Capricorn Degrees

0-1 deg Capricorn

This degree is in partial contrast with this whole sign’s influence as it tends to weaken, if not entirely to blot out Capricorn’s main features—that outer isolation and that inner feeling of seclusion from the rest of mankind.

The native’s essential trait is a close tie to another human being, possibly neither a lawful nor an unlawful marriage partner; the whole of the pattern will have to specify which kind of bond this is. All suppositions are admitted; the subject may have a twin brother or sister (the extreme case being Siamese twins) and that may have a decisive bearing on his or her existence; he may have a kind of spiritual brother or brotherly twin ray, as the legend has it of Orestes and Pylades. In a thief’s pattern, this influence will tend to establish a criminal partnership to be dissolved only by the gallows; in a degenerate’s pattern there may be a homosexual tie of durable character.

In all of these cases the answers to such questions as whether there is any reciprocal affection, which of the two brothers is the other’s succuba, are to be sought elsewhere.

Other features: a great—nay, exceptional—versatility for a Capricornian, a certain intellectual merriness wiping out altogether or dimming the sign of the rampart’s usual rampaging character; a diplomatic gift easily perverted into double-dealing and treachery, which can, however, lead very far either in an ambassador’s or in a consul’s career, or in that of a trade commissioner, or in cultural exchanges.

The typical self-assurance of Capricorn is stronger than ever in this first degree; the faith in oneself and in one’s cause is driven to its utmost.

Here is good example of spirit in the seed, most applicable to Capricorn. He seems to have a concentration of spiritual truth within himself. He speaks and acts for the future; much misunderstood and perhaps not even portraying clearly the truth he perceives because of the distortion between himself and his environment. He holds to what he believes and attempts to give it out in the best way he can to be meaningful to those around him. Sometimes he enjoys a measure of success and some not. There is great endurance and patience granted by urgency of his insights and the need to hold what he believes against all onslaught from outside influences. seems to have the necessary qualities to continue his e and survive to grow, perhaps even to succeed, to heights if other circumstances and the rest of the permit such development.

Insightful, clever, and dual character endowed with above average deductive abilities and the gift to accurately perceive people's true feelings and motivations. Success can be achieved in diplomacy, espionage, the cinema, or the management of human resources. One may have two simultaneous occupations or lead a double life.

Egotistical; looking at things from one’s own point of view; selflessness (selfishness, if afflicted); ambitious; wants to be helpful;(Spiculum) productive of blindness; right patella.

Denotes one to whom power is given, especially connected with earthly science and knowledge. His passage through life will not be pleasured by calm and perfect peace. Rough seas and angry rocks will threaten him. As he grows older in years and experience he will know that combative science and theory but lead to unrest and fear. When this time comes he will truly arise out of the earth. It is a symbol of Disputing.

1-2 deg Capricorn

Much self-confidence; adaptability; versatility; unusual power of dissemination; takes life seriously; able to do original thinking; left patella.

Futile, restless, and indecisive character. Huge efforts are made even though the task requires none. Owing to procrastination, nice opportunities are missed. Furthermore, many good initiatives are doomed to failure for lack of perseverance. Life is most likely to unfold in precariousness and to end up in sadness, unless one decides to become serious and display tenacity, straight away.

The hemmed in or closed out feelings of Capricorn breaks down here. We find these natives very dependent on at least one close relationship which handle very nicely. There is also more finesse and diplomacy here to express some things which might o wise be rejected. There is a workable intuition and a storehouse of knowledge. He has sufficient confidence himself to argue his points with others in a manner ii is not alienating. There is also a greater versatility merriness than usual for Capricorn. Capricorn usually plenty of self-confidence which he prefers to be about. This degree magnifies the self-confidence which gives him more over-all freedom without the need to convince others by bragging. The qualities of this degree be perverted and distorted under severe circumstance which case he may become a partner in crime and do dealing. This is not likely except where several other factors in the chart also point in a negative direction.

The lack of character, of constancy, of steadiness, perhaps of resolution, are this native’s heel of Achilles, who would otherwise hold the best trumps to win at the gambling table of earthly life.

He never will be at his wits’ end; he will be rich in initiative, will guess the right angle of ‘each problem, will have a penetrating mind and possibly a gift for architecture. In his thirst for sublime things he harbors a deep respect for everything sacred and ancient. Yet his intellectual powers risk fruitlessness in spite of the most strenuous efforts, as these will be inconsequent and jerky.

Denotes a distinct personality of a martial, philosophic type, whose destiny it is to leave his mark on the world’s tablet. The influence favors elevation to a certain position of responsibility, but having reached this it is difficult for the native to retain it, and his restless spirit brings him into conflict with enemies of power who, if he be not cautious, will overthrow him. It is a symbol of Wrestling.

2-3 deg Capricorn

Denotes one of genius whose gifts raise him far above the common things of earth, enabling him to comprehend sublimities. What he feels and knows he endeavors to clothe in a dress of vibrating colors to charm the children of earth and to raise them to dreams and contemplations of a glory beyond all material thought and understanding. It is a symbol of Immortality.

Wise, ambitious, and subtle character endowed with numerous intellectual, physical, and moral qualities. Owing to one's sharp intuition and excellent education, one is capable of achieving success, fame, and wealth in nearly any field, be it diplomacy, science, law, civil service, literature, etc. There are few enemies only, and none of them is able to thwart one's projects. Whatever path one chooses, this degree indicates a brilliant life blessed with good luck and happiness.

Whoever knows the secret meaning of the word snake will be able to adduce from the symbol itself the occult possibilities of this influence. Even outside the sphere of the supernatural, the native is heir to an exceptional force and ascendancy. He is brimming over with vitality, will valiantly withstand attacks of both enemies and illnesses, and will show an outstanding faculty of recoupment after repelling the assaults of fellow beings or of bad health. He is wary, wise, possessed of extensive and deep knowledge, of a subtle mind, of an immediate intuition of truth and of the ability to strike successfully with lightning-like timeliness.

Should the pattern at large point to a perversion of those gifts, we might be confronted with a nearly morbid distrust and a nearly complete lack of dignity and sincerity. Driven to the limit, this would mean perjury and treason promoted to life rule.

Many careers are open: natural sciences (especially medicine), arts, and literature; diplomacy and politics in general. A long life and nearly certain success may be expected unless other threads in the pattern point to the contrary.

Vacillation is the strongest characteristic to watch in this degree. The vacillation may come trying to make use of the varied abilities and still within the accepted path that society, or the natives particular environment, will adequately support. With the varied patterns of acceptable behavior in the world native is likely to find a place where he can function a minimum of threat to his social image. The danger here is that he will compromise himself to the point that what he has left is meaningless. He may dig very deep into on and sacred settings to find the anchor he needs. This may still work in some settings. But with the upheaval of respect for traditional religions this does not produce enough of the desired effect to satisfy him. Although he may suffer more than most Capricorns from the drastic changes going on he also may find more smaller settings to satisfy his many areas of awareness. If he tries to live in harmony with society as a whole he will be extremely frustrated and bound to inaction of all kinds, even though abilities and awareness are very broad, and it is impossible to please everyone. He is not satisfied to do something everyone. He must do everything to please everyone. That is within the circle of his awareness.

Favors religion, philosophy, and astronomy; martial desires; sight; ; high ambition, success, good intellect, ability for concentration, domination, love of horsemanship, and keen perception; cutaneous nerves of upper legs.


3-4 deg Capricorn

Denotes one of great power of endurance who forces himself, ill or well, to brush away obstacles in the way of his desires. There is here a combination of mental, moral, and physical force, a trinity which carries the native through danger and conditions the most adverse. At birth the soul is rising from the shadows, and as life advances the temples of enchanting lights are reached, sand constancy begets deathlessness. It is a symbol of Perseverance.

Accidents, gunshot wounds; not good for soldiers; sight; medical ability; denotes high ideals and good judgment; cautious, prudent, and conservative; able to concentrate; ambition for perfection, cutaneous nerves of tibia.

Contemplative, solitary, and noble character. One achieves success and obtains a prominent position in education, law, or the arts. In any case, one becomes some sort of spiritual guide and champions the cause of justice. This degree indicates higher ideals and a strong probability of moral beauty.

This individual seems to have everything. Perhaps the outstanding feature is that of recuperation from illness or attack. He has a fantastic ability to recover from illness or pick himself up and go on after he has been told off or put down by some one. There is much wisdom and a strong desire for perfection. His mind is and capable of dealing with subtleties. He also has good sense of timing. His action is always appropriate to the moment. People born with a Capricorn Sun are the longest lived. This native may expect to prolong this tendency, with almost certain success with what he tries to accomplish. Like any other influence, this one is also capable of perversion. Should he be overcome with too many bad influences he would prove to be as dangerous as he may be loyal and trustworthy. He may become overly suspicious of everything around him and become paranoid in his defensiveness. However, this is most unlikely.

A mind endowed with exceptional discrimination or insight. Cleanliness and accuracy. In all the rest, a two-edged influence.

A strong will power, focused by the native with the help of all his resources, exactly on the aim to reach, saves him a useless waste of energy in the pursuit of glory. The sign does not tell us, however, exactly where this aim will be set; the native has a fine sense of beauty which may work in any of the following ways:

His love may be bent toward sensuous beauty, or may lead his gaze to rest placidly on nature as grown and tended by man’s care, so as to bear his dominical imprint, as in cultivated parks, grounds, villas, and fountains; the subject may be a worshipper of art for art’s sake, or may toy pointlessly with the shallowest vanity of outward elegance. His will power may be focused toward good as well as toward evil. In extreme cases, we shall have on one side the great initiate, or on the other the arch-criminal, the organizer of black masses and orgies reserved to a very select circle of refined addicts; or we may have the gambler or the rake.


4-5 deg Capricorn

Denotes one of sympathetic and charitable nature, simple and charming, unorthodox, and free of religious and racial prejudice. The sordid fields of life have little hold on him, for his soul is expansive, eccentric even, and he hates pettiness. It is a symbol of Kindness.

Benevolent, broad-minded, and trusting character. One readily helps people in distress with genuine selflessness. However, more discrimination must be exercised in order to avoid being swindled by the very people who were given shelter, whether at home or in the professional area. This degree often describes a person who makes wrong decisions despite above average intellectual capacities.

It is a degree of hospitality; home and heart are open to all. A jovial character, a generous and unassuming nature, marred by imprudence in word and action.

The native’s lack of reserve will give fuel to other people’s slander and, coupled with his sometimes reckless hospitality, will lead to material theft and plagiarism of ideas. The native will look upon all this with unheeding lightheadedness or at least excessive leniency. He is conscious of his productive— nay, creative—power and does not pay too much attention to the earth’s material wealth or moral misery. He is independent or, at any rate, self-sufficient by nature and tends to tolerate his neighbors’ failings and to neglect their vices in order to focus his whole attention on his own inner world and to enjoy the work of his own mind.

There is much here to suggest the influence of Venus and should Venus be the planet to stimulate this degree it would certainly enhance these qualities Very basic to the degree is an interest in art of all kinds. There is also a strong love of social activities. Warm hospitality is sure to be felt in the home of this native. There may also be a very strong self-will capable of great endurance. Saturn on this degree would act much like a Saturn Venus conjunction causing him to persist and sacrifice pleasure for what he considered duty. There is considerable interest in all occult subjects. He may be lead into dangerous places and situations because of this. However his intuition is good and would save him if he listened what he knew to be true. Curiosity may nevertheless overrule and take him where he should not go. He has capacity to excel at what he chooses to do but he may choose spiritual heights or criminal heights. As with most Capricorns, the people with whom he associates and trust will be a great influence on the direction he chooses.

Medical fields; music (sense of hearing); accidents; gunshot wounds; sleep and trance; kind and warm-hearted; a “big brother” to every one,; cutaneous nerves of knee.


5-6 deg Capricorn

Denotes one destined to lead in one of the great departments of life, but whose way will be threatened and whose heart will sometimes be faint. But even in the darkest times the light. of heaven will shine on him, stimulating him to action and accomplishment. His latter days may be days of faded flowers, but he will reach his star before his journey ends. It is a symbol of Manifestation.

Accidents; gunshot wounds; a hard worker; practical, and economical; sleep and trance; right adductor muscle.

Devoted, selfless, and loyal character. One is totally wrapped up in one's sole passion, be it a romantic attachment or a higher expression of love implying self-sacrifice such as, for example, a daughter who attends to her widowed father, or the founder of a charity institution, etc. In any case, one's altruism receives public recognition. This degree warns against possible slanders.

This native is so much aware of his genuine inner wealth and capacity that he is too unaware of others weaknesses. He maintains his inner nature works in obscurity. However, his home and sympathy. open to all. He is so busy with his own mental activity he does not pay enough attention to the other people. He is sympathetic and trusting, thinking others are also. He also expects more of himself than others, and will be more forgiving of the mistakes of others than of himself. It is not so much that he needs other people. He does not. He is self-sufficient and happy working alone on his own projects. However, since he is subjected to other people because of his easygoing and hospitable nature, it behooves him to be aware also of going on with them, and not to be too trusting. Of course, we all need other people and this native’s self-sufficiency is really a perversion rather than a strength. It means that the walls around him meant for his own protection may not be the kind of protection he really needs. The two contrasting elements of his nature, both a credit in themselves, do not blend in his nature and, typical of Capricorn, he remains isolated in spite of his genuine hospitality. These two separate influences must eventually blend but they seem not to under the influence of this degree. Perhaps the rest of the chart will provide the necessary balance, which might then make him into a tower of accomplishment.

Either a good shepherd or a wolf; either somebody who is as innocent as a lamb and as faithful as a dog, an affectionate, confident being, ready to sacrifice himself for those he loves and to be disappointed, by them in the end, or somebody driving his cunning and cold-blooded ferocity to such a length as to sacrifice everything to his own selfishness. The stars will have to point which of the two symbolic figures is to come true; they even may co-exist in actuality.

Shyness does not mean cowardice; a lamb’s disposition does not bar courage and, on the other hand, a wolf’s nature clearly bears it out. On the other hand, there is an extraordinary power of psychic concentration. Therefore, unless unfavorably aspected elsewhere, success ought not to fail the native, who could even become a pastor of peoples if Jupiter and the Sun are well posited.


6-7 deg Capricorn

Denotes one of ability whose career will be full of difficulties, mistakes, and threatenings. He is somewhat eccentric in manner, and will be led into action and argument from which he will gain no credit. He is susceptible in heart affairs is cultured, and loves the beautiful in its many forms. If he would produce music, let him first string his harp. It is a symbol of Jeopardy.

Ambitious, possessive, and spiteful character. Life is plagued by all sorts of rivalries, from school to university, and later, in the workplace. Hatred and revenge are the powerful goads which prompt to resort to extreme and reprehensible means to get what one covets, be it a love partner or a prestigious position. One would be well-advised to display more moderation and to pay more respect to other people's interests because evil deeds only bring about misfortune and loneliness.

Seer Charubel gives the labyrinth as a symbol, which is as good an image. The whole of the sign Capricorn is in fact a labyrinth, of which this degree especially stresses such scientific and engineering skill as to be really worthy of Daedalus, and drives to their utmost its defects of puzzling and selfish secretiveness.

A labyrinth: will the native be its maker or its victim? Or, like Daedalus, both at the same time? A Sphinx: is the riddle in the native’s self, or waylaying him at a bend of the road he is to travel? And will the riddle be of a material, intellectual or spiritual nature? Will there be political, or feminine, intrigue?

The Sphinx would rather not be asked questions. She is to ask them herself. As usual, the whole of the nativity will have to help formulate the answer.

If woman, the native would likely be a crack at the game of holding more than one suitor at a time by his heartstrings, twisting them around her little finger, and exasperating the jealousy, the male vanity and the curiosity of each in turn. She is whimsical but sparkling with wit; scheming but frolicsome. Many a man whom his fellows respect or fear will fall into her snares. Some, driven crazy with jealousy, may risk their lives at this game, some may lose their reason or their freedom.

Should the native be a man, and he be involved in political intrigue, there is sure to be a woman somewhere. The native may fly high or land in jail, may be exiled or die a tragic death. It is the end that counts.

But the man is not by all means to be an Oedipus, nor is the woman, whether a winner or a loser, to be a sphinx. The riddle may belong to the domain of science, and the sphinx watch the secrets of the physical world or the threshold of the world beyond. I shall not tire of repeating that only the chart in its entirety can supply the key, as the parts fit into a whole; but the whole gives them a background and a meaning.

This degree also indicates trouble with relationships. He may be too trusting and innocent or he may, as the result of double dealing, become crafty and vindictive. Either way he has much ability, intuition, and persistence even though he is shy and retiring. He does not lack for courage although he will not defy public opinion. He may sacrifice himself for those he loves. He may also be lead to violence because of jealousy and unrequited affection. Although he tries every way he knows to lead those he loves with the utmost tact, tenderness, patience all that he understands of love, they may not wish to follow his direction which is impossible for him to understand. He feels that those who love him should show their love by following his commands. He gives to the best of his ability and does not understand when this does not bring him what he asks, even though perhaps it brings much that he did not ask. He may succeed in many areas but personal relationships give him the greatest pain.

Accidents; gunshot wounds; degree of jealousy; a bit eccentric; sometimes domineering but has great ingenuity and many fine traits; artistic taste; left adductor muscle.


7-8 deg Capricorn

Denotes one whose life will be one of experience and who will suffer greatly through ignorance of certain knowledge which would free him if he knew it. He should try and comprehend that the deeper the expressed grief, the harder it is for the truth to be known; the blacker the darkness, the greater the danger into which he may walk. It is a symbol of Admonition.

Oratory; often involved in cases of crime or violence; practical; persistent and usually fortunate; serious meditation on research work; lymph vessels of knees.

Gentle, distrustful, and withdrawn character. One seems to be detached from worldly concerns and has lost confidence in human nature. After several disappointments in love and friendship, it is in solitude and meditation that one finds solace. Matters of intellectual and spiritual nature are of major importance in one's solitary works.

There is a strange mysterious quality to natives of this degree. There is often tremendous jealousy the part of the native as well as an ability to arouse such jealousy from others. Most of this results from excessive possessiveness. There is a selfish quality in Capricorn which comes heavily to the fore here. Most of the unpleasantness comes from relationships between members of the opposite sex. A mistress may ruin an otherwise promising political career if not through scandal just the torture not knowing exactly where the relationship stands. He attaches himself too closely to both people and things. His problem is definitely to learn detachment often most difficult for Capricorn. Capricorn must own what he supports.

Noble in nature and mind, full of self-respect or self-conceit, but content with little; apt to let his fantasy run away with him into the realm of wild dreams, but endowed with endurance and horse sense; peaceful but fond of hunting; the native inclines toward a misanthropic pessimism getting more and more acute as the years go by and letting the events of his earthly life look drab and boring to him. Anyone else would consider them breath-taking.


8-9 deg Capricorn

Denotes one born for great deeds whose work will be regarded many, many years after his exit from the narrow conditions of mortal life. Gifted with inspirational powers and strongly impressed by powerful invisible forces, the native will be one of the many lanterns destined to throw light on this dark world. It is a symbol of Enlightening.

Irascible, tactless, and sensual character over-indulging in food, lust, and luxury. No matter how lenient the members of one's entourage are, one's harsh and hurtful manners end up scaring them off. The cross symbolises a tragic destiny, but it may also point towards consolation and hope, provided one is willing to make the necessary effort to control one's base instincts.

In a spiritual nativity this degree could carry a very high reward for the native’s sacrifices. These will be superhuman, and the prize not of this world. Down here this prize will take the same shape as it took in Solomon’s case: wisdom, as this degree by itself will not grant any earthly happiness.

If the horoscope therefore-far from conferring spiritual gifts or spurring toward lofty goals-grants only a craving for earthly pleasures, the native could reap only unhappiness there from, even the more so as his over sensitiveness will dramatize every failure into a tragedy. Even in the sexual field he or she may be struck with impotence (if only momentarily owing to excessive sensitivity, the so-called lover’s impotence); but apart from this, danger of collapsing under the cross and being unable to go on is an ever present one.

The virtues here are a great humility before God and a dignified reserve before the world. The native ought to face and bear his karma with quiet courage, without trying to dodge it, as he would only risk losing his reputation.

These natives crave a steady program of unusual and extraordinary activities. He lives a which makes others stand in awe. However, it seems interesting to him. His aspirations and interests lie beyond the ordinary. He is so far removed from the lives of ordinary humanity that interaction with people is a bore to him. He has a benevolent and high-minded nature full of goodwill but is much discouraged as to the overall nature of man as he sees humanity. He seems to manage without involving himself in close and painful contact with many people. He remains aloof and indifferent to the lack of understanding on the part of those around him. He is satisfied with little worldly goods and services. He is more dedicated to spiritual development than to material development. He will work hard and long to fulfill his ambitions. He is also basically restless and sensitive and does not always use good judgment. In fact, his outstanding abilities may badly distort the application he makes to ordinary. There are advantages to the view from the mountaintop but you find that you have missed many of the details when you walk over the valley below.

Restless and sensitive; sometimes uses poor judgment on important decisions; will work hard and suffer long to fulfill his dreams; palsy; paralysis; blindness, defective sight, sickness, accidents, and a violent death; veins of knee.


9-10 deg Capricorn

Denotes one, active, ardent, and militant, whose enthusiasm will lead him into trouble or danger, and who is capable of heroic effort for an espoused cause. The nature is by no means selfish, indeed the native would lay down his life for that which to him is right. It is a symbol of Militarism.

Music; degree of history; in female chart, protection of children and home; in male chart, protection of home or country; ready to battle anyone or anything that threatens those under their protection; prudent and self-possessed; ligaments of right knee (Kreuzband) crural.

Secretive, wise, and alert character. Success and fame can be achieved in any night shift work and in careers requiring confidentiality. Philosophy, astronomy, and occultism are also very favoured. Although one is not deliberately willing to harm colleagues or competitors, one readily takes advantage of their mistakes. Should the natal chart concur, setbacks stem from over-developed sensuality.

Jupiter’s S Node is located here at the present time. Perhaps Jupiter’s basic nature is made a little more clear by watching the action here. It would seem that only the more philosophical attributes of Jupiter meet with approval in this degree. Only those who are serious in their pursuit of wisdom gain by this influence and then a sometimes only after death are their accomplishments made known. Any attempt to turn this influence to material gain seems to end in disaster. Much patience and humility must be cultivated here.

The native is wise and learned, oversensitive, melancholy or pessimistic, sometimes gloomy, but always self-possessed, fair and lord-like; a defender of the week, but watchful and wary. He is a keen hunter and, like all true sportsmen, very fond of the game he kills. He maybe an occultist, perhaps a seer; certainly a pursuer of studies too profound to be accessible to the middle class.

Nighttime dangers are to be taken into account, deriving perhaps from magic.


10-11 deg Capricorn

Denotes one who by force and aggression gains position above his fellows, and holds it. He will rise above the proud and force them to raise him higher, and his life and influence will be long. There is much materialism in this native and much disregard for others. If he does not let the light enter his soul he may suffer from the force typified as an iron rod. It is a symbol of Undertakings.

Reserved, optimistic, and devoted character. Communication, diplomacy, and any government office are highly favoured. Owing to one's human qualities and professional skills, one enjoys the protection of people wielding power. This degree often describes a high-ranking civil servant or an elected representative. One achieves brilliant and well-deserved success and fame. However, it is necessary to be wary of envious and harmful people who do not hesitate to resort to underhanded deeds, including the robbery of confidential documents.

This influence will help those aspiring to power, to a position of high political authority, to a diplomatic career or any position at court, whether high or low.

On one side, all the moral or immoral traits required are at hand, such as secrecy, reserve, cautiousness, world wisdom, cunning, diplomacy and, if needed, double-dealing. On the other hand, there will be the favor of high-placed, or even topflight people, whose importance and the brilliance of the native’s career will be determined by the rest of the chart. This applies to the measure in which those virtues or vices will come to light as well.

A minor feature of this influence is fondness for horsemanship. In the middle ages, squires, esquires, marshals and the like must have been born in this degree.

There is much potential for wisdom in this degree. The native is often sensitive to clues others may overlook in discerning the direction events are taking. He is more inclined to be philosophical and theoretical than specific. He is often not able to do well in ordinary work. He needs a challenging job where he can develop the native skills which occupy his interest. The skills inherent here would contribute to detective or secret service work. He is a patient observer and often remains silent about his inner deductions. There is often an altruistic streak here also and he may work with underprivileged or contribute in some way to raise their position. If he makes good use of the qualities here he should find himself in a position of trust and authority. Because of his sensitive nature and an over awareness of evil around him he may also become embittered and depressed. He is not always to overcome a deprived environment. This must be shown by other factors in the chart. However, he can be severely limited if he is unable to find support for what he knows.

A degree of authority; may occupy a position of trust ligaments of left knee (Kreuzband) crural.


11-12 deg Capricorn

Denotes courage and self-confidence. The native often meets danger or anxiety face to face, and is ever prepared to repel it when it comes. His sword is always ready, but he presses the point to earth, for he knows the power of the spirit, above all material force. It is a symbol of Striving.

Alcoholism; religion; can memorize almost anything; seclusion; highly occult (the owl); right knee joint.

Shrewd, secretive, and subtle character endowed with swift thinking process. All activities based on speed are favoured, such as cycling or flying, as well as all positions requiring quick decision- making capacities. Success can also be achieved in the police, in genealogy, and in all kinds of investigation work. However, if mental cleverness is misused and serves illegal purposes, one incurs a heavy punishment such as a prison sentence or exile.

This degree grants the most characteristic qualities of Capricorn. Natives here have the most ability to stay ahead and yet in perfect line with where those around them are going. They seem also to lend direction and have the ability to hold a group together. They have a near perfect ability to keep secrets and hold what they believe and know to be true apart from what they display. However, there is an interaction here which makes use of their secret knowledge in a way that proves useful to their with people. They have an uncanny way of getting people to conform without any obvious pressure. And they seem to get away with the most outlandish use people, discarding them when they are no longer of use. The amazing thing is that none of his actions betrays him. Everything seems to fit together in such a logical way that he is never blamed for any of the consequences of the trail he leaves behind him. He makes use of peoples’ strengths and weaknesses so cleverly that if someone is left behind it is obviously the other person’s weakness and inability follow through. All of this may or may not be a good thing. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Yes and No. If necessary, native may step far enough to give the brother a kick put him out. But for the most part there is sufficient human weakness that makes us totally responsible for our downfall. Natives of this degree act much in the manner of Saturn. Their behavior simply contributes to each ma receiving what he technically deserves. The Saturn influence alone is very cold and it is considered the great malefic. However, as we understand more of this planet we see that it also pays us for what we have earned.

A knack of getting work done with a lively and nimble rhythm, without a hint of routine, but with a harmonious sense of time and space; a brisk activity, a springy energy closely adhering to things.

A great-perhaps excessive-reserve. There is a depth of feeling tinged with melancholy. The native loves life in the open, is fond of trees, worships the quiet of the countryside, adores walking across the moonlit fields. Though unaware of it, a dash of gentle blood may run in his veins.

On the reverse side of the shield, if blighted by pointers of unfairness elsewhere, that realism may induce unscrupulousness, those deft hands may become crafty, in plain words, slick and thievish. The man’s rhythmic insertion in time and space then may become skill of getting within an inch of trespassing and into close shaves with penal law. Neither do those romantic feelings bar lustfulness, and that reserve may be warped into sharing crime in secrecy and putting up a poker face before justice. Even cruel people —such are human nature’s contradictions—may be born under this degree.

The risks the native is up against range from voluntary exile, meant to foil justice, till flight and attempted evasion and even till jail. The Vatican’s thunderbolt —excommunication —may be in the offing as well. Another peril, threatening even a straightforward commoner (especially if stressed by other stars) would be losing one’s inheritance at the hands of a usurper. The native may even fail to know his own birthright.


12-13 deg Capricorn

Denotes one who without regard to worldly condition will be aided and advanced to super-earth state by a great protective agency, and the more the mind is raised to glorious contemplation the more closely will the heavenly cloak fall about his shoulders. It is a symbol of Guardianship.

A thirst for absolute power; a tireless and sleepless activity; a tendency to burn one’s bridges behind oneself.

An heroic courage, which is never an end in itself, as all energies are subordinate to the aim in sight. Such a character is ready to go to any lengths in order to secure his aim. He will draw the line at no extremities, never withdraw before personal danger, even impassively watch bloodshed, refraining, however, from flinging himself into useless risks. In spite of what the victims of his boundless ambition may think, he is not bloodthirsty by temperament as, on the contrary, he has a keen sense of honor, but is driven and burned by an even keener thirst for superhuman honors.

Chaste, or at least sober, in his enjoyments, fond of art, perhaps a proficient scientist, the native seems born to destroy rather than to build. As an archaeologist, either in Europe or in the Far East, he will plunder the picturesque and venerable ruins of ancient cultures to amass their spoils in the dusty, sleepy and already laden shelves of museums. If a diplomat, he will serve his own thirst for power rather than his own country; if a chief, he will love the people as the rider loves his horse.

The fullest measure of success will crown such an ambition provided the native knows where to stop.

There is a nimble, crafty and clever wit inherent here which may outwit the native himself. He may be so busy with his mental gymnastics that he overlooks his real fortune. Nevertheless, he enjoys his little games which may or may not prove to be worthwhile. This ready wit may prove invaluable in a well-balanced nativity. Like most abilities it can be used wisely and well or perverted. If this one is perverted it will lead to severe cruelty and crime. In most cases he will have a lively piercing insight which may appear to be genius. The frustrating thing about this is that it is not genius. It is rather limited without the necessary abilities to fill in what lacking here. He is never outwardly moved in the face justice. He is capable of declaring his innocence in the fact of all evidence to the contrary. A child with the Sun hear would be extremely difficult to raise. And it would be very important that he were handled firmly and in a manner equal to his cleverness. It seems that the sincerity with he proclaims what he wants you to believe is more than equal to the cleverness inherent in the schemes he has mastered.

Aggressive, sarcastic, and manipulative character. With “Divide and rule” as a motto, one stirs up arguments and fights, and one instils distrust and suspicion, supposedly in order to help people discover the truth, but actually, to favour one's self-interests. If the natal chart indicates high moral principles, one puts one's sharp intelligence at the service of the public good.

Business ability; meek in asking help and domineering when he has the upper hand; one whose proclivities are eastward; (Pelagus); optimism, veracity; a religious tendency; left knee joint.


13-14 deg Capricorn

Denotes one not easily satisfied and who is not always conscious of the feelings of others. He is not deficient in taste, but he allows his mind to be so affected by varied desires and feelings that it is difficult for him to preserve firmness. He should ever strive to encourage the positive and to cultivate fixity of mind. It is a symbol of Dissatisfaction.

Business: ingenious and aggressive; visionary but skillful; sometimes a critical “busybody”; happiness, good fortune; on Ascendant: a shrewd schemer; right knee cartilage.

Here we are confronted with a first-rate critic and polemicist, a revolutionary innovator. He is not of necessity to be a politician or a journalist; whatever field of action he chooses, the native will fight a successful battle and end by disposing of the mentality his circle had inherited from the previous generation as a useless burden.

In this light he will be helped by an inborn irony which will at times take up a tinge of humor, at times acquire the edge of cruel sarcasm against the opponents of the idea he stands for. A past master in the art of unmasking other people’s hypocrisy, he will ruthlessly lay bare the most hidden recesses of human mentality, but will spare the populace’s superstition rather than the smart set’s prejudices. His crude realism does not in the least exclude sincere devotion to an ideal. He may even be an artist; landscape painting exerts a special fascination over him.

Such a fighter will seldom become universally liked, but he will be admired and he certainly will be feared. The most congenial professions are medicine (neurology or psychiatry) and ethnology.

Refined, devoted, and calculating character endowed with great artistic gifts. In the first part of life, one is driven by envy and selfish objectives and therefore, in order to reach one's artistic goals, one shows much dedication and respect to one's mentors. Once success, fame, and wealth are achieved, probably in music, the cinema, or philosophy, one becomes gentle and benevolent. If in the natal chart, the Moon is in conjunction with this degree, it heralds honours and unexpected riches which are far above one's original social status.

14-15 deg Capricorn

Fiery, shrewd, and ambitious character. Life is most likely to be full of adventures and passion, and marked by a strong attachment to the motherland. One may be involved in political upheavals and play an important role in the history of one's country. Success can be achieved in hunting and all occupations related to animal husbandry and trade, archaeology, war, politics, or law. If the natal chart shows introverted tendencies, this degree describes an intense inner life and a spiritual leader driven by noble ideals.

A degree whose nature is hard to define, as it can bring either good or bad luck, both peace and strife. I should be tempted to say that everything depends on the native. This much can be said anyhow: there is a lot the subject can do, but it will be no easy task,

A man worthy of the name will not stoop to the tactics of a despised enemy; the foes here are overbearing and sly and draw the line at no weapon.

Personally the native may well count his blessings; he can make himself very much liked; if he only wants, his inborn nobility and sweetness of manners may win him many sincere friends; his intelligence is open to truth, and the seeds of hope and faith in God lie deep in his soul. The native must surrender himself entirely into His hands to get the necessary protection and justice. Should other components bar faith, let him then rely on the measure of protection that the powers that be go out of their way to grant him. He must not let human wickedness intimidate him, but he must keep his eyes wide open and be watchful and firm. Let him be above provocation and not stoop to squabble with those unworthy of him.

On the contrary, should he prefer to react violently in word or action, or to oppose cunning with cunning, he would only incur the dislike of those who otherwise would have been willing to protect him; but he never will be able to outsmart or to overpower his despicable opponents.

The artistic ability to paint realistic picture in detail as well as the ability to see precisely and write clearly are to be expected here. This native is likely to use these abilities to expose the superstitions misguided beliefs of the masses. He may be an extremely clever psychologist and should he develop his writing skills could be very popular. People are able to see and enjoy the fallacies of others exposed when it is not personal to them. Usually a writer can do this. However, this native is more respected and looked up to than loved. He is likely to have good mathematical ability. He may be quite successful in exposing and thereby ridding society of many biases and prejudices. He has little patience but he is precise and accurate with a gift for going straight to the point. He usually gains sufficient support so that he need have no fear of being isolated, although he is not loved. He seems to stir up hostilities between groups but for the most part manages to avoid direct blows against himself. What he says makes too much sense to be openly attacked. When he is, he is more than adequate to defend himself admirably.

Business; economy or mathematical ability; found in charts of land downers and statisticians; blindness, explosions, fire, flaring heat, heroism, courage, and defiance; left knee cartilage.

Denotes one of fine comprehension and intellectuality, essentially fitted for very special world work. He is ever searching for the truth in art, science, and life, and has a mind powerful enough to withstand criticism from the ignorantly learned. Reward comes to him. At the close of earth life he sees the light. It is a symbol of Transition.

15-16 deg Capricorn

Denotes one, artistic and nature-loving, who has a rapturous appreciation for the grandeur of creation and endeavors by some media—art, letters, or song—to express it. He has a strong affinity with nature, and her many moods will act and react on his sensitive soul. It is a symbol of Expression.

Business; suicide; music (classical, the organ); often a conductor rater than an executant in music; seldom a singer unless Venus is in Taurus; seldom in the charts of the famous or notorious; suicide; beneficence, ideality, hopefulness, refinement, and changeability; and makes its native grave, sober, outwardly pretentious and usually lascivious, right knotty protuberance of knee.

Withdrawn, patient, and adventurous character. If one is willing to control one's taste for dangerous undertakings, one can achieve success in horse breeding, training, or trade. The gift for taming can also be very well expressed in child-rearing practices. This degree warns that recklessness brings about downfall and sometimes, violent death.

This native is too soft for the difficulties he faces. There may be some protection in passive resistance but he is not sufficiently dedicated to anything to make any real impression. His overanxious desire please draws a certain lack of respect. He may be the type to enjoy his suffering and the sympathy it brings him. If the other parts of the chart show sufficient strength to ward off such attacks as this degree attracts he may show of the basic Capricorn nature.

The symbol is divalent. It may imply that the rider control the horse without the help of material means, acting, as it were, magically through sheer will power; and it may mean as well that this soul is carried off by a subhuman energy over which consciousness has no power. The horse is usually taken to mean the three lower vehicles of man, and the vehicle par excellence is certainly the physical body, its unbridledness being a transparent token of unleashed lustfulness.

One may wonder how the two divergent constructions can be brought to an agreement, but this is hardly necessary as the stirs will leave place for only one. Moreover, one and the same person is not at all unlikely to hold an irresistible sway over others while at the same time being ruled and led by lust. The answer, as usual, must be sought in the whole of the chart.

Should the pattern be generally good, grant a strong character without barring good luck, and show favorable aspects of Jupiter and the Sun, the way then would be open to highest distinctions for the native.

At the outside, this degree would produce the Master, the man of God, the Great Initiate, the Anointed One. In any event, there will be independence, faraway travels, and such features as to make life appear like a novel to others.

In unlucky themes, great undertakings imply dangers corresponding to the daring; short of a lightning-like intuition, luck, or the support of long experience any enterprise will come to grief. Where other pointers of sensuality concur, there will be a carefree epicureanism forgetful of the morrow; concurrence of sportsmanship will lead to horse racing or riding.


16-17 deg Capricorn

Obliging, persistent, and provident character. Owing to one's human qualities and professional skills, one is entrusted with a high-level position, or one earns an electoral mandate. It is also possible that one meets a person wielding power who grants his protection and brings about wealth.

This degree may contribute to a variety of abilities. It is found in a variety of settings. In a good chart this push may take one all the way to the top Capricorn would like to be. There is some danger lustfulness may be a stumbling block, but I have not found this to be the case. Venus here may be a temptation indulge too much in luxurious living with excessive food and drink. Jupiter also may have a debilitating effect. However, these tendencies would have to be supported else where in the chart. It will grant stature, a well-balanced merriness, honors and overall success. He will likely a romantic and adventurous life. There is much capacity for learning which continues throughout life. He profits much from continuing education. He, however, also faces dangers in keeping with the risks he takes. Usually he well equipped to handle what he attempts. Seldom does he overshoot his mark. He may also have a lightning-like intuition and hold an irresistible sway over other people. Along with this he may have an aura of mystery which cause people to keep their distance. He seems not to attract spongers even though he has a generous and hospitable nature.

A very human character, showing all the higher features of its animal part. The native’s dog-like, all-out fidelity will be put to many a severe test. He will have a grumbling, growing, quarrelsome, nearly always harmless spirit; at the same time, the friend of mankind’s docility and admirable reasonableness. The temperament will bear the marks of the utmost decision, but of steadiness as well, and the intelligence will be above the native’s rank.

Hallmark of this humane mind will be the most persuasive eloquence, a cogent logic, a suggestive expression, an artistic if not poetic style, a well-pitched voice and an inborn musicality.

Such a gift for music and poetry could make the native into a true artist if an excessive accuracy of detail does not pinion the wings of inspiration; his exactitude will be driven to the limit of punctiliousness. The native will have a craze for analysis. Astrology and instruments of precision, and any work he does will bear the marks of such a tendency. In art, therefore, he may go so far as to become a faithful and likable executor, but hardly a creator.

Outside the artistic field he may well’ become the herald of new scientific doctrines or philosophical systems, which, however, must be borne out by the rest of the horoscope.

Luck may smile upon him more as regards associations than affections. He may be successful at the bar, in diplomacy or politics.

Business, solid matter, hard to define since it brings a variety of conditions which are up to the subject to handle for good or evil. Music; left knotty protuberance of knee.

Denotes one of sublime aspirations. To him the spiritual is ever more attractive than the material. The more life advances, the more refined his philosophy becomes until its rays fade from earth with the soul so well expressing it. It is a symbol of Supersensualism.

17-18 deg Capricorn

Denotes one whose fate is greatly influenced by the acts of others, and whose life is blended with the hopes and ambitions of the many. He will have trials and temptations, and can only defend himself and his honor by firmly refusing to be drawn into affairs of an unworthy nature. It is a symbol of Changes.

Connected with crime and violence; a lyre, often adverse in maps of murderers or their victims; music; men with this are inclined to spells of moodiness; women are beautiful but sometimes unfortunate; often in charts of diabetics; right ligaments of knee.

Violent, noisy, and quarrelsome character. One wastes a great deal of energy in meaningless fights and aggressions, thus wearing down the patience of benevolent people. It is necessary to put aside self-righteousness and learn to respect other people's views. This degree warns against all forms of violence and accidents.

This is hardly a good influence, and little as unfavorable stars concur, it may prove altogether evil. Its redeeming features may be its utter refinement (provided it does not become warped into ostentation or even worse) and that minor gift of the mind—promptness.

The other features, good as they may appear, are all negative. The native will dare public opinion, but without deriving from this eighteenth degree of Capricorn a sufficiently good reason to do so; viz., that independence of thought and character which confers upon a man worthy of the name the right and the duty to rebel against society’s idolized fallacies and organized wrongdoing.

Here is no trace of courage, but an aggrieving and cowardly effrontery.

There is no independence, rather a peevish tendency to be at cross purposes with one’s interlocutors, sheepishly sponsoring the diametrically opposed point of view even if blatantly wrong. A blustering and chicken-hearted liar, erratic and stubborn, he will waste time and money on arbitrage, gambling and racing, shirking work with all possible means.

He may become a croupier or a bookmaker if favorable aspects concur. Should the stars endow the native with political opportunism as well (which does not exclude contrariness in other fields at all), he may prove a perfect agent provocateur or, even better, a regular Vicar of Bray, a champion of that political double-dealing which the Italians practice with such gusto.

Poetry and music are not typical characteristics of Capricorn but the influence of this degree reaches heights not found anywhere else in the Zodiac. A meticulous precision may detract from the creative and feeling ability if strongly indicated in other areas. For the necessary feeling and inspiration are also granted here along with a precise and methodical attention to detail. The voice is unusually melodic and there is an intrinsic understanding and feeling quality which produces a free flow of harmony. He also has a talent for analysis which would contribute to the study of Astrology and work with precision instruments of all kinds. Artistic painting also would be a faithful reproduction of the subject in minute detail. Nor are abilities here limited to music and painting. He is quite as clever with the use of words. Any writing he might do would have a poetic flow. The combination of use of words and the melodic voice give him the ability persuade where the use of force will fail completely. The nature is passive, yielding, harmless, orderly,, decorous, well- mannered and wholly pleasant. His attachments are tid but constant allowing those around him freedom. Should this native form a complete philosophical orientation life this degree would grant the capacity to organize and put it into language of a highly persuasive quality with attractive power to convince millions.


18-19 deg Capricorn

Honest, tough, and determined character. One courageously copes with ordeals, and once the storm subsides, one successfully rebuilds a life of rectitude and prosperity which commands the respect of one's entourage. If in the natal chart, Mars is in conjunction with this degree or in the 1st House, one is most likely to wield power and enjoy public esteem in foreign countries.

Authorities seem to agree that there is no good to be found here. Lying is the most pronounced sin. Cowardly, gambling, quarrelsome, belligerent, and very much at odds with society and everyone around him Naturally, this kind of behavior attracts very great problems of all kinds.

The native’s defect is a tendency to speak or to act out of turn in whatever he chooses to do. Other contrasting factors, will power, and suitable training may well blunt this edge, though they are unlikely to knock it off altogether. The native will dash forward when it would be wisest to stay put; much oftener he will rather bide his time when the occasion calls for action.

His virtues are as firm as a rock; an unshakeable courage which may become real heroism at times; an absolute autonomy and a deep self-reliance. Very original and endowed with a sense of truth that seldom fails him, the native knows what he is driving at and does not lay too great a store by what others choose to think; should the tide happen to flow the same way he is going, he may find himself having the lead; should the waters ebb the opposite direction, he would be ready to stand their rush, even to fight against it with unruffled coolness. A victor, he will not misuse victory. To break him, a foe will have to deal him an unexpected and smashing blow, as he is easier to annihilate than to conquer.

Apart from life’s struggle, explosions and collapses are materially to be feared. The native may own a mine or have to work in one.

Many hazards in life; limitation, hindered from developing freely; enterprising, truthful, and forceful, firm, self-reliant and original; malefics here not favorable in female charts; music; left ligaments of knee.

Denotes one of a vigorous and determined nature and great stubbornness of character who holds strongly to pronounced opinions and ideas. If he is thrown into political life he becomes a statesman whose firmness will be appreciated by his friends and regretted by his enemies It is a symbol of Holding.

19-20 deg Capricorn

A very determined character; physically active; may go far if he charts his course wisely; music; benevolent; liberal; ability to command; a succesful warrior; tendons of right knee.

Conceited, superficial, and shrewd character endowed with great talents for mimicry. One achieves success in fashion or in any occupation in the entertainment industry. The financial situation may not be stable, and therefore, it is wise to put some savings aside in order to cope with lean periods. This degree also describes unreliable employees.

A very versatile but altogether unoriginal mind; mimetic faculties may come to light as a merely perfunctory assimilation of foreign doctrines, or in the arts of dance, pantomime and burlesque.

A nimble body and graceful ease of movement. Adaptation to the most different environments and points of view comes to such a character and, unfortunately, to such a conscience as a matter of course. Yet the native remains an insufferable crank. Physical vanity will be bottomless and, in a woman, will go hand-in-hand with a wanton coquettishness. Where other factors help, there may be good taste in dressing, and the native may turn into something of a fop or a Beau Brummel, as the case may be.

As to money, the fruit of his labor will be belated, even if he works hard; whereas he seems to be in for luck in love.

This is the degree of Pluto’s S Node at the present time. The most typical trait of this degree is the ability of the natives here to take a solid stand in face of all odds. There is much to suggest the influence Pluto, more on the positive than the negative side. There is a strong explosive element and may cause him to act of turn or prematurely. Also, he may rely on force so than necessary and where force may not even be called He sets his course and will hold it whether or not the crowd follows. He will pursue his course with undisturbed calm. He is stoical in the stands he takes. He is easier to kill to overcome. When he wins he is controlled by valor integrity and will not take undue advantage of a defeated foe. He may also be associated with mining which is also characteristic of Pluto. These natives may go far because of their ability which is supported by an original mind and broad creative abilities. There is a strong respect for truth and honesty. He has the courage of his convictions and stand alone if necessary.

Denotes one whose spirituality shines amidst the intensity of the darkness of materialism, a seer whose destiny it is to raise the fallen to a realization of the divine excellence of man and to warn off the dark and opposing enemies. It is a symbol of Evolution.

20-21 deg Capricorn

Denotes an extremely sensitive and impressionable nature of romantic and strange fancies. If the sun is afflicted at birth or if the moon is changing from old to new, the native is liable to obsession or evil company, which threaten his honor, and he will have to seek help from more positive minds. But if the orbs be in good aspect and the moon be elevated, strong, advancing from new to full, advancement will be the native’s destiny. It is a symbol of Perplexity.

Industrious, mystic, and quiet character endowed with an excellent memory and great intellectual capacities. Success and fame can be achieved in literature, linguistics, science, philosophy, or occultism. This degree indicates deep interests in religion, human sciences, eastern civilisations, and alchemy.

This degree is rather limited in expression. It usually indicates small pay for the effort one puts forth. They are closed in and restricted as to opportunities. This is probably the greatest factor in their lack of success. Some of them are congenial and show some theatrical ability. Usually there is a flexibility of body which could contribute to dancing if supported elsewhere. They are quite adaptable and their desire for approval may be a factor which hampers their development. There is streak of vanity even though they are shy and retiring.

Profound studies, a really great knowledge. Chemistry seems the most congenial line. A supple and manifold mind which can be kept at more than one work at a time; an original intelligence apt to revive —if helped by favorable stars—currents of ancient lore, or to create fresh theories and to found new schools of thought. In this case success will exceed all hopes, but in any other case the native’s mighty work will serve the needs of progressing mankind more than his own personal interests.

With the concurrence of suitable components, this degree may purport initiation, alchemy rather than chemistry, the Great Work more than great works; in other words, will produce a master rather than a teacher.

Music; a mercurial disposition; curious about the thoughts and reactions of others; usually good at analyzing characters; tendons of left knee.


21-22 deg Capricorn

A scholarly degree; active mind; persistent in his efforts; studies the past to guide him in his future; usually has more than one hobby; women with planets here are usually hard to understand; music; muscle endings.

Hard-working, persistent, and realistic character endowed with intellectual and physical strength. Whether one is a self-made person or an heir, hard work enables to overcome any hurdle and brings about happiness and prosperity. All careers in agriculture, exploitation of the soil, forestry, or botany are very favoured.

The influence of this degree may contribute greatly to the building of new limits for a new society. It is given to knowledge and study, both old and new. Also, he makes a good teacher. He digs deep into antiquity in order to correctly assess the current trends. The breadth of his knowledge usually equals its depths. He is more inclined to be dedicated to humanity as a whole and be captured by what he studies than he is to pursue any private or personal concerns for profit and may thereby be unrecognized for what he has accomplished. There is the possibility that he may encompass both of these goals or at least be in a position to reap some rewards for his efforts. He may do scientific or philosophical research, or in this day and age may even make discoveries along occult mystical directions.

This image can be taken both literally and metaphorically. In the former sense it will point to a heavy, steady, drudging work; obviously this work will in all likelihood be mining, digging up archaeological remains, and the like.

The latter construction of the symbol would by no means bar the former.

It points to a sharp and piercing mind, to a profound spirit, eager to pry into the unknown, and perhaps to a fondness for mystery. According to the different temperaments, there can be a religious sense bent on the esoteric, the study of abstruse sciences like archaeology, dead languages, paleontology; or a strange, undecipherable, hermetic temperament.

At any rate, either with his brawn or with his brain, the native will have to work hard; will be patient rather than stubborn, or vice versa, as the other factors purport. As to his tools, he will be an extremist in either sense, will either put up with the roughest, nerly antediluvian, equipment, or will exact the most up-to-date outfit modem technique has evolved.

The obstacles to clear will be great, but he will face them courageously, and luck will smile upon such strength of character and such unflinching will.

Denotes one whose power is directed to the uplifting and advancement of his race—a stayer of war and strife, of plague and riot. He looks directly ahead, far ahead into the years to come when the new sun will illuminate the glory of a new age of gold. It is a symbol of Renewing.

22-23 deg Capricorn

Denotes a far-seeing person with a fine appreciation of poetry and the arts and a well-endowed mind capable of delving deeply into obscure subjects. Should Mercury be afflicted in the horoscope, especially by Saturn, the native will incline to exercise his powers in a wrong direction and to seek to restrain to his advantage the rights of others. It is a symbol of Sagacity.

Impulsive, sensual, and weak character. One uses one's intellectual and financial resources with the sole objective to fulfil one's passions and whims. So-called friends take advantage of one's carelessness and disappear as soon as money becomes scarce. In few cases, this degree describes a fatality which wreaks havoc in the home, and a possible suicide.

Recourse was had to Law as a control A King was chosen, who could steer the course of realm, his gaze fixed on a holy go4 —Dante, Purg. 16,94-96

A bright but rash mind, an utterly jolly temper, on the main more or less forgetful of the boundaries set by thrift, law or custom, not of those set by manners; a hospitable, generous and winning nature, but reckless and inordinate in love matters. Sentimental entanglements can bring trouble or worse; lavishness, extravagance, foregone conclusions and overhasty decisions can produce financial losses, failures, even complete breakdown should the stars be particularly evil. Overindulgence in food and drink are not unlikely. A leading hand, wise and firm, seems nearly indispensable.

Earthly affections may sublimate into God’s love and Christian charity; where other factors point the same way, the native may become an ascetic, even a saint but, too often, earthly and holy love will to-exist side by side and will induce a typical Freudian complex of sensual mysticism. Should the horoscope as a whole point to neuropathy, erotomania or the like will be the result.

Charubel maintains that if the Sun is southeast of the pattern, trouble will be limited to the former half of life.

There is a close attraction to the earth from this degree. Natives here often are involved with agriculture or mining. There is an ability to work hard for long periods of time. There is also the spiritual core which may take him along more occult lines of study. There is a keen and sharp mind eager for knowledge, interested in difficult problems and situations. There are abilities which would contribute greatly to detective work although this area is usually not sufficiently broad to attract these people. They are interested in dead languages, deciphering hieroglyphs and working with difficult symbols. They may be drawn to archeology and the resurrections of buried cultures. He has a strong and forceful character which will take him wherever he wishes to go. He usually has a strong sense of direction and the patience to get where he is going. He has a measure of luck to bolster his own inborn abilities.

Astrologers (cherishes the old); art; medical fields; projecting and the arts; music; serious, studious, and mystical; sometimes impractical or ahead of one’s time; an honest but radical philosopher; has many friends; archeologists; from upper to lower legs.


23-24 deg Capricorn

A blunt, steadfast, and militant person; music; gastric ulcer; from upper to lower legs.

Wise, straightforward, and hard-working character endowed with a sound common sense. Success and prosperity can be achieved in all occupations in the wood industry or the production of wines and alcohols. Beneath gruff manners, a warm and generous heart is hiding, which attracts a host of genuine friends. Life unfolds in happiness and simplicity.

This degree contributes to excess of all kinds, including an inability to control the passions. Overoptimism and wild expectations often lead to discouragement, especially in youth. There are many qualities here which would come to the fore if he were able control the passions and excessive tendencies. When there is failure associated with this degree it is always due to of control and a realistic approach. There is however sufficient intelligence, pleasant personality capable of attracting support from others. He may even be attracted art and poetry whether he develops any ability along these lines or merely an appreciation. There may also be a deep religious nature. If the passions were directed along these lines, which would require considerable discipline, the native would go far. In order to make any progress at all it will be necessary for him to be disciplined by his environment or by himself, preferably by himself.

What one may incline to call a head. An eminently constructive brain, an intelligence open to truth and at the same time bent on things of practical use; a mind where, in spite of its manifold gifts, tidiness and order prevail. A leaning toward medicine, applied or pure, toward chemistry, physics, engineering, arts and crafts, for trade at large and the purchase and sale of wine and oil.

Self-mastery, character, straightforwardness. The native is as good as his word, sturdy, unfaltering; as most sincere and open-hearted people, he lacks diplomacy and abhors what he cannot see through; he will break, not bend. Therefore, the earthen pot ought not to enter competition with pots of iron.

A plebian temperament; simple tastes, sound instincts, heady passions, though curbed by will power, a leaning for the people, though the native strives to reach higher and higher to make headway.

Either literally or metaphorically, the native may run the risk of drowning (in a stream or in debts); the chart as a whole will have to tell in which of the two senses the omen can be taken.

One ought to bear in mind that the wheel is also whimsical Goddess Fortune’s tool.

Denotes one who will escape three great dangers by reason of a faith which draws to him the protection of the higher Powers. The most threatening is the third danger, but his faith is proof against this also. He will have moments of intense feeling and will not permit others to usurp his position nor rob him of the fruits of his toil. He is a peculiar child of destiny, and destiny does not design him for a low position in earth life. It is a symbol of Favor.

24-25 deg Capricorn

Denotes one who will hold positions of responsibility and advantage. He has an inborn love of show and glitter, pomp and ceremony. He will be endowed with much mental ability and powers of persuasion, but is not free from secret enemies who seek to end his career by craft or violence. It is a symbol of Unrest.

Ambitious, clever, and irascible character. Success requires continuous learning and training. Similarly to the pianist or the dancer who practices every day, it is necessary to constantly hone one's skills in order to maintain them at the highest possible level. It is at this condition that one can achieve success in a career requiring dexterity, or in education and literature. According to Manilius, a Roman astrologer and poet of the 1st century of the Christian era, this degree endows with great manual and intellectual nimbleness, but it also indicates that triumphs and celebrity are often followed by disfavour.

The native reaps where others have sown. An unquestionably gentle and demonstrative but fickle and shallow person, given over to fun and enjoyment, and fond of frills and frolics, the native will be but an amateur in everything; yet, barring a sudden accident, she will have luck on her side.

Unless, as I said above, a sudden accident hits her; the position of Uranus in the pattern has to be considered.

There is here a deep inborn sincerity, identification with the common people and a dedication truth. He is open and honest, free from underhanded subtleties. Usually one who aspires to teach and is anxious to learn. There is a great love for simple and straight forward truth but a great distrust of complicated and polished phistication. This native often lives on the edge of disaster but is somehow protected and often rescued just in nick of time. He is less hampered by what people think than Capricorn generally, and is willing to take a stand and go his own way if necessary to pursue his goals. He is capable of being blunt in his open frankness when some principle to which he adheres is at stake. The major characteristic here is sincerity. He wants the unvarnished truth and is willing to deal it out when called for. It is typical of Capricorn to be a good student beginning at home in his growing-up years. But when this Capricorn feels that he knows what he is doing he no longer asks. He becomes teacher and he takes over with a firm and knowing hand.

Musical ability; music - classical, serious - the organ; a degree of “darkness”; would rather “be right than president”; doesn’t follow the crowd; believes in government of the people, by the people, for the people, connections between femur and tibia.


25-26 deg Capricorn

Usually a peaceful person, genial, and well mannered; connected often with insurance or literary work; (Perebellum); cunning, mercenary, a fortune with a guilt conscience and unsavory reputation, connections between femur and tibia.

Proud, tranquil, and generous character. One has a keen interest in seas and rainforests, and it is most likely that one achieves success in water sports and any occupation dealing with water or tropical plantations such as rubber, coffee, sugar cane, etc.

This influence is given over to reflecting its environment. These people will do well in positions of high society where certain standards are set and must be followed. This degree picks up an emphasis on what other people think and he attempts to follow what is expected. When these guidelines are not in evidence he is too shallow to cut his own path. There is a sparkling brightness about him which is attractive in a superficial way. If there is more strength of character and depth elsewhere in the chart this influence might be just what was needed in some cases to balance an otherwise heavy chart. They are often able to amass considerable wealth by their conformity and may be considered successful. Even though they are quite amateurish they have a certain measure of luck which often carries them a long way. They love protocol, formalism, and pomp and ceremony of pageantry and ritual.

A rich nature, as sweet when in a good mood as it becomes stormy and cruel when aroused. The native would rather have peace but prizes his freedom above anything else, and it would be foolish indeed to think of taking it from him. Perhaps the same cannot be said of the freedom of others, as the native seems rather meddlesome.

There is a great fondness for nature, travel, and things outlandish. A musing mind, tending to delve deep into thought, able to rise to genius with the help of other factors.

A pitfall of such a nature lies in its rank, luxuriant, unruly undergrowth, in its lower impulses bent on lust and thirsting for stimulants if not for dope. Should the native yield to this, there would be no stopping him, and the way to any kind of perversion would be open.

Denotes one whose ruling impulse is for the protection and comfort of mankind and who will put this into practice; in fact he will be called upon to do so by the influence of that Power who sent him to earth as a defender of the weak. He will find himself in the midst of various aiding and opposing forces, but so deep is his sympathy with the oppressed that conquest as sure unto him. It is a symbol of Tending.

26-27 deg Capricorn

Denotes one of a particularly kind and temperament, extremely thoughtful and a lover of men, animals, and nature, of sin-tastes and careful judgment. The native psychic powers and prophetic foresight regarding future events. It is a symbol of Meditating.

Withdrawn, enduring, and honest character. One revels in solitude and quiet activities such as reading and writing. Although one is very skilful in one's field of competence, one is unwilling to compete with others and contents oneself with a simple life devoid of conflicts.

The native is a kind of good-natured curmudgeon or gold-hearted savage, a strong, rugged, rather awkward and bearish being, remarkable for the ups and downs of his temper, as well as for his kind soul.

Fit as he is, he may take to sports and games, but the most congenial work will be tilling the soil or running farmed country, steering clear of those intrigues of society his straight and open character abhors. He may be weak in front of human wickedness, but is certainly naive, often skittish, never thoroughly polished, much as those in charge of his breeding may have done.

Where this omen is not offset by other influences, harm or accidents in travel are to be feared. One hardly need say that he is as fond of nature as he is shy of human crowds.

Most of the authorities find little hope for the influence of this degree. Invariably there are severe afflictions to be overcome, most of which may be traced to anti-social behavior. There is susceptibility to drugs and intoxicants which spell certain disaster for them. Often there is a surface congeniality with powerful hidden hostilities which come to the surface at various times for various reasons. Freedom seems to be demanded but may be taken away if he does not develop a measure of self-control to stem his behavior. His failure may seem tragic to some people who have seen his sweeter and more gentle side. And he may be successful if he has the strength and determination and help from the rest of the chart to grant the self-discipline and direction needed to harness this wild horse.

May have an uneven temper, impatience, fond of sports and modemstic crazes, sometimes physically afflicted, mentally unstable or otherwise unfortunate, fond of figures or statistics but not always accurate in their use; well aspected denotes considerable ability; deep-lying nerves.


27-28 deg Capricorn

Occult; gamblers; digestive troubles, tact; a degree of patience and determination; ambitious; a good executive able to take care of money; usually does well operating his own business; artery of right knee.

Indicates an undeveloped individual, possibly an unpolished diamond in the rough. He is particularly earthy, liking agriculture in its more rustic and natural practice. He should be a natural for organic farming. There is also a liking for sports of the more physically rugged kind. There is much patience and fixity of purpose. He is somewhat animalistic in his kindly homespun He has a violent temper when crossed but he is not sophisticated enough to deal with most human evils.

This is a divalent symbol, as it may mean huge wealth as well as an unbearable, crushing burden. Spiritually this may be brought into agreement, as wealth is tantamount to a millstone around one’s neck, and the serfdom of the poor is no less a chain than the rich man’s swollen purse.

Intellectually, the symbol means geographic, nautical sciences and the like; exploration of the globe and travel at large; indirectly, astronomy and mathematics. If other aspects help, there may be a vast intelligence; less good components make for what is commonly termed a blockhead or worse. Anyhow, whether bright or dull, this is a methodical mind, with well-defined ideas and rigorously logical reasoning.

Whether rich or a slave, the native is sometimes driven by immoderate ambition, the slave craving a position not only of absolute independence but of lordship, and the rich never setting a limit to his yearning for new wealth. Ambition, however, does not bar righteousness and chastity; slavery—or what is felt as such—does not exclude an honorable or even a famous name; and lucky components may make the native into a pillar of society, either in a moral, scientific, political or financial sense. The relations of the parts to the whole of the pattern must determine this last point.

Precise, brilliant, and passionate character endowed with a vivid imagination and sharp analytical skills. Owing to one's personal qualities and exacting work, one achieves remarkable success and fame in science or in all occupations involving fire, ice, or furs. This degree heralds good luck.

Denotes one, vigorous in mind and body, who advances in his special sphere through his energy and by virtue of his destiny. He is sure to meet with enemies and opponents in life, and his way will be frequently threatened and challenged. But he is mysteriously protected. and so long as his intentions and actions are not stayed by the envy and criticisms of others all will be well with him. It is a symbol of Parrying.

28-29 deg Capricorn

Denotes one of conservative and contemplative mind, aspiring, purposeful, and retentive, who mends the broken chains which link the past to the present, and who sees in the coming dawn a reflection of the remote past. He gains honor and esteem, but is not free from sadness. His ideals will be injured by events, expected perhaps in all but intensity. It is a symbol of Comparison.

This is one of the finest degrees of the whole zodiac and bestows even physical beauty, but its highest prize lies in the inner stillness and enlightenment it confers. The native has such a wealth of spiritual resources as to enable him to preserve an unruffled self-assurance under any circumstances. Even if poor and uneducated, he will draw from an inborn, instinctive wisdom, an unerring insight into nature, its beings and its laws; if in a position to learn, he will delve deep into the knowledge of such laws and will be led to discoveries that will raise him into renown; but in any case, whether famous or obscure, he will prefer inner meditation and silence to the fuss of the teeming human masses.

Other components, in contrast with the spiritual nature of this one, may let love of nature and animals drift along utilitarian lines and result in the trade of a dairy farmer, a cheesemonger, or a beemaster.

A native of this degree seems to heavily burdened with something, which prevents from having the freedom other people enjoy. This burden usually takes the form of some kind of responsibility which may be some great honor. At any rate, he is and reliable and can be counted on to chart a steady course for those who depend on him. He is guided by strict precise thinking which unerringly brings him to his nation. This may be more literally true if the native should be involved in navigation. He is usually ambitious seeks the responsibility he finds himself saddled with. probably do not realize anything desirable about the freedom they so willingly give up. They have sufficient for success in whatever they assume responsibility for.

Loyal, creative, and contemplative character endowed with poetic and artistic gifts. One enjoys the simple pleasures offered by nature and finds in its beauties an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Success can be achieved in any artistic discipline, in law, or in medicine. Should the natal chart concur, this degree indicates sojourns in the countryside or in the mountain for health reasons.

Hair; people who will rule or direct others; industrious planner; enjoys life in his or her own way; artery of left knee.


29-30 deg Capricorn

Denotes one who is cautious and generally fortunate, and who nevertheless may be subjected to sudden attacks on his name and possessions He should avoid law and legal tribunals, and always fix agreements by writing, in order prevent future disputes. He may gain a position of importance, but will not be able to hold it, he may be elected to a position which can only be held for a limited term. The higher he aims the more he renders himself vulnerable to shafts of those above him. It is a symbol Strengthening.

Clairvoyance; one who does painstaking work; usually collectors of ideas, scientific material, antiques, or sometimes money if other aspects concur; musical or poetic ability, sometimes with a melancholy note; bronchitis adductor muscles.

Superficial, daring, and unpredictable character endowed with strong powers of seduction. One can be successful in animal taming and training, or in prestidigitation. More often than not, wealth is acquired through a nice marriage.

Silence and contemplation away the business centers of the world are sought after here. He seems to have an inborn wealth of spiritual knowledge which grants him serenity and poise. He may be musical or poetic, usually with a touch of melancholy. He is also usually a collector of something. At the very least, he is conservative by nature desiring to save and make everything of value. There is a great love of animals and nature. He might also do very well as a dairyman. His outlook is usually practical and simple. He loves natural settings and prefers to work and live outside. He might also do well with forestry, especially as a ranger or stationed at a lookout post.

Power of concentration, inability to alter the direction of one’s inborn impulses. Lightning-like promptness and discontinuity in action. Lofty ambitions, huge hopes; an extraordinary energy, often foreign to the native himself, but anyhow likely to boost him very high; but he may dash along like a fiery meteor, whereas the results of his actions will disappoint everyone as the power propelling him toward the goal may lot him overreach himself and go astray.

The horoscope as a whole will tell what kind and what amount of luck he will get; surely, should the native make a mistake, he cannot rectify it or retrace his steps. On the other hand, the propelling force is an impulse, a dash and not a constant drive, and tends to sink to naught through friction, wear and tear, so that either the goal set to him is reached within a certain time, or utter failure has to be faced.

The native’s career will resemble a parable in its broad outline.