Sagittarius Degrees

0-1 deg Sagittarius

This degree confers an unruly imagination that may run away with the native at times, but it will give him a keen and ready insight as well. He will not avoid trouble, but his scent will be so delicate and his wits so piercing as to enable him to take off at a glance the most entangled situations and to tell accurately truth from falsehood, right from wrong.

Freedom is for him a proud and jealous possession. There will be a sensitive, easy and natural disposition, a simple, somewhat unprejudiced and whimsical spirit.

The greatest danger is a certain tendency to get into scrapes through association with reckless people. Where other astrological data fit into the picture of a rebellious and knavish character, this may go so far as to mean penal condemnation, even capital sentence as a result of conspiracy and murder, provided that local laws warrant capital execution. In charts evidencing that kind of legalized villainy—the birthmark of cops and detectives—there will be obvious risks attending upon such professions. In an honest and law-abiding nativity, danger will derive from other people’s light-mindedness (like serious losses, incidents harmful to one’s body, etc.).

Anyway, it will be a life of distress and hardships and of such continuous efforts as to tax the endurance of the strongest. There will be a religious sense and a certain philosophic wisdom even in the bobby, lightening the burden of life and suggesting ways of making the best of it.

This degree portrays the cusp influence between Scorpio and Sagittarius. There is all of the mysterious qualities of the Scorpio natives which radiate an aura of power and unspoken competence coupled with the tendency for travel and the philosophical approach to knowledge incorporating a great rhetoric. He may be aggressively unpleasant to anyone not caught in his spell. There is a fantastic ability to use debate in clever ways so as to lead his opponents to end up arguing against themselves. He is also able to work in any area requiring precision, either with instruments, abstract concepts, mathematical computations, graphical drawings, or anything requiring exactness. There is here a combination of the subtle and mystical with the practical and mundane. He may put these qualities to work in any way his basic nature so directs but usually he is quite a respectable member of society.

Simple, independent and fanciful character endowed with high intellectual capacities. One should focus on one's professional pursuit, which has every chance to be successful in law, religion, or mathematics. One must not listen to friends who urge to leave the path of serious work and indulge in idleness. This would be very detrimental to one's career, and after numerous setbacks, would lead to dire poverty. This degree sometimes indicates some family secret or a birth out of wedlock.

It is the index of a mind given to projects that are unprofitable and to dreams that lead to no practical result. The native’s associations will be controlled rather by caprice than prudence, and in the end his bed will be a hard one to lie upon. Nevertheless, his freedom of spirit and love of natural simplicity will reconcile him to much of hardship and privation. At heart he is content. it is a degree of PRIVATION.

1-2 deg Sagittarius

There is much disagreement here. There are some very strong characteristics of Sagittarius. There is a very precise discriminative ability. He sizes up any situation very quickly and accurately. These people are constantly striving for perfection in all that they do. For the most part they seem to avoid a perfectionist attitude. They are often involved with police or detective work, which they do very well. However, they may also end up on the other side of the law. One side or the other, they often deal with crimes. They also do well with mechanics, especially where precision is involved. If they become criminal it is usually due to their circle of friends. They can be influenced by their friends to travel in the wrong direction. There are individuals with this degree strong who seemingly must go through many severe trials before they find the good fortune they seek. Some of them; of course, are derailed; others seem to be carried along by a persistent optimism and if they have not squandered too much they finally end up in a fairly comfortable position.

A warlike and aggressive nature. The native may be as well a romantic Stummer und Dranger as a quarrelsome swashbuckler, ever ready to engage in brawls and therefore exposed to the risk of violent death. Anyhow, he cannot put up with the dullness of a humble middle-class life. The unknown calls him, and a craving for wonderful adventures possesses him.

Authoritarian, quarrelsome, and stubborn character. The natural aggressiveness must be canalised in an occupation requiring a great deal of energy and stamina such as the military, the Bar, or any sport. One may be involved in numerous lawsuits.

2-3 deg Sagittarius

A self-contradictory character: on one hand gentle and sensitive, on the other mettlesome, combative and even aggressive. His sense of charity and altruism can lead him to the hardest sacrifices that border on absolute self-denial, yet there will be something mean in it. Psychic and sexual fecundity, love of family, home and work; an aptitude for arts, engineering and perhaps architecture, though the skill in planning to the least detail be transferred from the field of material buildings to the one of feelings and induce a petty scheming and plotting mentality.

People may like, love, even adore, the native, but the concourse of other astrological factors will be needed for this.

Natives of this degree seek excitement. A soft, easy-going, routine life, would be utterly intolerable. They will seek whatever excitement is near. He is fascinated by anything unknown and undefined. If he finds nothing virtuous and legal to be excited about he will gamble on crime, just for the sake of challenge. He is the type of person who will skill himself in the art of pickpocket or picking locks even as a stage trick. The only problem here is that he cools as soon as the skill loses its excitement. He seeks the spectacular at every turn in the road. Imprisonment would be most intolerable for him and perhaps intolerable for the prison as well for he would keep things stirred up even if it cost him his life.

Wise, gentle, and devoted character endowed with great intellectual capacities. Outstanding success can be achieved in any professional pursuit, particularly in education, medicine, finance, diplomacy, or religion. This degree indicates that one's light shines bright and attracts numerous friends and supporters. Moral virtue and success often arouse jealousy, and ill-intentioned people try to damage one's reputation through personal attacks, but in vain, because nobleness of heart and sincerity protect against slanders.

It is the index of a nature that is humane; fruitful and full of good works. Beloved for works, as for inherent virtue, he will make many friends, and what of hardship be may endure, will be voluntarily undertaken for the sake of others. He will be attached to his home and family, but his sympathy will not be limited to its circle, but will extend beneficially in many directions. It is a degree of SYMPATHY.


3-4 deg Sagittarius

There is more devotion to home and family than is common to this sign. Often there are skeletons in the family closet also. He is affectionate and cares sincerely for those close to him. But he goes beyond this and extends his charity to others, seldom at the cost of his own family. He is very competent with details. He will work hard and even sacrifice for the benefit of others. He is usually loved for his good works as well as the inherent virtue of his personal character. He usually works hard and spends all that he makes on worthwhile causes. The rest of the chart must show whether he is sufficiently blessed to adequately cover the demands made on him and accepted by him. This degree may also contribute to blindness.

The native’s warlike and impulsive nature will stay hidden till drawn out and revealed by circumstances apt to produce an outburst of rightful wrath ambitious fury. Till such time, the native will look like a good-natured man, in deep-felt affections but full of reserve; not submissive but unassuming and self-contained; kind, correct in business, sensitive and watchful, with a slight of tameness but ready to defend himself.

On the contrary, when the bugle has blown, there he will go, leaping out of his den to do or die, a hero or a villain, violent and ruthless, a real daredevil.

Courageous, circumspect, and clever character. Ambitions are limited, and one contents oneself with a modest career as a journalist, a musician, a soldier, a bailiff, or a diplomat. The civil servant who is promoted after years of regular and diligent work is a good illustration for this degree. It may indicate a keen interest in matters dealing with altitude, such as mountainous peaks or aviation, but sometimes, it also means that one lives in the top floor of a building.

It is a symbol of prudence and carefulness, allied to a certain degree of daring and love of combat. It is a nature that takes no risks, but while armed for the battle of life, makes full provision against its hazards, and is continually on the defensive. Reserved and cautious, the nature must be drawn out by circumstances, before it is fully appreciated; it is then found to be well equipped. It is a degree of PRUDENCE.


4-5 deg Sagittarius

A dull voice, apt to induce drowsiness. A melancholic and resigned nature, perhaps content in her suffering or downright delighting in her grief. Lyrical, sentimental but muffled outpourings. Passion for art, aesthetic refinement or fickleness of taste, continuous wavering between two opposite artistic tendencies or schools of thought. A humble attachment to one’s work and to the tasks imposed by fate, a scanty aptitude for life’s struggles, sympathy for needy and the undeserving poor, and powerlessness to help them as one would wish; a permanently shilly-shallying and wavering nature.

A lonely and confined life, danger of widowhood. The soul’s silence and solitude are broken only by a muffled song reaching no further than two steps away. (Pascoli, imbrurare, Dusk).

This native appears to be a very peace-loving individual very well occupied with his own thoughts and actions until he is called upon to defend himself. Then the fur will fly. He is so much more capable of defending himself than anyone would guess that the contrast is nothing short of shocking. Only when under severe attack will this cautious and reserved individual show what he is really capable of. His righteous indignation will not succumb to low tactics or underhanded means. His moral virtue alone is an overwhelming force. He often fails to sense danger before it is upon him because of his trusting qualities. He is rarely dejected, nearly always confident and optimistic. He avoids conflict by ignoring the evidence.

Melancholic, accepting, and passive character. For a female, motherhood is experienced as a burden, and marriage does not live up to expectations. For a male, there is a strong probability that he is abandoned by his wife. Instead of suffering in silence, he must make every effort order to win her back. For both genders, it is necessary to think thoroughly before getting married and start a family because this degree indicates that celibacy is more suitable.

5-6 deg Sagittarius

This degree is indicative of a very hard life. But it is also suspected that this native actually feeds on this suffering. There is great sympathy for the underprivileged but no opportunity or ability to be of any help. There is often a strong sense of destiny, and fatality. The suffering is accepted with melancholy resignation, rather than challenged. Even though he is unable to be of any real help he does not run out completely, but stays to sympathize and be consoled himself. In most cases it is to be suspected that he fails to accept what help might be given for fear of having to face life on his own. He clings to his misery as though his life depended on his suffering, which he faces philosophically.

An even too soft character. A manifold mind, inventive and resourceful, fond of study and work. But all this will turn to the benefit of other people who will exploit the native’s work and will ill-use himself. His destiny is to serve; whether the servant of one or of many masters, whether on duty for his country or subordinate to mankind’s interests, neither his life nor his work ever will be independent.

A pun may express this rather well: when the native does not work in the service of others, his work is of no service, of no use: all his efforts for his own sake will stay fruitless. Strangely enough, this seems to suit his boundless vanity, which is nearly ridiculous for a man; he will think of himself only as in a show-window, and all the mental work he reserves for his own personal benefit will only aim to make himself admired. He will not dream of his own independence, or at least he will not think seriously.

Inventive, hard-working, and selfless character endowed with exceptional intellectual capacities. Many resounding successes are achieved, and one enjoys worldwide fame in medicine, scientific research, literature, or the arts. However, owing to excessive leniency and a complete lack of interest in making money, one lets other people reap the financial rewards of one's work.

6-7 deg Sagittarius

An uneventful life. Ambition is absent, patience borders on inertness, inactivity verges on sloth. There is no lack of self-control, but mental habits tend toward a settled and unruffled life interwoven with steady domestic joys and intimate bliss. Barring pointers to the contrary, marriage will be happy, and luck in general will not be too bad.

To be of service is the only worthwhile path for this native to take. What he does of and for himself is lost and useless vanity. He must be working with and for a group. He is definitely a group man. He has literary ability either, or both, for writing or reading. He enjoys a considerable measure of intelligence and ability to work with facts. He has a mental resourcefulness which may be applied to many areas. He enjoys working on the projects he undertakes, and finds his greatest pleasure in contributing to a larger cooperative project. Because of his detached love of work he may be subject to exploitation by others which could soon ruin his value to society as whole. He may fail to realize when he is being used unfairly.

Quiet, contented, and hard-working character. Occupations in the industry of cattle breeding and all agricultural products are very favoured. One is happily married and enjoys a fulfilling family life.

It denotes a nature that is patient, contented, happy and self-possessed, capable of following sedentary and homely occupations uncomplainingly, and much attracted to the calm joys of domestic and rustic life. He will lead an uneventful and peaceful existence, happily suited in his domestic ties, and patiently devoted to the work of an unambitious calling. It is a degree of PLACIDITY.


7-8 deg Sagittarius

A very quiet and materialistic degree for this sign. This native is usually satisfied with a very quiet pursuit of the good things of life which often c in generous proportions without the gambling excitement of most Sagittarius natives. He often turns enemies into friends by his quiet unruffled manner. He is, for the part, devoted to domestic joys of a rather routine job with little expectation of advancement. He takes a very mild philosophical approach to life, satisfied to be undisturbed and left alone. He loves people; he just hates to be interfered with in a way that disturbs his privacy.

The native will tend to have all his eggs in one basket, and may risk everything on one throw when his very life is at stake. If he wins, success or even glory is his; in case of defeat there is no further chance, as he has burned his bridges. Usually Fortune will smile upon such confidence in her favors, though this will not always be the case.

The nativity taken as a whole must point out whether we are confronted with a great man’s deliberately planned gamble, or with a game operator’s or betting addict’s random shot; we hardly need say that the latter is more frequent. Therefore, unless well aspected elsewhere, the native cannot rely exclusively on the blind Goddess’ smile to balance his accounts, and he will risk failure at the slightest wink of ominous stars. He then will have to put up with the lowest jobs and bear the humblest fatigues. Yet even in this case his buoyant cheerfulness will stay untarnished and the faith in his own star unshaken; this loser’s merriness may even spread around him like wildfire, and he will take a hand-to-mouth existence in his stride, waiting for Fortune’s wheel to give another half turn.

Carefree, cheerful, and optimistic character. Decisions are left to chance and external circumstances, and most often, the easy option prevails. One lives from day to day and relies on good luck. Though precarious, success may be achieved in speculation activities or in the stock exchange business, provided that work is carried out under strict supervision and that all foolhardy initiatives are forbidden.

This denotes one given to the hazards of speculation, hopeful, jovial, and venturesome. He will follow a life of change and chance, counting on nothing beyond the day, and content with his lot, so long as he comes by it without effort. In the midst of want and privation he will keep a hopeful countenance and good heart. It cannot be said that he will do much good to others, yet he will do no intentional harm, and his good spirits will cheer others, who else might despond too easily. It is a degree of HAZARD.

8-9 deg Sagittarius

Fire, either in a real sense or in the figurative ones; the fiery element takes a hand here. Literally it may portend a work connected with fire, or an accident due to the same.

In a figurative but still material sense, it may point to fever, to physical consumption due either to the flame of a too-lively passion or to lack of balance between the rush of a spiritual surge and the body’s limits of resistance, or to financial ruin and swift destruction of one’s substance.

In a non-material sense, fitful and restless yet aimless activity; enthusiasm or stubbornness, or both together; inspiration or a fanatic’s visions; feverish, driftless and fruitless work, scatterbrained eagerness and precocious exhaustion of one’s energies; sacrifice of anything else, provided one’s ideal—or point of view—carries the day, with exactly the same chances of falling flat.

Burning pains: life’s battle will be ablaze with searing fire which, however, will cast its glow on the native’s personality. Even if destined to an early death, he will have been prominent and may have chosen such a career as to bring him to the limelight. The career itself, whether literary, political or forensic, will have to be determined by the chart as a whole.

This degree contributes to an all or nothing-at-all philosophy. He takes big chances even when his life is at stake. However, if they lose they remain cheerful. They will keep their optimism even when relegated the lowest position and remain optimistic and cheerful. They may be the servant of servants spreading their merriness around them in a bare existence without the slightest complaint. They harm no one. But many may be encouraged by their indestructible spirit. They radiate optimism and confidence in tomorrow.

Ambitious, magnanimous, and passionate character endowed with unyielding willpower, which brings about success and fame. Under the influence of unforeseeable outer circumstances, life suddenly takes an unexpected turn. The royal fixed star Antares promises glory and power, but also upheavals, slanders, and violence. If in the natal chart, the Midheaven and/or important planets are in conjunction with this degree within a 5° orb, this heralds very high honours and dignities. If the natal chart indicates inspiration and altruism, in a few specific cases, actions are spurred by a great humanistic vision which goes far beyond the scope of an ordinary life.

9-10 deg Sagittarius

The fire element is here brought to the foreground. There will be something of a fiery nature work connected with fire of some kind; danger of fire perhaps causing burns is possible; highly susceptible to sunburn; accidents involving fire in someway; perhaps susceptible to high fever; perhaps over activity. Whether or not any of these things apply, it can be expected that this native’s life burns with a lively activity and enthusiasm. There may be raging debates or polemic arguments. He may be expected to act impulsively and display a fiery temper. He may be responsible or irresponsible but he takes chances. He also has fatalistic tendencies to believe things follow a set pattern.

Destiny singles out the native to defeat his competitors and to come off with flying colors in his career. He has the makings of success; a way with people, a manifold and assimilating mind, handiness and skill in general. Should these peaceful gifts not be enough, he will show his claws when the occasion calls for it, and will appear quarrelsome and aggressive. Whether by hook or by crook, he must reach both a renown and a position above his mental powers, which can be a genius’, but never will be original. Whether by birthright or by professional earnings, welfare and riches must either accompany him or meet him on his way.

Pleasant, clever, and flexible character endowed with excellent talents for mimicry. Driven by an acute intellectual curiosity, one is always willing to reckon with other people's experiences and reconsider one's standpoint. These are valuable assets which open the road to success, fame, and wealth. However, it is necessary to ensure that skills are not misused and do not translate into forgery or the manufacture of fake products, including counterfeit money. Otherwise, one would incur serious legal problems and would need to escape, as suggested by the scattered coins in the image.

10-11 deg Sagittarius

This degree will favor a military and a political career. It confers all the virtues of a noble and fearless heart and all the vices of a sly, dissembling and unscrupulous mind. The native is glib enough to defend the noblest cause, resorting to the underhand tricks employed to bolster up a forged and exploded cause. Strong favorable aspects would strike off the craftiness, whereas concurrence of evil features may taint the nobility of the cause.

The native will win many friends and make many enemies; and his life, after seeing him through many perils, may have a sudden end.

This native may be considered a genius although he is neither original nor creative. His success lies in his skill in dealing with people. His manner is charming and peaceful unless the situation calls for something more aggressive. He is an organizer with perceptive insight to keep many factors under control. He can take some other person’s work and whip it into shape and sell it; not that he plagerizes. He is the epitome of the Sagittarius ability to shape what society or the environment around him offers into meaningful and workable patterns. He simply puts to work what he finds around him. His capacity to incorporate everything of value into new and different wholes is amazing.

Treacherous, crafty, and violent character devoid of qualms. Objectives are attained through dangerous, cunning, and even cruel strategies. The natal chart indicates whether intelligence and subterfuges are put at the service of noble goals such as the defence of the nation's higher interests, or whether they only serve base personal ambitions. In both cases, enmities abound, and property loss is highly likely.

11-12 deg Sagittarius

Athletic prowess and practical arts have some interest here. This native receives the more social qualities of the sign. He profits much from being good mixer. There is considerable courage which borders on aggressiveness. It is mostly physical courage. The outspokenness of the sign is obvious here also and he may be expected to acquire a few enemies, especially when he plays a prominent role. He is very much inclined to say what he thinks. He is skilled in the art of subtlety and strategy. He nevertheless displays much diplomacy. Mixing and balancing all these elements as skillfully as he is capable of doing requires much cleverness which he has.

Only a comprehensive glance, taking in the astrological picture in its entirety, will enable us to judge whether the features of this degree are vices or virtues. There may be love of home or selfish attachment to one’s comforts; a faithfulness to habit implying a methodic mind, as well as the utter powerlessness of one chained to his customary routine; a self-containment suggestive of a wealth of pent-up energies or betraying sheer impotence to act.

A strong lover, the native may lavish his affections on his lawful wife, or have many, erotic ties at the same time, the only clearly emerging feature being sacrifice of other—however eager—desires to the flesh.

He will be kind and affable with his neighbors. Yet in talking he may display a self-contradiction apt to annoy his interlocutors.

The excess of lust may involve him in all kinds of trouble and may wear precociously his bodily vigor, thereby increasing his congenital slackness.

Greedy and sensual character. One indulges in depravation and is willing to sacrifice everything to meet one's materialistic and sexual needs. There is a strong probability of ruin. In the chart of males, there may be premature senility or impotence. In the chart of females, sex and flattery are used in order to misappropriate other people's wealth.

It is the index of a mind that is give to the delights of the senses, voluptuous and sybaritic, self- indulgent and indolent, yet ambitious of honors and wealth. The pleasures of the senses will prove to the native a delusion and a snare, leading him on from one indulgence to other until at length he will fall into a premature senility and ineptitude which he will not have strength enough to rouse himself from. Women under this degree should be carefully cherished and fore fended. It is a degree of SENSUSOUSNESS.

12-13 deg Sagittarius

Ye cannot serve God and Mammon. —Matt. 6:24, Luke 16:13

This degree glaringly denounces the greed of filthy lucre. In order to achieve wealth, the native would gladly tread over his father’s corpse (which is hyperbolically expressed but may literally come true, as the native’s career may well drip blood, even the gore of mass murder).

But we must not lose sight of the result. Ill-gotten is ill-fated. The wrists of the worshipper of the golden calf risk becoming too well acquainted with shackles or straight jackets. Unless powerful stars come to his help elsewhere, moral decay, bodily contagion or the breakdown of his reason will take the poor wretch to jail, the isolation ward or the lunatic asylum.

The senses are very much magnified by this degree. There is likely to be an excess of sexual passion. However, it is also loaded with benefit. These natives are usually very sensitive and helpful to those in their home. Whether for selfish or altruistic reasons may have to be determined elsewhere. There is also an excess of energy which some use constructively and others release under severe strain and frustration. These people are, because of their highly developed senses, also susceptible to the pleasures of the senses and may be thereby. There is also another characteristic somewhat unusual here and that is a preoccupation with bodily health. They are fearful of illness which may deteriorate into hypochondriac proportions or may be contained as a natural and beneficial care for the things that contribute to good health.

Withdrawn, misanthropic, and introverted character. The prison symbolises frustrations stemming from constraints and separation. One may be estranged from a family member who is living in a secluded place, or who is sick. The other possibility is that the members of the entourage do not understand one's intellectual, aesthetic, scientific, or altruistic aspirations. Nevertheless, one is capable of achieving success in the field of one's choice.

13-14 deg Sagittarius

Uranus S Node is on this degree. It is well to look to the emphasis Uranus is making in the chart to determine what might be expected here. Basically the degree seems to be preoccupied with money, a perverted greed for money. The effects of this degree up to now are very discouraging. Much depends on how much ability the native has to see through pretenses to the values inherent in any philosophy which must be found under the surface. These natives are tested severely and few have come up with passing answers to Uranian type problems. The native is tempted to take a non- conformist path but must understand what he is doing to avoid becoming a rebel without a cause.

The native will set his shoulder to the wheel in anything he undertakes and will be able to give his intelligence the full support of splendid gifts, though intelligence itself is not specifically bestowed by this degree, which will grant only endurance in mental pursuits and eagerness in learning. This will be crowned by an excellent memory, a creative and harmonious imagination and a fine literary style. Little as other aspects hint at an outstanding mind, the native will emerge as a master in his own line, even a great master. There might be a suggestion of stiffness about him, something dignified and formal which will impair his popularity. But there will be no pettifogger in him; on the contrary, there will be an outward carelessness and an inward bent to enjoy the robust pleasures of life.

In less developed beings the transcendent features of this degree will produce superstition or witchcraft. Departure from the beaten track may be a cause of unpopularity for the professional writer, which may apply to the non-writers as well.

Intelligent, enterprising, and pleasant character. Although good ideas abound, they require thorough analysis and organisation. Projects are nicely put forward, but their implementation is handicapped by unpreparedness, and solutions to cropping problems seem to be adopted at random. One must seek the advice of a friend or of one's spouse. Partnerships and teamwork are the key which opens the door to success, honours, and fame.

It is the index of a mind given to the study of literature, history and other intellectual pursuits. The literary and scientific taste will be cultivated and trained to useful but somewhat unpopular or novel ends. The memory will be highly retentive, and the imagination lively but well under control. Such an one may become a prolific writer, combining science and invention with a facile power of romantic fancy. A strenuous worker and temperate liver, he will not fail to meet with due distinction. It is a degree of INTELLECT.

14-15 deg Sagittarius

A wild growth of images and a sharp intelligence. The native may be passionately fond of sciences —especially astronomy—and slightly clairvoyant. An even character with a slight touch of laziness.

Still in his prime the native may see all his ambitions satisfied, but he will face disappointment in his riper age if he cannot turn into a steady flow the energy that pushed him forward in leaps and bounds during his youth; one never ought to rely on one’s flying start to take him all the way up to his aim.

This degree will enhance whatever mental ability the native may have. He may show great genius. However, it is more the use that is made of intellect rather than raw intelligence. Even with small intelligence he makes such good use of what he has that he rises to the top most honored position. Literary ability stands out as the most likely area of success. If this native departs too far from the beaten path, literary or otherwise, he runs into difficulties. This degree also often stimulates an interest in mystical and occult arts. Here again he may shine if he is able to pull all the far-out concepts into a meaningful middle of the road understanding. Even when he takes unpopular views his skill is shown by making what he does meaningful to those who would not otherwise understand. There is here a thirst for knowledge, a vitality eager for action, a willingness to work hard on any project undertaken. With a minimum of help from the rest of the chart this native will reach the highest position available.

Creative, hard-working, and devoted character. One is endowed with great intellectual capacities, a vivid imagination, and an excellent memory. Brilliant success and fame can be obtained in sciences, theology, history, or literature. The natal chart indicates whether one is wealthy.

15-16 deg Sagittarius

Venus S Node is on this degree. It grants some intuitive ability and rather keen insight. However, the major characteristic here is an influence which starts out with great promise but does not last past middle age. It promotes a spectacular beginning but the native must rely on his own drive or other areas of the chart to carry him beyond that point. This degree is perhaps the best example of Sagittarius luck running out if squandered. It will most certainly run out here if not properly invested in worthwhile projects. He must use his first early thrust wisely in order to continue on when the first push has faded. Otherwise the position to which he was carried will be removed and there will be a decline, perhaps to the bottom.

An evil influence. The native’s utter lack of practical skill will prevent him not only from leading anything to completion but even from getting down efficiently to any task. His plans will be made of thin air, his action will bear no other fruit but mistakes and mishaps, misery and ruin.

Conceited, ambitious, and envious character. One cannot afford the luxury which one is powerfully attracted to. Instead of banking on one's personal qualities and making every effort to become rich, one prefers to covet people's wealth. However, if one is determined to keep self-centredness and arrogance tightly reined in, with a lot of hard work and the help of one's entourage, one can achieve the financial success one so badly yearns for.

16-17 deg Sagittarius

An original mind and an outstanding personality. There is a great faith in God, a strictly religious mind without taint of Puritanism, an open and honest heart, a free and easy temper.

On the reverse side of the shield we find that the native’s merriness betrays a childish strain, that his carefree and frolicsome craving for amusement sometimes runs away with him and stops him from doing any real good. His too-marked personality may, in spite of his generosity, isolate him or cut him off altogether from human society.

The native is sensitive to cold and needs warm garments. His life will be long but not prosperous— therefore too long. Some reckless acts may land him in endless trouble. The shakiness of his position will sour his ripe age and bring about an old age of hardships and toil. Abandoned by his neighbors, the native will find no refuge other than prayer. May God. lend an ear to his wishes.

This degree gives pleasure loving qualities and the ability to maintain sustained effort when the affections are involved. There is an association here with infections resulting in boils. The infectious conditions may also have a symbolical meaning signifying contamination psychologically as well as physically. Breathing is influenced here. It is often activated in cases of drowning. Air pollution and smoking are very detrimental to them. The degree may force anti- pollution measures or be associated with consequences for failure.

Introverted, daring, and independent character. For some reason, one is estranged from parents during childhood. Loneliness has contributed to slowly develop willpower, resilience, and audacity. One achieves several remarkable feats of bravery, but success brings about foolhardiness, and after repeated risky undertakings resulting in failures and losses, the last part of life is marked by poverty.

17-18 deg Sagittarius

Basically, this degree contributes an unpretentious faith in the goodness of God without a narrow or judgmental attitude. It may be a rather naive sense of optimism but it attaches itself to a belief in the stability of God’s purpose and design for the universe. All of the artistic instincts are supported here, granting at the very least an appreciation or intuitive attunement. His development is delicate and he must cope with a childlike innocence which may not be sufficiently strong to maintain respect. He is also very sensitive to rebuff as well as to cold weather. Because of his obvious weaknesses and, unless there is strength in other places, he may be rejected overcome by the consequences of his immature actions and hardships in life he is not equipped to handle. At worst, he still turns to his religious faith; Should other factors in the chart indicate the needed strength, this degree would provide the childlike qualities spoken of by Jesus as necessary for the entrance into heaven. Such qualities coupled with strength would raise him to great heights.

The native is raving mad and driven to further excesses and absurdities by each of his impulses. He not only loves a rustic and sparing life but goes out of his way on an endless search for self-imposed hardships. He will not work, though he subjects himself to an unceasing and aimless toil. He is wayward rather than original; his planning is but castle-building. He cannot be denied a certain cranky and crotchety genius, but he is thoroughly off balance. A scatterbrained madcap and a dizzy cloud-dweller, he never will be able to get on in this world. He will only rouse a sensation. The failure of his hard efforts may even bring about real madness.

This degree describes a wise person with mastery in occultism and deep knowledge of life mysteries. However, it may also indicate an eccentric, imbalanced and manipulative person and, should the natal chart concur, the danger of some mental disease.

18-19 deg Sagittarius

Passionate, wily, and spiteful character. Fire plays a major part in life, whether it represents a disaster or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with great consequences on destiny. Regardless of the nature of ordeals and opponents, and despite the losses suffered, if one displays courage, this degree indicates that obstacles can be overcome and enemies, defeated.

Fondness for boating, a taste for art; a nimble mind and a lazy disposition; a subtle but crooked intelligence, a passionate and touchy character, endless worrying.

The native is crazy about water—not at meals—yet he will have to go through fire. Whether this is to be taken literally or figuratively, whether real fires, war conflagrations or searing moral pains are in store for him must be left to the rest of the horoscope to decide.

At any rate, something will have to be thrown overboard in order for him to escape, and the bums will leave permanent scars.

This native is likely to renounce all worldly wealth in a naive attempt to scorn the evils of the material world, especially if Saturn were here. He looks for the hardships to prove his sincerity. Often this degree contributes to mental illness unless there are other factor which lend balance. He is much taken by the suffering the downtrodden and often goes too far without the necessary understanding to help. If the rest of the chart and environment give him the strength and the tools he needs he may be a great blessing to those he serves. He may even obtain the status he needs so desperately to feel in order to fulfill his potentiality. There is an interest in agriculture indicated here, perhaps because of the physical labor required. However, he will profit spiritually, mentally, and physically from some contact with things growing in the ground.


19-20 deg Sagittarius

This degree will bring the native many and difficult trials and ordeals of various kinds, not the least of which is danger of fire. It would indeed take a strong and saintly person to turn these torments into gracious living. There is hostility towards accepted medical practices. He will prefer one of the more unorthodox healing practitioners. This may become a cause around which he will devote much time and study. One of his oddities is the objection to water at meals, although he makes use of water at other times for health sake and may well draw strength from being around natural waterways. Often he is very competent and may have a powerful and attractive personality. He will meet with opposition, deserved or undeserved, in the course of the crusades he pursues. If he is unable to cope with the evils he is called upon to face he may become bitter, revengeful, and dangerous1 striking out with a tortured mentality incapable of defending himself.

This degree will grant gifts referring to three different branches of life: society, art, and medicine. The word society must be taken in its widest sense. The native will be as sociable, cordial and merry as anyone else; he seems bound to win many friends, to enter lucky business associations with many of his acquaintances and to have a crowd of admirers. He takes passionately to social problems and joins political propaganda and party struggle with the zeal distinctive of scholars and the fieriness of a partisan, sometimes with a sectarian’s stubborn cantankerousness.

For art he has good taste, perhaps artistic and decorative gifts; certainly a great love of beauty. Nor are his gifts for medicine negligible.

This native is surely a tireless and manifold person. The whole of the horoscope will point to the activity he must choose, though the three do not exclude each other, as the medical scholar may write treatises going down to posterity as masterpieces of art, the artist may choose subjects with a sociological background, whereas the sociologist may have to delve deeply into problems of sanitation and health.

The whole of the theme may indicate also whether there will be genius or amateurish shallowness, a manifold mastermind or a brilliant dabbling, thoughtless zeal, or fruitful activity.

Benevolent, cheerful, and honest character, with a whiff of vanity. The members of the entourage are nice and belong to a wealthy and educated social layer. Associations with friends are fruitful, particularly in any area involving the arts, beauty, or botany. Sometimes, if in the natal chart the Moon receives hard aspects, this degree indicates that deceits and misfortunes are brought about by females.

20-21 deg Sagittarius

Withdrawn, contemplative, and spiritual character endowed with powerful psychic powers. One revels in solitude and avoids socialising. Success and fame can be achieved in human sciences or in research. However, one is unlikely to become very rich. If the natal chart indicates dishonesty, this degree may describe a charlatan.

In a certain sense, David’s seal is synonymous with the Cross, as both represent the divine order, the cosmic balance of the four contrasting elements. Apart from this the two symbols differ: The Cross—and it only —representing Our Lord’s passion, and David’s seal picturing in the most dramatic way the endless dualism of matter against spirit.

This two hundred sixty-first degree clearly attunes the contrasting forces of man’s upper and lower being; it gives self-mastery—a balance between spirit ad matter. Any balance may be dynamic or static; whether the former or the latter is to be realized here is up to the whole horoscope to tell.

If there are pointers of initiative, decision and liveliness elsewhere, we may conclude that the native can admirably exploit the uncommon energy God has granted him; he will thirst for truth and justice,. and his judgment, his self-possession, his wisdom may make him into a Guide for mankind and he may well becoi~ae an Initiate.

On the contrary, should other aspects in his chart show a resigned, dull, unpractical mind, the influence of this twenty-first degree of Sagittarius then would turn to harm insofar as it enhances the native’s irresoluteness and renders him suspicious of all and everyone.

This degree is involved with social interaction. The native is always involved with group action one way or another. There are abilities for writing, art and medicine. He may pursue any one, or all three in combination. He has a pleasant personality and usually functions very well in the groups with which he is associated. He is of a restless nature and may show irritating signs of frustration at times. He may be stubborn and dogmatic. There are pronounced abilities for healing whether he chooses this as an occupation or not. He will also maintain an interest in art whether this is a major interest or not. He has good taste and decorative ability. He enjoys an abundance of energy for the things which interest him. His life for the most part is satisfying and enjoyable.


21-22 deg Sagittarius

This influence seeks to balance spiritual, mental and physical aspects of nature. This is an easy task and most of these natives end up with kind of imbalance. Any such balancing may be dynamic and growing or structured and static. Any balance that is dynamic and growing must deal constantly with changing concepts and therefore he never reaches a place where can say “this is it.” There will undoubtedly be m of balance and then a struggle again with lack of balance. There is also a strong suggestion of fear and paranoid tendencies. He tends to doubt everything and ever’ including himself. The more successful his balance the this tendency will interfere. However, until and unless achieves some measure of success he suffers these doubts and fears.

Here is the perfect embodiment of stubborn and relentless dissension; should other aspects fail to soothe this influence, the native would be an unmitigated faultfinder. To listen to him, current public opinion is nonsense (and there is something in this); the established order is unjust and absurd—nay, this is the worst possible world (which is slightly exaggerated); whatever idea is conceived by others can be but worthless trash, if by no other reason, because it crossed someone else’s mind and must be condemned without trial. Here the native’s spirit of wanton denial reaches the freakish height of its childish hideousness.

At the bottom of all this there is an unavowed thirst for public applause and a. total lack of the constructive gifts leading to recognition; the native must therefore fully exploit the only weapon still at his disposal—applause of his critical thrusts against other people’s buildings. He will tirelessly throw stones at others, polemicize, heckle and run down their works. Still, when milder stars do not interfere, he will be in for quarrels, brawls, squabbles, lawsuits for libel, well-deserved boxes on the ears and duels, which will be his daily task. Death on the dueling ground cannot be ruled out.

We spoke of the politician. Should the native not be one, I should be at a loss what other profession to advise. A look at the whole may help in any event. Where this shows evil moral features; theft and murder must be feared, or death in a scuffle or on the gallows.


22-23 deg Sagittarius

Blind and impulsive passionality, cruel disappointments, frenzied jealousy, danger of murder committed in hot blood where the native easily could be the victim if other astrological factors consistently point at lack of violence and portend murder at the hands of a man. The native woman would nearly always be wrong in confiding in someone and is invariably wrong when she is in love. Lack of return will stow a bitter resentment in her soul, which may find its outlet in bloodshed or turn into sour misanthropy. In a man’s activity these and other omens may refer to him or to his woman.

This degree carries the hideous mark of jealousy and excessive suspicion. Jealousy means mistrust of everyone and everything, hidden watching, stealthily rummaging the beloved one’s papers, spying and lying in ambush to follow the eyes from afar, taking other people into one’s confidence and ending in being doublecrossed by them, torturing one’s beloved and especially oneself.

Heart ailments are not unlikely. If not the mind, the nerves are certainly unhinged.

The influence here is revolutionary. Natives of this degree run counter to any established order. They have a certain sympathy for the whether deserved or not. They seem not to suffer as some by being overly sympathetic with individuals who take advantage of them. They are more likely to enlist others in a violent revolution. It is difficult to say what this degree would do in a society where there was not as much for dissent as this native is able to find. He usually objects to elements well deserving of objection. The causes establishes are usually valid and needing attention by someone. Some of these natives will have the mentality find more clever and non-violent means to effect these needed changes. However, the temptation to violence is there and easy to arouse. The rest of the chart must show further characteristics which will round out and indicate both the strength and direction this degree will take.

Selfish, jealous, and conceited character. One has difficulties in understanding that self-centredness harms relationships with friends or lovers, and that other people's aspirations must be given due consideration. This degree indicates unhappiness in love. If the natal chart concurs, there is a danger caused by a heart condition or a violent accident.

23-24 deg Sagittarius

Jealousy and suspicion predominate here. The native is paranoid in his extreme watchful suspiciousness. He watches minutely the actions of the one he loves the most, looking for details to prove lack of devotion and infidelity. He drives those he loves from him by his constant insecurity. He suffers much from lack of response from those he seeks to love. They invariably misplace their affections to start with. They seek out those least likely to respond. Both men and women end up by confiding and attaching themselves to those who are unresponsive and malicious. At the same time they are generous and make many childlike attempts to be overly helpful. They sometimes have an interest in geological and mineralogical researches and may even choose their occupation from this area. They are also likely to suffer heart ailments. Many of their problems come from relationships with the opposite sex a~ they may be fairly capable of getting along with other people to whom they complain bitterly about their miserable situation.

A gloomy spirit obsessed by the idea of death. The symbolic image may come true literally or metaphorically, or both together. Anyway, life will be short and dreary, death sudden and perhaps violent; but the native himself is responsible for—if not the author of—his own mishaps. His ambitions are wrong, preposterous or fruitless. He cannot win friends and establish business connections. His life will be marked by a quick succession of accidents.

The symbol also may mean departure without return, like emigration, relinquishment of an entire world, etc., or more simply, faraway travels and even gain through foreign ‘trade but, in this latter case, income will be desultory and uncertain.

Sad, withdrawn, and pessimistic character. One is disheartened by the failure of professional projects and by repeated disappointing romances and friends. Suicidal tendencies can be efficiently offset by physical exercise and the practice of a sport such as tennis, alpinism, or football. Canoeing, fishing, snorkelling, and all water sports must be avoided.

24-25 deg Sagittarius

Misuse of pleasures, of mental activity and of manual work; a freakish coexistence of the loftiest longings with a glutton’s dreams. Intoxication of the mind, alcoholic drunkenness, an orgiastic temper in everything and the attending danger of bodily or mental fuddle.

Hard ordeals are ahead. If the native knew moderation and could rhythmically alternate work and rest, pleasure and duty, success would be within reach.

A depressed mentality subject to accidents and a fatalistic approach to life sums up this individual. The burdens here do seem difficult to bear and he must look to other areas of the chart for support and strength to handle what is dealt out by this degree. There is a good judgment and an accurate perception which is however wasted by preoccupation with the evils of the world, which for the most part he judges accurately. To the optimist, the glass is half full to the pessimist, the glass is half empty. Both are right. This degree is very unlike Sagittarius. generally.

Sensual and materialistic character unwilling to fight one's weaknesses. There is a strong tendency to burn one's candle at both ends, which exposes to all sorts of physical and moral dangers. When excesses also affect the spiritual area, one is narrow-minded and sectarian. This degree may indicate an eye disease threatening the sight.

25-26 deg Sagittarius

This degree is given to excess and particularly subject to alcoholism and various forms of intoxication. It gives a very independent and stubborn nature. There may be high aspirations along with gluttony and over optimism. It seems to stimulate a desire for unrealizable goals. As a result, he works in a steady manner to achieve what appears to be impossible. Nevertheless, the goal continues to haunt him and continues to be part of his awareness. If the rest of the chart contributes other qualities necessary for success this native might not succumb to the excesses which tempt him.

Kindness, faith, trustworthiness in friendships, a helpful, merry and playful nature, attractive manners, a likable personality.

The body will be light and nimble, the movements supple and precise; there will be skill in handling weapons and a sense of rhythm. The native is one of those few people who can use their hands and can above all imitate their neighbors and counterfeit them strikingly. Should the rest of the pattern support this, there would be great scenic gifts—whether tragic or comic, will have to be decided by other features.

A bad nativity may pervert art into mummery and the harmless jokes into dirty tricks. The nimble person, mastering his own body with matchless skill, may turn into a clown or be warped into a quacksalver. Anyhow, it ought to be borne in mind that a soul nobler and deeper than expected hides behind those outward striking and likable features. Few will notice it.

Nice, loyal, and reliable character. The hands are nimble, the legs, slender, and the general appearance, elegant. Success can be achieved in occupations requiring dexterity and precision such as fencing, music and all artistic disciplines, or prestidigitation. Owing to one's dedication and genuine kindness, one attracts many good friends. However, beneath warm and straightforward manners, one is very secretive.

26-27 deg Sagittarius

Should other stars support this, the native would be a man whose mind and activities stand out for all to admire, but he would be morally poor unless other aspects greatly improve this point. The native does not know what he is driving at, has no moral backbone and cannot stand upright under destiny’s blows; he is, in a word, characterless, and on top of this seems to have his hands bound for one reason or another.

His speech will be persuasive, his nature sociable, likable, attractive, even charming; he will be irresistible in love. If you add to all this a mastermind, genius, the peak of greatness and glory is sure to be reached, even through stumbles, wanderings and waverings. But the position thus reached will not be stable and safe, as the envious will refuse to lay down their arms—nay, will never feel secure till they have thrown into disgrace or ruined the native who will, therefore, have to be cautious in things political.

Sudden death may sever the thread of career and work at their climax.

Flexibility of mind and body are obvious here. However, this native’s abilities are not obvious to the average observer. It is probable that he has developed skills in so many areas that few people, if any, see his total make-up. He probably has a different set of friends for each area of development. Some of these people may fit into more than one group. However none of them with him in all areas. This degree also contributes to acting ability. He usually can mimic and wears a mask most of the time which few people are able to see beneath. He makes an excellent friend, kind and benevolent. He is much loved but little understood. There is also literary talent here. His broad and unsuspected background would contribute much interesting material to write about, perhaps und a pen name. There is good control of body movements and the skillful use of the hands is well- developed. He is interested in social causes and may take positions of diplomacy or play a political role of some kind. He also has de religious convictions and may take some active part along this line to further some new cause. The major characteristics granted by this degree are both an excessive quantity and quality of varied abilities which few, if any, even suspect, let alone understand. Of course, some individuals will do more and some less, but there is always something beyond what is seen.

Courageous, enterprising, and honest character. One may be the victim of unfair, less scrupulous or less skilled superiors. Despite numerous enemies, one reaches a prominent position. Nevertheless, one must remain very careful, adopt a low profile, and be prepared to thwart the machinations concocted by higher-ups.

27-28 deg Sagittarius

This degree may show early promise but natives of this degree meet with severe difficulties later on, often because of jealousy. There is often an inability to meet with these onslaughts when they come. The abilities usually tend to the arts including writing, perhaps poetry. The qualities here are not of the harsh and aggressive variety which also might allow him to properly defend himself. Even the writing ability does not contribute anything of a harsh and caustic defense. He may be a genius if left alone which this degree does not allow. The ability to defend oneself one way or another must come from some other place in the chart. There is not much chance of him avoiding such conflict with this influence. However, other areas of the chart might be helpful in protecting him in some other way. Also, this being is social and needs the stimulation of interaction with others. His inspiration for is what he does also comes from others. If he is not otherwise g protected he risks an early death, possibly just from giving e up the struggle of attack from others.

The very embodiment of patience; slow but stubborn, tireless, the native will get on thanks to his steadfastness. A silent, close, somewhat bent and precociously aging being, he has something tragic about himself as tragical will be the ordeals and even the slights he will bear without batting an eye.

In spite of his hardships and of the burdens laid on his shoulders, notwithstanding the crushing weight of a huge task to fulfill and the attempts to check his progress on his opponents’ side, he seems destined to success.

I said he seems, not he is, as a sudden death, perhaps a violent one, may snap his career. Will this mean his own death, or death of a protector or an inspirer? The answer is to be sought elsewhere in the nativity.

Valiant, determined, and hard-working character. One is not afraid of responsibilities, no matter how gruelling the task might seem. One fulfils one's duties calmly, slowly, and steadily, and progresses smoothly under the protection of a powerful friend or boss. One enjoys the recognition of peers and achieves a decent fortune.

28-29 deg Sagittarius

Physical fitness, skill in scientific work, love for precision, muscular ruggedness and moral uprightness; psychological insight and a talent for physiology, surgery and medical sciences at large.

Unfortunately these gifts are spoiled by lack of courage of one’s own opinion. Not that the native is a coward, but he is surely a sluggard. He is particularly timid, even morbidly so; morosely mistrustful and constantly on the alert.

He has no poise, no pivot. His very honesty, straightness and intuition are not those of a wise, sound and experienced human being. On the contrary, they bear dreadfully naive and childish marks. Restless, and as reckless as the timid usually are, the native may easily head for a fall, and some mental or bodily illness may lame him for years. Nevertheless, if favorably aspected elsewhere, he may expect a measure of luck, but the whole of the chart must be referred to for the exact balance between bad and good luck.

A peculiar feature is his fondness for a soft and snug bed with sheets of fine linen.

This degree begins to pick up some of the stability of Capricorn along with the masterful ability of Sagittarius to pull information into meaningful patterns. It is characterized by patience, persistence, stubborn, tireless, and perhaps slow qualities. There is much promise of success but not without hardship and threat of failure. There is also the threat of early death. This must be judged also by the rest of the chart. The profession may well be connected with the law in some way. As a lawyer, he would spend much time and effort in thorough research of what cases he accepted. He might even find it difficult to make sufficient money because of the extra work which he take on as a matter of course without extra pay.

Childish, unstable, and timid character. Success can be achieved in modelling, coaching, or attending to the needs of wealthy people. Elegant sports such as golf or horse riding are also very favoured. Should the natal chart concur, there may be a disease affecting the brain.

29-30 deg Sagittarius

There is an emphasis on physical fitness found here together with some ability for the study of physiology and medicine. His abilities risk being lost because of lack of confidence. There are childish qualities which lack poise and self-assurance. The rest of the chart provide what this one lacks, in which case there would be pronounced abilities. The degree needs more maturity and self- orientation to properly display what he may be capable of. Under severe stress there is danger of mental breakdown of one kind or another and he may become confused and irrational. One peculiarity of this degree the love of a snug bed, tucked in with sheets of fine soft texture. This native likes to take the lead and be given positions of authority. There is some suggestion of artis4 ability which may be coupled with business success. ii success with business enterprises comes from the Capricorn cusp position.

The native is a misfit in his times. He may discover some of the most jealously guarded secrets of nature and be a forerunner of times to come; and may as well bring again to the light things long forgotten and buried, thus reviving the past. Whether the former or the latter, he has a mission to fulfill and possesses the force of character and the sharpness of mind life demands of him. A naturalist or a mining engineer, a pioneer, an archaeologist or whatever he is, he is born to discover, to innovate, and to be misunderstood and bitterly fought. He will have to suffer but will be able to overrule the intrusive advice of the zealous. Should the other aspects not rule out a measure of luck, he may well end by carrying the day.

Secretive, intuitive, and independent character. One relies exclusively on one's great intellectual capacities and broad knowledge. The path chosen probably includes hardships and requires sustained efforts, time, and concentration. Success and wealth can be achieved in the iron and steel industry, the research of new alloys, or in archaeology.