Taurus Degrees

0-l deg Taurus

Loves nature and believes in balanced living. Unaffected, pleasant disposition. Works at a task persistently, slowly, and instinctively until it is successfully completed.

It denotes a person of. a disputative mind, one who will have many enemies, and will need to exercise himself much in self-defense; one to whom life will open out into a great field of strife, but who, through his own native force and diplomacy, will eventually prevail. It is a degree of SELF-PRESERVATION.

The native will have to stand forever on the lookout ready to parry unforeseen attacks, as his destiny has fierce struggles in store. But in struggles he surely will thrive and revel as if it were his own element, and he will engage himself in them to his utmost. He has a great will power, is versed in tricks and makeshifts, and can be very reserved in spite of his liking for arguments and polemics. Churlish and insensitive to pain, he seems born to have things his own way in spite of the war furiously waged against him on all sides. He may even be endowed with magic powers.

This hard character’s failing is ungenerous; it may even become cruelty.

Denotes a person of strong character; of a rather morose disposition, and possessing magical powers; one with strong will-power, very reserved, inclined to be cruel.

A persevering strategist; denotes good mentality; a prophet of a new order; love of home; brilliant mind; renowned for benevolence; powerful in combining old principles in new application; beauty, devotion, fame or fortune; throat or gullet; palate.

This degree seems to blend the qualities of Aries and Taurus in a less desirable fashion. Here the stubbornness of Taurus is directed to the establishing of the ego. In so doing he alienates those around him so that he is left to carry his burdensome load alone. There is a strong tendency for men to be mislead by a woman usually because of his desire to possess her and make her subservient to his own ego. In most cases he desires and attracts someone extremely selfish and difficult to deal with. He seems not to be able to disassociate himself and pursue his course alone. This is an even greater threat if it is the man’s Moon or Venus which falls on this degree. At any rate it is the stubborn desire to establish his own ego irrespective of others which cause the insurmountable trouble. This degree may well figure into the women’s liberation movement, especially the more militant groups. In a woman’s chart this degree may spell trouble also because of her feeling of subservience to men in general. There is no doubt that the battle of the sexes has strong roots in this degree. Success depends on the resolution of this area.

Less active than the previous degrees of Aries, this Pisces degree of Taurus typifies this sign’s softer, smoother, “earthier”, sensual and contemplative characteristics. Prophetic, stylish, fit, and a strategist’s mentality sensitize it. Trades on its many gifts; rises well above its usually low social and cultural beginnings. Is impulsive, and shows a tendency to waver from sensitivity into ingenerosity, not being totally perceptive - often forgetting when helped create previous successes.

"While a winged woman holds with both hands a downwards pointed sword, an athlete grasps a bull by its horns and strikes it down."
Quarrelsome, courageous, and clever character. It is necessary to keep wild instincts under control, lest life becomes a battlefield. Opponents are numerous and, although reluctant to wage war, they don't hesitate to fight back in case of aggression. It is through mental strength, philosophy, and diplomacy that the fiercest conflicts can be solved.

1-2 deg Taurus

Inner strength and intensity, yet a warm and kind way of expressing himself. Deeply loving and magnetic.

It denotes one for whom life will be a severe lesson; whose ambition is likely to outstrip his power; one who will attempt great his discomfiture; whose efforts will prove futile, and whose hopes a will vanish as the clouds. It is a degree of SELF-PRESERVATION.

It is a degree of impotence; the karma of one who in a previous life was driven to murder in a fit of despair. Therefore, in the present life the native will be loath to insert himself as a living being into the moving flux of time and space. The present repels him, human society holds no attraction for him. If he, therefore, does not find an outlet in the pursuit of nature’s secrets or in historical studies and the like, he will lapse into a dull idleness, root of all evils.

He must break the ominous spell isolating him spiritually from his kind if he is not to find realized in himself the biblical threat, Vae soli (Woe to him that is alone—EccI. 4:11). He must draw a wholesome lesson from his disappointments and realize that he has produced them himself with his wrong attitude of estrangement from life. Life must be loved if she is to present us with her gifts; these are not to be frowned upon in comparison with the unattainable daydreams, toyed with by cloud-dwellers apt to slump defeated to the ground if they cannot reach their aim.

Any vital force that does not find a proper outlet will cease to flow. The greater one’s inborn vitality, the more quickly idleness will blight It.

Denotes that he, or she, born under this degree will live alone, isolated, mentally; not in sympathy with the present state of things.

Magic; a pleasing personality; a person who is above petty things; loyal and serious-minded; some interest in occultism; magnanimous; opening of throat.

This degree is not a decisive one although it gives a strong will and a desire to protect the ego at all cost. There is also a capacity for cruelty. Self-preservation is the basic quality. When the self is not threatened the individual may relax and this degree will then be free to develop along other lines generally consistent with the chart as a whole. It is possible that the native could be so sensitive that even when the self was free from threat, defensiveness would be uppermost. Until this tendency is overcome there is not much hope of success. There is much ability both mental and physical.

Delicate Pisces and brave, fiery, dominating Leo do not mix particularly well here. Love nature is exaggerated, over-dependent or attached to family or religious beliefs, and physically slow, unattractive or ill. Leo squares Taurus creating family and career dilemmas, but is often well-born and bred. Must avoid idleness. Attracted to history genealogy, dramatics, although not overly social - melancholy and inclined to passive vocations and romances.

"A dying man lies on the ground under the beams of the sunset. A half-naked woman passes by, limply reclining on a small chariot pulled by a horse."
Lazy, passive, and weak character. Ambitions are overwhelming and out of proportion. This is the reason why any effort remains useless. It is necessary to set oneself goals which match one's capacities. This degree warns against risks of fraudulent bankruptcy, or destruction, caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire, etc.

2 - 3 deg Taurus

Pleasant and easy-going. Enjoys comfort and beautiful things. May go to extremes of generosity or acquisitiveness. Very generous. Sometimes denotes the opposite tendency of seeking excessive luxury and wealth for oneself. Enjoys traveling. Restless and sociable.

It denotes a person whose interest will be greatly enhanced in the autumn of life, who will reap benefits greatly enhanced in the autumn of life, who will reap benefits from old age and pleasures from maturity; whose chief characteristic is acquisitiveness, and whose designs will meet with much success. It is a degree of acquirement, of GATHERING TOGETHER.

This influence points somehow to untimely love. The native may have older people propose to her in her youth, or vice versa, will insist on marrying a younger partner in her elderly age. The planned match risks to come off whether the younger partner looks at it as a sincere and generous gift of his or her youth, or is driven to it by base interest-where the one alternative does not altogether shut off the other.

Aside from the question of love or marriage, the native will be luckier in later years and will reap tardily the fruit of his days of labor.

Strong sympathies, excessive sensibility, very impressionable and mediumistic.

Scientific; artistic; degree of plot and strategy; an important degree in nativities of great military generals; a carefree traveler; inclined to live his one life regardless of others’ opinions; afflicted - may denote an unfortunate end; generous; uvula.

Much indication of loneliness and self-undoing. Some of the artistic qualities of Taurus come through here. There seems to be little appreciation for life. These people generally find little to live for. They isolate themselves from other people. They tend to pessimism and despair. Much of this comes from inertia but it can also come from too much freedom and too many choices, which are not open at the same time but which sweep by in a maze of confusion to this individual. Idleness tends to atrophy any abilities that one might have. It would be helpful to him if opportunities were kept open to him for longer periods of time. He might continue to procrastinate, but in some cases this might lessen the frustration. Basically this is a problem the individual must solve for himself and realize his own part in humanity’s pattern. He must discover for himself the worthwhile nature of relationships with others. His childhood training will do much to over-come these problems if recognized and dealt with in meaningful way.

Aries’ effects return forcefully to Taurus on this degree - peculiar, outgoing adventure some, self- motivated, fearless. Often travels afar, and quick to make decisions. Perhaps attached to the military or outdoors. Drawn to scientific pursuits, and seems carefree and totally independent, Love life can have its ups and downs; may marry a much older, or younger person. Luck, riches and rewards may be reserved for later years, after settling and slowing down a bit.

"A mature woman fills up many baskets with the grapes she picks. Another woman, concealing her face under a large robe, watches her."
Success and prosperity are achieved in the second part of life, at the moment when they are most needed. Profits and pleasures are linked to maturity. This degree often indicates that marriage is contracted with an older person for financial reasons. In some cases, it gives a strong interest in mathematics.

3- 4 deg Taurus

Intelligent and philosophical. A mature view of life. Aptitude for sciences and business.

It denotes a person in whose life much sedition will prevail, whose affairs will be marred by his own violence, and whose house will be dismembered through strife, in whom wrath will effect great evils , and whose force will be turned against himself. If is a degree of DISINTEGRATION.

Symbol: A stronghold built siller fashion, crumbling and decayed; on its ramparts, warrior awkwardly handling dangerous Greek fire contraptions.

An exacting, disdainful, short-tempered being, destined to remain, so to speak, raw stuff throughout his life, who cannot possibly keep in harmony with the ones he loves. The native hat, however, a nearly military sense of discipline as something absolutely necessary for himself as well as for others.

The keynote of this character is its lack of that indispensable minimum of feminine fluidity needed to melt and blend any spiritual alloy; therefore, both the native and his never sufficiently plastered buildings tend to harden and collapse. A male every inch of his boorish being, an irksome grumbler, easily roused to a fury, the native will not be able to put up with anyone; he will handle things and people awkwardly and clumsily and will be peeved and disgusted at any show of weakness in his neighbors. Hence a tendency to isolation and ultimately to self-destruction, as in Dante’s figure of Pier della Vigna (Inf 13, 70) who, embittered and nearly crushed by all his fellow courtiers’ envy and slander, ended by commiting suicide. Unless no other features balance this influence, the male native never will be able to appreciate feminine charm. The female native should never marry.

This degree shows sometimes a remarkable feature: a special fondness for fireworks, which may well become a passion if the rest of the pattern helps (the Fire element). The native’s body will be subject to decalcifying.

Denotes one in whom the male principle predominates excessively, the female being nearly nil, sympathies towards the opposite sex wanting. if a man he rarely ever marries, If a woman, she ought not to many.

Literature (skill in working out plots); writers of detective stories; one accustomed to the exercise of authority; favors playwrights; military men. organizers who work to uphold the law; degree of plot; planning, tact, and scheming bodily injuries; destruction by fire, war or earth-quake; unscrupulous defeat; throat or larynx.

Gives an imagination guided by the eye. More a Mercury imagination than a Neptune imagination. A practical ability to plan and portray with mental activity to mentally see a completed project. This ability probably contributes to success in later life. Often brings a marriage to some one younger in later life although may be reversed and is not always successful but has better than average chance with the influence of this degree. It generally contributes to a building up of resources and a bringing together of people which usually results in a very prosperous and socially happy old age. He does wait until old age to enjoy life but seems to enjoy the years of accumulating and building.

Sagittarius and Aries double fire influence immediately below the surface of this seemingly sleepy Taurus - short-tempered, impatient, rough and decisive, there’ll be much disharmony surrounding this degree’s activities. Meddlesome, perhaps an activist or crusader - can’t sit. Needs quite solitude more than most, which helps to cool the rapid almost destructive peace. Marriage is not a partnership: there’s little respect of femininity.

"A lion angered by a piece of burning wood tries to catch it with its paw, while a sort of fury aimlessly cracks a whip."
Wrathful, demanding, and destructive character. Violence is the cause of many a failure and disappointment in the private and the professional spheres. The family is torn apart by struggles in which rage turned against oneself proves very damaging. This degree sometimes describes an artist or a person who experiences an out of the ordinary situation.

4-5 deg Taurus

Highly intelligent; original thoughts and actions. Aptitude for sciences and business.

It denotes a person of a contented, happy disposition, a friend of Nature and well beloved of her. A man of natural goodwill, whose labor is, its own reward, whose wealth is his own contentment, and whose ambitions are fulfilled with the day. It is a degree of HEART-WEALTH.

The native will worship nature and at the same time be cordially hospitable and open to mental intercourse with his fellow beings. A quiet, unambitious hard worker, satisfied with what he earns, happy to have earned it himself with the sweat of his brow; he has a good aptitude for contemplative life and meditation.

It is not to be ruled out that such a smooth, innerly rich and outwardly even temper may harbor an unsuspected longing for travel and adventure.

Denotes a person fond of company and of changes; a speculative bent of mind and fond of adventure.

Work needing delicacy and skill, founder of a seat, the seat of law; rules reptiles and sense of touch; things that are done in a secretive way; use of a fictitious name; larynx.

An overly masculine influence which does not contribute to a happy marriage. Subject to decalcification of the body as well as the things he builds which are too brittle to last. He is too rigid with himself as well as other people. He drives too hard. Too much persistence and not enough patience. Men with this degree prominent seldom marry and women shouldn’t. They do not work well with other people. They are clumsy and awkward both in what they do and what they say. They maintain a strict sense of discipline both with themselves and others. But they lack softening qualities that facilitate a blending give and take. Most of what they send out bounces back on them and they end up a victim of their own destructive action.

A thoughtful naturalist pondering the fate of nature and the world - Sagittarius and Taurus together. Hospitable, meditative, relaxed, capable of hard work and accomplishments in challenging tasks. Comfortably at home anywhere in the world, but prefers the countryside. Lavishes in the arts and enjoys its own sort of natural magic. Satisfied and optimistic - always improves existing conditions, unbothered by the troubles that others unwittingly call down upon themselves. Fortunate for romance; wonderful for marriage in most cases.

"A benevolent-looking man chops wood. He is surrounded by an orchard with trees loaded with fruits, a meadow with ewes grazing, and a shed in which an ox is resting."
Peaceful, patient, and generous character. One is aware of one's strength and uses it purposefully. Success can be achieved in agriculture, arboriculture, or animal husbandry. This degree indicates that, in spite of a trying youth, goals are achieved, and life is full of contentment and joys related with nature.

5-6 deg Taurus

Good psychological insight; compassionate and able to communicate well with others. Rich imagination and sensitivity. Aptitude for artistic and literary fields.

It denotes one who will attain the greatest victories in life by means of his intellect; who is possessed by his great penetration and large understanding, through which he will acquire honours and dignity, and will be regarded with favor by the people. It is a degree of MIND- WEALTH.

An innovator’s mind of exceptional force, also to hover on different subjects at the same time. A manifold intelligence with diverse aptitudes; the native can leave a mark in history through his intelligence (or genius, as other pointers may bear. out) exclusively.

The native’s weakness is inability to hold the golden middle with regard to sex. A passionate admirer of beauty, he may easily incur criticism owing to his excesses; or on the contrary, withdraw into a nearly cloister-like asceticism and forget life in order to pursue the incorruptible beauty of art or to contemplate the cold gleam of science’s abstract truths.

Denotes a person fond of company and of changes; a speculative bent of mind and fond of adventure.

Chemistry; self-denial; a hermit or miser; occultist healer; diplomacy; magic; vocal chords.

Typically Taurian. A peaceful, hardworking, plodding person, living in natural abundance, at peace with his surroundings. There is a mental orientation here also which seems to grow quietly and steadily. Planets here will color the effect to their nature such as Uranus injects much color, spontaneity, excitement, and mental enthusiasm, while Saturn would increase the sedate nature. Mars also would add energy and excitement. It is a very secure and well-balanced degree, loaded with goodwill towards all who come near. If the influence is held down somewhat by a heavy planet as Saturn or the degree has a twelfth house influence there may be a secret longing to travel and look for adventure afar. Even so he is more likely to dream quietly about such adventures than our actively seek them out of frustration. Much diplomacy but interest in the occult.

Exhibits the greatest Taurean qualities sensual, magnetic, pragmatic, beautiful, glorified with the gifts of nature. Admired: a shining example for all. Not calculatingly intelligent, but seldom wrong - uses Taurus’ “psychic knowing” in almost all aspects of life. May prefer solitude in order to pursue interests in art, music or studies in styles, often times ignoring the world outside, possibly causing sudden showers of problems. Overall happiness in life; social, cooperative, drawn to items of beauty and culture.

"In a conference hall, a man at the height of his glory is standing on a podium with a scroll of paper in his hand and a laurel wreath on his head. Among the participants, there is a three-headed man who looks in different directions."
Intelligent, shrewd, and fickle character. The three-headed man symbolises the host of talents and abilities one is blessed with. Sharp perspicacity, scientific knowledge, and artistic skills enable to overcome many an obstacle and to achieve success and fame, probably owing to a major discovery or an outstanding invention. This degree sometimes indicates a physical flaw at birth or following an accident.

6-7 deg Taurus

Strong sense of responsibility, easily prone to guilt feelings. Compassionate and honest with others. Capable in social work and psychology.

It denotes one whose wealth will lie in the direction of natural qualities, whose mind will be complacent, contented, incapable of great distress or very effective dart one who will attract attention chiefly by his physical powers (or if a female, by her beauty) and his good fortune; not by the use of his mind. it denotes comfort and happiness dissociated from labor, and inclining to luxury; success and contentment in one’s attachments, It is a degree of BODILY WEALTH.

A woman’s hair will draw more than a hundred yokes of oxen. Italian proverb

This influence neither promises nor excludes intelligence by itself, but it secures exceptional gifts elsewhere, like an uncommon beauty, surplus of vigor, or both of them together. The native will gloat on such gifts and, in particularly vulgar horoscopes, boast and display them, going out of his own way to exhibit the innermost, and not always the most attractive, sides of his or her person.

Unless other aspects point to a strong will power and high feelings, the native will be a shallow- brained and cowardly being, in whom only lust is deep-rooted. Though unfit for any long-winded, consequent and methodical effort, the native’s charm may, however, give a powerful and resolute heave to undertakings which humbler and better suited performers will or would be able to carry out without the native’s help. Fortune (at least for awhile) will shamelessly lavish her favors on him, and make him, as long as luck lasts, the cynosure of all eyes. But woe betide the day when luck leaves him in the lurch. He will be in for either mental or bodily tortures.

Denotes one liable to torture, in one form or another.

Celibacy, such as priests, monks, or nuns, or those having no inclination to marry; some connection with drowning; evil bodily hurts; love of soil; degree of many enemies; magnetic healing when with 23 degree Leo-Aquarius or Sun and Uranus; an enterprising reformer; violence, brutishness; cervical nerves.

This is an intellectual degree which may be turned in numerous directions depending on the rest of the chart. In whatever direction it shows much cleverness bordering on the psychic but still very mental in nature. It is capable of distinguishing fine lines of meaning. Would be good with semantics. A capable leader because of his ability to perceive the necessary way to communicate with the masses while at the same time leading them subtly along the direction he has chosen even though the masses do not perceive exactly where they are going. Capable of inspiring confidence. Generally reliable and trustworthy. Some danger of going to extremes, but always remains confident he will not fall apart.

Uncommon beauty, vigor and personal charm. Fearless, materialistic, opportunistic attitude leads to successes and riches, although luck cannot and should not be trusted. Commercial and confident, and is said to often prefer celibacy - may seem above the normal realm of lowly human behaviors.

"A beautiful cow is grazing in a park while a good-looking woman admires her face in a hand mirror."
Superficial, trusting, and carefree character. Good-looking features and sex appeal are the main assets which bring about happiness in love and a comfortable lifestyle, effortlessly. Should the natal chart concur, conceit, money, and lust for power prevail over moral concerns. In any case, there is a propensity for lechery. One must not overindulge in sensual pleasures because this degree indicates a danger of violent death or ruthlessness, whether one is the perpetrator or the victim.

7 - 8 deg Taurus

Patient, kind, nurturing, loving, and strong-willed. Enjoys being home and is devoted to family.. Slow and steady in work, sometimes lazy. Enjoys gardening, staying at home, and warm conversation with others.

It demotes one of little wit, who will, through his own obtuseness, fall into errors which lead, to his own despoiling. He will think to gain comforts by easy ways, and will scratch to himself heaps of marrow and annoyance, and this chiefly from females. What substance be has he will hardly keep, and what he has not, that he will not readily gain. . It is a degree of LASSITUDE.

If the other stars do not point to a watchful mind and a powerful intelligence, the native’s wits will be blunt. Should he be driven by an intense religious feeling, faith in God will set his heart in peace; but if all his aims are earthly, he may be unhappy, unless other astrological features correct this degree’s bad luck. To such a dull being as this, man’s natural ambition to improve his lot as far as possible with the minimum effort can bring only failure.

Only a concrete religious sense, training him to a really Christian way of life, can restore his balance. Should a lack of Fire in his birth chart discourage this endeavor, he could resort to an incentive to hard and passionate work, innerly felt as something refreshing and uplifting, regardless of material gain. In a word, he can find his way if he learns not to shun work and not to turn away from life, an old man in his young years, before even getting started in it. He ought to be taught the story of the dog that left its real prey to pursue its reflected image, in order to harden him against life’s treacherous mirages and the ambushes of his fretful lust, apt to deliver him into the hands of scheming harlots.

A person of peace, one who confides in the higher power.

Celibacy, such as priests, monks, or nuns, or those having no inclination to marry; some connection with drowning; determined and resourceful; degree of will power; stubbornness; one who becomes influential though perseverance or notorious through his folly; said to be a degree ruling the Irish; cruelty; premeditated crime; jugular vein.

A grotesque and tortuous degree. Much emphasis placed on bodily existence. Tendency to complacency, laziness and dead weight. Even where a certain respectable and placid individual has this degree to deal with he faces the gross and tortuous elements around him. There is an element of individuality here along with a tendency to reap as one sows. It suggests more reaping a past karma than an immediate consequence of actions. Something seems to hover over here from the past. This degree offers little hope that the individual has turned on the path and is breaking away. The rest of the chart may indicate such a turning. This degree demands attention and the individual who carries this influence will not escape without making the turn in their own consciousness and realistically facing the situation in which he finds himself. It definitely calls for decisiveness.

Quick, adaptable Gemini here could be led astray, breaking the laws of nature and man - if not careful. Gemini certainly helps speed up the materially - oriented Taurus mind and incites new, opportunistic ideas. Disarming conversationalist: quick and to-the-point. Likely to shun work for socializing. Finds the paths of least resistance, but often surprised by opposition and trouble even in romance, its natural occupation.

"An old man strives to fish a few branches out of a river in flood, while his wife, seated on a rock and wrapped up in her own sorrow, seems indifferent to what is around her."
Honest, gullible, and courageous character. Owing to limited intellectual abilities, one makes mistakes which lead to failures and losses, particularly at the Stock exchange market. An important female figure may be the cause of sentimental ordeals. Furthermore, one hardly keeps what one earns or inherits. However, if in the natal chart, Venus or the Moon is near this degree, one is able to get back on one's feet, at least well-enough to ensure that old age is decent.

8-9 deg Taurus

Quick and adaptable thinking, but may lack depth and maturity. Strives to develop his own individual potential.

It demotes one of little wit, who will, through his own obtuseness, fall into errors which lead, to his own despoiling. He will think to gain comforts by easy ways, and will scratch to himself heaps of marrow and annoyance, and this chiefly from females. What substance be has he will hardly keep, and what he has not, that he will not readily gain. . It is a degree of LASSITUDE.

The very figure of pater familias, or of the good housewife; love for one’s home and large family, careful upbringing of one’s children and well-meaning strictness toward one’s dependents. A humane, honest, peaceful yet energetic nature, such as to attract the young and inspire confidence in all. Love of nature and country life; good sense rather than common sense? efficient running of affairs rather than mere routine.

The native will do his utmost for his children’s happiness, but is not in the least certain to reach happiness for himself; on the contrary, when particularly badly aspected elsewhere, he could look forward to death as a release, though no attempt at self-inflicted death can be foreseen; the good shepherd will not leave his flock.

This degree may produce corpulence if other factors concur.

A born teacher and scientist; hearing (afflicted - may in - cline to deafness); inordinately fond of food; afflicted - gluttons; if the will is weak, may become a drunkard; a tendency to be contrary and stubborn, especially with planets in 27 degree Aries-Pisces; frequently their own worst enemies; has much to do with healing; said to be a degree ruling the Irish; cervical vein.

Very subject to teasing. Easily taunted into futile efforts. This individual feels a responsibility which he cannot maintain. He is easily aroused into a defensive attitude. Part of this is due to a response to shadows and unreal images around him. If this person were born soon after a New Moon this tendency would be enhanced and become very difficult to handle. He is plagued by an environment too active for his lumbering nature. He has a slow heavy feel and is unable to move quickly. His record of success and failure would be improved by a protective cover of some kind under which he could take time to clear his vision before he struck out at the threat he fears. This degree also affects the vision adversely. If he could be made to feel a sense of protection rather than being subjected to constant teasing he would have at least an opportunity to correct his evaluation of his environment. This person however seems to have been born with the fuse lit. And it is very unclear what useful purpose this influence serves.

Humane, honest, peaceful, highly magnetic and psychic due to electric. Aquarius and the remnants of Libran pleasantness. Inspires confidence with positive outlook and initiative, but also ignores flaws and dangers which a wiser person would notice immediately. Experimental, but not always successful. Self-sufficient, but tendency to gain weight or may suffer from chronic illnesses. Loves the good life, but is it the best life?

"A happy and thriving man feeds his cattle and fowls."
Quiet, benevolent, and trustworthy character. The family life occupies the first place. One has a large family composed of one's own children, or of some kind of spiritual children. One is surrounded by loving young people who benefit from one's experience and knowledge. Success can be achieved in all occupations related to agriculture and animal husbandry. Life goes through easy paths and leads to a peaceful end.

9°-10° Taurus

Compassionate and kind. Devoted to family and any group he identifies with. Dislikes being dominated by anyone else.

It denotes one of an idle and self-indulgent nature, whose pleasure is in his physical appetites and their satisfaction. One who will bring trouble upon himself and over whom the sirens will quarrel while they feed upon him. It is a degree of GROSSMESS.

The native may have two love affairs at the same time and handle them with an artlessness bordering on foolishness and with an unrefined simplicity verging on coarseness. He loves pleasure and enjoyments, is self-indulgent and always worried about his own physical welfare, which does not prevent his reaching an intellectual level above the average, his mind being as supple in abstract things as it is clumsy in leading concrete action, and this theoretic intelligence as sharp as his practical outlook is blurred and blunted by his heavy sensualism.

Mathematics is the most suitable field for his mental capacities.

This denotes a mind capable of many accomplishments, a person with a flexible mind; an excellent mathematician; much Ingenuity.

Often in charts of jewelers if with Leo-Aquarius; favorable for orators and singers; alcoholism; inordinately fond of food; inclined to deafness; tendency to be contrary and stubborn; well-aspected - dependable; neck nerves connecting with the spinal cord.

This degree is very domestic. The life seems to be lived for others. The circle of protection is limited to the home. It often indicates a hard life. Much depends on the quality of the people for whom this individual is performing. Life can be quite satisfying if those he is serving show a measure of appreciation. However the nature of the service is not such as to inspire gratitude and appreciation. There must be a feeling of self-respect and dignity before others recognize your worth. Here there seems only to be a feeling of servitude. The individual performs his tasks out of a sense of obligation and duty. He may expect others to respond with kindness but they seldom do. Often death is welcomed as a release from toil and effort of a demanding nature. If overtones are provided by the rest of the chart which grant depth and understanding he may be able to stimulate a better response on the part of other people. The Sun in Cancer would perhaps the least desirable influence to combine with this degree.

Airy, concerned Aquarius and involvement oriented Cancer can cause excessive worry in this degree - indecisive, and pulled by the tides of the moment. Loves entertainments and creature comforts, but must work very hard and diligently to turn ideas into realities. Good cook and hygienist, fond of domestics and form; can turn chaos into order. Appreciated for its modern, active home. May find happiness in health or physical fitness related vocations, although equally concerned with fitness of the mind.

"While an ox sleeps under the sun, two birds perch on its back. Two cheerful women play with a dog, near a snake."
Superficial, materialistic, and lazy character. Happiness is found in the fulfilment of physical and sensual needs, but self-leniency and excesses of all sorts bring about many a trouble. This degree warns against financial losses related to simultaneous romantic relationships, or bigamy. There is also the possibility that one marries a sibling of one's spouse.

10°-11° deg Taurus

An individualist and a perfectionist. His home is his castle. Creative.

It denotes one, who, if born wealthy, will attain, eminence by means of his care in the affairs of life; if born poor, he will acquire both wealth and fame. The position wall be due to his shrewdness rather than his integrity, for the chief characteristic here is watchfulness. It is a degree of SELF.SERVICE.

If born poor, the native may manage to rise higher; if rich, he may become famous. He is, however, likely to sell the bearskin before having bagged it.

One thing is certain: his yearning to climb. Whether success or failure is in store will depend on the measure in which the native really can carry out his ambitious plans and can steer clear of the misjudgments induced by his own enthusiasm.

This same alternative applies to the moral field. Will he be stingy or generous? A fair-minded gentleman or a scheming upstart? It can well be said that, save modesty, resignation and self- effacement (which are thoroughly foreign to this influence) nearly always lie open to this forty-first degree of the zodiac; It is up to the other astral factors to pave one or the other, and to the native’s free will to follow any of them.

This denotes it one doomed to many disappointments through lack of judgment, incapable of adapting himself to conditions required of him, ever anticipating what he can never realize.

Astrology, a carefree Bohemian type; artistic, passionate, generous; a degree of sex with also gives imagination and originality; occult; attracted to ancient wisdom and inclined to an earnest study of it; upright with good principles, yet tends to lack the emotional quality of sympathy, compassion, and understanding of human frailties; often in charts of those who feel they have lived in the time of Atlantis; neurasthenia; neck nerves connecting with the spinal cord.

Here the sensuousness of Taurus seems to reach a peak. The native here indulges himself to excess. His excesses often result in more than one marriage. He needs a partner or the social stimulation of someone near him. Much depends on the influence this person has on him. This degree also grants good mental abilities, with mathematical emphasis. His keen mental abilities are in danger of being dulled or blurred by his reckless self-indulgence. He may use his keen mind to control his passions. But control requires more than a good mind. A good companion can be an invaluable help. A good liberal arts education may also assist in rounding out this individual. He needs self-discipline, which may be helped and encouraged by an understanding friend.

Cancer degree of Taurus - observant, thrifty, efficient, and clairvoyant to some extent, distinguished by kindness and adaptability. Often born into a wealthy family. Gains wealth or fame, but sells short or cannot maintain status, perhaps abandoning something before its fruitful completion - in romance as well. Must trust and remain fair minded - opinions can be wrong. Remember, anything is possible. Preferred vocations use personal expression of some sort- singing, dancing public image, or ‘caring’.

"A crowned man is seated on a throne with a sceptre in his hand. Tokens of his wealth are scattered around him. Perched on a candelabra, a crow watches the man with envy."
Shrewd, greedy, and stingy character. If one is born rich, the initial wealth is increased through one's work, most probably the exploitation of raw materials or ore. If one is born poor, wealth and celebrity are obtained through cunning. In both cases, one is hated for one's cupidity and stinginess.

11°-12° deg Taurus

Refined, cultivated, perhaps delicate and courteous. Demands perfection of himself. Good at detail work.

It denotes a sympathetic and graceful nature, ever ready to please others, and yet anxious of recognition and affection from those to whom it is devoted; one that desires peace and concord, and finds delight in associating with those of a similar character to itself; a hopeful and happy nature, upon which the heavens will smile. It is a degree of RECIPROCITY.

A soul full of good will; a hard working, modest, patient nature; a feminine daintiness; a precision free from fussiness; a sociable, likeable, lovable character, helpful without servility, bent on pleasing others. The native will rely greatly on the future and easily put up with her present share; will act fairly and will be able to radiate harmony, hope and faith in life, around herself. The native has the makings of an ideal partner and co-operator, and will like it, though preferring, of course, to be in society with congenial people. Devoid of earthly ambitions, here may be the seventh blessing of the Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” (Matt. 5:9).

A laborious person, very unambitious, a useful member of society, ever content with his present lot.

Black (coal miners, charcoal, carbon, dark rooms, those who sit in darkness); occult writers; energetic and graceful; dexterous, eager to please and to be pleased; men with this usually have a steak of egotism, neck nerves connecting with the spinal cord.

This degree provides a great amount of ambition. He may over extend himself with optimism and spend before his plans have matured. He often overshoots his mark by aiming far beyond what he is able to accomplish. If he does succeed it is more likely to be because of his clever mental ability rather than his moral integrity. This of course injects a weak building block and he may be lowered because of his lack of integrity. At any rate his ambition to rise high blinds him to more basic truths. With a reasonable amount of help from the rest of the chart this native will rise above the level at which he was born. If he can be satisfied with a reasonable growth compatible with his abilities he may accomplish very solid progress. With a large capacity as indicated by the rest of the chart he may even rise very high.

Sagittarian and Leo fire brighten and expand this degree: willful, hard working, thoughtful and particular, sociable and “loved” - eager to please and be seen. An ideal partner and cooperator. Peacemaker and “above” lowly earthly ambitions and treachery. Admired - one of the finest degrees of the zodiac for physical appearance and visage. Favorable for family life and children. Creative: builds from visions.

"Two butterflies flutter their wings as they rest on a light orange flower beside two women holding hands."
Benevolent, pleasant and devoted character. One is always prepared to help, and one seeks the company of like-minded people. The desire for peace and friendship prompts to establish associations with people who pursue the same ideals. Life unfolds happily and smoothly.

12° - 13 deg Taurus

Refined, diplomatic, conservative, tactful, courteous. A good employee in any position that requires these qualities. A good worker, tries to be fair to everyone. Well-balanced and likeable. Good sense of balance and harmony in everything he does.

A good worker, tries to be fair to everyone. Well-balanced and likeable. Good sense of balance and harmony in everything he does.

It denotes one who is prone to unlawful acquisitions to envy and strife; yet likely to cheat himself in the end by pursuing unprofitable things, without attainment of those which are nearer at hand. There is little satisfaction in this nature; and not much will come of its craving. It is a degree of SELFISHNESS.

Rational logic will be hard put to explain why an envious, anarchic nature is nearly an inseparable companion of artistic gifts. This native will sometimes be an artist, often a refined aesthete, but invariably, unless checked by other influences; an envious, quarrelsome being, ready to sow discord around himself.

As to all envious people, others’ luck will prevent his own. Moreover, one may well say that he is looking for trouble. Should the rest of the horoscope sharpen this feature, the native would be fond of trespassing against penal law, not out of any real wish for dishonest gain, but out of spiteful fancy for what has been denied to him, which will prevent his keeping and enjoying greater gains within reach and easily attained with honest labor. More than fooling and damaging the others, such people end by digging their own graves. But, as the proverb has it, forbidden fruits taste better.

The native will be the subject of terrible trials, over which he will appear to possess little or no control; hence his end is very mysterious.

Electricians, attraction and repulsion; magnetic healing; business; singers; a prudent of real ability; careful financially (unless and afflicted planet here; then the opposite is true); usually appreciates the other person’s side of the story neck nerves connecting with the spinal cord.

This degree seems to pick up the best of the Taurus qualities. It manifests the patience and sweetness of temper to go far even though at a slow pace. It desires congenial company and surroundings but it gives the ability to work positively where ever he finds himself. There is a steadfast but quiet optimism which seems light the path ahead. There is also active here the necessary polarity of positive and negative rhythm to gain the maximum strength from any effort put forth. There is a Libra-like trait of seeing both sides without the indecisiveness. However this native works best when someone else is doing the planning and making the decisions. He prefers not to take the initiative but does a good job of understanding direction and instruction. He makes a real effort to please. He is not bashful about saying what he thinks.

Creative, flamboyant Leo squares passive Taurus here. Industrious, self-expressive artistic, socially gifted, loved and courted. A tendency to offend and envy either as the giver or receiver. Requirements for happiness may be too high a price to pay; should gives, and spread harmony and encourage cooperation. Stron opinions - vocations where opinions count.

"A dog runs after another dog which has a bone in its mouth while two gossips shout insults at one another."
Sly, envious and violent nature. The desire to own worldly goods has no limits, and one does not hesitate to resort to underhanded manoeuvres in order to meet one's compulsive needs. Sometimes, this obsession applies to romance and translates into neurotic jealousy and unhappy marriage. If in the natal chart, Venus is on this degree or forms a soft aspect with it, it indicates artistic gifts, honours, and high social status.

13°-14 deg Taurus

Commands respect through his quiet, sincere, and magnetic disposition. Capable of wielding a psychic or magnetic influence over others.

It denotes a humble and industrious nature, that finds pleasure in good work. A man of justice, rectitude and strength, whose life will be full of peace in the service of others, and whose ends will be graced by the fruits of well doing. The chief characteristic is the sense of justice an fraternity. It is a degree of LIBERALITY.

The native seems born to compose quarrels. His straight, peaceful, fair mind has a smooth force in itself which is likely to compel respect effortlessly and to inspire love of justice.

This is his showier side. Not less worthy of attention is the other one: a way of getting down to his work and keeping fondly at it without fuss and display, a feature which, if supported by other influences, may at times lead the native to withdraw into himself, shutting him out of other people’s company. This may temporarily blot out-never stifle-the native’s instinct for human brotherhood.

The native is not unlikely to become a mystic a seeker after hidden knowledge but his need of seclusion will not make a misanthrope out of him, nor will contemplative life dry up the source of his charitableness. Should he become an initiate, he would silently use his occult powers in service to others.

Whether or not on the secret path, he will be comforted in his old age by the fruits of his efficient work and his good actions.

Denotes a recluse, a lover of solitude, a student of the mystical, a possessor of hidden knowledge.

Super salesmen; business; singers; electricians; adept at propaganda; literary and oratorical ability which is usually used for political purposes; danger from large animals; on stage (magnetism); eminent friends; honor, eminence, and artistic ability; true vocal cords.

This degree seems dominated by a paranoid tendency to right a wrong which has not been committed. But the tendency is so strong it leads one to believe that perhaps the wrong actually has been committed but has been successfully hidden either by a past life or by clever action on the part of another to appear to be innocent. At any rate the native with this degree to deal with seems to take the insult seriously. It is also possible that this degree provides just enough psychic or intuitive to see only part of the picture. Many times a person with psychic ability, they have learned to trust, alienate themselves from all their friends because of some imagined ill will. Also there is much we may be better off not knowing. Many times a person with psychic ability to see an accident ahead or some kind of danger sees only the negative things which are coming up and thereby receives a pre- occupation with negative potentialities. It is my opinion that the more psychic ability this person has, the more likely he is to live with evil premonitions. If he is able to live without the sense of impending doom he will very likely concentrate the quality of this degree on artistic pursuits. Even though the artistic abilities are well developed he still may suffer defeat at the hands of his imagined ills. It is not enough to tell this person that his ills are imaginary. It is a distortion he must sort out carefully for himself. He needs to find positive solutions.

Cardinal Aries with fixed fiery Leo make this degree argumentative, inquisitive, and aspirational. May be religious or researcher in or believer of life’s greater personal mysteries. Robust, well- mannered, forever active even late in life. Prefers quite and dislikes confusion, arguments, and unsettled circumstances. Dominate in romance.

"Measuring devices are tidily kept in a small carpenter shop. The door is wide open, but a strong man blocks the way with a long rod he holds across the entrance."
Humble, accommodating, and hardworking character. One appreciates well-done work and dedicates one's life to other people. Endeavours aiming at defending the cause of justice and fraternity are fully rewarded. The man with the rod symbolises a protection against hatred and negative forces. This degree endows with great moral authority and, at a higher level, gifts for occultism.

14°-15° Taurus

Generous and wealthy. Pleasant, tactful, and gracious. Successful dealer of merchandise, or successful in some other business pursuit.

It denotes a studious and intuitive nature, whose mental vision will see where others arc in the darkness; one devoted to the inner meaning of Nature’s workings, and acting from obscure motives; one of much self-reliance, inclined to solitariness, and yet always surrounded by friends; one who will be sought after while himself seeking none. It is a degree of MYSTERY.

The native possesses the gift of inspiring unconsciously and nearly unintentionally, a sudden and durable liking, and to make others trust him as much as he himself. Whether the field of researches he keenly pursues is material or spiritual, his ideas will be original, daring, uncommon; his intuition may even foreshadow the future.

In heathen ages he would have been an oracle, a fulguriator, a Sybil. In this materialistic age, he may get the hang of scientific or material truths as if by inspiration, but his mind will ever run to the hidden causes and the living root of phenomena. A deeply religious being, he will, short of any confessional faith, worship the scientific line he has embraced. Should the horoscope bear it out, his life would have an ascetical outlook.

This degree tends to give a bold, icy temper if the Fire element is absent from the rest of the pattern. Nevertheless, this somewhat uncouth being, lost in his mighty visions and more or less indifferent to love, may have a following of utterly devoted friends and of disciples not likely to forget his teachings. In unusual and remarkable patterns, such a being may well end by being looked at as a forerunner or a prophet by posterity, and his doctrine may become an article of blind faith.

A person possessing wonderful abilities, numerous accomplishments, and, above all, a revealer of secrets, much given to researches in nature.

Business; singers; a degree of exchange and barter; some times traveling salesmen or financiers; may live or die in foreign lands; circulation of blood as well as ideas and propaganda; causes disease, disgrace, ruin injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune; epiglottis.

This degree also seems to encompass some mystical tendencies. The native may either seek companionship or retire to some monastic situation where he meditates on seeking mystical truths. It would seem that the influences here are meant to blend the two extremes but most people with this degree prominent seem to gravitate to one pole or the other. It is also said to rule circulation of the blood as well as of ideas. This degree may contribute something to writing ability if there are other influences in the chart which point him in that direction. Generally speaking there is very little ill will in this degree and he usually does all he can see to do to benefit society rather than spend his energy in antisocial behavior. There is a broadness to this degree which leaves room for other manifestations. I do not consider it as dominating in the pattern.

Perceptive, quick thinking, naturalist Virgo with Aries here suggest a researches, a keen intuitive mind, and like most Taureans, it’s adaptable to any vocation. Philosopher it’s adaptable to any vocation. Philosopher and believer in faith or faith healer. Able to comprehend and explain life’s mysteries. An asset to spouse or partners, good teacher of young learners. Short, abrupt temper, impatient, easily offended, but none-the-less admired and sophisticated.

"A middle aged man seated at a table with a big book and scientific tools watches seven ibises flying by his window."
Patient, taciturn, and self-confident character. One is an avid learner and enjoys studying in order to fully understand the mysteries of nature and of human beings. Although one is very much sought after and often surrounded by numerous friends, one prefers to be alone and to dedicate long hours of work to researches. One may live abroad with a view to discovering different civilisations and lifestyles, or because one is forced to flee one's homeland. In any case, success can be achieved in natural sciences and in all professions related to the earth such as agriculture, agronomy, real estate, etc.

15°-16° Taurus

Strong views regarding philosophy or religion. Expresses his beliefs with intensity and power.

It denotes that one born under this sign will have many advantages in. early life, will make a prosperous marriage, but through a false sense of security will afterwards come to ruin and sorrow. It is a degree of RELAXATION.

Stubborn rather than steady, slow and often sluggish in everything; groundlessly cocksure, incapable of abstract thinking, the native will not carry his headstrong efforts to any successful end. He will not be liked by many, and will have to go through life nearly alone. Whatever amount of luck Fate has in store for him, it will run low in his life’s former half. Bad luck will set in later, owing to his foolish self-assurance. Neither exile nor forceful segregation can be ruled out. Marriage may be lucky.

A person possessing wonderful abilities, numerous accomplishments, and, above all, a revealer of secrets, much given to researches in nature.

Business; singers, a degree of pressure; a hard worker; may be a shrewd person who keeps his own secrets but will do better by giving his findings to the world; associated with explosions (of nuclear plants) and bombings; carotid artery.

Much wisdom is attributed to this degree solely because the native remains silent and hints at the wisdom he hides. It is amazing how wise a person is considered if he does much listening and then agrees with you. Well, this can honestly not be considered without merit. Such a person may acquire much wisdom throughout life by pursuing this course. Natives of this degree show a remarkable ability to translate much wisdom shown by others into a language which can then be made available to others. Perhaps the wisdom of this degree is one of communication. And perhaps the value of communication has been blindly overlooked for centuries. At any rate this degree certainly helps the native keep silent to his advantage. Humanity at large, and individuals specifically, must learn at their own pace. Listening is more valuable to this process than talking. The qualities of this degree contribute to the skill of being a midwife to this process. It is as refreshing as a cool drink in the desert to find someone who will listen to your problem with sympathy and send you on your way with new courage to face the problem, knowing you will find the answers whether he knows them or not. This truly is wisdom. And it is very precious and very scarce. It is not gained by this degree alone and may even be gained without the help of this degree. But I believe this to be the message of this influence.

Double earth sign degree, with pertinacious, discerning fussy Virgo dominant. Judicious leader, diplomat, or intercessor, seldom ignored - dedicated and steady. Self-sufficient, lucky marriage, but a “me-against-the-world” belief may were heavy on this degree as life progresses. Above peers, but understands the plight of common people and lends help in behalf of the less-fortunate and ill. Musical, spiritual and health conscious.

"Two white cows in the jungle do not see the tiger which is ready to pounce on them. Nearby, a woman assembles the two roses she just plucked from a rosebush, a white one and a black one."
Refined, pleasant, and thoughtful character. One is blessed with many financial profits and happiness in love in the first part of life. It is necessary to be very careful because unexpected events or unsuspected enemies may be the cause of ruin and sorrow.

16°-17 deg Taurus

Dynamic, instinctive, magnetic, innovative. Influential in business or academic circles.

This symbolizes a life of toil without much fruits; the misdirection of effort through ignorance of natural laws; a straining after that which Nature has not designed, and consequent failure in life. The native will be unpopular, moving against the stream, and by much exertion, hurting himself alone. It is a degree of FUTILITY.

(I do not know who the author of the perfect squelch was-”I do not need your advice, I can make mistakes myself!” but he may have been born under this star;). The native’s habit of thinking with his own head is apt to make him unpopular; his failings will bring about his misfortune. His intelligence is like a river liable to flood the barren sands of Utopia instead of fertilizing the happy valley of originality. He is in for unceasing, often wasted, labors, which will not make him move a step forward. There is a guilty light-mindedness; the native will believe that he can solve single- handed and in his own way certain problems which repose on natural laws, as those of economics, dynamics and the like. On the other hand, such a being can easily rely on Divine Providence and reach that absolute faith which moves mountains and goes so far as to give sometimes personal success in spite of rationalistic logic and science’s “infallibility.”

A truly good person; one who has Implicit faith in the Most High.

Painting; business; musical ability (variations of pitch); singers; oratory; a powerful degree for men; color; and original person who has much influence on his sphere of society; ideas or popularity may grow by spurts, but unexpected falls sometimes follow too; homicidal tendency; abscesses of neck if with 25 degree Leo-Aquarius or 21 degree Aries-Libra; associated with explosions (of nuclear plants or bombings); often a tall person; tonsils.

There is some contradiction in this degree. Basically the difficulty seems to be over-optimism. Stubbornness seems to be more prominent than the more desirable Taurian traits. One may well enjoy a certain measure of popularity which only seems to contribute a stubborn blindness to the weak spots which need attention. He also seems to enjoy a fair amount of luck which also tends to produce a false sense of security. If however, he has a genuine appreciation for his luck and is able to resist sheer flattery on the part of fair-weather friends without being rude and cutting himself off, he may come out pretty well. Luck in any form tends to run out if not used wisely. Here it seems to be built in that luck which is squandered does not continue. There is only enough to prime the pump. He must keep the flow going or it will stop.

Helpful, serving, independent and self mastering due to Aquarius, but not infallible and much too open to attacks and manipulations of others. Misunderstood. Competitive, and often demands too much for itself. Argumentative, forceful, biased which can engender negative reactions. Vocation involves “conflict and resolution” - areas where theories and ideals do battle. Persistence, unbending, and would benefit from higher education and wider viewpoint.

"Amid a barren landscape, a man swims against the current of a river, while on the bank, a bull tied to a tree strives to free itself."
Superficial, stubborn, and clumsy character prone to misjudgements. Hard work and relentless efforts yield little profit because one fails to understand the forces in action and pursues unrealistic goals. However, if the natal chart concurs, this degree describes an outstanding figure, totally impervious to criticism and unpopularity, who persistently struggles against entrenched routine with a view to improving the fate of people. Although he cannot achieve his noble objectives, and may end up in exile or in prison, he sows invaluable seeds, and with time, his ideals turn into well- accepted standards.

17° - 18 deg Taurus

Imaginative and instinctive. A tendency to be involved in power struggles or emotionally complex relationships. Artistic and sensitive.

Pleasant and easy-going; does not have great will power, Restless, scattered, and too concerned with the future. Generous and helpful to the needy.

This denotes a petulant and warlike character, who is ever ready to take up arms with the slightest cause. Danger by one’s own hand as much as by that of opponents is threatened. The native will make many enemies. He who takes to the sword perishes by it. It is a degree of STRIFE.

The native will easily fly off the handle and quickly work himself up to a climax of frenzied and bloodthirsty rage, even if his own peevish and quarrelsome temper has sown the seed of discord. According to his background and breeding, he can make a sabreur of a ruffian, and can reap the hatred of many, running the risk of wounds or death in duels or brawls.

Denotes what It pictures; one of a low and savage nature, who, unless properly trained, will lead a criminal life.

Signers; art; music; poets; painters; sympathy for others; work connected with vibration; thyroid gland; often a tall person; lymph vessels.

Mercury’s N Node has been on this degree for a number of years and will be there for some years to come. It seems there is a message here concerning violence and non-violence for lack of better terms. This degree has characterized individuals as swimming against the current. The whole non- violent movement has been worked on by a number of competent, as well as incompetent people and seems to me to be growing in understanding. Mercury’s N Node gives the degree a mental coloring. Here mental aspects work on the influence of the degree itself. The real power of non- violent action is active goodwill. There are few people who can live such a demonstration. When they succeed with their own lives we call them Saints. The less competent are regarded as fools. It is basically the struggle between the seed and the destructive power man has developed. If the destructive power wins as it threatens to do, we are left with nothing. The seed power is slow moving and takes time, whereas the destructive power is sweeping and total. It is symbolized by the story of the tortoise and the hare. But there are other similes. Nature always finds ways to correct freak or abnormal conditions. When we try to poison the undesirable insects we find that we have killed the friendly ones first and the unfriendly ones become immune. There are times when a species overproduces for a time and is then cut back. There is a balance to nature which man has ignored while trying to control by artificial means. It is the influence of this degree which may yet enlighten us with regard to this subject.

Slow, confident, peaceful, simplistic Libra degree, but not one to arouse, Cardinal, “I’m perfect” Libra is not about to sit by idly when tread upon. Artistic talent, fond of nature, good food and drink, loves to buy and sell and throw money around - but lazy and careless. Looks for collectible and nice things for trappings; surrounded by appreciative friends. Often sexual, peevish and critical, “but aren’t we all?” it asks.

"In a farm yard, two bulls and two billy goats butthead."
Ebullient, combative, and irascible character. One is always willing to take up arms, for trivialities and serious matters alike. Foolhardiness may prompt numerous enemies to take violent reprisals. It is necessary to recall that “He who takes the sword shall perish by the sword.

18°-19° Taurus

Strong sense of responsibility, easily prone to guilt feelings. Very generous or acquisitive.

It denotes a gentle, inoffensive but weak nature, inclined to indolence or hopelessness, and thus while Nature is luxurious and fertile, and all around speaks of wealth gained by industry, the native remains in a poor condition for want of determination. It is a degree of INCOMPETENCE.

An exquisitely feminine nature. The native may go so far as to be a genius, but even in normal cases she will have some very bright gift which she is not likely to exploit in full and will at least partially leave untapped.

A gentle and sweet character, even too little self-assertive, which will tend to flabbiness, indecision, passivity and gloom. A certain typically feminine futility will accompany an equally feminine skill in getting things done. A voice of pure musical pitch, an unconstrained speech, a naturally smart and graceful demeanor.

Her main virtues will be self-possession and cleanliness. In a mystic sense, the symbol may be taken to mean the Sacrament of Baptism.

Destiny may have in store travel or emigration to the New World. Teaching may be a congenial profession, if the pattern contains such elements as to give the necessary authority for this.

This denotes a great genius. His home Is, or will be, the western hemisphere.

Music ( a trumpet); a person who rises from a humble birth place to a great renown through a process of unfoldment; hair; leader of party; often a tall person; maxillary artery.

Mars N Node is located here and incorporates more violence than the previous degree. We should however learn more of the nature of Mars from this combination. In most reports the degree has characterized a violent misuse of the energy. It is considered savage and warlike. I am of the opinion that since the N Node of Mars is influencing this degree now we may expect to see some more constructive and positive action from people with planets here. One authority suggests an unfolding process which must proceed in an orderly fashion patiently as a flower blooms. There certainly is a contrast here between the growing power of life against the destructive but also temporary power of death.

Airy, noisy Gemini enlivens earthly, heavy, magnetic Taurus, creating a variety of interests and nimble strength. Androgynous nature - neutral, flippant, sweet, friendly, self-assertive, but often flabby, passive and negative. Good voice. Adaptable and clean - may travel at an early age; grows mature early in life and still maintains some of its best child-like traits and stubbornness. Likeable and fun to be with.

"A woman dressed in light clothes is lying in a flowery field not very far from her friend who plays by the bank of a river and pours water from one amphora to another."
Dreamy, passive, and indolent character. Although events are favourable and success is within reach, one is unwilling to make the effort to grasp golden opportunities. Sometimes, this degree indicates that one is forced to take up a career which is contrary to one's wishes, or that the desire to live in the countryside is unfulfilled.

19°-20° Taurus

Calm, sedate, persistent, easy-going. Dislikes being rushed or pressured by others. Materially successful and generous.

This indicates a designing and crafty nature, planning mischief even in regard to harmless things, but one who will find himself reflected in his own designs, and will eventually injure himself thereby. It is a degree of ENVY.

This degree’s positive side may well be said to consist in a great moral or material strength at the service of ambition, which may, when other aspects help, lift the native into eminence.

The negative side consists in envy and lack of moderation. The native will nearly invariably be an impulsive rashling, or a lowly meddler, but in any case an envious being. He cannot find a middle course between those two extremes. When he does not plot mean ambushes, he will show off arrogantly and bully people about. In either case, his stumbling stone is his envy, a vice that, as Sannazzaro puts it, gnaws at itself, or, as exemplified in Dante’s figure of embodied envy, Filippo Argenti, tears its own flesh with its own teeth. While stabbing somebody else in murderous frenzy, one may well injure self, as happened to Caesar’s murderers.

Denotes one who will rise from a very low degree to eminence.

Originality; creativity; spontaneity; self-made man; one Ascendant, may denote a dancer, actor, orator, composer, or inventor; a deep thinker or a genius who surmounts difficulties by seeing a way around them; women with planets here are especially fond of dancing; gives good fortune; high ambition; beneficence, honor, riches, and permanent happiness; occipital bone.

There is much lack of direction in this degree and I suspect that most of what is expressed here is the result of other influences, especially since the most obvious characteristics are passivity, hopelessness, and weakness. Mars N Node having just left here may have left a more energetic influence. There is a suggestion of whirling action and possible dancing ability. There may be an influence here which humanity has not been able to incorporate to advantage as yet.

Power-conscious Scorpio here marks this as an envious, immodest degree - perhaps an impulsive meddler, troublemaker, usually tall, dark and heavy. With a good background and education, it may be moralistic and devout, which would certainly help this Taurus’ human relationship and find it a place in the world. Extreme bad temper, seldom seen. Often ambushed or victimized - character assassinations. Arrogance, bullying and back-biting can be avoided. Sensuous; fond of hunting and expressive arts.

"In a large kitchen, a crow perched on a pitcher watches two dogs biting one another." Cunning, envious, and conceited character. One is evil-minded and uses unimportant details in order to harm people. But such gross malevolence is easily foiled and as a result, one harms oneself only. Slanders targeting relatives and friends bring about long-lasting estrangements.

20°-21° Taurus

Highly intelligent. Quick, analytical, objective mind. Clear thinking. Strives to understand the larger context, philosophical view, and underlying assumptions of any idea or concept.

Interested in economics.

It indicates a silent, watchful disposition, inclined to caution, method, and thrift, but liable to assaults from unexpected sources, which will overthrow many carefully designed plans. It is a degree of ANTICIPATION.

A frugal, cautious, watchful, silent and close character bearing the hallmark of individuality, a deep mind, a pitiless logic, a precise and methodic intelligence, more suited for analysis than synthesis. The native will rely but on himself, yet destiny will baffle him with gleeful spite and take a cruel delight in hitting him just where rational logic would rule out failure or even danger. The collapse of his most accurately prearranged plans will tell on the native’s temper, whose guardedness may drift into suspiciousness, and misanthropy into wickedness.

Denotes one having an analytical mind. He may succeed as a chemist, or where application to minute analytical effects is called for; a very sound reasoner.

Music (variation of pitch); oratorical ability; doctors; homicidal tendency; undernourishment and poisons are in some way connected with this degree; immorality, violence, danger of accidents or poison; goiter; alcoholism; sinus artery.

This degree seems to have a dual nature and suggests varied and contradictory influences. There is perhaps the greatest tendency to cause one’s downfall by envy of another’s position. There is something here which suggests a Scorpion tendency to sting itself to death out of frustration rather than give up and walk away. There is a tendency to climb the ladder of success at the expense of competitors if necessary. But those who take this route pay for it one way or another. There is much rugged brute force strength of Taurus. This individual tends to feel he can go his way alone. There is one authority that suggests an ability on the part of this native to sacrifice himself for someone he loves. Of course there are many kinds of sacrifice. Some of them are beneficial and some of them are not. It is well to consider here whether the individual might not better correct his own faults in order to contribute something more worthwhile rather than sacrifice something which does not really pay the necessary price. Maturity of the human spirit should be the goal.

Strategic, self-directed but perhaps egotistical Aries-Scorpio degree - certainly never content to sit, always having a plan, project or alternative waiting in the wings. Can build great accomplishments and find success if temper and lusts are kept under control, and if it can avoid “yes men” and opportunists. Desired to be admired. Sexual attractions often include great sacrifices. Infighter or revolutionary - anarchistic and opinionated. Must develop Libran traits.

"An owl perched in a tree watches a snake which is coiled around a branch. Below, a bear takes shelter under shrubberies and bares its teeth."
Silent, methodical, and clear-sighted character. Sly enemies abound and conceal their real nature while waiting for the moment when they can successfully grab what does not belong to them, be it money or an already married person. Fortunately enough, one displays vigilance and providence, and therefore one is able to avoid the most dangerous traps. If in the natal chart, Saturn is powerful, prudence and concentration capacities are strengthened. With Mars, energy is increased, and with a Venus, kindness is enhanced. In some cases, this degree indicates gifts for occultism or, at least, above-average perceptiveness.

21° - 22 deg Taurus

Interested in symbolism and psychology. Warm and compassionate, yet objective as well.

It indicates one whose efforts will be successful and whose diligence will lead to the acquisition of money and friends. Industry and thrift will be the characteristics of the native, and success will come by those qualities rather than by unexpected favors of Fortune. It is a degree of UTILITY.

Skill in handiwork, craftsmanship or surgical ability, according to the other bearings. Sparing and industrious habits. There might be some disablement due to illness or wound, if borne out by the rest of the horoscope.

Surrounded by loving relatives and friends, the native will see his hard work crowned by success in the end.

A most dexterous person at any handicraft; a good artizan; an expert in surgery.

One who will probably gain fame or notoriety; has some unique quality (affected, may be an abnormal trait); alcoholism; homicidal tendency; doctors; hyoid muscle.

This degree shows the Capricorn influence which detracts from Taurus good money sense. There is an emphasis on excess security, carefully planned but undercut by some last minute collapse. Also a suspicious nature which is normally foreign to Taurus. There is also a Virgo-like ability to analyze. But the analytical ability seems too rigid and undeveloped to really do the native much good. Perhaps if other qualities in the chart bolster these qualities in a constructive manner a positive development could take place. This degree obviously has qualities which have not been fully used and identified as yet. This degree could contribute to a good financial advisor providing other influences concur. Mahatma Gandhi took this influence to the opposite extreme in his life of poverty. Jupiter ruling his Ascendant is reported to have been on this degree. He chose philosophical riches rather than material wealth. It is unlikely that any planet other than Jupiter here could have had the same effect.

Aries together with freedom-loving Sagittarius spark this degree toward industry, building, fabricatins, steelworks and automobiles, or architecture or design - the Taurean perceptual eye discovers, then molds visions into realities. Hard work brings rewards. Spouse and family very similar. Often travels to distant lands or trades with foreigners. Skillful, active life.

"In the middle of a grassy field, a beautiful tree is the shelter of a swarm of bees. Under the tree, two men exchange a hearty shakehand."
Indecisive, clever, and withdrawn character. One must avoid loneliness because one needs to be encouraged in order to implement one's projects. Furthermore, the influence of a providential friend is instrumental in one's career. Efforts and seriousness are rewarded by success and bring about financial gains and new friends. One must rely on one's personal work instead of waiting for luck because the protection of the tree and the honey of the bees, symbol of affluence and well-being, must be deserved.

22° - 23 deg Taurus

A deep sense of his own individuality and nobility. Devoted to family. Searches for a mature, objective, broad understanding of life. Vital and energetic, perhaps a reforming or revolutionary spirit. Innovative.

It signifies one who will suffer misfortune in the height of his career and whose fall will be dangerous in proportion to the height he has attained. The native will be too apt to depend on his own powers and will essay feats which will be beyond his natural powers. Ambition will lead him into dangerous positions, and at a weak moment he will fall. Let this be taken as equally affecting his physical, moral, and social welfare. It is a degree of COLLAPSE.

A great spiritual force, a generous, passionate character whose mind, compared to a large heart, may appear limited. Faith in one’s power is excessive, hence a tendency to overreach oneself by a display of arrogance, weakness, light-headedness and foolhardiness which may head the native for a dangerous fall. This may be taken in the literal sense of bodily falls, as well as in the metaphorical one (financial, social, moral, or spiritual).

A large-hearted person, but at the same time particularly sensitive to an imposition or a fraud. Such transactions rarely escape being detected. Soul force is great; whilst the intellectual powers may be but of moderate capacity.

Doctors; art; projecting and the arts; medical fields; painting; homicidal tendency; alcoholism; has some unique quality (affected, may be an abnormal trait); an enthusiast who can inspire others with his plans, but thy may not always be successful; teeth.

This degree gives a real sense of mission. A sense of destiny presided over by a guardian angel. Domestic and home loving, one also takes a place in the world. Ability to develop skill with crafts and handwork of all kinds. He attracts the help of others by inspiring confidence and showing consideration for their situation. Even though there is a sense of destiny the native here is presented with sufficient challenge, which he meets admirably, to attract the recognition and help to spur him on. Here is a beautiful balance of strenuous effort recognized and rewarded. There have been instances where hard work and devotion to an ideal were lost or seemingly lost under this influence. However a job well done here is its own reward even when it has not received the expected recognition. There have been times when it was the world’s loss rather than that of the individual putting forth the effort. There will be a measure of recognition, however; if the native raises his expectations too high, he may be disappointed because what he expected was impossible to accomplish. Jupiter here could easily contribute to such inflated expectations. Uranus also could result in a surprising turn in either direction. Magnetic healing ability.

Imaginative, irascible: a symbol of individual freedom in motion - Sagittarian wanderings brought down to earth long enough to establish turf and be noticed. Master of human and animal nature. Desire for self-expression and talent to do so. Humorous, optimistic, spiritual, passionate character, which might lead to light mindedness and dangerous risks at times. May make bad choice of partners, but generally fortunate in career.

"A king is seated on a throne in the company of his followers. A silhouette wrapped in a black veil stands behind him. In front of him, a man falls flat on his back."
This degree describes a reversal of fortune at the pinnacle of the career. The fall is commensurate with the social status and indicates a risk of dishonour and all kinds of losses. One relies too blindly on one's own strength and undertakes projects without having carefully assessed its assets and weaknesses. The danger of fall also applies to physical accidents, as well as moral and social matters.



23° - 24 deg Taurus

Very particular and precise. May be easily irritated when things are not just right. Creative intelligence, capable of original ideas and novel projects.

It signifies one who will take his course through useless tracks, and by too much trust in others will suffer depletion. Yea, though all has life long he may minister to the wants of others, yet, in his advancing years, he will be abandoned to the mercy of wayfaring and deceitful men. This illustrates virtue misapplied. It as a degree of DECLINE.

Assuming as we did that no degree of the zodiac can convey any meaning if not looked at in the light of the horoscope as a whole, this rule does not fit any degree so thoroughly as this fifty-fourth degree which has something mysterious, or transcendent, in itself. Should the rest of the pattern be of a spiritual nature, an intense but hidden inner life would be the result. If the other features concur into a majestic picture, the native may have been assigned a mission reaching beyond his country and his age. “At the limit,” to borrow a mathematical expression; that is, in such a cosmically vast and sublime horoscope as can be drawn in the heavens only once in mankind’s history, this degree becomes one among many other components from which, written in star characters; the announcement of the Redemptor’s birth was given.

This can be stated fearlessly. Here is one of the many astrological clues which revealed to the three Magi from the East that God had taken human shape.

Especially the words of the biblical beer Isaiah -later called the fifth evangelist-fall in with the influence of this degree. Foreseeing the godman’s destiny, the prophet defined him as a being despised and rejected of men (is. 53:57; Luke 4:24).

And now, let us look at the destiny of a common being marked by this degree. He will be an honest worker, pure in heart, full of a candid faith in mankind, and therefore, in danger of being shamelessly cheated and exploited. An humble and meek being, he will refrain from maltreating his neighbors and showing his fist to defend himself or his own interests. His inner nobility will hardly be discerned by those dealing with him; people will usually despise him and not think twice before taking advantage of a good heart, too feeble in the eyes of the world.

The advice to give to the native (another mystical quotation) is an extracanonical saying attributed to Jesus Christ: “Let thy alms sweat in thy hand till thou hast found a righteous one to whom you may give it”.

The signification of this strange phenomenon, in part, is: A man, yet one greater than a man! His mission is a world mission, but present conditions will scarcely admit of such a development.

Doctors; alcoholism; dramatic; sociable; fearless; homicidal tendency; rheumatism; usually homorous; blindness or defective eyesight; upper jaw.

This degree indicates a strong spiritual intuition; an intuition which defies logic or explanation. It is very reliable but not infallible. There is a strong destiny course, not especially in the sense of divine protection but more fate-like. There is also an excess of self-confidence which tends to blind one to obvious weaknesses, and may cause him to build on shaky ground or with weak materials. But such warnings have little meaning here. Most of the influence from this degree is used positively and it is only in a badly misused chart that there would be much need for such caution. Much does depend on the general orientation. But this degree is tallied on the positive side.

Daring Leo degree may have a mission from God, or a self-appointed one - or some karmic feeling it must follow. Guilt or ecclesiastical upbringing may create humility or piety, appearing naive, but faithful and a Samaritan - and not likely to do much to insure its own protection or growth. Self- conscious, nervous, superstitious, but goodhearted and blissful-usually. Dedicated and warm, but must not be over-loving ruthless or over-protective.

"Crows peck their food in a dried-up river bed, and a poor wretch, leaning on a useless reed, seems to try to find a few leftovers also."
Generous, helpful, and gullible character. Misplaced confidence results in sufferings and disappointments. One generously shares everything one possesses with less fortunate people. However, on must spare enough resources for oneself, otherwise, one is in danger of falling into the dire poverty which one has helped other people out of. In such a case, no one will come up to lend a helping hand. This degree indicates ingratitude and unrewarded qualities. There may also be eye problems.


24° - 25 deg Taurus

Good sense of balance, tact, sophistication, and harmony in his work and life generally. Progressive, enterprising, active. A good worker in any business or organization.

It indicates a powerful and haughty nature; one who is disposed to justify himself by force of arms rather than by intrinsic merit. Such a person will make many his servants but few his friends and in the end his state will be a pitiable as that of a dying lion. It is a degree of PRIDE.

The subject’s inner world will stay closed and unknown to all. Yet this is no cowardly nature, rather an arrogant one; the native is innerly proud, haughty, overbearing, but not vain. As he is spiritually isolated among his fellow beings, he will have justice done to himself, if necessary, by having recourse to arms. As he is misunderstood, he will endeavor to have his own way even by resorting to violence; as long as his strength does not fail him, he will see subdued servants around himself, never friends.

He will risk either to die a stray dog’s death, or to be kicked and spat upon on his death bed, like the lion in the fable.

This denotes a very mysterious character. Whilst living among men, a stranger to men. He has a life of his own, a world of his own, he is content to live and die unknown.

Sometimes have theories and ideas of doubtful value; homicidal tendency; alcoholism; women with planets here are usually intuitive, poetic, lively, and flirtatious; men careful with their money; lower jaw.

There is much disagreement about this degree. The most uniform expectancy centers around a peaceful highly spiritual being generally too soft for the hard blows delivered by life on this earth. If it pertains to mastership of a high spiritual nature, there are indeed few who could live up to such an influence. Therefore we would find few to indicate such evolvement. However, at the very least, this degree does have an influence contributing to a spiritual awakening. How far the native would be able to demonstrate such qualities would have to depend on the rest of the chart as well as the overall capacity he had to extract the good from any influence. At least there is very little that is derogatory to be said about this influence. I think it is quite obvious that it stimulates spiritual development. The steady persistent qualities of Taurus are blended with that influence and as humanity develops we should expect to see people improving on what has been accomplished with this degree by other people.

Stately Leo and serious-natured Capricorn furnish this degree with cold spirituality, pride, perhaps haughtiness. Arrogant, but with a firm desire to achieve goals and dominate its sphere, hopefully with justice and mercy. Helped by earthly features and mannerisms. Bound by family ties and genealogy; may take up arms of face violence, or may be mean and cruel. Religious dogma- dictatorial. Should be aware of the practical welfare of all people.

"A growling lion crawls at the feet of a domineering man who stands upright with both hands on a big club."
Assertive, combative, and haughty character endowed with leadership abilities. One prefers forceful means to dialogue and arouses much hatred. One makes the difference between one's few genuine friends and all the numerous flatterers. This degree indicates a risk of violent death or suicide, especially if in the natal chart, it is in conjunction with the Ascendant, the Sun or the Moon, or the ruler of the 8th House. In conjunction with the Part of Fortune, there may be seizure or confiscation of assets."

25° - 26 Taurus

Romantic, perhaps sexual. Wields a great attractive power over others. Imaginative, poetic, and artistic. May also experience power struggles with others.

It indicates a powerful and haughty nature; one who is disposed to justify himself by force of arms rather than by intrinsic merit. Such a person will make many his servants but few his friends and in the end his state will be a pitiable as that of a dying lion. It is a degree of PRIDE.

A personality to which nature, not ambition, lends authority; a steady reserved, self-assured being; a mild character agreeable to all; one who sees the right spiritual angle of problems and the poetic side of life, understands beings and things; gathers effortlessly whatever the world around him offers of beauty; loves peace and spreads harmony and comfort around himself. He eeeds to live in the open air.

A person possessing much sagacity. A great amount of secrecy, and implicit confidence in his own strength.

Originality; higher mathematics; a persevering individual; homicidal tendency; suicide; alcoholism; autocratic and unscrupulous; death of partner; sometimes innocent sufferers, such as the victims of indiscriminate bombings in war, etc; conjunction Sun, Moon or Jupiter, it gives victory in war; people who like to work with large masses or numbers of people; evil if on an angle, bringing problems connected with that house; associated with fractures and broken bones; tonsils; glands; a bad reputation; nasal bone.

This degree emphasizes the mental ability including mathematics and analysis. The native is set apart because of his over stimulated genius. He seems content to live aloof from other people to whom he feels superior. He would do well in some laboratory working behind the scenes. Even though this being shuns less intelligent persons he handicaps himself by isolating himself with abstract concepts. He locks himself in the ivory tower of his own genius. If he thereby produces something of value to himself and/or others the isolation may be considered worthwhile. However, if the only purpose for his behavior is a sullen desire to avoid interaction with people, his life may be considered a total waste. The average person with this degree most prominent would do just that. It seems that the pure influence is to isolate one’s self from arrogance. There are those under the influence of this degree who will attempt to learn other lessons about human nature in a very patient way even though they have a natural superiority which makes it difficult to be understood. And “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” The greatest lesson we have to learn is that of being a part of the larger whole of humanity itself.

Militant, violent, restless, and unfortunate. Ambitious and authoritarian, prefers the company of higher classes, and takes whatever possible from life. Insensitive to others. Much depends upon bringing and security derived from its associations, but trouble is not far away.

"A fair-haired woman holds a child by the hand and picks flowers in the countryside. A benevolent man lends a hand to help them cross a ford."
Affectionate, peaceful and pleasant character. One is very good at smoothing out rough edges and at helping people settle their disputes in a peaceful way. One finds happiness in accomplishing ordinary duties, appreciates peace at home, and shows tolerance in all fields.

26° - 27 deg Taurus

Very generous or acquisitive. Inclined to gamble or give indiscriminately. Imaginative and inclined to think about the future.

It indicates a patient, thrifty nature. One who by industry and inventive faculty will acquire wealth, but yet will live simply. It denotes an eccentric vocation and success therein. Such a person is likely to have more means at his command than his nature requires to use. It is a degree of SUCCESS.

Should other items in the horoscope point toward aptitudes and propensities for the occult, this degree could spell danger; though leading toward magic, it does not assure the native absolute freedom from worldly interests or cravings. The Wise Ones have, however, ruled that no operations should be undertaken if the atmosphere is not perfectly clear; by which they mean, of course, the spiritual atmosphere. Let one whose soul is still benighted by worldly passions or, worse, by greed of power (which is less coarse and therefore more dangerous) not set his hand to the Greet Work. The alchemist, instead of transforming into a spiritual Sun the Mercury and the Moon of his inner mirror would be tempted to transmute the metals of the outer world and to make real gold out of quicksilver ore. Were he not driven to this by a thirst for enjoyment, but by a yearning for power, the native would run an even worse risk, as this is one of the ugliest kinds of black magic.

On the other hand, should the native’s pattern exclude magic and any tendency to the acquisition of occult power, this degree could be of the greatest use to anyone striving after success in the usual sense, as it bestows eloquence, a knack of running things efficiently, a liking for hard work, and an inventive mind (not necessarily in the field of practical application), a sparing temperament, something intriguing which is certainly not made to alienate people, and does not hinder conquest of wealth or power. Which one it is going to be ought to be decided by the, horoscope viewed as a whole.

Such a person must beware, or he will be tempted to dabble in Black Magic, which would terminate in his utter ruin.

Love of soil; patience, economy, and industry; well adapted to business or profession; fortune by marriage; “Most violent star in the heavens”. MC directed to this position arouses mob violence and

murderous tendencies; often on or near 8th house cusp in charts of condemned criminals; Mars here (along with other indications) often in charts of murderers; decapitation (losing one’s head); evil bodily hurts; cervical vertebrae.

An easy going poetic manner. This degree radiates sweetness and light. It might be considered a ”Pollyanna.” There is a steady smooth seemingly effortless way of performing whatever is at hand to do~ It is adapted to making heavy work light. There is much self-confidence and a quietness which suggests secrecy. This degree contributes an unruffled manner which inspires the confidence of other people. There is very little evidence of this degree turning sour.

Gemini here confers more freedom, levity, and opportunities, but it is too common and follows a difficult Capricorn degree - poor background or low social status, perhaps due to karmic carry-over from a past life. May be sidetracked by earthly passions and preference for low company rather than taking its gifts of eloquence and variety of skills into more challenging, rewarding areas. Inventive and intuitive possibilities are endless. Romance is changeable - this degree his many roads to travel this life time.

"An alchemist works in his laboratory. A heap of gold coins are on his table. The window overlooks a field covered with wheat."
Ingenious, simple and noble character. Success and wealth are achieved in an unusual profession or in activities dealing with metal. It is most likely that a major discovery or invention is rewarded by a prestigious prize. Even though one earns a lot of money, one does not change one's frugal lifestyle.

27° - 28 deg Taurus

Interested in spiritual philosophy. A student of religion or literature. His approach to these interests may be too intellectual or academic. Reliable, trustworthy, and honest. A mature and broad view of any situation. Strong sense of responsibility.

It signifies one who will aspire after vain things and exert himself to no purpose; whose ambitions are in the clouds and who knows not how to reach them. It is a degree of VAGARY.

Someone has said that heaven is for the unsatisfied. Sometimes this may be true, but not in this case.

If the native has a perfect mental balance, he can enjoy happiness. But he is likely to be tormented by ambitions and dreams of power past realization. On the other hand, he does not lack steadfastness, but his daydreams are widely different from real life. The more he can put up with this latter (drab and dull as it can be), the better for him; his life may be long and peaceful. If unsatisfied and craving more, he would be but a castle-builder.

Happiness Is bred of contentment.

This denotes an evenly balanced mind, and a most uneventful life; a life that will be long and happy.

Brewers and distillers, occult; gamblers, literature; violence; danger to the sight; will attain public esteem; usually honest and dependable but sometimes given to impractical ideas, trigon.

This degree is highly akin to Neptune. Therefore, Neptune’s position in the chart will give clues as to how this degree is being used. There is danger from involvement with psychic phenomena of all kinds. There is a sixth sense which may make a very helpful contribution to anything the native wishes to pursue. However, he also finds himself dealing with fog-like situations and is in a position either to lead others where they cannot see or to take advantage of their dependence on his insight. It is sometimes necessary for him to withhold what he sees in order not to frighten those who do not see and cannot understand. He has an ability to demonstrate phenomena which misleads others into thinking he is greater than he is. If he uses his abilities in a practical way rather than to gain attention or power over others, he may be extremely successful. His job seems definitely to give vague and indefinite ideas concrete meaning. When he acts in such a way as to take advantage of the confusion he is doomed to confuse himself also. He has the ability to clarify and teach truth. He really faces a temptation similar to what Jesus faced in the wilderness.

Aquarius square Taurus here in the Capricorn decant is ambitious, unrealistic and unsatisfied - mental, physic in some way, but not well-balanced and negatively hurt. Premature and dreamy; impatience could be its downfall, caused by wishful thinking and errors in romances. Unappreciative; misses great opportunities - slow down, listen and learn. Must adjust to and study the world and its people, Cooperation brings success.

"A man strives in vain to climb a pole while children laugh at his clumsiness. An exhausted woman holding a horse by the bridle walks towards them."
Active, ambitious, and conceited character. Owing to limited intellectual abilities and to lack of competence, projects are doom to fail. Furthermore, instead of acknowledging the kindness of protectors, one takes it for granted and believes that it is the just reward for one's worth. One must face the sad reality, understand that one lacks qualifications, and start to learn a job. Otherwise, one will remain a total laughing stock.

28° - 29° Taurus

Intelligent, original, energetic, self-reliant. Honest and straightforward, sometimes tactless and blunt.

It signifies a tyrant, who takes delight in power apart from its uses, and whose opinions are bigoted and selfish. To rule, without regard to qualifications, is the passing ambition of one born under this degree. Death, which frees the slave, will bind the hands of a tyrant in irons forged from his own heart. It is a degree of DESPOTISM.

The female native will find it perfectly normal to order and bully the husband around. Should other features bear out a hard and domineering temper, with an outer display of bluster, we should have a regular Xanthippe, who will not see anything in her husband but a burden-bearing and brooding animal, of course, exclusively reserved, to herself, and at the limit will martyrize him systematically and go so far as to drive him to murder her, unless he has a Socrates’ endurance.

Things are worse in a male horoscope. The other components ought, however, to be carefully weighed, and it has to be decided whether the omen refer to his (lawful or unlawful) mate, or to himself. In the former case, the man, of course, is the victim. Should contrary features of overbearingness be at hand, which could not possibly regard others, he is then certainly himself the tyrant looking at his dependents as pack mules, ignoring their human dignity, or taking a great delight in trampling upon it. The one hypothesis does not altogether exclude the other.

Whether a woman or a man, the native would assuredly be in for a great many unforeseen events. He may well be cowardly as all real bullies are; but he is unlikely to have true foresight. Someone may thrash him within an inch of his life, or even shoot him as a dog. Vulgarity and bigotry usually complete the picture of such a character.

Be careful. A life full of strange events, and liable to grievous accidents.

Good organizing ability; strong will; usually magnetic, proud and stoical; heavy drinking; suicide; a degree giving “something to cry about”; Trapizius.

This degree is widely contradictory. And the two extremes may exist in the same person. There is potential mathematical and scientific ability, and at the same time a tendency to create and live in a dream world of his own. When the native is rebuffed or feels a sense of failure there is the temptation to withdraw. And yet his capacity to achieve is great. Many times this person gives up without a struggle especially if that dream world is comfortably constructed and the life situation is one that does not demand attention to daily details. Many daily details are of such a nature that they can be performed without much awareness but are accomplished by rote habit. When such is the case this native’s ability risks to stay dormant. Alcoholism is also a possibility here, although there really is no need for alcohol to escape into the fantasy dream world. There is also a magnetism here which may attract so-called karma or heavy problems to be dealt with or the magnetism may attract other people who add zest to the life.

Commercial, Venusian, fashion and possession flaunting degree due to Libra here better for females - causes grief for males. Gifted with beauty, believed more than it should - can pick and choose partners and mate who are subjects and followers. Always “right” in its own world, and therefore an unconscious danger to others, apt to take them down paths best left for the foolish, Danger of addictions, Magnetic and proud; good organizer and able administrator.

"A mighty man holding a whip pushes two enchained slaves before him. He is followed by a wild woman who pulls a billy goat by its horns."
Tyrannical, selfish, and fanatic character. There is a strong propensity for debauchery and sexual perversions. One imposes one's narrow-minded ideas to members of the family, friends, and employees, which arouses much hatred. Sooner or later, slaves are freed, and the despot is overthrown. If in the natal chart, the Moon is waxing and in conjunction with this degree, the constellation of the Pleiades promises high social status, fame, and honours, but it also warns against accidents affecting the face, impaired sight, or violent death.

29°-30° Taurus

Imaginative and sensitive. Strives to be clear, honest and direct. Strong sense of responsibility.

It indicates one whose tastes are luxurious but artistic, one who will have much wealth and influence, but whose love of ease will be his great fault and the cause of his worst misfortunes. He who would provide for a long journey must not carry water in his hands. It is a degree of LUXURY.

Look around yourself for one with whom you may eat and drink, before you choose your food and beverage, for a dining table without a friend is what lions and wolves have from Epicurus’ fragments

A refined utilitarianism. An out and out self-centeredness, which however admits of a sincere love of mankind; a dignified and well-meaning sensuousness, an indispensable need of luxury; a love of finely built houses, equipped comfortably according to the latest technical devices. A lenient destiny will grant wealth together with a sizable and profitable estate, provided the native does not throw caution to the four winds in pursuit of pleasure, and that other factors do not oppose this. The native is likely to win prestige and a certain ascendance over his neighbors and even outside his own circle precisely through his mastery in drawing mental enjoyment from sensual motives. A certain amount of distinction will befall his lot.

Thou shalt save many, and thou shalt save thyself. An active philanthropist.

Working with eyes; dramatists; musical ability; psychic; inner sight; clairvoyance; a blind spot around that planet; affects the eyes; blindness (if afflicted by a malefic), often hereditary in origin; mediators; reincarnation, karma; actors; redemption; visual sense; sometimes a fortunate person who will be helped by relatives or friends; light coming down; sorrowful; accidents; some times produces blindness, ophthalmia, injuries to the eyes and face, disgrace, wounds, exile or imprisonment; trapezius.

It is safe to say that the influence of the degree attracts considerable trouble. There is definitely a superior attitude. The more qualities the native shows to establish his natural superiority the less outwardly overbearing he behaves. Even here there is a subtle feeling of rather rigid aloofness even though he may be quite friendly. The less ability he has to demonstrate his superiority the more he succumbs to bullying acts; the more vulgar his attempts to drag every thing around him through the mud beneath his feet. This behavior grows out of insecurities and a feeling that the individual must prove his worth. All the psychological truths that help to deal with these kinds of personality problems are helpful here. But problems of this nature supported by this degree are stubborn indeed and very difficult to deal with in an effective manner. This is also an eye degree and affects the vision.

Venusian Libra with divers Gemini on the last degree of Taurus soften and air-out the one-sided, cardinal qualities of the previous degree. Self-centered but lovable, dignified, sensuous, fond of luxury, comforts and technical devices.

"In the patio of a beautiful mansion, a man wearing lavish clothes lies on a sofa surrounded with servants and sycophants."
Brilliant, generous, and refined character. One belongs to a prominent and rich family and revels in beauty and luxury. One uses a significant part of one's wealth to fund the construction or the restoration of a prestigious monument, for which one's name goes down in history. One may also be financially involved in the construction of modern health care institutions with razor-edge technology.