Gemini Degrees

0-1 deg Gemini
Friendship has a lion’s share in the native’s life. Prompted by his unprejudiced, merry, kind, confident nature, he will lay open his heart and his hearth to his friends and will expect them to do the same to him. Influent and highly placed people may take a sincere liking to him, obliging him with their protection and such favors as may greatly help him in his private life and public career.
All of which is likely to happen, but the other astrologic aspects must, as usual, not be lost sight of. Friendship may be interesting and purposeful, and the unconditional surrender of one’s home may lead to family strife and married unhappiness on the side of the more confiding and naively faithful partner. Or worse, should the horoscope point to lack of dignity and self-respect, it could be assumed that favors and protection have been curried by conniving to one’s own wife’s misbehavior and support for her lover from the betrayed husband and friend. Even if such a point is not reached, the friendship’s moral influence may prove harmful to self-respect.
In female charts, this degree may portend laborious and even deadly deliveries.

It Indicates a life of security, peace and prosperity. The native will make friendships that will prove sincere and advantageous; and by means of his friends he will meet with success in life. He will be protected by someone greater than himself, whose influence will be widespread and beneficent. The native will have a kind nature, trustful disposition, and his domestic life will be happy and prosperous. It is a degree of SECURITY.
This is an important degree: whoever may have this degree on his or her ascendant will be unfortunate through marriage. If a female, should she ever become a mother, the labor will be attended with much suffering, and possibly death. A very negative person, open to evil influences.
Photography; writers; people whose work requires precision, such as artist’s, engravers, architects, watchmakers; draftsmanship; original and enterprising; a friend of the common people, or one whom imagines himself as such; trachea.
Cultured, impetuous, hasty with the power to direct thoughts with constructive or destructive effect according to the development of the native.
"Two children walk hand in hand towards two yellow lilies growing under a thick-foliaged tree." Observant, patient, and loyal character. Relationships with siblings are harmonious. Success is achieved in education and all careers related to children and youths. Owing to one's personal qualities and professional merits, one attracts many genuine friends and powerful protectors. Life unfolds in happiness and prosperity. This degree symbolises "twinness" and the possibility to be a twin or to have twins."
Original arid enterprising. A friend of the common people, or one who imagines himself as such. (0 to 4 degree Gemini, Sagittarius is an area of precision, often found in the charts of artists, engravers, architects, watchmakers, astronomers and others.)
This degree gives a reckless and self-centered attitude. The influence of Gemini comes through here giving the native an ability to change through learning. This is a balanced blend of the Taurus- Gemini cusp influence. The individual usually starts negative and has a good chance for working into a more positive development. There is a tendency to be concerned with appearances first and later develop the inner beauty. It is as though one had to first build a beautiful house or find a beautiful spot before he could really settle down to consider the beauty of the spirit. There still is a definite Taurus need for comfortable surroundings in which to live which comes through here as love of luxury. Once the individual has established himself where he is comfortable, in true Taurian fashion, he relaxes to meditate on the more philosophical truths. This may seem to many people that the permanent values are given second place. However the body is the temple of the “holy spirit” and as such deserves more consideration than some philosophies would give it.
Friendly, unprejudiced, kind confidence is conferred by Aries’ influence on this, the first degree of ever-brightening Gemini. Aries is the eleventh house from air sign Gemini, thus an emphasis on friends and future plans. Aries also sextiles Gemini, thus this degree corresponds to the first day of Spring-pioneering, well-liked by all, curious opportunistic, but with the chance of indiscretion allowing unscrupulous elements easy access to this degree’s great treasures, particularly through commerce and partnerships. Strife is possible, and too many acquaintance. Works with precision or ‘new’ ventures, often in metals - artists, architects.

1-2 deg Gemini
A writer friend of mine, whose birth degree is this, has devised as Ex Libris a man armed with an ice axe looking from the bottom at a mountain top, and the motto Why not? As I cannot think of a better one, let me quote this Ex Libris, whose image and slogan both are as suitable as any to illustrate the typical attitude of this second degree of Gemini. One could add the Latin proverbs audaces fortuna juvat and memento audere sem per.
A great ambition ruling over a great courage, which is in turn rewarded by a great fortune.
The rest of the pattern must, as usual, suggest how to interpret this correctly. Whatever share of mental gifts the stars have meted out to him, the native has the power of concentration and can, as the case may be, discover, innovate or find original practical applications, as the other components show.
He may be a daring and gifted reformer of a natural science (physics, chemistry, etc whom the misoeists will oppose violently and the rivals try to rob of his discoveries; but he will triumph over both. Where the astrologic pointers are all of a spiritual nature, the innovation and the attending fights both may refer to spiritual sciences and to religious reform. In the case of an artist they may refer to till-then-untried technical audacities, or the like. In a less bight horoscope and with police pointers, the native will be a new Sherlock Holmes breaking new ways open to investigation and fearlessly hand-shackling the criminals; and getting the truth from them without having recourse to violence. Or he may be a criminal of genius, like unscrupulous Aresene Lupin versus Sherlock Holmes, a bright plagiarist, etc.

It signifies one of a daring and courageous nature, who will, by his own merit, rise to positions of honor, and overcome all obstacles. He will be eloquent, carrying defense in his mouth, and prominent in his avocation. He will, however, die on the attainment of his greatest ambition. A degree of PROWESS.
Denotes much power of concentration. The native will discover some one thing, some force in nature, perhaps, according to the bent of his, or her, genius. It may be connected with optics or some new phase of electricity, or he may find his way in chemistry. It is possible that this may apply with equal truth to the metaphysical or the transcendental.
Draftsmanship; people whose work requires precision, such as artists, engravers, architects, watchmakers; photography; a religious degree; writers; an aggressive person who sometimes stars more than he can finish or gains more than he can hold; ambitious and intellectual; esophagus.
Knowing no fear and with great capacity for study and research, he helps towards the advancement of the race. Errors in judgment are forgotten.
"A man holding a dagger between his teeth climbs a wall with a rope ladder." Courageous, bold, and honest character. One can achieve success in the magistracy, the military, or the police. One has the strength required to overcome hurdles, and one accomplishes some outstanding feat which is rewarded by honours and a high-level position.
An aggressive person who sometimes starts more than he can finish, or gains more than he can hold. Ambitious arid intellectual. Gemini and Virgo are the writer’s signs.
There is much disagreement with regard to this degree. Friendship is an important factor. Even morality is set aside for the sake of friendship. Also there is considerable threat to women at the time of childbirth. Although other extremes are suggested, nothing will be picked up here that isn’t already native to the individual, from some other source. It tends to contribute a bright and original color to the intellect, which is easily influenced by other things. If the chart as a whole is well directed and pinned down this will add perhaps an interesting novelty. If the chart is pointed in a negative and destructive direction this degree will second the motion. Of itself it is not very strong.
Aries and Virgo influence here glorifies nature, and finds vocations involving the out-of-doors or nature’s beauties and bounties. Health conscious, perhaps a physician, nurse, or farmer. Characterized by precision, and much like the first degree of Gemini, is very much a craftsman, but more socially discriminating and intellectual. A good worker and communicator, particularly adept with technical devices. Courageous.

2-3 deg Gemini
Symbol: Orpheus, playing his lyre, moves the stones to build a town.
Poetry and music, a great imaginative power, love of the marvelous. The native’s personality shows two features that will seem irreconcilable to anyone wishing to apply the iron rules of logic to human psychology.
On one hand the subject is a daydreamer who cannot keep in order what concerns his own person. A whimsical being, whose mind is forever pursuing dreams of beauty, he cannot stem the rush of his private expenses; he is in love with everything beautiful, luxurious and refined and will have it, cost what it may. This produces a chaotic disorder in his household, and goes together with a merry sprightliness and a happy inconscience of some practical duties.
On the other hand, destiny may have saddled him with the burden of a society of which. he is the founder, the head, or the leader. It would seem to stand to reason that he should be unequal to such a task. Yet this bohemian shoulders such responsibility with a swing and a smile and will prove as wise, as eloquent and efficient in setting in motion gigantic things as he proved unfit and helpless in running his own estate.
In a word, the native is a true artist, even if he does not write poetry or music, and will prove more at home in flying than in treading hard ground.
He will be endowed also with a sturdy physical build and a powerful character, though he will be open to influence and worried about public opinion.

This denotes a person of Bohemian habits, refined tastes, a love for things beautiful, music, poetry, art, etc. The native will lead a roaming life, will have much happiness, but not great fame. He will be talented, but maybe too contented in the possession of his powers and thinking too little of his wider uses. He will have a strong imagination, love of the marvelous, and will be very sensitive to the opinions and influence of others. It is a degree of HARMIONY.
Denotes a strong character-strong in every way, both physically and psychically. Should this person be so circumstanced he may cut a prominent figure, as the founder and supporter of some gigantic scheme or organization. As a rule such an one cannot fail to find his way into some very important position in life, attended with great responsibilities.
Artistic ability; talent for drawing, painting, or sculpture; appreciation of music, art, and literature; draftsmanship; ambassadors; people whose work requires precision, such as artist’s, engravers, architects, watchmakers; photography; writers; resourceful and adaptable; fine ideas or ideals; a desire to do things in a big way; if afflicted, lack of precision; upper right pulmonary lobe.
Artistic, idealistic, eloquent. One capable of reaching the top in his chosen work.
"By a waterfall, a troubadour plays the lyre while his companion listens."
Carefree, passionate, and whimsical character endowed with great artistic gifts. Success and fame can be achieved in any artistic discipline. Depending on the natal chart, one wastes one's talents or on the contrary, carefully cultivates them.
Resourceful and adaptable. Fine ideas, or ideals, and a desire to do things in a big way. (Afflictions here may denote lack of precision.)
This degree somehow attached itself to some of the Taurus depth and stability. The influence here is much more stable than Gemini generally. This degree grams the ability to center down to one activity and pursue it to some final conclusion. It helps a great deal if the pursuit is new, varied and colorful in itself. This may even be a necessary characteristic to hold the Gemini attention. The native is able to work with precision and concentration but the project must have some ~excitement in and of itself. The native is expansive and desires to do something in a big way. But the blessing is that he is able to follow through. There is much more stability than Gemini. usually commands.
Taurus indicates love and artistic qualities bestows a pleasant personality, but often chases dreams and neglects heavier responsibilities of life due to desire for peace, harmony and excitement. However, can rise to the pinnacle of success in any of a variety of endeavors - due to Taurean perseverance and social skills. Practical matters and other’s needs cannot be ignored. Good physique - lover of luxury and sex.

3-4 deg Gemini
A lucky destiny, confidential political appointments, an eminent position due to personal merits await the native. An inborn sense of dignity will exert a magnetic attraction on others and will call for their respect. The intelligence is lively and piercing, the faculty of observation precise and minutes There is a great deal of practical sense, a generous, friendly and hospitable sprit. Marriage will be happy.

This degree will produce a person of kind and noble disposition; one who wilt occupy positions of trust, and, by his own merits, rise to eminence in his own sphere of work. It is a degree of DIGNITY.
Great powers of perception. An active, sharp intellect; an exact or accurate observer of men and things. He would make a good detective; a practical mind: no mere theorizer.
Photography; art; surgeons; opticians; ability for work requiring extreme accuracy and precision; good for scientists, miniature painters, and engravers; writers; music (“a troubador, his instrument slung at his side”); generous, energetic, talented, and intuitive; would make a good magnetic healer, appendix, lower right pulmonary lobe.
Very conscientious and self -sacrificing. Eagar after spiritual knowledge and attainment.
"As two men fight over the sharing of their loot, a third thief who gets hold of it." Greedy, quarrelsome, and crafty character. Intellectual capacities are good, but instead of working honestly, one prefers to covet people's goods and use underhanded malpractices to dispossess one's victims. However, sooner or later, one falls prey to a smarter swindler. This degree often indicates weeping, bad luck, and deprivation of liberty.
Generous, energetic, talented and intuitive. Would make a good magnetic healer. (Gunsmiths with Aries, Libra 8-9 degree.)
A tremendous strength more like. Taurus than Gemini comes through here, yet it also incorporates mental characteristics. There is a dualistic influence which incorporates both signs. There is a frivolous scattered nature which nevertheless picks up the Taurus love of beauty and luxury. Then there is a brute strength quality which is organized and held together with an abundance of mental ability. There is an abundance of the qualities necessary for any task this native sets out to accomplish. His resourcefulness never runs dry. But he may be satisfied long before his abilities have been exhausted. Perhaps it is due to this extra padding of ability that this native never feels pushed to the wall or overloaded with responsibilities. He can carry more than most people with less effort. He has a seeming ability to be everywhere at the same time, and a tremendous power over people, which borders on psychic or intuitive ability. With his excess ability this native is quite dependent on a push in the right direction of the right magnitude. If he is pushed too hard he will overshoot his mark and if he receives no push at all he may flounder around and not get started with anything. He need not receive this push from another person. He may receive the stimulation from an idea or a project which captures his interest.
Taurus and Capricorn supplies an inner sense of dignity, consciousness of social status, and orderly, sharp intelligence. One of the most down-to-earth degrees of Gemini, capable of directing rushing thoughts into purposeful actions - good degree for life in general, and over the course of years often finds the way to the top of professions involving heath (surgeons, healers) or finance. Adapts well to anything due to dexterity, orderliness, sense of value and almost spiritual approach to life’s challenges.

4-5 deg Gemini
Symbol: An arbalester.
As the symbol clearly shows, this degree has an influence like the first of Sagittarius, namely a courage verging on daring, an adventurer’s temperament; a lightning-like, jerky and jumpy way of acting; a gift for polemics, a dialectic zest; a stinging sarcasm; an orderly, methodical, precise, ruthless intelligence. The ability to earn money is remarkable, but below the native’s unappeasable thirst for money. An unbridled ambition fills the native with envy and drives him into quarrels where he foolhardily stakes everything, burning the bridges behind him in order to attain his aim at all costs. Whether the attempt is to be successful will be shown by the horoscope as a whole.
Distant travel is probable. This degree tends to confer beauty, especially to the eyes, which will be dark but bright.

This indicates that the native will be of a jealous and warlike nature, winning a competence for himself by great hazards. He will make efforts at gaining wealth and position, but will meet with opposition, and will either succeed or perish in the attempt. This is a degree of CHANCE.
This is an all-round person. Whatever he, or she, takes in hand will be accomplished most efficiently. Very neat in attire, orderly in business, and methodical in mental pursuits; a good reasoner; proud, and a little selfish.
Versatile and dexterous, especially along literary or artistic lines, contradictions of fortune; upper left pulmonary lobe.
Possesses literary taste and ability but finds difficult in meeting material needs until middle life.
"A personage in a ceremonial costume stretches out his hand to a man who respectfully bows down."
Magnanimous, obliging, and sincere character endowed with excellent discerning faculties. One readily forgives one's enemies and strives to alleviate deprived people's sufferings. Although one is not particularly interested in worldly gains, one easily attracts success, wealth, and honours owing to a vivid imagination and artistic gifts. Great achievements can also be expected in diplomacy or politics.
Versatile and dexterous, especially along literary or artistic lines.
This degree incorporates a lively sense of rhythm which keeps the native tuned into what’s going on around him. This influence is deeper than the usual Gemini. He seems to call on resources beneath the surface. His observations are filtered through a keen awareness and insight which give them a piercing quality. Where ever there is keen insight there is likely to also be good vision and clear eyesight and so it is with this degree. The degree contributes to rich qualities of trust which carry the native to the top in a number of possible areas. It carries with it much dignity and prestige. It should be remembered that we are here referring basically to mental abilities which without the feeling qualities from some other part of the chart could leave the native somewhat cold and isolated, but in no sense of the word malicious.
Austere, serious, dark Capricorn compliments airy, active Gemini in one of the most outstanding degree of the zodiac. Expresses daring, competence, sureness, and confidence. Businesslike and no- nonsense, which is helpful for accumulating wealth. Travel and philosophy may both play an important role - Capricorn the second house from Sagittarius opposite Gemini. Problems? perhaps - this degree must avoid excessive risk and quarrels- or risk losing all. May marry foreigner or speak foreign language.

5-6 deg Gemini
Symbol: A book and a plumb line.
There is the greatest adherence to, and at the same time the greatest detachment from, reality. A great sensitivity to which no inner feeling corresponds. The native is righteous, clever, has a juridical mentality, a faculty of unbiased judgment, and is aloof from the impact of passions. He is outwardly smart and inwardly cold-hearted.
The native’s mind is adorned with an education above his social status, but with no trace of cerebralism, as his fundamental sanity and poise would not admit of anything morbid. The subject will be lucky as his legal or business activity will grant him riches, welfare, perhaps renown. Lack of feeling will, however, make him unpopular. He will shrink from the limelight into the coziness of home and will prefer the company of animals to that of his fellow beings, which will bless the and of his long life.

It indicates a person of learning, sound reason, dispassionate judgment, elegant manners, but a cold and impassive nature. The native will succeed in his duties and profession, and will become famous, but not popular. He will be rich and will live to a good age. This is a degree of JUDGMENT.
Denotes one given to domestic pursuits, and very partial to domestic animals, but more as pets than as a means of profit.
Shorthand, a degree of sharpness, a revolutionary spirit, usually against the existing order of things, whatever it may be; gives sudden events, tears, violence, fieriness, poisoning, blindness, wounds or injuries to the head by instruments, weapons or fevers; lower left pulmonary lobe.
Retiring, scientific, gifted in research work; seldom understood by relatives.
"A good-looking woman carries a book and weighing scales, and an artist juggles with balls."
Honest, shrewd, and pleasant character. This degree indicates a host of qualities and almost unlimited possibilities. Success, fame, and wealth can be achieved in such different occupations as law, science, literature, education, trade, sports, and entertainment. One is happily married and enjoys a good health.
Usually a person who is against the existing order of things, whatever they may be. A revolutionary spirit.
The native has a command of language, and may even have an ability to write effectively. The nervousness of Gemini is pointed up here. He finds it impossible to quiet either his body or his mind. He lives dangerously challenging almost everything he finds. He has a gambling drive and finds it difficult to resist a dare or challenge of any kind. The degree adds sparkle to the eyes. He attracts and enjoys much excitement. A dramatic ability with the use of words contributes to his skill in the use of propaganda. Overall, the native enjoys a commanding position which is not deeply rooted, but still quite powerful and impressive.
Dualistic nature of the Gemini twins - Gemini’s strongest degree, exhibiting all its traits. Outwardly smart and inwardly coldhearted, and destined to reign in the world of thoughts and ideas. Good for business and self-sufficiency, but not necessarily popular. Speculator. Bound to attract many romances. Excellent student and possible writer/communicator/expeditor. Perceptive - vivid imagination and inner mental life.

6-7 deg Gemini
A steady, smooth, quiet existence expects here a native of a peaceful, kind and affable disposition. He will be graceful and good-looking, well bred and clever, but his retentive mind will lack originality.
Life has few and moderate sufferings in store, and they will be easily borne, as the subject’s unimaginative nature will not be capable of deep-seated grief. There will be luck in love. Marriage is likely to be happy.

This indicates one of a generous, kind nature, full of contentment and quiet happiness. One who will suffer but few sorrows, and will ‘have peace in all his relations. The mind will be passive, calm, and thoughtful; the manners courteous and graceful, and the body elegant. The native will have strong memory and small imaginative power. This is a degree of PEACE.
Some mystery here which I do not comprehend.
Medical fields; gives one a smooth flow of language; rules books, grammar, literary composition, and expression in language (in chats of writers Mercury is usually aspected by Mars, Neptune or both; Gemini rules writing that is not published, and Sagittarius, writing that is published); apex of the lungs.
A soothing influence, a peace-maker, usually a traveler.
"At the edge of a lake surrounded by mountains, two young women holding hands watch a swan swimming towards them."
Contemplative, pleasant, and generous character. Even though the horizon is quite limited, life is stable, quiet, and devoid of uncertainties. One is blessed with numerous loyal friends, a nice entourage, and a happy marriage. In a female chart, this degree may indicate special loving ties with a sister or a twin, or the birth of twins.
Rules books. (along with Sagittarius 6-7 degree, that sign and the 9th house concerns writing that is
published, Gemini and the 3rd house rules writing that is not published) grammar, literary composition and expression in language. In charts of writers is usually aspected by Mercury or Neptune or both.
This degree separates mental abilities from feelings. The native has both; however, he prefers not to mix the two. These qualities would contribute much to the legal profession. He has a fondness for domestic security and a special feeling for domestic animals from which he receives much comfort. This degree grants special detachment necessary for research in scientific projects. He is able to gather a vast amount of detailed material without becoming emotionally involved in the consequences of his findings. Even though he covers a subject very thoroughly he does not go deep into analyzing the material. He just wants the facts unclouded by the why and wherefore. His mind works somewhat like a computer and causes him no end of trouble in close relationships with other people. In discussions he is considered unfeeling. In the realm of feelings he is thought stupid. Nevertheless he feels deeply with compassion and sympathy, at the same time he works dispassionately with objectivity and detachment. He is rarely if ever able to mix these qualities to bear meaningfully on each other.
Quite, friendly and private - rather selective is this Gemini with its Scorpio undertones. Open sexual magnetism is much admired honored by the marriage partner. Good looking. Opinions are respected. Deep emotional and perhaps tumultuous inner-mental life-keeper of secrets. Perhaps a writer or linguist or other sensitive skill - musician, craftsman, engineer, diplomat.

7-8 deg Gemini
This degree’s influence can hardly be depicted with sharp outline. Its dualistic and self- contradictory nature will bestow two opposite features, which could, however, even co-exist in the same native; but interference by other radical influences or the effects of breeding may well let one side fade out of view.
One side of the character is rough, irascible, reckless, often breeding strife and contention; anyhow well-equipped for prompt action and violent activity, as the military career, surgery, arts and crafts connected with iron and fire (fireman, smith and the like).
On the other hand, the native has commercial aptitudes, loves comfort, desk activities and administrative jobs, leaving others to do the hard work; he is fond of home and family even if his character’s other side may lead to domestic strife. Destiny threatens the home with the omen of a sudden, fiery outburst apt to upset it from its foundations or to shatter its very core.
Other astrological traits must say whether this is inevitable and whether the native’s destructive features or other causes are to blame.

It indicates that the native will be rash and warlike, inclined to destruction, and successful therein beyond his desires. He will be apt to stir up disputes among others and to bring desolation upon himself through a false sense of security. His domestic life will be full of turmoil. It is a degree of STRIFE.
A person having good practical abilities, especially adapted for commercial pursuits.
Desire to express oneself in writing; aptitude for language; usually inclined to commercial, political, or artistic pursuits; ambitious but sometimes impatient; often touchy or easily offended and easy to pick a quarrel with; a degree associated with heart trouble; eyesight.
Ambitious, critical, fault-finding. Knows the strength and weakness of mankind and uses both. Ofthen found in executive positions.
"A blacksmith concentrates on his work while his wife sits doing nothing. None of them realises that their house is in fire."
Hard-working, rebellious, and anxious character endowed with an acute sense of honour and duty. One undergoes destructive events which are beyond one's control, but one bravely gets back on one's feet. Success, fame, and wealth are achieved in one's field of competence, particularly in the military and in all occupations related to fire, aviation, or in careers requiring creativity and eloquence. Conjugal life is often plagued by discord, and no support whatsoever is to be expected from the husband/wife.
Usually inclined to commercial political or artistic pursuits. Ambitious but sometimes impatient. May be a bit ‘touchy’ and easy to offend or to pick a quarrel with.
This degree is indicative of an undeveloped but peaceful nature, finding life an observation. This person is easily kept in line by consistent consequences to which he is responsive. He manages to avoid any serious difficulties by not involving himself in serious problems. A lenient destiny seems to speed him on his peaceful way. It is not as in some cases that he is too lucky for his own good, but simply that he finds it comfortable and possible to take an easy route through life.
Emotional Cancer with flighty Gemini confers an excessively dualistic nature, which is often kept hidden. May be outwardly superficial, not engendering cooperation or trust, thus success may be difficult and personality undefinable. The North Bull’s Eye (in constellation Taurus) points toward the practical arts - home crafts, construction, or perhaps administrative roles in these areas. Military life possible, and home life is unsettled and marriage uneasy.

8-9 deg Gemini
Symbol: An enthroned queen holding in one hand the Earth’s gold surmounted by the cross; in the other, her scepter.
It points to a nature conscious and confident of its power and harboring a dignified and exquisite kindness, together with a noble pride. A sharp intelligence, apt to catch at once the point of difficult problems, which it will then patiently unravel. The native is a ruler born, and fortune may help his lordly character to conquer power should this not have fallen to him by birthright, so that his position may consolidate in later years. A peculiar feature of this mind is its fondness for conundrums and riddles, chess and pastimes involving mental effort; should the native have a garden laid out, he will have a maze built in it. There is a great daintiness as to cleanliness and the choice of food.

It indicates wide knowledge and power; a position of importance; a mind fit for governing, and a position of security after middle life. There are indications of pride and self-love in this symbol, but dignity, conscientiousness, and self-reliance are prominent features in the character. It is a degree of DOMINION.
Denotes a peculiarly constituted mind. He, or she, will engage to do what the majority of mankind would have no patience to do. A talent for propounding and solving conundrums; f6r solving enigmatical problems, or any given theorem requiring solution.
Sculpture, especially with Venus or Saturn there; literature; riches or honors through others which seldom have lasting benefits; danger of violence and sickness; rules pain or the cause of pain; honest and sincere at heart, but not always easy to get along with; refined tastes but nervous and sometimes critical; apt to travel in foreign countries or to marry someone born in a foreign land; often a tall person; bronchial tubes (bronchial system); pulmonary artery.
Capable of receiving the favor of high official and of filling positions of high responsibilities.
"A king and a queen are seated on their throne."
Noble, ambitious, and proud character endowed with self-confidence, above average intelligence, and strong leadership abilities. There is also a deep concern over the honour and the protection of the family. Talents are numerous and cover various fields. Therefore, one can achieve success in a wide range of occupations, from politics and the military to education, the arts, law, etc. One becomes aware of one's calling quite early, but it is only around middle age that one reaches the peak of one's career. One must never be disheartened when facing hurdles, doubts, and uncertainties, because this degree promises wealth, power, preferment, and fame, along with a good marriage. One often keeps a youthful appearance for a long time.
Honest and sincere at heart but not always easy to get along with. Refined tastes but nervous and sometimes critical. Apt to travel in foreign countries or to marry someone born in a foreign land.
This degree has a Mars-like nature, leading to violence and pain. The native is fond of his home and seeks comfort there but here also he is subject to violent emotions as well as the real threat of loss by fire. He has the abilities to qualify in commercial pursuits if he is active enough to keep the Mars-like energy used up in acceptable ways. He is prone to seek the comfortable and less demanding areas of work. In some cases this lack of irritation may help him perform better especially if he indulges in some form of active exercise. This degree affects sight and hearing.
Better degree for females than males, as Pisces/Cancer on this degree makes a tease, a flirt, a socialite, or comedian - but respected for its ability to adapt and win over just about everyone. Can develop its own directions, receives a wide variety of gifts which brings a respectable position and status. Liked by the opposite sex, but likely to be unfaithful or cheated upon. Oddly enough, wins at games of romance, or is not particularly hurt by losing.


9-10 deg Gemini
Symbol: The good Samaritan succors the Jew whom the highwaymen have beaten to within an inch of his life (Luke 10:30-35).
A great heart fired and inspired with the wish to help mankind, to whose service a great store of energy is placed with somewhat childish enthusiasm. Sympathy for the poor and the sick is apt to take concrete shape, and there is a sincere wish to succor and heal social misery.
The reverse of the coin consists in the delusion of reaching such aims with merely material means. Should the horoscope not bear the imprint of a deeply religious spirit, the native, acting on purely human grounds, will stick to the faddish concept that vice and crime can be fought by spreading well-being and strengthening the police forces. In a word, a well-meaning, well-fed, well-bred, humdrum middle-class fellow, whose limited mental powers will not prevent delving deep into medicine and political economics, to pursue his ambitious but charitable aims.
Luck may smile on this good fellow and lavish him the means to carry out his beneficent plans.

It indicates that the person born under this degree will have a kind, sympathetic nature, able and willing to help the sick and needy; one whose knowledge of human nature, of arts and sciences, will be thorough and well used. The nature is gentle and benevolently hopeful and inspiring, and disposed to self sacrifice. This is a degree of HEALING.
The native possesses mighty energies; his or her fortune in life is of rapid growth. Anything he may engage in will succeed as if propelled by magic power. In the meantime, I would advise such to temper their exuberance with cool and deliberate reflections.
Watches his own interests and may gain through marriage or partnerships; connected with pain or the cause of pain; homicidal tendency; rules the nervous system and conductivity; rheumatic fever; afflicts the eyes; gives honor, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition, a responsible position, public honors and gain of power and wealth though others, but its benefits seldom prove lasting, and there is also danger of violence and sickness, hilus (lung root).
Capable of great self-sacrifice; idealistic; a blessing to others.
"A young woman gives a child a glass of water while a boy helps an old man get on his feet."
Intelligent, devoted, and philanthropist character. Life is dedicated to the alleviation of people's physical and moral sufferings. Adoption is possible. This degree sometimes indicates a medical practitioner, a scientist, a priest, or a patron whose name goes down in history.
Connected with pain or the cause of pain. Watches his own interests and may gain through marriage or partnership.
This degree grants a patient interest in solving complicated and difficult problems. It ties in closely with the nervous system and is associated with pain. This degree stimulates almost weird mental abilities. The native is very protective of his own interests and capable of contriving strange and unusual schemes in his own behalf. There is little imagination, only strange patterns which no one else would think of or bother with. Occasionally some strange bit of information of real value which would never have been suspected by anyone else is brought forth. For the most part these details are not worth the effort.
Sensitive Pisces combines with fiery, outgoing Leo and Gemini - a degree unaffected by an unafraid of the evils of life. Can and does triumph over less, scurrilous undesirables - those terrible, unblessed one who prey on the gifted. Luck is a factor here and luck this degree attracts - is it due to faith? Whatever! Fortunate degree; good romance, love and happiness with many successes. Artistic sense and tastes are noticeable.

10-11 deg Gemini
Symbol: An eagle feeding her three eaglet.
In some senses a superior, but in any event an uncommon, being gifted with a mystifying and nearly prophetic insight. A commanding person, apt to take advantage of his strength, very fond of his family, but sensuous, despotic, unscrupulous, craving travel and adventure and forever unsatisfied with surroundings he deems unworthy of himself.
He may make a great deal of money, especially in the field of arbitrage on a large scale, but luck is not steady, and his restless urge to be ever off and out will let many a good chance, passing close to him, escape his notice altogether in spite of his grasping nature. Exile cannot be ruled out.
This denotes a person of alien nature, whose fortunes will be fickle, and whose happiness will be centered in his family. Withal, there is a tinge of sensuousness in the nature, disposing to excess in the satisfaction of the appetites. This person will leave his native land and wander over the world, never satisfied with things as they are; but, ever seeking, he will leave many golden opportunities behind. It is a degree of EXCESS.
This denotes an extraordinary character. He is one not easily understood. Outwardly, he appears destitute of that force which one would suppose he possessed. There Is some defect in his outward organism, which impedes his development on the outer plane, in that force of character you may have been led to anticipate. Of this the native is conscious. He cannot, under these circumstances, avoid being a little deceptive, and is not free from duplicity. In the meantime, he will prove an eminent financier. He will have much of that shrewdness which Is the leading trait In a man of the world. He will be lacking in the moral or religious principle.
Versatile and agreeable, a fortunate degree, able to demonstrate the fact that mind rules over matter: sensation and perception; architects, enteric, typhoid fever, thymus gland.
Suffers though taking chances. Endures hardships that could be avoided through intellectual effort.
"Sheltered under a large rock, a group of bohemians gather around a fire for their meal." Sensual, caring, and anxious character endowed with a strong concern for the family. Short trips and long journeys play an important part in life. Many changes of residence are caused by professional reasons, exile, or widowhood. The family is the source of the greatest fulfilments, as well as of the most painful sorrows. Success can be achieved in travels and tourism, aviation, or sports competitions.
Versatile and agreeable. Able to demonstrate the fact that mind rules over matter.
A tremendous sympathy for downtrodden humanity is implied by this degree. There is a strong desire to give relief and work for reform movements to correct injustice. However, unless other factors in the chart provide a measure of psychological insight he will be misled into thinking that congenial surroundings are the only requirement for a perfect society. This degree grants considerable insight into the technical elements of a Utopian society but it often fails to realize that there are other elements which contribute to the evils men inflict on each other. The mentality of this degree is not as sensitive to these complicating elements and the native therefore prefers not to deal with them even if he is aware that they exist. At least, if he is aware of these difficulties he may not be as disappointed if he manages to find a corner to try out his theories and finds that his plan is undercut by friction of a psychological nature.
Dominate Leo endows mental Gemini with superiority - multiple talents, commanding physique, many children and leadership over others. Also romantic, adventuresome and likely to desire and have it all. Who can deny such a shining star? Good degree for vocations involving arbitrage, horse- trading and folksy or cliquish commerce. The bigger the arena, the greater the excitement. A masterful degree, but must guard against being haughty or over bearing.

11-12 deg Gemini
An honest being, brimming over with plans and faith in the future. Others may be wrongly led, by some lack of decision on his part, to mistrust his purposes. Anyhow some hitch will hinder or delay the ripening of his plans. Besides such a drag chain on his undertakings, sudden death or unpleasant surprises may take the wind off his sails and nip his enterprises in the bud. A steadfastness ready to face any tests is therefore the catchword here.
Engineering may be a congenial profession; a mechanic’s job seems to be the right trade.

The native will be of a hopeful and honorable character, full of projects for the future, but will lose many opportunities through misfortunes unforeseen. His affections will be sincere, but fate will be against him in this respect, and few things in his life will come to maturity. Expected honors will be snatched from him, and the flowers of life will wither in his hand. Let him practice self- restraint and encourage contentment. This is a degree of (sfiorezza). SPOLIATION.
This denotes one devoted to the study of Mechanics, and he will be ever fond of experimenting an dynamics.
Alert, high-strung, logical and critical; architects if afflicted, denotes extreme sarcasm; tracheal mucosa.
One who seeks the truth before accepting any viewpoint and is considered stubborn and distrustful.
"Two women weep as they look on a broken laurel tree and the new sprout growing at its foot."
Carefree, reasonable, and courageous character. The family belongs to the upper social layer. Owing to a reversal of fortune caused by greedy and ill-intentioned persons, one is forced to reduce one's lifestyle. In the face of adversity, one demonstrates philosophy and achieves one's projects with determination. This degree indicates romance followed by abandonment, premature widowhood, or the loss of a child.
Alert, high-strung, logical and critical. When afflicted this degree denotes extreme sarcasm.
There is wide variance of opinion as to the influence of this degree. There seems to be missed opportunities. In some cases there are well-developed abilities but always with some defect which is inconsistent with the total character. There is at times a prophetic insight which may or may not be accurate and may or may not be helpful. There certainly is a general lack of understanding which incurs difficulties which other people are inclined to see as avoidable. It is not a powerful degree and can safely. be ignored in charts which are well oriented. It would then contribute a normal amount of the Gemini influence with perhaps some slight weakness showing up occasionally.
Another bright star, but more serious and contemplative than the last, due to Capricorn’s appearance here with Leo. Perhaps dictatorial and less-flexible, but none-the-less gifted with many entertaining and useful talents, and seldom satisfied with the company it keeps, mistrusting them - feeling superior to them - perhaps making life more difficult. A dry, cold mental degree - good for technical sciences, studies and growth.

12-13 deg Gemini
Symbol: A corpse exposed to birds, and beasts of prey.
And left their bodies prey to birds and hounds horrible sight. -Homer, Iliad 1, 34
And of a wolf which seemed to harbor all cravings and yearnings in her scraggy shape. -Dante, Int. 1,49.50
The native cannot be denied inner power, but lacks character. He is more active than constant and even more restless than active. A man of bristling project, though vague and blurred, if lofty; the native runs the risk of leading astray his winged gifts. Especially natives having the Sun above the horizon and their Ascendant in this seventy-third degree are a living proof of the saying: “Hell is paved with good intentions.”
That he who was born an eagle may not become a hyena!
The unsatisfied natural craving for earthly goods will become an inexhaustible yearning. Not having exploited his gifts properly, he may be led to wonder resentfully, “Why should the others, if I don’t. . .?“ This envy of other people’s luck may become hatred, as if the welfare he could not conquer were an offense to his misery and a constant reproach to his unsettled, wasteful, roaming life, and as if he had a right to some sort of revenge.
Evil associations may lead the native far enough on the wrong path, but even in compact with worse beings than himself, he will still bear a sign of his fallen nobility; mental subtlety and the faithful keeping of secrets.

It indicates one of a crafty, subtle nature, avaricious, given to treaties and associations of a dangerous character; secretive, revengeful, and of a quick temper. The native will lead a roaming and unsettled life. This degree is fatal to one born while the Sun is above the earth. It is a degree of VORACITY AND SELF-SEERING.
Denotes one having lofty aspirations, possessing, withal, superior abilities, but who, through a lack of fixedness of purpose, seldom performs anything of real benefit to himself or others, save affording himself a certain amount of self-amusement.
A degree of hope realized; tendency to argument accompanied by sarcasm and satire; ambitious, fanciful, resourceful, original and restless; health wise - stones; pulmonary veins.
Easily imposed upon. Must make his own decisions and discriminate with regard to friends.
"In the moonlight, two wolves devour an animal carcass while crows wait for the left- overs."
Secretive, ambitious, and greedy character. One is always on the lookout for some nasty trick and often operates with the help of accomplices. One builds and develops one's wealth on other people's unhappiness and ruin, but sooner or later, the day comes when sword of justice puts an end to one's reprehensible deeds.
Ambitious, fanciful resourceful, original and restless.
There is considerable disagreement as to this degree. It seems that one way or another things do not come out as planned or hoped for, either due to the tack of ability to follow through or tricks of fate which undermine the native’s efforts somewhere along the line. There is the Gemini restlessness and an exaggerated hopefulness but not the steady qualities that might spell success. He may even lead others astray with his dreams of grandeur, gain their support and let them down.
Cold, calculating degree due to earthly Virgo and Capricorn focusing and limiting the normal GEmini tendencies. Gifted with a perceptive intelligence - thought and discriminating - but often too detached from the normal social flow of life and may not find the opportunity outlets it needs. Has no trouble capitalizing on opportunities it does receive. Increased romance and marriage later in life.

13-14 deg Gemini
Symbol: Two foxes devouring some chicken.
Too few scruples and too many ruses. But to no avail, as in spite of tricks, the ill-begotten wealth may often have to be given back, as one cannot fool all the people all the time.
Should the horoscope in its other aspects not admit of dishonesty and incorrect methods, and should it point to an intense intellectual life, this native’s subtlety may sublime into the meanderings of abstract reasoning. This would give rise to a mastermind in dialectical distinguos, the matchless skill of great logicians, and, in some cases, of the giants of thought.
In any case, an unharmonious and lustful nature.

It denotes a person of a wily nature, acquisitive, and disposed to use doubtful means in the pursuit of wealth. The native will show an excess of caution and self-regard, but he is liable to be deceived in his own powers. This is a degree of PLUNDER.
This denotes a person possessing vast powers of intellect. An accurate reasoner; a profound philosopher; a person who will make an impression on the age in which he lives.
Music; love of travel but lack cautiousness; accidents due to speeding; has something to do with long distance as in astronomy; runners (with 12-15 Taurus-Scorpio); sometimes a mental fixation on certain subjects; people on the move, such as cabdrivers or postmen; rheumatic fever; collarbone (clavicle).
Suffers unless he will take a definite stand irrespective of the suggestions of others.
"A man wearing a mask stands in the middle of a dark forest with a dead horse at his feet while two foxes devour chickens."
Ambitious, shrewd, and watchful character. In most cases, one's cleverness is wasted in dubious business or insincere love relationships. All occupations in education, agriculture, or driving an animal, a car, or a tank, are favoured. One is spurred by the need to wield power, and one obtains a position of authority, for better or for worse, depending on the general trend of the natal chart.
(Gemini for short journey, Sagittarius for long journeys.) Also has something to do with long distance, astronomy etc. Runners with Taurus, Scorpio 12-15 degree. Sometimes denotes mental fixation on certain subjects.
Uranus N Node is located on this degree. Since the N Node is where qualities are received rather than demonstrated by the individual this influence should be good. However, experience has taught us that the qualities here are most difficult to use in a constructive way. There is much evidence of too much of a good thing. The quality of genius is most prominent but ends up in most cases causing the individual to be a misfit. These individuals seem not to be able to put their abundant ability to constructive use. Most of them end up being resentful when less qualified persons are more successful than they. They tend to feel that it is luck that makes the difference. Their quality of genius is not well-rounded. They have the technical ability to follow the letter of the law but seem not to have the subtle balance which ultimately spells success or failure. They are really overloaded with abilities they cannot master successfully. If the quality lacking in this degree is met in some other way they may stand out when their ability is put to steady expression. They very definitely suffer from the Gemini restlessness. Their ability to criticize what is wrong is much greater than their ability to find workable solutions for humanity’s problems. They lack patience with relationship problems.
Said to be a “dishonest” degree, but with Gemini, Taurus and Capricorn all active here, it’s doubtful that’s universally true. Desire for a “Place in the Sun” - to win and prosper quickly and expediently. Receives bright gifts, but must remember to use them fully - after all, there is competition - and rules. Results are important, and work is its own reward. “Less talk, more action!” should be by- words. Wanderings and sensuous romances - perhaps many, common vocations and associations.

14-15 deg Gemini
Symbol: A seven-headed human being. the man in whose mind thought springs from thought farther and farther strays from his own aim as each new purpose damps the former one. -Dante, Purg. 5, 16-18
Should the native successfully stem the onrush of his mental turmoil and impose himself a method, an inner order and an intellectual discipline, the lively originality and the boundless manifoldness of his versatile mind may recommend him to everyone’s admiration and open a bright career for him.
I said if. Otherwise, his restless desultoriness will lead him to do too much at one time, getting bun all tied up in the knots of his scattered activity. What could have been original becomes eccentric; whatever is gained in extension is lost in depth.

It indicates a person of versatile character and eccentric nature. One who Is disposed to undertake more things than he is able to complete, and who will either be brilliant on account of wide learning, or impotent through over much vexation and trouble. It is a degree of CONFUSION.
Denotes an active temperament, a restless disposition, self-willed, of a turbulent temper, a shallow thinker.
Literature; follows many callings; quick, adaptable, and ingenious; the kind of imagination that may make one a great author or a confirmed liar; indecision; affects the eyes; scapula (shoulder blade).
Alert, restless, aggressive, prolific imagination, reformative.
"By a riverside, a man tries to break a big stone with a small hammer. Instead of straddling the river, the bridge runs parallel to one of the banks."
Utopian, weak, and undiscerning character. Unless the natal chart indicates otherwise, owing to bad luck or to a lack of skills, one works a lot but earns little.
Follows many callings, is quick, adaptable and ingenious. The imagination denoted by this degree may make a person a great author or a confirmed liar. A lady acquaintance with Leo hear gives an entirely different story of her life history every time you meet her.
This degree strongly suggests dishonesty. If the native is basically honest, upright and straightforward this degree would at the very least suggest trickery in coloring the truth. He seldom gets away with anything because there is also an element of exposure. Even so there is something which pushes him to keep trying. This may range from outright dishonesty to more or less harmless games which test his ability. If most of the planets are in the upper half of the chart this may turn out to be a ridiculously funny game. Since in that case his every plan would be most obvious to everyone. If the planets are located below the horizon or the lower half of the chart the game may become pretty tricky and quite successful. There is a strong tendency to lie about anything and everything. However many respectable people have this degree activated in the chart without seriously destroying their character. So look to the rest of the chart for direction. It does denote a clever mentality. Much depends on where it is centered and the general setting.
With Venusian related signs Taurus and Libra here, this degree bestows beauty, magnetism and sociableness, but may also show too few scruples and too many ruses. Another reportedly “dishonest” degree - common, but gifted, and successful in commerce. Full of thoughts and ideas - perhaps not writing, but publishing, printing or distributing them instead. Artistic, lustful, self- confident and attractive, but often unfaithful and too fond of pleasure.

15-16 Gemini
Good initiative and charitable work, however, will be profitable only for others and unfruitful for the native, who will be a modest, peaceful, though emotional, being devoid of the sound judgment and the luck necessary to reap the fruit of his long labors.

It indicates a person of very few resources and of small intellectual powers; who, from lack of ability or through misfortune, will be able to bring but little to fruition. One who may labor much to little fruition. It is a degree of UNFRUITFULNESS.
This denotes one who is ever engaged in such deeds as tend to benefit the community. A lover of peace, and promoter of all good works.
Teachers; literature; much intuition or ability for prediction; learn through their curiosity; sensitive and emotional; much influenced by companions and surroundings; afflictions in the middle of Gemini are apt to affect the eyes; pleura.
Prefers non-resistance to war-like aggression and is himself an example of the value of the former over the later.
"In a forest, a woman carries a bunch of wood on her back. She seems to look for something on the ground and does not notice the two-headed man who follows her."
Inventive, fickle, and restless character. One is often overwhelmed by the constant stream of ideas which, as good as they are, need be sorted out, lest they are not appreciated at their real value. This would be a pity because this degree brings good luck and promises fame, wealth and happiness.
A person with considerable intuition or some ability for prediction. Sometimes educated through their curiosity. Sensitive and emotional, much influenced by companions and surrounding.
Venus N Node has been on this degree since 1945. Of itself it seems to stimulate an active curiosity which is fruitful and productive of learning. It also results in confusion due to much stimulation. It is likely to portray more of the Venus influence as time goes by. I would expect increased sensitivity and emotional feelings. If Venus were on this degree the effect would be similar. It is productive of mental activity, sometimes literary ability, and I would expect more poetic ability to be stimulated here. The environment seems to be very influential here and I would expect that to be increased. It needs direction and stability which it must find in the rest of the chart.
Cardinal Libra influence establishes this as a rushing, commercial degree. Quite versatile, adaptable and fond of pleasantries and peaceful surroundings, but often throws nearby environs into turmoil. Should be goal oriented and avoid overwork and dissipations. Good vocations would include teaching, politics - usually dependent upon partners or others, perhaps spouse or daughters.

16-17 Gemini
Symbol: A handless man.
Birthright, personal prestige or occult powers may grant the native supremacy over others, who will then be the material tools to carry out what the native has conceived. Should practical execution fail him, he would not be able to perform with his own hands and translate into concrete reality what appeared dazzlingly clear to his mental eye. Either he will be totally devoid of manual skill and practical sense, or will be maimed or otherwise invalided.
Should he work with supernatural means, one has then to bear in mind that magic consists only in working without hands and walking without feet. Let those who have ears understand. But magic practice will not suit anyone who is not physically whole.

It denotes one who will come to some untimely end through the hands of another. It shows the nature to be unpractical and the pursuits of the native to be mostly, vain and of no lasting benefit It shows loss of powers, during lifetime, and perhaps loss of faculties. It is a degree of IMPOTENCE.
Denotes one of a reverential and devotional disposition. Very secretive, a student of the occult, and one capable of mighty deeds as a magician.
Teachers; inheritor of home; many with this seem to be dreamy or impractical; seems to be a weak degree in itself and is seldom found in charts of the famous; energetic, benevolent, inventive, and fortunate (at 15 Gemini from 1868 to 1940); breathing (malefic there, astma, lung trouble, pneumonia); if afflicted in the middle of Gemini, apt to affect the eyes; first rib.
Assumes an aggressive attitude but should be sure that such an attitude is based on reason. Danger of being carried away by enthusiasm of the moment.
"A man stretches his arms, which have no hands, towards a table dressed with beautiful fruits and nice books. At his feet, is a broken pitcher with its wasted water."
This degree is a bad omen. One becomes a burden for one's family, following an accident caused by someone else's carelessness, for instance a hit-and-run drunken driver, or violent external events such as a war injury or a bomb attack. As always, the natal chart must be analysed.
Most people concerned with this degree seem to be dreamy or impractical.
This degree has just passed the influence of Venus N Node prior to 1945. Much interpretation seems to reflect that influence. There is also a fixed star here which is still influential, similar to the nature of Mars Jupiter. Often the good deeds of this degree went unrewarded which would indicate that the influence is likely not to have enough strength. It is probably just a weak degree and we must look to other areas. We may safely expect some action of a Gemini character depending on the planet located here but not a dominating stimulus.
Libra gives way to Pisces in this very soft, sensitive, loving degree - often well-born or well-bred, and seldom without work or challenges to keep those Gemini hands and manifold mind busy. There’s practical sense and manual skill most of the times, but there may be lapses and weaknesses. Gemini squares Pisces, thus some vocational difficulties. Good imaginations, cordial but caustic - and often a changeable, childlike, dual nature, which also brings much romance.

17-18 deg Gemini
Symbol: Two foxes in relay according to their custom. (One rouses the game while the other lurks in ambush ready to stalk it.)
Inner duality. A close cooperation, a very subtle mind and, in lower beings, shady cunning and complicity. Mental suppleness and penetration, swift and unconstrained gestures, a great experience in business and politics. On the strength of his own undeniable practical ability, the native may conceive too ambitious plans, demanding exceptional timeliness and utter precision of movement. These undertakings can be crowned with full success, but then the results run the risk of not being equally divided between the subject and his partner.

It indicates a person of lofty aspirations, keen mental powers, penetration and executive ability, One who will cut out his own line in life and excite attention, but who may, by his destiny, fail in achieving the result aimed at. It is a degree of EXECUTION.
Denotes a purely mercurial person; an expert in all mercurial employments.
Good imagination; cordial but caustic; energetic, enthusiastic, and intellectual; a dual personality - men may sometimes have feminine traits; homicidal tendency; Bright’s disease (kidneys); second rib.
One who loses himself in a cause, the greatness of which depends upon his circumstances and environment. His bravery disarms his enemies.
"A fox runs as fast as it can, apparently to compete with an arrow shot by an invisible hand." Swift, shrewd, and inventive character driven by high ideals and endowed with strong persuasion powers. A host of good ideas continuously jostle together in the mind and must be sorted out in order to discriminate between what is essential and what is incidental. Furthermore, good common sense must be developed, and concrete objectives must be clearly identified, lest talents and skills are lost in the twists and turns of an intellect working at full throttle.
A critical degree. Energetic, enthusiastic and intellectual. A dual personality, men may sometimes have feminine traits. Good imagination. Personally cordial, but caustic in his views.
This is a degree of planning. The native needs another individual to understand and put to work what he conceives. There is much enthusiasm here and perhaps some very good intuitive or psychic ability. The hands are brought strongly under the influence of this degree. Usually there is difficulty working with the hands or possible danger of loss or injury to the hands. Usually the hands are weak and troublesome.
Another dualistic Geminian degree - in this instance, Scorpio is hiding something, or perhaps trying to uncover its own sexual nature, or some other secret to life. Can be cunning and hurtful with its penetrating mind and quick tongue. Often builds practical abilities into a powerful position within its chosen vocation. Ambitious in romance and all aspects of life. Often overly sensual, and thus the pitfalls.

18-19 deg Gemini
Symbol: A pilgrim holding his staff.
A wretched and roaming gypsy’s life. The native’s mind may well be endowed with some artistic gifts, but he will lack character and will shun constant work. Forsaken by all, he will painfully drag his tramp-like existence through the world. A deep religious feeling may give a sense to such a life.

It indicates one who will have great sorrow in life, and will be deserted by friends and left to his own resources. To a woman it speaks of the worst of ills. Blighted hopes, betrayed confidence, sudden bereavement and void ambitions are the dire fruits of this black line in the scroll of life. This degree is PERILOUS.
A person not disposed to settle down to any kind of work of a plodding nature. A very weak character, and one open to extraneous influences of any kind.
Gift of oratory; artistic and harmonious; mental power a degree of ardor and enthusiasm; women with planets here love ardently and may find it a path of sorrow, at times; breathing (malefic here, apt to suffer asthma, lung trouble, pneumonia); asthma; Bright’s disease; laryngeal muscles.
A humanitarian who sacrifices the comforts of life in ministering to the needs of others. Ease comes later in life.
"A wretched man courageously leaves his beautiful mansion behind him. His wife, in a lavish dress, follows him with deep regret and looks back at their former abode."
Unless the natal chart strongly indicates otherwise, this degree heralds that years of prosperity are followed by ruin and destitution.
Also called a degree of ardor and enthusiasm. Artistic or harmonious. Women with planets here love ardently and may find it in path of sorrow at times.
There is much disagreement about the qualities of this degree. There is undoubtedly much mental suppleness, subtlety, ability to penetrate, swift mental action which may be turned in any direction the chart may lead. The understanding and involvement with love in its many forms may be a stumbling block or a hang-up causing the native much pain and sense of failure. It is a subject this native seems to be tantalized by. His failure to understand love may be the cause of most of these individuals turning to more dishonest and criminal practices. It may be love of a very personal nature or universal love. The conflict comes in being too rational and precise in the area of feelings. There is danger of execution brought about by the frustration endured from this influence.
Emotional and wavering Cancer combines with Cancer combines with Scorpio on this Gemini degree - deceives with instability. There’s probably some tremendous talent hidden here, but due to overall weaknesses, this degree may or may not be saved from a life of hardships and sorrow. Self- destruction is a problem-often a military or action career. Gypsy of sorts; cultural bliss or perhaps a mother of may - too many?

19-20 deg Gemini
Symbol: L’apprentis sorcier
Some of the bright gifts of this native are not in keeping with the whole of his being. If the rest of his horoscope restricts his activities to the practical field, his hard work, well-trained mind, and influential friendships will permit him to achieve some aims. He may improve his position, gain wealth for himself and his family, etc. On the contrary, should other astrologic data confirm, or simply not hinder, the occult, mystical, or spiritual powers present in him, the native may attain higher results, but on the indispensable condition that he take in a reef, not trust his visions too much, and not overreach himself. Above all, he ought to remember that anyone who rouses powers beyond his own control runs the risk of being crushed by them.
This applies, of course, to political power as well, though the dinger is far greater in the super- sensible field.

It points out a person who has much attitude in spiritual things, a tendency to believe much in earns and visions, and to pursue strange studies. It gives the friendship of notable persons and a taste for science among other things; but at the same time it may lead the native into dangerous paths. If influence falls to the hand of this man it may work him harm; It is a degree of DISPROPORTION.
A very noted degree. A person of a very positive nature. who, by dint of personal efforts and work, will produce something that will be a blessing to the race. No ordinary person, he or she will rise to eminence.
Usually a hard worker; given to contemplation and reflection; in a woman’s chart it gives her a high-pitched, hard and sharp voice. It makes her loquacious and shrewish, eminent friends; said to confer military and other honors that end in disaster. Conjoining Sun or Moon, blindness. If culminating, a forger or swindler. Positive and persistent; capable of violent action; the lungs (should not smoke); third rib.
A student of mysticism with fatalistic tendencies, which incline towards acts of cruelty and selfishness. Capable of great heights when sensuousness is overcome.
"A wretched man courageously leaves his beautiful mansion behind him. His wife, in a lavish dress, follows him with deep regret and looks back at their former abode."
Unless the natal chart strongly indicates otherwise, this degree heralds that years of prosperity are followed by ruin and destitution.
Usually a hard worker, given to contemplation and reflection. Positive and persistent, capable of violent action. Some friends with violent tempers have Saturn and Neptune here.
There is also contradiction in this degree ranging from extreme lack of continuity to a Taurus-like patient attention to drudgery. Perhaps a heavy Taurus influence in the chart would influence the action of this degree in this direction. Saturn here would also tend to stabilize this action. But the whole chart generally must be considered as to which way this degree will turn. It tends to be rather unfortunate in either direction. It must be remembered that what is actually accomplished by this individual will find some measure of satisfaction. This degree simply does not provide the inclination to produce a high quality life. It must be found in other areas of the chart including the native’s own commitment to some philosophy of worth.
Sagittarius degree of Gemini - an either/or degree. A bright intellect, but personal quirks or difficult environment may hinder development. Higher education certainly helps, but may not receiver or benefit from it. Visionary, but possibly impractical to a fault. If it can overcome duality or hardened environment, successes and accolades await - much depends on partners, spouse, and creation of opportunities - good virtuous ones help - bad ones, well.

20-21 deg Gemini
The native can hardly expect a free and independent position as, in spite of his quarrelsome, eccentric or otherwise unsociable character, he will have to put up with playing second fiddle to someone.
He will not shun work, but will be very fond of sport and full of competitive spirit, which will let him miss many a good occasion, and eventually be his undoing if the horoscope is bad.

It denotes a person of eccentric and, to a certain extent, unsociable habits, who will probably lose great opportunities by his carelessness and peculiar tastes while amusing himself after his own manner; he will be reckless of how others may be working, and will probably lead a dependent life. It is a degree of INDIFFERENCE.
This symbol must be its own interpreter. The sun that sets on one clime rises on another.
Mathematical ability; along with 13-14 Aries Libra, grocers; enterprising with ability to think and some times to command; mentally quick, especially in early life; renown, wealth, eminent friends, and liability to accidents causing blindness or ruin. Gives great civil or military honor but danger of sudden dishonor. If prominent in a woman’s chart it makes her loquacious and shrewish, and gives a high-pitched, hard and sharp voice; arm muscles.
Interested in psychic phenomena. Experiments in spiritism but when satiated with that he studies and teaches occultism.
"A man nonchalantly seated on a horse holds a bowl towards another man, carefree, and wealthy, who cleverly throws coins at him."
Superficial, anxious, and adventurous character. Should the natal chart concur, one can achieve fame and wealth in politics thanks to the support of powerful and devoted friends.
These natives are mentally quick, especially in early life. Enterprising, with ability to think, and sometimes ability to command. This and following degrees seem to denote mathematical ability. Said to be a prominent degree for grocers along with Aries, Libra in 13 and 14 degree.
This degree gives an excessive curiosity which arouses situations which the native is unable to cope with. Once you have stirred up a situation you are in danger of being overwhelmed by the aftermath. There is also a sense of over-optimism which contributes to the whole process. The whole tendency is most dangerous in the occult or political fields. The use of drugs would be particularly dangerous to a native of this degree. In general, the native of this degree is prone to stir up far more action than he is able to handle and ultimately the whole situation falls back on him. It is not a situation where he can stir it up and then move out of the way. He seems to be the center of what he stirs up and then finds there is no escape. If he develops the help of trustworthy and reliable friends they may be a measure of help to him and even protect him in some instances from disaster. He may also believe he is being lead through some psychic influence by God whereas in fact he is only being deluded. Persons with this degree activated should be extremely cautious of channeling, automatic writing seances and use of the Ouija Board which are so popular today.
Fit, able and energetic, good mental qualities, helpful but perhaps not faithful partner, and opportunities to grow in status and gain riches. Can be quarrelsome - man - not always social. Good for strenuous activities and travel, but must be cautions in both. Attracted to challenging vocations; perhaps involving the military, sports or travel.

21-22 deg Gemini
Symbol: Chirping birds peck at their seed.
A gentle, winning disposition, a delicate but communicative nature, a rather too talkative but pleasant character; a person led by the honest desire to be in harmony with everyone and to bring peace everywhere, fond of nature and in some cases highly gifted for fine arts.
This native might incline to the corresponding failings and be overconfident; or his gentle nature might not stand the hard struggle for life and might resent its cruel blows; or he might entertain lofty desires which can hardly be satisfied on earth. The demonstrative strain in his character can be warped into a random talkativeness apt to waste away his creative faculties; and his conciliating tendency might sink to weakness of character.
Reference is to be made as usual to the horoscope as a whole. Should the rest of the chart offset the excessive idealism with a solid sense of reality (prevalence of the Earth element; role played by the sign Scorpio; opposition of Luminaries; trigonal position of the Moon, Mars, Mercury to each other, etc.) and be good on the whole, the subject would be skilled and successful in his work, happy in marriage; harmony and well-being would sway in his home and about him.
A woman born under this degree will land the man she wishes, though leaving him the pleasant delusion of having made his own choice, if she is wise enough not to let him go too far before wedlock. Should she have other aims, she could have all the men she wants, and would manage to stay on friendly relations with them afterwards as well. The horoscope as a whole will show whether she will be prodigal of her own or of herself.

It indicates a person of gentle, winning disposition, kind heart, and generous, ardent nature. One who will be happy and make others so. Domestic peace and prosperity. Rustic habits, a lover of the artistic and beautiful in nature, fond of poetry, music and singing. Some disposition to follow the fine arts. A lover of peace and concord. It is a degree of GENIALITY or FELLOWFEELING.
A noble nature. This nature is stamped with a generous disposition. The native’s early life is marked with promise; but fate and fortune conspire against him. The winds are too cold for that sensitive soul. He is born out of time and place. His grand schemes prove failures. His Sun sets under a cloud while it is as yet but morning.
Math ability, music; inventiveness; sometimes very firm about theories and guesses; inclines one to avoid marriage or, if they do marry, they generally make a mess of it; often brings trouble through the opposite sex; culminating; said to confer martial or ecclesiastical honors and riches, attended by waste and dissipation; a public position of trust and eminent friends; careful, timorous, inquisitive, very fond of knowledge and of novelties; said to be fortunate; enteric; beneficial hopefulness, and good fortune; upper arm.
One who obtains recognition through literature and to whom others cling for business advantages. He must use all who come in fulfilling his mission.
"A young woman reclining on the grass under a tree feeds the birds coming up to her." Contemplative, refined, and generous character endowed with a strong fondness for nature and aesthetics. Success can be achieved in the arts, and particularly in poetry, singing and music, or painting. Marriage and family life are blessed with good luck. However, the body is sensitive to humidity, and one must try to live in dry locations. In solar revolution charts, this degree on the Midheaven heralds a big inheritance.
These people are sometimes very firm about their theories and guesses.
This degree contributes to eye problems of various kinds. It also indicates a variety of possible influences. Generally the development will be either lopsided or scattered. If much effort is put into a particular area it tends to leave the person very immature and undeveloped in most other areas. If the person is scattered generally there is much dissipation and waste of energy. Mathematics is an area where this native may excel. Others with this degree may fail completely to acquire any skill whatsoever with the simplest math problems. It seems to lend the mental ability to pursue almost any chosen course. However, the rest of the chart must lend direction and stability. It is better when this degree is not one of the forceful ones that is occupied by the Sun or Ascendant, etc. Even so, if Mercury were in a good degree in Taurus or Cancer it would give greater breadth to the chart.
Taurus with Sagittarius gives a gentle, winning disposition - generally pleasant and harmonious enough - and fond of nature and also religion. Successful at variety of vocations, probably “captured” by common ones - secretary, clerk, intercessors - but apt to do very well later in life. Must guard health and avoid life-endangering habits.

22-23 deg Gemini
Symbol: A withered, ragged old man, bent by age and by suffering, standing alone, leaning on a stick in an attitude of utter dejection.
If the horoscope at large does not offer any particular hints of good luck, the battles of life will prematurely sap the native’s energies. He will feel powerless to put his otherwise original ideas into practice, will not only refrain from reaction, but from action as well, and will give up the struggle and waste away. His breakdown ought to be followed by the estrangement of his children and everyone else; his old age will be miserable and lonely.

It denotes one who through his own actions, or the force of circumstances, will be deserted by kith and kin, and will pass through many trials. The storms of life will sear his heart and blight his nature ere the young world of his dreams can grow up around him to shelter and protect his years of falling leaf. It is a degree of ABANDONMENT.
This denotes one who is liable to give up in the struggle of life to despondency; very much wanting in energy, and destitute of moral courage.
Math ability; projecting and the arts; science; with 26-27 Aries-Libra, good for inventors; with 12- 14 Leo Aquarius, composers; with Sagittarius, gamblers; often in charts of those without a hand or arm (usually with a critical degree ascending); some have a habit of trusting to luck; insanity; appendicitis; gives good fortune; fortune, eminence, and neutrality for good or evil; causes blindness, defective sight, injuries to the eyes, sickness and a violent death; spine.
First half of life is full of promise but being rather shy, retiring but generous nature, he may not recognize the advantages spread before him. Will study mysticism as a solution to later problems.
"A decrepit man stooping on a stick limps off a deserted road. Behind him, is an old, storm-stricken oak."
Secretive, subtle, and courageous character. Life starts under the best aegis, but after having reached its heights, the career undergoes numerous ups and downs, and one discovers that the people one has helped, including the family members, behave with ingratitude. One must carefully distinguish between genuine friends and flatterers, if one is to prevent one's life from ending in painful poverty and loneliness. Furthermore, one must never hesitate to fight injustices instead of limiting oneself to cowardly neutrality.
Some people with this degree occupied seem to have an uncanny mathematical ability, others have a habit of trusting to luck that their statements will be truthful. A good degree for inventors along with Aries, Libra in 26-27 degree, composers with Leo, Aquarius in 12-14 degree, and for gamblers along with Sagittarius.
This degree also has an effect on the eyes. Also, the hands and arms are prominent here. Under affliction this degree would attract injuries to these parts of the body. The influence of this degree is sweetness and light. It seeks to radiate harmony and good-fellowship. However the native seems to incur a certain amount of ordinary meanness.
Several fixed stars here disturb the normally self-preserving Capricorn/Gemini nature of this degree. Less strenuous vocations and softer, sensitive romances are preferred. There is instructional, organizational and mathematical ability. A karmic degree, and outside help and understanding in needed to cover-up some glaring faults. Health may be afflicted. A hard working but seldom rewarded degree.

23-24 deg Gemini
Symbol: A merry fellowship.
A demonstrative and jovial fellow whom all will like. The native would seem unable to live alone, as the frankness with which he declares his friendship, the selfless pleasure he feels in the company of his comrades, and the proof of true friendship he can give when needed, will win him the largest possible number of hearts. Few people will enjoy so many and so sincere affections.
The native’s mind might turn to deep scientific research. He is in love with fine arts and music but his inborn innermost gift is the art of persuasion.

It indicates a person of social and jovial nature, somewhat given to luxury and convivial pursuits, but very unselfish, happy in the company of others, attractive, forming many friendships. Ever ready to express his honest nature by word of mouth or in spontaneous action. Gifted in the art of persuasion, sympathetic. it is a degree of FRIENDSHIP.
A person of fine sensibilities; lover of art; a student much given to scientific research.
Math ability, talented and well able to express themselves; faith in themselves as well as others, which is usually well-founded. gives fleeting public honor.
Silently sympathetic. Subordinates self to partner, but later sympathies are universal. Charitable in thought, felling and action.
"Amid chirping and fluttering sparrows, two women talk quietly on a bench." Generous, cheerful, and spontaneous character. One has nice oratorical skills and attracts many friends, but one tends to be superficial and have difficulty in concentrating deeply on any specific subject. As years go by, this weakness becomes the cause of many ordeals, and efforts must be made in order to remain more focused on few identified areas instead of having scattered centres of interest.
Talented and well able to express themselves. Faith in themselves and in others is usually well rounded.
The eyes come under the influence of this degree as well as the prior degrees. Otherwise, it might be characterized by blind faith such as portrayed by the story of Job in the Bible. Often these natives are subject to such trials. For the most part they seem not to turn bitter. There is a naive expectancy which lasts for a long time but may dwindle into despair if he remains unsuccessful for a long period of time. It seems that he must rely somewhat on luck because this degree of itself does not produce a high measure of skill. In the chart of a highly qualified individual this degree would provide the spark of optimism and even luck to put him over the top.
Earth signs Capricorn and Virgo with dexterous Gemini convey skills of a craftsman or carpenter - well-liked, quite, thoughtful. Fun-loving, affectionate and is well-loved in return. Wastes few words and has good organizational ability, loves home, but must guard health and eat properly. Expressive and fond of nature, hunting and outdoors.

24-25 deg Gemini
Symbol: A man holding an open book.
An original and uncommonly bright intellect, a great passion for study, especially of ancient times; a profound education, a steady delving into scientific research. The native’s chances of success in clamorous feats, in great undertakings or outward conquests are equal to nil. Instead, he stands more than a fair chance of emerging into eminence in scientific pursuits and of finding his delight in them. Parents willing to direct such children to worldly careers are wrong as, barring pointers of great hick in fields other than intellectual research, they never will make any headway.

It signifies a person of some exceptional mental powers, whose mind will be well stored with ancient learning. One of a studious and retiring nature, whose greatest happiness and whole wealth will be in the conquests of the mind. He will achieve something of importance to the world by dint of close and patient study. It is a degree of CULTIVATION.
A person capable of performing remarkable feats, yet he will never succeed In any one great enterprise.
Good mentality, studious, and reserved; able to concentrate and make a success of then chosen work; danger of accidents, violence and malevolence; radius.
An occultist who has a mission to perform in enlightening others as to the purpose of life. One who perceives a new light.
"Surrounded by his favourite books, a middle-aged man reads and ponders at his desk." Withdrawn, studious, and generous character endowed with exceptional intellectual capacities and vivid imagination. One is attracted to spirituality and research and pays little attention to worldly riches. Success can be achieved in ancient and modern science, literature, or education.
Good mentality, studious and reserved. Able to concentrate and make a success of their chosen work.
Still in the area of influencing eyesight. The social nature of this degree is very pronounced. Probably the most friendly degree of the Zodiac. It is given to generosity and sharing. There is a deep and abiding interest in scientific research but he is able to remain silent about his own interests when they are not shared by others. This degree gives a pronounced ability to relate to any subject another person may wish to discuss. In true Gemini fashion this native is able to discuss your subject convincingly even if he has not developed a deep knowledge about it. His willingness to learn also makes him flattering to talk with. In this mariner he deepens his own knowledge as well as collects friends of varied backgrounds.
Another sparkling, intelligent degree of Gemini with Virgo and fixed air sign Aquarius - pleasant, unique personality, good looks, but an unusual home life and odd view of the world. Some unique habits may bring trouble, either through misconceptions, or due to jealousy and treachery of others. Good educators - modern and up-to-date technically. Parents may hinder them in some manner.

25-26 deg Gemini
This degree’s influence is in open contrast with the one of the sign to which it belongs, as it muffles down its foremost feature-reason, and sharpens, on the other hand, its second main trait-strife. The native seems to be born to argue and quarrel, but not on the solid ground of logic as he does not want either to offer reasons or to listen to reason and simply sticks to conventional ideas and popular fads current at his time in order to support his arguments.
Yet he likes arts, though in a conformist way, and might even cultivate them, but without the least trace of personal style, An ambitious, jealous being, alive only to his own merit and blind to the merit of others; stubborn, unreasonable, quarrelsome and revengeful, he is not liked by many and can go so far in his blunt recklessness as to court death at the hand of others. The rest of the pattern might emphasize this threat or offset it, as the case may be.

It signifies a person of a stubborn, willful nature, easily persuaded of the merits or rights of others, litigious and quarrelsome, of few sympathies, jealous and revengeful, it denotes a life of many dangers and perhaps death by the hands of a man. It is a degree of CONTEST.
Denotes a strict conformist to conventional usages, and fashionable life; one who devotes much of his or her time to self aggrandizement. In the meantime, he will possess artistic accomplishments and love for the fine arts in general.
Astrology writers, dancers, usually a quite thinker; tyrannical disposition, neurasthenia; gout; wrist bones.
A mental enthusiast, moved by compassion and inclined to be imposed upon by selfish schemers.
"On the marketplace, vendors and buyers are equally nervous. Dogs are bite each other, and men quarrel."
Jealous, irascible, and aggressive character revelling in fault-finding. Violence, brawls, and stubbornness are at the root of many a misfortune. One would be well-advised to keep one's passions under control so that the generosity and loyalty promised by this degree can be fully expressed.
May be inclined to jealousy, usually a quick thinker. This degree rules dancers and I know a number of women with planets here who dance almost every day for recreation.
This degree seems to have two main influences which are difficult to associate; one contributes to dancing ability, the other to intellectual abilities of a very skilled nature. It greatly detracts from any possibility of success in the business world. There seems to be nothing here to encourage skill in dealing with people except in a rhythmical sense as with dancing ability. The degree is much suited to archaeological research, or the study of dead languages. There is an ability to concentrate and thereby perform very unusual feats. This degree could make a winner of an individual engaged in competitive sports. A native of this degree would quite likely be stimulated to sue some new idea to a logical conclusion by mental visualization.
Kinky, resolute Aquarius makes this degree habitually feel mentally superior - perhaps a little too superior for their own ego. May become a know-it-all who, without realizing it, finds life passing by. Vivid inner mental life-private. Works well with large organizations, but remains a distinct “self” - inventive and creative, but often careless or reckless, and too melancholy or set in habits.

26-27 deg Gemini
Symbol: A gypsy woman, shedding copious tears.
All good features of an artist (human sympathy, sensitivity, sense of universal suffering) as well as the evil ones (wanton untidiness, unfitness for the struggle of life) might have fallen to this native’s lot. His horoscope as a whole can answer only the question whether this gift will find expression and materialize, or stay potential; whether the native is to reach the peak of genius or to grovel in the lowlands of modest craftsmanship. In any case, his is a precious and refined, rather than a mighty and rugged, talent; the blight of mannerism is dangerously near.
A life interwoven with roaming, disappointments and sufferings.

It denotes a person of melancholy disposition, over whom the circumstances of life will have much influence, even to the extent of depriving him of all happiness. To a certain extent the nature is dependent and confiding, at all times sympathetic, but ill-fitted to the battle of life. It denotes also some great heart trouble, bereavement or disappointment in love, death of husband or wife as the case may be. It is a degree of MELANCHOLY.
Denotes a superficial person, one who sees more to admire in decorative art than in nature.
Astrology writers; especially good for the Moon, which in clines to unusual mentality; refined or artistic unless adverse aspects hinder; often denotes a genius; usually solemn or melancholy; suicide; phalanges (fingers).
Diplomatic but too self-centered to accomplish much. The cultivation of the will bring the finer side of his nature to the front.
"By the seaside, a man and a woman weep, seated on rocks."
Romantic, melancholic, and trusting character prone to become affectively dependent. In a male chart, there is a lack of manliness, and therefore, the necessity to assert oneself more strongly. In a female chart, after a disappointing marriage, one develops a deep contempt and mistrust for men and turns down any proposal for fear of being hurt again. For both genders, this degree describes a mismatched couple. Marriage ends in divorce or widowhood.
Often denotes a genius, usually solemn or a melancholy touch, refined or artistic unless adverse aspects hinder. An especially good degree for the moon, which inclines to unusual mentality.
This degree suggests a Cancer-like conformity, which is yet naive and undeveloped. There is a strong drive to hold the accepted path without any real awareness of the virtues that path has to offer. There is here only a need to stay with the herd; a feeling of being lost when alone. He is not particularly concerned with what people think, but will alienate those around him by defending what he believes to be traditionally accepted. If beliefs are sufficiently distorted he may end up alienating everyone around him. Even if he walks alone he cannot lx convinced that he is out of step but, rather the contrary that everyone else is out of step but him. The main characteristic here is that he seldom understands what it is he is defending. And yet he will defend it to the death if necessary. Throughout all this he firmly believes he is speaking for the majority even if he hears no voice but his own. He believes that all the silent ones are on his side.
The Pole star far to the North at this degree may promote the feeling that the world revolves around it, and indeed, it may, but that’s not likely to be true in all cases, particularly with Cancer and Moon creating flippant, unpredictable emotions. Reversals of fortunes. Should retain “roots”, and strive to develop many talents to the fullest. May make a sensitive artist or craftsman-domestic and caring.

27-28 deg Gemini
Symbol: Two bulls of different size on a thriving field.
Mens sana in corpore sano: a topping health, an active nature, an open mind fit to pass sound judgment on people and things. There is love for work in its pithiest and most substantial form- farming. The native worships Mother Nature and must live in her bosom; though not harboring any prejudices against the modern machines and newfangled methods, he will still prefer the good old ways as his horse sense whispers to him that whatever is nearer nature has something more vital in itself. Therefore, he hates whatever goes against nature, but also has a deep contempt for what lies beyond Nature’s ken.
A conservative by instinct and a worker by temperament, financially and sexually fruitful, there is nothing sophisticated about him, though he is capable of delving deep into research of what he loves -especially antiquity. An honest and true friend, he is universally esteemed and loved by many. An emotional and, in certain senses, an impressionable or rather a passional being, he is no such highly spiritual creature as his great concrete intelligence may lead a superficial observer to think (one should bear in mind that there are two bulls in the symbol, and of different sizes!). It is but his horse sense, not any lofty spiritual force, that leads him to hate materialist mechanism and economic determinism. Which does not prevent spiritual forces from operating in him, though they might do so more through his moral sense and his feelings than in a direct way. The native may expect, though not with certainty, a happy and prosperous destiny.

It signifies a person of broad, open and genial temperament of mind, a healthy body, keen appreciation of natures beauties; love, of rustic pursuits; successful life, large family and many friends. This individual will live more in the physical and emotional aspects of his nature than in the mental or spiritual; yet the reflection of these in the life of the native will be apparent and will work for good in him. It is a degree of FRUITFULNESS.
Denotes a person not given to change, a student of antiquity, who takes but little interest in new inventions. A profound scholar, if circumstances permit, and possessing a sound judgment.
Astrology, writers; gamblers; music ( a violin); occult; fond of traditions and antiques; proud of relatives or friends; usually they are leaders, but where thy allow others to rule, their fortunes are chargeable, metacarpal bones.
One who understands that self-mastery is the greatest force for betterment and who studies the wisdom of the ancients with this end in view.
"A man plants seeds in a well-ploughed field."
Generous, cheerful, and hard-working character. One enjoys an excellent health and a happy life amid a large family and a host of friends. Success can be achieved in animal husbandry, or the exploitation of land, mineral, etc., as well as in arboriculture and botany. Careers in science, philosophy, religion, and the arts are also very favoured. This degree brings about fertility in all areas, including in the family with the birth of twins. If in the natal chart, this degree is in conjunction with the Midheaven and Jupiter, it promises honours and big wealth. With the Sun, the Moon or the Part of Fortune, unforeseen windfalls and legacies can be expected.
These people are fond of traditions and antiques. Proud of relatives or friends. Usually they are leaders but where they allow others to rule, their fortunes are changeable.
This degree stimulates a Cancer-like attraction to antiques of all kinds representing symbols of heritage and culture. There is a strong need for a stable home and security and yet this individual seems prone to wander. There is much pride in relatives and all home ties. The native is likely to carry mementoes with him on his travels and dream of being home again. He prefers manufactured art works rather than enjoyment of the beautiful in nature, perhaps because he can carry these objects with him. He does not have enough imagination to carry the memory of a beautiful sunset or growing flowers. He prefers objects that have permanence to flowers that will fade and die. He may even be disappointed when he returns home from his wanderings to find that home has changed. It is difficult to weave these Cancer-Gemini traits into a happy pattern.
Attractive in its uniqueness and usually willing to pitch in and dirty its hands in almost any project with others. Impressionable and intelligent - a good learner. Traditional - may develop useful talents, but should always use discretion.

28-29 deg Gemini
A rather pessimistic degree inducing skepticism and mistrust, apart from which its influence is a typically divalent one.
Helped by other astral aspects, it will confer kindheartedness coupled with ability to command; an imaginative, manifold mind; the makings for occupying a high position and for nobly exerting the attending authority; skill in hunting and sportsmanship.
On the contrary, where other aspects are mainly negative, these features will shift into opposite polarities or will stray into corresponding vices. Kindness will become affected courtesy, prestige will be disfigured into autocracy, love of hunting into cruelty or even sadism; there will be misuse of power closely followed by ruin and misery. Likewise, imaginative power will sidle into fruitless daydreaming, too many plans will cram the mind, all shifting and inconclusive, as no steady power behind them will help carry them out.

It denotes a person of pessimistic nature; one who will abandon his many projects for want of hope and perseverance. The mind is filled with an endless succession of thoughts and schemes, but always in the black mantle of doubt and misgiving. The nature is weak and easily thrown off the track; prolix, versatile, but lacking, as such natures mostly are, in continuity. This individual will have many dreams and yet none will be fulfilled. Hence he will have no confidence, either in himself or his designs. It is a degree of DOUBT and CHANGE.
A cruel person, a despot, one who may obtain some post of authority, where he will disgrace himself by exceeding his duties.
Astrology writers; very active, often carrying on while his companions are asleep; his many good ideas and makes a success of doing things in a different way; art ability, ingenuity, martial honor, preferment, and wealth; causes much sickness, trouble, loss of fortune, disgrace and great affliction, and may give legacies and inheritances attended by much evil; fourth rib.
One who understands that self-mastery is the greatest force for betterment and who studies the wisdom of the ancients with this end in view.
"Under a low grey sky, a flock of crows fly against the wind, and three dogs run in opposite directions."
Indecisive, fickle, and pessimistic character. One must make a concentration effort and carefully keep one's projects ready for implementation as soon as the good opportunity arises. One must believe in one's qualities, and learn not to systematically listen to the person who spoke last. Otherwise, innate lack of tenacity and self-confidence, blended with excessive malleability, would result in repeated failures.
Has many good ideas and makes a success by doing things in a different way. Very active, often ‘carrying on’ while his companions are asleep. Impulsive, but positive.
In contrast to the last degree this degree denotes love of nature. This native is more prone to stay on one piece of land and find his anchor in the changing seasons and find stability in the fact that you can count on Spring returning year after year in a predictable fashion. This degree also grants an interest in antiquity and digs deep for roots. There is much practical sense akin to the way nature works. There is a distrust of man made contrivances especially those which cut across natural laws. His spiritual nature is more instinctive than developed. He trusts the laws of God which he sees operating in nature but he does not feel the necessity to unearth the meaning of all mother nature’s secrets. He is satisfied to observe and see that they work. His mental ability is applied to observation rather than dissecting.
Scorpio’s influence here is much like the 17th-18th degree of Gemini - manipulative, secretive, untrusting and often untrustworthy - possibly the result of feelings of inferiority or difficulties early in life. Many plans of power, and some directorial abilities, but often many variables, intrusions, side tracks and falling-outs.

29-30 deg Gemini
Symbol: The cow, the goat, and the ewe in society with the lion
As in the previous degree, this one also can make the native into a fond and efficient hunter, but the point lies elsewhere and can be summarized in the expression, a lion’s share.
It will have to be left to the horoscope as a whole to decide if the native himself or other partners will have that share; and whether he is endowed with a deceiving, cunning nature apt to rob others of their luck, or is forced by circumstances to pay for one of the partners’ misdeeds; but in either of these two hypotheses, each containing a double question, the former item does not on principle exclude the latter. The native undoubtedly has formidable persuasive or seductive powers, a strong character, a hard worker’s temper, and can weave and unravel plots. However, destiny will disappoint him in the end.

It signifies a crafty nature, capable of intrigue and deception; one who will form associations with a design of ultimate conquest. A seductive nature, living at the risk of others happiness. A man of considerable powers of persuasion, but not to be trusted. It Is a degree of DECEPTION.
I would warn the native to be very careful as to the company he associates with, as he may have to suffer for what another may have done.
Astrology writers; actors; entertainers; aptitude for studying human nature; imitators; affection and emulation; if afflicted, hypocrisy sometimes; clairvoyance; ruin, disgrace, impulsive but positive; angina pectoris; fifth rib.
One who believes in work as the solution to many problems. He faces many dangers but with his goal ever before him works serenely on.
"Two men walk side by side in the forest with their dogs kept on a leash. Their manners are warm, but they watch one another from the corner of their eyes. A sheep does not realise that a wolf is following it."
Unscrupulous, brutal, and cunning character ready for anything in order to reach one's ends. One is driven by an intense instinct of domination, and one does not hesitate to betray supporters and friends. One also resorts to hypocrisy and pretends to be devoted to higher-ups with a view to getting lucrative positions.
Imitation, affection and emulation. Sometimes hypocrisy if afflicted. Talented and more fixed in purpose than most of the Gemini degrees. With the exception of writers and teachers we find fewer famous people with planets in Gemini than in any other sign. (Between 1888 and 1902 both Neptune and Mars were in Gemini which gives that sign a slight ‘edge for those years.)
This degree makes one capable of cruelty. This degree has a cusp influence between Gemini and Cancer. This is perhaps one of the hardest cusps to bridge. 29 degrees of any sign is difficult. Its most positive influence contributes writing ability. And it gives many experiences about which to write. The more difficult the problems life hands you the more potential there is if you succeed. Therefore, some of these natives manage to rise very high in the scale of life. When they do so you can be sure it is because of what they have had to overcome. This degree does provide a sophisticated mental ability coupled with a fruitful growing power. A difficult horse to tame but very capable when controlled.
Last Gemini Degree is influenced by Cancer and Scorpio, suggests a cunning deceiving charming nature. Faithful spouse and dominating parent. Often, influence or power over others, and like the
28-29th degree, this one must also use power carefully or risk attracting trouble like a magnet. Hard worker and student of human nature - competitive and possibly clairvoyant. Must avoid dangerous people and circumstances.