, misanthropy.

For the rest, this is one of the noblest degrees, a really royal one. It promises the subject, whatever his origin, undisputed authority, easy riches, and high feelings. The moral feelings are austere and inflexible in spite of ambition and even thirst for power.

Interested in occultism but moving slowly and accepting only as intuition and reason dictate.