Cancer Degrees

0-1 deg Cancer

Symbol; A curious ring set with a large heart of white onyx.

Denotes one of occult learning and of an extremely sensitive and sympathetic nature who will do much for the pleasure and help of the people. He is gifted with a peculiar power, which produces a feeling of calmness and serenity. He may not be free from his own worries, but the power to cast away such poison is his, and he will find that the rays of good he throws out for others will react with added force on himself. It is a symbol of Compassion.

This degree grants much seductive ability. The wolf in sheep’s clothing might apply here. There is much finesse. Possibly because of the reputation one builds for himself he is also liable to be blamed for something he is innocent of. The cardinal signs are all considered selfish. It need not be thought of in a derogatory sense, although it can be manifested in that sense also. Anyway, this degree tends to be highly conscious of the self and its own interests. If the consciousness is raised to the level where it sees the individual as belonging to humanity as a whole his self-interest becomes that of humanity. On a lower level it may be grasping and selfish in a more exclusive sense. The degree of itself grants charm, sensitivity and goes far to make the individual aware of the feelings of others as well as his own. The critical point comes where the individual is able to feel a sense of identification. He is most protective of whatever he feels to be a part of himself, including his country and in a larger sense perhaps his world. His responsibility stops at this line, where ever he draws it.

Summer solstice degree for northern hemisphere- sunlit and open. Taurus naturalness bestows popularity, merriness, and outspokenness. Attracts love and probably marriage at an early age; closeness to relatives. Carries some Gemini influence - quick mental qualities but superficial, although this is an “involvement” degree, drawn to a variety of things. Adaptable: successes can be found in almost any vocation. Perceptual and handy. Because Gemini is the twelfth house from Cancer there can be selfishness, conceit and ostentation.

Sensitive and sympathetic, forgetful of self in ministering to others. Capable of work of public nature.

"A family plucks grapes from a vine arbour loaded with bunches of fruits." Affectionate, generous, and fickle character. Family ties and attachment to the homeland are very strong and may thwart professional ambitions. One marries and starts a family late in life after having devoted many years taking care of one's parents and/or siblings. Domestic affairs take precedence over the career and therefore, professional success remains below what one is capable of achieving. Nevertheless, one is content with the life one has chosen.

It signifies a person of tender sympathies and strong attachments, capable of extreme self- devotion to one who is beloved; fruitful in good acts, happy and contented in disposition. One who will have enough of the good things of life and will use them wisely. The native will marry well, and frequently it will be found that the native of this degree abides long in one place, and is held by strong associations to country and to kin. It is a degree of SYMPATHY.

Associated with extreme egotism; a sympathetic person who is at ease in public; sensuous or refined, depending on aspects; a shrewd observer of cause and effect; success comes after selfishness is overcome; Cancer and Capricorn are the farmer’s signs; policemen and detective often have Cancer or Capricorn rising; sixth rib.

1-2 deg Cancer

Good for astrologers; men with planets here usually take life seriously, even in youth; a pleasant personality; the demimondaine is apt to have planets here; good for Venus and South Node, but other planets here may denote a lack of chastity; a fortunate degree; seventh rib.

One who leaves matters of importance in the case of irresponsible people and readily gives his reasons for this. Subtle and luxury loving.

Taurus and Libra - two signs associated with Venus and commerce - point toward objects of love, luxury and fashion. Signature of an artist or craftsperson. Well-mannered and sweet, youthful and inclined to self-indulgences. Somewhat lazy and slow, lacking fire, and often attracted to the wrong mates and associates. Sociable, fond of trade and contemplation, always smiling, pleasant and confident, often over looking faults and serious responsibilities.

This degree is very much like the basic Cancer nature. It strongly contributes to marital happiness. The danger here is that any abilities which interfere with the smooth operation of the home and family will be dropped for their sake. Which means that much depends on the partner’s interests and abilities. A difficult partner could ruin this native. The native is blessed with many and varied abilities together with a desire to travel which is more or less foreign to Cancer. He is very versatile with a good sense of rhythm and precision. That is, he works well in the free flow of what is going on around him. He is capable of doing precision work of all kinds as well as being precise in his movements generally. He has a friendly disposition and does well working for the public. He has much less of the negative suspicious nature of Cancer, and is generally outgoing. His generous abilities also seem to attract the measure of luck he needs. He limits himself in terms of his home ties to which he is absolutely loyal. Much depends on where he sets those boundaries.

Symbol: A knick-knack in a glass case.

Whether the native is hard-working or, as he is likelier to be, lazy and sluggish, he will usually not prove up to the task of earning his keep. If he works at all, his work stays unfruitful, or goes to produce only superfluous, trifling and refined objects, the only things the native seems to be fond of. He ought to take a job connected with perfumes, luxury and fashion, the dressing or tailoring trade and the like.

Favorably aspected elsewhere, he may become an artist in the highest sense of the word, in the domain of figurative arts; in which case his anarchic sloth, his individualism and his jealousy toward his colleagues would fit into the pattern of those moral failings even Philistines are willing to pardon in artistic bohemians. Whether an artist or not, the native is only too prone to depend on others for his maintenance. But even as a toady, there is something noble about him. His inborn virtues will be sweetness, nicety, smartness, above all, a sincere love of beauty.

One physical feature is his often abnormal fear of air drafts.

Symbol: A laborer leaning against a tree watching a number of others digging in a neighboring field.

Denotes one who lets others do the work which he should do for himself. He is fond of the luxuries of life, but is quite content to receive without the toil of gaining them. He can advance his own philosophy to uphold his actions, and will be supported throughout his present life on earth. It is a symbol of Inertia.

"A fat dog defends its bone against two scrawny dogs while a man hesitates to follow the woman who passes by."
Selfish, lazy, and conceited character. This degree describes a freeloader who is unwilling to help one's friends. Although one is refined and subtle, these qualities are overshadowed by the will to take advantage of other people's generosity in any possible way. Life is easy, yet it is that of a sponger.

It denotes a person of a very selfish and jealous nature, unproductive of any good to himself and of no use to his fellows; a mere hanger-on. The disposition is indolent, but what it lacks in energy is supplied by suavity, finesse and subtlety, so that the native is never at a loss for the means to live; but buys comfort at the cheapest, price, and is often a respectable beggar. It is a degree of INDOLENCE.

2-3 deg Cancer

Symbol: A scene from the eighteenth century; two seated ladies, and two squires standing in front of them.

The native will be innerly split into two contrasting halves-a thinker’s mind and a lecher’s tendencies; an old man’s sedate wisdom and a boy’s reckless wishes; feverish activity alternated with dull idleness; refined servility strangely coupled with a refined, aristocratic haughtiness. The result may as well be fame as infamy or success closely followed by failure due to passional follies.

In a man’s horoscope, will power will be lamed, as this emotional influence inclines more toward fatalism than toward action. In a woman’s chart it is just the other way about. Any native woman will have everyone at her beck and call; a termagant or a Xanthippe, as the case may be. Be it a woman or a man, mannerism will affect the native’s attitude, which will be neither simple nor sincere.

Seer Charubel maintains there ought to be a special ability for geology or meteorology, which I report here on his own responsibility.

Symbol: A creeping plant—worms eating at the root— growing over a rustic summer-house.

Denotes one who inclines to a quiet and simple life away from the din and struggle of cities. Of a kind and trusting nature, he may leave his vital affairs too in the hands of others, and thus risk danger, trouble, and losses. He will be wise to look to his affairs and to those he trusts to attend to them. It is a symbol of Entrusting.

This degree tends to be the undeveloped black sheep of the Cancer family. His awareness puts him beyond the confines of the normal boundaries of home. However, he maintains the naive selfishness which ends up making him a spoiled brat. He has an awareness of humanity and its needs and does a certain amount of valuable work. However, he is also dictatorial and will put incompetent people in important jobs because of a distorted view of the individual’s need for service as well as a broadminded effort not to be prejudiced. After this long involved rationalization he ends up discriminating against the wrong person. Most of this process does not come out in the open; he keeps his reasons to himself. Nevertheless he can accomplish much that is of benefit. The degree tends to develop the Cancer to a broad humanitarian identification. But humanity is only on the threshold of grasping this awareness and first attempts are always improved upon. The Cancer nature is just not quite able to live up to what is stimulated here. We may soon see a more developed use of this degree and much also depends on the rest of the chart. Perhaps there are some really great people characterized by this degree. It certainly leaves room, where we as yet see only dimly, for real development.

Libra added to 12th-house-from-Cancer(Gemini) created a romantic or playboy. If not a lustful manipulator. Gemini diversity and verbal superiority make confidence and coquettishness. May regard people as objects. Subjective, clerical and statistical - common vocations in business. Social but superficial. Well mannered and dressed. Ambitious and fond of beauty, comfort and entertainments. Owes much to family and depends on them. Good memory, but must remember to stick to business and proper self-expression.

A lover of the simple life who cares little for business responsibilities and who is often robbed by those who manage his affairs.

"A woman dressed in black is desperately weeping on a sofa, a bunch of withered flowers in her hand."
This degree indicates that life is under the influence of persons of the opposite gender. One must display extreme caution in relationships if disgrace is to be avoided. Sexual impulses must go through the sieve of reason and past experiences.

It indicates a person of fateful inclinations and strong passions, whose life will be subject to the influence of the opposite sex, and who, if not extremely cautious in those relations, will suffer injury and perhaps disgrace. It points to one of weak will, but strong feelings which are apt to over-rule reason and experience. It is a degree of SPOLIATION.

Highly ambitious; ability for geology or meteorology; dignity and scholarship; optimistic philosopher with a good memory; some inclination to live in past; self-made martyrdom in some cases; a fortunate degree; eighth rib.

3-4 deg Cancer

Music (sense of hearing), visual sense, sight; loneliness; usually serious and prefers to associate with older people; a fortunate degree; violence, pride, overconfidence, and shamelessness; ninth rib.

A keen intellect but pleasure loving. He is often satiated in his pursuit of happiness, delighting in pleasure of a transient nature.

Rugged individualist Aquarius added to Cancer/Gemini does not mix well, although outspoken and proud to serve. Headstrong enough not to listen or conform - often over-confident and justifying. Can sense and understand human nature and evils in the world, and is not past indulging in them - destructive for sensitive Cancer, often creating psychological imbalances and nervous, medical or social problems. Must work hard for acceptance.

Symbol: Walpurgi’s night.

Here the challenge to the existing spiritual order will reach its uttermost degree. An orgiastic temper, a defiant impiety, a craving for sexual or alcoholic intoxication, misuse of drugs or dope, the practice of Satanism. In the eyes of the world there is no understanding the native, who will seem eccentric, extravagant, if not altogether a lunatic. But his intellect is quite healthy, and he does not mind at all openly countering other people’s prejudices, which he is content to ignore. His heart is healthy as well, but lust is apt to bite deeply into it, ravaging his feelings and threatening mental sanity with its intoxication. The social and financial position, health and the whole being are in danger owing to this.

All of which ought to be looked at in the light of other astrological factors as we have remarked endless times. Where other aspects point to occult practice, this native would rather take to black magic, sexual rituals, witchcraft, and might come in touch with more or less shady sects. The prospect of a superior initiation (although through the way of corrosive waters) is not to be ruled out. It is up to the Astrologer to distinguish.

Should the horoscope show no supersensible features, the native would simply, according to his degree of evolution, take to one or another form of violence against God, from vulgar blasphemy or oaths to blasphemous philosophic systems; attend the sophisticated orgies of the cream of society, or plunge headlong into ribald revelries; gain admission to Baudelaire’s artificial paradise or stoop to the fuddles of a miserable drunkard. This degree’s peculiar feature will give the bouts and feasts a ritual character making them nearly solemn, and will philosophically induce a mood of perverted mysticism, which can be observed easily in the systems inspired by it.

At the lowest level of intelligence, this degree will produce a type of blase townsman, looking at things with a Mephistopheian smile.

Symbol: A drunken reveler in fancy costume asleep at a table, the contents of his overturned cup of red wine pouring on to the floor.

Denotes a romantic but erratic nature who leads himself to esteem the follies of the world before wisdom. In his pursuit of happiness he will find nothing but exhaustion and fatigue and emptiness. It is a symbol of Misdirection.

This native has his hands full taking care of himself. He is likely to be subject to a mother fixation since he is dependent on that home pivot but he finds it difficult to establish a home for himself. It grants a very accurate ear for music. If other factors in the chart contribute to a musical career this native might go far in this area. He would likely be somewhat of a social misfit devoting himself solely to his music. Whatever he does he is likely to pursue the subject to the exclusion of the development of any social interaction. This native tends to take his home for granted and expects it to give him the support he needs, otherwise he suffers more or less in silence. That is at least without having much ability to provide himself with the happy home he needs apart from the devoted efforts of some other person.

"After dinner, leftovers are still on the table, violins are put aside, and guests flirt." Materialistic, sensual, and generous character. One is attracted to the beauties and dangers of life. Passionate impulses, probably an adulterous relationship, may disrupt marital ties. This degree favours the career and indicates that one reaches a powerful position, provided that one keeps sensual instincts under control.

It indicates a person of worldly tendencies, with an appetite for the good things of life, which will not be denied. The nature is extravagant and reckless, prone to all kinds of excess and passionate impulses, whereby the fortunes will be most seriously damaged. These things arise from a certain richness of heart and camaraderie, but goodwill in this individual finds expression mostly through the sensuous nature. It is a degree of SENSUALITY.

4-5 deg Cancer

In this degree there is a Libra-like strain coming to light as love of justice and truth. The native will be friendly and will feel the need to lean on someone else. A loving-or even passionate and sensual- temper might give the male native many a headache, and might lead a woman into trouble. No adequate prudence balances the intensity of feelings. The native is better suited to win new friends than to keep the old ones and runs the risk of being seduced or easily deluded about the firmness of the ground on which to build his existence. In any event, there is an inordinate imagination and a misplaced confidence.

Confronted with the unfairness and double-dealing of the world, the native’s a sense of justice will champ at the bit and rise in arms; he will call aloud for justice, will demand to have things straightened and facts revealed at any cost. Also, this rebellion will be naive, reckless, untimely and might even make things worse for the already deceived native, who is unfortunately not acted well enough with human baseness.

Symbol: A man seated on a rock on a newly boomed gold field, a new pick and shovel beside him, looking gloomily at a newspaper containing reports of rich finds in the locality.

Denotes one who takes too much notice of reports and who ventures before he has obtained enough evidence as to the nature of his speculations. This tendency, unless checked, leads him to a land of famine instead of a land of plenty. It is a symbol of Pitfalls.

This degree springs from a defiance of the existing order by deeply spiritual forces. It deals with the solvent qualities of Neptune. It is dangerous to the native who uses drugs or other forms of Neptunian escape routes. He may appear in the eyes of the world around him to be out of touch as he views the insane conditions with which he deals in a more rational manner than those around him are able to comprehend. This degree is also one which is opening up clearer insights to the world at large. The first messages are likely to come through garbled. Some of the people trying to understand may misuse the influence very badly. But much of what these people are trying to put across is more coherent and rational than humanity at large is able to deal with. Therefore, they appear to be insane while actually remaining quite rational. As I said, the message may be garbled. They may not be saying exactly what they are understanding or there may not be an adequate language with which to convey what they see. Nevertheless we may expect to see some real genius here when it has fully bloomed. In the meantime these people suffer from being misunderstood and seemingly out of touch with those around them.

Cancer’s own predominance over this Aquarian degree delivers judicial qualities and sense of fairness. Just and faultfinding, also sees the hurts, joys and emotions of others. Friendly, harmless engaged fully in the flow of life and perhaps politics and other group activities. Inventive - likes to tinker - drawn to vocations dealing with homes, real estate perhaps medicine or mechanics. Mood swings must be guarded against, as well as blindly following prevailing, but changeable popular opinions - discretion becomes necessary for fairness and organization.

Very imaginative and apt to be led by the reports of others without investigation, hence, travels in vain.

"A shrub, untied from its stake, grows askew."

Caring, trusting, and sweet character unaware of human nature's flaws. In females' charts, this degree indicates disappointment in love owing to misplaced trust. In males' charts, women are the source of sorrow. For both genders, travels and trade are protected and bring about prosperity. Nevertheless, if in the natal chart, the Moon is in conjunction with this degree and in hard aspect with Saturn, it portends dangers related to water. A precocious marriage is possible.

It indicates a person of warm affections, but incautious nature; who confides, without sufficient grounds, in those around him; and is apt to misplace his trust. To those of the female sex it is a baneful degree. In general1 it shows a loving and trustful nature without much knowledge of human weaknesses. It is apt to be bent, and perhaps broken, by the storms of passion, and to lean where there is no real support. It is a degree of BETRAYAL.

Medical ability; music (sense of hearing); sociable but touchy; interested in everyone and has power of intuition, which enables him to detect wrong, injustice, or falsity; tenth to twelfth ribs.

5-6 deg Cancer

Often found in charts of pawn brokers, misers, and numismatists (collector of coins and medals); degree of sleep and trance; usually secretive; sometimes denotes people whose hearts and hands do not know each other; gives force, energy, power and protection; diaphragm.

Over-indulgence leads to want although money is easily obtained. He must choose his friends wisely.

Shows strong Cancer traits - sensitive, changeable, easily swayed by emotions or reason, ruled by the powers of the moment, eager for opportunity and peace, helpful and respected - focal point of attention. Multifaceted, talented with people and financial skills, but often unable to control or hold money. Bad habits, poor judgment, shyness or misunderstandings can lead to ruin, but is usually able to rely on family or mate, who often become dependent in return.

Symbol: Alcidiades, walking through Athens with his famous dog, whose “most beautiful tail” he has cut.

The native is a spendthrift, devoid of practical sense. He is not devoid of heart and has much tact, but is persuaded that everything is due to him, and might, therefore, appear unjust. He is nice but vain, might sometimes sound high-flown or appear gaudy, but will give himself airs; nothing matches his fatuousness and extravagance. His recklessness might go so far as to bring about his own ruin.

However, barring especially unfavorable aspects, Fortune’s boom are lavished upon this irresponsible being; he will gamble successfully, will have luck in absurd speculations against the most reasonable expectations, will reach what he has set his heart upon and go on throwing money out of the window with the utmost composure, certain that he will somehow manage to earn more.

The rest of the horoscope is expected to tell us what all this will come to.

Symbol: A man spending money lavishly entertaining his friends, a clown hidden behind a curtain laughing at him.

Denotes one to whom money comes, but who dissipates it, and falls into need again. He must control an extravagant tendency which can only bring him ephemeral friends and leave him but trouble and misery. It is a symbol of Wastefulness.

Here the emotional pattern is usually difficult if not impossible to control. Other than this there is much disagreement as to the direction of the influence. There is a certain connection with money which seems to contribute to miserliness. The native tends to be too trusting of those not worthy of trust and thereby can be seriously misled. The degree grants little knowledge of how to recognize or deal with human weakness. This degree stimulates a strong desire to weigh the pros and cons of any given situation and make judgments. There may even be considerable skill developed and although he may be able to detect the little deceptions and evils of various kinds it seems no over-all protection when it could be of benefit. It is as though they walk into the lions den with their eyes wide open saying, “I know I will be eaten alive.” When he is asked why, his only reply seems to be “I had to.” In any event he seems to be defenseless.

"A gauntlet, a sabre, and a whip are lain on a stump behind a man who forcefully drags a horse."
Intelligent, self-centred and wild character, disrespectful of other people's rights and feelings. Instincts should be tamed from early childhood, lest they develop into tyranny, sadism, and depravity. Sometimes, should circumstances of the social environment concur, this degree describes a figure of authority entrusted with many responsibilities who believes that strength prevails over law.

It indicates a nature of wasteful and impractical habits, yet gifted with some degree of savoir faire and knowledge of human nature. The native will be inclined to habits of excess, will be fond of dress and ornamentation; fortunate in the acquisition of wealth, but wholly unacquainted with its right use; good-hearted but foolish and extravagant, and yet frequently unjust therein. A nature too prone to externals and outward show. It is a degree of SEMBLANCES.

6-7 deg Cancer

Symbol: God Thor brandishing the thunderbolt hammer.
A genuine he-man, rugged, indomitable, apt to face and conquer any adversity.

All the manliest features, a marked personality, a nature obviously above the average, strong and healthy instincts; no shilly-shallying, no retracing one’s steps; an extreme deliberateness, a lenience bearing no trace of weakness; a self-consciousness to which both showing off and false modesty are unknown.

He has all the corresponding shortcomings. According to the Roman expression, the native “sees nobody in front of himself”; viz. has neither regards nor respects. He will show fight and violently react to anyone’s attempts to block his way or to undermine his ground. He takes for granted that he has been singled out to lead and to order all others about.

Should the horoscope bear any other features pointing that way, that lack of regard might stray into ferocious brutality, that lordly spirit into arbitrary overbearingness, that warlike strain into sheer quarrelsomeness, that superiority into selfishness, isolation and indifference to other people’s sufferings.

The virile qualities will be courted and smiled upon by a true fortuna virilis. Of obscure or even very humble birth, the native will reach the top in his chosen career; unless unfavorably aspected elsewhere, he will have all his opponents topple and crash out of sight, and even before reaching the summit the conqueror will see no rivals around him.

Symbol: An antique, gold-capped Corinthian column of white marble, slightly crumbling at its base.

Denotes one who strives to stand erect. Time does not cast him down, for grandeur and beauty are his companions; but beauty, however sublime, is never without a flaw, for the flaw intensifies the beauty. The erect column indicates strength, the crumbling at the base fear, which alone can destroy if permitted to infect the whole. Where faith is, then fear will be never. True faith is knowledge absolute, and what knowledge so perfect as the consciousness in man of his own strength? It is a symbol of Gracefulness.

This degree is wasteful. Luck seems to bestow a considerable amount to be wasted. The native is most vulnerable emotionally. There is much here to be harnessed. It has contributed to greatness in some charts. However its overall nature is prodigal. The native is very self-centered and feels that everything which comes to him is his own birthright except when he has squandered every thing which comes to him and must face the consequences. He is sociable and generous with other people as well as himself. Except for his vain boastful nature he is quite likeable. The right kind of discipline and a careful of friends would be of the utmost benefit to him.

Rugged, strong but small, a warrior of sorts, this Cancer degree combines with Sagittarian enthusiasm - virile and aggressive in romance, but liked by the opposite sex. Offensive and logical, but dependent upon associations. Fearless and emotional, usually learns many lessons, fond of sports and “problematic”. An independent leader. Pitfalls are overbearingness, overconfidence. Visionary and impressionable but often too fiery, which is detrimental to Cancer’s stronger traits.

Intellectual, a writer full of expedients until he realizes the value of faith and chooses that as his anchor.

"A lavishly dressed woman seated under a flowery pergola gives away expensive jewels to beggars. Nearby, a young man in a harlequin's costume plunges a live lamb in a boiling pot." Whimsical, snobbish and unbalanced character. One has a strong tendency towards wastefulness and grants too much importance to fashion, luxury, lust, social functions, and outward appearances. Nevertheless, psychological insight and sound understanding of the human nature are the assets which open the way to wealth and artistic success during the periods when mood swings and extravagances are set aside.

It indicates a person of strong personality, but of a tyrannous nature, who, by force of arms and aggression, generally will press forward regardless of the merits of others and insensible of their feelings. His hand, though strong, is frequently unjust and cruel in its action, impelled by the motive that might is right; and, when opposed, is capable of extreme cruelty and selfishness. In certain natures the influence of this degree generates the common-place bully. It is a degree of SELF-ASSERTION.

Not always diplomatic but appreciates diplomacy in others; physically fearless but sometimes emotionally vulnerable; well aspected, discipline; afflicted, sometimes denotes a bad habit; thoracic canal.

7-8 deg Cancer

Bestows eminence in art; oratorical ability; a mind given to extraordinary flights of fancy; his promises are apt to be greater than his accomplishments; with women, their abilities are usually greater than his accomplishments; with women, their abilities are usually greater than their achievements; hyacus.

One who holds the secrets of many and to whom the poor and sorrowful come for solace in their need.

Proud and often egotistical, self-indulgent and lazy - takes the path of least resistance. Romantically, likes to play and excite, sampling lovers and soaking up attention which will be lead to trouble and shallow relationships, subtracting from career, which is probably on shaky ground anyway. Good communicator, fanciful imagination, full-bodied. Enjoys pleasant surroundings, perhaps religious. Inwardly shy, misunderstood, or used by others.

A lazy and sensuous being, much too prone to self-undulgence and wantonness. But he has horse sense and a mind cut for life’s rough-and-tumble existence and is not totally destitute of that cunning that often replaces intelligence in fools. A general tendency to aberration and to illicit ties (in a woman this will mean easy seduction) will expose the native to The danger of adulteries or otherwise guilty intercourse threatening his married happiness and his renown. As he knows no measure, not even in speaking or in writing, he will be led to more or less serious indiscretions which, according to other pointers in the horoscope, may range from petty, mischievous gossip to veritable libel, from the dutiful snort of a crime to delation, even to breach of friendly trust. Therefore, he might be sued for slander, not for abuse (unless other components give him courage enough to voice his opinions openly) as he is too cowardly to face directly, and delights in publishing spicy gossip about them. He usually likes to entrench himself behind the responsibility of others and to hide the hand that flings the stone. A gazetteer more than a journalist, he might have success with the chronique scandaleux and, if the horoscope helps, he may even lead paper with success; otherwise he will stoop to publishing infamous defamation and anonymous letters.

Symbol: A newspaper editor at his desk—a mass of proofs before him—parleying with a man who averts his face.

Denotes one whose position in life will enable him to hold many secrets connected with the lives of others and who wields a power which will cause fear to many of position and reputation. A desire for material advantages may cause him to sway in the pursuit of his duty. It is a symbol of Muzzling.

With the proper direction this degree will contribute the drive to go far. However, there is a wide discrepancy in the influence astrologers have found here, all the way from the top to the bottom. At the bottom we find a philosophy of might makes right. There seems to be an excess of emotional as well as physical energy. A well developed imagination lurks here which can lead one up or down. When he is poorly developed and negatively oriented he may be cruel, and sadistic.

"A young woman hidden in a Temple of Love stares fearlessly at a snake ready to pounce on a bird."
Self-lenient and weak-willed character. One always listens to one's instincts. This degree indicates that the family life is unhappy and that secret relationships may result in marital breakdown. Good moral standards are indispensable.

It indicates on the one hand a nature capable of extreme self-indulgence and license; and, on the other, one who is apt to succumb to worldly seductions. The influence of this degree acts most powerfully to destroy domestic happiness and to fracture marital relations; and the fate of the native will hang upon the nature and influence of a subtle fascination or a secret attachment. It is a degree of SELF-ABANDON.

8-9 deg Cancer

Symbol: Spinning and waving tools; spindle and loom

A hard working, patient, thrifty being, who will be only too modest and will that trifle of individual aggressiveness necessary for self-assertion. He will not be kept back by cowardice, but rather by a shy reserve, by an inborn, humble goodness making him put up with an obscure life in which he feels happy. It may take him long to make up his mind as to his own road, but once at it he will draw on all his resources in order to carry his work out to perfection, even in inconspicuous things, and will meet with real success in his own field.

As with all shy people of this kind, he is apt to develop a great eloquence once he has conquered his inhibitions and will then move and stir his listeners all the more, finally overcoming the pent up feeling which made him tongue-tied. As he has an eminent juridical and social sense, he may make a good lawyer and a good political speaker, but will not become a king of the bar or a party leader, as he has not that minimum of charlatanism and intellectual exhibitionism needed. A less noble horoscope might lead the native into a police career, but his natural goodness will make him prefer the offices of the C.I.A. or a detective’s profession, to the direct guardianship of public order.

Symbol: An acrobat performing before a large audience.

Denotes one who comes before the public and whose risky adventures secure him favor. He sees many changes in life, and has a hard struggle at times, but his energy and resourcefulness are great, and his spirits never fail. Great wealth will not fall to the native, but his life will not end for lack of means. It is a symbol of Publicity.

This degree stimulates desire for communication which if not otherwise directed will end up as nothing but gossip and hearsay. The raw material is here for more worthwhile journalistic enterprises if so directed. The degree itself tends to unconventionality and with an influence from Uranus could develop into eccentricities. There is also a liberal amount of self-concern. The native’s first reaction when confronted with accusations resulting from his behavior is to deny everything. He maintains his innocence as long as possible. He may be guilty of libel by making a sensational story out of half-truths. He is also emotionally vulnerable and may become involved in illicit sexual relationships thereby threatening his marriage.

Active Aries, tenth sign from Cancer, makes a dedicated, confident leader of others, perhaps family - carries the load for many, and often has a status lower than they deserve. Quite and maternal, but makes own rules, and due partially to Leo here is loyal and warm, tied to children or the young. Contented but somehow burdened. May be found in a public career, perhaps in law-enforcement or something concerning public order. Dominant in romance.

An iconoclast who finds favor with the public because of his courage. Many changes and reversal come until middle life is passed.

"A young woman in her national costume spins wool in a field near a peaceful village." Humble, patient, and thrifty character. This degree brings about dexterity, fertility, and fulfilled life. One has the ability to bring one's work to a successful conclusion. Although one is unlikely to enjoy fame, one achieves successes which go beyond one's ambitions, and one earns the esteem of one's entourage. There is a danger of accidents caused by a weapon or a working tool.

It indicates one whose heart is full of native goodness, whose hand is set to great work in modest ways, and whose patience, thrift, and true humility will bring his work to perfection. There is very little aggression and no self-assertion in this nature; but, like the valley, it is fruitful in good things because of its lowliness, while surrounding high peaks of the mountains are barren. The native, though never famous, will be always successful, even beyond his ambitions, which are modest but steadfast. It is a degree of CONTENTMENT.

May have several trades or hobbies; usually unconventional, eccentric, or endowed with some picturesque quality; paralysis; gives liability to accidents affecting the feet; palsy; pylorus.

9-10 deg Cancer

Shows likelihood of a public career; a good degree for teachers or mothers; a person able to make his own way; usually domesticated and their world is apt to be bound by home ties; impressionable, with soul power and will power that sometimes lie dormant; gastric fundus.

Honto-loving, artistic and persevering, possessing an inner knowledge of the eternal verities.

Aries and Virgo add to Cancer on this degree. Active, analytical, often rural background, but drawn into more technical careers. Ardent, impulsive, practical and ambitious - good manager, able to make nothing into something, or plan for the future. Careful and cautious, its inner vitality efficiently powers it along, mindful of purpose - a mix of fire, earth and water. Thrifty, adaptable, and flows along in whatever channels capture its imagination, and has the ability to accomplish its goals. Not outwardly romantic, but passion lies below the surface, and it knows what it wants.

A mighty and productive will power, firmness and decision, activity and steadiness. The native will be honest, generous and hard working; he will display a great vitality, both physically and mentally. He seems to be endowed with magnetic force.

Luck will be deserved; his renown will be good. The native, or his undertakings, will give many people work and bread; his own work will thrive and he will reap the fruit thereof in his late years; all this provided that the rest of the pattern does not exclude success. The whole of the horoscope will show which is the pursued aim and on what plane the native’s activity will develop.

A painter at his easel in a graceful forest glade. It is the hour of sunset, and strange shadows of unearthly grandeur are falling.

Denotes one of much perseverance and artistic power, to whom the poetry of form and color appeal most magically. He has a love of quiet, and a rustic life will help to draw to his soul a wealth of inspiration and calm. His search is not for immortality, for this is old knowledge to him. He sees deeply into the imperishable paths, tasting of their everlasting grandeur. It is a symbol of Sublimity.

The N Node of Jupiter occupies this degree and has for some time. Its influence is most noticeable in the legal profession. There seems little of the exaggerated qualities which Jupiter is capable of inspiring. There does seem to be an abundance of very steady and reliable luck which the native makes good use of. Being the N Node it appears to give the best of Jupiter’s qualities. There is a philosophical humility; a recognition and appreciation of one’s good fortune; a lack of aggressiveness but a steady pursuing of the good things in life. This is a very desirable influence to have.

"In a harvested field, under the branches of a big oak, a man smiles as his hands feel the quality of a sheaf of wheat."
Hard-working, flexible, and honest character. One is driven by the willingness to protect the family and outsiders alike. Success is achieved in private undertakings as well as in international affairs aiming at the collective good. Ordeals are courageously coped with and bring about honours and preferment. Should the natal chart concur, there may be an accident or some congenital illness.

It Indicates a steady, strong and reliable nature, which by much industry comes at length to the fruits of its labor, and in the autumn of life will he surrounded by the most grateful evidences of its own energy and perseverance. While sustaining itself it will afford shelter and comfort to others, but among its own kindred and among strangers, so that with integrity and competence there will go honor and esteem to enrich a good old age. It is a degree of FRUITFULNESS.

10-11 deg Cancer

This degree stimulates the growing force of the spirit in material form. There is immense living vitality. This degree touches on the Scorpio dec. of the fruitful sign Cancer. It seems to incorporate the regenerative ability of Scorpio with the growing power of Cancer bringing the blend into a peak of development. It is the most likely degree for the broad-minded humanitarian identification of Cancer to come through. It endows an abundance of strength both mental and physical. The degree contributes to the love of home which branches out to encompass humanity as a whole. The wealth of spirit granted by this degree can be amply rewarded by a happy and fruitful old age which continues its life-giving virtues. There is no suggestion of its influence turning sour.

Symbol: Some very young fishermen, still nearly boys, try to disentangle their boat stranded on a shoal and containing fishing tackle and string instruments for their leisure.

A perennially youthful and unexperienced nature, its main features being artistic temperament, musical talents, bombproof optimism, enthusiastic impulsiveness, carefree merriness and reckless light-mindedness. The character needs guidance, as it is unfit for independent work.

There will be repeated shipwreck. The native’s affairs will slacken often, and he will be left stranded. If very unfavorably aspected elsewhere, a final failure might be expected. In most cases, however, the native will pull himself out of the scrape and begin all over again as if nothing had happened.

There is one thing the native ought never to do, even if he dies to: to sail.

Symbol: A number of maidens, crowned with garlands of wildflowers, dancing on a green lawn.

Denotes one of bright and joyous spirit and friendly nature whose desire it is to spread happiness and contentment wherever he goes. The native will always be much loved and popular. He comes to the world with a message of love, life, and hope, and a mind which resists the encroachments of evil. It is a symbol of Simplicity.

Efficient Virgo combines well with practical Cancer for a hearty, intelligent, considerate degree, but prone to indulging in minor details, skittishness and fussiness’s which brings out impatience in others. Youthful, a feelings for “fine-lines” necessary in art, architecture, or even music or the performing arts where details is important. Easy going and carefree, not good for collecting wealth, but fine for real estate. Luck is not relied upon, but this degree does attract it. Pisces underlying this degree creates a “dreamy romantic”, floating on the clouds idealizing the partner, and stirs the imagination and sense of art. Favors light vocations; not an overly healthy degree.

Impulsive, joyous and friendly, spreading happiness wherever he goes. He sees no evil and is loved an popular.

"A wrecked ship on a beach under a heavy rain."
Ambitious, fanciful, and adventurous character. Undertakings are most likely to be doomed to failure. Decision-making must be based on past experiences so as not to avoid the same old mistakes. One may not have the skills required for an independent occupation. Unless the natal chart indicates otherwise, this degree is a portent of ruin and warns against anything related to the sea and water.

It indicates a person whose affairs in life will come to an unfortunate end, or will be oftentimes totally arrested. The nature is one where ambition is not joined to sufficient experience or discretion; and, in avoiding obvious rocks, is liable to run upon unsuspected sand-banks. Yet through all risks the native will hold together without serious injury to himself, and will somehow always gain a new start in life after each failure. The nature is hopeful and even confident; but not qualified for independent work. If a sailor or traveler, the native will be in danger of shipwreck. This degree is fateful to those on the sea. It is a degree of OBSTRUCTION.

Historical degree; usually artistic, ardent, and impulsive; good manager and good money maker; remarkable memory for anything of special interest to them; gastric veins.

11-12 deg Cancer

History; can work in solitude; degree of retentive memory; usually prudent, bright, and charming; magnetic personality; poison, possibly in working with chemicals; alcoholism; Bright’s disease; cancer; highly occult (the owl, dark subjects, collects owls, night owls); religious; large gastric curvature.

One who is planning for the future and often finds that his plane are rudely shattered. He is often bent but never broken.

Cancer with Virgo giving way to air sign Aquarius creates a peculiar degree - often this combination is a misfit: Cancer duty, Virgo perfection, Aquarius idealism contribute to a distorted visions, negativity, or depressed character. Always working - a serious thinker - or it’s an easy going, quick to jump on the bandwagon type, capable of developing useful skills, services or products, perhaps in construction, engineering , or just plain household work. Somewhat quiet, analytical and not overly ambitious. Serene, dry and capable.

An incurable sadness, a murky character, a taste for mournful and gruesome things. A destructive instinct; a mind bent on criticizing things and itself; always on demolishing, never on building up. There are the worst tendencies-a deep and pent up passion bound to break loose all of a sudden with tragic violence.

The native is far from being sociable; on the contrary, he is cruel and arbitrary. He might be the author or the victim of a crime, as the pattern will show, toward life’s end.

A certain skill in business is not unlikely; joy of work and constructive serenity are present.

Symbol: An avenue of trees bending before a destructive wind-storm, the rich golden leaves of autumn falling thickly.

Denotes one whose thoughts will be directed to securing a competency for himself in old age, and who will labor hard to accomplish his desire. His love of quiet is disturbed and outraged, and he will be shaken by storms as a tree in the wind. Still he fights on in gloom or sunshine, passing madness on the way. It is a symbol of Bending.

This degree contributes a childish optimism and merriment. There may be lack of depth and strength if not indicated otherwise. This influence will contribute a merry heart which sustains the individual for a long distance. He is naive and undeveloped. His impulsiveness and lack of sophistication may lead him into difficulties which he is unable to handle. Nevertheless he seems to be given a number of chances to try again and if the chart grants a minimum of learning ability he may learn by experience. His hope and merry optimism carry him over many obstacles. If he has the encouragement of successful encounters he will go far.

"A caduceus stands between two waxing moons, a small crescent, and a nearly full moon."
Intelligent, serious, and subtle character. One is prone to extreme mood swings which shift quickly from optimism to despair and vice-versa. The waxing moon stands for remarkably good memory and indicates precocious successes in studies. Science, literature, philosophy, the arts, trips and discoveries are very favoured. It is most likely that one keeps on enhancing one's intellectual skills throughout life, and one remains interested in modern improvements even as one ages. Despite a few ordeals, life is successful. If in the natal chart, Mercury is in the 1st House and in conjunction with this degree, it heralds some unexpected reward for one's knowledge.

It denotes one of fatal tendencies, destructive to a degree; inclined to cruelty and oppression. This person will need to hold his passions in strong check or some fatality will surely come upon him. The nature is melancholy and taciturn; yet silently discerning, and capable of keen feelings. “It makes not, but it mars; and with the hollow eyes of death looks back with secret self-condemnation upon its unfruitful work.’ The end of life is tragic. It is a degree of UNDOING.

12-13 deg Cancer

This degree typifies the hard worker who looks forward to retirement and on arrival finds it empty. By force of habit he accustoms himself to the work he seeks to escape and finds in the end it was his only friend even though he found it distasteful. The tragedy is that he finds this out too late. He waits for a retirement he is unprepared for because his only goal was escape. This kind of unrewarding life can lead to other cruelties which can be warped into all kinds of destructive ends. He may never really enter into the fight to reach retirement but spend his energy in avoiding the whole problem. In which case some very destructive qualities could come out. Should he turn to crime, which he could, the life would be spent as a habitual criminal. He is a creature of habit in whatever approach he assumes.

I, who can turn and change in a thousand ways. —Dante, Paradiso, 5,99 ......There is no learning if one does understand, remembers not. -Dante,ibid., 5,42

Science and wisdom. This degree is a lucky blend of taurine, mercurial and lunar features, endowing the mind with the brightest gifts; versatility and sharpness; deep understanding and a retentive memory; passion for learning and modesty in front of science; assimilation and originality; an inborn diplomatic aptitude. There might be peculiar faculties in the most different branches of learning, ranging from medicine to linguistics, from natural to occult sciences. A remarkable craftsmanship. All of which does not exclude a typically taurine nature; before getting one’s work in hand, there is an inner drag to overcome, but once started, the rut thus dug will make the going steady and smooth and will prevent interruption of the effort undertaken.

An unsteady destiny, a mood liable to frequent change, owing to the native’s excessive sensitivity.

In less good horoscopes, the frequent shifting from enthusiasm to depression might reach cyclothymia or dysthymia. The native’s youthful features, although promoting study, might prove harmful to the mind and might let it stray back into childishness.

The family might try to hinder and thwart the native’s ideas or initiative. He seems likely to be destined to travel and change his residence often. His relatives, however, do not seem likely to hinder this.

Symbol: A volcano in active eruption devastating the country for miles around, whilst groups of peasants cling to their little homes.

Denotes one who is born to face danger and to indulge in undertakings of a venturesome nature which yield little profit and entail much trouble. He is rather fixed in his ideas, and may fail to fall in with the views of the majority. Neither will he attempt to escape when the storm is against him. It is a symbol of Pertinacity.

Libra’s influence distinguishes this degree with a pleasant, active character, sharp mind which may lead to educational fields, or into “practical,” mundane areas of business. Determined, soft nature adapts to many vocations; occult or medical. Lacks strength and endurance. The inner split caused by Cancer’s square with Libra makes a slow starter, doubting all or contradictory nature. Open to health woes. Family or other serious responsibility may be burdensome. Mood swings noticeable.

A hazardous degree, indicating one who holds ideas contrary to the majority. Much domestic in harmony.

"Behind shrubberies, a man carries a lamb on his shoulders. A dagger and a chopped head are half-hidden under a nearby rock."
Introverted, melancholic, and irascible character. If intelligence and willpower can overcome instincts of violence, oppression, and cruelty, then one can expect fame, honours, and wealth. If in the natal chart, the Midheaven and well-aspected planets are in conjunction with this degree, it promises a top-level government office. If it is in conjunction with the Ascendant and Mars, it portends a danger of violent death.

It denotes a person of extreme capacity in the pursuit of knowledge, a penetrating mind, and retentive memory; the native will accomplish wonders in the pursuit of the subtile sciences. The temper is changeful like the moon, and subject to fits of hope and despondency of more or less rapid alternation. The native is likely to travel much and to be subject to many changes of fortune. But the chief characteristic is versatility and aptitude in the gaining of knowledge. With the symbol of Hermes dominant the native will either lie a linguist, doctor, or a distinguished scholar. It is a degree of KNOWLEDGE.

Can work in solitude; business ability; aptitude for gaining knowledge; particular about small details; usually easygoing, but has a temper that can change quickly; when rising said to confer great dignity; often associated with dog bites; small gastric curvature.

13-14 deg Cancer

Business ability, music; singleness of purpose; may work with publicity or insurance, math ability; can work in solitude; religion, or lack of it, sometimes plays a part; a person of great emotions; gives great energy; severity, cruelty, or punishment; honor, renown, custodians, guardians, curator; high offices in the government; abdominal walls.

Undaunted by obstacles he rises to a position of prominence in middle life, but is considered willful and stubborn.

Busy, emotional, artistic, apt to rise quickly in status, and attracts a great many love interests. Success in general and good, usually stable marriage. Drawn to arts, opinionated, and with double air influence of Gemini/Libra puts ideas to use, and creates superior works of art.

An inborn nobility, such as to raise a peasant’s son to a higher status on account of his native superiority; a natural sway over others, high feelings, kind manners. The native’s judgment will be right and will be listened to. He will be fond of art and, in art, of the sublime. Though usually smooth mannered, he might become boisterous at times owing to an excessive emotivity.

His mind’s adaptable manifoldness is, so to speak, boundless, and will balk at no practical problem. His favorite sciences are natural history (especially botany) and mathematics (above all, astronomy); among arts, poetry and painting and among crafts, goldsmithy. Whether practicing them or not, the native will become a protector of arts as soon as he can.

A fresh, healthy complexion, possibly doomed to wither early.

The native’s marriage partner should come of a noble family; famous through its old lineage or through artistic achievements or otherwise. Usually there is plenty of luck, but the other components must be recognized.

Symbol: A crab climbing up an upright iron spear, above which is a circlet of seven stars.

Denotes one who, never daunted by obstacles, opposition, and hardship, will rise by his own effort to a position of dignity and importance in his special sphere. Uniting an iron will to stubbornness of purpose, the native proves his worth, and triumphs. It is a symbol of Irrefragability.

This degree is productive of a keen mind with the utmost ability to ferret out intricate patterns. It grants a mind capable of dealing with subtle meanings. The memory is excellent, grasping information quickly and easily, and then retained until the meanings of many otherwise disconnected bits of information fall into place in a coherent manner. Such a mind is capable of being severe or even cruel in getting to the point. A lawyer with this degree prominent would go to extremes to pursue a point, while walking a tight logical line. Religion may play a part in this native’s development. However, any philosophy adhered to by this native would have to be very well supported by solid thinking. He will look not alone for evidence of perfection to the letter but more deeply demands perfection of function. Any subtle weaknesses will be dislodged and questioned. Along with these abilities there is great sensitivity which results in awareness. There are often problems in marriage because of these qualities even when used with compassion he may be felt to be hyper-critical and fault-finding. There is great devotion to home, however the family will not be able to deter him from his path. There is great difficulty in making a start at times. But once a direction has been established he makes remarkable progress, because the difficulties have long since been eliminated. There is an insatiable thirst for knowledge which never slackens from the cradle to the grave.

"A star shines brightly over a bed of flowers and a lamb wearing a crown adorned with a star."
Intelligent, serious, and determined character. One has a keen interest in plants, precious gems and metal, and in all matters related to astronomy and space, including rockets and spaceships. If the family belongs to a high social layer, one perpetuates the tradition and increases the inherited wealth. If of modest origins, one distinguishes oneself through one's work and earns a brilliant reputation. In both cases, one achieves wealth and success, probably owing to a precocious marriage. Travels and education are very favoured. If in the natal chart, the Midheaven is in conjunction with this degree, all the good omens are strengthened. With the Imum Coeli, it heralds dangers linked to water.

It indicates a person of poetical and gentle disposition, fond of sublime subjects and the study of nature in its gentler phases; may be a botanist or astronomer, or one with a strong taste for such associations. In early life this individual will rise to a good position, and if not born into at illustrious family will marry a person of high rank or fame. In all cases the native attains a good position and generally marries early into a family devoted to the fine arts. It is a degree of SUCCESS.

14-15 deg Cancer

This also is a most fortunate degree granting an ability for writing, mathematics or money-making. The native is not likely to be able to use all three of these abilities. He will likely perfect only one. However, he seems to be very resourceful and never at a loss for the help he needs. There may be a love of natural history, botany, astronomy, etc., and possibly the fine arts. The nature is emotional and at times high-strung. He usually enjoys a full measure of luck and all-around success. However, if the interests are too scattered some of them are likely to fail.

Symbol: A coil of rats’ tails in an attic

And Jesus asked him, saying. What is thy name? And he said, Legion; because many devils were entered into him. — Luke 8:30

The native will unaccountably be laden with titles, honors and benefices in spite of his utter worthlessness, as he will be able to hide his slow wits and lack of personal ideas from the world’s gaze under a display of great self-assurance and successful bluff. An uninspiring and unimaginative crammer who never will attain real culture, a jingo rather than a patriot, sophisticatedly shallow and destitute of real personality, an empty ranterer or even a vicious hypocrite, he never will be more than a stooge, ready nevertheless to deliver his void phrases with consequential pompousness and to cloak with hideous priggishness his blunt indifference for anything that does not touch him directly.

A dull and sluggish being, possibly potbellied and anyway unable to move, he will have to make up for his lack of intelligence by having recourse to tricks. His only redeeming virtue will be a watchful and tireless attention paving his way to self-assertion, and a deep attachment to his home.

Symbol: An auctioneer’s hammer lying on a heap of gold money and bank-notes.

Denotes one who acts with craft and sagacity towards his point of attainment and who will ever struggle hard to hold what he gets. His attitude brings material gain, and his methods bring others under his influence. His life will not be without its disappointments, but he is not the man to yield to “set-backs.” His philosophy is self preservation. It is a symbol of Disregarding.

Airy Gemini giving way to watery, deep Scorpio offers success at writing, math and business in general, capable of deep thinking, investigation, and adaptability, and watchful enough to always try to come out on top, although there may be many unforeseen events and circumstances working against this trait. Double water influence is not visually attractive, but makes up for that with sexuality and persistence, and some underhanded tricks now and then. Sometimes questionable means. Could benefit being less self-serving and insatiable.

One who finds his greatest happiness in guiding others firmly but kindly. Work is his salvation.

"Under a canopy, a dog asleep and a rat on the alert lie on a throne."
Lazy, petty, and nasty character loathing effort. Despite a complete lack of skills, important positions are obtained through low cunning, manipulations, and palace intrigues. This degree often describes a charlatan who conceals his slyness and his meanness under apparent indifference and quietness.

It indicates a person of idle habits, to whom hard work and care are foreign and distasteful; but who will, whether by watchfulness, force or strategy, attain to a good position and hold offices for which he is not by nature qualified. It frequently produces a mere charlatan; or one who hides under a passive and indifferent exterior a vicious and spiteful nature. It is a degree of USURPATION.

Business ability; music; singleness of purpose; may work with publicity or insurance; math ability; can work in solitude; religion; or lack of it, sometimes plays a part; a person of great emotions; gives great energy; severity, cruelty or punishment; honor, renown, custodians, guardians, curators; high offices in the government; abdominal walls.

15-16 deg Cancer

Business; music; good at mathematics, writing, or making money; a fortunate degree; taciturn; blindness or defective eyesight; gastric nerves.

One who will be entrusted with a high mission if he will follow inner guidance. He is gifted as a designer and can fallow the plan of another.

The Scorpio degree of Cancer, good at planning, scheming and manipulating, whether for good or evil. A diplomat, always ready to move a head, but also attracting dangerous or underhanded persons who may pose problems and bring losses. When there is triumphs over these adversaries, there are rewards. Courageous and intelligent, it understands the ins and outs of power and positions, and makes its own way.

Symbol: An eagle holding a snake in its claws.

This degree will grant courage, toughness, ready wit, inner and outer strength, a scheming and adroit mind, an intelligence that does not exclude cunning; in a word, all the makings of a great captain and the requirements for engaging in a successful battle. These traits will be enhanced by courteous manners, great tact and a good deal of tactical ability.

The native’s foes will be his matches as far as gallantry and doggedness in fight goes, but will be unworthy of him for their unfairness and wickedness. A clue as to whether he will leave the battlefield as a conqueror or a loser may be drawn from his horoscope at large. But even in the latter case, his enemies will not be able to make him bite the dust.

Symbol: A young man standing on the top of a high mountain, the world stretched out below him, grasping a sword which comes from the heavens to his hand.

Denotes one who is entrusted with a high mission and who is deeply inspired, having a spirituality entirely serene. To him has the mandate “Co forth and teach the people” been echoed from the heavens. He will be granted power and influence, so that the people will hear him call. The evidences of this peculiar mission are made manifest in his twelfth year and mature between the twenty-fourth and thirty-sixth years. It is the symbol of the Inspired.

The natives of this degree are centered around money one way or another. There is obviously some mathematical ability also. The degree seems easier to misuse than to use constructively. There is a strong tendency for these natives to obtain meaningless titles and thereby create an aura of success which may develop into a responsible position. Obtaining such positions does not thereby assure his success as a person. Neither does it deny that he will mature into a noble and upright citizen. If he enters into a field which he finds inspiring it may prove to be his salvation.

"A man who could be Samson pulls down the pillars of the Temple, a dead lion at his feet. A few steps below, a hedgehog rests its paw on a dead snake."
Noble, righteous, and helpful character. Ordeals and obstacles are numerous and varied, but easily overcome. However, gentle manners must not to be mistaken for weakness because one is endowed with great physical, intellectual, and moral strength. People would be well-advised not to try and pick a quarrel with this person.

It indicates a person of much tenacity and strength of purpose; who by dint of extreme power, whether physical or mental, will overcome his greatest and most terrible enemies. The native will have much to contend with in life, and will encounter many dangers; but, as indicated, will finally overcome them. Together with this native strength, there may be blended a softness and gentleness of manner, which may induce others to attempt an advantage over him; but those Philistine who may have this Samson out (shorn and eyeless though he be) to make sport with him will rue the day. It is a degree of CONQUEST.

16-17 deg Cancer

This degree in the Scorpio dec. of Cancer partakes greatly of those qualities. There is inexhaustible courage and strength with the backing of tremendous capacities. The intelligence is far beyond normal. The native squares his facts as he goes along checking everything out almost automatically, as though he had the mind of a computer. Perhaps this is the key to his success. If our minds were cleared of the misinformation we hold for emotional reasons we would all think more logically. This native does not suffer from lack of those emotional qualities -soften the hard logic of science. Most of the natives of this degree attract problems in keeping with their abilities and find that they must make use of all the ability they have to hold their own in what they find to be a hostile world. They seem to hold to a moral standard of chivalry and seldom if ever yield to the unfair treachery with which they meet. You can be sure that these natives will win out over the battles of life. There may be a softness about them to cause their opponents to misjudge their overall strength. But in true Scorpio fashion this native is not to be cut down. If and when he goes he is sure to take his opponent with him. He is vulnerable only when he slips from his infallible plumb line of conscience by which he judges right from wrong within himself. If he slips from his own moral code he, like Samson, will go down with his opponent; still, he does not go down alone.

An apparently contradictory influence, as it seems to beget on one hand people in whose veins water runs instead of blood, and on the other, the sturdy leaders of the human herd.

The key to this riddle is to be sought in this degree’s feature of extreme jumpiness; whatever amount of energy has fallen to the native’s share, it will be of an entirely nervous character, and will lead him on by leaps and bounds. Therefore, a close study is to be made of the planets ruling the nerves (Mercury, Uranus and Lilith) in connection with the ones ruling will power (Sun, Mars and Pluto).

Whether the character is weak or strong, there is no room for prejudice or superstition. The intelligence is deep, lively, original, though discontinuous; there is great executive ability and a high education. If favorably aspected, the native might become an explorer, a pioneer, a political or religious reformer, never an impassive or a phlegmatic being. Provided that Jupiter does not stop him, he will go very far.

A band of merchants on camels traveling through the wilderness.

Denotes a lover of traveling whose leanings are towards a nomadic life. He is, however, keenly alive to the necessity of material work, and he traffics in stuffs the sale of which is not confined to any one district or country. He will accumulate by or through merchandise, exporting and importing, or through things of universal demand. Sometimes indiscreet, sometimes hasty, the native is always self-possessed. It is a symbol of Exchanging.

Suffers from the self-destructive, ambitious marks of Aries and Scorpio, both ruled by Mars, and contrary to Cancer’s beneficial influences. If the negative influences is softened by time, experiences, or other factors shown in the horoscope, it can gain strength and fit better into the world. May find a place as an explorer, researcher, pioneer, or in religious sciences - anywhere perseverance, enthusiasm and “will” may be exercised. Nervous temperament, suspicious, jealous, harsh, ready to retaliate. Love may be rocky and vocational enterprises ready to fail, but hopefully, age and experience will strengthen it.

A traveler who should introduce nation to nation through its industries. He is self-possessed, versatile and a student of human nature.

"Dazzling flashes of lightning streak the sky at night."
Nervous, sensual, and passionate character. One is endowed with excellent pioneering and leadership skills. One achieves outstanding success in one's country and abroad. Careers in science, the arts, or religion are very favoured, as well as efforts to carry out reforms. Excessive compassion may prompt to show generosity towards people who do not deserve it.

It indicates a person of extreme nervous energy and force of character, who, by reason of his executive abil1ty and great fund of energy, will take a leading part in the affairs of his community. The native of this sign will, among other things, be a great reformer. He will clear doubts as lightning rends the clouds, and will, while overturning much of existing belief, become a source of Illumination to many. It is a degree of PIONEERING.

Business; degree of duty; a person of great energy; a student of humanity; sometimes a touch of melancholy; affliction may denote scheming and dishonesty; opening of pancreas.

17-18 deg Cancer

Opportunities or accomplishments are sometimes limited; may denote for women asceticism or lack of chastity; the common duct.

One who travels in search of material wealth, In earlier life friends are valued to the extend that they contribute to his success.

Early-rising or late-night reveler, this Sagittarian/Cancer degree will be forever active, forceful, dynamic, and pleasure seeking. Similar to other fire-water combinations, it experiences fewer successes in career and romance, or is caught by limiting circumstance or the wrong associations, or personal mistakes and misconceptions, or other errors brought on by the rush of the moment, the insistence of others, or the wrong reasons.

The subject is weak with himself, has unhealthy tastes and an unbalanced will; he is cowardly and overbearing, shy and foolhardy, intrusive and lazy. His whole life is aimed at pleasure; he loves gambling most. When his money and vigor run low, or when he is sated and disappointed with life and has exhausted all other ways to enjoy himself, he will seal his own ruin by taking to booze and dope. Should other factors concur, his likely pitfalls will be sharpening, misuse of trust, embezzlement, theft, rape, corruption of minors, and homosexuality. Should the stars portend mental deficiency as well, the native could even stoop to murder. (Criminology teaches that stupid thieves kill and clever ones steal without attempting to take their victims’ lives.)

Symbol: A hand grasping gold pieces, some of which are falling through the fingers.

Denotes one who is disposed to place too much value on material things, esteeming them as philosophy and learning, one who will make his days pay him, and who seeks to gain the wealth of the world by all legitimate means. His nature is somewhat hard; he regards his best friends, the friends of his pocket, hence does not know his truest friends at all. He will continue thus to the end of his earth days, when, as the Talmud has it, all that he has gained slips through his fingers. It is a symbol of Materialism.

This degree is indicative of a great amount of unstable nervous energy, coupled with considerable mental ability. If Uranus is strong in the chart we might expect much lightening-like insight piercing through propaganda. This insight however, would not be likely to be steady and sure. There is a desire for travel in this degree, which is inconsistent with Cancer generally. This desire would be furthered if it were stimulated as a third or ninth house influence. The native is sometimes limited either by his desire to travel or by his love of home. Whether weak or strong, he is not gullible or superstitious. He has clear bits of insight. The problem occurs when he puts them together and he may draw wrong conclusions still based on fact.

"A man and two women gamble in a lavishly furnished room decorated with exotic flowers."
Reckless, extravagant, and coward character. One is unable to manage one's destiny properly because one is only concerned with superficial pleasures and external appearances. The lavish lifestyle one enjoys is beyond one's means and may bring about big financial losses. Should the natal chart concur, there is a danger of poisoning through gas, chemical substances, and narcotics.

It Indicates a person of extreme frailty of character, unable to hold his own in the broad fields of life, and very timorous of exposure to the keen winds of criticism. One who will live in luxury even when of small means; a person with very little mettle, fond of pleasures and of fictitious stimulants. The native will eventually fall on evil days. It is a degree of SATIETY.

18-19 deg Cancer

There is little evidence of anyone being helped much by this degree. When people have several of these negative degrees prominent in their charts and still seem to be living fairly constructive lives I am inclined to feel that they deserve more credit than they usually receive. In most cases this degree has contributed only to frustration. There is little concern for private property. Anything he can possess is his. Actually this is the way the United States claimed the land of this country. They discovered it. The Indian inhabitants made no difference. This native is extremely self-centered, weak in will power to control his passions and desires. He exerts his energy to obtain anything he believes will give him pleasure and finds little satisfaction in anything he seeks. It often leads to crime.

Symbol: A renaissance gentleman, sword and dagger at his side, plays the flute before a book-stand on which an ancient illuminated score rests. Other courtiers stand respectfully around.

Gallantry in war, civil courage, a great passion and gift for art, a taste for polemics. The native will be capable of profound thought, will love books and research and will hold, for all his refinement, a marked sway over others. His is a terribly difficult character. He will be apt to fly off the handle for a trifle; he will be very kind when not roused, but will frighten everyone when angered. Should the horoscope bear evil influences, his artistic gifts would degenerate into histrionics, his gallantry into quarrelsomeness, his spirit of research into fruitless bookishness.

Great as the genius bestowed by this degree may be, it does neither give nor deny a creative turn of mind by itself; it only secures success in rendering and performing other people’s works (as a dramatic actor, an opera singer, an orchestra player or conductor). That he may work creatively himself, he needs other stars to determine in what particular art, or other trade, his talent or genius may take concrete shape.

The parents might be of illustrious descent, even if they do not display their title officially.

Symbol: An old man sitting alone in semi-darkness with an old book before him, from which emanate bright rays of light.

Denotes one whose whole life is devoted to finding out truth which gives him certainty beyond mere belief. He will never be daunted in his search, no matter how the storms drive round him. As the All-Divine Designer of the Grand Design draws his earth days to a close, he sees Darling of his pilgrimage face to face, and seeing knows. It is a symbol of Essentials.

Leo’s Warmth here benefits this degree, as it follows as the second sign to Cancer, offering many talents, cooperation, resources and romance. Gallant, passionate, patriotic, loyal, conforming and tied to family. Fair to others. Love history, collecting, oratory and possesses distinguished appearance. Noble, self-willed, perhaps pompous and protective, a crusader, and always active. Must arrange priorities, set goals.

Resentful of control but ever seeking truth and tireless in the completion of self-imposed tasks.

"A man and two women gamble in a lavishly furnished room decorated with exotic flowers."
Reckless, extravagant, and coward character. One is unable to manage one's destiny properly because one is only concerned with superficial pleasures and external appearances. The lavish lifestyle one enjoys is beyond one's means and may bring about big financial losses. Should the natal chart concur, there is a danger of poisoning through gas, chemical substances, and narcotics.

It denotes a person of noble aspirations and refined tastes. One whose family is connected with the musical or military worlds, and who will have tastes in one or the other direction. In either he will show much aptitude, but in music the executive powers will transcend the ability to compose. As an interpreter of others works he would shine. In the character there is a peculiar admixture of gentleness and irritability, of playfulness and gravity, which will render the native difficult to deal with. It is a degree of EXECUTION.

A powerful degree; violence, malevolence and destructiveness; connected with chemicals, poisons or gas head of pancreas.

19-20 deg Cancer

Politically inclined; often gives artistic talent; makes his own rules; “a harp”; occultism or misfortune; a good degree unless afflicted; afflicting Sun, Moon, or Ascendant often causes some physical deformity; violence; sudden fame; honors, followed by disgrace or imprisonment; rising - weakness and sometimes injuries to the face; industrious; receptive to and much interest in, or connected with, music or military service; upper arterial bend.

Fortunate in most undertakings, inclined to be sensuous. He travels in search of experience to the extent of his means.

Cancer/Leo’s brilliance is darkened, condensed, and diminished by Capricorn, adding a serious or depressed tone, perhaps poor health, environment or family. Whatever, it will not be an easy life, and some unpopular decisions will have to be made between security and career. Will learn much, or teach, but will show wear over the years.

Symbol: A watchdog slumbering at the entrance of an old palace

“Masters is what dogs have” popular Italian proverb

The native never will be in want of either a piece of bread or of a roof. Though poor, he has, all considered, an easy life of it. His days are spent in blissful idleness. An easy life, not a dignified one. He cannot even think of being independent; as soon as the old master has gone, he will look for a new one. When kicked, he will whine like a coward and will think nothing of kissing the hands that enslave him.

I think he cannot lead an independent life because nothing weighs so heavily on his shoulders as a personal responsibility or thinking with his own head. Should the master allow him a minimum of authority over others, he will misuse it or at least make a display of it in front of those less well- dressed.

A lustful and lazy being, of ready wit and watchful character, he wants to be left in peace-that is, in idleness-and does not bear anyone other than his master daring to prod him in the ribs to rouse him from his slumber (“Do not rouse a sleeping dog” —Italian proverb.)

For his master he has a faithful attachment which is both base and heroic, despicable and moving. A thorough craven, he will boast of his master’s valiant deeds; in his own utter poverty, he will brag of his master’s wealth.

The native is hale and hearty, though no great friend of water and soap.

Though he is financially poor, as we said, this poverty is at times the result of an heritage too costly for his income, which it would be wise to waive, though none would dare advise him to do so. A bastard (or a degenerate) scion of a very old lineage, he would die rather than forget it.

What has been said till now about the native’s despicable nature ought not to deceive us as to the real, indisputable usefulness of his task. As long as mankind stays what it is, policemen, customs officers, sextons, career soldiers, jail wardens, harlots, are all necessary evils. The frontier needs watchdogs, justice needs bloodhounds, and the male needs the female.

Symbol: A wounded Bedouin mounted on his horse in the desert.

Denotes one of unsettled tendencies with a strong desire for freedom and liberty of movement who, brave, daring, and adventurous, is ever restless if held to one place for long. He is not well fitted for ordinary life, as his employment changes so much, and some of these changes will be sudden. His nature is willful, erratic, impulsive, and his body is marked naturally or by accident. It is a symbol of Liberty.

Pluto’s N Node is well established here. There is also a fixed star here said to have a similar influence to Mercury. This degree grants the combined growing power of Cancer and Pluto. The native is usually oriented to education either public or private. Pluto was near or on this degree at the time of its discovery and is associated with the development of Atomic Energy. The influence of Mercury here is interested in knowledge for knowledge’s sake. These natives exert much energy pursuing subjects simply for their own amusement or enlightenment. They seem better able to execute a plan made by others than to create a plan of their own. They set their own goals and are devoted to self-imposed work. A strong destiny course is felt here as is also the case with Pluto on the Ascendant. The native’s life may suffer unforeseen upheavals and valleys following a course much like the path of a river. There are tremendous forces for growing, change stimulated for all humanity. The real essence here is new and uncharted. However, we may find some hints to form good guesses. People with planets here are very resentful of controls. Here again, this may be due to an awareness of higher controls or a higher authority. The message may be garbled and difficult to understand in translation. But people with planets here seem to be reaching for something they are dedicated to. They are not driven by the ordinary pressures which drive other people. They will not be corralled by the usual things most people seek. They also become very resentful when pressed for an explanation of what it is that motivates them unless they already have a well-formulated answer. Whatever is going on is deep within them and they will protect it with all the ferocity of an eagle protecting its nest.

"A man wearing a livery rides a thoroughbred horse."

Devoted, intelligent, and honest character. Success is more likely to be experienced in ordinary occupations than in prominent jobs. This degree is good for careers in primary education or in priesthood.

It indicates a person of general aptitude, quick perception, steady mind and able body, who, in some secondary place, will serve the cause of truth: may be as a teacher, or as a priest, or one connected with the Church. Success in life is shown, but not pre- eminence. The life, while useful, will be obscure. It is a degree of SERVICE.

20-21 deg Cancer

This degree binds the native tightly to his home ground. This degree begins the Pisces Dec. of Cancer and as such seems to incorporate some of that influence of self-sacrifice, rarely anything beyond that. There is a feeling of enslavement, and a need to be enslaved as though the individual knows no limits when free. There is great devotion to his bonds which are usually his home circle. He will stoop to any level in the protection of what binds him. He does not judge what those in his home circle do, where ever he defines this line. He only defends, usually very inadequately, with more threat than explanation. “His is not to reason why. His is but to do or die.” He serves and defends what he considers to be his home limits, not so much what he owns but what he feels owns him. This degree also affects the eyes.

A sociable disposition, perhaps not free from inquisitiveness. The native’s mental makeup is supple and fit for scientific research, if it were not for its jumpiness, its unsteadiness, and its scarce faith in success. There is a marked ambition, but success depends on other factors; should these offset the subject’s fickleness, he could exert some authority over others. But even in the exercise of this authority, his mind will trifle its power away and luck will not become more constant, nay perhaps it will prove treacherous.

What is certain is the native’s love of travel, a veritable craze for journeys, which, however, may prove far from lucky.

Symbol: A man having jumped over a fence falls into a ditch on the other side of it.

Denotes one who is over venturesome and liable to fall into grave mistakes and errors. He should be exceedingly careful of his conduct and endeavor by strength of will to moderate an impulsiveness which if allowed to grow will bring into form all the threatenings of this peculiar degree. Self- mastery and the forcing of self to obey the power of his spirit should be his chief care in life. It is a symbol of Hastiness.

Capricorn’s earthiness and opposite to Cancer hands down many of the heavy responsibilities and

challenges of the 19-20th degree, but is less drawn to the public fields and is more self-concerned. Inclined to private studies and less competitive careers. An “authority” who authors its own destiny - luck is variable; there’s health or family problems. Good things come from industriousness, practicality and taking advantage of opportunity, often at others’ decline. Intuitive degree. Relies on education; orderly, knowledgeable and reserved enough not to become unglued in the face of the worst adversities. Health is a factor.

A free lance in the field of literature. Must cultivate moderation and caution.

"A waning moon glimmers amid the clouds over the ocean and a ship in distress." Intelligent, fickle, and fidgety character. One undertakes too many things at the same time and, in most cases, one succeeds in none. Journeys on water and across the seas may result in big losses. Stability and perseverance are a must. It is indispensable to carefully plan one's projects before implementing them. Otherwise, wishful thinking prevails, and one goes from one failure to another.

It indicates a person of roving, unsettled habits, whose ill-fortune will lead him to many pursuits in quest of wealth, but who eventually will be badly placed, and with little hope of improvement. It indicates that the native will have much aptitude and versatility, but not much perseverance or hopefulness, and this continually, passing from one bad thing to something worse, instead of improving that which he bolds. It is a degree of INSTABILITY.

A brilliant mind with aptitude for many things; degree of limitation and hindrance; one with this is often right but at variance with those in power; may gain fame or notoriety; often acts on impulse, but his family may be a stabilizing influence; threatens difficulty though literary work; accidents, blows, stabs; lower arterial bend.

21-22 deg Cancer

Music, people who come up from lowly beginnings; gift of healing; idealism taking one of three courses; poetry, love and care of mother, or giving his life for his homeland, gastric muscosa.

A strong attachment for mother often after leaving home. Fluent of speech. May rise to power but maintains position with difficulty.

Common being, often drawn to lowly associations due to humanistic Gemini/Aquarius. Talkative, mobile, city dweller. Active home filled with friends rather than relatives. Quick mentality, ready to fight to force agreement, usually on the topic of the moment. Sociability does not guarantee success, and this eccentric degree should develop worth by being more goal, health, and image conscious to gain the respect and cooperation of others.

Symbol: A hothouse for exotic flowers.

A haughty, fussy, dazzlingly showy, vain and lustful being, this native will incline toward a fantastic mood, driving her wayward refinement to the verge of morbid freakishness. She is inclined to strain at a gnat and to swallow a camel, this crotchetiness being perhaps due to an intensely artificial upbringing. Where other factors bear it out, the native’s life might end painfully or tragically, and a pall of gloom might set upon those forced to live in the enervating, stifling air this being spreads around herself.

There is a great fondness of one’s home. An interesting detail is love of perfume. The native might unconsciously absorb other people’s vitality (what Indians call prana).

Symbol: A jeweled crown falling from a height into mud.

Denotes one whose life will have a powerful influence on the people—one who rises to power through no special virtue of his own and who as a consequence of a false education and evil impressions uses his influence badly, going down to a hopeless grave. It is a symbol of Extinction.

This degree has an unstable effect which may take anyone of several directions or just end up going nowhere. There is an effect of some kind on the eyes. Here again it may be beneficial or destructive. There may be a rebellious nature which results in a spiritual awakening, or it may dead end. More than rebellious, the native seems to float or drift either from one thing to another or within the confines of a more defined area. He may work independently, contracting one short term job after another. There is a strong desire for freedom and he may even be choosey about which jobs he will take and which he won’t do even if he needs the job very badly. He may even be indecisive and judge one situation by a different set of standards than another. If he were able to incorporate his varied experience into one direction he might obtain a very highly respected position.

"A man stands on top of a mountain with a commanding staff in his hand, his face ablaze with the setting sun."
Ambitious, enduring, and radiant character. Owing to one's exceptional intelligence and physical strength, one can accomplish sporting feats. One is attracted to adventures and interested in the natural laws which rule such topics as waves or astronomy. At the height of one's career, when one least expects it, one may be toppled from one's position. Despite numerous ordeals, one always gets out of bad situations thanks to one's own merits, and one achieves success, fame, honours, and wealth. Mid-life is a period when one may experience sudden threats through water such as floods or drowning. Therefore, one must avoid foolhardiness. Old age is happy.

It denotes an unsuccessful person, whose indolence, lack of interest and energy, will prove the source of much misfortune. Yet the middle of his life will be bright and happy; only dreaming when he when he should be working, he will go to a sorry home in the evening of his life. It is a degree of INDOLENCE.

22-23 deg Cancer

Saturn’s N Node has occupied this degree since about 1945. The degree itself is very soft and undirected and the Node here seems to result in striking fear into the hearts of these natives. What Saturn is attempting to teach here is “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” However the message which seems to be coming through these people is “better not to try than to try and fail.” In a very strong chart we may see some evidence of the benefit to be gained here. However, this degree of itself seems not to grant the strength to cope with Saturn’s influence. Most of these natives are afraid to venture away from home and mother. He will follow the direction of someone else and then complain that it was not his idea in the first place; not that he had an idea to start with anyway. He will not test his own judgment unless it is a sink or swim situation. The longer he waits to take a step on his own the more fearful and panicky he becomes. In the meantime he finds fault with everything that goes on around him and generally makes life miserable for those forced to be around him. In extreme cases he will sap the vitality of others, by wearing them down or in a more psychic sense by absorbing what the Indian mystics refer to as “prana” or “life force.”

An inborn drive to rise higher and higher, to step aside from the beaten track and to follow new, untried paths. Other pointers have to show whether this impulsiveness will stray into fitful unbridledness, rudeness or brutality, or open its way upward into selfless dedication to an idea. The need to soar may be taken in a literal (mountaineering, aviation), financial or spiritual sense.

In any case, the danger of tumbling on the way is attendant upon this degree, as well as a manly daring and the chance of overcoming all obstacles at the end of’ the road, thus victoriously winding up the climb to the peak of glory or, in an humbler way, the scaling of a still untrodden mountain top.

The whole of the pattern will give a clue to the particular case. Anyway, the native is no common being, as he seems to dispose of always fresh energies and exceptional gifts; but he is unsteady and, at times, too rash. Great is his love of nature, irresistible his need to wander and open up unexplored territories.

In a humble horoscope, he will be an alpine guide; when the necessary scientific features are present, he might become a great explorer. According to seer Charubel, this degree rules over work connected with catering for the public and produces innkeepers, managers of restaurants, or butchers; which I am quoting here under his responsibility. I personally think that an uncommon gift of gab has fallen to the native’s share, enabling him to shine as a teacher.

Symbol: Fishermen pulling in their nets in calm weather.

Denotes one whose business in life is uncertain in its results, but who can calmly go on, contented to take whatever fate sends his way. He is gifted with mediumistic power and his impressions enable him to make but few mistakes in his affairs. It is a symbol of Peacefulness.

Most Aquarian degree of Cancer - high ideals and desires, often finds way into scientific fields. Original thinker capable of new, practical ideas and criticisms, also the ability to unselfishly see them become realities. Must develop a “life’s path” or risk being a wanderer or victim of the times. Interest in metaphysics; good for astrology. Makes a good explorer, companion or guide in natural or spiritual pursuits. Lavishes its Cancerian gifts on the public - possibly as a teacher, nutritionist, inspector, or expeditor in the food industry or mass media.

Very impressionable, peace-loving, generous. Successful when he ventures alone.

"A man sleeps in a field, in broad daylight, near another man who yawns and stretches himself, while two marauders steal their working tools."
Carefree, neglectful, and lazy character. Nevertheless, owing to sheer good luck, brilliant success and happiness are achieved around mid-life. One must then put up every effort in order to make them last, because otherwise, one is most likely to end up in poverty and loneliness.

It indicates a person of aspiring tendencies, fond of adventure and doing hardy things. In some respects a unique character and, may be, a striking personality. One who, by some effort of his own, will attract attention in the latter years of his life, not by any learning or invention, but by prowess or the use of his natural powers. The native may show a strong tendency to mountaineering or to geographical discovery, and will be a great pedestrian. He will be in great danger during the middle of his career, and will eventually triumph over obstacles, and avoiding dangers will terminate his life extremely well. It is a degree of ELEVATION.

A gift of healing; art medical fields; music; astrologers (cherishes the old); a striking personality; benefits through enterprise and dealing with the public; fond of adventure and doing hardy things; connected with poisons; the art of self-defense; subtle, crafty, rash, cruel; if rising; eye weakness, sometimes blindness; injuries to face; wounds or imprisonment; culminating; honor and preferment followed by disgrace; well aspected; expectations are often fulfilled; a unique character; gastric blood vessels.

23-24 deg Cancer

Music; denotes the seer; a charming person who may use his gifts for a good cause; a good critical writer; he can blend truth with imagination to make his works interesting; literature; has the audacity to be different; gastric ulcer; blood vessels.

Caters to the public either through literature, art or to there material needs. Very studious and a clever satirist.

Libra with Aquarius bestows social abilities, which may or may not prove beneficial - Libra squares Cancer. Retiring, passive, lazy with liking for art and the easy life, relies on charm and appearance. But, it’s far-sighted, noble and utilitarian, perhaps too lofty and attracted to useless socializing and scandal. Others are jealous of this bright degree, and the delicate scale of universal balance points to many enemies who can easily brush aside this Libra/Cancer’s charms, false-harmony, and leave them to waste away with neither fame or fortune.

Symbol: On a mountain peak, a fortress-like cloister, whose abbot is engrossed with the neighboring region.

The native’s soaring ambition is fanned by great qualities and as great failings; it takes but little help by other astrologic factors to have that ambition satisfied even beyond expectations. This degree grants ,an inborn prestige, admirable courage and untiring industriousness, but a snake-like hypocrisy as well, a tendency to cool-blooded, ruthless scheming, a mean way of cowering and cringing until the desired aim and the attending distinctions are in sight.

Such vices are hard to sublimate into virtues. The native’s religious spirit would offer a chance, although exactly the contrary-namely, perversion of that outer intolerant and hypocritical formalism-might be expected. But the importance of the other factors and their marshalling, can never be overstressed.

There will be no lack of enemies, whom the native will not fear. He may instead go out of his own way to bargain with them, if this can lift him but one step higher. As soon as he has the whole flight of steps behind himself, he will have them all under his heels and will rule over them all as a tyrant.

Symbol: A graceful dancer smilingly receiving applause and floral tributes.

Denotes one of charming manners and graceful style, poetic and artistic, who will be a general favorite. He is fortunate in an artistic or professional career or any calling which brings him in direct touch with the public. The infant life is threatened and should be guarded. It is a symbol of Pleasing.

Saturn’s N Node was on this degree prior to 1945. The influence native to this degree is one of aspiration and climbing whether a mountain in the literal sense, or just progressing. In which case the influence of having Saturn’s Node here is one of making sure that the steps were well-placed. Since there is an equal danger of falling, any missteps made here are felt, often before one has a chance to build to far beyond that point. This degree is reputed to have much success, which could be attributed to the necessity for building without weaknesses inherent in the structure. Saturn’s influence here seems to check out each step as the native progresses.

"On the rampart of a fortified castle, a flag flutters in the wind. Further down in the field, horses snort playfully."
Noble, persevering, and ambitious character. Obstacles and enmities are overcome with ease and panache. Success, fame, and wealth are the rewards of one's undertakings and hard work. All activities related to horses are very favoured.

It denotes a strong, masterly character of great endurance, stability and daring; ambitious of honor and capable of withstanding his enemies while achieving greatness and fame for himself. It is a degree of MASTERY.

24-25 deg Cancer

The native here is concerned with mastery, usually mastery over others without first having gained mastery of himself. This degree grants much ability to overcome all obstacles as well as other people. In most cases there is too little compassion and straight forward honesty. The native seems prone to gain by any means, fair or foul. He is independent and extremely determined to reach the top of his goal. He has been considered successful in the past when he gained mastery over all he surveyed.

Today it is necessary for him to incorporate some of the advancement of society in the art of give and take to find the recognition he craves. Much depends on his circle of friends and what is demanded of him. In a sense, this degree speaks for what those around him demand. He can and will incorporate the qualities necessary to maintain his position. The rest of the chart will also point the natural direction to which this native may be oriented. If he is unable to obtain the recognition he desires in the direction he wishes to go he will go in the direction his environment demands.

Symbol: A wild horse

The strongest man is the one who stands most alone. Ibsen, An Enemy of the People

A high-spirited being, full of noble purposes and setting his aims high, cherishing freedom above all earthly things and driving this love so far as to stray away from his kind into silence and seclusion. If other stars help, this will not prevent his doing great works likely to exert a deep influence on his neighbors and to leave a mark in history. The secret of his success is his unshakable self-confidence supported by a fiery will.

Under less favorable influences his daring may become a reckless love of adventure, his zest for work wild and fickle fanaticism, his lofty aspirations selfish ambitions.

Travel will play some role in his life. Concurrent emergence of suitable factors might make him into a pioneer.

Symbol: The setting Sun reflected from the sea in such a manner that the reflected rays interlace with the solar rags.

Denotes a psychic readily absorbing the thoughts and suggestions of others. He should never permit himself to be hypnotized nor entranced, nor give way to negative states of mind or lowering thoughts. He must absorb noble teachings and eschew unworthy ones. Then as he reaches the latter part of his earth life glories will stream from his soul to unite with the lights of the heaven of aspiration. It is a symbol of Impressions.

Dreamy, faithful, romantic degree due to Pisces appearance hear, and Libra sociability and friendliness - pleasure-oriented, high-spirited, gullible, but presumptuous goals. Like a wild horse. Prefers to marry well and travel in artistic social circles.

A psychic who absorbs the thoughts of others. Should study an exact science as such training in early life will attract towards him the Great Ones.

“A man with a rifle slung over the shoulder rides a horse across a desert towards an oasis."
Independent, imaginative, and rebellious character. The rifle symbolises physical strength but also psychological qualities. One has the ability to implement projects by oneself, and one is driven by the certainty that the criticisms underwent at the outset will turn into praises once success is achieved. Everything related to innovation or discoveries, foreign commerce, and exotic trade are very favoured. Speculations in foodstuff are lucrative. Estrangement from the family is possible.

It indicates a person of much independence of spirit, self-willed and daring. Such is capable of carrying out designs conceived by himself without the aid or companionship of others. He may be a pioneer; it is certain he is venturesome and self- reliant; and where such qualities may have influence, he will succeed and be singular in honor as in action. The native will be somewhat estranged from his kindred; taciturn and self- contained; but will make his mark in some field of work requiring independence of spirit, courage and perseverance. It is a degree of SELFRELIANCE.

Literature; gift of healing; musical ability; art; denotes the seer; a degree of “darkness”; independent; capable of carrying out his own ideas; fired with great aspirations, his influence will be felt in far places; afflictions threaten trouble with and danger through liquids, water, gas, poisons or dog bites; rising; said to inspire admiration for the canine species; proud and easily angered; petulant; duodenal ulcer; digestive organs.

25-26 deg Cancer

Scientific interests; a writing degree; patient, analytical, mystical, or aesthetic; his path is eccentric and his rise sometimes meteoric; probably controls some glandular function; sudden preferment, the result of individual exertion, yet eventually the activity it promises brings sudden misfortune; mammary glands.

Industrious, persevering, possessing that faith that success will crown his efforts. Orderly.

Strong Pisces influence which rules this middle degree of the third Cancer decant, has a hereditary advantage due in part to Leo, and is able to flow with the current of the times, becoming a part of new and exciting happenings and vocations. Can follow a drifting course, often landing happily in some interesting port. There is a good taste, but often a tendency to overlook practical consideration and time schedules. Cancer cannot afford to do that, and is encouraged to make a secure place in the chosen vocation - high risk and dangerous ones may prove unsuccessful and costly. Fertile sign many children, and possibly a communal home life, perhaps religious or unusual.

A fickle, inconsequent or shilly-shallying character, a shifty destiny, foreboding pitfalls. This native’s conflicting features will be a soaring mind and an eager lustfulness; religiousness and recklessness; a bright mentality adorned with good taste and dialectic drive, at a loss in front of the practical problems of everyday life. The native is blessed by a sincere good heartedness, a poetical turn of mind and a generosity bordering on lavishness.

The tumbles that destiny has in store for the native might affect his financial life (bankruptcy) as well as his health (bodily falls). Therefore, violent sports, air travel and alpinism ought to be discouraged.

Symbol: A marksman having failed to hit the bull’s-eye in eight shots strikes ii in the ninth.

Denotes one of a persevering spirit who is not disposed to sink under failures be they ever so frequent, nor will argument turn his mind from a set purpose, for in his soul is the knowledge that success will come to him in the end. In his attempts he is orderly, never undertaking a new thing before he has finished that which he has in hand. It is a symbol of the Undaunted.

This degree inspires such a love of freedom that it may separate a native from home and those he loves. It may also be a handicap that he prefers to have his actions speak for him. There is some merit to the fact that “actions speak louder than words,” however, actions as well as words may be misunderstood. His persistent self confidence may spell success if he does not become discouraged too soon. His accomplishments may be great even if uncommunicated. There is much courage and energy to reach the goals he sets even if he is forced to proceed on his own alone. He lives in the confidence that what he has accomplished will speak for itself, once completed.

"Meteors and shooting stars strike the night sky above a waterfall."
Generous, dreamy, and artistic character loathing daily routine and dull events. Like the meteor, one follows a personal and quite unusual path. Life is brilliant, and achievements are numerous, though irregular and non-lasting. If one reaches a top position, there is a danger that one is toppled from power. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about because a good star is constantly protecting the person influenced by this degree, and life is much happier than that of most people.

It denotes a person of somewhat poetical or aesthetic nature, but wholly unsuited to the routine of daily life in its sterner and more prosaic aspects. Like the meteor, he has an eccentric path, and his appearances are spasmodic and evanescent, although bright. His position in life will be always subject to reversals and changes and his success will not be lasting. If he should attain to eminence he will be in danger of a fall. It is a degree of UNCERTAINTY.

26-27 deg Cancer

This degree grants a poetic nature not suited to the everyday requirements of life. The well known artistic temperament applies here. If this native is accomplished in some form of the arts he may well survive by the support of others to take care of him. Otherwise he cannot afford such luxury which he seeks anyway. The degree of itself does grant certain poetic and artistic capacities and if properly supported elsewhere the native may attain to some eminence. He works hard and long with the confidence that he will succeed, however he is dependent on some outside support as he labors, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

An exceptionally good, mild and conciliating being, the native’s keynote is a thorough and essential passivity. He might even carry out great works, which, however, he will not have undertaken himself; he might be a model of perseverance and hard work, but will sit pretty when no-one else prods him in the ribs. In a word, he has been born to obey, and only in a subordinate position can his diligence result in useful work. The only initiative such a meek and unambitious fellow can take is to patch up quarrels.

He has a slow, short-sighted, blunt intelligence.

Symbol: A moth circling round a flame.

Denotes one who can be hypnotized by glitter and glare, power and show, and who takes risks which less impulsive people would shrink from. The will is too yielding and the love of pleasure too great. Let him remember that the moth which circles round the flame is ultimately drawn into it and consumed, and that the death of the moth does not trouble the flame. It is a symbol of Glitter.

Fiery Leo and Aries sharpen up this Cancer degree, adding mentally active, tumultuous, intensified qualities - a resourceful, stormy, admired, domineering attitude, but with Aries square Cancer, somewhat limited in range of pursuits. Subject to roadblocks, reversals, fiascos. Allows for making money and not afraid of hard work, although health is more fragile than it seems. Must avoid being trapped in career or limited in education or opportunities.

One who is inclined to set too high a value on externals, and who takes unnecessary changes. Travels for business.

"A man bridles his horse while a heifer bows its head to a woman."
Intelligent, obliging, and docile character. Under the guidance of a good employer or a mentor, one's perseverance, helpfulness, and flexibility prove to be formidable assets for success. This degree often describes patient and devoted servants. If the natal chart concurs, one may land a high- ranking job in the administration or the government.

It indicates a person who will owe his success in life to uses imposed upon him by others of greater will and intelligence. It shows a docile and tractable spirit, capable of patient service under the direction or initiative of others; much silent force and endurance, but little self-assertion, originality, or ambition. As a servitor this native will succeed, but would not need to be urged, for both nature and inclination are adapted to patient work. It is a degree of DOCILITY.

Has a special influence on farmers; literary (pilgrims climbing a steep stairs); sometimes denotes concealment; farmers, especially those who work with their heads as well as their hands; nipples.

27-28 deg Cancer

Art; music; agriculture; men this are usually cautious, frugal, and determined, original but able to conform to the customs or idiosyncracies of his time; occult; gamblers; digestive troubles, rib cartilage.

Simple in tastes, peace-loving and blesses all he contacts. Capable of public career.

Headstrong Aries makes for an ambitious Cancer degree, wanting to acquire good home, large family, status, profitable self-employment - that’s asking quite a bit. Also attuned to Capricorn business and leadership skills, which must be worked fro and developed. Wants to create self destiny, but like the previous degree, will encounter limitations, often financial or due to lack of education or conservatism. But, not content to sit, and by nature ambitious, this degree is already ahead of the pack.

The native is deeply in love with nature and its beauty, its contemplation being for him a source of fresh strength. He abhors whatever is unnatural and can be naturally kind and attract lasting affections. He lives in harmony with the cosmos and the beings inhabiting it. Yet he can display a remarkable political skill and a more remarkable administrative ability.

Barring pointers to the contrary, the native is sure to get money galore as soon as he is of age, whatever the conditions of his family at his birth. Unfortunately, the gift for earning money might be warped into greed, and his foresight into stinginess.

On the other hand, even that admiration of natural beauty might edge off into loafing, political tact give way to scheming, servilism or even worse; even the relations with one’s neighbors might turn into rivalry. Only a look at the whole can enlighten us as to the right meaning one can ascribe in each concrete case to this dual influence.

Symbol: An old mill-wheel lying on the bank of a lily pond, with pretty creepers growing over it.

Denotes one whose life will be peaceful and whose marriage will be blessed. His desires are simple and his talents are natural. He does not wish to rule in the world of men. His mental attitude and manner of living form a magnetic point of help and sympathy where the world-worn may have balm for their wounds. It is a symbol of Charm.

This influence lies dormant until, like the sleeping princess, it is awakened. It is likely to fade again after each stimulus subsides. A sudden disaster could produce an abundance of healing from this degree. It seems to provide whatever is asked for. It is similar to the “geni” in the magic lamp. It may lie dormant and dusty in the corner perhaps for a lifetime. When it is picked up and polished its gifts are many and varied according to the need and the effort put forth to develop and use what is asked for. Its nature might also be likened to the tine aspects which pass many people by for lack of a little bit of effort it would take to reach out and claim the gifts as they pass by. Usually the most is gained from this degree by demands made on the native by other people. If he is sufficiently prodded he will wake up and discover that he is not completely helpless. In extreme cases the native may experience a spectacular spiritual awakening to the untapped resources he carries within himself.

"Two friends seated under a tree admire a magnificent scenery."
Affectionate, altruistic, and endearing character, more interested in outdoor activities than in socialising. One is endowed with sharp intellectual abilities and amasses a wealth of knowledge. One seeks harmony and values sincerity in the family and human relations in general. All occupations involving the soil, trees, and nature are deeply fulfilling. Life unfolds in simplicity and happiness. Sometimes, this degree describes strong gifts for occultism, and healing powers using medicinal plants and herbs.

It indicates a nature of extreme susceptibility to the influence of the natural forces; a kind, harmonious and devotional nature; extremely attractive, gentle and thoughtful. It shows one capable of sustained sympathies, of patient and peaceful mood, pure instincts and elevated mind. The native will be fond of the open country and the beauties of Nature in every one of its many and changeful aspects. It may induce a taste for horticulture or farming. It is a degree of HARMONY.

28-29 deg Cancer

This degree brings a preoccupation with money, which may attract wealth or may be turned into miserliness, or both. There is considerable disagreement as to the influence here. If the rest of the chart also shows a tendency to a preoccupation with money this degree would magnify the tendency. The Cancer tendency for suspicion and caution come through here. The native is often somewhat intuitive and may pick up just enough cues to be confused. He also often acts on such cues and is unable to explain his action. More often than not it proves to be unreliable, unless the intuitive faculties are highly developed in other ways.

Where there are pointers of honesty and decency, this degree bestows a superior intelligence and a sense for business. Unfavorably aspected, it will produce a low cunning leading to unscrupulous doings, cheating, and even theft.

Strange as it may seem, the native tends by nature to be shy, yielding, self-conscious, and close. Such a pliancy will remarkably relieve the educator’s task, provided he can see through his pupil, but will increase the danger of evil as well.

Should other astrologic factors concur, an unhappy end might be foreseen: jail, death sentence, violent death and the like. The ambushes of men and fate are, in any event, to be feared.

Symbol: A man in a prison cell, a ray of light flowing through the bars, on which a little bird stands singing.

Denotes one liable to be bound soul and body, who will be restricted in action and desire. But even so he may yet release his true self and meet the force flowing from the fountain head. Thus, though one side may frown and obstruct him, the other will smile and release him. It is a symbol of Obstruction.

Noble, mental Sagittarius here is talented, versatile, well-liked, a good worker and usually sporty - and a parent. Respected. Perhaps less noble possibilities exist here: lying cheating etc, or a victim of these. Good teacher; may be shy.

Restricted in action and desire. Often dependent upon others for maintenance.

"A tiger crawls towards a horse tethered to a tree."
Instinctive, passionate but easy-going character endowed with sharp intellectual faculties, a subtle mind, and numerous gifts. Fateful events, or plots engineered by jealous people may seriously limit one's freedom and even threaten one's life, should the natal chart concur. It is indispensable to be on one's guard.

It indicates a person of docile and tractable nature, combined with a certain subtlety of mind and high order of intelligence. One who will be held in restraint by others, or whose freedom will be taken by the hand of Fate and the force of circumstances. Although thus held in check, the native will be subject to dangers of an unknown character from secret enemies and jealous foes, and will be in peril of an untimely end. It is a degree of forced RESTRAINT.

An interesting person but sometimes unreliable and uncertain, conscious awareness of hair, often acts on inspiration or impulse; last 2 degree of Cancer not favorable for Neptune unless there are good aspects (Mars favorable to this Neptune; energy for the work denoted); spleen.

29-30 deg Cancer

Avid collectors; botanists and foresters; hoarding or miserliness (or a spendthrift); sometimes physical misfortunes the native cannot avoid; not favorable for Neptune unless well aspected; clairvoyance; bronchitis; twelfth dorsal vertebrae.

Keen imagination. Constructive ability. Will be known in many lands. Profound but silent unless interested.

Last degree of Cancer often forgets that life is a learning experience and much can be gleaned from others(if it would just listen!) Twenty nine degree points are all “fated” it is said, which actually implies that tremendous turnarounds in life can occur once the seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be overcome. Spiritual; desires to be connected to something, perhaps God, religion, or simply a group or family, due to a combination of Sagittarius, Leo and the culmination of Cancer. Often drawn into serious arenas such as government or military. Headstrong and learn to be “right” - certainly develops a sense of justice.

As are all over-compensated half-wits, the native is firmly persuaded that other people’s opinions count for nothing. As far as he is personally concerned, no-one can deny him a certain ready wit, a certain insight and a degree of psychological penetration, or the sense of justice. But unless very favorably aspected elsewhere, he cannot be expected to be modest and to harbor any feelings of human brotherhood.

His force does not lie in his thought, but in his will power, which, if backed by other good aspects elsewhere, can really be above average. He will disdainfully reject help and shun dependence, plunge boldly into action and engage single handed in fierce struggles-and will still succeed best in that very field any logical mind would deem the least congenial to him, namely, government career. He might take to the sea and have to stand the hardest ordeals and face the worst dangers in his career, which, in the light of abstract reasoning, would seem to fit him to a tee.

Symbol: A winged wheel flying across a green field.

Denotes one of character, force, and skill who by the hand of destiny will rise to a position in this world in which he is fitted to play a decided part. He has a keen imagination and considerable constructive ability. He gains from traveling and change. It is a symbol of Continuance.

This degree is weak in nature. The native seems to be very impressionable and easy to train but he also vacillates and often follows an unpredictable path. There are several conflicting influences at work here. He is naive and yet shows remarkable intelligence at times. He seems little able to judge which route to take. He often remains dependent and unable to take care of himself. Perhaps evil forces tend to move into a void where there is insufficient protection and this native will be subjected to many evil influences unless otherwise protected.

"In a field bordering the seashore, a young horse raises its head as it trots with its halter hanging loosely. A ship sails towards the horizon."

Passionate, independent, and intuitive character. One is a freedom-lover and uses one's bright intellectual faculties to do good because one is driven by a strong sense of justice. Feelings may prevail over reason. Life is clouded with uncertainties and instability, but ordeals are overcome with remarkable courage and self-confidence. Occupations related to seafaring and water are very favoured.

It denotes a person of much intelligence, ardent spirits, somewhat willful and daring nature; having a great love of freedom, contempt for public opinion, and much self-reliance. The mind is quick and alert, but somewhat untamable and willful, and the emotions are apt to run away with the reason. There is, however, a good deal of intuitive judgment in the native, and this degree gives a keen sense of justice, a warm passionate nature, strong will, little self-restraint and much insight into human character. It is a degree of FREEDOM.