Scorpio Degrees

0-1 deg Scorpio

A fierce, daring, snappish and high-handed temperament; an altruistic, generous, impassioned and unrestrained nature, brimming over with bodily and mental strength, led into endless strife by the wayward quarrelsomeness; impatient bluster; frantic outbursts of wrath; high-strung lustfulness and fitful jealousy. With all this the native is most likely to stick to someone unto death and to let himself be unconditionally ruled by the person loved.

In less developed beings, the lack of restraint in anger and lust may drift into delinquency if other astrological factors concur. Anyway, there will be quarrels, break-up of friendships, duels and the like.

Denotes one of a passionate and determined nature. The personality is forceful and magnetic, but there is a lack of those fine feelings which render life something greater than a mere mass of disruption. It is difficult for the native to discipline and control himself, but his will is strong, and what is a fractious horse to a determined master ! It is a symbol of Irritation.

This is cusp degree blending the qualities of Libra and Scorpio. This blending may result in a variety of possibilities perhaps some what dependent on which of the signs carries the most weight in the chart. Hopefully, the native will pickup up some of the strength and power of Scorpio and blend it with some of the strength and qualities of Libra. If there are good Libra qualities the Scorpio influence could help in ability to drive home a point with precision. However, if the frustration is too great violence may result. It takes a powerful and well-oriented person to mesh the gears of these two signs into a harmonious unit to operate in a meaningful direction. There is all the danger of misunderstood thwarted individual with the driving power to successfully revenge his frustration. However, typical of Scorpio, the best and the worst may come through here and if the native has a message equally developed to match his strength, which is in condition to make its impact in a meaningful way, he will turn his energy in that direction and thereby reach great heights of achievement. Quality and strength are native here; if they blend there is great power for good. If they fail to connect, much destruction usually results.

Foolhardy, combative, and intransigent character. One does not hesitate to get involved in conflicts, no matter how dangerous they might be. There is a strong probability of violence and accident, whether one is the perpetrator or the victim. If aggressive instincts are constructively canalised, one may be entrusted with a position of authority and achieve success through acts of bravery.

It denotes a character that is ever ready for the fray, liable to become involved in many strife's and quarrels, and to resort to force rather than reason for his victories over others. Such an one is liable to become subject to the accusation of violence towards others, and will hardly pass through life without wounding some one or more of his fellow-creatures. In body robust and in mind offensive to the peace of others he will not fail to make numerous enemies. It is a degree of OFFENCE.

1-2 deg Scorpio

Generous, ambitious, and tolerant character endowed with intelligence and self-confidence. Long travels, international politics, and a strong taste for exoticism bring about success and prosperity. This degree sometimes indicates artistic gifts and great fulfilment in quiet occupations such as the cultivation of flowers or the distillation of perfumes.

There is still a Libra influence involved heavily with this degree, predominately contributing the necessity to establish relationships. Failure to do this invariably results in a more impassioned hostility because of the Scorpio influence. There is little evidence of many of these natives solving this problem to their satisfaction. If and when this problem can be overcome and the relationships can be held on an even keel he may then be free to express his more creative abilities. When well- satisfied he may be magnanimous, generous, sympathetic, loyal, and the most desirable friend. However, this is not only dependent on the environment with which he has to deal but also whether his demands are fair and consistent with a genuine understanding of the necessary interaction. This seems to be the first lesson he has to learn before he is free to develop the other qualities with which he may be abundantly blessed.

Denotes one of excellent and discriminative brain who is capable of firm and continued concentration. The mind is intensely mercurial and penetrative, mastering difficult problems with comparative ease. It is a symbol of Comprehension.

Symbol: An elephant.

Essential elements of this personality are strength, sturdiness, wide mental range, ponderation and slowness in everything.

A detailed description, taking bodily features into account, will point to tall and stolid frame, a large nose and small, lively eyes; an individually marked character, a strong soul, gifted with sharp and deep judgment. The native has not only a mentally great head, much humanity and plenty of power, but is cautious, reserved, unprejudiced, either evenly melancholic or fearlessly confident in the future. Though he is normally easy and self-controlled, his wrath will know no bounds if he is roused. His memory is exceptionally retentive of both good and evil; his grudges can hardly be smoothed over.

Sturdiness may lead sometimes to stubbornness, the huge strength may stray into high-handedness; in particularly ill-aspected charts, greatness may induce a swelled head. Less seldom, the native— basically sober as he is—may develop an unnatural taste for the macabre and may be obsessed with the idea of death. This in its turn may be sublimated into a surgical talent or into mystical contemplation of the next world.

It Indicates one who is great and magnificent, imbued with feelings of magnanimity and reposeful strength. His opinions are lofty and elevated, his views wide as the seas, and his stability of purpose in all respects equal to his strength of mind. He looks forward to the future with confidence, and his hopes will not be frustrated. It is a degree of MAGNITUDE.


2-3 deg Scorpio

Clear-sighted, imaginative, and tolerant character. One knows the complexity of human nature and accepts it with its flaws and qualities. However, one prefers to be alone to ponder over philosophical and scientific concepts. Success can be achieved in philosophy, mathematics, or scientific research.

This degree is oriented toward a contemplative life and bestows such a depth of thought as can become an abyss. Whether it shall be an abyss of evil or of good, the whole of the nativity has to decide. The Powerful One, having overstepped the limits of sense delusions (what the Hindus call Maya) is rid of the bonds and ties hampering earthly beings, which is a danger in itself.

This ought to be enough. Outwardly the native is silent, close, lonesome and shy of human society and fellowship, but others sooner or later may be compelled to acknowledge that, though he spoke not, he had his way and left a very conspicuous mark where he trod.

It cannot be ruled out that, in particularly ominous horoscopes, lamentable travesties of true yoga and mystic pilgrimages are staged: the idle beggar stationed at a street corner; the vagrant wandering aimlessly through the world.

Denotes one who strives to bring the light of truth into a world of darkness. It is not enough for him gradually to secure acknowledgments— individual minds won over, whilst useful, are not what he most desires. He must arouse the masses from their sleep, and the blow he strikes on inert materialism will bring into action a light more brilliant than the stars. It is a symbol of Penetration.

This degree grants great abilities for the individual to control his own character development. It gives an ability to rise above circumstances and use what-ever experiences are at hand to build the overall character he chooses to develop. He is influenced by his environment but not governed by it. Whereas some may blame circumstances for their failures, he may be greater as a result of the same experience which defeated a lesser being. He may become disillusioned but he is always prepared to take the responsibility for his own actions. He is fond of occult studies but looks at everything with a clear, in penetrating, and unprejudiced mentality. He has an exceptional memory and if he is so oriented., he may hold a grudge. He is capable of great hostility, the expression of such will be attuned to his overall character.

This symbol is the index of one given to solitude and deep philosophic thought, a lover of the mysterious and abstruse. Impressed with the unreality of things around him and the changefulness of human relations, he is disposed to the study of eternal verities and feels in no need of companionship. He is not a misanthrope nor a pessimist, but he has a true perspective of lie and regards things and persons according to their true value. It is a degree of DISILLUSION.


3-4 deg Scorpio

Calm, generous, and caring character endowed with great artistic gifts. All forms of art are very favoured, especially music, but also poetry, dance, painting, the cinema, etc. Success and universal fame are achieved through artistic disciplines.

A deep and penetrating mind is to be found here. This native has moral courage and strength to spare. He fights for the right as he sees it but with pacifist techniques. He is possessed of such power and insight that his action may be such as to decide the course of some particular action without himself having uttered a word of explanation. One who commands respect without any obvious effort to do so. He has an inspiring effect on large groups of people if he chooses to be such an influence. He is however more oriented to a mystical and contemplative life away from more mundane social action. He may find that he has overstepped the bounds through meditation and not be able to return to the body again. He may become skilled at brinkmanship if he goes this route.

Denotes one of skilful mind and aggressive nature who desires to rise in life and lead, but who recognizes the need of careful preparation and planning before he ventures out. When fortified, he uses his inborn nature and tact, making sure his weapons are keen and capable. It is a symbol of Preparedness.

Art, harmony and merriness are the hallmarks of this degree. Merriness: a sparkling fullness of life, a freedom from worry, a lively cheerfulness utterly exempt from coarseness; happiness or, at any rate, contentedness and luck. Harmony: an agreement of the soul with the innermost self and the surrounding world, creative balance, inner peace, lord-like generosity toward one’s neighbors, faithfulness to the ideal of the chosen career, apt to reward the native with renown or, at least, success. Art: lyrical art in its widest sense; poetry, theatre, particularly music; or, at least, refined taste and feelings.

Should the whole of the pattern bear the mark of spiritual pursuits, the native would be a follower of the mystic school leading to union through love, and to the attainment of one’s highest aim through an harmonious correspondence with things rather than through a harsh self-conquest. On the other hand, where the stars purport a feeble character, or an inner split, idle propensities and a trifling disposition, this degree but heightens such vices and does not bear any, of its above-mentioned fruits.

This is indicative of a nature almost wholly given to the pursuit and cultivation of the fine arts. The mind is harmonious, generous and peaceable. The life will be free from disquieting and distressful elements, and the inherent harmony and refinement of this character will be reflected in all his works. He will strive by the use of the gentle arts as well as by the more liberal, to illustrate and interpret the finer emotions of the soul. In art or the drama he will meet with great distinction. It is a degree of SOUND.


4-5 deg Scorpio

Extremist, reckless, and destructive character. One may be an instrument of hatred. This degree describes all sorts of misfortunes brought about by natural disasters or political upheavals. Although one works hard, efforts remain unproductive because projects are not well-prepared. This degree warns against a possible injury caused by fire and affecting the legs.

Miscarriage of any undertaking, lack of any constructive capacity, powerlessness to carry anything to its end. A volcanic and bungling mind, apt to set hand to a thousand and one fine things without being able to see a single one through. The resulting extravagant waste of energy is crowned by complete failure.

This is no doubt a reckless, brutal and ravaging nature, a real hurricane incarnate. The body actually may be crippled, perhaps in the legs. Yet, should the native be open to highly religious and spiritual ideals—not incompatible with the features mentioned above provided the rest of the nativity confirms it—he may be of some use to society by shaking slumbering consciousnesses and giving an impulse toward good, which then could be carried out by others.

Denotes one singularly gifted and of great power of observation who has ability to turn even the thoughts of old-world philosophies into forms of materialistic triumph. He is disposed to regard the thoughts of men and to ponder over, consider, and utilize what most people would cast aside as useless. Failures do not daunt his spirit, for he knows that success comes from repeated failures. He “attempts the end and does not stand to doubt.” It is a symbol of Achievement.

This degree is closely associated with skill in all of the art forms, especially music. However, I have not personally found musical ability here. In my experience it is more associated with art and fineness of perception. The natives here are highly sensitive to their lack of ability as well as the honest ability they have. They have an inner gentleness which is not associated with weakness but with strength. They never go off “half-cocked.” They wait until they know what they are doing before they take action of any kind. They display a masterful ability to maintain a peaceful and generous control. They incorporate a hard and authoritative logic, driving home their position which is always well taken. In battle they are usually gentle but firm and usually win with a minimum of useless controversy. Should one take an interest in one of the mystical schools, always of interest to Scorpio, he would choose path of love and the gentler more harmonious attunement rather than the more harsh self-denial paths, leading rigorous disciplines of the body. He already controls I body but he does it more gently.

Free as the wind that blows will be the mind of him who shall answer to this degree of the circle. Violent withal and rash, he shall put forth much strength to no purpose, and the path of him will be marked by waste and extravagance. Fallen idols and desolated temples will be the outcome of his genius, and to destroy where he cannot build will appear his appear his aimless pursuit in life. Nevertheless in the end he will become himself the desecrated tomb of many forlorn and blighted hopes. It is a degree of WANTONNESS.


5-6 deg Scorpio

The garden symbolises a humble, nice, and conscientious character. Attention to detail and persistence bring about success and notoriety in natural sciences, botany, or horticulture. One may give one's name to a new species of flower or fruit. The donkey warns against stubbornness, laziness, and whimsical behaviour. A strong Mercury in the natal chart offsets the danger of violence and ruin heralded by this degree.

This degree is fraught with wasted energy. There is danger of injury to the legs. There is insufficient direction, planning or control of the energy and Because of this most of the effort he puts forth dead ends to no useful purpose. However, if the rest of the charts grants the necessary direction and control this would provide the energy for success. It also must not ruled out that he, himself, seeing this pattern will take to correct the obvious faults. These natives are often successful in their work usually earning high salaries, even though perhaps they move around from one job to other. So, perhaps there is a sense of genius which society has not recognized here. Perhaps it is a lack of conformity which really causes this native trouble, although he is not obviously recognized as a non-conformist. Rather than fighting society’s rules he simply ignores them and cuts own path which, of course, requires more effort and of necessity result in much trial and error.

Denotes a forceful, determined character who will not be easily imposed on. A hater of deceit and mean actions, he silences the deception by crushing the deceiver. With himself he is continually at war, being swayed by two emotions, one uplifting, the other degrading. What he wishes to remain in mastery will remain. It is a symbol of Watchfulness.

A real worker, the native will easily put up with hardships and think little of himself. In spite of a great sense of duty, there is an inner split, which could result in gossipy duplicity or even pervert modesty into dissembling servility. Though patient enough, the native will carry out his task bluntly rather than further it actively and steadily; he does not put enough zest into his work. An appropriate training will have to supply him with the necessary share of stead-fastness, or he will risk stopping in the middle of any undertaking.

If the will power can be educated at all, the native’s limitation will not exclude success, as his painstaking care of details will be appreciated. Ups and downs can be expected in his social status, but if he is liable to fall, he is as well apt to rise again.

It is the index of a mind that is given to carefulness in small things and attention to detail; whose heart is in his task; and whose soul is content with the simple fruits thereof. Such an one will build up a name and position for himself by dint of patient and laborious toil, whether in natural science or in the ordinary avocation of a commercial life, and in the end he will be sure of his due reward. It is a degree of CONTINUITY.


6-7 deg Scorpio

This degree indicates that wealth is acquired through sheer luck. It might be an old treasure hidden by forebears, or an unexpected bequest. The natal chart indicates if one is able to increase the riches granted, or if one squanders them. Occupations dealing with precious stones, ores, and anything buried in the earth are extremely favoured and bring about the kind of success one had never dared to imagine, even in the wildest dreams.

The symbol conveys its meaning clearly enough, but it may help to remark that this influence can work on different planes. It may refer to the native’s precious gifts as well as to something outward that destiny has in store for him as a surprise; in this latter sense the symbol may be taken literally or metaphorically. None of the foregoing interpretation bars other ones; as usual, things are to be looked at within the frame of the whole astrological picture.

Now for the details: Inner treasure may be taken to mean wealth of feelings, ideas or other forces of the mind. The element prevailing in the nativity will show the right sense if the houses and the aspects also are taken into account. A material treasure may be collected as a result of commercial dealings; or, whatever the success, the native’s lot may be to deal in jewels or rare objects. Otherwise he may be born to dig out mineral ore (gold, silver, etc.), archaeological remains, or to perform fruitful research journeys. In some cases the native may be singled out by destiny to be, spiritually or technically, the leader of an entire people.

Apart from all this, we may add that the native is a tireless worker and that he is liable to show some childish features even in adult age; at the same time there is something royal about him, and his fortune holds something unexpected —and illogical —in store for him. Whether these are all to be pleasant surprises must be left to the pointers of luck in the chart to decide.

This much can be said with assurance: the native has some karmic mysteries in his path, before which the average mind will feel thoroughly puzzled.

Denotes one whose destiny is to triumph over mere material force. One of great spirit, who will be enabled to demonstrate how much grander and how much more uplifting are the applied thoughts of man than the crude assertions and denials of materialism, no matter in what garb it may appear. His nature is free, his thoughts are free, and he desires to see all men aspire to true freedom and understanding. It is a symbol of Raising.

Detail work can be a stumbling block or steppingstone to these individuals. When they are successful it is because of the details they have been willing to build into the job from the foundation up. If they fail it is also usually attributed to being preoccupied with details. They are nearly impossible to deter from their man working. It may be suggested that one would succeed were if he were only willing to accept training. However, training is as likely to stifle his real genius as it is to make him follow an accepted pattern and reach a measure of recognized success. He receives criticism for various, characteristics which may, or may not, be weaknesses. If he is unduly impressed with these criticisms he may be thrown off the track. However, the basic nature is one which resists such pressure and for the most part establishes a continuity which may, or may not, end in success.

This symbol denotes one who shall gain his position in the world by fortuitous means, and acquire considerable wealth by exploration and discovery. He may become a great trader in precious tones, a discoverer of rare minerals, or the pioneer of some undeveloped country. Such as may be his calling, he will have unusual success therein, and by means of his good fortune will be raised to a position which he had never looked to enjoy. It is a degree of FORTUNE.


7-8 deg Scorpio

Proud, vigilant, and courageous character endowed with numerous talents. One's competences are put at the service of the affairs of the country, probably in the field of justice and diplomacy. Rewards come in the guise of fame, honours, and a rich marriage. However, one must not heed one's jealous instincts and must refrain from being unfaithful in love.

Natives of this degree hold within themselves a solid core which defies description. The power of this reality partly rests in its hidden and secretive nature. It is one which has not been recognized by mankind who tends to recognize only material values. However, the quality of this degree is such that it usually brings the material things the world looks for as a result of a much more valuable reality. He radiates a quality which appears to be inconsistent with some of the details of his behavior. Some of these details may be inherent and attached to his real quality and some of these details may be the result of distortions which he has incorporated to protect himself from misunderstanding. Those who are unable to recognize the real pearl are also at a loss to separate the genuine characteristics from the camouflage. They appear as a real mystery to those around them. If one is wealthy he is considered fortunate, if not he appears as a misfit.

Denotes one whose object is to gain knowledge and who strives hard to attain his desires. In his dealings with others he holds the thought uppermost, and endeavors to turn the light of his acquirements on to material things. He has the ability to make his work on earth interesting and popular. He gains by deaths and certain work with others, but happiness will not be his so long as he holds the false light of materialism before his eyes. His happiness is in the ideal, the true and only real. It is a symbol of Eagerness.

An original, fighting, generous and unprejudiced nature. A writer’s talent, a demonstrative, enthusiastic, buoyant and sprightly character, thoughtless of the morrow, capable of the most intense activity and likely to reach distinction through some outstanding feat. These are the assets.

Now for the liabilities. An extraordinary light-mindedness, an unaccountable splurge and waste of energy, a random existence, a ceaseless and aimless whirlwind of activity, an extravagant or scandalous life of perpetual hustle and bustle. The native knows no self-restraint and is driven to monopolize everyone’s attention and to be the cynosure of all eyes. His sexual urge will be raised to a principle inspiring his behavior. He will dive headlong into love affairs, intrigues and adventures, with a haughty disregard of consequences and a defiant contempt of custom. There will be an unruly foolhardiness; squabbles will occur over the paltriest trifles; where lust is at stake, the native will not balk at crime.

It indicates one who is restless, flighty, and indeterminate; effecting operations without design, using his forces at hazard, and frequently engaging in strife upon small occasion. In social life he will be disposed to be dissolute and disrespectful of convention, and will become involved in more love affairs than he will be able to manage successfully. Intensity, enthusiasm and nonchalance are the chief features of his character. It is a degree of INCONSEQUENCE.


8-9 deg Scorpio

Compassionate, altruistic, and courageous character. Childhood is clouded by bad luck and the lack of parental affection. Lack of care during the period of body growth may result in frail health. Financial help is available from a female figure. One is not embittered by life ordeals, and in adulthood, one achieves success in non-profit associations or humanitarian work. This degree indicates the possibility to adopt a child.

It is a degree of childishness. Spiritual development will be lopsided, and therefore incomplete, during childhood. Early suffering. (The two things do not hang of necessity on the same thread, though it may be assumed that they do.) The following may be reasonably expected to occur: either the child will lose both parents at an early age, or lose one of them and be neglected by the survivor, or neither of the parents will die, but the child will feel or believe itself neglected or misunderstood, and therefore will waste its days sticking to the skirts of an old charwoman or to the overalls of an old workman of its father’s. Allowance may be made for other cases as well; the scholar will have to find them out taking the other features into account.

The keynote of this degree consists in its exposing childhood to the risk of an irregular development of mind and character. The whole of the horoscope will have to show whether men or events are to blame, whether the reasons for this are to be sought inside the native in an inordinately developed ego, or in the outside world. The possible consequences of this influence are twofold: either an unmanly sagging and flagging of the mind, or an exaggerated reaction resulting in a superiority complex.

Whatever the truth, the native will stay long unripe and childish in his youth after having had an insufficiently youthful childhood. Restless, hypercritical, irreverent and ingenuous at the same time, he may, however, blossom into a useful member of society; when he reaches a higher position than his limited mind would purport, and thus shows a positive reaction to his early discouragement, he may even develop materially humanitarian tendencies. I say materially. In the spiritual field, ungenerosity will be the rule.

Denotes one to whom ancient lore, poetry, and life strongly appeal, and whose soul goes back to those old days often in thought, often in sleep. But his nature is more positive than negative, and he can exhibit an aggressive or warlike front. He would do well to yield to his artistic nature and not allow the rustling of the wind to disturb his higher dreams. Let him let war rest like the old ship of the Greeks in the symbol, for the cruel days of war are passing. It is a symbol of Antiqueness.

A high degree of intelligence sets these natives off from those around them. The passionate nature of Scorpio may provide an avenue of escape which may lead to destruction. The real problem here is being too far ahead of the rest of us. They have a real impatience with what to them amounts to stupidity. They also have their emotional hang-ups which amount to blind spots. However, their mental genius is not to be denied. This coupled with their need for human companionship gives them an almost impossible load to carry. They tend to pervert their mental genius for the sake of companionship which also ends up being perverted. If this native can find a setting in which he is able to use his mental ability unfettered by lack of understanding around him and still satisfy his need for companionship he indeed has the makings for r accomplishment. This degree also has an effect on the eyes. He may also be very lacking in psychological which would facilitate his relationships.

This symbol Is indicative of a childhood spent in adverse circumstances; and of a nature that may be in danger of degeneration through neglect in the earlier stages of its growth. Bereft of parents and guardians at an early age, the nature is doomed to self-assertion and effort, or else to desolation and despair. Obscure in origin, and reared among strangers, the nature is yet capable of attaining to considerable distinction. It is a degree of ORPHANAGE.


9-10 deg Scorpio

Cheerful, clever, and elusive character. One is highly skilled in simulation and manipulation and keeps one's objectives carefully concealed beneath merry and helpful attitudes. Should the natal chart concur, this degree indicates a brilliant success as a diplomat, an actor, or in any occupation involving the design and manufacturing of costumes.

The major character of this degree seems to indicate a deprived childhood. Why this should be an element of this degree I do not know. Beyond this native’s experiences and his over-all capacity to deal with them during his early life will most definitely determine which route he follows. The deprivation during childhood may take various forms. Sometimes the loss of one or both parents but also parents may have stayed with the child but the relationship was not conducive to the promotion overall well being. This also may have taken various forms and perhaps is to be found only after close examination. At the very least, this individual’s attitude toward life was, more than of most people, formed during childhood. Childhood is always an important period of life. But here childhood is most fraught with dangers of an insurmountable nature. Nor does this influence free him from the responsibilities he must assume for himself as he suffers his actions regardless of the root causes.

Denotes one capable of receiving, translating, and presenting many shades of opinion, chiefly as regards philosophies or sciences with which he is identified. He is unorthodox in thought, but reasonable, desiring not to condemn, but rather to enlighten, others. He may travel a great deal, but money does not cling to him, and he must avoid risks of all sorts. His wealth is in himself. It is a symbol of Discrimination.

Malice ranging from witty joke to coarse treacherousness. A lightning-like presence of mind and intuition; in stupid natives, cunning. A mathematical mind. In lower beings, a scheming brain, a soul that can exploit to the uttermost the sympathy it awakens in others. The greatest faculty of dissembling and surprising, a marked political talent. In contemptible beings, double-dealing. In all cases the character will be close, silent, sphinx-like, fond of secrecy.

There will be journeys, perhaps scientific discoveries.

It denotes one whose character is never wholly expressed, but who is capable of simulating qualities and characteristics which are not proper to himself. The nature is taciturn, sarcastic, and critical; sometimes deceptive; and always capable of playing a part, whether it be for good or evil. Difficult to understand and to penetrate, the thought is yet more playful than malicious, and is capable of attracting friends and admirers without committing itself to any obligation. It is a degree of SIMULATION.


10-11 deg Scorpio

Vigilant, astute, and timid character. One is so deeply engrossed in one's research, in occultism, astrology and the mysteries of life that one overlooks the danger lurking. Therefore, one is caught off guard when troubles and ordeals crop up. One must exercise more caution and clear-sightedness if one is to obtain the success and fame promised by this degree.

In the foreground, a son’s love and solidarity with one’s native clan. On the reverse side of the shield, lack of measure.

Lasting affections, inability to live without love; faithfulness and jealousy.

Contrast of daring and shyness, of headiness and yieldingness. Lack of balance in front of life’s dangers and ambushes, unnecessary alarm and neglect of the most obvious precautions, implicit faith in those who do not deserve any, and injurious suspicions; fear of imaginary risks and blindness before real risk, useless wariness and silly rashness.

Denotes one poetical, intense, conservative, imaginative, idealistic, and artistic, one for whom simple beauty has a lasting and long appeal. His thoughts are above the narrow limits of form, creed, and custom, and his actions are marked by gentleness and feeling. The scientific vein in his nature is nurtured with the blood of Uranian science, and he is held but little to the wilder theories of some modern materialistic speculations. Whatever he handles must be dainty, sweet, and artistic. He loves children, flowers, the country, and all those things which lend grace and charm to earth life. It is a symbol of Serenity.

A basic deceptive quality here contributes to theatrical ability. Usually this deception is motivated an enjoyment of playing games rather than being malicious. But if distorted by frustration and there are problems very difficult for him to solve his traits could become treacherous. For the most part he is the jovial clown, possible to pin down to anything serious most especially anything requiring a commitment on his part. He usually takes a position of a playful happy-go-lucky life of the character. He may also play with sarcasm and sphinx-like innuendoes calculated to raise doubts without making his points crystal clear but leaving room for interpretations. The basic Scorpio nature is secretive and here it reaches the level of developed skill to hide his real nature even though he has nothing but his superior ability to hide. He still feels safer playing a part and leaving his associates to guess at what he is really like. Companionship plays a very necessary part in his routine. People really are his workshop and his great joy is keeping other people guessing.

It is the indication of a timorous and watchful nature, apprehensive of’ dangers that are not apparent and unmindful of those which are inevitable as the nightfall. Such an one is liable to be taken unawares and deceived in the chief affairs of life; and while showing astuteness in all that he has regard to, he will yet prove himself to be more watchful and cautious than wise and far- sighted. It is a degree of INSECURITY.

11-12 deg Scorpio

Reserved, obsessive, and resourceful character. One is surrounded by enemies who claim compensation for an injustice which one is responsible for. This degree sometimes indicates that one is haunted by the remorse for an old mistake or by some secret tragedy.

This native feels a strong tie with his home both in his childhood and later a home of his own. There is also an emphasis on details brought about by a basically suspicious nature. So much so that he may miss the forest for the trees. While he is paying close attention to detail so that no one slips anything over on him he may be overcome by an obvious move which he ignores. He fails to pay attention to open and obvious situations which represent a real threat to his overall well being. He feels a possessive affection for those close to him, and displays the characteristic jealousy of Scorpio.

Denotes one of a strange and sensitive temperament occult, thoughtful, and original. One who, like the battery in the symbol, will give shocks to many. He will have peculiarities and eccentricities, and will not be altogether easy to pull with, not that his temper is unkind, but that his vibrations are so fervent and his emotions so powerful. He is disposed to austerities and rigid rules of living which greatly influence others. It is a symbol of Immolation.

One virtue is outstanding here: prudence. The word is to be taken in its widest range of meanings: wariness, ponderation,, wisdom, foresight and, above all, the highest ability to ward off one’s despicable but sly and numerous foes.

A resourceful mind, an individually marked character, reserved manners. Such virtues, however, border on the corresponding defects: cunning, selfishness and, perhaps, devious ways.

The sexual urge is strong and could induce lustfulness. Longstanding angers, leaving behind muffled grudges. There may be real ill will. The native’s karma is bad and will force him always to keep on the lookout.

It is the index of a mind that is prudent and resourceful. provident and reserved. But it also shows one who is surrounded by enemies and liable to ambushes and deceit. This circumstance will unfortunately call forth all the lower and rueful faculties of the nature, and while rendering the person free from harm by such enemies will at the same time tend to degenerate the mind. It is a degree of SELF- DEFENCE.

12-13 deg Scorpio

Independent, reserved, and inscrutable, yet pleasant character. One is a loner, and even with family members and friends, one instinctively keeps one's distance. However, one's intelligence, trustworthiness, and courage win people's respect and affection. This degree indicates success and steady wealth. It also gives the taste for travels.

Whether the native is high-born or a self-made man coming of an obscure family, fate certainly has earmarked him to occupy an eminent, independent position and to hold sway over others, owing to his inborn inexhaustible force. To obey him is a matter of course, nearly of necessity.

An untiring, hard worker, he is fully confident in himself, and his firmness of purpose borders on stubbornness. Laconic, or even silent, he can scan and pierce everything around himself at a glance without betraying any of his feelings. Close but long-sighted, strong but on his defensive, cunning yet intelligent, he has fortune on his side and all the good or evil qualities needed to assert oneself and achieve success, his main asset being an iron will, unshakeable and undaunted; his main defect, a selfish, despotic, scheming ambition.

When other aspects point to a liking for the career of arms, this degree will bestow the gift of strategy. Should the stars point to agriculture instead, the native would be a great organizer and manager of farms.

Denotes one whose work is destined to live and influence men long after he has left the earth, one of an intensely psychic nature, sensitive, and mediumistic. He will have many earthly struggles and will find many sharp rocks in the way of his progress. He suffers more from his absolute lack of sympathy with earth matters as they are at present. His wanderings in the summer lands, however, bring him infinite peace and joy in the midst of pain. It is a symbol of Reveries.

Defensiveness is very marked in this degree. However, for the most part it is well controlled. If he loses his balance defensiveness will be the result. However, it is not likely that this highly competent being will be put in this position. He, for some reason, seems to attract many people difficult to deal with. He seems to be adequate to these challenges and perhaps even thrives on having to cope with difficulties of this nature. He has a measure of compassion and understanding but his righteous indignation is potent and lasting when there has not been sufficient cause for him to relent. He has ample resources to defend himself. Although when he is sufficiently occupied in dealing with deceitful and malicious people and situations he is subject to mental distortions. These experiences may tend to color his general outlook on life. It is very difficult to remain cheerful and optimistic when most of the energy and skill that you have is taken up with such dealings. There is another not much emphasized quality here having to do with the power inherent in polarity of positive and negative charges. He seems to have some quality which enhances his ability to work with electricity and also some ability to do healing by use of the hands. It shows one of a powerful and independent nature, relying on his own counsel and capable of standing alone. A degree of taciturnity and reserve will add to the general inscrutability of the mind of this person, and dispose him to command the respect and regard of others. His position will be elevated, his success in life will be assured by his own innate strength, and his fortunes will remain untouched by the hand of change. It is a degree of’ STABILITY.

13-14 deg Scorpio

Jovial, sincere, and generous character. One confides in anyone, including in persons who are not trustworthy. Owing to one's excessive and undiscerning generosity, one is easily taken advantage of by greedy people, and thus, one endangers one's wealth. If in the natal chart, the Sun is in conjunction with this degree, it indicates frail health.

This degree typifies a lonely self-made man. There is very little gentleness displayed by this degree. The native usually isolates himself and although he enjoys the company of the opposite sex he is not a good marriage partner. These people tend to be very strong and very stubborn. Usually one accomplishes very little other than making a safe place for himself. He is cunning in the planning of strategy of various kinds and may put his talents to work in agriculture if other areas of the chart incline in that direction.

Denotes one whose mind is disposed to wander to be distracted by the events of the moment. He needs to concentrate and to fight against the scattering of his thoughts. Ability he has, and can do well enough if he attends to one thing at a time. The tendency is to lose by carelessness what he earns by labor. It is a symbol of Distraction.

Many would be the native’s likeable sides if only he had some character, but he is very unlikely to have any should his Ascendant (or point of equidistance, or Sun) happen to fall on this degree. Anyhow, his best features would be openness, directness, innocence—all virtues which, to be realized in practice, would need such firmness, energy and self-denial as are certainly conspicuous for their absence here.

Moreover, the native is more hearty and impulsively courageous than cool-minded and clear- headed, candid rather than reserved, modest rather than discreet.

In spite of all, people will like his genial, hearty open comradeship, his loving kindness toward his friends. Though he may be harmed by other people’s (if not his own) indiscretion, he is no fool and can gauge human characteristics in their whole, if not through a minute test of their details.

It is an indication of a jovial and sympathetic nature, disposed to some degree of self- indulgence, and liable to indiscretions which will prove harmful to the fortunes. It augurs much liberality and frankness of mind, a kindly but weak nature, and a very intimate knowledge of human character. It is a degree of COMRADESHIP.


14-15 deg Scorpio

Lazy, conceited, and fatalistic character. One has the mentality of a freeloader and does not hesitate to claim other people's work as one's own. One keeps the whole world responsible for one's misfortunes instead of learning the skills required for making a living.

It is a feminine degree. It bestows remarkable beauty, a debonair character, a probably strong physique or, at any rate, one that can stand pain, hardship and hard work; but it tends to exclude any spiritual kind of religion. Its essential feature is an absolute fatalism which, according to the marshaling of the other influences, can produce two different effects.

In a noble native there will be a tragically deterministic view of the main problems of life, a mechanical conception of the universe, leaving no room for any religious faith or anything transcendent; a stoic acceptance of any sacrifice — nay, a need to sacrifice oneself, even groundlessly, as a kind of mental masochism, without any enthusiasm or joy for the hardships withstood, which may really have cost a great self-denial.

On the other hand, a much coarser being will not be an atheist but a fetishist, a bigoted clericalist or the like. He will be utterly devoid of any stoical spirit and apt to let his fatalism or determinism—no longer a purely sentimental or speculative leaning—weigh heavily on his practical life and work. In this case the native’s main feature will be a slothful passivity, which may border on idleness or cowardice. Should a fillip from outside or an inner impulse rouse the sluggard to some work, he will fling himself blindly into it, but his labor will risk being wasted, and his body being crippled in the process.

One result is common to both types of native: he will not be able to taste the joy or the pleasures of life.

Denotes one disposed to travel and to delight in adventure and change. He has a vigorous personality, but is inclined to take from others more he is willing to give. He will possibly attain a position, and his influence will sway many, it let him learn when to fall back into a more peaceful life, else will the great ship be cast on a dangerous coast by reason of strange influences, and disaster will be the end. It is a symbol of Conflict.

This is one of the weaker degrees of Scorpio. The native is ruled more by the heart than the head and his courage is more impulsive than steady. He usually attracts a host of friends who value him for his compassion and understanding. These natives, because of their interaction with people, are masters at judging human qualities through a minute search of detail or simply by an evaluation of the whole picture as it functions. Much comradeship is indicated here and real skill in dealing with people. However, he is still subject to indiscreet actions of his own as well as his friends. The give and take of communication reaches a peak here and will solve many problems and prevent many problems from getting out of hand. There is an honest openness which inspires confidence as well as an innocence from lack of anything to hide. Even though he has nothing to hide, the personality is many faceted and complicated and many feel that they know this individual without suspecting the depths to which he reaches.

This symbol indicates a mind that is slothful and inactive, relying on a false idea of the invariable necessity of things rather than upon his own efforts and disposed to take a fatalistic view of life. But both heaven and Earth conspire against him, and while he remains heedless of the busy workers all around him, the sweets of life also remain unknown to him; eventually he will be spurred into a blind and fruitless activity, and will suddenly be bereft of his natural powers. It is a degree of INDOLENCE.


15-16 deg Scorpio

Independent, scheming, and quarrelsome character. One does not hesitate to embark on dangerous adventures, which brings about in failure and ruin.

This degree represents the most undeveloped of the Scorpio qualities. There is the dead weight philosophy of fatalism coupled with a masochistic drive to suffer. He may throw himself blindly into some kind of work but for some reason seems not to reap any reasonable benefit from his efforts. He is most likely to miss coming to grips with life in any way to produce an awareness of either the good or the bad of the action going on around him. He somehow remains detached from all meaningful contact. Of course, this is never the only degree to be stimulated in a chart. The course may be charted more clearly elsewhere and perhaps the real nature of this degree has not yet been seen in its true light. It will, however, add to the load rather than lighten it.

Denotes one who is mixed up in life’s battles and fights for every advantage. Gifted with endurance and a penetrative mind, he wins his way through obstacles only to meet more obstacles later on. But he knows, for all this, that the Power sustaining him is faithful, and he prays for peace in the midst of war. It is a symbol of Contrition.

An ancient Christian legend tells how, when Lucifer was flung down from Heaven, a jewel fell from his crown. From this jewel a cup was carved in which, on the day of our Lord’s passion, Joseph of Arimathea gathered the blood flowing from crucified Christ’s five wounds. This chalice, luciferic by origin, divine by destination, is named Grail. Its wardens are knights enlisted into a military order having its headquarters in a mysterious and impervious place by the name of Monsalvat. Hence the knights set out to bring mankind the medicines it needs, to defend the oppressed, and to redress downtrodden rights. But not all the knights have stayed faithful; evil forces try to win over as many of them as possible, and the ranks of deserters form the army of Monsalvat’s bitterest foes.

This legend’s secret meaning does not concern us here, but only such hints as are necessary to explain the symbol, whose essence ought to be clear by now, consisting in a spirit of Christian charity and mercy served by an enlightened mind and a chivalrous and enthusiastic heart. A knight errant may not tell a lie; formidable as the foes may be, a righteous one cannot be conquered in an ordeal, down a merciful one cannot but be human and kind, a Christian hero cannot but be lovable.

Whatever the moral height of the native, foreign is the country where he is called to act, his outward appearance is nimble and ‘attractive, his wedding princely. Should other components allow, he would belong either to a secret sect or to the militant Church.

It is the index of a kind and benevolent nature; a generous and humane disposition; ever eager to befriend and comfort those who may be in distress of body or mind. The grandeur and spiritual loftiness of this soul will attract many friends, and the work of charity and benevolence will increase continually, gathering volume as it goes, till it reaches the ocean of human life, and enfolds all mankind. It is a degree of HUMANENESS.


16-17 deg Scorpio

Benevolent, altruistic, and tactful character. Life is dedicated to the alleviation of other people's sufferings. This degree sometimes describes a patron who protects artists or funds philanthropic organisations. The natal chart indicates what really lies beneath such generosity, and whether one is motivated by self-interests, or on the contrary, by a genuine spirit of universal fraternity.

He who takes no risks, takes no rusks. —Italian proverb

This degree would greatly favor a military career if it had not a great drawback— the total absence of even the slightest amount of civil courage. To be more accurate, that slightest amount would have been no moral virtue but merely a show of some political value, so that the absence of even that much results not only in cowardice but in imbecility as well. The native is weak towards himself, his opponents, life; though a line must be drawn between private and professional life. Outwardly the greatest gent1eman, he is punctual at work, scrupulously honest and accurate, always smart and proud, and will enjoy the sympathy and esteem of all. At home lie is ruthlessly selfish and torn by the craving for new sensations and lusts. Rather than reckless and dishonest in love, he is unprejudiced and shameless and will be naturally enough worshipped by representatives of the opposite sex.

Will that universal esteem or this widespread worship amount to anything? Hardly anything at all; if it comes to fight or to the slightest show of manly pluck, the native will stage a dignified withdrawal, lordly and cowardly beyond belief.

Therefore, unless favored with a great amount of luck from other stars, his life will be a failure or, at least, a great disappointment as he always will consider discretion the better part of valor and will end his days in misery.

Voyages are better avoided.

Denotes peculiar birth conditions, but a gifted person who, though threatened with danger, overcomes and produces worthy works. His powerful and energetic soul is blended with idealism, poetry, and beauty. There is firmness in all he does, and a power which gives it penetrative force and excellence. It is a symbol of Romance.

Natives of this degree have strong feelings of chivalry, kindness, and humanitarian goals. However, they often become involved in secret societies and have little understanding of the growth and development of individual responsibilities. They often interfere with someone’s problems and thereby become entangled themselves, sometimes in a situation about which they knew very little. They defend with violence and make good soldiers, reliable, courageous, and honorable. They are loyal and humane in their actions. This degree also has an effect on growth. It often produces giants or dwarfs and has an influence on the development of tumors, both malignant and non-malignant.

It is the symbol of a life that is wrecked and battered about by the winds of adversity, a condition of misery and abandonment the most profound, The life will be a wandering and rudderless drifting upon troubled waters; and whether through his own fault or folly, or the yet more relentless hand of a most inimical fate, the fortunes will eventually be in danger of wreck and ruin, and the native will become a derelict from the great sea of life. It is a degree of ADANDONMENT.


17-18 deg Scorpio

Bold, sensual, and passionate character. One may become famous in plastic arts through some scandalous controversy, a sensational love affair, or some dangerous occupation. Moral standards are questionable and may lead to prison. However, this degree tremendously favours success.

Mercury’s S Node is on this degree. It shows moral cowardice. Strangely, it does not seem to show the usual courage and wisdom of the sign. Perhaps Mercury’s S Node here rips away the mental logic of violence but without incorporating a solution by an awareness of other ways to solve problems leading to violence. There is a suggestion of an ability to work with color and vibration. Often there is sex appeal of a very surface quality. is associated with colitis, cancer, and appendicitis, w also indicates much frustration from buried resentments. Much of his action seems to indicate an attempt to escape. With Mercury’s S Node here the avenues of escape greatly narrowed.

Denotes one for whom pleasure hides danger. His passions are high and not easy to control, and his appetites tend to follow his desires. There is a love of grace in art, movement, and sound which impels him to excitement and sensation. He attempts to influence and control, but is liable to be deceived himself in the end. Let him be warned. It is a symbol of Inflaming.

A strict sense of justice, a liking for aimless leisure, unlucky love affairs thwarted by jealousy and mistrust (whether the native or the other partner is jealous, the whole of the horoscope must tell), an absolute lack of autonomy, a life weighed down by an excess of sloth. The native seems to lay little store by his own word, as he thinks little of entering an engagement and even less of subsequently breaking his pledge.

Courage to act openly is conspicuous by its absence, and there is just enough courage to bear the consequences of one’s flippant fickleness or follies and to accept any sacrifice. Love for art, especially music, is deep-rooted. But one who has no character is unlikely to succeed unsupported in such a field, and there is no trace of any moral force here.

It is the index of a watchful, brave, but suspicious and jealous nature. Such an one will brave many dangers for the sake of mastery over the passions of others, and will be active in the attainment of the arts of conquest. Nevertheless it is probable that eventually the life will be endangered thereby, and, beyond the loss of power where it is most to be desired, the danger of a poisoned love, or a yet more sinister folly, will threaten to crush and obliterate this person. It is a degree of JEALOUSY.

18-19 deg Scorpio

Paradoxical character, at the same time combative and passive, benevolent and quarrelsome, bold and careful. The efforts put in with a view to achieving success benefit from the protection of powerful people to whom one is loyal. This degree may also indicate a strong appetite and overweight problems.

As watchful and wary as anybody, the native is far from being a daredevil and seldom has real courage but looks as if he were always angry at everything and everybody, or nearly so, and his threats frighten numberless people. A fighter with words, he will display a bugbear’s grim-faced bluster but seldom attack, and never in front; if assailed, he will fight back with unequalled doggedness, and his bites will leave their mark.

Faithful in friendship and enmity, very exacting, quick-tempered but stubborn, inexhaustible on the battlefield, inexorable in victory, his Achilles’ heel lies in his unappeasable greed for material pleasure, sexual and convivial. He is, on the other hand, an excellent trencherman and could do justice to a gargantuan meal. At table he is nearly affable.

Where other aspects of the nativity indicate a spiteful and treacherous character, this filthy reptile will be a curse and a scourge for his fellow beings, as his is a heart of stone. Why do all-too-human beings acknowledge subconsciously this slimy being as their own master, even while hating him with all their soul? Is the reason to be traced in the destiny of all sensible things—and of them alone —to fall sooner or later into the dark god’s power, or in the power of his earthly representatives, as mud belongs to mud?

Anyhow, Cerberus will destroy whatever he lays hands—or better, paws— upon, and cannot build anything. But he knows a thing or two; he has an assimilating, wary, manifold, prompt mind, and a gift for languages, but is never either consequent or original.

Denotes one who is allured by the glitter of earth as a moth is by the lamp glare. He finds it hard to satisfy the yearning desire to possess and still possess, like one of abnormal hunger who is never satisfied. Let him take care lest this craze grasp him body and soul, and grasping him makes him the slave-victim of his passions. It is a symbol of Retrograding.

Mars S Node has been here since 1942. This degree also lacks courage but incorporates more violent passion than the previous degree. There is also considerable jealousy and mistrust shown here. It lacks vitality and a push to get things done. The native has a strict a severe sense of justice directed toward others in what assesses to be unsocial behavior, or personal injustices inflicted upon him.

It is the index of a mind that is given to disputes and assaults, eager in contention and yet cautious in self-defense. Such an one will prove a formidable and untiring adversary, yet at the same time a convivial companion With a somewhat abnormal taste for the good things of life, a good trencherman, and a man of sharp wit, he will make friends easily; but his enemies will be equally numerous. Headstrong and quick- tempered, he will yet bear himself bravely and honorably in strife, and his enemies will have much respect for him, while his friends will hold him up as a champion. It is a degree of AVIDITY.

19-20 deg Scorpio

Proud, independent, and fair character attracted to oriental matters. Success and fame can be achieved in politics and/or reforms and discoveries, particularly if the Sun is strong in the natal chart. This degree heralds that the greatest honours are granted, and that all ambitions are fulfilled, even the wildest ones.

Much Martian activity to be found here resulting in violence. He seems not to lack courage, however his taste for violent conflict is obvious. The mental ability may be limited when too many obstacles are found in his path. His enemies have a healthy respect for him. He is more aggressive in manner and seeks conflict with words he does not always have the courage or dare-devilish spirit to follow up. Although he appears to invite violence really a cover-up to ward off attack before it comes. When someone else becomes aggressive he runs. There is much disagreement on the part of authorities as to the possibilities here. When these natives are successful it is usually through the way they relate to violence. One authority refers to a whirling or unfolding action which suggests a possible development still to be revealed.

Denotes one especially favored and of magnetic personality who raises himself by his own efforts and indomitable mind. He gains by right, scorning base and unworthy actions, and gains in spite of obstacles which are raised against him. He brings to others pleasure and help. It is a symbol of Determination.

This degree favors social advancement and success in one’s chosen career, but it assures neither stability in it nor firmness of character. Where other factors concur, the native may attain to renown or glory which, though, never will rule out ups and downs.

Success is within the native’s reach on account of his courage and his spiritual height, supported by a rugged yet pliant body, and in glaring contrast to his unbridled lustfulness. Few people will be such an easy prey of women, gambling and wine; on the other hand, few can stand hardships so well as he can. But his balance could drift into inner split, his force in to quarrelsomeness or love of word fights, or into aggressiveness altogether.

Travels, probably east, will play a remarkable role, and during his wanderings the native is likely to make discoveries or important researches. A potentially unlimited intelligence lit by spiritual hope.

This symbol is indicative of a mind that is given to restlessness and travel for the sake of discovery. The rising of the Sun is a symbol of elevation and coming honor, while the ceaseless motion of the waters denotes many changes and long voyages, especially in the direction of the Orient. There both fortune and distinction will a wait him and in some field of exploration and discovery he will become celebrated. It is a degree of ILLUMINATION.

20-21 deg Scorpio

Tenacious, passionate, and agile character. Since one cannot bear any form of constraint, one is determined to struggle for freedom, one's own as well as that of other people. Youth is plagued by hardships, but the sufferings undergone in early life turn into a powerful spur to later become a brilliant champion of law and social reforms. One may also be an excellent acrobat.

A savage or primitive nature longing for freedom and champing at the bit of restraint. A great but undisciplined moral force, a courage ready to stand any test. A probably wild or downright ferocious character, knowing no inhibitions. At the same time, simplicity and naiveness; a love of childhood is apt to drive the native so far as to make him take part seriously in children’s games and to look a child among children. Fondness of horse racing.

A hard destiny: acts of self-denial and heroic struggles in defense of one’s independence, with a constant threat to this and to freedom itself.

Denotes one who conceives the dualistic nature of man. He holds that the connexion of spirit and matter is the initial force from which all other forces are brought into being. He admits no intermediate force, pressing home his beliefs with all the certainty of proven facts and with all the vehemence his powerful nature is capable of. It is a symbol of Forcing.

The qualities shown here are insufficiently developed to show very strong direction. The native seems to have enough tenacity to continue what he begins and suggestion of more highly useful abilities which, for the most part, do not show much development. He is often subject to the demands of passion, largely sex drive. There is a restless desire to travel. An interest, undefined, in spiritual development. He is likely to have considerable prowess and vitality. His restless activity may result in ~ spiritual illumination if he has control and the necessary support from the rest of the chart.

It is the symbol of a bold, independent and forceful nature, that knows either restraint nor law, and that will suffer great privations in order to maintain the semblance of freedom. It is a degree of INDEPENDENCE.

21-22 deg Scorpio

Impulsive, nervous, and unstable character. Reversal of fortune brings about a humble and ordinary life. If the natal chart indicates strong willpower, one is able to recover one's lost social status through hard work and sometimes, through a marriage.

There is a great conflict here between unbridled capacity, restless and impulsive nature and a longing for a stable home, and love of children. He has courage, strength, all of the basic qualities of Scorpio but undisciplined and unrestrained. Perhaps if we were aware of the tremendous power here we would not be so quick to say unrestrained. However, by normal standards he is driven by frustrations and his ability to deal with these frustrations seems undirected by logical reason, even though the mentality is quite good.

Denotes one who is forced by circumstances to undertake duties which are not always of a pleasant nature. His destiny is to adjust and to demand, and the necessities of his life are opposed to investigations of an ideal or psychic character. It is a symbol of Gathering.

It is the degree of random impulses and haphazard resolutions, after which one is forced to reconsider one’s plans and to retrace one’s steps. Restless, thoughtless and therefore ignorant of danger, the native is apt to lose his head and even to prove a coward when forced to face the situation brought about by his own foolishness. He then will back out as hurriedly as he drove forward. He will repay himself for such drawbacks by taking advantage of those weaker than himself, with the overbearingness typical of cowards.

Life will be hard on him, so that after a succession of ups and downs he will find himself in a blind alley from which he will not manage easily to escape.

Attachment to home is the only redeeming feature.

It is the index of a nature that is impelled by force of circumstances to precipitate and hazardous projects. A restless and impulsive mind, defective in foresight and never aware of danger till it is encountered. The life will be narrowed and confined, and so largely determined by the force of circumstances that it will be in danger of falling from one level to another until it is lost in obscurity and swallowed up in the sands of time. It is degree of COMPULSION.

22-23 deg Scorpio

Hard-working but stubborn character totally lacking good practical sense. One has too much self- confidence and believes that one knows better than anyone else. Despite repeated failures, one keeps on making the same mistakes and waste a lot of energy and efforts. One must seek advice from wise and experienced people.

Hopefulness, often unjustified confidence, certainly more luck than deserved typifies this degree. Unrealizable plans prevail —plans around power and wealth, which are squandered. Love of arbitrage and trade at large. A taste for paradox, which the native will mistake for originality; a contrary and spiteful nature. There is no firmness in decisions, and the will power is jumpy and shaky.

Denotes one who is in danger of being misguided and led into undertakings which can only result in failure and regret. Should he attempt to initiate any scheme himself, he will feel the mortification of seeing his hopes shattered. He should be content to take no risks. It is a symbol of Uncertainties.

This degree seems to completely scatter the vast energy of the Scorpio nature. There is very little control shown. The native is usually restless, impulsive, ignorant of danger, and responds with cowardice when faced with the consequences of his impulsive behavior. There is an attachment to home from the Cancer influence of this dec.

It is the index of a character that has little regard to the fitness of things, and is for that reason apt to waste his substance and dissipate his energies, continually occupying himself with vain and illusive projects; sowing where he has no advantage and constantly going counter to the opinions and advice of others. Such an one may lay hold of a fortune and it will be scattered, or being endowed with superior faculties he will use them to small advantage. It is a degree of DISSIPATION.

23-24 deg Scorpio

Adaptable, simple, and honest character. Although one works for a living, one deeply enjoys it. One fully appreciates success and honours but keeps a cool head. One is endowed with high moral standards, refined feelings, and a very good health. This degree is highlighted in the natal chart of many French statesmen.

This degree, as the previous one, is indicative of scattered and wasteful action. It is most likely that we will see more clearly the shape of the influence in the near future. I suspect that the scattering nature is due to the fact that we just are not sufficiently aware of these qualities to make the proper use of them. Any influence can be distorted and wasted but it must have some control to show its possible worth. Here there is much suffering from severe frustration.

Denotes one who gives and receives, who loves a roving life, and faces trials and hardships. But no matter how hard the road may be protection comes before the journey’s end. It is a symbol of Reciprocity.

Many a feminine virtue; a sensitive, modest, earnest disposition, a great love of peace, of the family and of home. There is a deep-seated sense of duty and above all a real passion for work applied to useful and concrete things. Few have such practicality. A firm and sedate character, an extraordinary self-possession, as the native never will lose her composure and is perhaps even too cocksure.

Nor is this the only defect. There is too much thrift, which can stiffen into close-fistedness, too much reserve, which may lead the native to shun society. The tragedy of life is so deeply felt that a pall of constant gloom is likely to set over the native. Every family mourning will leave lasting traces.

For all her thrift, the native will stay poor, or nearly so, but will manage to have a house of her own, will be esteemed for her virtues and is not unlikely to leave behind not only an honored but a famous memory, provided that the rest of her pattern bears it out.

A partiality for black, and dull or sedate colors.

It is the indication of a mind that is contented and laborious, peacefully employed in useful arts, and naturally adaptable to circumstances. He will fashion and shape a world of his own from materials which nature will supply in response to industry, and out of such rude elements he will eventually acquire a habitation and a name that will be handed down to future generations. Industry and stability will mark his character, while virtue and humility will adorn his soul. It is a degree of UTILITY.

24-25 deg Scorpio

Generous and courageous character determined to brave any danger in order to help one's fellow creatures out of a difficult situation. Although no gratitude is expressed by the persons rescued, one continues to lend a helping hand to people in need. So much selflessness arouses public esteem and respect. However, one must beware of jealousy, hypocrisy, and slanders.

A very undesirable influence, leading to trouble and even to crime. A life of strife and sorrows, misery and wrangles, adventures and ephemeral conquests, cheerless victory over one’s foes followed by bereavement of the fruit thereof; abandonment, probably treason by one’s oldest friends.

A silent, greedy, unscrupulous, gruffy and unsociable egotist, the native will be given a wide berth by all and will nevertheless pick quarrels with everyone. Little as other pointers hint at dishonesty, this degree will make the native into a criminal in the technical sense of the word, a thief, a murderer, a sharper.

Strongly beneficent influences may neutralize or balance this one, sublimating into lofty aspirations and high-spirited rebellions those psychic forces which, in a less noble horoscope, would have come to light as antisocial tendencies. Then the selfish curtness becomes lord-like reserve, ascetical isolation, inner quietude, but this case is very rare.

Denotes one who is lost in the maze of worldly gain and whose sole happiness is in his ever- increasing wealth. His nature is hard and his estimate of his fellow-creatures is judged by his own standard. His motto is: Treat every man as a rogue until you find him out to be honest, and when you find him out to be honest, think again before you trust him. It is a symbol of Hardness.

Natives of this degree have strong tendencies to build their own world for themselves, preferably in an undeveloped area. They have much planning ability of a concrete nature. There is also a suggestion that a more psychic, mystical, or ghost-like quality is hidden here, which perhaps, true to the Scorpio nature, must be researched and made provable to a skeptical audience, but never presented on faith. In fact, much pessimism is reported here. There is extreme thrift. All tragedies leave lasting impressions and seem to be dwelt on beyond any normal reason. In spite of the pessimism and gloom there is also much personal virtue which may be felt by those who know him.

Alcoholism; homicidal tendencies; strong desire to gain wealth or power, a malefic here usually denotes trouble with the opposite sex; some connection with magicians; ovarian ducts; coccyx.

It is the indication of a predatory and adventurous spirit, a mind that is avaricious and cunning, quick to perceive and enforce its own advantage, but slow to cultivate the more useful and sociable habits of life. Such will lead a distressful and contentious life, and will not long enjoy the benefit of his conquests. He will snatch an advantage and will be forced to surrender it to others; and because of his selfishness his own friends will betray him. It is a degree of SEIZURE.

25-26 deg Scorpio

Loyal, composed, and idealistic character. One is detached from materialistic concerns and concentrates on intellectual, artistic, or religious undertakings. The working place may be located in a remote or restricted area such as in a nuclear research centre, an astronomy observatory, or just a quiet secluded room conducive to inspiration for one's writings. This degree gives a religious vocation and may describe a member of the clergy if the natal chart confirms this tendency.

This degree shows more criminal tendencies than the other frustrating degrees. However, there are also rare evidences of a more spiritual development. There are other evidences of these qualities being somewhat mixed in the same individual. Whatever these natives do they seem to display sharp insight. There is a strong desire for money which probably contributes to the criminal tendencies. There is little concern for personal safety. Great risks are taken with almost an expectancy of being caught or punished. This degree usually causes much misery even in a well balanced chart.

Denotes one of charming fancy, a singer of sweet songs, one of creative energy and personality. He is exposed to the craft of those in whom he has aroused feelings of envy, but he is under powerful protection and has little to fear. Let him sow seeds at the sun-rising part of life and be ready to gather the harvest in the setting. It us a symbol of Poesy.

A very marked personality, a resolute and deliberate character, both shy of publicity and contemptuous of public opinion. Courage driven to the utmost of recklessness may bring the native into danger.

There are two possible cases:

An honest and human nature, whose loathing of the pick of society and of the smart military set will turn his feelings into sympathy and love for the needy and the destitute. He will courageously go out of his way to succor this undeserving flotsam of society who has been disinherited and left in the lurch by the highbrows. But he will get the usual reward of benefactors: “ingratitude more strong than a traitor’s arm” will overpower him.

The native has no moral principles whatsoever. Then hatred of mankind will strike root and sprout in him. He will lurk in the shade, plotting against human society, a thief or even worse.

It denotes a person of resolute and brave nature, reckless of danger and disposed to take great risks upon himself for the benefit of others. He will have a troublesome life, with many changes of fortune, and more than the usual amount of buffeting by the waves of adversity. Yet he will endure, and in spite of his disposition to help others at his own disadvantage he will meet with recognition, and even honor, as the leader of a forlorn hope. It isa degree of SACRIFICE.

26-27 deg Scorpio

Ambitious, benevolent, and warm character. Eloquence is a formidable asset which enables to convince one's interlocutors. Careers in education, law, medicine, the military, or the arts are greatly favoured. There is a strong probability that one wields some sort of power.

An inborn authority; a gentle way of getting things done; ambition and sense of duty, gift of gab and literary talents; great courage and great dangers to face. In such a horoscope as to exclude public life, eloquence may sheer off into balderdash or gossip (as the native is a very sociable being, fond of festivity and entertainment) and political skill into double-dealing. Anyway, the native has a powerful and adaptable mind, a deep-rooted sense of responsibility and a greater prestige over others than logically purported by the social position, whatever that is.

Others are unlikely to acknowledge they are under the spell of such a prestige which, in some cases, may become very great indeed.

Denotes one capable of lofty thoughts and high mental flights. There is a subtle, strong diplomacy about this native which cannot be easily gauged by others, but he knows himself, his own ambitious spirit, and his ever-growing faith—a faith which never wavers, no matter if he basks in favors or shields himself from frowns. It is a symbol of Distinction.

This native has a deep and inborn distrust of society, or, as we say now, the establishment. He often befriends the weak and defeated only to be struck by them for thanks. There is also a fineness of perception shown by an interest and perhaps skill in the arts of all kinds. Much of the strength of Scorpio comes through here and there is perseverance and endurance to carry the native through to his goals, one after the other. Much sacrifice is required of him but there are those who have achieved a certain measure of honor and recognition.

It denotes one who has a forceful and yet pliant mind, a persuasive tongue and a brave spirit. Such an one will lead others by the power of authority which is vested in reason and sustained by the ability of expression. From such a man an appeal is equivalent to a command, and an exhortation equal to a rebuke. He will undertake high duties and grave responsibilities in life and will largely be moved by a power that is within him, unrecognized but potent. It is a degree of PERSUASION.

27-28 deg Scorpio

Intelligent, crafty, and stingy character. This degree describes all sorts of thieves and crooks, from street pickpockets to large-scale white-collar embezzlers. Anything acquired through reprehensible means is doomed to be lost or stolen, sooner or later. Life is plagued by violence, dishonesty, and accidents, unless the natal chart clearly indicates otherwise.

This degree is perhaps picking up some of the Sagittarius influence in its involvement with people. This native often has a mystical sway over those around him. His influence is greater and more subtle than might be expected. There is more interaction of a positive kind demonstrated by him. He is more confident of the guidance of his own conscience, which raises him above the necessity to be overly influenced by others’ opinions. There are literary talents here and a broad background of experience from which to draw. He is very eloquent and persuasive. He is also subject to recklessness and irresponsibility. He may be light and flirtatious with a lack of moral sensitivity.

Denotes one of brave, adventurous, and scientific mind who will dare and do much to satisfy the demands of the curious. His life will be exposed to many dangers, most of which he will be prepared to meet, for he is the helmsman, and rough seas do not cause fear to him. It is a symbol of Adventure.

A faith ready to stand any test is the keynote of this degree, where the word faith may be taken to mean anything within the limits of the meaning conveyed by such an extensive word. In a good sense, this will be faithfulness to a religious ideal, apt to create perfect human relations. Were it bad faith, this would turn into lasting grudges and ill-will, or Mito treacherousness in trade; viz., cheating; and it may bring about an accomplice’s solidarity and a tendency to stick together in crime.

Certain virtues, however, are sure to be there: scrupulousness, reserve, earnestness and firmness in purpose, consequence in one’s views.

Whether honest or dishonest, the native, is of an austerity bordering on prudery; he will appear sometimes priggish but always will make a thoroughly spiritual impression. Therefore his trespasses are so much more dangerous, and his crimes so much more intentional.

It stands against the rising sun as if haloed in divine light. It is the index of a nature that will give evidence of a superior faculty, and a disposition for spiritual and religious studies. The mind is firm and dependable, the tastes are monastic and austere, and the whole character luminous yet ponderable, faithful and reclusive. It is a degree of SECURITY.

28-29 deg Scorpio

Ambitious, intelligent, and clever character exuding strong magnetism and sex-appeal. Personal charm and shrewdness are the keys to success. One does not hesitate to resort to indiscretion and often reveals what is supposed to remain a secret. However, if the natal chart indicates great moral integrity, success can be achieved in diplomacy and in all activities requiring mediation and negotiation skills.

Fondness for learning, aptitude for arts, and scientific gifts. A creative and original mind that can reach the height of genius, if the other stars bear this out.

Inner nobility and humane feelings.

A sedentary life on work days, sport in the open on holidays; fondness for hunting, success in shooting at stool pigeons.

On the whole, good luck, even a very good one, if it did not keep the native waiting too long.

Denotes one of an entirely capable and trained mind who is enabled to throw some little light on the darker problems of life. He is fearless and cultivated, expressing theories and sticking to facts. His influence will sway many and his personality will win him confidence. It is a symbol of Performance.

A superior power shines through here whether for better or worse. It may be directed towards criminal tendencies or towards more social goals. In either case he acts with control and planning. If he turns to crime he is more vicious because of his abilities. He may quite as well contribute in various ways to human betterment. In any case he presents a positive and deeply supported personality and radiates a confidence that he knows what he is doing and there is purpose in his actions. Fate also seems to play a large role in his life.

This denotes a mind that is studious and of serious bent, delighting in the higher problems of the intellect, and disposed to the more serious studies, such as literature, science and especially mathematics. lie way become the originator of some new methods of computation, or the demonstrator of a new science. He will lead a sedentary life and fortune will at length wait upon him. It is a degree of FACULTY.

29-30 deg Scorpio

Intelligent, studious, and loyal character. Success and fame can be achieved in sciences, literature, architecture, or economics. Owing to one's benevolence, honesty, and steadfastness, one attracts many friends. This degree often indicates a high level of erudition. There is a possible danger of accidents, explosions, or contamination.

Much capacity for quiet research, which needs to be balanced by more active recreation, is indicated here. There is a great fondness for learning adaptable to any sedentary pursuits, in the fields of science, art, literature, etc. This would be an excellent influence for a college professor. There is also an ability to dramatize what he wishes to convey, making his communication more understandable. His abilities are sufficiently grounded that he can express himself without fear. He establishes himself on solid ground and need not be defensive of what he does or believes. He usually does not become a public figure or come in contact with those unable to appreciate what he is.

Denotes one with a high ideal of true justice which to his mind is not possible without pure love. He is destined to send forth knowledge of a practical and philosophical kind which will help many along the stony way of life. He himself is a just and generous person, his principles guiding his acts in life. It is a symbol of Justice.

Wariness, wisdom and skill in the highest measure, which can be sublimated into the cardinal virtue of prudence, and as easily swerve into ignoble cunning, sneaking toadyism, venomous treacherousness.

The native will exert the greatest influence on his neighbors through his mastery of words, which will enable him to hold a nearly irresistible and hypnotic sway over others with the greatest parsimony of sentences. Should other aspects concur, he would have an uncanny knack of shifting any argument onto ground most favorable to himself, and of cunningly turning the debate in such a way as to let the opponents dig their own graves with statements jeopardizing their own case. This would make him highly dangerous if he were, as he is likely to be, a double-tongued trickster.

Unusually enough, to his gift of gab and to his moral and bodily suppleness, the native will join a true warlike spirit and other gifts that may stand him in good stead both on the battlefield and in a barracks; he will be able to alternate the use of a stirring word with the display of a combativeness that sometimes can reach heroism, but will oftener make him harshly and aggressively unpleasant to anyone not under the power of his magic spell.

With these gifts, the military and political careers are obviously open.

In spite of all, the gifts mentioned above are capable of sublimation; one should not forget that this degree stands under the symbol of a snake, whose meaning is well known to the initiates.

It is the index of a nature that is both clever and cunning; capable of asserting its power over others by persuasion or fascination. To such will be given some lofty command or position of trust, and success will be achieved by personal charm and magnetic power. It is a degree of ATTRACTION.