Pisces Degrees

0-1 deg Pisces

Concordla discors: a typically dualistic and divalent influence. The native is a live wire, and his main problem is how to deal with his neighbors in all senses from spiritual exchange to sexual intercourse. Whether he will eventually find his feet, or stay a misfit in his surroundings, will depend on the horoscope looked at as a whole.

In the former case the native will be an extremely sociable person and a useful go-between, intercessor and peacemaker. He will make a faithful and staunch friend, endowed with the gift of persuasion and of adapting himself to any environment. Marriage ought to be extremely lucky unless particularly unfavorable aspects bear upon marriage relations in the horoscope; ambitions ought to be peacefully satisfied.

In the latter, he will be a peevish, grumpy, inquisitive meddler, with an unpredictable and often snappishly short temper.

Exactly as in Goethe’s character we chose as a symbol, the virtues and shortcomings of this degree may co-exist in a few cases (see Freud’s theory of ambivalence).

The most suitable professions are those connected with the law: magistrate, banister, solicitor, coroner, attorney, notary.

Music; renunciation; literary taste; agreeable and adaptable; great reader with some mystical tastes; discreet but persuasive; home life is usually important; photography; right heel bone.

Denotes one of a peculiar disposition who is in danger of yielding to the suggestions of evil influence and being guilty of unjust actions. He may suffer sorrow from or through relatives and from secret affairs, and he may not be able to do just what he pleases. He has strong promptings towards the occult and hidden arts. It is a symbol of Misgiving.

This degree is a happy cusp blending of the Aquarian and Piscean influences. There is a blend of the broad humanitarian and the more personal sympathies neither of which seem to get very far out of hand. These natives are able to do well in positions of responsibility in government or work with the public. There is a drive attain positions of responsibility and the intuitive feeling quality to support such efforts. There is perhaps warmth than characteristic of Pisces but a very strict integrity and a sincere compassion. He is less of a humanitarian than Aquarius. He is basically concerned with him However, his personal characteristics are of such a that he is considerate of others and in no way seeks to unfair advantage or be calloused in any way to the of those around him.. He is a most congenial person to around, unobtrusive and helpful in quiet ways. Often these natives educate themselves by a love of reading.

Pleasant, sociable, and loyal character. One always readily adjusts to the members of one's entourage in order to create harmonious living conditions. This applies particularly to conjugal life. One can achieve success in business or in the arts. Associations are highly favoured because, as symbolised by the first personage of the image, one knows perfectly well how to blend opposite elements and turn them into complementary assets.

Teeming with mass consciousness. You feel yourself to be as anonymous and undifferentiated as you can possibly be. Hiding in this identification is comfortable, cozy, and safe, and it can be prolonged indefinitely. While you wait here with individuality suspended and all of life being right at hand, the most remarkable discoveries can take place. In particular, you are welcomed and invited to know the ancestors, to know the collective, to know the sweep of evolution intimately and compulsively, to be swept along on the tides of time, to stay bonded and rooted in the dream plant state. It is a rapture and an abandon. Eventually it satiates itself. And then you are sprung very fresh and very new, to be free in the world, and to make the ultimate discovery of the vast difference between casting your fate to the winds and being vitally present in the moment's dawning with a celebratory fervor.

This symbol denotes a nature of genial, friendly and sociable qualities to which the ties of domestic and social life will constitute the sum of possible happiness. Such will live in harmony with his fellows, preserving his relations in the most perfect accord, and on all occasions giving evidence of fidelity, devotion and self-control. He will rule others by the power of persuasion, and will attain his ambitions by the exercise of unusual powers of adaptability. As a man of business he will be chiefly successful in bringing together elements of contrary natures, forming combinations of utility, and uniting forces which singly would prove incomplete and ineffectual. It is a degree of UNION.

1-2 deg Pisces

The master of disguises. Shape-changing as a whole way of life. The question of identity as a baffling mystery, a riddle of destiny. Becoming so many things, whatever feels emphatic, impressive, and in keeping with the subtle fluids of the situation, you are transported by a plastic, formative nature into realms you would never access if you were straight and simply sincere. Tricks within tricks. Worlds within worlds. Captured by the uncanny power of turning yourself into the perfect live model of a given way of being. Deep down inside you witness everything that happens, amazed to be getting away with it, and waiting to be unveiled in the fullness of time when the cycle is over and you must find another place to hide, unless you are finally ready to let yourself be.

Carefree, lazy, and selfish character. One believes in the principle of the least effort, and one prefers to leave things to chance, thus wasting many nice opportunities. If one does not decide to adopt a more active behaviour and take advantage of one's capacities, one must be prepared to undergo a life fraught with hurdles, ordeals, and disappointments.

There is here quite a happy blend of the cusp influence of Aquarius and Pisces. The friendly Aquarius is personalized and deepened by the sympathetic Pisces influence. There is the fixed strength lacking in Pisces to give continuity and perseverance action. There is much persuasive power and the ability to adapt oneself to circumstances. The abilities are broad and adaptable to many professions. There is a lively energy sufficient to keep him busy and active both on and off the job. They usually are well provided for by the help of own efforts. They are capable of going far in school usually continue to learn on their own. They usually cover broad general areas rather than settle down to a deep study of one subject although they follow their interest and many choose to delve deeper into some areas than others for which they are very well-equipped. They have an emotional nature capable of the study of science and us end up being very much enlightened.

Denotes one who will be no stranger to suffering. Directly or indirectly he benefits through people older than himself. No matter how important his position in life, he is limited. He feels for those whose portion of earth life is but pain and he relieves when the pained plead. It is a symbol of Clemency.

Music; renunciation; firmness; seldom; if ever, in want enlightened, scientific, and emotional; indulges in much speculation, either mental or financial; photography; left heel bone.

The native is a good-natured, outwardly harmless scholar, but excessive negligence and inborn slackness prevent his being refined. Far from being rough, he is superficially very uncouth, a lazy, haphazard fatalist.

But an emotional, touchy, fitful and skittish, altogether choleric character slumbers under the surface, which one had better not rouse. The rush of self-willed fury of which he will then prove capable will be such as to smash and sweep away everything and everyone. A boundless ambition, which was dozing under the cloak of the epicurean student, awakens suddenly when the native realizes mankind’s cowardice and its willingness to appreciate only those who bully it and brutally kick it in the pants.

In spite of this the native is unlikely to manage well what he has, or to acquire permanently new wealth, as his action develops by fits and starts and he does things only when roused. Once his fury has abated he is apt to wonder why one should act at all. Thus he may sooner or later find himself broke and forlorn.

This furious resentment may sublime into noble indignation, and ambition may purify itself into unselfish aspirations. Astrological components inductive of altruism may move the native to an heroic sacrifice for the benefit of mankind.

This is an index of a nature that is placid and calm and disposed rather to carelessness and lassitude. He will be willing to sacrifice much for his own comfort and peace of mind, and will rarely distress himself on account of others. Nevertheless there is a strong undercurrent of feeling and passion, which, when aroused will prove formidable. Left to himself he will prove inoffensive and dilatory, careless and haphazard. But when opposed he will show himself capable of fierce resentment and irresistible force. There is little doubt that he will lose much of his property by allowing things to drift and take their own course, where he should be taking the direction and management of them in hand. Although by no means a weak character, he will pass for such on account of his indifference to his own affairs and those of others. It is a degree of INDIFFERENCE.

2-3 deg Pisces

Timeless soul faculties wrench free from tumultuous times and places to gaze upon the innermost with tranquil and sage otherworldliness. Drawn inside very far, into the unconscious and superconscious levels. On the surface--nothing happening, a blank. But deep inside--astounding things going on; worlds ending and beginning; tragedies, heartaches, tremendous overcomings. Yet all of this is so far inside that it can get twisted in knots and cut off from the center. And therefore, you must over and again wander in search of your lost self and the lost self of the world, and journey through the most fantastic scenarios in order to reclaim at every major juncture the poignant, shattered, and self-regenerating lost soul. The lost soul whose pathos and triumph of navigation through every possible hiding place through the sheer inward intent of your subtle faculties, cannot be discouraged, cannot be denied.

Generous, sensitive, and secretive character. One pays more attention to human qualities than to social status and treats the poor and the rich on an equal footing. Regardless of their personal situation, everybody, well-off people and people in need alike, know that they are welcome and that when necessary, they will find solace and all forms of assistance. If born in a wealthy family, one meaningfully takes advantage of one's legacy. If the origins are modest, this degree promises that, sooner or later, one will become very famous and rich. If in the natal chart, the Ascendant is on this degree, it heralds fame and the possibility that one's name goes down in history. If it is in conjunction with the Midheaven or with important planets, within a 5° orb, it brings about great honours and dignities.

This being will prove at the same time haughty and diplomatic, harsh and steadfast, fierce and hospitable, rough and generous—nay, lavish—to the point of squandering. A barbaric nature, coupling high spiritual gifts with a coarse, lusty and gluttonous grain. There is a peevish self- assurance and an unruffled self-indulgence, and at the same time such gifts as to overcome the many enmities the native’s rough manners may have aroused.

Food problems are of paramount importance to the native, who considers the art of cooking as the supreme art. He is therefore likely to find congenial employment in the trades connected with food (cook, innkeeper, baker, and the like); if rich by birth, he will delight in treating his friends.

Luck seems to top expectations. But if success is not apt to cost too high a price, lavishness and neglect on the other hand can cause trouble. Greed is like a powerful whirlpool, liable, as the Umbrian proverb has it, “to swallow a house up to its roof,” and the evils that rudeness can work are but too well-known, as rudeness can cut people right off from human society.

Music; capable of original thinking; renunciation; photography; versatile; diplomatic, generous, and hospitable; nerves of right foot.

Denotes a strong character, a leader in his sphere of life. Dangers from the elements threaten the child life. He baa the ability to grasp and utilize the ideas and suggestions of others, and his power of observation enables him to advance his interests and obtain reward. He will be successful in secret negotiations, and secret matters largely affect the life. It is a degree of Secretiveness.

There is a very jerky and ill-defined here. These natives rarely act without explosive stimulation. They must be goaded into action after which the rise to great heights of expression and activity. When forced, they are able to show great capacity and hidden strength never suspected when they are left alone. However, they are seldom motivated to do anything without serious challenge of one kind or another. Therefore, their progress is uneven and difficult to assess. On the one hand they are indolent and lazy; on the other, they are aggressive and active. Never do they chart and follow a ‘smooth course through life. He is not a weak character, but he definitely lacks continuity which may not make his development smooth but at least will keep him moving, even if at an uneven pace.

This is indicative of a headstrong and rather petulant nature, to whom the good things of this life will count for much. He will have a taste for high living and may show exceptional faculty in the culinary arts. His disposition will be generous and hospitable, and the best of his nature will be evident when he is entertaining his friends in convivial feasts. Possessed of a fiery and petulant nature, he will make many enemies, but will always succeed in bringing them to accord with him by some subsequent act of generosity and goodwill. At heart he is bountiful and humane, but he will be adjudged coarse and self-indulgent and a slave to the appetites. It is a degree of CONVIVIALITY.

3-4 deg Pisces

Reflective, benevolent, and inventive character endowed with gifts for occultism. One is a loner and works best in the silence and the calm of secluded places. Success and wealth can be achieved in a host of disciplines, among which, religion, philosophy, the arts, the craft industry, natural healing, research, etc. The natal chart shows which occupation is most suitable.

These natives enjoy a generous amount of luck from unknown sources as though the heavens opened up and they happened to be standing just below when the treasures were poured out. Such luck always carries with it the corresponding weaknesses. Unless this native has the character development granted by his own efforts somewhere he will merely squander what is received and be peevish because the abundance is not boundless. He is usually very much in touch with the people and activities of his time and able to be in the right place at the right time. He may be coarse and unrefined but he is friendly and fairly well-accepted by those around him. He is entertaining and generous with a heart full of goodwill towards all. He is also a slave to his appetites. He has a taste for good living and gourmet foods. He may even choose an occupation in connection with food. If he is wealthy he will be a generous host, although unrefined and at times uncouth; his taste for good food will be an obvious characteristic.

Denotes one who will be placed in the midst of unsettled chaotic conditions and who, as complication after complication arises, allows fear to hold him. Yet he is secure against storms and firm against disaster, although not from assault. He has mediumistic power to enable him to know his inward strength, but he fears to use it. If he would but turn his eyes upwards he would see beauty above fear and ever have hope before him. It is a symbol of Mistrust.

Music; photography; renunciation; often ready to resign or give up the very thing others want to cling to; knows many things without bothering to learn them; firm and prudent; may have some influence on height; appendicitis; (Formal haut) often causes congenital defects. Supposedly fortunate and powerful, yet a sublime malevolence that fluctuates between material and spiritual expression. It rising great learning and an “immortal name:; persecution. sudden destruction; the death penalty if afflicted; nerves of right foot.

The native’s character will be as impenetrable as a grave, and may be as dismal. The nature is firm and fond of justice. Other factors will depend on their relation the whole, like this degree’s seemingly super-rational and potentially unlimited intelligence, to which, however, the rest of the horoscope must give a background and an outline.

Should the pattern indicate moral strength and not bar luck, the native may become a haven for the weak and the outcast, commanding at the same time the respect of those in power. A prudent, steadfast, self-sufficient personality, he may seem even more impenetrable and baffling to astrological research than to the vulgar eye. If helped by outstanding planetary aspects, this degree may give birth to a spiritual master.

On the contrary, in less lucky horoscopes this degree may produce mediumship, membership in a Masonic lodge or any other shamefully secretive feature. This sense of disgraceful mystery may refer either to the supersensible or to the lower human sphere, and may warp this degree’s reserve into hypocrisy. But its justice and intelligence never will be blighted. This latter—something abstract in itself—may even appear admirable in a weak or wicked native.

You're being engulfed by external and internal factors and facets that suddenly are there everywhere and come right in--no boundaries, no separate container. The universal life-force carrier and representative, incapable of pulling away from the collective call of life, is intoxicated with it all. Massively taken over by emergent currents and whatever feels vitally important. Impressionable and suggestible with an unbelievable depth and intensity. Absorbing the shock of all that is happening here raw, and impelled to rally people around to bring everybody alive, to make it happen. You ooze conviction and resonance with the basic core spirit in each and all--three hundred percent all the way.

This is the index of one whose nature is set about with the security which arises from a prudent and cautious nature, a high order of intelligence and a strong stability of character. He will prove to be a haven of refuge for the weak and helpless and a protection to all who stand in need of a friend. Within his gate there is peace and security, rest and satisfaction. He will successfully with stand the assaults of his enemies, and although it will be at all times difficult to get at the inward nature and motive of his life, yet to those who are admitted to his confidence he will justify his reticence, his retirement and his independence of action. Justice and self-restraint will be the keynotes of his nature. It is a degree of DEFFENCE.

4-5 deg Pisces

Subtle senses. You sense the subtle depths of experience and find therein glory, majesty, and divine power. Your eyes inside are open in places others are blind. You are shown the wonders of the deep, yet an immense destiny challenges. For this is a selfless realm, utterly selfless. Can you uphold the inner light in its own pure radiance? It takes great courage, for you will be flooded by collective contents and asked to serve totally. Can you rise to this? Or will special colorings shadow this realm? Only true inspiration can show the way. And if there comes instead the idea of it, the received image, the secondary version, all will be illusory and like fools gold, of a shallow consistency, losing all savor.

Sociable, fickle, and sincere character. There is an overwhelming need to be understood and appreciated by the numerous friends one attracts. Success can be achieved in all occupations requiring good oratorical and negotiating skills, for instance in education, mediation, television, etc. One must think thoroughly before getting involved in any serious partnership because the first moments of exhilaration might be followed by disenchantment and bitterness.

This influence has much in common with 30 deg Taurus (which see). It will give masterfulness and the accessory prestige over others in more or less refined utilitarian and earthly matters, tending toward enjoyment, though not exclusively material; its supreme pleasure is friendship.

But, for all his good intentions, the native will bring little luck to his devoted friends; however, unconsciously and against his own will, he will lead them to sacrifice, which he himself will not escape, as his inordinate and dissipated life will inflict a spell of ordeals and mishaps upon him.

He is likely to get over it sooner or later. The pattern as a whole and a careful study of directions and of Uranus’ transits will have to show whether the beginning or the end of his life will be marked by had luck.

Renunciation; music; mediums and healers; fond of pleasure, including food and drink; sometimes diffident or apologetic; asthma; right cuboid bone.

Denotes one of good organizing and directing ability who works with a purpose in his mind and an ideal at heart. He has a love of luxury and good living, and as life advances he will be in a position to gratify his desires. He is a good, generous friend, and gains esteem. He does not allow personal comfort to affect the work he is called upon to do nor to diminish his personal courage. It is a symbol of Accomplishment.

This native has a strong mystical, occult psychic orientation which will either result in a highly developed spiritual being or in an interest in psychic phenomena, secret societies, and perhaps black magic. Ofcourse, there are also those in between. The intelligence is limited only by other factors. He is usually quite fixed in his opinions for Pisces. They can be quite determined in their demand for justice. His sense of justice may win support. His logic is severe and meticulously correct to extent of super-rational judgment. Although he has mystical qualities, he is not gentle or understanding. It is as though he were hard with himself and allows others no room to do less. Often when an individual has sacrifice too much to arrive at what he considers to be perfection he loses something of compassion and understanding and must retrace his steps to once again align himself companionship he needs from others. He is too dedicated to a goal he does not fully understand but which he attempts to follow to the letter of the law, if not the of the law.

This indicates one given to friendship and the delights of social intercourse, and whose nature will find chief expression in the fostering of amicable relations between others. Prolixity and diffusion of effort may render his best intentions void of good results, but that they are animated by the best feelings none of his friends will ever doubt. He will have many supporters and his confidences will be esteemed by them. He may profitably be engaged in the instruction and leading of others, whether as a teacher, director, overseer or officer, and he will be one of those to whose instruction and advice men will naturally incline. His fondness for pleasures however, may ruin his prospects. It is a degree of ACCORD.

5-6 deg Pisces

You are on the exquisite paradoxical edge between the deep inner and the ceremonial outer. Living between worlds and destiny forged to satisfy both. The inward part predominates. You are working hard on inner levels to master advanced initiatory streams and to do so the ancient way, the hard way. The outward aspect involves being an official representative of many things, most of them no longer recognized in the mass culture. Yet this matters little. The task at hand is to bring forth a ceremonial version of what lives within. There are poignant, tragic, and bittersweet undertones to this pathway and it requires a proud demeanor, often misunderstood or turned into something completely different from what was intended. You simply must hang in there, hold this focus, and sustain the inner work and the outer style. Because this is the way it is, there is nobody else to do it, and when you bear a thin thread from ancient to future, that thread determines everything and claims your allegiance down to your toes.

Withdrawn, hard-working, and proud character. In most cases, a serious reversal of fortune wreaks havoc on the family. One is too proud to seek assistance from friends and prefers to restart from scratch alone, with determination and patience. One knows that time and hard work are the keys to success, and one leaves nothing to chance in one's endeavour to regain one's social status and wealth. This demanding task is facilitated if in the natal chart, the 2nd or the 7th House is strong, or if Jupiter or Venus is in Pisces.

Trials and ordeals are very common here. Friendship is very important to this native but he often involves his friends in the trials he seemingly brings on himself. A well-balanced chart and a wise course will prove very beneficial. Uranus has an effect on this degree and may lend aid or further his chances of having to face up to difficult situations. He has good abilities and his advice is usually sought and valued by others. His good fellowship and enjoyment of friends may prove valuable, or a negative influence depending on the choice of friends. Things often do not turn out as well as he intended them to.

Denotes an adventurous nature which will attempt rash things and undertake dangerous missions. The native is in danger of restraint and attack from powerful foes seeking to put him out of action, but is fortunate in obtaining relief when he least expects it. From the twenty-seventh to the twenty- eighth, the thirty-sixth to the thirty seventh, are critical years. It is a symbol of Attempting.

Renunciation; associated with monasteries; efficiency; good power of concentration; diplomatic, but sometimes brusque; facile and ingenious mind; clever intellect that is quick at learning; left cuboid bone.

This degree tends to confer physical sturdiness and proportionate lust or lusts. The craving for money is not the least of them. Whether he is compelled to hoard by a niggardly greed, or is driven to amass money by a reckless personal ambition aiming only at his own success, or in order to restore the level of his father’s family up to the splendor of its gifts or its renown, the native seems to act on the firm conviction that one single lucky stroke —on the green carpet, at the races, or at the exchange —would manage to solve once and for all the twofold problem of food and the family’s gilt edge. Yielding to this temptation would mean his final undoing.

The career of arms (not of the sea) seems to be the thing for him; a good marksman, an impenetrable character, a combative or downright aggressive person, a commanding figure, he has all the makings of a successful soldier or airman. And his power of concentration will fit him for different careers as well, according to the rest of the astrological data.

He is certain to set his aim high, and likely to attain it too, if he is as careful as he is ambitious.

This indicates one to whom the Fates are likely to prove unkind, either in the fact of giving him birth in the family of one who has suffered complete wreck of fortunes, or by leading him to hazards of a speculative and adventurous nature which will lead to his certain ruin. Let him therefore be ever on guard against the seductions of becoming rich in a hurry, and let his efforts be those of one who, having a long distance to travel, and a great height to attain, measures his strength with care and goes at a moderate pace. Should he attempt the seas of fortune he will be driven back and his chances of success will be for ever ruined. If he should wisely keep to the broad highways of life, and pursue the common path, he may retrieve the family fortunes and acquit himself with honor. It is a degree of SALVAGE.

6-7 deg Pisces

Spirit is well preserved from becoming untrue. It is held within its own matrix, and granted a pure and wonderfully veiled atmosphere and feeling tone and sphere to stay within. From this place spirit can empower itself to be whole, to commune, to remember, and to conceive. You are given what you need, and a specially-granted timing grace to be ushered through the world in a guided tour that leads only to the temples and the marvels that are here. However, all of this happens inside, deep inside. The outside situation may belie the inward experience. But here what seems in the moment is as nothing, and what is really there between the lines and through the cracks is everything. This is a domain set apart for special purposes, projects, and endeavors, and is the perfect retreat for one who wishes to remain in touch with the living spirit, who wishes never to forget what it is that stands under the phenomenal world and keeps the eternal flame burning without a flicker.

Hedonistic, pleasant, and hospitable character. One is a bon viveur endowed with an insatiable appetite for spiritual and intellectual food, as well as for the pleasures of the table. Success and fame can be achieved in all occupations related to seafood catering or cannery, or fishing. Painting and literature, especially when related to the water element, are also favoured, as for instance a painting featuring sea or lake landscapes, the publishing of a cook book or a culinary column, etc. Indeed, this degree is under the influence of two constellations, Eridan and Horlogium. The former underlines the importance of the sea, and the latter indicates great intellectual abilities.

A hard trial to face; a frightful obstacle to overcome. In an otherwise irrelevant horoscope this degree will make the native into an usher, a doorkeeper, or, at best, a chamberlain. Where no other influences are at play, the native will be very keen on his own comfort and leisure, and this will make him dodge the obstacle mentioned above.

But little as the nativity swerves from the trodden path, here are the greatest chances of evil or good ever accessible to human beings, both of them in a mystical sense, with a deep religious feeling, or at least with a formal respect for rituals and ceremonies.

Where good factors concur, the way to saintliness is open to the native, or he can receive the highest initiation. He may become a church dignitary, or a valiant scientist, a profound thinker or even a remarkable artist, but always on the plane of universal ideas.

A humble, but not bad, nativity, may bestow a lower degree in the ecclesiastical heirarchy. (as a convent’s guardian) or a low one (a lay brother, a sexton, or the like). On the other hand, a noble but rebellious theme will produce that amount of anticlericalism that marks many a sincere follower of the church, or will lead the native so far as to oppose the church on behalf of a religious, or nearly religious, ideal striving to be more universal than Catholicism and to be worshipped more faithfully than Islam.

The concourse of evil components will lead to black magic, the practice of Satanism, possession or obsession, or in a humbler way, to witchcraft, shamanism, necromancy (so-called spiritualism) practiced as a ritual, etc.

The absolute absence of any spiritual component will lead to Goddess Reason’s abstract worship in a more developed native, to non-initiatory freemasonry in an indifferent subject, and to sectarian partisanship in a poor devil.

In the field of affairs, of ordinary administration or even of everyday life, this influence will lead to heaping mistakes on mistakes. The native will have to pay more attention and to curb his absent- mindedness. Yet this is a remarkable mind with an uncommon steadiness in study.

Capable of deep concentration in the study of abstruse subjects; changeable disposition, once eager and friendly; again cool and distant; not always practical in finances; right anklebone.

Denotes the dark and treacherous forces and the materialism of man combating with all that is glorious, all that is ideal and divine. To whichever the thoughts of the native incline comes victory, and many times in life he will be forced to join himself to the one or the other. May wisdom direct his choice. It is a symbol of Contesting.

There is a gambling instinct here. He is with the idea of accomplishing his financial goals with one lucky turn. He is however not so lucky and he only stands to lose from such foolishness. Money is a serious concern to him and is usually the cause of most of his is inconstant in his attitude toward others, sometimes friendly and warm; at others, cool and distant. People may get the idea that he uses friendship for his own ends. However, this is not true. It is more that he is moody and not always in a friendly mood. If he is able to bring himself to settle down to a reasonable life and pursue a logical goal he may well attain a measure of success. Often a last minute stroke of luck will carry him over if he has labored faithfully on his own behalf. He has considerable ability if he will but use what he has.

This indicates one to whom the secrets of nature are likely to be revealed as the result of long and patient study of her laws. He will be endowed with considerable devotion, enabling him to sustain long and patient vigils, and pursue his studies where others would have abandoned them. His intelligence will be of a high order, and will induce him if to the pursuit of religion, philosophy and the fine arts, in all of which he will show more than ordinary ability. He may show a taste for the conventicler. It is a degree of ILLUMINATION.

7-8 deg Pisces

The earth is broken. The compact between a human soul and her earth housing is violated. Some of us are sensitive to what has gone wrong and must proclaim a conscience-change. An agonizing place to be, and yet treated as just the way it is, met with huge resolve, almost welcoming that it has come down to this. Creatively expressive of what it feels like to be here in the midst, you feel resonant with all the kingdoms of nature, and especially aligned with the soul of this planet in her deep changes. Put in the right place at the right time to call the occasion, to make things unavoidable, you feel almost immobilized by how huge the task is. Yet you are stoical, dedicated, exceedingly strong, and enduring. Able to withstand the shaking-loose of the old Earth. In here for the duration. Just getting going when it all seems lost.

Obliging, passive, and gentle character endowed with magnetism or gifts for occultism. The decision-making process requires quite some time, as if one revolved endlessly around the same centre, as suggested by the image. This degree promises long-lasting happiness in love and perhaps an early marriage. One prefers to enjoy the pleasures of life in one-to-one contexts, be it in the affective, friendly, or professional areas.

Much confusion and cloudy situations to deal with here. There are many ups and downs and changes of direction. His strength definitely rests with philosophical and spiritual concepts and his greatest difficulties come in trying to deal with more mundane problems connected with supplying his material needs. Oftentimes there is one major trail during the lifetime which threatens him quite severely. He may obtain much spiritual growth as a result severely. He may obtain much spiritual growth as a result of these ordeals, or he may as well slip. Confusion may be piled on to more confusion until he is hopelessly lost in a maze from which there is no escape. He may be subject to mental illness of one kind or another or be in danger of obsession or possession. Extremes seem to be indicated here. The problems are calculated to separate the mature from the immature. He either shines as a real success or goes down to a tragic defeat.

Denotes one who is destined to have power over others and who may be forced by circumstances to obey the wills of stronger forces. Necessity may compel him to barter his dearest possession for external advantage, but those to whom he barters it prize it. His is a peculiar life of importance, but not one of absolute free will. It is a symbol of Responsibilities.

Oratorical ability; much hard work; practical and resourceful unless other aspects hinder; sometimes many changes of fortune; interest in dietetics; left anklebone.

Shiftiness and inner dissension, the co-existence of conflicting features such as, on one side, childishness or unripeness, lack of self-criticism, unfitness for independent life; and on the other side, a remarkable aptitude for business, practical skill on a small scale, bodily and mental resilience and fitness. Ability to do great deeds and to botch the simplest things. There is promptness and indecision, tact and boorishness, light-mindedness and immodesty, recklessness and at the same time naive cunning.

The brother or brothers have a great part in the native’s life. Luck is ambiguous. There is a great love of water, which may grow into a positive danger if ominous pointers concur.

This is the index of one who is liable to suffer many affronts of fortune, due chiefly to his own incompetence and the attempting of things and enterprises that are beyond his powers. Let him study humility and service of others, and cultivate a proper understanding of his own aptitudes and powers. Thus he may escape a sudden and unlooked for ruin which otherwise must attend him in the boldest venture of his life. He may go into liquidation and become submerged, and crying for rescue from his helpless state, there may be found none to weep for him save Heaven, which yet is kind in that it permits this warning. Independence is not for those who have no knowledge of their own weakness. The strong swimmer alone can attempt the deep waters. It is a degree of INCOMPETENCE.

8-9 deg Pisces

Darkness calls to those who have been surfeited with too much compromise and too unbearable a load of suffering. There are regions of the dark to live out parts of self or all of self for a time. And inside the darkness, an immense power of what is here in the Earth and still raging can be felt and harnessed. You are imaginatively and inwardly pulled toward the great extremes--not able to go on in any usual way. But you ultimately fathom the mysteries and the depths, by exploring all that is there and finding in the end that all is sacred, all is beautiful, and all is integral to the fiber of existence.

Calm, courageous, and reliable character endowed with a remarkable power of persuasion and a strong sense of duty. For professional or political reasons, one travels from one foreign country to another. One tackles dangers and hurdles with dedication and without disclosing the details of the feats accomplished. After a host of adventures, one eventually goes back home to enjoy a quiet, simple, and happy life amid a host of vivid memories.

Probably a long, certainly an adventurous life, with very unstable luck. The horoscope at large may tell us whether happiness or bad luck will prevail, whether trouble is to reach its peak in childhood, in youth, or in ripe old age. Certainly there will be hard ordeals to go through, leaving premature traces on the native’s face and hair.

He will be able to change his ways and means all of a sudden, though staying faithful to himself; his religious principles will not prevent his being overcome and carried away by passion now and then. Nothing will either find him unprepared or throw him off balance and betray his feelings. He will be called tightly a man of character. Destiny bids him away from his country, on long journeys, and may sever his blood ties even in his adolescence. Other items in the pattern will give this forecast sharper outlines.

Music; likable personality; ability for mathematics, electricity, or some mechanical work; dexterity or imitative ability; good fortune and lasting happiness; right metatarsus.

Denotes one of a sensitive disposition and pure mind who understands intuitively the true meaning of love as symbolized in the planet Venus, sublime and in her dignity. His enemy is lust, which threatens to cling to him and by craft to hold the throne of his soul in the guise of love. But the native will know vice as a destroying angel only, and his knowledge will protect him and set him free. It is a symbol of Transmutation.

This native seems to have well-developed abilities in the business world, but lacks the ability to handle smaller problems connected with his personal life. He tends to be unreliable and immature in his actions. There is a childlike quality which is undeveloped and naive. He finds living alone difficult but he also finds it difficult to find some one who will put up with his lack of firmness. He seems to be totally inept in recognizing and coming to grips with his own weakness. He may take on more than he can handle and fail due to his own incompetence. Except in the capacity of following a routine which he has been trained for he seems to live in a fog which he is unable to penetrate. He has ability to accomplish remarkable achievements along clear and set lines. It is only when he is given some measure of freedom to express an original genius that he seems to suffer from egotism or stage fright or something which paralyzes whatever ability he might have had.

This indicates one whose fortunes are likely to prove very remarkable. Estranged at an early age from his kindred he will follow an adventurous fortune and his livelihood will be to that extent precarious and uncertain. He will roam into distant countries and experience many privations, always sustaining his lot with quiet resignation and singular indifference of spirit. He will attain to sonic distinction, but will suffer reversal and in the end will carry his load of cares downhill to the grave. In some special manner he will prove himself to be a man of singular character and remarkable powers. It is a degree of PILGRIMAGE.

9-10 deg Pisces

Wildly tuned in. Staggeringly aware of the overall situation and its call, you respond deeply and with earnest, plaintive engagement with all that is happening. You are profoundly emotional, physical, and personal in order to ground and focus a vaster attunement, urgently and critically mobilized at hot spots. Assigned to tune in to everything and make sure all the cosmic bases are covered--inner-planes activity predominates. You live within vast worlds, and are psychically charged with all that is being taken in, but your central focus is to respond, to report, to send the inner messages, to keep the lines open. Emergency and crisis sensibility inside of things, searching for signs, and knowing how to be there on the spot to turn things around by inward force of the magical will.

Fiery, discerning, and independent character. Success and fame can be achieved in all careers requiring personal initiatives. Religion, law, and literature are very favoured. Throughout life, many hurdles are overcome, many prejudices are fought, and many injustices are abolished.

Natives of this degree are sure to be tested. The material world holds little promise for success. may obtain a reputation as a man of character. Often these natives purse one of the arts, drama, music or poetry often with some melancholy. An adventurous life is indicated here. He may arrive at a measure of distinction and success. The extent of his character is usually indicated the extent of the ordeals he must go through and the way he meets these tests. The greatest satisfaction in life is to be able to cope successfully with challenging problems. When they are handled successfully and in a clever manner he often feels it was no threat at all, and rather enjoys challenge he successfully met. It is not wise to feel too sorry for these natives. For the most part, the trials they face are welcomed and are a measure of their greatness. It is sad however when a weak and immature individual crumbles under the load of a situation he is unable to me with success. Even here there is something to be learned and understood more clearly.

Denotes one of an active, volatile mind, alert and restless, possessing knowledge and the power to acquire knowledge. There is, however, danger of his ideas leaving him and being scattered in parts where they are not appreciated. When he fully recognizes the gift with which he has been blessed he will by concentration draw it unto himself and bestow it on those who will hold it to advantage. It is a symbol of Teaching.

Models; do not think highly enough of themselves; homicidal tendency; dramatic, musical, or poetic ability; usually touch of melancholy or coldness; often interested in astrology; rheumatic fever; left metatarsus.

Stubborn pursuit of the laws hidden behind nature’s appearances.. Hard and efficient work; an uncommonly sharp and analytical mind; practical sense, per haps marred by a certain routinism; a gift for exact sciences, especially physics and chemistry (or alchemy).

In front of strangers the native’s behavior will be cautious and reserved. People’s behavior toward him will be typical: he will be looked upon with that kind of uneasiness or mistrust that earthworms harbor in front of a really superior being, in whom they feel they might find their master. His teachings will be ignored rather than fairly discussed and openly fought. As to himself, he is so engrossed in his researches as to overlook such trifles; the deeper he delves into Nature’s bosom, the more he loves her with a fervor which could be termed religious—even if he started to be a godless materialist. Willing to forego present glory, he works for those future generations who will in fact recognize him as a trailblazer. Barring harmful influences, his ought to be a long life, marked by a great magnetic force.

This indicates one with some special aptitude for the study of chemistry in one or another of its many phases. His mind will be analytical and acute capable of resolving things into their principles and perceiving causes where others only take note of effects. His mind is that nature which while avowing no religion has no thought which is not essentially religious, and which, in its quest after the secrets of nature is moved primarily by a sincere devotion to the Spirit of Nature. In daily life he will evince much reticence, caution and wariness, being very distrustful of things and persons not known to him, but will show considerable animation when discussing the particular studies and subjects with which his mind is occupied. It is a degree of TESTING.

10-11 deg Pisces

Power is stored in the Earth at primal, quickening points. Often, in these places, humanity erects monuments to its own folly. Eventually these merge into the landscape and everything comments upon everything else. Being held between the Earth's wise presence and humanity's dim apprehension of what is really involved here. One side of the feeling nature is so intuitive and psychically astute that you are harboring advanced gifts that can serve Earth evolution in staggering ways. Another side of the feeling nature is contorted with reactions, judgments and condemnations of the collective trends of humanity and of the weakness of the human flesh. These objections and rejections of the human scene rebound upon the self and poison the psychic faculties. It is only when you heal and forgive and renounce the minor key irritable voice, inside and out, that the floodtide of burgeoning awareness of what is arising in this Earth, with all its ripples, can wipe away the false structures and foster the new birth--the tuned-in and blessings-focused outlook and inlook.

Fiery, discerning, and independent character. Success and fame can be achieved in all careers requiring personal initiatives. Religion, law, and literature are very favoured. Throughout life, many hurdles are overcome, many prejudices are fought, and many injustices are abolished.

Another degree portending wanderings and gallivantings, its key lying, however, in the native’s impulse to rear up and struggle against constraint.

His headiness and daring may border on foolhardiness; his fierce and defiant love of independence may strike as savage sullenness. Yet the spontaneous flourish of his speech, his frankness bursting forth like a force of nature, will make him liked in spite of his lack of measure. Luck is a decisive factor, but its sense will not be determined by this decree.

Sepharial suggests a career at the bar or with the pen. Both he and Charubel admit of priesthood. I leave them the responsibility for such statements.

Astrology; not a strong degree on the Ascendant; faithful and conscientious; energetic and fond of sports or athletics; enteric; typhoid fever; lymph vessels of foot.

Denotes one of sagacious mind, very faithful when trust is given, and active in the carrying out of any mission he is entrusted with. There is determination in the character, and the external appearance betrays but little the feelings and emotions. He acts with caution, craft, and confidence, and is generally friendly. It is a symbol of Alertness.

The major characteristic of this degree, whether found in the chart of a highly competent being or one of average powers, is a transcendental magnetism of such brightness that even though he himself is unaware of this effect, it causes others to avoid coming into conflict with him. He may even feel that others do not like him or that he is being ignored for some other reason, whereas, others are fearful of a power they sense but do not understand. Because of this he is hesitant to fully open up to other people until he has developed some measure of understanding. Interaction with other congenial persons furthers his own development. But the profundity of his ideas may be met with shock by those not equal to his voltage. Psychic and intuitive power is very much enhanced by the influence here. His masterful abilities far outreach the understanding of his peers. It is necessary that he pay attention to his communication with others in order to keep the contact he needs. There is a faithful and loyal devotion to home and loved ones in the home. There may also be an interest in sports. The mind is analytical and precise, perhaps a bit too exacting. He works closely with nature’s laws and is thereby convinced of religious truths. Religion, as he finds its truth, is a part of his every action even though he may not adhere to any organized system of belief. He is usually blessed with a long and fruitful life leaving a rich heritage behind for the benefit of future generations.

This denotes a man of considerable freedom and energy of nature, one who will be restless under, restraint, free and open in expression of his thoughts and feelings and very emphatic in his dealings with others. He will show aspiration and may incline to forensic study. His nature will be adventurous and his actions will be characterized by a supreme contempt for danger and peril. If he should incline to law, literature or clesiastical work, be will have distinction. It is a degree of LIBERTY.

11-12 deg Pisces

Drama, color, sound. Magnitude and shakings. You dream through it all in an enchantment which simultaneously protects and stifles. An ancestral power of suspended life-force held away, while great events surround and envelop you, yet do not penetrate. You experience a most unusual soul- disposition of deep sleep in the teeth of collective and ancestral events and experiences which are huge and never-ending. Is it a grace or a curse? It can be either. It becomes a grace if you awaken in ripe timing and move on from here. It can be a curse if you stay down under too long and miss the cue to stir and look around and discover that the future has dawned and the old ways have fallen away. Sleeper awake!

Indecisive, anxious, and ambitious character. If one is born in a wealthy family, after a reversal of fortune, one strives to recover one's social status. If one has modest origins, one is capable to rise to an important position and to achieve some degree of fame. In both cases, one must not aim at the top since this degree indicates limitations, and any attempt to reach the summit results in accidents or health conditions.

For some reason this tends to be an ominous degree. It is not a powerful degree but often the natives fall short of their ability and willingness to be of service. They prize their freedom very highly and are of no use whatever when their freedom is restricted in some way. They become rebellious and uncooperative. Children of this degree can more easily be reasoned with than forcibly punished. His every effort will be to stay clear of obligation or any entangling arrangements with others. If he is able to stay free and independent and work along some line independently of others he may accomplish considerable. Luck from the rest of the chart may be an important factor here. He is usually quite likeable but extremely independent and self-sufficient.

Denotes one of literary or artistic ability who attains a degree of reputation and esteem, but who is tempted by the smiles of alluring love. He will reach a stage when he will be compelled to decide between two mistresses, one as insistent as the other. It is a symbol of Intricacy.

Astrology (circle activities, astronomers, astrologers); not a powerful degree; sometimes a man who “misses the boat” or one who fails to accomplish the things he has the ability to do; Bright’s disease; artery of right foot.

The problem of such an existence is how to insert oneself in the Whole, or, in other words, to find out where one’s central point is. (Central, not middle, point, as hasty interpreters will have it.)

The way to one’s own innermost core may prove an ordeal, taking up one’s best years and further. At each crossroad the native may have to stop in utter puzzlement and retrace part of his steps. Like a wheel caught in the wrong contrivance, the native may go to pieces; or, like a sprocket wrongly fitted in its hub, he may skid off and come to grief; or even, like a wheel forever removed from any contrivance, he may end by becoming a pretty but useless trinket, an ornamental dead weight for himself and others. But once the hub is properly fitted upon its axle, the yield and the range of the native’s activities can no longer be measured by conventional standards; his vitality is prodigious, and the depths to which his unfettered thought can reach are abysmal.. Thus the more dangerous is any aberration.

This indicates one who has undoubted aspirations and will rise to a good position, although when that position is assured there will be danger of a sudden cessation of fortune, and his life may thereafter continue to be filled with troubles and vexations. On the other hand, there will be some born under this degree who will give promise of high attainments, and who will be cut off in the midst of their career. In either case the. pinnacle and end of their ambitions will never be reached. Therefore let such aim higher than they mean to hit, or yet remain contented. It is a degree of CURTAILMENT.

12-13 deg Pisces

Sentenced to limbo, you are suspended from active participation in evolving worlds. Hung high and dry and massively resigned, following out an ancient fate to the end. Having operated insensitively, now being unable to do anything to anybody. You live infinitely alone, dreaming and drugged. Deep down inside, remembering everything dimly and darkly. Self-circumscribed and very deprived. You live on memories and the ripples of mute desire to move on, someday. Destined to transform this dread fate when the cycle is complete, you are until that time, vacuum-pressed and emotionally grief stricken, nostalgic and raging, while not getting across and being muffled all- pervasively.

Boastful, coward, and selfish character prone to exaggeration. Unless the natal chart clearly indicates that one has courage, high ideals, and strong will, one shows strength when there is no danger and hides away when the situation requires real bravery.

Subjected as he is to a divalent influence, the native will feel an urge either to help or to harm his neighbors, an alternative he will not easily escape. No living and letting live for him; his inner life does not seem to fulfill him, and his center of gravity seems to lie outside himself.

Here is the raw stuff to which only other pointers in the pattern can give shape. A nativity pointing to goodness or straightforwardness will make the native into an ideal marriage partner, an excellent cooperator, an exemplary citizen; one who will protect the oppressed and the poor, and who will spread his soothing influence on the surroundings where he lives. Yet, even in the best sense, he will have to meddle with other people’s business and will haunt them when they would rather enjoy their privacy.

If born evil, he will take to black magic and will hurt others without after-thoughts for the sheer joy of it; he will oppress the poor, sadistically torture those who love him; in a word, he will be a devil incarnate.

An indifferent nativity will produce rather a pointless meddler.

Business ability; an actor’s degree; a love for and understanding of animals; the person may be a keen horseman; impressionable and romantic; but well-balanced and idealistic; suited to drama, music, art or literature, some of the natives are sensuous; but it is one of the best degrees in Pisces; artery of left foot.

Denotes one who meets with public favor and support whose temper will be severely tried and tested. Although possessed of radical feelings, he will find himself compelled by circumstances to obtain conservative support even though that support be grudgingly given. Still it will serve. It is a symbol of Preserving.

The important thing here is for the native to find his rightful place. Most of these individuals try too hard for too long to adapt themselves to the ordinary ways of living. This will never work. They must find their own unique individuality in order to function in any m way with other people. Each person has a unique function. These natives are prone to shun their own uniqueness in an effort to blend with others. They fail to realize that everything blends best when it is serving its own character most truly. From Shakespeare: “To thine own self be true. Then it must follow as the day the night, thou can’st not then be false to any man.

This indicates a life that is bounded by another, a happiness that can never be shared alone. To such as one as is born under this degree the circle of existence will embrace the close relationships of domestic life in perfect accord. The nature will be symmetrical and of abundant endowments, and the life will be rounded by a full experience of all those sweet influences which are engendered by a life in accord with environment, a mind at rest within itself, and a nature disposed to harmony. To him will be given the guarding and cherishing of those of smaller attainments, and less mature life. It is a degree of GUARDING.

13-14 deg Pisces

Something has ended. It is a memory. And what happened cannot be reconstructed. Something else shall follow, but it will be in a very different vein. Irrationally, persistently, the traces remain and there is regret, there is loss, there is grief. The magnitude of destiny overshadows cycles lived in its afterglow. The power is elsewhere. Vital forces have been spent. And in the melancholy mood of looking back so much is missed, passed over, not deemed important. Yet truly, it is what you learn afterwards that counts. And it is the inward reverberations that mean everything to the secret soul.

Honest, benevolent, and persevering character. After years of hard work, one achieves success and wealth in the wood or construction industry, in agriculture or horticulture. All occupations related to urbanism, especially the design of new cities, or the rebuilding of places destroyed by war or natural disasters, are also very favoured. Even after having reached the pinnacle of one's career, one remains simple and accessible, which commands people's respect.

In contrast to the last degree this native revolves around a point outside himself and seems to need another person to orient himself to; a mirror to reflect own image. The influence is cloudy and deceptive and many of these natives are not to be trusted. His lack ability to act independently may force him to rely on reliable people which may be the source of his deception. However, it would be well to be very clear and specific around this individual for his benefit as well as yours. If those around him present clear pictures to which he is able to relate he may be more reliable than he would otherwise be capable of on his own. He is very capable of relating any distortions which he finds around him. There is even some question as to his motivation.

Denotes one who sees prayer in labor and nobility in work. No matter what may be his station in life, his beliefs will be strongly democratic and just. There may be a good deal of moving about during life or a long voyage may take the native into lands remote from his place of birth. He is sincere, and can be relied on. It is a symbol of Activity.

Business ability; stage impersonation ability especially if Venus is prominent too, usually one works hard for small reward, although good aspects may change this; right surface vein.

Energy, eagerness, steadiness, technical ability in performing one’s task, which is more than likely to be heavy and at times long and hard. A slight fillip from other stars will be enough to make the native into a really talented engineer or pioneer; at the limit, a founder of colonies.

A healthy and rugged physique, a peaceful disposition, a simple and kind character. Luck and happiness, to which the native is fully entitled, ought not to fail him.

This is the index of one whose life will abound with difficult and laborious work. Endowed with a good will and an earnest soul, he will make good use of his powers, and how-ever humble his station he will magnify it, however slender his means he will so work as to deserve more. For the rest, he may be disposed to a life of rustic simplicity, as an agriculturist or worker in the orchards and woods, or he may even be the builder of a house, of a city, and at best the founder of a colony. He will be remarkable for the simplicity and naturalness of his mind, and for the strenuous character of his work in the world. It is a degree of LABOUR.

14-15 deg Pisces

The inner kingdom seeks to come out. Everything is ripe and ready for emergence. There have been gathered many soul gifts in divergent worlds and now there is a harvest time, An immense earth force presses to the surface to release and reveal an underlying feeling tone of righteous triumph, exultant mastery, the gathering of the tribes. The frequency of sociocultural renewal, with everybody here together offering their best. A subtle, permeating tone underscores the outward power with mystic fervor, a deep and strong combination to make a difference and to carry through what is intended.

Ambitious, determined, and aggressive character. One believes that one is entrusted with a special mission and must follow the path which has been drawn by a mysterious hand. Although one means well, one must avoid violent confrontations and resort to dialogue in order to conciliate diverging stands. Otherwise, tough opponents may start an unremitting fight and thwart projects. If in the natal chart, Neptune or Jupiter is strong, or on this degree, there may be a gift for occultism.

Rational intelligence is far from clear if not downright blurred. But there is a great power of feeling, a bright, keen, piercing insight, whose edge is as sharp as a sword’s.

Here are Seer Charubel’s words: “Whosoever thou art, thou hast a mission to accomplish and thou wilt be armed with the necessary power and authority to execute that mission. Thou art a child of the Sun.”

So far the positive side of this influence, which the nativity as a whole will be called upon to bear out according to Charubel’s favorable construction. Yet one ought not to forget that, just a holy as that right may be, a sword is resorted to in its service, and that revenge does not behove to men but tot the gods. A grim, stormy, short-tempered, aggressive, even quarrelsome being, he will make many enemies without turning a hair, so sure is he of himself and of his aim, so unlimitedly does he rely upon his ambitions. Which may breed hateful superiority complexes or an utter inability to retrace one’s steps, whatever the size of the mistake made.

A great love of travel; both literally and metaphorically, the native will make headway.

Business ability; an author’s degree, well aspected genial and generous person; afflicted; one who is irritable, bombastic, and anxious to attract attention, a gambler; or one apt to figure in court proceedings on account of shady transactions; left surface veins.

Denotes one gifted with keen powers of observation who gains a position of usefulness and responsibility. His life will at times be unsettled, and his advancement will be in the hands of others. He may be threatened with disfavor, illness, or accident. He should banish irritability or nervousness, for such cause trouble. Still he is always sincere. It is a symbol of Trustworthiness.

A rather fortunate degree requiring considerable effort to bring out the best of the influence here. These natives have a rather typical mild Piscean nature with a luck subject to running short. He seems to have an ability to put things in simple terms and simplify more complicated concepts. He seeks a basic natural approach which is perhaps his major claim to greatness. He is willing to work hard to accomplish difficult tasks. There is a measure of luck which will be dependent on his ability to follow too through. The authorities show a variety of ways this degree could manifest. It will most certainly be heavily influenced by the rest of the chart.

This symbol denotes one whose mind will be penetrating amid ambitious, keen amid incisive and endowed with considerable power of determination amid direction of force. What he sees he will pursue without vacillation. He feels himself to have a path in life already marked out for him and he will be swift to follow it. His nature will be some what aggressive and headstrong, and there will be times when he will incur enmity in consequence and be in danger of secret hurt. He will make long journeys and will reach to inaccessible or remote parts of the world. It is a degree of DIRECTNESS.


15-16 deg Pisces

A peaceful child on a narrow ledge that overlooks a precipice.
Fate has set the pattern. You are held fast by fate. Yet inwardly you are so deeply and fundamentally free that you are actually submitting to your fate from a true and pure place. The situation you pull in is outwardly severe. You are a vast being trapped in a tiny form, and you cannot really go anywhere or do anything to change this. Instead you are released by your outward bondage to dream, to remember, to envision, and to make cosmic connections. The inner life is boundlessly rich. The outer life is starkly poor. But you live within, make good on the past, cleanse and open and know that nothing is as it seems and form is tissue thin.

Caring, shrewd, and vigilant character. Driven by strong maternal/paternal instincts, one does not hesitate to dedicate one's intellectual and financial resources to the success of one's children. With determination, patience, and tenderness, one works hard to ensure that they have a bright future. This degree also describes a very protective and understanding leader.

A sense of destiny dominates this degree. These natives have strong feelings of direction which show signs of being fuzzy. They do have a sharp insight which may or may not be on target. There is nevertheless too much aggressive energy to be dealt with. Even when they riot are right their forceful manner detracts from what they might be able to accomplish. If Mars and the influence of Aries were softened in this chart it would be more likely that the influence of this degree could be used to more advantage. The degree also needs more help in direction. If this degree is too powerful, he is likely to put too much energy in a wrong direction. There is some inclination to of travel.

Denotes one of fearless disposition and venturesome nature who makes a big throw for fortune and who reaches a point of notoriety or fame in the face of obstacles, opposition, and envy. Favors come from authority, but dangers from falls, fire, and sword are threatened. It is a symbol of Renown.

Business; occult, impressionable or poetic; love of family; beneficence and religion; confers royal honors; success in public office; cruciate ligaments of right foot.

Attachment to one’s family certainly is a virty, and this native, who is very fond of his own, certainly has some redeemoing features. Prudence he has galore, but his playing for safety, his inborn distinction, his fatherly love will nt save him from strife. On the contrary, the quarrelsomeness attendant upon his life will, unless corrected eleshwere, make him repellent and widely unpopular. This is to be traced back to a stubborn, unbending, inexorable and not unsuccessful strain of ambition. He very excess of wariness will wrap his prudence into offensive suspiciousness. Tenderly and coddingly fond of his children, wards and pupils as he may be, he may, howevr, go so far as to be downright cruel with strangers, as a mere trifle is enough to arouse his anger.

It is the index of a nature capable of strong attachment and devotion and able by watchfulness and caution to command success. He will show great attachment to his kindred, and his family circle will be secure in the vigilance of his devotion. Very cautious, circumspect and patient, he will seldom fail in his enterprises; what he cannot attain by his energy he will secure by his patience. In the defense of those related to him he will show exceptional strength and even ferocity of temper, while to them he will display only the gentlest and most tender nature. It Is a degree of WATCHING.

16-17 deg Pisces

A kangaroo and her baby, who looks out from the mother's pouch.
Held as a cherished one in the womb of the world. A seed-bearer for the future. You are inwardly alive to multisensory faculties and worlds within worlds within worlds, bearing a legacy from the deep-down-under realms. An Earth-call to let the future resonate as it must with all that has ever been here. Profoundly moved by the human drama and its pathos, while feeling almost smuggled in to witness and be amazed by the phenomena of the sense life. Radically other; immensely in exile. And in the meantime, making the very most of the chance to fathom the ways of earth and the dazzling idiosyncrasies of the human species.

Pessimistic, misanthropic, and withdrawn character. Instead of shutting oneself away in an ivory tower, one ought to seek the company of cheerful and devoted friends. In the professional area, partnerships must be given priority because they can offset the threat of bankruptcy portended by this degree and ensure a decent standard of living. Dangers come from depressive tendencies and from water.

The native will fling himself headfirst inot daring deeds before which others will think twice. Will those deeds be noble and heroic or will they be ambitious and foolhardy?

The pattern as a whole must reply. What seems certain is that, unless favorably aspected elsewhre, the drive pushing the native forward is but a momentary onrush, no steady urge. Moreover, it ought to be kept in mind that the native has set out alone; he cannot bank on anyone else’s support, and his impulse naturally tends to run out. Then what can be expected?

No one is seen through to his goal by his more initial start. The native will have to expect from other factors the steadiness this degree seems to exclude, the prudence without which daring spells suicide, that sense of human fellowship and cooperation which ambitious people despise, though no lasting success can be achieved without them. Anyhow, the native will reach an essential turning point toward the middle of his life; any wrong move then will be liable to bring about his ruin, breakdown, brankruptcy, or the like. The symbol may be taken literally to mean drowning.

Business; music ( a trumpet); careful of finances; eager in search for knowledge; usually fortunate; sometimes death by drowning; cruciate ligaments of left foot.

Denotes one of magnetic force, patience, and determination who wins his way by sacrifice of self for the sake of his ambition and who will never rest until he has achieved his purpose. He is identified with a great cause or a great production, spreading knowledge or giving pleasure. It is a symbol of Announcement.

This degree located in the middle of the Cancer decanate of Pisces seems to pick up a Cancer-like love and devotion to home. Natives here may be over protective of those in the home circle and very defensive toward anyone else who might pose a threat. No one enters this home until he has been thoroughly checked out. They are likely to be involved in a family enterprise in which they try to keep their children also under its protection. His suspiciousness may cause him to be disliked by others also unless there are other factors to soften his relations with so-called outsiders. Should he work with a larger group with whom he could establish an identity he would adopt a similar approach here of protectiveness. The larger the circle he is able to include the more this influence would be softened. He may however be frustrated if the tendency is sufficiently deep-seated so that he is unable to relax and finds outsiders with the circle he trusted too soon.

This symbol has reference to a life that is liable to be cut off in mid-years, and probably by means of an accident connected with the water. Such an one should exercise great care in his going, especially about the middle of life, and should avoid hazards both commercial and physical. It may be that he will be in danger of ruin and liquidation at some middle period of life, determined by the sum of his years; but certain it is that all that he depends upon for a sale passage through this world will be liable to a sudden and unforeseen collapse. Let him keep to the broad highway of life and not take an isolated path. There is safety in companionship and misanthropy has many expressions and counts its many victims. He who aspires to rulership is a misanthrope, the humble man has safety with the people. It is a degree of COLLAPSE.

17-18 deg Pisces

Gifted with deep and subtle qualities that are germinating in the subconscious and coming into their own. Transported into inner worlds in order to dream, imagine, and conceive from a pure place. Disengaged with phenomenal appearances, staying just apart. Much that goes on here stays under, percolates timelessly. A special karma to cultivate the mysteries, to be different, yet no issue. Deep down in there creative forces work unceasingly and design alternatives for the world to partake in, if the world turns that way.

Daring, violent, and improvident character. It is necessary to avoid all forms of conflicts, learn to exercise some patience, and carefully ponder over the situation before taking action. Success can be achieved in sports, provided that one receives a good training. This degree portends dangers linked to horses and transportation in general. Expatriation or working abroad is strongly advised against.

A delicate balance must be found here. He must develop support through interaction with people without depending on them for that support. He is definitely subject to collapse where he leans too heavily, especially up to and including the middle part of his life. He must find the strength he needs in a sufficient number of places that he is not dependent on anyone, with a balance that allows him to let go one place and pick up another without losing his balance. He is required to find the basic truth which goes beyond the material structure which houses the support to the spiritual reality which runs through all support. People are sure to let him down. If he has made himself utterly dependent on them he will go under before or during middle life. But there is a truth to be learned here that he cannot walk without help from outside sources which he is tempted to do when is let down. He is also tempted to try to strengthen his hold and make a deeper commitment in order to build a structure or relationship which will be more reliable than the last one. This also will not work. Unless he finds his support in the process itself and attaches himself to many guidelines he will fail. This degree is perhaps the one most geared to teach the Piscean principle of detachment. It is not necessary to have this degree to learn this lesson. But here it is literally sink or swim. You may be in mid-stream when the float fails you. Literally, danger of drowning also indicated.

Denotes one who may be deceived in many important concerns of life and who should be especially careful in giving confidences and in betraying his affairs to others. He should avoid law and all forms of litigation and contention, and should not accept too lightly the opinion of others concerning his business. It is a symbol of Temptation.

Gliders; history; fluency in narrative writing; usually deals with other sects, races, or nation and is fortunate according to aspects; right extensor digitiorum (toe extensor).

Man aride, death aside. - Italian proverb

An open, daring nature, easily led into contrast with the outside world, and into all sorts of danger.

The native is as unable to check his own passions as he is to enforce his will upon others. An outstanding organizer of collective undertakings, whether in time of war or peace, both in the political or industrial fields and in the artistic or religious ones, a brisk, deliberate embattled leader of chief; a formid able competitor; an aggressive controversialist, a lifely orator, he will be ever launching all-out attacks both in real and in metaphorical wars. And it will be just this uncompromising resolve, this staking everything on one throw, this inability to retrace this steps, coupled with a passionate and at times unbridled nature, that may prove the undoing of such a chivolrous fighter. Love of violent sports still increases the chances of mishap. Horses are particularly dangerous.

Should the horoscope bear indicatinos of rebellious spirit, there would be danger of an oepn conflict with the law; whether the judicial, the ethical, or the religious law, the stars may foretell.

This symbol denotes one whose career will be broken either in some foreign land or in the pursuit of an enterprise that is strange and foreign to his nature and capacity. He will be adventuresome and headstrong, and will pursue his course regardless of consequences. His taste for outdoor sports will be prominent and will lead him into dangers, especially if he should follow equestrian pleasures. To some who are born under this degree calamity will accrue from transgression of the law. Let all such keep their passions in subjection by the power of the will and bridle their desires. It is a degree of CATASTROPHE.

18-19 deg Pisces

Soul faculties. Precious jewels carried from before held intact and inwardly rooted within. Absolutely saturated with psychic faculties, inward understandings, and special feelings for the whole of existence. All of this is held under and accessed when most deeply needed. To bear such wonders within your core nature is to be complete and whole. It is to want for nothing. It is to have so much to offer that the supply can never be exhausted. It is to be a source, an oasis in yourself, and to remain at peace in communion with what you have always known, which is so very timeless that its relevance and uses are entirely the same as ever and always will be in any world.

Creative, cautious, and enthusiastic character endowed with strong persuasion powers and good oratory skills. One is entirely dedicated to natural treatments aiming at improving human beings' health, which arouses respect and admiration from the general public. Success, fame and wealth can be achieved in science, medicine and medicinal plants, chemistry, or scientific research. This degree indicates that a valuable discovery is possible.

A keen, piercing mind, a critical and polemic gift, an inharmonious, aggressive, self-destructive nature; the temperament of a barrister or professional warrior.

A destructive nature does not, necessarily bar practical sense or outbursts of enthusiasm. When these are spent, states of depression or suicidal ideas will crop up, the danger making itself felt especially during youth, as this will be affected by illnesses and many troubles. Ripe age will, on the whole, be less unlucky and, if helped by good aspects, may even be prosperous in spite of the lack of friends and the frequent quarrels and brawls.

Duels and strife will be hard to avoid; they will endanger physical integrity and threaten health and life itself.

A person with ability and enthusiasm, but often some physical or moral handicap; left extensor digitorum (toe extensor).

Denotes one of great faith which, being added to true knowledge, makes man invincible. The mind inclines to religion and charity, and is well endowed. Generally he is quick to grasp matters and to profit by his wisdom. He suffers some discomfort in life and many disappointments. Ill-health may also trouble him. Still, he has faith, and faith can truly move mountains. It is a symbol of Believing.

There is a pull here between material and spiritual values. In most cases the material side as expressed by aggressiveness and violence of a military character are to be found. There is a tendency to risk everything on one venture, showing an element of foolish self-sacrifice. There is also danger from violent sports. Often they suffer from some physical deformity early life, sometimes from birth. He is a strategy planner, with considerable ability, usually adventuresome and stubborn. There is a strong aggressive streak but he is also in danger of being misled through his misplaced sympathies. There is also some possibility of running afoul of the law.

This indicates a nature given to contention and litigation and there will be a corresponding element of danger in the life and fortunes of such. Incisive, aggressive, and endowed with keen and penetrating intellect, there is here a nature capable of gaining considerable distinction in the use of arms or in the pursuit of the legal profession. But it is to be feared that the nature is too contentious to excite any but the worst passions in others, whilst a paucity of friends and a precarious fortune may be assigned to this radical want of harmony in the nature. It is a degree of WOUNDING.

19-20 deg Pisces

Isolation. Uniqueness that becomes separative and self-referential. Exquisitely designed to be only a certain way and not any other way. Preserved against rust or corrosion. Maintaining standards, priorities, what seems to be the given. Yet something is wrong. It is true that all lies within and that turning yourself into what you are not is ultimately absurd. But you are not listening, not paying attention to the subtle clues. You are so intent upon self-consistency that you have tuned out far too much in the process. And this shall call forth lessons and hard experiences to crack you open again, and to give you a chance to discover afresh what can be when nothing is assumed and nobody has set anything up ahead of time.

Indecisive, fickle, and confused character. One tends to pursue too many goals at the same time, and although not a single target is reached, one keeps on launching new undertakings. It is indispensable to focus on one sole objective and strive to fulfil it without being distracted by new fields of interest. The members of the entourage should be selected among quiet and pragmatic persons. If the natal chart indicates that the nervous system is weak, there may be a dormant mental disorder.

This is another degree showing a great and frustrated hold on maintaining physical prowess and material interests. These natives usually meet with severe difficulties. Sometimes they settle down and learn to live more peaceably later on. The digestive system is affected by this degree. There is a special fondness for delicate foods and also weakness of the digestive system to handle such foods. He may take an interest in legal professions and do quite well. The latter part of his life is more likely to be satisfying than the first part. There is considerable hope that be will learn to balance out his dualistic nature.

Denotes one who is musical, artistic, and pleasure loving who is gifted with a wealth of imagination and an engaging manner. He gives pleasure to many, and will meet with much applause. His nature is light and airy and somewhat wanting in stability. He delights to wander about, or his calling may involve much traveling. It is a symbol of Entertaining.

Skillful; versatile ability; may be a writer or merely one who is very fond of reading; often a heavy eater or one who has digestive ailments; right fibular muscle.

Super-rational logic, or no logic at all. On a highly spiritual plane this influence will resolve itself into a stream of light. A noble soul soaring above the miseries of everyday life can expect many a gift from this degree. It may have to convey a message of love to mankind erring in darkness, and even may have inborn that imaginative consciousness constituting the first step of occult development. Beyond the range of any rational conceptions, the native’s thought and behavior will be restored and prompted by lofty and dazzling imaginations.

On a lower plane this degree will breed public men. The subject then may be an idealist, but his activity, not a purely worldly one, will never stumble on problems of consequence; he will let himself be led by merely political principles and will stick to empirical methods. In the light of such premises, it cannot even be said that the end justifies the means, as the end itself changes according to circumstances. Only that which proves useful for the time being is praiseworthy.

In an unlucky horoscope, castles will be built in the air, and the inability to have one’s dreams come true will lead to changing one’s opinions and to remolding one’s random plans with the same casual unconcern with which one would change his shirt. Should other such features concur, the danger of mental unbalance would set in.

This degree denotes a nature which is undecided, changeful, fickle and of no stability. Such an one will lose himself in the multitude of his projects and imaginings. His path in life will be circuitous and will lead back to himself. His imagination will run riot with his reason, and his efforts will lack that definition of purpose which makes for success in life. His mind will be tortuous and chaotic, filled with dreams and fancies to the exclusion of useful and practical measures. He may suffer brain disorder, or some continuous affection of the nervous system, which will render even his bodily actions limp and uncertain. To such an one healthful and virile companionship in youth will prove a lasting blessing. It is a degree of WANDERING.

20-21 deg Pisces

Trance states. At home in psychic realms and other realities. The self abandoned to the tribe--to the sweep of the moment, to the energies that arise. On fire with longing and poignant, bittersweet reflections. A throwback, a native, a primal soul. Emotional, depths-centered, superphysical, you are energized tremendously by special occasions, extraordinary meetings, unexpected miracles and tragedies. Expectant and waiting for something wild and unknown to break through. Mediumistic, vicarious, and charged with a life-force that must be followed out. A certain distinctive fate to be at times disappearing and gone and at other times resurgent and mighty--all depend upon the tides of fortune. And it will always change in unpredictable, exciting, disorienting, and multiple ways.

Lazy, straightforward, and irascible character inclined to give orders rather than to roll up one's sleeves. If one has the willpower to overcome one's laziness, success can be achieved in fish cannery, the exploitation of salt marshes, or deep sea fishing. According to Manilius, a Roman astrologer of the 1st century AD, this degree highly favours the hunting, processing, and trade of big fishes such as whales, sharks, tuna, cod, and even mackerels.

My son, the cut was good, now think of the stitching. Words of Catherine de Medicis to her son Henry III after the murder of the Duke of Guise

A very warlike temperament. Plenty of strife and struggle can be expected.

A rugged, proud and mettlesome individualist, daring and deliberate, ever ready to plunge into quick, efficient and even violent action. A supple and sharp mind, fond of peering and prying, a polemical spirit. There is a strong religious feeling, where, however, charity is not up to the level of hope. Conservative ideas, a respect for mankind’s deep-rooted mistrust, and a dislike of novelty.

Combativeness may drift into brutal and bloodthirsty aggressiveness, individualism into fierce selfishness, conservatism into extreme reaction. Hopes can be fulfilled as long as speedy execution does not lead him to rash or reckless gestures. Darkness is harmful to the native.

Music ( mandolin); may be an orphan, have two homes, or foster parents; mixed nature; emotions conflict with intellect; may live in a world of dreams; left fibular muscle.

Denotes one of a fresh and beautiful mind, a lover of nature in sunshine and shower. His ideal is a life of freedom in flowered fields and woods. He inclines to people of high thoughts, children, animals, and the great things of life. He will be exposed to some dangers and will sometimes find the way blocked—the way he has to go. Still, a magical protection is over him and a defending power invisible is always near. It is a symbol of Shielding.

This degree has insufficient character to stand alone. It is too weak with imagination and dreaming to be put to any practical use without much direction and support from other areas of the chart. He definitely lacks stability and a sufficiently strong sense of direction to go very far. He may however be involved in public communication of some kind; perhaps wandering from place to place. He may have been raised in an unstable home situation. He has a heart full of goodwill and desires to be helpful to others although in a temporary kind of way. His sympathies are easily aroused. He has a vivid imagination and sounds either strange or more profound than he is able to demonstrate by any concrete actions. He also dreams beyond reality and often changes his mind when these things do not turn out to his satisfaction. There is a tendency to mental derangement. A stable environment and reliable friends would greatly aid him in making better use of his marginal abilities.

This denotes a person of strong and forceful nature, proud and conflicting spirit, great dispatch and celerity of action, penetrating and swift thought, and tremendous executive faculty. Here there is determinism and direction of force in the highest degree, effective in all the affairs of life, but not for that matter always productive of success or happiness. Hopeful though the nature is, its schemes and projects will not always bear the light of day, and as in a dark imagination the highest hopes and fancies of the nature will be elaborated, so in the night time also will judgment strike home to the sundering of root and branch. Let him beware of the dark hours. It is a degree of CLEAVAGE.

21-22 deg Pisces

Hard substance is impossibly tough if you fall into letting it be that, but is the prefect basis if you are willing to make it so. All the resistances, crystallizations, dysfunction, and foundational dissonances are great excuses to stop or immense occasions to start. You get laid low if you do not know what to do with the stuff of this world. But if you have learned the subtle craft of world- making, you're best off meeting up against the hardest places and discovering how to turn them completely around--the exceedingly demanding guild of those who dig into the depths and draw forth beauty and infinite power from the brutal and heavy realities which otherwise seem impenetrable. A stubbornly hardworking, impossible-to-discourage craft of reworking the primal soil. Mostly unproductively, mostly learning how forever, paying your dues, never quite getting it right, until there comes a day when even the obdurate bends to the inner design--when the conviction is complete.

Depraved, sensual, and greedy character. Worldly assets are perishable goods. If one is only pursuing a life of pleasures and insouciance, one ends up finding that physical beauty is ephemeral, and that opulence can melt as fast as ice in the sun. Money and love affairs lead to debauchery and ruin. One must keep base instincts tightly reined in and absolutely avoid getting involved in activities linked to espionage, prostitution or procuring, and illegal drugs trade. This degree is dangerous for males and females alike.

There is a Scorpio strain noticeable here in the first of that decanate that comes through as a capacity for cruelty. A fixed and reserved nature. There is a mystical nature rooted in established order of things inherent in the past. Strongly conservative religious orientation gives him a feeling for tradition. There is also a cunning secretive mind capable of dealing with subtleties and a high degree of deception cleverly planned. He may be left behind be. cause of his refusal to break with the past and grow into new concepts. He is overcome with insecurity when not solidly backed by something traditional. It is possible that he may hold on to the eternal truth of the past in which case he will indeed reach the heights by building on well-tested principles. In most cases, these natives fail b they hold on to what will not sustain them. However, there is also the possibility that he has a firm hold on real truth to which he will cling as tenaciously as most of these natives cling to their false beliefs. In any case his beliefs will be tested and his understanding of them also so that if he has hold of real truth he will be called upon to demonstrate his understanding as well as a mere following of the letter of the law he subscribes to.

Denotes one of wandering and inconstant nature who has cause to fear the tyranny of his senses. He will in turn be the deceived and the deceiver, and when he attempts to deceive others he deceives himself most. His nature is of the romantic tinge. He loves music and song, the theatre and the ballet, and appreciates the beautiful. If he dare, he may redeem himself. It is a symbol of Ensnaring.

Magnetic, generous, sympathetic, and emotional; up-to-date; not afraid of work; usually fortunate; energetic; enteric typhoid fever; Achilles heel of right foot.

The native will play fast and loose with life, as it were, all his own show, and thus speed his ruin. In a female nativity this degree will promote immodesty if not shamelessness. For the rest, the native may well be harmless if the stars do not reveal other vices, but with concurring aspects he or she is likely to exert a more or less dangerous charm over everyone.

Wedlock obviously will prove a convict’s chain to the native, which as obviously will not be the native’s fault alone. The sector of marriage, its ruler and the Dragon’s Head will have to be consulted.

This is warning of a nature that is disposed to be brought under the malignant influence of womankind, to his hurt and ruin. Or let it be said that a woman’s influence is here predominant for ill, and a sinister fame attaches to all of the female sex who are generated under this degree. It is a man’s undoing through weakness, a woman’s victory through dishonor to either sex it is full of warning and threat. Let such as vitiate under this radius look to their charge and the account they shall make of it. It is a degree of PROSTRATING.

22-23 deg Pisces

Imagining and conceiving nefarious plans and designs within the unconscious mind and blanket denial by the conscious mind. The shadows, the dark, the unknown are saturated with menace, trickery, deception, and long-built-up heavy emotions. All of this is too much for the conscious self to even begin to claim or own. You are essentially engulfed by deep shadows with outward shows of light. But truly you cannot play it any other way. And even if this syndrome perpetuates and gives great sanctuary to dark and mischievous spirits, it is deeply experienced as a fate imposed by past mistakes that this lifetime's self did not originate. And so the protestations of innocence are accurate and sincere even while you are harboring everything you crave to break from forever.

Obsessive, unbalanced, and aggressive character revelling in provocations, plots, and conflicts. Wealth and great honours are often followed by fall from grace. This is caused by bad luck, rashness, or a nervous breakdown. No external help is to be expected since one has no friends. One must beware of burns and injuries made by bladed weapons. If in the natal chart, Jupiter is stronger than Mars, the danger is significantly offset. Nevertheless, one must remain cautious and avoid risky situations such as hunting or all occupations involving handling firearms and cutting devices. If natal Mercury is on this degree, one is blessed with an excellent memory.

Here the axe blow of fatal determination is symbolized. Either the native’s character is firm and manly, capable of initiative, certain of his aim and apt to snatch the right moment for action, or he is simply not up to his destiny and, high as his aspirations may be, he will shirk or rush through, give up before trying his luck, or waver, foam with rage or let things take care of themselves with a swaggering nonchalance for which there is not the slightest foundation.

Prophetic foresight is a feature, which may lead the native to try his luck at hazardous games or ruinous arbitrage.

Music, patriotic, hairdresser; art; medical fields; insanity; quick wit, usually positive in his thinking; impulsive and enthusiastic, yet able to concentrate; aim is lofty; appendicitis; Achilles heel of left foot.

Denotes one who will know the poverty of aggression and who will suffer from the effects of his actions and intentions. He will understand that what is gained by force may become a curse instead of a blessing, and why the so-called glories of ancient Rome became so many daggers at her throat when the results of her deeds brought her to earth. Let the native prove his power in a greater way than by contention. Let him clear his mind and control himself if he can. It is a symbol of Militancy.

There is a strong influence towards emotional values, artistic qualities, and sensuous living stimulated by this degree. It cannot be denied that the degree is particularly ominous where women are concerned. A woman often spells ruin for a man. In a woman’s chart usually prevails but at great cost to her honor. These problems are always due to misconceptions of the true value of relationships and clinging to false values. However, many of these people become so ensnared that they lose all the otherwise very creative and artistic abilities might have profitably contributed to the world. When they become so entangled, there is no reasoning with them. It is hoped that most of them have overcome the worst of trials indicated here and are ready to make better use of their sensitive emotions and creative qualities.

This symbol is capable of two renderings, the first of which points to a strong character, a set purpose a lofty aim and is some particular sense the gift of prophecy and knowledge of future events. On the other hand, there is the weakness which depends on the hazard of life, the carelessness or indifference which arises from lack of interest and finds expression in vanity and self-inflation. At its best it signifies the higher indifference which affects the mind secure of its achievements, in the worst case it denotes improvidence and carelessness, a life set upon a hazard. It is a degree of SPECULATION.

23-24 deg Pisces

Inward explosions. The pressure valve goes off. You sit inside collective and ancestral frequencies of doubt, insecurity, and suppression until this can no longer be. The frenzied edge of new worlds; the ancient accumulations of old worlds. Coming to that point where the inward power overthrows form constraints, scatters semblances, and finds something magnificent that has been untapped and forbidden for so very long, the final spark ignites, releases, and reveals. What was lost and forgotten is more there than ever and not discouraged, never put down.

Assertive, courageous, and discerning character endowed with physical and intellectual strength. One is free to use one's personal qualities at the service or justice and the collective good, or on the contrary, in the pursuit of reprehensible goals. In both cases, many hurdles and setbacks disrupt one's happiness and success. However, thanks to one's fortitude, one can overcome ordeals with flying colours. It is in the dark hours of the night that danger lurks.

There is a psychic awareness here which if used for material gain or advantage would spell his ruin. These natives are aware of material desires and psychic powers. Perhaps the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness best illustrates what these people go through. There have been few who have met this challenge in such a way that they could go on to better things. Most of them feel the insecurity of uncertain material means to provide for their physical comforts that they do not have sufficient Piscean faith to sustain their walking an open, honest and honorable path. Most find it impossible to resist the temptation this degree puts out. Invariably their lives end up disastrously because of the mirages they believe in. There is indeed severe testing here and the world has offered little help as to the real values that are at stake. In fact, the world cheers him to make the wrong choices and then leaves him to this fate. There are indeed a few who have made good choices and reaped a comparable reward. Being the Scorpio decanate makes the struggle more severe.

Denotes one who is in danger of becoming a slave to his desires and to sacrifice his higher self to the exhausting excesses which eat into body and soul. There is a wasting of energy and power in the pursuit of so called pleasure which deprives the native of that perfect idealistic happiness which is gained by sweet restraint and a knowledge of perfect love. It is a symbol of Falling.

Not good for domestic matter; inspiration or, if afflicted, deception, magnetic personality with some reform ideas; not always practical, sometimes even deceptive, mixed philosophy, curious, musical, or scientific; affliction denotes deceptions or one who will be deceived, or both; something to cry about; water wet; seeping, flooding, spine, honors, but danger from fire, fever, cuts, and blows, right capsular joint.

The symbol needs no further comment. It reminds us of Voltaire’s fitting remark: Si on ne mane pas les jeunes filles, elles se marient d’elles memes. (See also 24 degree Aries.)

It is the index of a mind given to the ease and luxury of life, the soft effeminate pleasures of the senses. Such a one will eat the lotus and make chains of flowers more difficult to break than the strongest bonds of steel. Such a one will dream while others work, and drift upon the river of life while others ply their oars and brace themselves to nervous effort. The opiate fails, the soul is sick with its satiety, and the sleeper awakes from nerveless indolence to a life of dull ineptitude, futile regret and self. condemnation it is a degree of SENSUALITY.

24-25 deg Pisces

Going deep and going far, yet emotionally afraid and bereft. Impelled by great force of being to carry on with destiny strides forward; you are periodically swamped by onslaughts of everything feared coming true. Being certain and being terrorized. The exquisite gift of pulling yourself through the enactment of personal, collective, and ancestral nightmares. You feel a consecration to what is coming into being on the expanded horizon, and a warrior's courage in always going back and grappling with the lingering shadows. A mission that cannot be refused. And a sense of purpose that defies its own collapse and rises from the ashes repeatedly.

Noble, clear-sighted, and fair character endowed with excellent strategic skills and unwavering morals. Regardless of one's origins, one is ensured to achieve success in the career chosen, particularly in the military, diplomacy, or a top level government office. One knows how to triumph over the fiercest enmities using a smart strategy, and one resorts to negotiations or sheer might, depending on the necessities of the situation. In spite of crises, struggles, and dangers, this degree promises victory.

The native is ready to fight for victory and, in order to reach it, is ready to stand any amount of fighting. High as the reward may be, it is sometimes likely to appear inadequate to the native’s heroic efforts. Driven by noble aspirations, as well as by lust, he will resort to any kind of assault. If attacked himself, he will drive the foe back with casual and playful self-assurance. Ready for the gravest decisions, he will go straight to his aim, even if this implies bloodshed. But he is likely to temper his aggressiveness with his sense of honor and to subordinate his tricks and makeshifts to the seriousness of his mission and to an unshakable faith in victory. A victorious fighter, he is more than likely to see that faith rewarded. Should he prefer a quiet life instead, the concrete result will be the more modest the less pleasant a peaceful life’s task will have been for him.

Painting, strong sensuous nature, sometimes indolent or submissive, suave and has a nice way of explaining things; ambitious but has many weaknesses, among them drink and deception, anarchism, tyrant (not going along with any thing); left capsular joint.

Denotes one of nervous, quick, and restless temperament, impulsive, active, and full of energy and purpose. His nature is brave and defiant, and his life will not be free of adventure of some kind. He will always be beyond want and his position will be secure. Events in his life happen abruptly and are not always expected. It is a symbol of Suddenness.

This degree also in the Scorpio dec. revolves around the subject of sex, whether puritanical or lustful or anything in between. These natives may also be involved with establishing new moral codes of sexual behavior. The subject will be dealt with, with all the strengths and weaknesses of Pisces. Some of these natives are very self-indulgent in other ways binding with love rather than brute force. It was Gandhi who said “There is hope for the slave of the brute, but none for the slave of love.” Natives of this degree may enslave through love including sexual power over someone who was vulnerable.

It is the index of a mind set upon high resolves and capable of sustaining the assaults of its enemies in such a degree as to achieve its purposes without loss of fortune, prestige or honor. Such an one may prove to be a great warrior, a man of the sword, to whom honors will be given without stint. A king, he will sustain his throne by the use of aggressive measures and by victories gained over all his enemies; while one of lowly birth will gain his crown in the service of his king. His mind will be upright, astute, aspiring and, sustained by an unswerving faith. It is a degree of VICTORY.

25-26 deg Pisces

The brink of the infinite. Tapping directly into realms of existence beyond the physical, you sense all-pervasively the multiple frequencies of all that is really here. Having a vast grasp of what is possible and of what is asking to be brought in, while extended very far into regions others miss. Feeling, hearing, tasting the power of spirit in action. Half mesmerized and half supercharged to get everybody in on it somehow. Perhaps retreating to more traditional versions of the infinite path if frightened by a lack of understanding coming back. Communing with the mysteries, and absolutely at home within those places others find strange. The inside becomes all, the outside virtually transparent to the light within.

Serious, courageous, and fair character endowed with a vivid imagination and literary talents. One can achieve success in careers related to education, law, or publishing. This degree indicates that law prevails over force, and that intelligence can defeat sheer might.

This degree has the same vulnerability of the last several, but generally there is more direction which takes the path of the honorable warrior. There is much courage, aggressiveness, a sense of fair play, all the virtues necessary for a good soldier. He may face tremendously unfair opposition but will win because of his firm conviction of the righteousness of the cause he is defending. has a sense of mission that he is defending the laws of God. The degree has a close tie in with the violent crusades the name of Christianity. There is no doubt that the pression of this degree will change drastically in the n few years.

Denotes one who will be blessed with natural gifts of a very high order. He will be very fortunate in his undertakings, benevolent, and beneficial to the people. He is a searcher and a seeker, is rather conservative, and does not easily accept reforms and changes. It is a symbol of Discovery.

Tyrannical disposition; panting; usually denotes one who is fearless or headstrong; not a good degree unless the person can overcome erratic inclinations; gout; neurasthenia; cancer; nerves of lower foot.

Give me a cup, give me a stab, as in times past In his immortal poem Alcaeus asked; The stab he meant the tyrants’ hearts to pierce, The cup to drink and frolic on their hearse. -Carducci, Giambi ed Epodi, 17

Unless provided with strongly opposing aspects elsewhere, the native will be a revolutionist, a tribune, a tyranicide. The woman native may turn a heroine, or a female gangster as well, as the rest of the nativity will have it. A man, the native ought to be on the lookout against the ambushes of the weak and of the weaker sex as well, as he can expect only trouble from that quarter.

Fearless and wary, strong and warlike, clear-sighted and a good organizer, he may tread safely his victorious path, as his friends’ affection and his dependents’ devotion will protect him from his great foes. Against the little traitor, or traitoress, he is defenseless, a thing he ought to keep in mind in order not to let wine or love turn his head, or the dope of power let his watchfulness slumber.

His downfall will spell ruin to the structure he had built and swayed.

This indicates one who will walk through life warily, but with that assurance which is the result of being forearmed against danger. While cautious and circumspect, he will evince a brave and dauntless spirit, and with the double equipment of caution in defense and courage in attack, he will surmount the machinations of his enemies and break down all opposition. Such an one will be faithful in his dealings and just to his fellows, so that he will abide in. safety, defended at a11 points by the goodwill or his friends and the faith of his associates. It is a degree of SECURITY.

26-27 deg Pisces

Earth magic works upon the imagination to turn around old patterns and lost worlds by seeing it all with a different pair of eyes. The one who stayed under in a trance of automatic repetition, a regressive loop, is crying out for soul retrieval, is searching for whole new ways to feel and experience the way the energies move. Everything depends upon how you hold it, the field of assumptions and yearnings. For there is a tremendous ability here to follow a subtle track right through the middle of the lingering trances into a heightened experience of what this has all been about for so long. Searching for a deeper path through, learning it is there and not being able to carry forward any other way.

In the aftermath of a disaster caused by a twist of fate or by excesses of all kinds, one must rebuild one's life with courage and learn from past mistakes. Ordeals increase self-confidence and faith in divine providence and turn out to be a powerful spur to accomplish remarkable feats.

Painting; music; suicide; a very industrious person; high minded, religious, philosophical, and profound; a person who makes many friends and may enemies; an occult degree; the lower type may be superficial; affliction may denote obsession; phalanges of right foot.

The positive sides of an influence bearing such an odd symbol are an absolute sincerity, an artlessness unhampered by mock prudishness, a free and easy way with people, which may win sympathy and friendships. But this degree is likelier to bestow the corresponding vices. Instead of that lack of sham prudery, there may be real immodesty, cheekiness and brutal cynicism; instead of that free and easy demonstrativeness, a windy and empty verbosity with random chattering and unrestrained gossiping. In other words, a nature devoid of inhibitions and fond of scandals.

Nor is this enough, as especially weak natures are likely to be haunted by what so-called spiritualists call entities and could better be termed by the Christian word demons, their true name.

Total ruin threatens the substances. The need for prudence never will be overstressed ; blind confidence never can be discouraged enough.

Bodily, the subject is exposed to bed-wetting; diabetes is not ruled out. A physical and psychic training is needed that does not overpower the nervous system, as any repression may engender Freudian complexes. Appropriate drugs may give back to the bladder the springiness it lacks, but green light baths are more efficient (sun baths through a colored glass slide, which can be applied directly on the organ to be healed). Time of the application, should increase gradually, beginning with a few minutes on the first day.

Denotes one who has special work to do and whose name will be associated with important projects. His nature is passionate, quickly receiving and recording spiritual impressions. The disposition is kindly. He is well disposed, and his sense of justice is strong. It is a symbol of Directing.

This degree follows the pattern set by last few. These natives are, revolutionary, defensive of material security, warlike even subject to gangsterism. He usually enjoys the company of many friends who forms a close knit pattern. He is also imbued with religious ideals which he defends with the sword. He has organizing abilities, is industrious and possessed of what might be high ideals. It is the material side of the Piscean Age. One rooted in violence to defend and protect the rights of a run and organized state; the other rooted in the passively and nonviolently defended with love and ac~ goodwill. This really represents the conflict in Pisces.

This is a sinister indication at and refers to one who will be overcome by sudden and unexpected calamities, which will undermine his labors and reduce his hopes to ruin. Let him be careful where he builds and test with discernment and understanding the grounds of his faith and hope in others. Let him labor diligently and sow in the broad valleys of the world the seeds of his yet uncertain harvest. For the rest let him trust in Heaven and invoke its aid in all humility. But if he should aspire to build his castles of many stages, or spread his vineyards up the mountain side, then he shall have the greater need of care and stronger faith in God, himself and man. It is a degree REVERSAL.

27-28 deg Pisces

Possession by local spirits in mischievous, playful fashion. Cast into an abyss. Dumped out of status and specialness and made to be hyper-receptive to whatever is moving here--an abandoned center, karmically sacrificed to learn both humility and the lessons of the street. The state of mind random, chaotic, inspirational, capricious, given to every kind of spirit passing through. Sorely troubled, yet fantastically out of touch. A regressive loop with powerful emanations. The feeling is that something must be done and that this will require a change of heart. But you gotta go deep, and it takes a whole lot of desperation to turn this one around.

Careful, courageous, and resilient character. One can achieve success in all occupations linked to the sea and foreign lands such as fishing, import-export trade, the exploitation of merchant ships or tankers, thalassotherapy, etc. But the most serious threats also come from the sea, and all precautions must be taken in order to face them, for instance by subscribing a comprehensive professional and family insurance policy.

This is a wholly naive degree. There is a pronounced psychic influence considered strange. He may have had unseen playmates and continue to commune with spirit entities and also be subject to possession. He appears to be completely free from inhibitions to restrict his activities which may be perfectly natural or perverted into bed wetting and other forms of unacceptable behavior likely to be the result of strong attempts to force him to conform to social customs. He is definitely an immature being tainly willing to forego the security most of us consider necessary.

Denotes one who, if he live beyond infancy, will rise to a position of some responsibility. Blessed with superior gifts, this native will be esteemed for his wisdom and understanding. He leans towards old things and will reflect the tendencies of his ancestors. He receives favors from old people and has fortunate dealings with others. It is a symbol of Firmness.

Moderately ambitious, well-meaning, generous and amiable; uncommonly clever and fond of study, but led astray by totally wrong principles undermining even the most ingeniously built mental constructions, the native has a remarkable but shifty luck, which will be determined more clearly by other threads in the pattern. His body, as well as his knowledge, can be warped by some blemish, or his health can be sapped by some illness. Medicine and the like seem congenial callings.

The aim and ambition in life is to serve humanity; an ambitious person with literary or political talent; many struggles in early life; religious or occult leaders; astrology writers (use some orb); gamblers; eczema; Bright’s disease; acute nephritis (kidneys); phalanges of left foot.

This is the index of a mind of more than usual powers of intellect and a soul disposed to the searching out of the deeper secrets of nature. Such an one will manifest much wisdom and will attain to high distraction in the pursuit of scientific study, but more particularly such as is related to the art of healing, as chemistry, medicine and anatomical science. From him, as through a lens, the rays of a higher truth and deeper understanding will converge and be dispersed again for the better instruction of the world and its manifest and manifold advantage. He will take life at the crisis and turn it back from the Gates of Death. It is a degree of KNOWLEDGE.

28-29 deg Pisces

Scintillating performance. Learning by heart all of the ways to perfect the Earth dance. Elaborately and ritualistically devising and setting up cycles, projects, programs, and trainings to master skills, to develop missing areas, and to make up for what are felt to be gaps and gaping holes. Remedial practice--going back to go forward. Relentlessly pursuing perfection. You are granted a sensibility that knows and can recognize anywhere the real thing, the fulfilled prototype. Tyrannically beset by the need to embody that archetype no matter what. Putting yourself through hell to make it happen. No sacrifice is too great. A virtual masochism of submission to programs, trials, and cycles. Trancing out on discipline and constraint, yet you are ultimately inspired and infused with a marvelous and even a spectacular self-witnessing capacity and self-reinventing skill that does work if you stay with it forever, and refuse to hear of anything less, no matter how crazy it momentarily seems.

Wise, ambitious, and altruistic character endowed with psychic gifts. Researches in chemistry, medicine, or political sciences are rewarded by a prize or some high distinction, but they also arouse many petty jealousies and slanderous campaigns.

A good understanding of many subjects; sometimes slow in speech despite good mental aptitude; may be interested in astrology or scientific research; a reliable employer or employee; consumption; diabetes; low blood sugar; toenails of right foot.

A drab mind, a limp will, impractical ideas, though not devoid of exactitude and care of details; a disciplined and rigorously methodic nature. The native obviously can be of great use in subordinate positions, whereas if left to himself he soon will lose courage, become listless and misanthropic, and drift aimlessly.

The danger of shipwreck is also materially present; or else the native may be forced to wander at random and to feel desperately lonely in the very midst of human throngs.

Denotes one who endures sorrow. He should strive to force himself away from lowering tendencies by mingling with cheerful and fine-minded people and by studying the true nature of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and strange happenings in one of the occult schools to which he most inclines. He should always guard against jealous feelings in himself and in others. It is a symbol of Sadness.

There is a strong inclination to enter one of the healing fields indicated here. He has a sharp and competent mind able to delve deeply into nature’s secrets. Anatomy, chemistry and medicine are well within his understanding. Knowledge of all kinds occupy his time and interest. He is nevertheless subject to being misled, perhaps overconfident. He may act intelligently on false information which causes his entire project to fail. He acquires a broad background and understanding and has the ability to learn from experience. If he has been formally educated he may perhaps trust too much in what the experts say and thereby be misled. He may also suffer from some defect of mind or body. Luck is a factor in his development. He often attracts the support of wealthy friends who may also be a source of being misled. His healing ability will be great and he may make lifesaving discoveries as well as find success due to his keen perception and intuition where others may fail to make the correct diagnosis or choice of treatment.

This is the index of a mind that is in danger of misanthropic isolation and abandonment of self to winds of adverse fortune. Such a one will show a lack of initiative, small power of direction, a wandering and uncertain mind, and a helpless nature. He will be in danger of meeting adversity while yet young, and of being discouraged thereby and while yet young, and of being discouraged thereby and frightened into a nerveless apathy. In some instance there will be danger of actual shipwreck or accidental submersion. Let him take in hand the rudder of intelligence whereby to guide his course, and spread his sails in hope. Le him follow his chart with care and trust in Heaven for a favoring wind which shall carry him safely into port. It is a degree of ISOLATION.

29-30 deg Pisces

The Earth is pregnant with alternate futures. Each of her progeny, each possible future could become the one chosen. The criteria center around whichever future stream is most genuinely surrendered to the highest will. It is the same microcosmically as macrocosmically. Many souls are pregnant with alternate futures. The one that prevails will likely be the one most surrendered to the absolute, the most rightful. You feel burstingly full of visions, possibilities, worlds, and streams. And you know that so very much shall pass away, but what is essential will keep on coming. It is very hard to tell who is who and what is what, which way to lean or how to conceive the way it shall go. But if you stay rooted in your inward awareness and enduring core sensibility, you will be tapped as a vessel for what is to be, and that is all you need to know.

Intuitive, conceited, and selfish character. One is driven by an over-developed ego and conceals one's mediocrity under haughty manners. One never hesitates to plagiarize other people's work or appropriate it. However, if the natal chart clearly indicates strong moral standards, one has exceptionally sharp intelligence and is dedicated to high ideals and the good of mankind. In both cases, one believes in one's intellectual superiority and behaves with arrogance and disdain, which alienates relatives and friends. This degree warns that appearances are often misleading.

This native is in danger of being led astray by psychic abilities. He is obviously naive and undeveloped and prey to disembodied spirits of the lower astral variety as well as unscrupulous people he contacts. His main virtue is a rigorous and exacting method of following instructions to the letter. He avoids taking responsibility and where he accepts responsibility he almost always fails. He is a fearful person of very exact habits, literally afraid to deviate from his own beaten path. He is a dreamer whose dreams come to naught. He is overly sympathetic and wilts with sorrow for the suffering he encounters.

Denotes one who undertakes needless labor and who binds himself in chains of his own making. He has peculiar ideas, thoughts, fancies, and eccentricities, and the regulation and control of these and the cultivation of his powers of observation will lead him to the understanding of great things and open a gate which is at the beginning of the perfect way so opposed to the rough road of selfish materialism on which the majority of the world’s people have been content to travel till the closing of their earth lives. It is a symbol of Misconception.

An overstressed sense of self with all attendant virtues and defects. A pride easily perverted into haughtiness, into encroachment upon the rights of one’s neighbor, but never into mannerism. Great ambitions, strong desires, fiery passions, but a clear conscience; a deep righteousness is the really outstanding feature of the influence.

Will power and courage will shine in adversity and will enable the native to redress the ugliest situations and to get out of the most vicious scrapes. But the native’s overbearingness will be hideous, his mind will be sharp and critical, but not nimble, and will tend toward haggling and quibbling. There is some gift for teaching and a certain freakishness.

May have the power to turn troubles into triumph; spiritual or mediumistic and intuitive; an especially good degree when there are also planets in Taurus; a fatalistic influence; a dreamer who sometimes brings his visions down to earth and makes them work; clairvoyance; usually strong and unaffected; extreme misfortune; suicide (or one who is around suicide); drowning, perhaps murder; toenails of left foot.

This Indicates one of considerable personal influence, one in whom egoity is strongly developed and plainly asserted. The mind is elevated, aspiring and precise, the nature plain and unaffected, but strongly didactic and self- assertive. The spirit of rectitude is dominated by the spirit of egotism. The attainments of the mind are marred in their expression by the evident lack of flexibility and deference. Without a high order of intelligence nothing but vanity and self- centered egotism is here discernible. Intelligence will render him dictatorial, but uncouth. At all times rigid and unbending, intelligence will give him mastery, and ignorance will render him a Goth. The character is capable of singular distinction. It is a degree of EGOITY.