Leo Degrees

0-1 deg Leo

Symbol: Alone and weaponless, Samson tears up with his bare hands the lion come to attack him “Out of the eater came forth meat and out of the strong came forth weakness.” Judges 14:14

But for modesty, the native is endowed with all the qualities required to master himself and others. A man of high standing, he will reap victory over his enemies.

Should he curb his inborn daring and strength with mildness and restraint, he might become a benefactor of his own subjects. Otherwise his exceptional power and unchallenged faith in himself will drift into high-handedness, inner dignity will stray into exterior pompousness; the flattering of men and the enticements of women around him to which he is apt to lend much too willing an ear, will prove his undoing.

The native’s karma might be bound or interwoven with that of his nation, a thing of which he might have to bear the consequences as well for evil (obscurity and oblivion, at least for awhile) as for good (lasting renown). The horoscope is a whole will have to lead the interpretation on this point.

Denotes one who will suffer many and great trials, reverses of fortune, etc., but will, or may, leave behind him a name on the pages of history. Such a life may, for a time, be so much involved in the life of the nation, or people, among whom he may live and labor as to be lost sight of, but finally be mounts to the surface.

Magnetic, brusque, and forceful; homicidal tendency; often seems to know things without taking the trouble to learn; left coronary artery.

Symbol: A king stepping from his carriage receiving a document from a group of citizens.

Denotes one who will be enabled to grant or to refuse to grant the wishes of others. He will reach a position of importance and will receive many honors, and benefits will accrue to him. The demand is for an understanding of the use, not the abuse, of power. It is a symbol of Authority.

This degree incorporates the Leo-Cancer cusp and actually fails to pick up the best of either sign. The Leo ego manifests itself in arrogance while the Cancer dependence is much in evidence. There is more bluster than action and accomplishment. These qualities can be directed toward high goals and, once the native feels secure and well-oriented, he may find that he can rely on a certain intuitive way of knowing and feeling his way through difficult situations. That is providing he does not blind himself with empty phrases. There may be a certain sense of blending into the character of what is happening if the native is able to quiet his fear and constant panic. The necessity here is to develop a quiet reason which the native is capable of if he can only maintain the necessary control.

Most Gemini-affected degree of Leo, representing escape from the restraints of emotional, “victim” Cancer. Has independence needed to develop “self” and for pursuing its creative destiny. Gemini provides mental qualities and diversity of skills and experiences, signaling daring and fearlessness, however still mild and careful, physically passive but mentally busy. Impatient, perceptive, knowledgeable - or thinks so. Romantically irresistible, domineering aloof but loyal - love of country, favoritism, and good service in any number of vocations, providing the employer is dignified and honest in business, thus deserving this degree’s trust and help.

Ardent, enterprising, and forceful, One who will reach a position of power, which used rightly, will attract many blessings.

"A lion on a rock stares at the sunrise, while a man scornfully brandishes a chopped lion head."
Generous, benevolent, and dignified character endowed with great leadership capacities. One enjoys people's esteem, even that of one's enemies. If one is involved in seafaring, one may be entrusted with high-ranking positions in government. If the natal chart is very afflicted, vile instincts and shameful ambitions prompt to wield power in a tyrannical manner, in which case the body is over- weighted, and the physical appearance loses the natural majesty which is the attribute of this sign.

The little ego desires what it does not desire, needs what it does not need. It goes after most avidly what it later finds is so very different from what would be good to have. But then things turn again and even the most unconscious patterns reveal their redemptive glory. It all depends on where you are along the spectrum: the initial expansion, the inevitable contraction to follow, or the tempered and seasoned expansion later. In the middle point, it can be hell. But things start out so amazingly and they end up as such a gold mine of experience and self-understanding from all this. Much of life is midstream and involves meeting shadows, enduring reversals, and basically being forced to go absolutely everywhere you never wanted to go. The reason it comes out right in the end is that you move through all of it and discover there is somebody in here who knows how to do that and who remains unscarred, not even discouraged, and is just waiting for the next opening to take up the Earth's schooling in the way that fiery souls invite and welcome, strangely enough.

It denotes a person of extreme dignity of character, with much self-reliance, fearlessness, nobility and freedom of nature; an ambitious person and somewhat jealous of honor, being much subject to praise and flattery. The native will be apt in the government of others, and equally so in self-control; but unless the heart be kind, the native will be a mere pompous tyrant. It is a degree at DIGNITY.

1-2 deg Leo

It denotes a person of an extremely vacillating and uncertain disposition; weak. minded, and subject to be driven about from one opinion to another; generally moved by consent to prevailing sentiment, and incapable of any firm and independent decision. The native will be liable to experience strange caprices of fortune; and will wander, with many a change of object, from one place to another, but little permanence for good will be assured to him. At times exceedingly hopeful, and anon depressed and nervous, the native will make little headway or progress. It is a degree of WEAKNESS.
Subnormal and supernormal as one. Bearing a karmic handicap in which you cannot get away from yourself for a moment. Yet this opens the doors to a destiny-dedication that is monumentally strong. Your world reverberates endlessly with your own individual themes. You are trapped in the form of individual selfhood. Yet for all its excesses and fanaticisms, this is the perfect situation to lead you through to where you need to go. Because by meeting yourself at every turn, in every possible guise, you are deeply pulled down into a self-expansive pathway where there had been extreme constriction and radical blockage. The transition is arduous and consuming. It feels as though it is impossible to break through. But the very things that characteristically and thematically just will not let you go shall become the ultimate springboard. You wear out your old programs the hard and laborious way, by being at their mercy and learning that somebody in here is ready for something fantastically different and will do whatever it takes to thin out all the delusions, and make personal egoism intolerable, insufferable, and just too big of a joke not to get, ever again.

Artistic, gifted, inspirational, but tempted to plagiaries. If this is done he removes from himself the blessing of first-hand knowledge.

Scorpio may obliterate Leo’s dignified nature, and add sexual overtones. Mobile and common due to Gemini, may be lusty and secretive, not good for marriage, but could be useful in business for short periods of time. Is a dedicated, industrious worker, inclined to weight gain - the water influence with a bit of Cancer carrying over may also distinguish this degree as a sensitive, although “weighty” artisan. Vacillating and insecure for Leo, suspicious or superstitious, but generally quiet and productive. A bit of a homebody.

Much insecurity is covered up by bluff and assuming an air of dignity. This degree requires a very brave front to cover up its real inadequacy. However, real qualities may develop behind this barrier provided the native does not succumb to outside influences. Flattery and “soft soap’are most welcome and may lead him right down the primrose path to his own destruction. This degree is most characteristic of the Leo nature to be lead anywhere when his sympathies are aroused. He also has an equally fixed will-power which prevents him from being driven. He displays the driving force and may appear as a tyrant, dealing out orders in a pompous and dictatorial way. You may never suspect the soft nature inside which is very vulnerable to kindness. However, just as he suspected when he holds everyone off at arms length, the kindness may be his undoing. He is at the mercy of those who favor him. If his kingly manner is fed the proper nourishment and he is not sidetracked by people wishing to use him for their own private ends he will go far. He may, before he is defeated, strike out with ferocious violence and hostility and once more assume his position of dignity. However, he may also collapse into a weak and defenseless being, humiliated by his show of weakness. This native may be closely interwoven with his country.

Symbol: A roll of papers having dropped from the hand of a dying scholar is eagerly caught up by eminent professor on whose face there is a look of triumph.

Denotes one whose early life is threatened and who in later years will gain possession of material secrets discovered by another which he has long sought to obtain. Having obtained them, he claims the discoveries as his own, gaining thus further professional advancement and reputation. His triumph may last till he breathes his last breath, then he will learn what in spite of all his learning he does not know, and his action of yesterday brings remorse on the morrow. It is a symbol of Artifice.

Have a way of making themselves pleasing to the opposite sex but often seem monotonous to those of their own sex; prodigal sometimes vacillating; apt to u se the other fellow’s ideas because he lacks confidence in his own; sometimes not dependable and apt to wander from place to place; aorta.

Symbol: A rudderless ship, prey to the waves.

Danger of ship wreck ahead. Devoid of moral strength, lacking decision and self-appreciation. This one hundred and twenty-second degree of the zodiac is the reverse of the previous one, though, being in common with it, exposed to trouble and having karmic connections with the surrounding community.

The native is besides a nervous and oversensitive subject. He might often bean artist, and might be blind sometimes to his own uncommon gifts. Unable to steer the course of his own life, he will go adrift materially and spiritually, will be tossed and bounced right and left.

The omen of the shipwreck might literally come true; there might be shipwreck in the real sense of the word.

This denotes one who may pass through the greater part of his life unconscious of those high abilities he possesses, abilities which might render him a very popular character and an important factor in the life and character of society. The rostrum is empty; he may therefore miss his calling.

"Banners flutter in opposite directions on a ship's mast."
Indecisive, changing, and whimsical character prone to mood swings ranging from unreasonable optimism to extreme despair. Extensive travels across the world play an important role throughout life. One's intelligence is instrumental in achieving brilliant success, provided one sticks to the same objectives. Dangers are related to the sea and water.

2-3 deg Leo

It denotes a person of elastic and undeveloped mind, uncertain principles, liable to lead to license and moral turpitude. The native will lead a somewhat irregular life, and will be generally inconsequent and unreliable in his actions. Much of the obscurity into which this person will be at from time to time will be due to the unfledged condition of the mind, and the misdirection, through ignorance, of the moral faculty. It is a degree of WANDERING.

Hyperactive. Engrossed in sensations. Absolutely fascinated by the ins and outs of everything. Training yourself arduously to become completely present in the action. Insisting upon getting it right. Aiming for spirit and flesh to merge. Knowing how to do it and feeling sharply motivated. However, the little self does get carried away with the literal outward experience so very easily. You must battle to harness your powers and to pull yourself away from random delight. It is quite a journey, with one great thing going for yourself. You just know that you can do anything you set your mind to, and you are correct.

"A sad-looking man is seated on a stool in front of a light which is obscured by a black cloud."
Depraved and thoughtless character. One displays loose morals in both private and business matters. If the natal chart shows strong probity, then this degree indicates that faith is tremendously helpful in overcoming ordeals caused by twists of fate.

Symbol: A newly born lion cub, its eyes still shut.

This symbol, while on one side pointing to the unripeness of the native’s lion nature, emphasizes on the other side what chances he has to progress.

The horoscope as a whole will show whether the native will be able to open his eyes within the bounds of this one embodiment, and whether he will succeed in gradually developing the powers he hides slumbering in himself. If so, stumbling and tottering, forcing his way through pitfalls and thorny briers, he will work himself up to the highest peaks of human achievement. Then the very utterness of his ignorance and his native childishness might enable him to do some great and original work, untrammeled as lie is by the yoke of scholastic tradition. His very lack of moral tenets might lead him up to a noble and freer stale of morality, where convention and prejudice play no part. In front of the mystery of the universe he might preserve that divine sense of wonder from which the sophisticated fool struggles to free himself.

All this might happen. The subject is, of course, unlikely to follow the entire path of such an evolution till its end within the short span of one earthly life. In most cases he will be able to open his eyes only in a following embodiment, in the present one the native is likely to grope in the dark. Even worse, pushed back on his defensive by the first rude jolts from the outside world, and unable to account for them, he might freeze into immobility, shun any further struggle and take a mistrustful attitude toward life, Thus, while trying to avoid development through experience, he never will avoid suffering. Driven by his childish nature, he will flare up quickly into a mood of unjustified elation, and will subside into discouragement and despair even more quickly.

An extremely lively but unruly imagination, eager but fruitless passionateness, inconsequent behavior, as one aimlessly fumbling in the dark. The subject is not to be relied upon.

The degree of mystery! denotes the gradual unfoldment of the sublime and the glorious. The student of what is great and lofty; a vivid imagination; he is fired with enthusiasm, and liable to err through an excess of passion, but if all be well under control he will bless his race.

Leadership; a good mind, able to understand things that seem complicated to others and to make ordinary things seem new and interesting; usually wide awake to new ideas; right artery.

Symbol: A huge human head. From the left eye emanates a ray of black vapor, from the right a ray of yellow, and from the center of the forehead a ray of white.

Denotes a remarkable personality who has an understanding of complex subjects. Rich, courted, and strong, he can regulate his forces for the blessing or bane of men. There is also an entirely occult side to this symbol which expresses the same meaning from a spiritual outlook. It is a symbol of Leadership.

There is much potential in this degree, but the native is closely tied to those around him for better or for worse. The contrast between the weakness inside and the hard shell on the outside is not nearly as great as 1 degree. There is still the inner weakness and the outer defenses, but not so obvious. There is more potential if the native finds himself in the right environment. This person suffers more continual strain without going to extremes. He is tossed about by the winds of fortune. His own weaknesses worry and concern him while he often remains unaware of his potential. He carries much hidden knowledge which is untested and therefore unproven even to himself. If these sources can be tapped and developed his greatness will shine forth. However, many of these natives end up on the rocks for lack of the proper awareness and stimulation on the part of others. If the native’s true image is not reflected by those around him, he, himself, fails to recognize his own true worth.

Prodigious, active degree with Cancer fullness and Leo opulence - fond of food and family, proud of lineage. Often slow, but productive and likeable leader, inclined to drift along on past laurels, seeking the most reward for the least effort - that’s efficiency, but often wrong thinking that leads nowhere. Can’t be relied upon, even in romance. Will suffer and sacrifice due to shortness of ambition. Likes pageants and displays, but should be encouraged to be practical and to appreciate results. Drawn to religion and politics, perhaps the stage.

Enthusiastic, possessing literary ability. He will be courted by many either for his position or his occult and spiritual power.


3-4 deg Leo

It denotes a person of the most prudent, circumspect, and patient mind; capable of sustaining great fatigue in the accomplishment of his desires; a mind gifted with much diplomacy, suavity, self-restraint, and watchfulness; keen in observing but slow to draw conclusions; capable when aroused, of much malice, but not of open anger. Firm in his attachments, a fast friend and unrelenting enemy. The native will succeed in life by dint of caution and perseverance. It is a degree of CURCUMSPECTION.
Bonding with the immediate, external task and swallowing yourself up in its container. Finding sanctuary in excellence, practice, discipline, conscientious carry-through. Becoming engrossed within the task itself and its way of life. Harnessing vast vision into detailed particulars, you succeed marvelously in becoming what is asked, turning yourself into the one who fits the role, the pure servant. But a subtle presence, a deep authority, an otherworldly overtone give you away.

You've been assigned to veil the self in lesser things so that you will be undisturbed to work within and do spade work for planetary evolution. Yet the call is so critical that often even your own conscious self has little idea why none of this posturing ever seems quite real and your entire expression seems a little too perfect, too much of a set-up, too snugly fitting to be convincing to those with eyes to see.

"By the bank of a pond, a cat watches a prey."
Patient, observant, and shrewd character endowed with a great capacity to wait for the good opportunity, no matter how long it takes. One is able to spend much time in thorough analysis, and when the time is ripe, one knows how to swiftly make the right decisions. Success can be achieved in diplomacy and in all occupations requiring self-control, flexibility, and perseverance.

Possessing a powerful will, strong love nature, sensitive. Silence is his best weapon as he is in danger of betrayal where he trusts most.

Sensitive, critical degree, having a Pisces flavor-self-protective, artistic inclinations. Known to “bite” when challenged or aroused. Hurt by disharmony and weaknesses of others. Usually a beautiful degree, attractive but dignified, preferring to associate with what is praiseworthy and regal. Good friend and liking for travel, music and entertainment - a star. Often religious or spiritual. Vulnerable to underhanded tricks, treachery and idle applause.

This is a very undeveloped degree with great promise. The native is generally quite childlike and impressionable. He goes through life seemingly ignorant of the heritage of prejudice which functions around him. With his freshness and unfettered approach he may see an obvious weakness which the rest of us miss. However, for the most part he also is not sufficiently developed to recognize the meaning of his discoveries. Here again, the native may be one step ahead of the rest of humanity but he is unable to go very far beyond what he can find recognition for by the people who react to what he puts out. He does not have the confidence to be sure of what he sees without those around him validating his findings. If he is very far ahead he is likely to end up in a maze of confusion rather than realizing that he was really right all along.

Symbol: An ambassador leaving the presence of a prince who is smiling significantly to his chancellor.

Denotes one who may be deceived by smiles and promises. He should be especially careful of those in power, and should be wary lest in negotiations he betrays his plans and aspirations to keen and subtle adversaries. Wisdom is in silence. It is a symbol of Treachery.

A benefic there or any planet well aspected there inclines too honesty and integrity; anarchism (not going with any thing); an active person; not easy to anger but capable of malice when aroused; usually sensitive and often hurt by lack of harmony in the home; a critical analyst, but sincere with good intentions; left carotid artery.

Symbol: On the polar pack a white bear lies in ambush by a cleft, waiting for a seal to emerge for air

All virtues born of prudence and reserve; and all attendant vices as well: suspiciousness, cunning, and malice.

The native might display great activity and practical sense and might push his endurance in work to a superhuman level, but always with some selfish goal in sight. His gaze is sharp and unfailing, but he will not make up his mind before ripe reflection.

He will be constant in love, unflinching in hatred; he will make a staunch, devoted friend and a formidable foe, who will hardly fail to take revenge sooner or later for any offense, mighty as the offender may be. His wrath will not seek an immediate outlet; he will bide his time like a well-laid trap ready to snap. Only after detecting the vulnerable side of the one who harms him or hurts his feelings, he will strike with ruthless deliberation.

His success seems to be bound to travels, especially overseas. He is likely to draw the greatest profit from his native cunning and practical sense for trade and diplomacy. The rest of the pattern will supply more precise details.

Denotes an active person; one who is always on the move. In his case the saying is true: “The grass is not allowed to grow under his feet.” A practical person, always engaged in what is useful to himself or others. A business man, he will at a glance take in what may be to his own advantage or otherwise.

4-5 deg Leo

It denotes a person of scientific powers and, learning in the subtle arts; one who is capable of carrying out the most elaborate researches with patience and intelligence of the highest order. Withal there is within the mind of the native a certain degree of cupidity and cunning, which, wisely directed, will be of great service in daily life. There is also a keen sense of rivalry and competition , a love of personal adventure, which the native will use in a very subtle manner. Generally speaking, the native is acute, cunning, cautions, and very intelligent; but jealous and envious, and to be warily dealt with on that account. There is moderate success in life shown. It is a degree of SUBTLETY.

When different sides of the soul have developed to drastically different points, you become a strange mix, a hybrid brew. Simultaneously ancient with wisdom and vibrant with youth at best, or perhaps at once aging rapidly and still unformed. Those facets that are older and wiser have developed a greater mode of perception over long cycles of time. Those facets that remain young and unformed have not kept up with the greater awareness in the personal expression and embodiment. Therefore your knowingness is advanced, yet your performance is as a novice. The hardest part is to accept and embrace yourself as you are and to forgive and transmute what sometimes seems like a lack of courage and individual strength under fire. The only way this combination can become integrated is if the advanced witness acknowledges the unconditional value and intentions of the fledgling personal one who will flourish and start to catch up if loved and fostered. Your own inner self is the central benefactor, the one who can say "Yes," and bring life forth abundantly.

"A snake wrapped around the bottom of a tree is ready to attack, while another snake crawls in the grass."
Cautious, greedy, and envious character inclined to compete. One is endowed with exceptional intellectual abilities, and one is deeply interested in science and in solving riddles. One is willing to work hard to succeed but does not hesitate to resort to dishonesty whenever personal interests are at stake. This degree indicates that success seldom goes beyond the average level.

Symbol: A snake.

It is a degree of ungenerosity. The native has something eluding grasp and will lip away from your hands on the very moment you think you have caught him. He will delve deep into the most hermetical sciences, whether material or spiritual; tackle intricate and baffling problems and master their result with matchless skill, but the work thus done he will turn to his own exclusive profit. A thankless egotist, with a strain of mockery and skepticism, cunning in spite of his undeniable intelligence; full of lust but not its slave; jealous of his discoveries and venomous toward his rivals and opponents, the native will be able to reach success, but will fail to achieve the glory or popularity he craves and can reasonably expect. It is not even to be ruled out that he will have to suffer-and much at that-and leave his native country under grave circumstances. He had better avoid positions of responsibility, refrain from running any concern on his own, and put up with a lower status than he is bargaining for, living up to it in the quietest possible way.

This person will undergo much suffering. He may leave his native land under very gloomy circumstances. I advise such an one to live very quietly, to get into some settled and uniform mode of living; to keep clear of all of a speculative character, and never to take on himself any office of trust, or where great responsibilities are involved.

A medical or healing degree; a symbolic degree, “a snake coiled, ready to strike”: a deep searcher for truth; a strong character often living a retired life; capable of patient and intelligent research of the highest order; right carotid artery.

Symbol: A lawyer placing a document before a client, who signs it. His eyes are bandaged.

Denotes one who should be critically careful of attaching his name to papers and in putting absolute trust in interested advisers. In all writings, care should be taken if the native would save himself sorrow, suffering, and the results of impulsive action. He should look many times at a pen before he dips it in the ink. It is a symbol of Complications.

There is the beginning of real direction in this degree. The native has a form which shows a certain amount of stability. He is a very staunch reliable, loyal friend as well as a treacherous enemy who will seek out opponent’s weakness and strike when least expected. The native is capable of success in the business world. He ‘~ influenced by his friends but he is not too easily dive from the course he sets for himself. He knows what he knows and needs support and reassurance but is not like to give up if that support is not immediately forthcoming. He will look elsewhere for the support he needs, and stick to his own path. There is considerable practicality here. The native is active and energetic in tracking down things that interest him. He has an established will of own, and although he needs confirmation from other people he generally finds it, and will be somewhat per until he does.

The Lion’s selfishness, protectiveness is dominant over the Pisces sensitivity of this degree - more sensual, clutching and said to be much like Scorpio, although not exhibiting all those characteristics and much more magnanimous. Often quick to imagine slights and injury, self-sensitive, but another entertaining and artistic degree, perhaps a stage performer. Thirsty for all the good things of life, outwardly attractive and inwardly egotistical, often swayed by others or timely trends. Benefits by being fair and less critical.

He must use his own reasoning ability and not implicitly trust advisers. Usually self-improved, self- sustained.


5-6 deg Leo

It denotes a person of a proud, martial nature, with considerable tastes for athletics, deeds of daring and prowess, contests, feats of arms, and the like. Somewhat given to argument and contention. ever ready to rush into disputes regardless of danger. The native will succeed as a soldier, or in active service requiring courage and strength; but will be liable to some reverses of fortune following upon undue self-assertion. It is a degree of PROWESS.

Keeping up with things can be an all-consuming matter, because everything changes all the time. There are always fresh angles to master. And when you are coming from a very old place, it is not so easy to shake yourself loose and become the next thing asked. To do it you may have to turn yourself into a super-high-powered accomplisher, converting ancient ways to radically different eras. You are personally, privately one way and publicly, impersonally, another way, turning it on to suit the occasion. The karmic performer in overdrive, hustling to catch up. At times compelled to rely on tricks. Frantic to cover all bases, to be everywhere. Pushing yourself to learn how to operate within a contemporary world that is alien, at a loss. Yet also gifted, bringing with you from the heart of nature such jewels and wonders that the world may ask, "Why do you cast your pearls before swine?" But there are moments in the journey when doing whatever is called for becomes its own reward, even if the pace is grinding and the recognition sparse. Something bright abides and sustains you beautifully.

"A fencer without mask tests the flexibility of a sword. Nearby, there are two sabres and a gauntlet in which a dagger is hidden."
Fearless, proud, and courageous character attracted to athletics, dangerous actions, and military feats. Success can be achieved in the military, in politics, or in all occupations requiring a great deal of energy and many struggles. This degree warns against reversals of fortune, as well as injuries and traps, and urges to avoid situations of violence. If in the natal chart, this degree is in conjunction with the Ascendant and with the Sun or the Moon, it indicates a potential danger for the head and the eyes.

Possessing business energy and enterprise but worries come through the goods of others. Can triumph through his own ingenuity.

The ideal Leo: paternal, watchful, in control, a good executive, hard worker, sharp, stately intellect and almost psychically perceptive - ahead of the pack, gains early in life, and is usually from a good family. Confident, fond of competition, perhaps a missionary. Thoroughly involved, commanding, fond of debate and well-like by people in position of power. A successful career may take the mid away from romance and into dangerous fields as well. Success is not assured, although probable.

This degree is very much akin to the nature Mars. The native here is very active and aggressive, very defensive of his own position. He will both undergo deal out much suffering. He is likely to be involved violent sports or military pursuits. He will drive himself death unless he controls his passions. He may even be court-martialed by his country as a result of his excesses. self-interest. He has a wealth of abilities which for the part he chooses to display rather than put to useful poses. He seeks recognition but enjoys displaying his lay of dependence on recognition. That is, he will perform. then arrogantly walk off with the profits failing to bow the audience in gratitude for their applause. There is keen sense of rivalry and competition but a lack of sportsmanship. He will be misled where he trusts others, probably because of his attitude. However; it is hard to say whether it was being misled that caused the mistrust or whether it was his attitude that attracted the desire on the part of someone else to mislead. This person is in danger of ending up as a very isolated and lonely being before he recognizes his dependence on others. On the other hand his ability and skill may never cease to amaze and although others may keep their distance and withhold their affection they may never cease to look up to and respect this individual.

Symbol: A lion crouching in a jungle with a large bird of the eagle type in his mouth.

Denotes one who will be compelled to fight and struggle during a great part of his life and who will often have to use his ingenuity to release himself from entanglements and troubles. He may have financial difficulties or difficulties over property or estates. In the end—perhaps even in the midst of worry—his star rises and he triumphs over enemies and evil conditions. It is a symbol of Strategy.

A medical or healing degree; hair; a martial nature with a liking for athletics; a leader, usually in some physical or military way; usually well-liked by inferiors; a person of great energy who may drive himself to ruin unless he controls his passions; entrance of pulmonary artery.

Symbol: A man of stately appearance, riding a horse, brandishes a sword. A snake lifts its head between the animal’s hocks.

Bodily strength and inner power, which might degenerate into material and moral violence; daring bordering on recklessness; fondness of sport contests, weapons, polemics and duels, with a quarrelsome bent toward aggression in word and fact.

The native might have a mission to fulfill might become a great military or political ruler and stand out like a giant. Something, however, will undermine his greatness at its very foundations; his inordinate pride or his self-ostentation.,

Denotes one who has a special mission of an extraordinary character; and providing all be favorable as to birth and surroundings he cannot fail to become a ruler of men, and a giant among men - intellectually or morally, If not physically.


6-7 deg Leo

The native is born to power, eminence, fame. He will, by the use of his many talents, supplemented by a powerful will, rise to a foremost position in his sphere of life. There is in the character a large amount of courage, nobility, energy and endurance, and the free use of such qualities will; under a benign fate, bring the native into a field of life where he will be a central figure. It is a degree of SUPERIORITY.
The outward performance is thin and tenuous, not much there at all. The inner journey is huge. You are concentrating so utterly upon the cosmic mysteries that all personal and even individual reputation and reflection seem pathetically small and insignificant. You are being zapped by huge forces, taken on the cosmic grand tour. As the deep inner opens, the surface outer becomes formal and almost wooden. You are called away. Rarely present in a human context. It all depends upon how far you are willing and able to go with this. If you blast free into an expanded selfhood activation, everything will form around that whole new world to be in. But if, as so often happens, you are not quite here, but not quite all there yet either, the transitions can be excruciating; as you prepare for the infinite life, but are hooked back into the regular life and snagged by image and impression. For you will be consistently reflected back to self as one fragment of yourself and this can be awkward and inwardly agonizing. All you want is to wake up and become your greater self. And meanwhile your lesser self has lots to handle, standing in for someone who is never quite home.

"A man riding a lion holds a sceptre surmounted by a sparkling diamond."
Courageous, wise, and noble character. Careers in law, politics, government, the arts, or science are very favoured. One is most likely to achieve outstanding success and to have one's dearest wishes fulfilled. Should the natal chart concur, one's name may go down in history. However, great caution is needed in order to avoid accidents in general.

Symbol: A man riding a lion.

The native is a tamer born and none is possessed of a greater instinctive gift for ruling human beasts-or wild animals, should the stars point to it.

On the noblest souls this degree may bestow a nearly heavenly wisdom such as to transcend human reason and connect the individual with the Whole. The subject might then attain the gift of prophecy, or better, be enlightened with a nearly divine sense of the universal mystery and of the infinite.

In less exalted beings we may find a more or less earthly wisdom, a direct, non-rational insight into reality or, in a still humbler way, into practical problems. Whatever the field the stars allot to the native for his activity, he will hold a natural sway over others and direct them at will or, according to his whims, as if he could dispose of supernatural means. Should luck be on his side it would not be risky to forecast that he will become the pivot of the circle-whatever its size-where he lives and works, that he will step into the limelight in spite of his doggedest opponents and will outshine even much worthier rivals.

According to Charubel there is sympathy between this degree and 7 degree Libra. I contend that this sympathy ought to extend to the whole of Libra.

THIS IS POSSIBLY AS GLORIOUS A DEGREE AS ANY IN THE ZODIAC. This degree is impinged by a ray from a transcendental sun, one of those suns which with our sun revolves round the grand central sun. Denotes the greater good; the sublime; gives prophetic inspirations; rules the wonderful; and fills the soul with a flood of celestial glory. This degree throbs sympathetically with the seventh degree of Libra.

A medical or healing degree; founders of large businesses sometimes; one who grand ideas; (Praesaepe): disgrace, adventure, disease, insolence, brutality, wantonness, blindness, industry, order and fecundity; it makes the native fortunate, though liable to lose through others; a good mixer; held in high esteem by his associates; usually generous, courteous, and obliging; one who will rise to a foremost position in his world; eyesight; left coronary vein.

Symbol: A book, on which is a crown, resting on a golden throne.

Denotes one who will by his own skill and ability receive and profit by impressions and reach a position which gains him the recognition due to him. To such, perseverance and faith are the essentials, and if he regards the meaning of these two words apart from the words themselves he will crown his labors with success. It is a symbol of Fame.

Pride is a very important factor here. Excessive to false pride might be more appropriate. When he is winning and his self-confidence is well-established he may be generous and gracious. There is a wealth of energy and ability, which may lead to greatness but hinges on a delicate balance. His ability is unquestioned. He is destined for the top. Whether or not he arrives will depend on his sensitivity to his own self-evaluation. There is a strong competitive spirit involving initiative and a desire to conform. Any insecurities will be shown by defensiveness and a display of arrogance. It enhances the awareness of self to a painful point. This individual feels under continual pressure to perform as the star of the show. It is really the Leo need to be a successful performer in the most sensitive position. There is a measure of psychological or spiritual awareness which prevents him from becoming completely unreasonable. However, he demonstrates the insecurities of being new in the position which he wildly cherishes. This insecurity supported by reckless energy may cause his downfall.

Conservative Capricorn cools out-going, the beehive, shrouds it with destruction, wantonness and unfeeling evil-good clues as to negative characteristics. On the good side, it is like a lion-tamer, a ruler of beasts, attracted to and capable of surmounting danger, rising high due to outstanding feats of accomplishment - sometimes. Ambition leads to ambitious people. Romantically, must bend occasionally - few beaus measure up.

Generous, courteous and obliging. Sometime lacking in faith and continuity. Very intuitional.


7-8 deg Leo

It denotes a person of exalted nature, gifted with spiritual faculties, by means of which he will attain to some degree of eminence in things devoted to the fiery art, and likewise will be distinguished in matters of a spiritual nature. The mind is just, aspiring and noble; hopeful, full of the divine fire of a worthy ambition; intuitive, but not logical, yet ever intense and sincere. It is a degree of ARDOUR.

Aristocracy and fine breeding open a space for the inner heart to sing. Being aware that you are given manifest advantages which make it likely that your talents and abilities can flourish. Past life attainment pulls in present lifetime congenial context. But a shadow creeps over this beautiful scene. You take on how others see you and reflect you. Which leads to, in one direction, becoming the performer who plays to the audience, losing your center. And in the other direction, to becoming the one who suppresses and feels guilty about outstanding individual attributes and colludes in going against yourself. Many possible directions. It all depends upon ripening to be simultaneously proud and humble, magnificent and sober. A path of character evolvement with many places to get lost and a very strong will to work through it all, becoming fully who you are in a way that gives life to everybody and takes nothing away from anybody anywhere.

"Amid a halo of clouds, an eye in a triangle of flames rises above a big fire."
Intuitive, intellectual, and sentimental character endowed with great spiritual faculties. One has a keen interest in philosophy and esotericism. Careers in politics, or involving working with fire, bring about success, fame, and a reasonable level of wealth. Positions in government are also very favoured, but not devoid of physical danger. Sometimes, this degree describes a highly evolved soul dedicated to spiritual matters.

Loving change and variety. An ideal union late in life.

Seemingly modest, small, with good features, clear skin, beautiful flaxen hair, but no less fiery and passionate than any other Leo degree. Virgo’s influence restrains and cautions; it also learns, adapts, memorizes and becomes an expert. Instinctive, honest-demeanor is likely to be favored in any circumstances or vocations. Sensitive, perceptive and adept, it’s capable of commanding the body - a good dancer, doctor, physical therapist.

This degree is a most positive force for bringing out the best of the Leo influence. It attracts wealth to most of its natives and certainly a positive measure of luck. The affections as well as the strength of will are highly developed in this individual. It would take a strong force to rob this native of his birthright. He seems to have a pipeline to God himself. Should this native follow a destructive path his capacity for evil would certainly be overwhelming to those he opposed. However, it is most unlikely that such capacity would be turned to negative purposes. It grants success on all levels. In the materialistic world there is a pronounced influence to benefit by honest and intelligent dealings with the public at large. In obtaining an education the native is blessed with high intelligence supported by an intuitive awareness which lays a good foundati6n and continues on in whatever direction he chooses to go. Should he devote his life to more spiritual areas he would reach the highest level of respect and admiration. This degree grants the ability to write his own ticket and furthermore points him in a positive direction.

Symbol: Two lovers walking in a forest glade. Before them are two doves and a brilliantly colored butterfly.

Denotes one of an idealistic and affectionate disposition whose poetic nature will at times put him out of touch with the world of men, its false ideas of justice, and its oceans of pain. Then should he “seek the forest lands for peace and heaven.” He is himself a happy influence and generally he will be favored. Should the horoscope show marriage it will be a union of souls. It is a symbol of Affection.

Dancer, eyes; charitable and fostering nature; often wins both eminence and monetary rewards; often a person of some wealth; hitting at truth of life (something universal); affectionate, strong passions; prophetic inspiration or wit and skill with head and hands; an idealist yet knows how to protect himself; vena cava.

Symbol: The burning bush.

In a highly spiritual horoscope this degree’s influence will endow the native with the power of heavenly fire surging forth with ardor unquenchable, unsullied, and all-consuming. Its light will be hidden from the sight of the unworthy and might even stay invisible to most eyes or escape notice altogether. In the bush blazing with unearthly flame, much-too-human beings will fail to see the light of the Absolute and will be alive only to the fact that the thorns in the bush sting anyone attempting to violate its mystery.

Such are the conflicting features of the zodiac’s one hundred twenty eighth degree; fieriness along with reserve; aims sublime yet secret; a nature flashing with hope and led by the most generous impulses of self-denial, yet constantly on its defensive, as the thorns and the flames in the bush clearly imply.

On the contrary, should the horoscope as a whole point to a lustful nature, the Lion’s eighth degree would shift to its opposite polarity and, instead of a divine imprint, give it a luciferic bent. The burning bush will thus change into the lunar devilish image of Cain and the thorns. Then an unquenchable passion, impure yet devoid of hidden motives and mental reservations, will slowly and steadily eat up the whole being, body and soul. The fire might not die out before having wasted the mind to its innermost reserves and burnt out the organism to its last shred.

Even a third case is possible: when the stars point to neither outspokenly spiritual nor lustful features, and the whole pattern appears uninspiring and mean, the subject proves a modest being of limited scope. The degree’s fire then will enter the existence from outside. The native’s activity might be bound to the fiery element, giving him a chance to rise to success and even to emerge into fame (should the whole contain hints of luck). Such might be the case of a smith working his way up to becoming an artistically gifted craftsman, or an industrialist running a successful foundry; also of a fireguard meeting an heroic death and rising to short-lived fame.

Whether heavenward or earthbound, such a mind will be ruled by instinct rather than by reason. His spirit of justice and honesty, his sense of unalloyed integrity and fairness, often would entitle the native to a higher social status than he occupies.

A person of harmless disposition; secretive, and he naturally shuns the public gaze. In the meantime he knows how to defend himself, hence he appears to be always on the defensive.


8-9 deg Leo

It denotes a person of tasteful, but luxurious habits; one who will spend much upon mere show, and will depend much upon appearances to the neglect of more desirable uses. Together with these characteristics, there is a great deal of pride, which in the uneducated may run to ostentation and snobbishness. Yet, in any sphere of life the native will be fortunate among his compeers. It is a degree of DISPLAY.

The bare stark truth. The singular accomplishment of heavy labors. An extraordinary gift, yet it is endangered. The gift is to be quintessentially yourself, and this gift abounds. Surrounded by danger; seen falsely by others, turned around. Digging your way out of history, you are compelled to puncture the illusion of image. The drama distorts. What is pristine remains inviolable, yet so much is lost, irretrievably. Each subtle weakness takes charge. The long way around to a very simple quality that would mean nothing unless it were first gone. Suffering and self-knowledge. All comes easy; nothing comes easy--the riddle of destiny.

"A peacock spreads its tail as it follows a nobleman in a ceremonial dress. In the background, there is a castle with its gardens and terraces."
Conceited, materialistic, and superficial character tinged with a streak of snobbery. The family comes from a high social layer. One has very good tastes but also an irrepressible propensity to ostentation. Excessive importance is paid to appearances, and much money is wasted in showing off one's worldly possessions. One has no concern whatsoever for the essential things of life. Whether one's fortune is inherited or earned by oneself, one enjoys happiness among one's fellow creatures.

Symbol: A great show of fireworks. Rockets, bombs and tourbillions unfold their dazzling pattern in the sky.

The native’s talk also will sound like a show of fireworks. The positive side of this influx is its utter distinction and refinement. The native is keenly aware of his own worth, has self-respect and commands respect from others; has sincerity, grandeur and elegance at the same time.

Overdone and disfigured, all these virtues might present themselves in the shape of defects or even vices. We shall then meet a vain haughtiness, as contemptible as full of contempt, an antisocial and destructive character, apt to burst out into fits of rage. There will be a vain self-ostentation, a misplaced fastidiousness, a splash of dazzling extravagance, a splurge of rank pageantry devoid of any inner foundation. In other words, a lot of money will go up in smoke; the permanent will be sacrificed to the transitory, the useful to the pleasant, and substance to appearance.

In particularly unfavorable horoscopes the virtue of sincerity will disappear and the nastiest surprise might be expected. The native seems, however, to have luck on his side. He might travel to places very far away.

This is not a good degree. The fact is, it denotes what is very pernicious. Such a person, unless there be in his nativity some counter influence, will prove a pest to his generation. The astrologer will know how to balance such matters. This degree resembles a bad mixture of Saturn and Mars.

Sense of hearing; anemia; skin; afflictions to planets here; love of solitude; generosity; travel in connection with business; talkative but incapable of pettiness; often misunderstood because they do not fully understand themselves, looks at things from positive standpoint; knows that even his troubles are of his own making; care and responsibility; a charitable and fostering nature; afflicted brings danger of a violent death, serious accidents or burns; the eyes; vena cava.

Symbol: A lady, elegantly dressed and bedecked with many jewels, standing before a mirror.

Denotes one fortunate, but somewhat vain, whose desire it is “to make a good appearance’ and who expends much money for this purpose. But the glories which shine forth from a great soul glitter more than the choicest diamond in the daintiest setting, giving a lasting beauty which age cannot change nor time obliterate. There are two sides to this symbol, and both reflect, for it is a symbol of Reflection.

It is my belief that the fires of hell have been mistaken for the fires of heaven. The forces of evil are held together by cold and frozen elements. Therefore, evil forces need fear loosing their identity when confronted by the fires of heaven. There is in this degree a mystical fire which, when understood properly, gives love and light as a true Son of God. However, all the dangers of fire are inherent here as a warning to anyone not properly prepared to deal with fire in a beneficial way. This degree may represent the blossoms or the thorns on the rosebush. This explanation comes not so much as a warning to the native who must deal with the fire, but to those who come in contact with him. For this degree gives quite a clear understanding of the qualities necessary to live in truth. We must of course remember that most people fall short of such understanding. However, the natives of this degree perhaps come closer than most of us to understanding these qualities. The true Son of God must be a perfect blend of love and will-power. “Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” This native will in some sense be subjected to trial by fire. It will be only the pure metal that survives such fires. He may even work in some field closely associated with fire, and may literally be subjected to threats of loss by fire. He may be expected also to have a tremendous ability to outwit his opponents by clever and non-violent means.

Business and mental qualities of Virgo, with happy, physical influence of Taurus - stubborn and over bearing, but acutely aware of worth. Often suffers due to some defect or vice, fond of pagentry, extravagance and theatrics. Prone to weight gain corpulent body. Careless and unmindful in some of its many romances. Inflexible, selfish and wasteful - should be more conservative. Studious, noble, often religious or political - must be thorough, fair and careful. Vocations often involve food.

Refined tastes, inclined to value externals until experience urges them to seek the true worth in others.


9-10 deg Leo

It denotes one whose chief ambitions will not come to completion; but, either through disaster or untimely death, ‘will be prematurely brought to naught. To whomsoever this degree may appertain, the warning goes forth :—build not for the future, but for eternity, for it is very nigh; and if thou sowest aught, make no count of the harvest, for the seasons are not to thy hand; yet both sow and build for the greater good, and work in hope! In character the native will be versatile, somewhat morose and despondent, but strong in trial; and giving shelter even to the worthless out of pure goodwill. It is a degree of PERIL.

Physical life is so much agony and so much ecstasy that it stretches your body's ability to move with the flux and ferment. You are called upon to behold yourself, to witness to the central flame and to endow your personal embodied self with a daily rhythm of self-remembrance and self- revitalization. You can do nothing for anybody else unless you are whole within yourself. There is an urgent call, an inward stirring to offer to yourself the full power of your destiny path, to become bonded and fused with the truth of your being. There is also a transcendent power, a greater selfhood-presence blessing, preserving, and sustaining your path in this world. So that the light can burn brighter through the joy in your heart and your vital physical embodiment, given through yourself to all.

"A skeleton hangs at the branch of a storm-stricken oak."
Fundamentally courageous and altruistic character, though short-tempered and melancholic. One readily works to help other people, even though one knows that no profit is to be expected in return. Indeed, one believes that inner riches and spiritual advancement are invaluable. Skin and fur trade is very favoured. This degree indicates that physical dangers come from transportation and sport. Hunting is strongly advised against.

A fearless fighter for the cause of right and justice. Excites the enmity of others.

Libra with Taurus here is happy-go-lucky, blessed with opportunities and an easy, social, active life shared with others. Cannot be dominated, an able administrator, although not hard worker, but generally fair and without malice. Manipulative but soft-unambitious. Pleasant voice, romances and surroundings. Confident - successful, but could be stubborn and procrastinating or aloof. Dislikes distasteful circumstances and uncultured people.

The native of this degree will make up for lack of more stable qualities by showmanship. He is most skilled in an ability to cover up and present attractive fronts. He would make a good salesman more especially if the product he was selling was already of high quality; this native would add a dazzling presentation. Pride is very important here and he suffers most when he is dealt a severe blow in this area. He also has a sense of protocol, symmetry in design and harmony of function.

Symbol: A soldier rescuing a wounded comrade on a field of battle—a dark, sinister figure rising behind him.

Denotes one of brave, fearless, and noble disposition whose natural greatness of soul is moved by the necessities of others, and who always puts the well-being of another before his own comforts. Envy is directed against him and malice turns her evil eyes on him. He will be exposed to many and grave dangers, for duty to him is ever the first thought. It is a symbol of Daring.

Alcoholism; army and navy; versatile, fearless, firm and sure but sometimes morose; often interested in the mystic secrets of life and death; sudden friendships and estrangements; bladder afflictions; jugular vein.

Symbol: Death, holding the scythe.

Ananke! In a previous life the native has taken someone’s life in cold blood, but not for selfish purposes. Therefore he is either an instrument of fate or its victim. Whether good or bad, such a man is destined to destroy, not to create.

In extremely lucky horoscopes the native is an indomitable being. No-one can oppose his cunning and his cool determination. He can bide his time, but will not argue or listen to objections when he has made up his mind to act. Nothing equals his timeliness, nothing can shake his deliberation. You might ward him off for awhile but never finally thwart his plans, as he simply will lie in wait for a better opportunity to strike again, this time more unpredictably and more decidedly than before.

He knows neither privileges nor distinctions; all are equal in his eyes; and he cannot bear the big shots. If he is good (which is not excluded even side by side with the ruthless will power we credit him with) he will extend his kindness and hospitality even to the undeserving. If he is bad, nothing will limit his capacity for evil; no-one will deserve pity in his eyes, no power on earth will be able to ward off his murderous hand.

So far the extreme cases. The average man born under this influence will inherit only its destructive bent and will not be able to build anything on earth. Death’s wing will be ever at his side, ready to carry off his dear ones, his irreplaceable cooperators, or himself. His best-engineered plans will stay fruitless, his earthly work remain unachieved. Others might reap what he sows down here. He can sow only for eternity.

Denotes the person would-be agriculturist, but he will devote much of his time and energy to what is impracticable and consequently profitless, as much so as digging the air and sowing to the wind.


10-11 deg Leo

It indicates a person of a very sensuous nature, addicted to extravagant habits, and apt to be easily led into dissolute ways by ill-chosen companions. There is a very little firmness or strength in the native, though the disposition is genial, kind and sociable. The instinctual sense, however, is stronger than the moral sense, and therein lies danger of self-debasement and loss of virtue. It is a degree. of SELF-INDULGENCE.

The fatal flaw. Knowing with excruciating clarity that you are bearing a character flaw that goes against everything you seek and hunger for. The flaw is that you do not stand firm and back your self up in your own truth. Instead, you pretend that you are a more superficial or easygoing prototype. But you do not get away with it internally. A dark dispute develops inside, subtly poisoning the atmosphere. And somehow, slowly and gradually, despite yourself, you are being hurtled toward an abyss that you cannot avoid--to cross over the abyss, to uproot physically, energetically, and emotionally your claim against yourself, your self-negation. And when this happens, a sober clarity of self-affirmative strength comes right in and proves to be a gift for all your world, worth every ounce of arduous effort to attain.

"Two scantily dressed women are seated in the company of a man at a table where a sumptuous dinner is served."
Sensual, self-lenient, and lazy character. One is dragged by friends and circumstances into over- indulgence and bad habits, too much drinking, eating, and sex. It is indispensable to struggle against one's natural cowardice and to stick to high moral standards. However, if the natal chart indicates strong probity, this degree describes a righteous, calm, and rather shy person who is endowed with the qualities required for fulfilling high-ranking positions.

Symbol: A very young woman lifting her dress.

An impulsive, restless temperament bent on all pleasures and devoid of inhibitions. The character is weak and open both to enticements and to bad advice from other people. At life’s turning points there is a dangerous tendency to lose control.

As the native is good-natured, very sociable and endowed with precocious gifts and attractive brightness, one is likely to be lenient toward his excesses, which are apt to be labeled as the wayward youth extravagance peculiar to budding genius. A bright promise which is hardly ever kept; in spite of current opinion no-one will achieve artistic creation who does not submit himself to a hard, unrelenting rule, in possible contradiction to the accepted middle-class morality, but still to be observed with an inflexibility unknown to the nameless mediocrity. Many wonder children will be born under this sign.

Denotes prematurity in all things. Such an one may give some promise of developing into a genius, as there will be much in early life calculated to inspire such hopes or anticipations; but nothing comes to maturity.

Freshness of spontaneous response to life and emotions; usually a pleasant personality; relies on his instinct rather than any code of morals; broad views and wide sympathies along with some eccentric tendencies, clavicular vein.

Symbol: A troop of old barbarian soldiers carrying off struggling women.

Denotes one over whom the wild senses strive for mastery, whose philosophy of force crumbles before what is truly real. The time may come when he will be forced to pause, when he will be made to see the uselessness of it all, and how strangely things are mirrored in the world of illusion. He must strive lest he become the slave of his lower self and the inducer of his own dangers. It is a symbol of Indulgence.

Neptune’s N node has been on this degree since about 1941. The authorities hold out little hope for this degree to manifest in a constructive way. The situations and people these natives meet invariably present them with the most difficult problems to solve. It is very powerful and they find their greatest challenges with other people who have planets on or near this degree. The relationships are usually extremely troublesome and suggest a karmic tie with the past. They represent problems which cannot be escaped, but must be faced with real awareness. It has been my experience that when these people and circumstances are dealt with in more intelligent and effective ways they cease to attract the effects brought to them by this degree. Perhaps as suggested it is a karmic tie-in with the past. I can say that the people I know seem to run into this influence less and less as they successfully handle the problems presented. I have not seen these relationships iron out. They simply separate. As these problems are faced honestly it seems that the influence disappears.

Strong, refined, artistic Libra temperament - social, entertaining, paternal, and attractive to all - beutiful, particularly the hair. Good-natured, bright, but lenient and wayward, more fond of fun and frolic and extravagance - a wonder child. Instinctive and often eccentric, self-reliant, not a good listener which may contribute to limiting its growth. Complacency and resignation are handicaps, often a poor planner. Romance is too easy, work often too simple and repetitious. Generous, but perhaps lazy.

A devoted friend, Inclined to jealousy until he realizes the weakness of seeking to hold by force.


11-12 deg Leo

The person denoted by this degree will lead a quiet and successful life, and will either be born into large estates, or will join such by marriage in character, the native will be steadfast, firm, independent, very reserved, benevolent, yet outwardly forbidding, patient, and cautious. This degree is one of ADVANTAGE.

Rarely can you get to the central place and stay there. But if destiny is fast and free, you do abide in the heart of creation and you never leave this spot. A host of virtues and gifts are showered upon you as you hold this post with supreme impersonal self-command. The most outstanding of these qualities is a faith and confidence in the powers that be, which can move any mountain. And accompanying this trait is an unworldliness which hosts or orchestrates a threshold awareness, an open door between worlds. You entirely live for the cosmic, the universal, the inner sourcespring. And what you perceive along this path is how everything goes out from here over all the world, but everything returns to here. So that the highest and the truest can once again be sparkled into the shared stream and known to be pulsatingly alive and self-renewing, in the most rapturous gesture of moving with whatever is asked.

"A beautiful white bull grazes in the shade of a big tree near a woman who reads quietly." Benevolent, calm and active character. A high-ranking female exerts a fortunate influence. One enjoys wealth, whether it is inherited or acquired by one's own efforts. Life unfolds in peace and happiness. This degree often indicates that properties are bequeathed by relatives who have no children. In the natal chart of a female, this degree describes a personality which is particularly charming, demure, and celibate.

Of a shy, sensitive nature but earnest in seeking to right the wrongs of others.

Sensitive Pisces softens Leo which might make a withdrawn nature, but Libra’s better qualities shine through, attracting very good things of life, either by luck, associations or family - or industriousness and ingenuity. A “people” degree, sensible and fair, attractive and dignified as are most Leos. Charming, perhaps shy, likely to accumulate nice clothes, jewelry, wealth - good sense of value, fond of entertainment, often drugs and alcohol. Desire companionship. Fine for artistic vocations, but not for repetition, tedium or endurance.

The influence of this degree seems to be strongly suggestive of Neptune, where its N Node was for over 100 years prior to 1941. It is characterized as being more dreamy and vague than practical. Still, there is some promise of genius here. Much of this promise is not fulfilled. However, there are the buds of some rather precious qualities. The qualities are soft and unrestrained rat naive and childlike, for the most part. The people in environment play a large role in the life of this individuals. He is impressionable and will develop in the area where he is encouraged. It may be largely responsible for of the developing interest in occult subjects of all kin We may not be able to understand all the best we been offered. People born during 1920—21 with Neptune here should show us some pertinent qualities from this degree.

Symbol: A man of martial and distinguished bearing giving alms to the poor.

Denotes one of brave and generous disposition who is an earnest and sincere champion of the oppressed and who is one of that great band who cannot be deaf to the moans of the suffering many. He is a militant, generous force, and in his philosophy “charity covereth a multitude of sins.” It is a symbol of Humanity.

Whatever he does seems to prosper, often born to wealth, acquires money through marriage, or both; women with this degree are warm-hearted and open-minded, outer planets here contribute to a charming personality; spinal column.

Symbol: A fair lady dressed with Christian modesty and uncommon elegance.

Life under this lucky star will be sheltered against storms and earthquakes and will glide along thriftily and smoothly. Wealth accruing to the native from inheritance or dowry, barring indications to the contrary, will give him a measure of independence, saving him at the same time the trouble of striving after money, as either the native personally or the native’s marriage partner, or both, will be born rich unless, as I have said before, the stars point to the contrary.

Even if not possessed of any relevant wealth, the marriage partner certainly will bring the most welcome gifts, above all, the gift of making the other partner happy, but may well be possessed of both.

A sound, straight, innerly felt moral code; a sensible and fair behavior; an instinctive reserve; an easy and gentle firmness of character; a natural balance of feelings—these are the virtues completing the picture.

Outward success ought not to fail; even fame might be attained if the pattern as a whole is favorable, though the native’s name is not likely to survive him. Should other aspects point to renown, this ought to dim after the subject’s death. Whatever the native’s merits, even if very high, his renown will be greater than reasonably expected among his contemporaries, and less than his due among his posterity.

Denotes one who will experience much happiness in life. It may be safely said of such an one, “Whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” In whatever sphere of action he may be engaged, he will come out with honor. He will be popular, he will receive the plaudits of the age in which he lives; but such popularity will not long survive his demise.


12-13 deg Leo

It indicates a person of firm and steadfast character; one who will resolutely hold to his own beliefs and principles, though it be to his disadvantage. In some ways the mind will be precocious and there will he some degree of self assertion shown; but, whatever the native may determine upon as the right thing to do will assuredly be done if within the compass of resolute striving. It is a degree of CONSTANCY.

Inspired soul gifts. You are endowed with a great wealth of talent and ability--the natural artist, visionary, and attuner. Everything overflows. Huge scope, bigger than life; issues of ego; can the self be selfless? Raw vitality and virtuoso performance. This calls for a ripening and deepening to be fulfilled. When still bold and wild, you experience great struggle against constraints; when clear and steady, there are no limitations on what can come through. The prototype for the future. Giving the whole picture in all its glory.

"A triumphant bull stands on top of a rock, in the crevices of which grow a few blades of grass."
Determined, hard-working, and independent character driven high moral standards and unshakable beliefs. Success, fame and wealth are achieved through courageous and persistent work. Occupations related to forest clearing, scientific agriculture, and animal breeding are very favoured. However, entrenched attitudes must be avoided in order not to arouse hatred. If the natal chart points to dishonesty, there is a danger of deceit and poisoning, whether one is the perpetrator or the victim.

Symbol: A black ball.

All good and bad features of an extreme steadfastness and positivism; on one hand, firmness, constancy, sturdiness, endurance in exertion and a sense of phenomenal reality; on the other hand, stubbornness, restiveness, pigheadedness, hypercritical skepticism and unappeasable lustfulness. As a result, the sources of income and means of subsistence are lastingly assured—nay, too lastingly— which might hinder and thwart progress, even mobility in general.

There is no enthusiasm, no spiritual urge, no faith in men or in the future, not to speak of faith in God. The character is, therefore, skittish, sullen, sometimes cynical, often unpleasant on account, or in spite of, the fact that the native professes very firm principles and sticks to them.

Whatever his luck, the subject never feels happy and is therefore in a state of constant dissatisfaction.

Denotes dissatisfaction. One who never takes anything for granted, or on trust. A skeptical person; a quibbler; hypercritical; one disposed to consider “all men liar.” save himself; a most disagreeable, querulous, cantankerous, and quarrelsome person.

Music, a degree of beauty; strong beliefs and disbeliefs; fortunate but restless; intentions are good; may be an orphan or may care for a parent or other relative; usually has special talent for some work where a well-trained eye and hand, plus his idealism and artistic tastes, enable him to excel al others; right heart chamber.

Symbol: An old oak-tree over which shines the noonday sun in a clear sky.

Denotes one of rugged, conservative, and patriotic nature who will be blessed with the goods of the world and who will use his blessings well. His position in life will be distinguished and his sincerity will command respect even from his enemies. He carries about him a fine and pure aura which benefits all who come within its radiations. It is a symbol of Exaltation.

This degree grants a smooth easy going fortunate existence. There is little to challenge the individual. In all things he seems to have the advantage over whatever he encounters. The essence of this degree is pleasure. Of course, this influence is not as imposing some of the more difficult degrees and may be blotted by heavier degrees. Nevertheless this degree will lighten the load elsewhere to a greater or lesser extent. The influence is not lost but may not cancel out what must be faced in another place.

Penetrating Scorpio intensifies and disturbs Leo’s normally calm temperament, causing political difficulties and strife and less of the lion’s magnanimous qualities. Perhaps overbearing and contemptuous, destiny will have mixed results, but a positive attitude, trust, and diplomacy will help success - cooperation with others is a necessity; distrust breeds selfishness and disaster. Never completely happy, a good investigator, magnetic, prejudiced, and idealistic, a desire to use, rule, “master” which may or may not be beneficial.

Fortunate, impetuous and patriotic. One who blesses all he contracts.

13-14 deg Leo

It indicates one of small resources, little power of invention, and not much executive ability. The native is very laissez faire, and drifts too easily through life; and this want of direction will be apt to lead him into evil conditions. The native may be fortunate, but it is certain that he will not retain his wealth owing to his own fault. It is a degree of AIMLESSNESS.

To be surrounded by love is the heart's delight. To contact a grace-bestowal of love and of light as your birthright is the greatest fanning of the human flame. When there is brightness and bounty as far as the eye can see, the inner self knows they are welcome to embody here. To inhabit this realm is to be in paradise and it is to bear a seed from paradise, from the unfallen kingdoms, into this world now. You hope and yearn to deposit that seed wherever it can flourish. This will tend to be where things are just beginning or alive with future fertilities. The seed honors the original impulse behind Earth existence. And this paean of praises, this ode to joy, remains solidly in there, ready to emerge when conditions are right and there is nothing left to do except brighten into being.

"A man stares helplessly at a broken wheel half-covered with weeds while his horse grazes quietly."

Unambitious, lazy, and fatalistic character. One contents oneself with what is readily available instead of striving to develop one's intelligence and enhance one's skills. One always chooses the easy way out, and therefore, one is looked down upon by one's entourage. Although one is born a rich person, since one is not interested in increasing the inherited wealth, life is most likely to end is poverty, in the image of the weedy wheel.

Idealistic. Interested in occultism. Capable of interpreting Nature a Divine laws.

Spiritual degree, incline toward traditional religion and cultural practices, but tinged with Scorpio and touched with Cancer emotionalism - dedicated, self-assured, but often impractical life, insecure career, perhaps outdoors. Easily irritated and distracted by others. Fond of parents and cliques, not likely to inherit, and held back by past conditioning. Romantic attractions or some other emotional trapping will cause undoing, if not careful of fulfilling personal needs first. Helpful to others, often as a teacher or parent to all on life’s pathways - genuine involvement leads to rewards.

There is more stubbornness than any other quality associated with this degree. The native has faith only in himself. He has tremendous capacity to do as he chooses; even this may be against his own best interest. He runs grave risks and takes extreme chances although he brilliant and attended by a certain amount of luck. He is deprived in the area of relationships. He works alone v little respect for others. This native is actually weakened by luck. He escapes too many of the natural consequence of his behavior until it is too late to mend his ways. However, he seldom arrives at the place where he r his own responsibility for his condition.

Symbol: Two men tossing coins whilst another looks on.

Denotes one of a sporting nature whose instincts are keenly set on those things which the world is content to regard as chance happenings. The native will not be greatly interested in chance as a problem amenable to scientific treatment. He prefers to ever regard it as the absolute unknown and to let its solution be a matter of risk. It is a symbol of Gaming.

Music (the beautiful); idealism; strong appreciation of beauty; literature; brilliant, mystical, impulsive, and ingenious; one who takes many chances; may be connected with publicity work or may receive considerable publicity during life; rheumatic fever; activity; malevolence; poisons, prevarication; sometimes makes it natives liars or criminals; carnival area (has moments when one has to let it out); left heart chamber.

Symbol: A waterfall, on its bank a deserted mill. A rainbow rises from the spray.

This influence tends to promote an intensely spiritual and artistic life and to damp the native’s practical and businesslike faculties. There is no lack of intelligence, but a marked absence of executive skill, so that the native’s abstract ingenuity does not prevent his feeling helpless and shilly-shallying when confronted with the small problems of everyday life. As a result, in the outward sphere uncontrolled impulses and noble urges prevail upon organized activity. The subject does not either feel it in himself or bring his influence to bear on others in any given direction.

When they cannot praise a girl for either her looks or her wits, they say of her in France, as a piece of mischievous cold comfort, that she is “so fond of her mother anyway.” But this can be said in all earnestness of the native, who is really attached to his parents. If these have bequeathed him any estate, it will dwindle away sooner or later, as the heir is nearly always an inefficient, often idle, idealist, lost to material reality in his worship of the sublime and his love of the beautiful.

Denotes an admirer of the sublime and the beautiful. An idealist; an occultist; a transcendentalist; in the meantime, a comparative stranger to the ordinary matters of every day life.


14-15 deg Leo

It indicates a person of very superior ability in some special direction; one in whom the power of government will reside; a mind somewhat ambitious, but conscious of its own powers which are of no common order so that no unjust advantage is taken. In some sphere of life the native be an imposing figure, or may do something which may call for wide recognition. Fame and power attend this degree. It is one of SUPERIORITY.

To be quintessentially yourself in so many different directions is to be big, impressive, and very dramatic. Your individuality is blessed with innate gifts and treasures unlimited, an embarrassment of riches. The outward temptation is to play this up and use it up. The inward path is to develop it into ripe and mature full-on individual genius. However, it takes an advanced soul to be able to move steadily with such intoxicating qualities. And it takes the utmost in sincerity, simplicity, and core presence to just be there while having loads of outstanding, amazing attributes to show and share and give forth freely, with such royal stature and destiny.

"Two hands are shaking above a man and a woman walking hand-in-hand."
Sociable, cheerful, and humane character. One is committed to contributing to the enhancement of the collective good through intellectual work. Fame and power can be achieved in all careers requiring altruism, social work, and cooperation with a network of friends.

Symbol: Odin, in a wanderer’s disguise, brandishing the magic spear, hits the ground and rouses the thunder.

Inborn power and superiority over others; whether bodily or moral or else, other pointers in the horoscope must decide. The native is conscious of his own worth, whatever it might be. In well- developed beings this degree will nurture lofty aspirations and inner pride; in the corner ones It will lead to vain ambitions and display. Something special will single out the subject anyhow, be it for good or evil, through bright mental gifts or spiritual prominence, through money or even brute force; in what manner and how far will depend, as mentioned above, on the other threads in the astrological pattern. But whoever is born under this sign is very likely to become a ruler in some sense and to have the makings for it as well; he is likely to couple his inborn power with kindness and human warmth, and to win many friends. This can even go so far as to entangle all mental activities in social life, in which case the native is in for a more or less wide popularity as the soul of dancing patties and the organizer of merrymaking.

Barring indications to the contrary, travels in connection with friendships or social engagements can be foreseen, as for instance on friends’ or relatives’ invitation, journeys undertaken in order to assist friends, etc.

A veritable type of the ordinary man of the day; fond of pleasure, and enters heartily into the fashionable amusements of the age; a stickler for the conventional and the popular.

Music; attainment and success; good reasoning power; original ideas; easily aroused but readily appeased; sometimes provoked at people who heed the loud speaker rather than the calm voice of reason; a worker with great power of perseverance; carnival area ( has moments when one has to let it out); right atrium.

Symbol: A mass of black rock in the center of which is a large diamond.

Denotes one who is forced to labor hard for the greater part of his life, but who contains within himself some brilliant gifts, one of which will progress and bring him into fame. It is a symbol of Creeping.

This degree would be beneficial in the chart of a mystic, monastery monk or teacher of Yogi. But this degree does nothing to make this influence practical to everyday life. It seems to me the spiritual nature of man has been too long separated in practice and study from the material necessities necessary for the life of the body. Now is the time for the mystics of the East and the masters of material conveniences to come together in some meaningful way. Too long the mystics have studied life in their ivory towers. It is time these findings should be made pertinent to life. As these contributions blend I am sure life will become more meaningful. The fault lies in neither side because both have been unwilling to recognize the other. This individual needs to learn the value of material things, beginning with a healthy respect for his body as the temple of the holy spirit, and not a dead weight to be dealt with by escape measures.

Sagittarius optimism and vision with “superior,” generous Leo separate this degree from the commonplace and ordinary. Frivolous, touchy Cancer still active suggests an unsettled early life, which fosters independence, and self-sufficiency. Rough and insensitive, often taking whatever it desires. Warmth and kindness help success. Active peace and desire nature may be too difficult for lovers and friends to bear. Social, but unstructured, unmannered, good degree for building, gambling, training. Fearless and not too careless, hopefully.

Patient, plodding ever looking forward to a brighter future.


15-16 deg Leo

It indicates a person of a head strong and rash disposition, extremely given to impulse; difficult to restrain; a formidable opponent and a warm- hearted,, generous friend. The native is effusive, enthusiastic and restless, but capable of subsisting upon small fare and in all probability he will be poor though in some sense eminent. It is a degree of IMPULSE.

In the warp between the worlds, being a representative of one world in the midst of another and being almost invisible. Tending to disappear off-screen and reappear somewhere else. Transported by a special destiny, slipping by the borderguards. As the uproar happens the deep observer looks on at the role the self is playing, which is so incongruous to who one is truly. But the karmic instructions are to play along, and later all shall be revealed. This is a very peculiar soul condition-- taking all the loose ends and finishing them off, to be sprung into a different realm at last.

"A beautiful ram paws the barren soil of a headland. Further down, a donkey tethered to a tree strives to free itself."
The ram symbolises bad temper, self-centredness, and loneliness. Although one achieves success, the sterile land heralds that one does not become very rich. The donkey represents stubbornness, dissent, and the will to do that which is forbidden. Repeated ordeals will teach the donkey to become more disciplined. Both animals are cautious, hard-working, and simple, all qualities that must be developed. This degree often warns against unreliable and dishonest employees or colleagues. Watchfulness is required with quadrupeds also.

Humanitarian in ideals. Inclined to worry and repine at lack of response in others in eclectic movements.

Double fire Leo and Sagittarius is enthusiastic, “showy”, forceful, friendly, hard headed and hearted, but often unthinking, insensitive, superficial, impulsive and too determined. Demands attention and center stage; not well-linked if too independent and uncooperative. Loud. Makes a good teacher, instructor, athlete, self-appointed “expert” - but a talkative companion, blessed in many ways without realizing it. A hard worker and seldom without an opinion.

This degree gives an inborn power oriented toward a social life. The native is capable of attracting the crowds. He may be very ethically oriented or very treacherous, but he is powerful. The influence may go so far as to incorporate all of the mental abilities to bolster the social life. The native is always keenly conscious of his own image and innate abilities. He is a performer, regardless of the area in which he chooses to work. He will succeed because of his attunement to what is going on around him, not that he is a follower. He is a leader who knows where to start and how to keep in touch. He takes great pleasure in display and he has much to show. He manages to keep the spotlight of his world be it large or small.

Symbol: A pyramid In the midst of a sand waste, with lowering black clouds above it.

Denotes one who in the midst of threats, difficulties, and oppositions raises himself to a position of dignity and responsibility, and the stings of envy will follow him. He will see many pass through this world of matter before he receives the call, and will keenly feel and deplore his errors. He may find that the road to power is not the road to happiness. It is a symbol of Vexation.

Attainment and success; affectionate, demonstrative, and frank; always a student, interested in many things; a good teacher of art, science, or philosophy; seeks an answer to the meaning of life and usually discovers that the road to attainment is not the road to happiness; left atrium.

Symbol: A baby giant riding an unharnessed ass.

An impulsive, enthusiastic and demonstrative nature, impatient of discipline and advice, stubborn and foolhardy, hard to repress and to check.

An open-hearted, generous and affectionate friend, he will make an uncomfortable and often dangerous enemy.

To all this he adds the utmost frugality, thanks to which he might bear the distress his unripeness is more than likely to bring upon him.

Potentially a man of many sports, endowed with a lopsided but bright and sometimes outstanding intelligence; he is conspicuous for the utmost development of some of his gifts and the utter infancy of other sides of his being, which exposes him to the risk of wasting his mental power on childish trifles.

There will be a tendency to a large body size; great head, broad hands, tall stature, etc.

Denotes one who possesses great abilities; a mind, which, if rightly directed, could accomplish, or at least assist in bringing about, great and beneficial changes on the earth. But in place of this, he condescends to employ his time and his energies in the pursuit of what is childish, whimsical, and worthless; by which he not infrequently makes himself the laughing-stock of his contemporaries.


16-17 deg Leo

It denotes one who will be noted for his wide and prolonged travels. One whose life will be beset with dangers of a physical nature; one who will leave a humble home and become a prominent figure in a foreign country. The character is stubborn, persevering, very vindictive and revengeful; not ungrateful but never forgetting injuries. The native will be somewhat fond of parade and self-advertisement, and in the end will be highly successful in life. It is a degree of JOURNEYING.

Rising superior to apparent limitations, you defiantly renounce the letter of the law to salvage the spirit of the law. Puncturing pretense. Breaking down power and control structures. You are militantly outrageous, antitraditional. Pulled forward by a vision, a knack, an instinct for what this Earth asks and demands. On fire with the power of radical changes, you feel in your cells the next stage in evolution. Ignited by the sense for being selected out as the quintessential representative of progressive currents, you dramatize yourself, your cause, your expanding awareness. You want to make sure everybody knows that something new is going on around here, and that it will not stop nor take a back seat to anybody or anything.

"Near an oasis, a wealthy man on a camel travels accompanied by his servants."
Persistent, demanding, and spiteful character. One always demonstrates gratitude but never forgives a bad deed. Faraway lands and long journeys are important elements in one's brilliant career. Sharp intellectual faculties, hard work, and excellent organisation skills, supported by good luck, enable one to earn a good reputation. It is most likely that the biggest part of life is spent abroad at the service of one's country. Should the natal chart concur, in the second part of life, one achieves happiness and extraordinary successes. In the countries where one has worked, one's name will go down in history.

Symbol: A dromedary.

An extremely outstanding personality. The native will cut out a place for himself in all he does, supported by a fierce, altogether indomitable nature, an inexhaustible energy, an exceptional resistance to exertion, a toughness, a sturdiness and a steadfastness ready to stand any test. On the reverse side of the coin appear petty formality, headstrongness, bad manners, a wild roughness and sometimes even ferocity.

Mindful of benefits as well as of injuries, he simply cannot dispense with the glee of revenge. Strangely enough, though fond of display and notoriety, he is apt to turn a deaf ear to the often vicious taunts and snubs leveled at his surly character, as only what may harm him is an offense in his eyes, and such complaints against him as may end by enhancing his renown as an awe-inspiring being are far from displeasing to him.

Lucky and endowed with an inventive turn of mind, he will reap abroad the success to which his long toils and his often gigantic works entitle him. Material danger might, however, lie in wait for him, either on his journeys or on his undertakings and might stand in his way to wealth and renown.

Devotes one whom you may kill, but never conquer; nor will he be induced to adopt willingly the tricky policies of modern civilization. He has a life of his own, a sphere of his own, and pleasures of his own. He may be designated coarse and impolite, but such epithets make little or no impression on him.

A person of considerable ability; often considered odd or peculiar; cares little about the world’s opinion; does his own work in his won way; a careful speculator; good sense of perception; right auricle.

Symbol: An architect standing by a desk with the plans of a building before him.

Denotes one of understanding and power of purpose who is gifted with fine perception and a lively imagination. As a theorist he is generally correct in his deductions and he can quickly clothe his thoughts in material dress. It is a symbol of Knowledge.

This degree grants many abilities but a very childlike irresponsible nature. It may be compared to a child very accomplished in some art but when asked to perform, as Leo always is asked to do, he suffers from stage fright. His behavior is most lacking in the abilities everyone wishes to see. However, he becomes self-conscious and his emotions freeze him to the point where he is unable to act. But since he is required to do something, all eyes being expectantly aimed in his direction, he makes whatever movements he is capable of making. To his audience he has wasted his ability which they know he has. People watching do not understand that he is unable to present what he is able to do. If this native is able to escape the Leo necessity, which he imposes on himself, to be on stage he may do fantastic things behind stage. He really cares little for what people think, but he feels a sense of obligation to do what is expected of him. His lack of respect for the lesser quality that he feels people ask for also interferes with his performance. He feels that what he cherishes as real quality will not be appreciated by others. And there is an element of truth to this. It is likely that as around this native grow in understanding of inner qualities, he may feel an understanding which will bring better quality out of himself.

Passive, solid Taurus adds earth fixity to fiery Sagittarius/Leo; durable, headstrong, more patient and conscientious. Athletic, artistic, lovable, strong, both a lover and a fighter, and certainly not afraid of combater debate, always confident of victory. Value conscious, and unwaveringly correct - and vengeful. Has considerable talent due to forcefulness which can be channeled best in mid-life, and needs a “stage” and attention - that may be hard to find. Bullish in romances, often a playboy or girl, remains unmarried unless promised wealth or status.

Capable of leading a great movement. A natural occultist. One who knows.


17-18 deg Leo

It denotes a person of extremely brilliant and powerful intellect, who will make his mark in the world by means of his learning and assimilating the ideas of others, but on the other band he will be equally apt in original inventions and brilliant schemes. The nature is sympathetic, kind and generous, and will be admired for his good deeds. It is a degree of SHINING.

Remaining inside while feeling urgently, outwardly called, you stay put and hold steady in the face of immense pressures and demands. The greater the onslaught, the more adamant the determination to stick to your own lights. Knowing inside that you cannot spread around what you bear, for you are seeking to regenerate the Earth, and every social sphere speaks a different language from the Earth's inner call. It is not possible to tune out what lives within. You must abide with fierce integrity in the center of things and never stop no matter what. For you are giving a legacy to the future and it has nothing to do with momentary events and trends. You are working for what lasts, and everything else seems dim, peripheral, and purely customary.

"Sunrays are reflected by a mirror lain on a table near a key."
Pleasant, gentle, and generous character endowed with extremely bright intelligence and high creativity. One has a keen interest in religion, ancient myths, and scientific research on light and rays, and amasses an exceptionally broad general knowledge. One achieves success and fame through one's career and earns people's admiration for one's humanitarian work. This degree often describes good-looking persons whose moral standards may not be too strict. If the natal chart points to thwarted intellectual abilities, this degree indicates a lazy and self-centred person driven by an intense desire for luxury and superficial things.

One blessed with knowledge and possessions who is sought by others but rarely understood. He gives to all according to their needs.

Capricorn adds organized, serious, practical influence here, moral and dutiful, helping to turn Taurean material “gifts” into real personal benefits. Works long and hard to reach success and distinction. Resourceful and confident, often starts with little, form a small or humble family or harsh beginnings, and builds position and character, using occult powers and astrology where necessary. Respectful of others and great learner or instructor. Critical and thorough. Will win many hearts.

Here we find an indomitable will. The native has the strength and power to go his own way at all cost. He runs his show his way. He is unpolished, flaunting his strength and enjoying the process. He offends with rough manner, and gives no apology. He may be generous where he chooses but always rough and uncouth. He lights in the display of his ability and power without need for polish. He remembers and repays favors done to him by others. However, he never forgets a wrong delights in revenge. No one will cut him down. Along with this rough manner and vulgar display of strength he is resourceful. He does not make idle threats. He will patiently for his opportunities. He supports himself well with detailed planning and mental agility. It is foolish argue with him. He continues to pile up his successes he has commanded the respect of everyone. Once the battle of life looses its excitement for him only then will he be defeated. Only after he has thoroughly proven himself in the manner he has set out will he be persuaded to add something softer to his nature. First, he must convince you that he does not need anything beyond what he has. Then, he will listen. This degree particularly needs some blending to recognize its true effect. It will not always show in extreme vulgarity and uncouthness. But the “I will do it myself” is most pronounced.

Symbol: Two gold-miners seated near mining machinery examining a strange metal unknown to modem science, which they have found amongst the quartz.

Denotes one of a peculiar and original mind with a strong leaning towards the unraveling of the many mysteries of science. Entirely unorthodox in his methods of research, he is not likely to obtain recognition from book-drilled students, but people of true learning will always be attracted to him. The personality is double, and he is able to carry on two lines of investigation at the same time. It is a symbol of Introspection.

Airmen; indicating an exceptionally good brain, music; camels; often a politician or author; a double personality, able to carry on two entirely different works, plans, schemes, investigations, or lines of through at the same time; a good organizer; very critical of opponents; has many original plans that are practical (if well aspected); right cardiac cavity.

An uncommon mind, thorough and brilliant at the same time, qualified both to create by itself and to successfully assimilate other people’s hunches and doctrines. The native’s personality is a powerful one and will leave its mark; obscure as his birth may be, he will rise to distinction through his own ingenuity. By dint of hard work and such a toil as may let him appear a drudge and a grinder, he will get in his life the share he deserves and, as he is not duly endowed with intellectual gifts, but kind, generous and plucky, he will win many hearts.

This is no ordinary person; he or she may be born of humble parentage, but must eventually rise above the plane of his birth. This life is marked by sobriety, with a p1odding disposition. He may not be noticed during his younger days and during his earlier efforts, but by virtue of that innate courage which he possesses he Is bound to gain publicity.


18-19 deg Leo

It indicates one of small wit and lacking in executive power and originality of thought. One who will nevertheless set himself against public opinion and incur, severe criticism and loss thereby. There is in the nature a certain foolish pride and obstinacy which is wholly unallied to anything of originality or distinctive merit. It is a degree of FOOLISHNESS.

Heightened perception exquisitely poised, brilliant and as fast as can be. You have the genius of seeing things, knowing things, and being there. Overflowing with destiny-bounty earned over many lifetimes, yet you bring all this through with a fine-tuned ability to land in the situation at hand with only as much as can be worked with. You are guided to follow an extraordinary course through the world, which features the perfect opportunities to tap what is inside in so many different ways. The blessings, the grace, the heart's wonder are superfull. As this way of being ripens and matures, it becomes even better. Then you begin to draw out from others the same kinds of marvels and wonders, and to make it possible for the vibrancies to spread and grow. With a wildfire capacity to spread good news and bring affirmative realizations wherever they are needed in generous profusion, you work with ever more effortless capacity to bring this world alive.

"A man strives to walk against a strong wind instead of mounting his horse, which a servant pulls by the bridle."
Unintelligent, stubborn and boasting character. One behaves with arrogance and tends to meddle in other people's business, which brings about numerous enmities. If one is ready to work hard, animal husbandry and horse trade is profitable. Otherwise, life is most likely to be dull and precarious. If the natal chart indicates great intellectual capacities, the interpretation of this degree is brighter, but one must refrain from attacking people who are stronger.

Should the horoscope as a whole show outstanding features in point of originality or initiative, the mysterious component of this degree then would make itself felt as a force not of this world, which through often superhuman ordeals can lead the native beyond all earthly limitations (e.g., prevalence of the Fire element, more planets in the house of spirit, role of Neptune, etc.-spirituality- besides, for what concerns originality and initiative, a strong component in Aries, well posited Sun or Mars, majority of planets in the east, rulers of the Ascendant dignified, plenty of planets in the house of personality, etc.) But as it is not within everyone’s power to go through fire without being burned, less exceptional beings may register only the discordant harmonics of this influence. This is why we shall find little personal initiative, productiveness, or practical aptitude in the man in the street born under this sign, and usually nothing but a certain aesthetic taste. Apart from this, the native is utterly devoid of initiative and seems born to serve, or at least to obey. But, surprisingly enough, a senseless and stubborn arrogance sets him against those worthier, mightier and better than himself. What in higher beings is contempt for the world, or conquest of what the Church defines as human respect becomes, in lower individuals, grudge against mankind and unjustified rebellion against public opinion. Which will only call for sharp reproof from his neighbors, and for harsh but deserved lessons. The native is heading for more than one fall. But never fear! He will always fall on his own legs as, even thus distorted, this degree’s providential component will still make itself felt.

It is a star outside the zodiac, and beyond the vision of the outer sense. It is one of those suns which revolves about the grand central sun. Its rays impinge this degree, and Impart to it a virtue. The native who may have this degree on his or her ascendant never need be cast down. Thou wilt meet with trials, but fear not, “Thy bread shall be given thee, and thy water is sure.”

Medical, fields, people who rebel against existing conditions and usually do something about it, dramatic, religious, or prophetic tendencies are not unusual; ventricular septum.

Symbol: A giant holding a number of bleeding hearts pierced on his sword.

Denotes a man of compelling will and magnetic force who stops at nothing to carry out his ambitions. He rises to power through blood or tears or both. He wields and binds, and those whom he binds will bleed, for his work is the work of materialistic pride which dissolves in the fires of hate. It is a symbol of Compulsion.

We must not expect all the people who have this degree activated to live up to its brilliant promise. But where this degree is the dominant influence we also may fail to comprehend the full meaning of the native’s accomplishment. All the authorities agree as to the marvelous qualities offered here. There seems to be no evidence that it is subject to misuse, only that it may not be lived-up to. It gives the strength and stamina to grow quietly and steadily. Often the native is not noticed during his youth. However, the persistent loyalty to some life-purpose remains, whether recognized by others or not. Sooner or later he attracts the attention of those around him still in a quiet way. Once he is noticed he is sought after but seldom understood. Those people who find solace in his company seem not to know what it is that gives them comfort. If he is attracted to a rebellious cause he manages to make an effective impression by what he does. There is an uncommon intelligence qualified to notice details and work with hunches and intuitions of other people as well as create new methods on his own. There is a fantastic insight to perceive situations clearly. Add to this a pleasing and powerful personality drawing its power from serenity and poise. His patience gives him the ability to work hard on difficult problems for long periods of time, seeming never to tire but receive sustenance from what he is doing. It is characterized as a shining degree. Surely, if there is a degree from which will be hatched a Son of God this must be it, or at least one of the major influences. Beware all you with this degree activated. It is not a degree to be soaked up and spent. It is a degree to be fulfilled, or lived up to. It is a challenge, rather than a promise.

Virgo diversifies the goal-orientation of the previous Capricorn degree, making this one more congenial with a narrower, but more personally fulfilling, deeper role in life. Of service and benefit to others. Unhappy if restricted or restrained, inclined to “faith”, religion and brotherhood. Bothered by life’s uncertainties and unanswered questions. Good with facts and figures, perfectionist, suggesting abilities in accounting. Stylish and good with young people - good talker and good listener.

“My will, irrespective of your feelings” would seem to be the motto of this degree in handling those who stray from the straight and narrow path.


19-20 deg Leo

It denotes that the native will have many changes in life and will eventually become eminent through his association with some person of high rank and merit. The native will be gifted with a powerful imagination, much versatility and keen intuition. He will travel to distant countries, and will become eminent for his own mental brilliancy, apart from his associations, which however will be the means of his success. It is a degree of DISTINCTION.

Working very hard to find again what is lost, to get at what is conspicuously missing, it takes tremendous inner forces to restore the pearl. But most of all, you must vanquish your pride and acknowledge from the core of your being that going through this world without your deep soul intact is hell. If you seek, you shall find. If you ache, you shall come to a restored wholeness. But not without the suffering, the grief, and the facing of the void; initiation in the depths. It is a superb path if you have the courage and stamina for it. But midstream it is cauterizing, corrosive, and deadly; appearances are deceptive; nothing is as it might seem for a while. What matters supremely is guts and integrity.

Strong and fearless, yet refined and harmonious. Well informed in several branches of occultism.

Difficult combination of Virgo, Aquarius and Leo - independent, distinct character, bright and intelligent, imaginative and socially conscious, but often ritualistic and works against best self- interest. Confusion. Often many failures before success is achieved, both in love and business. Leo is hearty and bears all the trials and changes which accompany life. Likely to work with paper.

This native is destined to trial by fire either real or symbolical. He will face a difficult life but, as a child learning to walk, he is supported and not allowed to fall. It seems that no matter what he is called upon to face he succeeds. His success over insurmountable difficulties, even though there is a measure of luck, wins him a well deserved respect and admiration. Even though he becomes bitter and resentful, rebellious in his attitude, he somehow sticks it out and succeeds in the end. “Thy bread shall be given thee, and thy water is sure.” So he holds on. There is nothing else for him to do. There is no way out but through it. This gives a certain destiny or fate-like quality to the life.

Symbol: A violin and bow lying on some sheets of music.

Denotes one of a refined and harmonious nature, skilful in one of the entertaining arts, and a psychic of some ability. He is gifted as a composer either of music or some allied art. It is a symbol of Refinement.

Medical fields; danger from animals; faith; homicidal tendency; abstinence or indulgence often applies to use of food and drink; found in religious charts; astrology; power of expression; cold, heartless, bombastic, destructive, but with artistic perceptions and facility; left atrium.

A strong character, resentful of outward restraint and impatient of any fetters; a bright and manifold intelligence, an intuitive and imaginative mind. Famous and influential people will like and support the native, who will enjoy also the friendship and cooperation of the best minds.

In a word, all the makings of success; which, however, will keep him long waiting. For quite a time every effort will stay fruitless, every undertaking will seem doomed to failure, no sizable result will be apparent. He will have to start all over again.

Unwavering steadfastness is the catchword here; try and try again. Luck is likely to await the native far away from home. A diplomatic career, a commercial or industrial agency abroad, or other such activities might suit him. Destiny seems anyhow to be bound to paper, as to documents or other writings, drawings or engravings.

Denotes a person whose life may appear a complete failure and whose energies appear to be expended on what produces nothing; consequently there is no apparent result. But do not despair, study your natal figure.

"A waxing moon and a star shine in the night, and an arm emerging from a blossoming tree unrolls a parchment scroll."
Intuitive, imaginative, and observant character endowed with an excellent memory and great intellectual capacities. Life is most likely to be full of changes and exciting journeys. Daily work is a constant source of satisfactions. With the protection of a high-ranking figure, success and fame are achieved in natural sciences, history, astronomy, literature, or in any intellectual career in both the private and the public sectors.

20-21 deg Leo

It Indicates not only a powerful and commanding nature, but a keen understanding of the laws of life; much introspection and knowledge of human nature; strong sympathies; much discretion; careful balance of power and effort; intuition and foresight, as well as diplomacy of no mean order. The native will have strong powers of concentration, good memory, and will be successful in commanding others, through his insight into character. It is a degree of PENETRATION.

Ornamental display and deep underpinnings. Within the karmic theater you perform to the hilt as your best self and your worst self grappling with each other in extreme mutual polarization. The witnessing intelligence is far removed from this dramatization, and registering every nuance from beyond. Within the precincts of the drama there is also a compulsion to go against form and show the other side, against what is expected or assumed. Yet as the observer beholds this very compulsion, it is minor and trivial, only a personality quirk. The inward wisdom drives you, the karmic performer, to outdo yourself in switching and reversing polarities. But ultimately you are not amused and archly await steps toward maturity and the dawning of ability to see through yourself on the spot. Which is a very difficult and advanced state and the only one that inspires and urges onward this quixotic combination of outward entrapment and inward fair witnessing with the utmost dispassion.

"A man emerging from the mist holds a key in one hand and raises the other hand towards a moon-shaped face, above which a snake sleeps."
Compassionate, diplomatic, and far-sighted character. The sleeping snake symbolises introspection, penetrating intelligence, as well as wisdom. The raised hand calls attention upon the great mysteries of life. Success can be achieved in human sciences, mathematics, astronomy, or any intellectual pursuit requiring method and riddle-solving talents.

Symbol: Isis’ Key

The native is a ruler born, but his sway over others has nothing challenging, high-handed or overbearing; it is but the expression of a surging inner strength, based on a perfect harmony between power and action, on a deep knowledge of human nature and life’s laws. There is a highly developed power of mental concentration and insight into others’ characters, from which the native draws a clairvoyance and a foresight that might seem supernatural. An uncommon intelligence and an outstanding memory complete the excellence of such a mind. In the field of human relations, a very kindly and hospitable touch, an utter sincerity coupled with the strictest discretion, a distinguished handling of people, full of worldly wisdom and yet above any diplomatic double- dealing, will earn the native widespread popularity and will win him loyal friends.

Unless ominously aspected elsewhere, the native ought to obtain success. It is not to be ruled out that he is on his way to initiation; he may even be a master already.

This requires no interpretation beyond this: that be who may have this on his ascendant must become, to some extent at least, like the one I see in my vision.

Medical fields; danger from animals; faith; homicidal tendency; abstinence of indulgence often applies to use of food and drink; found in religious charts; astrology; power of expression; cold, heartless, bombastic, destructive, but with artistic perceptions and facility; left atrium.

Symbol: A man in the robes of a magician tracing mystic signs on the sands of the seashore in the silence of night.

Denotes one of mystical mind who is attracted to the ritualistic and ceremonial. The mind is capable of serious thought, seeing miracles in actions which to others seem quite commonplace. With him romance, poetry, and wonderment travel. It is a symbol of Mysticism.

This native often appears to be a failure, like a rolling stone which never arrives. Many of these natives do achieve high points of success but always after much time and effort have been expended. They seem to be saddled with something demanding much persistence without much promise. Most of these natives eventually prove equal to the task. If Mercury or a third house influence is strong he may be involved with written documents or may be a writer himself. There is much imagination and resourcefulness.

Highly refined powers of perception and concentration, originality and old viewpoints, learns early in life about nature’s and man’s laws. Beautiful with sparkly eyes, kind, friendly, and sincere, and adaptable mix of opposite Leo and Aquarius, each fairly balanced and honored, but may be harsh and dictatorial. Perhaps religious or devout, or member of a small professional group, ready to serve dutifully or obligatorily. Proud of family and vice versa, but being reactionary it may be held back somewhat by personal qualms or responsibilities. Needs flexibility. Romance and opportunities come easily; they’re unique and often with hidden, binding pitfalls.

Ceremonious and ritualistic, Should investigate before wholly endorsing any form of mysticism.


21-22 deg Leo

It denotes that the native is his own enemy, and that he will suffer through want of care in his actions. Apart from this, which arises from a certain native innocence. he will be in danger of injuries in his own house and through his own kindred. The life is fraught with dangers of an incendiary character, and he should avoid risks of personal injury as much as possible. In business or profession he will be supplanted. It is a degree of INJURY.

Imperious self-command. The self, entirely conscious of its own territorial rights and privileges, exerts a presence, a force. Saturating the atmosphere with one's love, light, and intensity. Big and bright, deep and formidable. So very purposive that your every breath is conceived to be part of the master plan. Grandiose and inflated, yet into something so essential that it is very difficult to go against. It is the ingrained aura of spiritual authority and cosmic intent, linked with the heights, seeping into the depths. You become so enduring and insistent that others back out of the picture. Graphic demonstration of being here now in your element, doing what you need to do. Sinuous, suggestive, sensuous, and somewhat prone to pushing it a bit. The inner light upheld at the cost of any and all extraneous factors.

"A sparrow hawk glides above a nest of fledglings. In the nearby thatched cottage, an ailing man lies in bed."
Naive, indecisive, and weak character. Dangers and deceits crop up since childhood. They come from outsiders but also from the family circle. One tends to seek help from the very people who are envious and willing to harm. It is strongly recommended not to trust anyone, and never to talk about one's successes, even with family members, because some relatives covet the assets of the person born under the influence of this degree. Should the natal chart concur, a sudden disease such as meningitis may affect the head.

Very psychic but must know before trusting or he may find himself bound by lower astral forces.

Changeable Cancer replaces fixed Aquarius of the previous Leo degree - gives spiritual, soulful, “enlightened” influence which might be easily preyed upon, but should also protect it by being more guarded and suspicious. Has something that other’s desperately desire, or thinks so, perhaps an attractiveness that must be possessed. Extremely cautious - necessarily, and needs protection. Useful in the church or medical/service field, saint-like and often a lasting picture in the memory of many. Karmic dreams and ties to past lives. Must cultivate common sense.

This degree stimulates a beautiful control of power to match the necessary action. There is a keen intuitive sense which keeps this native right on cue. This influence may even contribute to extrasensory perception if the chart otherwise shows some tendencies in this direction. These abilities are most obvious in relationships with other people. He is well-equipped to handle people and their problems whether on a large or small scale. He has a sharp insight into the natural laws of life dealing with practical psychological truths. He not only is able to perceive the technical facts which requires mental analysis but also the feeling qualities which go deeper into understanding. There is an utter sincerity to look beneath the surface and perceive the truth in a sympathetic and sensitive manner: The native demonstrates the utmost gentleness in his explorations into sensitive and traumatic problems. His understanding is really a healing balm to any disturbed person.

Symbol: A man carrying a bird in a golden cage.

Denotes one who is in danger of being held in restraint of some kind and of being moved to different places at the will of others. There is no suggestion of unkind treatment, but there is that the native is not a free agent. He should never permit others to gain an influence over him in any way. He is very mediumistic, but can be controlled from the visible as he can from the invisible. It is a symbol of Restriction.

Astrology, medical fields; homicidal tendency; feels honored in being able to serve others; contemporaries who follow the same line are often jealous of this person’s ability and reputation; left auricle.

Symbol: Ecce Homo!

As we had to remark above (e.g., about 19 degree Leo, 24 deg Taurus, etc.) this degree also possesses such a transcendent influence that no soul less than heavenly can bear it with impunity. Such enthusiasm and blindness to the world’s mean ways, such candid artlessness as are induced by this sign can only be-without any possible compromise-the mark of a saint or that of a nincompoop. The native is his own worldly fortune’s worst enemy and he will let those who ought to respect him most fleece him and cover him with abuse.

Should he stand-nay, desire-all of this out of his love for Jesus Christ, should he give himself over wholly to the service of suffering mankind and bear any disgrace in order to allay the most horrible social evils, should his astrological pattern, side by side with his primitive naivety, ascribe him an heroic character and a superhuman thoroughness, he then would rise to such a height as St. John of the Cross or Jacopone da Todi, as the case may be. Then the crowds would end by paying, however late, their tribute of honor and worship to the one in whose face they had spat.

On the other hand, should the horoscope be an indifferent one or simply not an exceptional one, the native would grow into a weak and powerless being, giddy and hotheaded, a prey to anyone willing to take advantage of him.

In any case, this degree implies danger from swiftly progressing illnesses and from fire. The holy man might die while tending the plague-stricken; the fool might die of his own imprudence.

This denotes one who feels most honored when he most serves. To serve in his day some of the numerous wants of a suffering humanity is the end and aim of his life. A transcendental sun impinges this degree with its rays. Its nature is Mercurial.


22-23 deg Leo

It indicates one of a quick, refined, and well- trained intelligence, who will gain distinction by his mental powers. The nature will be peaceful, harmonious, and beneficent. The mind is highly intuitive, and capable of lofty and sustained flights. Withal there is a good knowledge of character and a quiet but potent reserve of diplomatic power. The native will shine like a star in his sphere of life, and will have many followers. It is a degree of INTELLIGENCE.

Spectacular attainment. Peak capacity. Everything prepared and ready. The consummation of lifetimes in the destiny-drama of self-mastery. Your tireless pursuit of perfection and gift of knowing what is asked are charged with collective power. Marking out a pathway which shall remain always. The Gods inspire, the hour is ripe. Demonstration is constant--the rhythm is the one the inner worlds are synchronized with. And the whole idea is to become selflessly yourself, offered to the Goddess and emergent through time as the God-Man boldly, uninhibitedly, all there.

"A star rises above a two-headed man standing by the shore of a lake."
Benevolent, discreet, and fair character endowed with powerful intellectual capacities. One has broad knowledge covering a wide range of disciplines, particularly in human sciences. Any career in education and mentoring are favoured. Should the natal chart concur, one is some sort of prophet whose name is most likely to go down in history.

Symbol: Janus, the two-faced god.

(As everyone knows, Janus’ temple, shut in peacetime, was opened in time of war, that the god might go thence and lead the army to victory.)

This is the great war leaders’ degree, although it does make not only the warriors but the authors of doctrines as well; the trailblazers of new thoughts and sciences, the legendary founders of traditions. The native never will deny or despise the past but, on the contrary, will draw enlightenment for the future from its study.

The secret of the native’s ascendancy, enabling him to get many followers and to steer them along as he likes, is to be sought in his mind’s superiority, which is based not so much on its power as on its unique type. This original and many-sided intellect, often capable of more than one work at a time, is coupled with a stunning psychical insight, a deep knowledge of human characters, an inborn aptitude for treating each person differently and for conquering everyone’s heart. He is, moreover, possessed of alertness and penetration, a powerful and well-trained memory, and a subtle diplomatic sense.

Although this is a war leader’s degree, the native will appreciate greatly the benefits of peace and culture. Possibly many of those Renaissance condottieri were born under this sign, who opened their way to leadership with the force of arms to become from then on the protectors of the painters, poets and artists of their age and who held in their courts scientific and literary academies.

Denotes one who will prove a leading character in some great movement, or he may be the founder of some society, or school of philosophy.

Medical fields; projecting and the arts; comedians; clowns and entertainers (actors); teachers; astrology; humanity; healing (doctors, actors, comics); appendicitis; homicidal tendency; rulers and leaders; humanity; left auricle.

Symbol: A trumpet made from a ram’s horn bathed in the sun’s rays.

Denotes a rouser of men, one destined for action, who will bring light and benefit to mankind. His way will not be without its roughness, and many times he will be weary. Then the sound of the horn will rouse him to an understanding of his work and he will see the light. It is a symbol of Incitement.

This degree carries a psychic sensitivity which must be guarded to avoid becoming duped by irresponsible entities. The native here may be too anxious to be of service but must learn to protect himself from being taken advantage of. It does not always help to put yourself at the service of some other person; in fact, it seldom does. This native has much to learn about helping. He is tempted to go too far and become involved. He must first learn to become detached and then from his own clear insight offer the help which seems most pertinent to the situation, rather than being too anxious to merely provide what is being asked for. Unless he has this kind of protection he will only make matters worse by becoming involved. This degree by itself is too altruistic. It would provide great motivation if the rest of the chart gives good direction in discriminating between what is help and what is merely destructive sympathy.

Empathic, utopian Pisces degree of Leo, symbolized by planet Jupiter - magnanimous, generous, all-knowing (or just confident), alert, powerful. Peaceful appearance but stubborn and ready to fight for the cause, reaping the rewards of victory. Often the leader other look up to. Believer in karmic duty. Virgo underlying this degree demands service to succeed, and this, the third, Aries decant of Leo fosters ambition to rise, to win, and is not content with boundary limits of its territory. Entertainers, healer, humanitarians, teachers and jurists. Audacious: loves fun and romance.

An enthusiast who will rouse many to see the Light of a fairer day and who works for the realization of this.


23-24 deg Leo

It indicates a person capable of enduring long and hard work. A humble and unambitious mind, of large sympathies, and warm feelings; much attached to rustic things and to the wild habits of the woodland life. One who sees good and finds contentment in the rudest work, so long as it be manly and productive of current necessaries. It denotes a person of an ingenious and rugged mind, harsh manners, but soft heart. A good friend. It is a degree of SIMPLICITY.

Immortal stature. Undiminished interior presence. A throwback to heroic times and places, character elevated, the universal code upheld, you are stalwart, uncompromising, and even rabid. Vertical understanding and allegiance. Exquisite sensibility. Nobility and the core of human nature embodied. You have a subtle undertone of magic and miracle, yet you're often overtly quiet, simple, and straight. All goes into the spirit, poignant and evocative and moving.

"A man cuts down a tree with an axe while another man saws a log."
Simple, affectionate, and selfless character. Beneath gruff manners, one is generous and always willing to lend a helping hand. Any career related to wood is favoured, such as forestry, the lumber and furniture industry, sculpture, but also long-distance travels aiming at the study of various botanical species. Inventiveness and hard work ensure steady success.

One who labors hard to obtain recognition of his ideas but later adopts the ideal of non-resistance.

Sensitive, mystical, sexual degree with a Scorpio and water-sign flavor - departure from normal Leo, and as such, more willing to share the spotlight, and less willing to stick to morals, often stooping too low for the lion. Rough, wild, ready to jump into ordeals and risks, unpleasant work, or wild social situations. Dedicated to the case of the moment, familiar with the underhanded, illegal ways of the world. A paradoxial, intense, romantic hunter, repelled by the dull, unfeeling world of business and refinement.

This degree grants a versatile mind; not so technical as capable of broad application to many and varied subjects. The mind here is more philosophical than scientific and yet extremely capable. The native has the capacity to organize New Thought movements & both with the business problems of an organization an also with the philosophical concepts taught to hold the group together. There are many New Age groups spring up all over the world. Some of them have some depth of meaning, others do not. People with this degree strong would be a valuable asset to such an organization. However, one would probably need to have started the group himself or would soon move into a leadership Most of these groups depend heavily on a dynamic lead. and are unable to live up to the precepts which are taught but simply bask in the glow they feel in the presence dynamic individual. There is undoubtedly some value this association even though the followers of such a moment do not grasp the full impact of what is being taught. A leader to really be successful must understand and give others the freedom to interpret what he teaches in the of their own experience, rather than hold his followers a strict line of his particular discipline. This may or may not be a problem here. If the planets are all below horizon there may be more magnetism than communication. Which could be disappointing.

Symbol: An old rusty sword, over which grass is growing, outside a rustic cottage.

Denotes one who, after struggling and fighting to gain ascendancy in the world of illusion, realizes in his later life the futility of it all, and throwing away his aggressive sword he retires to a life of peace and simplicity, whilst the sword rots to decay and the tender grass covers it as the flowers over a grave. It is a symbol of Renunciation.

Astrology; idealism or sympathy; those engaged in the physical welfare of humanity; healing power and generosity to the weak and unfortunate; a healer who may use unorthodox methods such as acupuncture; a sense of humor and charming bedside manner; music ( a trumpet); acting (the stage) talent for drama; anarchism; sympathy, affection; degree of generosity or extravagance (afflictions between Leo and Aquarius often do denote extravagance); devotes many years to a cause and then retires into himself for solace and peace; appendicitis; rheumatism; papillary muscle.

Symbol: A scene from Sienkiewicz Quo Vadis; gigantic Ursus, the slave, chops wood in his royal mistress’ yard.

Apart from whatever other astrological factors there may be, this degree tends to produce the typical figure of the good giant, so dear to late romanticism. A modest, utterly unambitious, wild and childishly artless, friendly, clumsily devoted being, he loves the rough toils allotted to him since his birth and displays the greatest painstakingness even in the longest and hardest labors. He is very fond of the country and especially of the woods, as he feels at home only in primitive surroundings.

His honest and faithful nature might make him dear to beings more developed than himself. His roughness does not exclude either a rudimental kind of musing about religious matters or a deep effort to grasp and follow a higher or less primitive moral code than the jungle law; if the pattern as a whole points to a very clever, cultivated being, this feature may be interpreted as portending conversion to another religious faith.

According to the seer Charubel, the native must move only southwest of his or her place of birth and trade in only white things or white animals. To him goes the responsibility for such details.

Denotes one whose proclivities are towards a rustic country life. He will prosper if he deals in things or creatures of a white color. When he moves, let him go south-west of the place of his birth.


24-25 deg Leo

It denotes a person of a very passionate and emotional nature, who will suffer through the allurements of the other sex, and at some time in his life will be liable to suffocation or drowning. The native will certainly be in danger through the watery element. The fortunes will be in danger of reversal, and that through the passionate nature of the native. The nature is incapable of any steady effort, and is, in short, as soft and unstable as water. It is a degree of INSTABILITY.

Mapping out a blueprint, a great plan. Designing into it the perfect escape route, which is anonymity. Going under for the duration, you make absolutely sure that you look and act like a clone of any given prototype that calls no attention to itself. With everything splendidly in place and the perfect disguise solidly maintained, you are safe inside to go into absolutely anything. The inside track becomes as fanciful and free as the outside track becomes innocuous and banal. This way of doing it is half-mad and half-brilliant. It is half-mad in that it is so suppressive to any prospects of expressing and embodying your real self in this world. And it is half-brilliant, offering such outward stability that the inward formative chaos can romp without disturbing the neighbors or anybody--even your own ego-mind. Ultimately it is the perfect way to grapple with being vastly other, yet still needing and wanting to be an integral part of things--loved, accepted, and welcomed. It is a strange bargain, but is, you feel it deeply to be, viable, inescapable, and true.

"At the edge of a thick forest, a man ploughs his field with two strong and docile oxen." Quiet, patient, and determined character. One has strong ties with the soil. One is intelligent and ready to work hard to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the improvement of one's position. Life unfolds happily and comfortably although one is unlikely to rise to a very prominent place. One enjoys a good health throughout life.

Symbol: A man swimming in the waters of the sea.

Should the other threads in the pattern correct the negative sides of this degree, the native’s work would yield splendid results. This is, however, unlikely to happen, as his otherwise gifted, enterprising nature is hampered by his lack of stability and his aversion to steady effort. His taste is refined but lustful, his disposition sensitive but an easy prey to passions and craving for pleasures. The native is in for hard struggles and not with the brightest of perspectives, as both his possessions and his trade skirt disaster through intemperance.

The native is awfully fond of the sea and might sometimes be fond of the sport of fishing. Unlucky aspects might induce death either through drowning or stifling.

Denotes one very fond of pleasure, and who indulges rather freely an luxuries. Let him beware! The sun does not always shine ! The longest day ends in night! In the meantime, he is a person of fine tastes, and the possessor of many accomplishments.

Astrology; homicidal tendency; overweight or underweight; not a powerful degree but it denotes an amiable and friendly person; has good taste yet is sometimes unstable or carefree about finances; rheumatism; angina pectoris; pericardium.

Symbol: A poet reading his verses to a group of ladies in an old castle garden.

Denotes one whose influence will be ideal and cultivating, and who, notwithstanding his simplicity of character, is not without a degree of pride. This alloy but serves to show the points of artistic excellence, and will not prejudice him if kept within bounds. It is a symbol of Proportion.

This degree is indicative of a very simple childlike nature, capable of hard work in a natural setting. He relates well to children and is happy doing service work. He prefers the country, especially wooded surroundings. He has a sweetness about his undeveloped nature. He may have a very simple homespun philosophy about which he contemplates in quiet moments. He may even change his religion after some consideration. His overall nature is congenial and comfortable to have around. Those who associate with this native find him a pleas’ most restful in contrast to the modern day world.

Resourceful, mental Aries charges up this degree - a leader looking for and army, a shepherd looking for a flock, often not realizing that others don’t need dominance, nor its opinions, and thus they oppose this almost self-consuming, over-dramatic degree. Such faith in self is best used in church or education or vocations requiring daring and privacy. Taste is not absent, but financial control is; earnings are unstable and often from a militant or metallic source, or in the realm of mental motivation. The leader in romance; the protector of its spouse and family. What is the heart’s desire? Pleasing passion and victory.

One who can plan big commercial enterprises. Proud and egotistical.

25-26 deg Leo

It indicates a person of laborious habits, very much attached to the country life, and a close student of nature. The mind is retiring and modest, very intelligent, and gifted with patience and firmness, capable of sustaining close researches or yet heavy labors of a purely physical kind. The native will be fortunate, but never very rich or very prominent. It is a degree of STEADFASTNESS.

Deeply, foundationally held away, asocial and centered upon individual treasures of ancient vintage, you are hostile to close approach. You need leverage and control, and are driven toward extreme autonomy, remembering the way it has always been. Deep in there, warmly radiant, you focus on keeping alive what has gone out upon the surface--a karma of caretaking the mysteries. But your personal expression veers toward crusty, hard-edged, protective, and guarding behaviors that can become obsessive and almost paranoid. Your rigid commitment is to holding steady and outlasting sympathetic cycles and contexts, with a note of fierce conviction that this is all that counts; nothing must moderate or minimize or relativize what has been agreed to and made an iron law.

"A man swims courageously across rough seas towards the shore, on which a triangle is planted with one tip down."
Passionate, emotive, and rebellious character endowed with artistic gifts. Hidden forces of all sorts, such as clans, secret societies, or espionage are the sources of numerous torments and hurdles. This degree portends a danger of psychological or financial sinking, as well as physical drowning or asphyxiation. However, should the natal chart concur, one is driven by strong willpower and triumphs over obstacles and dangers coming from water. One steadily and slowly builds a fortune in seafaring activities.

One who makes his ideals real. Harmonious, peaceful and restful.

The iron-man, iron-willed degree of Leo-full of Aries - afraid of nothing and certainly not willing to wait, being active and head-strong enough to outlast, out-talk, out-endure anyone, anything, anywhere. Wants it all. But what of practicality and fairness and time for the family, and getting paid for labor? Should hold onto morals and stay on the right paths, never mislead others. Wants the best, most attractive companion for romance; personal misconceptions will be the source of disappointments.

This native’s fondness for pleasure is his stumbling block. He is subject to flattery and sexual Nature may shower him with luxurious gifts rather easy for him to come by; however, unless he is able to curb his desires these gifts will run out. The tastes are extravagant and at times unappeasable. There may also be an excess of pride and egotism. He is not stable and steady enough to cope with the hard struggles he brings on himself by means of his excesses. Should he curb his appetites he might be carried through life largely on the basis of his luck which is more than he earns to start with.

Symbol: Two hands clasped under a floral crown.

Denotes one talented, poetic, and scientific who gains much through the quiet influence of helpful friends. He himself is true and peaceful. He dislikes quarrels and disturbed conditions. He is considerate in his dealings with others, and can be relied on to keep a secret. It is a symbol of Comradeship.

Wisdom and knowledge of human nature; a person of prudence who succeeds where others fail; good at dealing with large affairs or products of the earth; in female charts, a degree of loose morals; astrology; “losing one’s head”; afflicted sudden death by drowning. poison, or asphyxiation; suicide; abscesses; immorality; strong emotions and lack of self-control; immoral and revolting deeds; linked with sexual problems; myocardium.

Symbol: A tiller breaking the soil with a hoe.

If other astrologic aspects bear it out, the native will be a deep investigator of nature and will love it from the depth of his soul. A clever and unrelenting worker, he will be modest and stubborn enough to shoulder willingly the hard, ungrateful tasks which the majority shuns, but which tasks are necessary to science and society.

Luck is likely to reward the native’s firmness and practical skill with well-deserved success, welfare and even renown.

As the seer Charubel has it, the native’s lucky direction ought to be north of his birthplace, which piece of advice I am repeating here on his trust.

Denotes one who will succeed with the most ordinary things of this world; yes, he will even become wealthy by means which other people would consider beneath their notice. This person must ever go north of the place of his birth.


26-27 deg Leo

This is an ominous sign ! It may mean danger to the native at the hands of an enemy, or, yet more unhappily, it may mean the reverse of this. The native will certainly be of a quarrelsome, argumentative nature; given over to impulsive actions. A restless and destructive mind, always on the alert to attack, to oppose, to argue. Very executive, but by no means constructive in disposition, and hence liable to go through life like a tornado, remarked but not esteemed. It is a degree of DESTROYING.

A double identity: outwardly conventional, appropriate, legitimate, and orthodox; inwardly alien, cosmic, involved with other realities, and boldly exploring the infinite. You feel compelled by inner necessity to maintain both worlds and to serve the outer by bolstering good will everywhere. Yet this is achieved with a fraction of your awareness and sensibility. Meanwhile the depths, the heights, the many worlds beyond are there, are attended to, are thoroughly made your own. You are the iceberg person with a wonderful tip showing and a fabulous wealth of goodies inside to partake in endlessly.

"A double-edged dagger and a scythe are set upright in the soil."
Vigilant, rebellious, and quarrelsome character. This degree warns against violence, whether one is the perpetrator or the victim. Recourse to force and to all aggressive means must be avoided at any cost. One ought to make use of one's intelligence and painstaking qualities in order to turn the destructive scythe into a productive tool which would only harvest wheat fields, or whatever they stand for in one's area of action.

Symbol: Thrusting at it with his pruning bill, hitting it with a stick and pelting it with stones, a boy plucks the berries of a wild bush jutting off a crag.

This degree, like the former one, makes the native hard working and efficient; but in all the rest the two degrees differ greatly as this one plunges the native headlong into rash action aiming at immediate results, whereas the former one induces a level-headed, constant, peaceful and self- effacing effort.

Moreover, we are confronted here with a first-rate polemic mind, which may at times drift into quarrelsome recklessness and change the subject into a downright wrangle. It is also to be remarked that the native’s industriousness is directed mainly toward works which, useful or even indispensable as they may be, result in a measure of destruction. Therefore, he is likely to reap more notoriety than affection, and will in extreme cases run the risk of bodily attack and violent death.

Nor is the blow sure to be driven by an enemy. The rebounding stone may hit the thrower; after the seer Charubel, he has to beware of things falling by accident. The seer goes so far as to discourage work or residence at the foot of high buildings. To quote him again, and on his own responsibility, ‘the native ought to go south of his birthplace.

The man is working in a very low place. Whoever may have this degree on his ascendant must avoid low places, such as cellars, or at the basement of buildings. He must keep on high ground, and sleep in the uppermost sleeping apartment. This person should’ move due south of the place of this birth.

Astrology; musical or linguistic ability, especially with 29-30 degree Gemini or Sagittarius; or 7-8 deg Aries or Libra; ready to seize opportunities; usually has intellectual friends; tendons to the heart valve.

Symbol: A bleeding hand holding a thorny orange branch on which the fruit is growing.

Denotes one who will be compelled to gain experience through suffering, losses, and deceit. He is sincere and affectionate, and will sacrifice much to help another. He is aided, patronized, and advanced, and from his former sufferings his fame springs. It is a symbol of Approval.

Confidence in the natural order of things is stimulated by this degree. Natives are aware of and concerned about things out of context. They have a faith that things fit when put together right. They are also willing to put in long hours of painstaking attention to detail in accordance with this faith. Some of these people only develop this faith as a result of this influence and what life in general teaches them. There is an interaction here combining a love of nature and natural forces with attention to more mental abilities as well. Most of these people are attuned to nature and the out-of-doors whether as spectators or a more close involvement. It is as though one looked to nature for help or at least comfort while working on some more technical solutions to his work area. He has a conservative nature and is willing to pay particular attention to detail. Plans are made with an overall view of simplicity. He will take time to chart a course or lay a plan which may be slow in starting but more than repays the effort for later activity. The mind is clever and ingenious in finding simplified ways of doing things. He is also sufficiently stubborn to follow through after others have given up. Such efforts reap a generous reward from this degree.

Diligent, efficient Virgo adds to fiery Aries/Leo, allowing a practical and probably quite successful life, unless pitfalls of a rash and quarrelsome nature get in the way. Is meddlesome, curious, and may not be well-liked. Should cultivate intellectual friends, research and read. Quick tongue may help with foreign languages, and certainly helps it initiate and monopolize conversations.

The friend in need. One who can act in an emergency and who in his later years obtains recognition.


27-28 deg Leo

It denotes a person of a very amiable and sociable nature, filled with concord and goodwill towards his fellows. A rich, unselfish nature, ca a e of those little greatnesses in daily life which make a man beloved, if not remarkable. It is probable that the native will be instrumental in forming some large associations for social cooperation, or intellectual improvement. The native is essentially constructive, harmonizing and humane. It is a degree of SUSTAINING.

Physical, material existence in a sturdy body in time and space is the greatest agony and the greatest ecstasy that could ever be. It is agony in that you are so weighed down by the gravity of things, sorely troubled, heavily impacted, just about immobilized. It is ecstasy in that you can do so much with it, and when you mobilize yourself to take hold of the body and wield it as an instrument and a vessel, the physical turns into a masterpiece, a wonder, a delight unsurpassed. You experience the heights and depths of ambivalence toward incarnation and embodiment, feeling both repelled and attracted by the core drama of life in this Earth. When you feel good, everything glows with promise. When your life-force ebbs and becomes stagnant, the world is saturated with abysmal dread. Learn to harness embodied selfhood into something more constant and satisfying, even with repeated bouts of coming up against resistance, and habit dying hard. Rigidity versus fluency. You have a creative dilemma with so much growth, outlasting your own inner enemies and becoming Earth-worthy in the physical--triumphantly and with lasting imprint.

"Two golden circles tied by a blue ribbon flutter above two men and a woman walking in the countryside."
Benevolent, cheerful, and pleasant character. Life is peaceful and happy. One perfectly blends idealism with earthly needs, as described by the two united golden circles. This degree indicates nice friends, wealth, and fulfilled ambitions. The second part of life is enlightened by spirituality. Two marriages are possible.

A true peacemaker. A diplomat. Fortunate home surroundings.

Mighty Taurus allows fairness, honesty, attractiveness. A beautiful, prideful, robust character - loves nature, animals, children and pleasant art forms. Must learn that courage in the face of danger offers little protection - valor is not always rewarded. May start or rule organizations, crusades and societies which may make money and gains, but often for other’s benefit.

This degree lacks patience. The native is very energetic but expects immediate results. His action may bring immediate results in the form of what is now being termed “instant karma.” Much of what this native does bounces back on him sometimes before he knows what is happening. If he is able to interpret the immediate results he brings on himself he may learn to true-up h action. He may, however, quite as easily fail to interpret properly and simply end up angry and confused. Much his action is destructive for one reason or another unless and until he gains some experience with the immediate consequences he brings on himself.

Symbol: A stream of oil falling from mid-air upon the troubled waters beneath.

Denotes one who will exercise discrimination in the affairs of daily life; one who will possess tact, understanding, and diplomacy, and a peculiar magnetic aura which enables him to bring quarrelling units to a peaceful union. It is a symbol of Conciliation.

Astrology; occult; gamblers; music; painting; losses and many dangers; wisdom; artistic appreciation; great aptitude and many good ideas; can take others’ ideas and improve on them; neurasthenia; associated with criminal tendencies, poisons, suicide; rising; military preferment and riches; violent, a tendency to violent and intemperate behavior. If a military officer, danger of murder and mutiny by his soldiers, especially when rising; although physically active, one which planet here lives much of the life mentally; they want the world to cooperate with them; great readers on all subjects; exercises tact and discrimination in the ordinary affairs of life; always have a need for more money no matter how much they have; dream many dreams and sometimes gain fame or money by pushing their ideas; goiter; tendons to the heart valve.

Symbol: Two friends shaking hands.

Natives exhibiting the marks of industriousness elsewhere in their pattern may only profit from this influence. It will make them into honest, fair, humane people whom everyone will find attractive and easy to deal with. They will promote-or contribute to-the setting up of cooperatives, cultural societies, social foundations, etc.

Should the horoscope lack any indication of useful work besides enjoyable pastimes, the native’s gifts for efficiency and thoroughness would find no expression and would waste away in idle chatter and futile social events.

Those who look at human and personal ambition as a desirable gift would be disappointed by its conspicuous absence here, as the subject’s only ambition lies in furthering human cooperation, in promoting or supporting collective work and spreading harmony around himself. Therefore, in the absence of any marks of financial luck, this idealist might bring about his own ruin.

The seer Charubel discourages travel; according to him the native’s luck might be bound to what the Earth’s bosom yields, be it mineral ore or archaeological remains. As above, I leave to him the responsibility for these statements.

This person will do well by dealing with what lies deep in the earth. Let him, or her, never travel or move about, but ever remain at, or near, the place of his birth all his days.


28-29 deg Leo

It denotes one of a kind, benevolent nature, who will be fortunate in marriage, and may marry twice. The native is a lover of peace and concord; an idealist; embodying two lives in one; a researcher in celestial things. He will make many and sincere friends. His life will be useful, lovable and sincere. He will attain his ambitions, and will end his days in peace. It is a degree of UNION.

Consecration to a higher power. The giving-over of the personal will--the marvel of root change. Coming to the end of your own path, and it is just the beginning of the greater way. The heart must open. The infinite must be born inside. The destiny-necessity is there--so much karmic backlog. So many ways to be right and to be wrong. The realization in the very midst that there is nobody listening to the old tale and everybody is awaiting somebody else to come through. A profound and utter doorway into a great unknown. What has been is finished. What shall be is so very different. And what is now is a question and a prayer and a destiny that must find its redemption.

"In front of a richly harnessed lion, the angel of the sun hits the ground with the tip of his sword, which spurts out a shower of sparks."
Independent, courageous, and idealistic character. One pursues noble objectives, and once they are achieved, one remains as generous and honest as before the victory. This degree heralds a remarkably brilliant destiny made of altruistic accomplishments and glory. If in the natal chart, this degree is in conjunction with Mercury, it describes musicians and poets. With the Sun, preferment and privileges. With Saturn, and without supportive aspect from other planets, failure and poverty. With the Part of Fortune, wealth and power.

Symbol: Two newlyweds exchanging the wedding ring.
As to the influence of this degree on the native’s mind, see the foregoing one.

As to the course of life, the following difference is to be remarked: there friendship and social intercourse took up the subject’s activity entirely, here family life is the pivot. The native may have to marry more than once, hut great pains might have to be endured through the partner’s divorce or death; happiness in marriage, general luck and a quiet old age spent in pleasant recollection of good work done are to be expected.

About the native’s mind, one-peculiar feature stands out-a gift for mathematics, which often will stay unheeded, unexploited, unknown to its very owner who, although not lacking firmness and enterprise, might drift toward less congenial activities, which are apt to yield less satisfactory results. How much store may be set by this minor feature of the one hundred forty-ninth degree, other factors in the pattern will decide.

Denotes one possessing mathematical abilities beyond the ordinary; but there is some room for doubt that he may fail to follow up such a noble exercise. His mind may be carded away into other pursuits, for which he is not at all adapted, and which an the end yield no satisfaction.

Astrology; sociable and enterprising; at some period in the life, experience abundance when money pours in; afflicted; violence and destructiveness; music; cardiac septum.

Symbol: A man climbing a ladder and helping others who strive behind him. At the top, a veiled figure holds out to him a wreath of stars.

Denotes one who has power enough to rise in the world and heart enough to help others to rise. His destiny is to rise. It is his soul of sympathy and justice which merits the victor’s wreath, and his every action of kindness to the struggling and to the suffering brings to him blessings of power, adding heavenly glory to the rewards awaiting him. It is a symbol of Rewarding.

This degree enhances all the qualities of friend. ship. There is little importance attached to success of material nature, however, this may come as a by. The natives of this degree put an emphasis on, and hay a particular natural skill in, close relationships with people. This is the focus of their strength which they happily develop. Such idealism has been a real handicap in times pas in groups where making a living was every man for himself. However, these people are more and more appreciated humanity at large is finding it more and more important to join hands in cooperative efforts. He casts his lot some kind of a cooperative group. He is sincere in U concept of sharing which should result in security an comfort. This is so basic to his nature that he finds difficult if not impossible to go his way alone.

The darkest degree of Leo are affected by Capricorn and Virgo - basic, earthy matters of life prominent here; death, family, status, growth, and commerce all consume time. Acute business abilities. Likely to accumulate something of value for later in life due to its perseverance and strategic planning abilities. Romantic prospects are always hopeful; perhaps more than one marriage. Enterprising, well-mannered, and serious, attracting concerned, powerful people.

A degree indicating sterling worth and combining sympathy, justice and leadership.


29-30 deg Leo

It indicates a person of a narrow, servile disposition, given to complaining and lamenting, instead of acting and achieving. A nature self- centered and morose, of no great comfort to its owner or of use to others. It is a degree of INDIGENCE.

Doing inner work in an outer world. Precipitating limitless spirit into dense matter. Working within higher laws. Tapping the sourcespring of existence. You are powerfully motivated to extend the range of the inner brightness into absolutely every facet of existence. So intensively purposive that you push yourself over every edge to achieve astounding things. You specialize in turnarounds, great shifts--personally and collectively. A vision burns through. You know that if you extend yourself just another notch further, the victory will be won. A knack for staying in there till something gives. A greater center of selfhood endows you with a central life radiance of unsurpassed glory. However, you tuck infinities away and appear as whatever is called for. And if your essence-spark shines through, it is incidental to the great design of bringing heaven to earth and being the one who makes that possible, selflessly and joyously and serenely.

"A scrawny dog cries and shakes in fear in front of a man riding a horse."
Petty, whining, and servile character. Instead of taking action, one prefers to keep on complaining and to dwell on one's misfortunes. However, if the natal chart indicates dynamism, one can be successful in all occupations related to agriculture, horse breeding, or horse competitions.

Either a scientific investigator or a pioneer in other lands.

The “heart” of Leo is noticeable here, helping this degree through the worst of times, powering it onward in any way possible, regardless of odds or obstacles to be over-come. The end of Leo has a Pisces/Virgo flavor-services to others is key to unfoldment. Social interaction controls success. Should do something about poverty and misery first and foremost rather than just talk and condescend - often, power slips away.

The emphasis here is on marriage and family life. Two marriages are likely. Once he has settled this of his life he will settle down to develop or use whatever skills he wishes to develop. These other areas will take second place however until he finds the situation he needs at home. There is mathematical ability here which may go unnoticed, still he will be able to make use of this basic ability whether it is the focal point or not. He may be sufficiently sidetracked to spend his time in worthless pursuits and areas to which he finds it difficult if not impossible to succeed. When this happens it is usually because he has not been able to establish the necessary partnership at home.

Symbol: A ship’s steward carrying a bowl of enchanting white lilies.

Denotes a changeable person, loving to journey about. He gains much benefit from ships, shipping, means of transit, and the public. While on a journey he meets his greatest happiness. He is generally fortunate with his friends and in all his affairs of life. It is a symbol of Voyaging.

Musical; astrology; denotes command, idealism, or good intellect, strong will, and mature judgment; a thinker who analyzes and plans on a big scale; an experimenter whose work may never be finished; clairvoyance; home luxury and abundance; neuritis; doesn’t melt into the crowd; violence and destructiveness; possibility of military honor of short duration with ultimate failure, imprisonment, and violent death; well aspected high and lofty ideals and strength of spirit; magnanimous; grandly liberal, generous, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command, high spirited, and generous; back.

Symbol: An old slave with a noble cast of features and a shadow of thoughtful gloom on his face.

I think that slaves like Aesop, Epictetus, perhaps even like Livy Andronicus, Phaedrus, etc., were born under this sign. This is another of those degrees where only a highly developed nature can save the native from being crushed under the weight of an influence overstepping our human boundaries. This Leo’s last degree can make a superman of anyone whose stars should elsewhere supply the necessary requirements.

Upon a heart soaring beyond the highest peaks of human nobility, a heroically mighty will power, a winged mind, this degree will bestow the right of judging things and people from a higher standpoint and of drawing, although in perfect humility, an infallible moral law from the deepest sources of his over self, the right of being a master although performing the lowest duties, of feeling free and lordly while being socially a slave.

To less-developed beings this brings a feeling of oppression and wretchedness, a powerless struggling against material poverty and outward misery. Endless moaning and groaning will grow into a habit. The subject will take to finding fault with everyone and everything, although he has not the makings of a real judge, whatever his intellectual gifts, his human understanding and his literary taste might be. The continuous comparison between his actual standing and the one he thinks he is entitled to cripples his initiative and robs him of his will to work. He is, therefore., a useless servant.

Yet, whether a superman or a human wretch, he always will fit in with the self-styled definition of Christ’s representative on Earth: servus servonsm—the servants’ servant. “As above, so below”; the lowest epithet is the one of the highest human dignity. That those who have ears may understand.

This denotes one who has a intellect; a gigantic will; a mature judgment. One who is a true magician.