Virgo Degrees

0-1 deg Virgo

Symbol: A hunting party. Smart riders and fair sportswomen gallop merrily to the horns’ blare and the hounds’ yelps.

A sociable, merry and probably frivolous and superficial nature, fond of collective games in general (but not of individual or athletic sport), especially horseback riding and hunting. One endowed with scanty wits, but plenty of friends and acquaintances, and love affairs galore. The native’s gift for getting in tune with different kinds of people makes him the pivot of merrymakings, excursions and obviously of hunting parties. His gentlemanlike discretion will let people overlook his either sentimental or merely erotic adventures, which all will suspect, but of which none will know the victims with certitude.

Should the subject couple a certain earnestness to his outward smartness, to his worldly achievements and gallantry, he is sure to be successful, as many an association formed in pleasure and sport will immensely further his professional advancement.

In less lucky charts this influence will easily drift astray into cruel selfishness and double-dealing, which are natural tendencies in a libertine, as in Maupassant’s Belami.

Where the horoscope is particularly bad, the native will be a sadist, a seducer of minors, a gangster, perhaps a murderer; but even thus perverted, a sociable spirit still will be traceable to him.

The native will tend to bodily fullness and will need plenty of sleep.

Music; literary taste; friendly and sociable nature; studious but often seeking new diversions; an industrious person with many friends; photography; upper duodenum.

Symbol: A traveling pilgrim leaning on hi~ staff, which he holds in his left hand, addressing a small band of men and women.

Denotes one whose early life is threatened by the elements and who will be compelled to endure sufferings, hardships, and trials as an atonement for remote past acts. If his destiny is to live, his destiny is to overcome, and he will be a wise instructor and guide to his fellow-men. It is a symbol of Repaying.

This degree pulls together what qualities the native is capable of mastering from Leo and Virgo. It is a high challenge. Those with little ability seem to have a certain dignity even when relegated to the lowest position. Virgo is a sign of service and Leo of kingly elegance. This degree combines these two influences. A person of this degree placed in high position would gain the greatest devotion from those he commanded because of his willingness to be of service to those under his command. “He who would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven must be servant and last of all”. Also, “Ye shall in nowise enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless ye become as little children.” This degree is a challenge to this awareness. A real test of the individual’s measure of greatness. When this individual passes this test his greatness will radiate from the lowest position to be found. “As above, so below”; and “Whither shall I flee from the love of God. Even though I descend to the depths of hell behold thou art with me.” There is evidence of this degree going to extremes in both directions. Only by the above described philosophy will one reach the top. Those who have little awareness and ability will have to start at the bottom. The influence stimulates an awareness of humility; life can be cruel to these people as well as kind. The lessons are not easy to anyone who fails to understand the basic and underlying principles.

Apt to depend upon others for vitality in early life. A philosophic teacher later in life.

"The owners of the manor have put on their most beautiful attire to attend a party they offer to all the villagers."
Sociable, pleasant and orderly character. One is willing to adjust to all situations and always respects friends and visitors regardless of their social origins. One is fond of all sorts of entertainments and parties. One has numerous friends because one's warm and helpful nature is highly appreciated. Life unfolds in happiness and simplicity. If in the natal chart, this degree is in conjunction with the Ascendant and the Sun, and if it forms hard aspects with Jupiter or Venus, it indicates an overwhelming desire for luxury, and a superficial lifestyle with overdeveloped concern for appearences and sensual pleasures. Over-eating and over-drinking bring about ill-health.

It denotes a person of a sociable, friendly and flexible nature; capable of adapting itself to its environment; having a strong taste for pleasures of various kinds, luxuries, festivities, etc. It promises friendships and good fortune to the native, who will be much esteemed for his convivial spirit. It is a degree of FEASTING.

1-2 deg Virgo

"A man and a woman are seated on a rock in the middle of a desert."
Honest, stable, and serious character. One is endowed with a precise and mathematical thinking pattern, but one has a theoretical approach of life and does not pay enough attention to emotional factors. Success can be achieved in careers related to metaphysics, science, or the arts. However, because one often comes across as a cold person, followers may be scared off. There is also a tendency towards passivity and to stick to routine, which prevents to clearly defined the most important goals. Although resilience and patience are remarkable assets, stasis is the cause of bad luck.

Inclined to neglect business for pleasurable study until compelled by circumstances to earn a livelihood.

This degree is indicative of a strategist. He may be very deep or very shallow, but he makes a mental plan or pattern to guide his way in relationship to other people. He may be very clever or very naive but he has a mental approach to attracting and holding the spotlight. His interests are involved with social interaction. He develops mental skills which he applies to human behavior. He maintains a friendly and flattering, outgoing aura which spells welcome to everyone. There may be ulterior motives behind his friendliness, or he may be genuinely eager to develop his relationships with others. Regardless of his motivation, he is skilled at being the life of the party. He adds mental cleverness to the Leo need to be in the spotlight. If he is secure and well-oriented this ability will be a genuine asset to his becoming a valuable member of society. If he is resentful and bent on revenge he will be dangerous both to himself and others.

Symbol: A waning moon in a sky, half of which is dear and studded with stars, and half of which Is covered with dark clouds which herald an approaching storm.

Denotes one of considerable ability who, as his life grows older, will be plunged into difficulties and trouble. It is well for one born in this degree to study his actions and to be scrupulously cautious as to his plans and movements. He should avoid speculative ventures, guard against deceit and treachery, and do all that is possible to lead an even, temperate life. It is a symbol of Threatenings.

Music; firmness; a strategist with a critical, penetrating and orderly mind; great endurance; firm in his convictions; may depart from orthodox religion; photography; upper intestinal areas.

This degree confers a great abstract intelligence, a manifold versatility, a methodical and precise mental procedure, a special gift for military and mathematical sciences, a keen mind constantly on the lookout, but if no other influences in the pattern supply practical skill, the native will be as clumsy in carrying out as he has been brilliant in conceiving.

A dry and cool nature, whose earnestness can border on unwieldiness, whose endurance can drift into stubbornness and maniacal conceit. One endowed with great steadfastness but none of those deep impulses which only a feeling-not merely a reckoning-nature can give a human being. The resulting attitude is mostly one of apathy, sometimes of fatalistic indolence and sluggishness. Spiritually, the native is an atheist or, worse, an agnostic. Financially he is in for a miserable and roaming life when other aspects do hot correct this one.

A decided prevalence of the elements of Water and Fire in the birth pattern can correct the dryness and coldness of this being. Water only would add to his sloth and fickleness; fire alone would heighten his dryness.

It indicates one of much fixity, steadiness and gravity of character; inclined to agnosticism or atheism. Cold, mathematical, hard, and very just in his methods of thought, but lacking those emotional qualities which make of life something more vital than a problematical theory. The native is somewhat indolent and wanting in direction and purpose; but there is a great power of resistance and endurance. The fortunes of the native will be poor, partly due to lack of executive ability on the side of the native, and partly to the conditions of birth and environment. A degree of POVERTY.


2-3 deg Virgo

Symbol: A man fingering a ledger.

The essential features of this degree remind one of Libra: a fondness for justice and indignation at any breach of it. The likeness stops here. The native is an active and productive being. A deep researcher and experimenter, a writer (possibly of scientific things) and perhaps a philosopher, he upholds his activity with a keen insight and an inborn cool courage. A hopeful character but not too lucky in other fields, he will be successful in his scientific pursuits and professional undertakings, enjoying the fruit there of and closing his accounts in the black.

Music; photography; insight; inclined to mediumship; a charming and popular writer; sometimes an investigator in the realm of foods, chemistry, or natural laws; upper intestinal areas; cecum.

Symbol: A young woman working at a spinning-wheel by a cottage window, which opens on a smiling garden in which bees are flying amongst the flowers.

Denotes one who is gifted with a sunny nature, patience, and the ability to labor hard and to endure. He will produce works of benefit and charm, and experience will expand his soul and teach him the truth which he values as a companion to beauty. It is a symbol of Persistency.

This degree is characterized by extremely cold logical mental abilities. There is a strong inclination for mathematics and science. The degree comes close to providing a computer mind. Even the native’s emotional problems are fed into the computer. He has little executive ability because he prefers to stay in the background, laying out the facts but not trusting his ability to add them up. Natives of this degree often work with food in some capacity. They would do well with food chemistry, or dietetics.

A writer of mystical poetry, drama, etc. Restful inspirations, but lacking in force.

"A scientist carries out chemical experiments in his laboratory."
Hardworking, patient, and pragmatic character. The first face of Virgo, from 0° to 4°59', is often activated in the chart of unsuccessful scientists. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully examine the natal chart in order to assess the state of the intellect. If it is strong, then, one must believe in one's good star. Indeed, after years of painstaking work, success can be achieved in scientific research, particularly in agronomics. If the natal chart indicates limited intellectual abilities, one is advised to choose a profession which addresses less theoretical matters, for instance the trade of products meant for the improvement of agriculture such as fertilizers, etc. All occupations related with the soil are favoured.

It denotes a person of industrious habits; quick insight into natural laws; an investigator in the chemical or other scientific world; fond of experiment, eager in his undertakings, very hopeful, though during life will be hardly used at the hands of fortune. The native will, however, eventually succeed in his endeavors, and will assuredly reap the fruit of long and earnest labors. It is a degree of RESEARCH.

3-4 deg Virgo

"A young man tills the soil with a plough and a pair of oxen. As he ages, he enjoys watching the wheat ripening."
Simple and pragmatic character. Success can be achieved in agriculture or animal husbandry. Life is meaningful and happy, and old age unfolds in affluence and serenity. If the origins are modest, one is very likely to improve one's social status and purchase realties.

Metaphysical, sincere, orderly. A trusted employee.

This degree gives the capacity to persevere with long difficult and involved research. This may or may not be coupled with some inspirational qualities. At any rate, the native has persistent strength, lasting courage and sharp insight. Success may keep him waiting most of his life. Nevertheless he is sure to complete his life on the positive side. There is a divine protection with this degree. No matter how isolated or how low his supplies become, there is always provided what is necessary to keep him going. Through all his difficulties he is somehow sustained also by the knowledge that his needs will be met. And he lives with an optimism that his work will be successful. He can also be assured that he will live to reap the harvest of his devoted efforts.

Symbol: A bookbinder fastening covers on a number of unbound books.

Denotes one who spreads knowledge of some special nature whose position in life will be one of trust and responsibility. His mind is analytical and exact, and his actions are regulated by necessity and the acts of others. “Safe bind, safe find,” is his motto, and carelessness does not enter into his nature. It is a symbol of Protecting.

Photography, often found in charts of mediums and healers; a doctor’s degree; restraint; a hard worker but sometimes lacking in originality; makes a good employee who will do things right; upper intestinal areas; ascending colon (large intestine).

Symbol: A steamroller.

A craze for planning and technology; a naive faith in purely mechanical progress; contempt for individual distinctions; love of the extreme and of the absolute. Some features of fatality in the existence, something inexorable in character. A massive strength, an ability to lay out on broad lines work to be carried out by others and to give it the finishing touches after completion.

This same force, instead of preparing and perfecting usefully the work of others, can stay fruitless and can sponge upon its environment; or, even worse, instead of leveling and paving the way for the execution of the work planned, he can be employed to destroy and raze everything aimlessly to the ground. The rest of the horoscope will show the right angle.

Where a sound, peaceful, constructive nature is at work, the subject might be really fond of nature and might run his or someone else’s estate strictly but efficiently, beading for a quiet and affluent old age.

On the contrary, where the stars point to fondness for the fruitless, artificial life usually led by the smartest set of society, a rush for pleasure will swallow up wealth laboriously built up by the ancestors. Plenty of well-meaning and helpful friends will be powerless to save the native from bankruptcy; once collapsed, neither his taste nor his artistic gifts will be of any avail. A third case is possible: an aggressive, destructive, brutal and despotically leveling nature-in a word, a downright Vandalic or Hunnish character.

Undeniable in all cases is a profound sense of truth, unaccountably coupled with fast living or ruthless destructiveness.

It denotes a person of simple and rural habits, who will succeed in the cultivation of natural products, and in husbandry or farming. The mind, although simple, is full of the essential elements of the right thinking, and the nature is ripe with well-directed aspirations and endeavors. Such an one will live a useful and successful life, and will come to the length of his days in competence and peace. It is a degree of PRODUCE.


4-5 deg Virgo

"An eagle is about to take flight while a man wearing boots and a helmet, perhaps a rescue worker, checks his equipment."
Courageous, helpful, and self-disciplined character endowed with sharp intellectual abilities. One is driven by noble instincts and such values as the sense of duty and honour. One demonstrates devotion towards friends and intransigence towards opponents. This degree, one of the few Virgo degrees which is influenced by Mars instead of Mercury, indicates that success and fame are achieved after many a struggle.

Symbol: A gyrfalcon, or hunting hawk, on its master’s fist

The native will be by temperament ever ready to act at any time or any age; young or old, tired or fresh, he always will rally round as soon as the trumpet of honor or duty calls.

However, his whole life might flow away without any call from that quarter making itself heard or any occasion presenting itself. The native being the very embodiment of discipline, he will not be able to create an occasion. An excellent executor and a gentleman every inch of his being, his lack of initiative and ambition can be offset only by his rigidly observed daily routine and his faithfulness to friends. An uneventful life will leave him as poor as a church mouse, but as long as he breathes and whenever his help is called for, he will plunge into action again, spot the burning point of the fight with an unfailing eye and wrest victory for himself or his party.

Gift of healing; a doctor’s degree; often found in charts of mediums and healers; “a lyre”; a hard worker in his line; concerned with the welfare of others and ready and willing to help; photography; upper intestinal area, asthma, transverse colon.

Symbol: An artist working at a large piece of tapestry of charming design, which he has almost completed.

Denotes one of a constructive and artistic mind, a lover of art, and quaint but picturesque philosophies; one who perceives the exquisite loveliness of an old garden, a moss-covered wall, a running brook, and nature’s changing moods, and who is attracted to old-world lores. It is a symbol of Conservatism.

If the planners of the Aquarian Age make the proper use of the influence given out by this degree we may all dwell in a heavenly society. However, walls do not make a home. All influences must be lived up to, not just absorbed. Not all of these natives will be great. However, this degree gives the materials necessary for grand scale planning and the ability to apply the finishing touches when constructed. This degree may find its best expression in the field of architecture where form is designed to be functional. In any field this native will be sensitive to the use that is to be made of his creative design. In whatever he does he has the capacity to look beyond the form to serve the functional needs, and thereby builds for life. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” especially where this native is concerned. He sees a need and fills it rather than playing with dead structures. He sees a life and builds to suit its needs. It may not apply only to architecture. The principle applies to seeing the relationship of body and spirit, master and tool, the wedding of spirit to form so that they relate meaningfully to each other.

One who sees unity in diversity and works for the ideal of universal brotherhood.

It defines a man of ready spirit, quick to respond to the calls of duty and honor; a man of noble instincts and well disciplined habits: Such will prove a ready and willing friend and a redoubtable opponent. He will succeed in life through his own executive powers, and the credit which falls to him will be well earned. It is a degree of EFFICIENCY.


5-6 deg Virgo

"A man and a woman play cards while another woman cheerfully teases a dog. Fruits, food, and wine are available on a side table adorned with flowers."
Young, merry, and lively character endowed with qualities which cheer up one's friends and bring good luck in love. However, one lacks stability and the courage to overcome ordeals. Money is earned as easily as it is spent, and concern for trivial pleasures is a bit overwhelming. It is advisable to dedicate more time to non-materialistic matters, would it be only in order to be prepared to tackle difficult circumstances, when the time comes. This degree usually describes a good-looking person with intense sex-appeal. It also indicates that all occupations related to dogs are favoured.

The true nurse ever ready in service to others. Should avoid partnership.

Natives of this degree are dedicated to the call of duty. They look outside themselves for direction. They are usually skilled in an ability to follow orders. They are exceptionally successful as soldiers operating in the line of duty. He is possessed of moral instincts and well-disciplined habits; usually concerned with hygiene. The life usually follows an uneventful pattern of service to family and friends. Whatever this native does he applies a methodical routine, and follows orders in a very unimaginative way. He is not original and usually raises very little hostility. He is accepted with affection by those around him.

Symbol: A large ballroom in which men and women are dancing.

Denotes one of light and free mind who allows nothing to oppress him. He meets with favors and enjoys gifts. He loves the beautiful in form and color. Scents and perfumes fascinate him. It is a symbol of Elegance.

Psychology; efficiency; a studious person whose education continues throughout life; methodical; discriminating; energetic; thorough; astrology; chemicals; photography; many astrology students have planets here; upper intestinal areas; descending colon.

The native is attractive, smart, good looking; he has a gift for experiment and invention, an exuberant and merry vitality, a perpetually young spirit.

The danger attendant upon such bright gifts is inherent in them; life has been too lavish with its presents and too sweet for the native, who will therefore be tempted very strongly to pursue pleasure instead of glory and will too often tarry along his mortal path to pick the flowers it is strewn with instead of making for the final goal. Money, love affairs, royal invitations and popularity in fashionable drawing rooms will come his way effortlessly and in plenty. In the end he will find himself old and empty-handed and will lose heart, unable to bear bitterness after tasting the sweetness of life.

Provided the subject can resist temptation and be as serious and steady in his work as he is merry and carefree in his parties and revels, provided he can stem his tendency to luxury and waste, and can join courage with brightness and firmness with affability, he will be able to build something durable and to leave a name behind himself.

The whole of the horoscope must show what is likelier to happen.

It indicates a person of a joyous, youthful nature, full of animal spirits and mirthfulness; fond of all kinds of pleasures; seldom seriously disposed; endowed with some personal beauty and the qualities which make a cheerful companion and a successful lover. There is, however, very little stability in the nature, and no power to sustain courage under trial. Money will come readily to the hand, but it will go as quickly, leaving its scars behind. It is a degree of PLEASURE.


6-7 deg Virgo

A poor woman steps aside as an arrogant and lavishly dressed lady walks towards a couple who is standing back-to-back."
Humble, generous, and passive character which, although not unsociable, behaves gawkily when dealing with other people, particularly with persons of the opposite gender. Marriage is an area which is fraught with problems. A nasty female who enjoys doing harm, just for the sake of it, may prove to have a devastating influence.

Generosity and foresight at the same time; modesty, sensitivity and reserve; kindness and delicacy in the heart rather than in manners; chastity in thoughts, purity of feelings; in a word, all feminine virtues-except the good housewife’s handiness. As to the male virtues, there is above all a lack of self-possession in front of others. The native is obsessed by a nearly pathologic shyness that makes him awkward, clumsy, unable to speak or act in public. In front of the opposite sex, he or she will feel almost paralyzed. This will render marriage very difficult, for which on the other hand there is little inclination. In a man, this degree can well produce an exclusively psychological impotence; in a woman frigidity, in spite of deep and sincere affections. Even in the case of consummated marriage, married life will imply a good deal of trouble.

As to profession, this one hundred fifty-seventh zodiacal degree will confer an uncommon juridical gift. By conquering himself and overcoming his inborn shyness, the native may start a successful lawyer’s career. In which case his extraordinary presence of mind, combined with the sensitivity distinctive of the shy, will develop into a supple dialectic and a moving eloquence.

If not a lawyer, the native might become a judge or a notary. Anyhow, his excessive modesty will be a drag chain on his way to renown.

Photography; many astrology students have planets here; psychology; chemicals; has a good memory; seldom heeds advice from others but follows his own ideas; self-sufficient and able to take things as they come; a shrewd person who can bring about his or her own regeneration; extraordinarily prudent in some things but wasteful in others; rectum.

Symbol: A man in ceremonial robes, with a circlet about his brow, holding the emblem of life—the Crux ansata—in the air.

Denotes one who finds in the philosophies of the ancient masters the true knowledge of life, whose search for the truth is rewarded, and who, an consequence of his dread of doing wrong, has the power of drawing the greatness of right towards him. It is a symbol of Philosophy.

This degree is likely to deliver the prize to the native before he sees the price tag. His early years are likely to be generous and brimming over with success. However, he is likely to take this rich living for granted and not be able to pursue more exacting requirements later in life. He does however have the necessary abilities if he willingly settles down to the tasks at hand. If he maintains good self-discipline and follows his own path he has within himself the ability to regenerate himself and keep going. Even with sobriety added from other parts of the chart, or from the native’s own good sense, there will still remain an ability to enjoy the pleasures of life which he will be inclined to put first. This will not destroy him unless he completely ignores the necessary attention to duty.

An earnest seeker after the fundamental verities of life and action. Very conscientious and cautions.

It denotes a person of reserved and bashful disposition; not unsociable, but awkward in the presence of others, particularly so with the opposite sex. The native will be indifferent to marriage, or will have troubles therein. The affections are very sincere, the mind pure and chaste, and the disposition kind and generous. The manner, however, is retired, cautious, sensitive and delicate. It is a degree of MODESTY.


7-8 deg Virgo

"A man, seated at the foot of a tree at the edge of a forest, admires the surrounding landscape and a tower on top of a hill."
Contemplative, straightforward, and generous character. One is deeply attracted to the beauties of nature and is driven by noble ideals. Success can be achieved in all occupations connected with nature such as alpinism, botany, etc. One enjoys solitude and most probably prefers to live in some remote and quiet place. This degree heralds longevity.

Successful in the commercial world. A keen sense of value.

Natives of this degree are abnormally shy. They suffer most from this shy nature in the presence of the opposite sex. Virgos are better able to remain single and live alone than any other sign, but this degree is most likely to result in bachelorhood or spinsterhood. The overall nature is sympathetic, kind and affable with good moral character. If the shyness can be overcome he would do well and even become eloquent as a lawyer. There is also mathematical and political ability latent in this degree. It is also found activated in the charts of serious astrology students. The native is modest, sensitive, cautious, but also very conscientious.

Symbol: A man, holding a pen in his right hand and a sword in his left, standing at the entrance to a palace.

Denotes one of forceful and aggressive mind who presses onwards with energy and determination. His assertiveness will not easily be opposed, and in all his dealings with others he demands the answer to be “Yes” or “No,” for to his mind there is no middle course. He will draw to himself great responsibilities and will ever be involved in argument and dispute. It is a symbol of Assertion.

Interest in dietetics; mathematically or politically inclined; psychology; financially cautious and practical; sometimes denotes seclusion in old age; many astrological students have planets here; abdominal cavity.

This degree will teach the native to love and contemplate nature’s beauties, to cherish trees, often to like mountain climbing. Farming and tending cattle (which .may be taken to mean pasture of souls) also will attract him.

A simple, truthful, unprejudiced soul swayed by ideals, he will give without afterthoughts, if not rashly, and will reap only unthankfulness. The native does not realize he is overreaching himself and thus sinning against moderation, as his indiscriminate lavishness is a crime against Divine Providence. Should he beat in mind that before regaling strangers his sacred duty is to think of those God entrusted to him and, instead of casting pearls before swine at the risk of being rent by them, realize that it only stands to reason to consolidate one’s position first and then to do good to others. Should he understand that these also can be helped much better by one who stands on both feet than by one and led by the nose, in that case he may end by doing something really useful to mankind and avoid becoming a beggar-a burden to the good, a target for the evil’s scorn, an argument of skepticism for those whose faith is wavering.

It indicates a person of free, open and generous spirit; frank and natural mind; with a strong taste for natural beauties; exalted ideals; contemplative nature. The native will have some inclination to mountain climbing or to the ascent of high places. It denotes success in life of a quiet order, and a retired old age. It is a degree of CONTEMPLATION.


8-9 deg Virgo

"A man and a woman wearing a mask stand at both ends of a table on which there are bags of money and beautiful fruits. The woman protects the money with her hand while the man grasps a fruit."
Sociable and generous character lacking willpower. It seems that money falls on one's laps, whether it comes through inheritance or through work. However, one does not know how to deal with it, and it becomes a source of troubles because of a female's machinations. One is driven by greed and passions and may fall prey of dishonest people.

The native is fond of literary leisure, in which he displays more or less proficiency (according to other astrological pointers); but he is fond of unqualified leisure or idleness as well. A smart, gaudy, sometimes prodigal being, he sticks to the device never to do today what can be done tomorrow. He is not likely to take his business or his duty too seriously, but can fly off the handle easily over things about which he feels keenly.

On account of woman (or better, of one woman) he will get into trouble. Marriage is certainly not made for him, especially as the outward activity that fits him best is traveling. It might be said that love of travel and thirst for exploration are perhaps the mainsprings likely to push the native to action. The fruit of his literary leisure as well risk to stay unachieved. Apart from this, fortune is not too lenient with him.

His complexion is apt to be ruddy, even flushed.

Music (simultaneous blending of notes in harmony); good imagination; somewhat impulsive; usually does much traveling; may be a writer, an entertainer, or just a “teller of tall tales”; political inclinations; right hepatic lobe.

Symbol: A sack of corn, from a hole in which the grain is falling out.

Denotes one who through neglect and want of caution is likely to risk too much. To him speculation and gambling will only mean gradual ruin. He should be careful of his associations and dealings with other people, of his business transactions, and his manner of life. It is a symbol of Carelessness.

This degree will stimulate a great love of nature, and often will contribute to mountain climbing. This native will be overly generous with his many treasures and abilities, giving where it will not help. His naive desire to help without knowing how to help will lead to his own destruction unless there are other influences which curb and direct these altruistic leanings in a more constructive direction. Giving requires a much greater understanding than this native is likely to have without much help from other sources. I do not mean financial sources but psychological sources which teach the native something about the subtleties of giving and receiving. It is indeed in many ways more blessed to give than to receive. But what does that leave the one who must receive? It often leaves him deprived of the ability to help himself. Often such people turn around and bite the hand that is feeding them, leaving this native completely bewildered.

A faithful employee but inclined to lose through speculation what is earned through hard work.

It denotes a person of an indolent and wasteful character, prone to let duties slide and to procrastinate with further indicates that the native will form an alliance with a female, which will be to his detriment. In general, the native will be unfortunate, his marriage especially degree of STAGNATION.


9-10 deg Virgo

"By the bank of a pond covered with reeds, an agitated woman gesticulates in front of another woman reclining on the grass who laughs at her."
Gentle, easy-going, and quiet character. There is a strong possibility that the spouse is lazy and irascible, and that marriage is unhappy. In some cases, one is wealthy but indulges in excesses of all sorts. If in the natal chart, Jupiter or Mars is on this degree, it heralds honours brought about by dubious events such as financial gains linked to sex, a settlement for a divorce, an illegitimate birth, etc.

Careful, economical but fatalistic. Pronounced psychic powers which should lead to a recognition of the one-ness of life.

This degree shows more ability to acquire than to hold, however, the ability to acquire is rather marginal. The native is more or less fatalistic about his life and tends to feel that the pattern is set and nothing he does will matter anyway. This philosophy weakens rather than strengthens any desire to become self-supporting. He often travels about from one place to another. He might have been an explorer in earlier times. He seems not I have the hardy qualities, especially from this degree, I face the modern world.

Symbol: A sibyl in a cave, seated on a tripod beneath which is a cloud of smoke. The leaves of fate are flying into the open air through the mouth of the cavern.

Denotes one of a fatalistic mind who sees in the operations of nature, the actions of men, the habits of animals, and the growth of plants the direct manifestations of the Divine Mind; and who holds that what is laid down must ever be, for the Will of God cannot be changed, and man and nature are but allies in the fulfillment of it. It is a symbol of Fatalism.

Inclined to think too little of oneself; homicidal tendencies; conjunct Sun: may denote a large family; Venus here: a pleasing personality for a woman; a good mental degree; prudent, domestic, and refined; usually some fatalistic tendencies or psychic inclinations; a lover of the curious and the sublime; a student of nature’s mysteries; rheumatic fever; left hepatic lobe.

Live and let live. Commonplace saying re human laziness

None of us calls his vices by name. The miser will be “thrifty”; the spendthrift “generous”; the coward will boast of his “caution,” the daredevil his “courage.” Such lies do not fool anyone. But where the border lies between weakness and leniency is such a problem as to give wise people a headache. Where is the limit between welcome strictness and inhuman hard-heartedness?

This degree is a typical example of weakness disguised as leniency. Real leniency never will lead to such an amount of trouble as the character of those born under this influence. Whether hard working or not, the native will be lucky, extremely lucky in money matters, but however frugal and sparing with himself, he will be naively generous or downright prodigal toward others and will not listen to reason about his neighbors’ real motives or the women’s treacherousness. And it is from women that he will get the worst blows. Many friends are sincerely fond of him. This is enough for him to believe that all are sincere and that anyone saying he is fond of him really loves his person and not his money or influence.

He will understand nature much better than man and will be apt to meditate about the loftiest mysteries of the universe, neglecting to sound the abysm of human passions. Strange, freakish phenomena of the abnormal or the supernatural will engross him but he will never be better than hopelessly amateurish at human psychology.

Other features will be a liking for smart dressing and for taking walks or, better, the need of hiking.

It denotes a person of a fortunate nature, who will attract both friends and money. The latter will come to his hand as birds to the net of the snare. But, see! he will not know how to use it, and it will become a source of danger to him through the machinations of a woman. In character the native will be sociable and generous; weak-willed, but highly industrious and fortunate. Apt in business, but with small knowledge of the deeper levels of human cupidity and passion, hence liable to be victimized. It is a degree of SEDUCTIVE FORTUNE.


10-11 deg Virgo

"A man rides a horse at full gallop with his forefinger upwards in a gesture of authority. " Inventive, generous and tolerant character endowed with a flexible mind devoid of prejudices. One understands that the importance of money is relative, and thus, one behaves with altruism. Thanks to one's wide range of talents, success and honours are achieved in one's field of competence.

Symbol: A white stud racing at full speed, his bit white with foam.

This degree promises success, honors and riches. The native will know how to command and, even better, how to secure obedience, as one joining kindness with imperiousness. His mighty will power has a way of sizing up situations and adapting itself to them without yielding an inch. His character is strong rather than despotic, steady rather than stubborn, and he has a large heart. Work goes on smoothly and swiftly without showing signs of wear and tear, and never stays unachieved.

There is an uncommon, prompt, supple, ingenious and inventive mind bent on the practical side of things and endowed at the same time with artistic taste. Here is more than a useful, precious personality for society, whose only besetting sin is lustfulness. This aught to be kept in check, but it would be folly to try to repress it. This horse must be given a run. If you keep it bound, it will become skittish and unruly, and you will have to look out for its kicks.

Astrology; photography, especially with 24-25 Leo or Aquarius; an admirer of the opposite sex; the kind who will never say die; self-sufficient and able to fill many positions and to profit wherever he goes or whatever he does; a person who may follow customs but has little respect for them; gall typhoid fever; ligaments of Trietz and gall.

Symbol: A king, seated in a chariot drawn by two stags, throwing coins to some peasants who are singing on the roadside.

Denotes one who is born to honor and who will be esteemed for his goodness of heart and appreciation of effort. The position he gains by perseverance will enable him to do well for the world in many ways. He receives more than he gives, and for all he gives he receives blessings which carry to him a strong and subtle spiritual force which clings to him for eternity, whilst what he has given mixes with the elements. It is a symbol of Charity.

This native has a great deal of difficulty telling the difference between his friends and his enemies, a therefore in danger of being victimized by those he trusts. He will be able to meditate on the beauties of nature than to understand the psychology of men. He seems attract a fair share of money which he may lose to persons. He has a particular fondness for walking. He sociable and cannot bring himself to believe anything i kind about anyone. When he is forced to accept an unfavorable truth about someone he trusted he either looks excuses or is totally unable to cope with the situation.

Sympathetic and impulsive. Imposed upon by others who use him for selfish purposes.

It denotes a nature of the most high utility. A flexible nature, capable of fulfilling many and various positions in life; a generous and kind disposition; a high order of intelligence; always seeking after the uses of things; ingenious, inventive; one who will succeed in life, and will have many tributes to his intelligence and usefulness. It is a degree of UTILITY.


11-12 deg Virgo

"A wealthy man and woman, blindfolded, are led by Cupid. In their back, two thieves are about to rob them."
Romantic relationships are fraught with dangers. Beneath selfless and nice attitudes, so-called friends are driven by the lure of profit only. This degree indicates trickery and falsity, whether one is the perpetrator or the victim.

Independent and self-sufficient until circumstances compel him to broaden his horizon.

Here the physical passions and feelings well-developed. Perhaps from the Capricorn dec. influence on the degree there is very good business ability. This a certain amount of sympathy which contributes vulnerability but not nearly as serious as indicated by si.. other degrees. Overall, this native has well-balanced beneficial abilities. He has strong steady character 1% is nevertheless open to reason. There are artistic tastes, gentleness and understanding not too likely to go He works at a steady pace completing what he undertakes.

Symbol: A horseman holding with difficulty a rearing horse.

Denotes one who is drawn into rash ventures and who will be forced to work hard to save those things truly his own. He may be too dependent on his strength, which he overtaxes, or on his resources, which he overstrains. The rising planet contains the warning. It is a symbol of Grappling.

Circle activities; gives a special interest and ability for astrology; fate has marked this degree for something unusual; interested in mystical things; disgrace, selfishness, egotism, immorality, meanness, melancholy, unhappiness of mind, and fear of poison; unresonableness and shamelessness; abdominal aorta.

The native is a mystic and a sensualist, as fond of research into mysterious things as of the opposite sex, and exerts a marked influence upon its representatives. For all his mysticism, the native is a ruthless egotist, and for all his lustfulness he is a weakling; he may seduce and rape but will meet trouble in the end. His erotic relations ought, however, to stay hidden as far as it depends on him, as few, people have such discretion and reserve.

His true force lies in his penetrating mind. Should other factors curb his erotic excesses, he would force his way forward through sheer intelligence and would end by making his own name famous. A dark, perhaps swarthy, complexion. Red is his favorite color.

It denotes a person of a weak yet seductive nature, one who will have much influence upon the other sex, and who may be led into dangerous relations with them, so that the life may be compared only to a tangled skein in which the complications are more various than the materials which enter into them. It is a degree of ENTANGLEMENT.


12-13 deg Virgo

"Under the beams of a full moon, a man and a woman pluck medicinal flowers near a river meandering through the field."
Imaginative, inspired, and benevolent character. One devotes oneself to various disciplines of natural medicine such as herbal therapy, magnetism, diagnosis using a pendulum, etc. One exerts a mysterious and soothing influence on other people. Success can be achieved in horticulture or the arts, particularly in music and poetry.

Symbol: A rose on a Greek cross (the Rosicrucian symbol)

Much as human wickedness might rage against the native, it will have no power against his balanced and unruffled spirit. “For if God be with us, who can be against us?” (Rom. 8:31).

His features of unobtrusive modesty and unassuming helpfulness might let him appear somewhat childish, devoid of energy and luck. But in reality his ascendancy on the others is great, even if not felt on the physical plane; his enemies’ weapons will blunt themselves.

Bearing his poverty with a swing and a smile, taking the hardest ordeals in his stride, he breathes an atmosphere of utmost serenity and, even if not with full awareness, confides for everything in Divine Providence. He is possessed of the magic secret of nonresistance and can easily tune with his surroundings. His family might thwart him, wicked parents expose him, envious rivals run him down and the world ignore him. But the measure of his joy, and not only in a spiritual sense, will be as full as that of his opponents’ unhappiness.

His birth might be noble, certainly his nature will be, but no burden of tradition will hamper him; he will be rich at least in imagination, but will do as well without any inheritance. He might love fine arts, protect them and even cultivate them. He is likely to be fond of gardening and to worship flowers.

The occult will at any rate attract him, if not lead him to some degree of realization. Among occult sciences magic will be the most congenial to him. A real initiation may come his way, should other aspects not prevent this.

Acting, bird trainer; fond of animals and birds; understanding of animals, animal trainer, business, working with chemical or poisons; possibly violence; imaginative and romantic; taste and ability for music or poetry; South Node or malefic here may denote one who tells a falsehood at times when truth would be far better; hepatic arteries.

Symbol: A large black cloud, around which are bright silver lights.

Denotes one who will endure much sorrow and strange experiences. He is well and strangely gifted, and will leave his mark on the world. He should be cautious in his choice of companions, and should not allow fading, falling allurement, to threaten him on the way. It is a symbol of Tribulation.

This degree shows a preoccupation with sex. Virgo people, as a sign, are not highly sexed, but in this day and age where sex is such a topic of interest with kinds of distorted concepts being exposed, he may worry about himself. In order to find or prove his nor may be preoccupied with the subject until he has ruined himself looking for something that just isn’t there. He knows no more after his searching than he knew before. If this problem can be solved to his satisfaction his very real worth may be expressed in other more profitable ventures. There is a marked intelligence and much discernment if he is not frustrated into looking for something which isn’t there. Sex is not the only area where he may be misled but it is the most vulnerable place.

Idealistic and intuitive. His fate rests in his choice of friends.

It denotes that the life of the native will be calm, joyous, tranquil and useful. In character the native will be gentle, peaceful, obliging, calm, not forceful, but exerting an influence of a very effective kind which persuades through harmony. The native will be very romantic and imaginative, and will favor the fine arts, music, poetry, painting, etc. The life will be fortunate. It is a degree of HARMONY.


13-14 deg Virgo

"A man drills a rock with a pick while an ox pulls a heavy tree trunk."
Practical, honest, and unambitious character. Intellectual abilities are of average level and focused on down to earth matters. Life is devoted to a hard work which is not very profitable, and one has no desire to outshine others or to get a preferment. Indeed, one prefers to follow the same old path as one's predecessors. This degree indicates a risk of accidents or of losing a limb.

A recluse who inclines to the religions and philosophies of the Orient.

The most pronounced quality of this degree is a love of fine arts. The native may follow these interests with some degree of poverty, but this will not be of concern to him. He may be exposed to numerous treacherous schemes of various kinds, none of which ever seems to affect him in any very real manner. He seems to walk his path unfettered regardless of what others think or do to detain him. He may possess little or much ability, be fairly sane or perverted in his thinking. Either way, he follows his own course under his own steam. He often is somewhat an isolated being, however, the circle of friends he chooses make a tremendous difference to him.

Symbol: A torn document, old and crinkled, on which is a large black seal.

Denotes one a conservative and old-world mind who talks little, but to the point. He will be out of touch with modem society, leaning neither to their teachings nor ideals. He will have struggles and hard climbs, and does not think enough of possessions ever to become wealthy. He holds what he possesses and lives quietly. It is a symbol of Conscientiousness.

Business; acting; stage; denotes one who is systematic, practical, and just; usually romantic and imaginative, yet industrious and reserved; their calmness is persuasive while their quite pride and love of peace are inspiring; gallbladder artery.

Symbol: A cow standing in the middle of a plain

Steady, unceasing and probably sedentary work, exposing the native to weariness and great hardships, to the danger of others exploiting his relentless and fruitful efforts, and to the danger of gains not corresponding to exertions.

The native totally lacks imagination and,’ for all his honesty and good-heartedness, cannot harbor any ideals. This is not due to any cynicism but to an inborn inability to visualize what has never been met or experienced, making the native loath to look or believe beyond the range of his bodily senses.

Lack of imagination makes him commonplace as well-not altogether dull, owing to his skill in handiwork—but surely a hearty blockhead devoid of ambitions and proud of his portly build and his excellent craftsmanship; and very, very talkative.

His sexual life is not normal; excess rather than aberrations are to be feared. The glut of vigor is hindered queerly by a dull stagnation, and by an absolute lack of the inquisitiveness and fantasy which are the main incentives to the third capital vice.

A kindly soul with the temper of a commoner, he has a primitive and elementary sense of justice. He is serviceable, generous, easy to take advantage of; but he draws the line at being pilloried and, if driven too far, will not budge an inch.

Should the horoscope carry other dangerous pointers, accidents-even deadly ones- mutilations and wounds are to be feared.

It denotes a person of practical and unimaginative nature; a negationist or agnostic; a man of the people; laborious, honest, and just. The life of the native will be of a sedentary nature, occupied in hard work to little personal profit. There will be exposure to accidents and danger to life and limb thereby. The native will not care foe supremacy or advancement, and will follow along the track made by others, devoid of worldly ambition. It is a degree of SERVICE.


14-15 deg Virgo

"A good-looking woman holds two doves against her chest and watches two adolescents embracing one another in what seems to be a Temple of Love."
Gentle, humane, and devoted character. One is always willing to lend a helpful hand to other people, even in the smallest things. Life is happy but, owing to one's shyness, one's qualities may not be appreciated the way they ought to. This degree describes spontaneous demonstrations of tenderness and reminds that love requires more than insipid soft feelings, and that its flame needs to be rekindled on a daily basis. This degree also warns against romance with a married person.

A feminine nature, whose most pronounced features are self-surrender and tenderness, and whose corresponding vice m effeminacy. For all this, more than one good soldier will be born under it. Military virtues are not excluded, as this degree vouchsafes that virtue of taking things off at a glance for which Napoleon praised Frederic the Great as for the greatest asset in a warrior.

This influence tends to make a helpful, modest officer, mild toward his subordinates, gallant with ladies, always beaming and kind to everyone; his only failing being timidity which, if not offset by other aspects, may even go so far as to ruin his career, though not so far as to make him cowardly.

On the whole and for any chosen career, luck will favor him and will accompany the often great undertakings the native might conceive and carry out.

Business; acting; drawn to the stage; an author; transformation and versatility; industrious, discriminating and generous; has his own conception of conduct and religion but is able to adapt himself to conditions; wart hump (literally, breast?) May be in liver area.

Symbol: A radiant rainbow, in the center of which is the sun in its brightness.

Denotes a lover of nature in her grandeur, one of artistic, mystic, and philosophic mind, who will move about a great deal and travel to various places. He is capable of spreading the light of truth and of helping many to see and appreciate its marvels. This degree is a fortunate one and promises much. It is a symbol of Arising.

These people have the power to experience deeply but they are not able to use their imagination to understand what they have not experienced themselves. They are hard workers with much ability to follow through in a practical way with details and paper work of all kinds. They can be quite expert with handicrafts especially projects requiring painstaking detail work. He is adaptable to recluse positions and working or living alone. There is much pride in all he does including pride in his bodily care. There is some danger of accidents and considerable probability that he is not sufficiently paid for the careful work does. Someone else may even reap the rewards for his cult effort. There is interest in and attachment to his heritage. He would do well following an occupation handed down by his forefathers. Pride in what he does gives him much satisfaction that could not be paid for with money. The ability to complete a skillful project and give to close friends would be a great satisfaction to this native. He is a service-type person through and through. People take advantage of him. However, he is able to resist extreme misuse of his generosity. He needs more encouragement than he demands.

A traveler, scientifically inclined. A student of the deeper mysteries.

It indicates a person of the most tender and humane instincts, imbued with gentleness, love and devotion; capable of service in the meanest capacity, providing it to be an office of usefulness to others. The native will be remarkable for his womanly tenderness and gentleness. His life will be successful, but on account of his timidity, he will be in danger of being pushed into the background at critical junctures, and will thus lose credit where it will often be due to him. It is a degree of DEVOTION.


15-16 deg Virgo

An elegant old man plucks ripe grapes from the arbour which runs along the wall of his nice house."
Patient, serious, and careful character. One thinks of the future and carefully anticipates every step. Success can be achieved in all professions related to water. Owing to the influence of the constellation of The Cup, this degree promises that as one ages, one harvests the fruits of one's relentless work and providence. According to Manilius, a Roman poet and astrologer of the 1st century of the Christian era, people influenced by this degree are hedonists and great wine connoisseurs.

A deep thinker who devotes much time to seeking a solution of present-day inequalities of life.

This degree is indicative of perhaps the perfect servant, very shy and retiring, but not lacking in courage. The native is devoted and able to follow dire faithfully and accurately. Virgo is a feminine sign and this is a most feminine degree. However, there is a point which will raise the native’s rebellious capacity. When he feels he is being used and taken advantage of, as he may be, without even a meager amount of recognition and reward, he may even become treacherous and turn his abilities toward destruction of the one he has served so faithfully. A word to those in this person’s affections: “don’t kill the goes that lays the golden eggs.” His most pronounced is gentleness and tenderness but there is also a very adequate mental agility capable of considerable achievement and finesse.

Symbol: A fire emitting flames of beautiful color-blends.

Denotes a thinker of thoughts, but slightly regarded by the mass of present-day earth men, who seeks for right, feeling the silent appeal of beauty and the cry of oppressed humanity. His is a deep, sensitive nature—poetic, romantic, and full of action. It is a symbol of Luminosity.

One of the most beautiful degrees, indicating selflessness and devotion; business; acting; intellectual and serious yet sociable; a conservative reformer and reviser of systems; often has literary or oratorical ability; opportunity to advance through associates and organizations; hepatic groove.

This is a degree of commerce in all senses of the word. The native is born to live in society, is a sociable being (what Aristotle \called zoon politikon) who will thrive in association and die if left in isolation.

His natural gifts are a way with people, a social sense and adaptability, enabling him to act constantly and successfully as a connecting link for people who, but for him, never would enter association. He is, so to speak, the mortar and plaster of the business firms and social circles to which he belongs. He will draw large profits from his social connections and will be asked to all kinds of entertainments and parties. His favorite game is hunting.

However, he is a more serious and contemplative mind than one could guess; a philosopher might lurk behind that brilliant facade.

Bad aspects might disfigure those features and lead the native toward shady business and shameless dealings with the dregs of society.

It indicates a person of sociable and versatile character, having strong humane feelings and sympathetic mind; one who will make many friends and will have some considerable benefits from associations formed casually. Without attempting it, the native will be most successful in the bringing together of persons mutually advantageous one to another. It is a degree of ASSOCIATION.


16-17 deg Virgo

"In a public place decorated for some festivity, several men debate around a table while two dogs are racing."
Sociable, sincere, and fickle character. One is more suitable for teamwork rather than for solitary effort. Good friends abound, and establishing punctual associations with them is very profitable. All activities aiming at the improvement of the public good are highly favoured. Initiatives which bring together people of complementary nature and skills result in big and effortless success.

Symbol: A splendid castle by a river, whose streams have pertly been turned from their course to flow into the moat. Within the outward wail enclosure thriving gardens and orchards can be seen; in the towers, supplies of oil and wheat to last through long sieges; in the cellars, thick rows of dusty bottles; at the bottom of the dungeons, captives loaded with chains. Laboring servants and watchful sentries are all over. The aged lord is carried through his domains on a sedan chair.

There is either a noble pride or an arrogant haughtiness based on lineage, social rank or on one’s own self. The native is fond of home and its comforts; he nurtures a deep-rooted ambition and works up to it,, harbors a wariness bordering on mistrust. An exacting, hard-headed, close, dour, strict nature, prematurely aged by its cantankerous faddiness, by a steadfastness not devoid of whims. The native’s self-centeredness can stray easily into selfishness, and can drift into eccentric estrangement from his fellow beings. Them, is a lord-like love of pomp and luxury, coupled to a wary and watchful utilitarianism, with a touch of hedonism.

An idle fellow who, fondles his ideas and knows very well how to have others work hard to carry them out. If he could have his own way, he would employ crews of slaves ready at his beck and call. He is not unwilling to work himself, but only when it cannot be dispensed with. Work for work’s sake is nonsense to him, Any activity by himself or others must, according to him, be foreordained to future welfare. Once his own comfort is assured, there will be room for the comfort of others, if both can co-exist; but once that aim is reached, there is no reason to take further trouble. There is, in one word, the estate holder’s mentality. Ambition is furthered steadily but not in such a way as to disturb one’s comfort., ranking high among which are the delights of a good table.

A great stroke of luck might hasten the day the native’s fortune is established. in a way after his own heart. From then on, barring pointers to the contrary, he lives on his income, journeying for his pleasure or for health (which leaves much to be desired, and he hates moving on his own legs), or tarrying in learned leisure, musing idly, leading the household punctiliously and closely watching the kitchen. A peaceful old age, if the stars do not point otherwise, will close his career.

The rest of the chart is not to be lost sight of. There might be unforeseen trouble lurking somewhere or unexpected blows of a hurricane sweeping everything away and dashing to pieces the carefully planned prosperity, leaving the native dispossessed and dazed.

After all, he is a skeptic, and harbors no ideals beyond, and above his empiric self. Should the storm overthrow his well prearranged plans, his self-indulgence will prevent him from beginning all over again, and he may collapse together with his castle of cards never to rise again, even losing his mental balance in his distress.

Business; acting; the back; Christian ministers; a degree of symbolism; industrious and just with many accomplishments; often accumulates wealth; interested in philosophy; the outer planets are more favorable for women than is Mercury or Venus here; abdominal muscle.

Symbol: An astrologer seated at a desk, his head resting on his left hand, judging a nativity.

Denotes a student of the prophetic and curious arts who will command respect, one of skilled judgment and dignified bearing, devoid of pride and littleness. He will prove a trusted guide, especially to the masses, from whom he benefits. It is a symbol of Foreknowing.

People of this degree might be considered the salt of the earth. They provide that indescribable quality which the rest of us could not live without. However, most of them go unnoticed for their service. As Mercury, the messenger of the Sun, weaves the threads of communication into a pattern of what is going on around us all the time we assume there is nothing but the materials we contribute to the process. What we fail to recognize is that what we put out would lie dormant without the influence of Mercury to weave it all into meaningful patterns. course, we all have Mercury in our charts and we all have this influence native to our own beings; but without interaction that goes on between people our own contribution would not be recognized. Persons of this degree work to gather all these materials together, nothing in their vicinity misses their eagle eye. Persons in the environment of this individual seldom realize how drastically their presence would be missed if they were not there, because they demand nothing for themselves. They simply have faith their needs will be met, which they usually are. They do the thing most natural to their own nature hardly recognizing, themselves, their own true value. If they live in a well-balanced environment, which is practically if not totally non-existent, they may function without upset. However, they may throw themselves off balance trying to make up for the distortion around them. Along with these qualities they, for the most part, are deep thinkers able to draw conclusions of a very precise nature. Like the rest of us they need to be recognized and related to as a member of the whole and not just as padding. They perform in such a way as to lead those around them to feel they are complete in themselves; however, this is not so and sooner or later their work will suffer for lack of recognition unless they find a comfortable place in which they feel their own individuality whole in itself.

One who able to contact Divine truths, spreads these among the masses of man kind.

It denotes a person of an industrious, watchful and prudent nature, who will work with an eye to the future, and will exercise providence over his means. In old age he will reap the reward of a steadfast industry, and gather in the fruits of foresight and care. It is a degree of PRUDENCE.


17-18 deg Virgo

"An old man happily watches children play cheerfully under a beautiful tree."
Lenient, generous, and sensitive character. One protects and devotes oneself to the family members, but one also cares for other people's needs. In some cases, one suffers the loss of a child. One's major goal is to found and run a centre dedicated to children and youths in distress, even though financial resources are not sufficient, or despite the disapproval expressed by the spouse or the other family members. Success can be achieved in the civil service, in an administrative position in the military or in the police. This degree heralds longevity and happiness, in spite of the fact that one is not really understood by the entourage. If in the natal chart, Venus is in Taurus and forms a trine with this degree, it indicates talents for artwork, especially painting and pottery.

Thoughtful, practical self-sacrificing. One capable of devoting his life to a cause away from the busy marts of men.

The most obvious characteristic here is a desire to be waited on. Usually the native is in a position to command such service. If not he will idealize such a position. He will not shun work when necessary. Neither will he seek out something to occupy his time. He is a master at using slave labor and accumulating wealth thereby. He is a penny pincher very suspicious and thrifty except for the extravagance of his personal tastes. He is keenly aware of public superstitions and weaknesses which can be used for cool profit. Most of his money is acquired by means of mental schemes which pander to inconsistencies on the part of those he seeks to influence. He would make a good con man. This degree has many forms of expression and although the most obvious has been pointed out first there is much evidence of other more honorable abilities. The insight into human nature can be put to good use in the acting fields or used to further an ability to write or any of the more humanitarian areas requiring a knowledge of human nature. Combined with altruistic factors this degree might prevent a more naive being from being a “soft touch.” He is likely to enjoy luxurious old age and may be surrounded with friends if he has used his abilities in this direction. If not, he may end up lonely, surrounded by his accumulated wealth, but trustful of everyone and everything.

Symbol: A man, supporting a little girl, swimming toward, the shore in a rough sea.

Denotes one whose mission it is to serve his fellow-men. He will perform acts which will win him approval and honor. Life will not be always smooth with him, and he will have his part of sorrow and pain in this world of matter; but ever near him are the protecting forces, and he cannot fail, no matter how fierce the waves. It is a symbol of Serving.

Sometimes a race complex or one who depends on the blacks for patronage or profit; degree of gliding or flowing; Jupiter here extremely afflicted; death by judicial decree; favorable for an actor or a writer but not usually so upright as the previous degree; may denote one who panders profitably to the public taste by supporting views of moment; gliders; serrate groove.

Symbol: A hardy, century-old oak in the middle of a meadow, its boughs full of nests, and new sprouts bursting forth from its root. A herd of swine is grazing in its shade.

A great vitality; a paternal, obtrusive, autocratic spirit. Patronizing love of the little and the weak, sympathy for the populace, leniency, even excessive, for everything that has not yet been evolved or spoiled by so-called civilization; fondness for the country, for trees and life in the open. But little or no respect for the ones deserving it. The native will refuse stubbornly to admire the worthiest, will misuse his people’s affection and devotion, and will refuse systematically to take even his wisest and truest friends’ advice.

In less good horoscopes, indulgence toward the ignorant rabble might stray into base pandering of their tendencies and might degenerate into acceptance and support of bad taste. The lack of regard for others might be coupled strangely with a need to be understood—hence suffering at being misunderstood. Besides, contempt for so-called civilization might be perverted into dirtiness or even smuttiness.

Nevertheless, the native’s knowledge is wide, his technical skill high, his mind deep.

It denotes to the native a long and happy life; an old age invested with the comforts of homely affection. It endows the native with a kind, benevolent and fatherly interest in his fellows, especially those of tender years. He will be much beloved, and will end his days in prosperity and peace. It is a degree of GUARDIANSHIP.


18-19 deg Virgo

"During a cattle fair, a farmer negotiates with a cattle merchant."
Straightforward, independent, and clever character. One is fond of hunting or cattle-rearing. Although one comes across as gruff, one is deeply respected for one's honesty and common sense.

A rugged nature, satisfied with little, hard-working and averse to sweetness and niceties, but not devoid of imagination. The subject’s physical nature is sturdy and fecund, with features of roughness and even dirtiness. There is an absolute need of freedom, of elbow room, of ease of movement, and there is a strong resentment of any social code. This leads to the greatest outspokenness. The native is certainly not tongue-tied, and his criticism might prove harsh, his sincerity brutal.

Should the subject be born on a higher than proletarian level and therefore be in for a higher than primary education, he will feel inclined to choose a branch of studies allowing him to deal with the country or with the sciences related to it. He might become an excellent farmer but also have the makings of a good agricultural expert or penologist; and he might be proficient in any other subject connected with the products of the soil. As a lawyer, he might specialize in agricultural law, etc.

In any case he will love nature and perhaps become a passionate hunter and, as all sportsmen, point his gun at the living beings he is so fond of.

Favorable for writers; has an effect somewhat like South Node in 1st; higher type could make a good author, while the lower type is merely a big prevaricator; at least it gives a good imagination; left hepatic groove.

Symbol: A rough fire mountain, from several parts of which smoke is rising. On one of the slopes laborers are working.

Denotes one who exercises patience and persistence in his life’s work, and whose position is oft attended with much worry and personal danger. His soul is full of enterprise. He is magnetic, psychic, and extremely active. It is a symbol of Endeavor.

Most basic in this degree is a sympathy with anything small, tender, young, and undeveloped. The native here is prone to defend the underdog, regardless of his merit simply because he is on the bottom. He has an abundance of competence which he tends to underestimate and perhaps causes him to identify with those he sure he exceeds. He is generous with those less fortunate and automatically feels threatened by those in power. I native however enjoys an adequate protection which assures him of a ripe and well attended old age free from worry and will reap a certain measure of devotion from those he has defended, provided of course that he has made use of a measure of the discriminative ability that has. If he has contributed only to those unworthy of protection he may find himself very much the underdog, forgotten by the society he fears he cannot trust.

One who adopts a philosophic attitude towards life and its vicissitudes but who is also very practical and magnetic. Success comes late in life.

It indicates a rough and rustic nature, with a taste for excitement of the chase, or for the breeding of cattle. The nature is rugged, but genuine; lacking in suavity; critical, but invested with unequivocal sincerity, which will cause him to be respected. The native will prefer country life and its freedom to the more varied but less thorough liberties of the town.. It is a degree of ROBUSTNESS.


19-20 deg Virgo

"Two men cross swords without noticing the masked man who watches them across a hedge. Further down, a sparrow hawk chases a rat."
Inventive and honest character always ready to defend one's rights and the laws in general. Although not particularly quarrelsome, one never hesitates to fight back whenever one is attacked. Ingenious reforms and inventions aiming at putting an end to entrenched routine bring about success, fame, and financial gains, but also... jealousy. All go-between occupations are very favoured, including those of arbiter or mediator. Unless Jupiter and Mercury are posited in Virgo in the natal chart, and Jupiter rules the Descendant, it is advisable to avoid travelling to foreign countries because one may undergo serious accidents, treachery, political or religious conflicts, and be injured by secret enemies. Happiness and wealth are most likely to be short-lived and followed by sorrow and regrets.

A mathematical genius, One who uses much forces in defending a principle. Life in other countries is indicated.

This degree is most characterized by an interest in agriculture in one way or another. Beyond that the native may have very pronounced qualities. There is a rugged quality which shuns sweetness or softness but does not lack imagination or deeper understanding. He has the ability to reach the top of any educational program he may encounter. However, his interest prefers some association with agriculture even in politics or legal pursuits. He has a hard core of courage and practicality. He may have mathematical ability and perhaps a capacity for music. He is equipped to develop along philosophical lines as well. There may be a rhetoric which lends a sharp tongue to criticism expressed very outspokenly and possibly incorporated in writing skills.

Symbol: A great grey warship with her decks cleared ready for action.

Denotes one of pugnacious nature who forces his demands and ideas by sheer power of mind. He has strong magnetic force and knows when to use it. He travels much in search of adventure and gain, and holds the fruits of his labors. It is a symbol of Purpose.

Hones, practical, and fearless; usually has mathematical or musical ability; a hard worker who uses his talents; bile duct.

The native is not utterly devoid of fairness but unfortunately he cannot afford to live at peace with those who hold views different from his own. A very courageous being and one conscious his own strength, he is not so happy in victory as in the fight. Shunning a quarrel would be dishonor to him. If a brawl is in the air, he cannot even wait for the probable opponent to attack him first, and is bound to provoke him. He ‘seems especially keen on picking quarrels with foreigners. While ignoring the meaning of such an expression as “getting round obstacles,” he nearly always succeeds in overthrowing them.

A good tradesman and mathematician, wakeful and brimming over with initiative, he might become rich thanks to his intelligence and courage, but will not be able to escape mishaps, sometimes serious ones. For all his watchfulness, which might drift into suspiciousness; ‘he will be beset always by lowly and despicable foes, who will lurk cautiously in the dark, but refuse to disarm.

The native is born with a predisposition to disputes and quarrels and he will be involved in some fracas in a foreign country or with a foreigner. He will be further liable to hurts from secret enemies, and his life will be overshadowed by a melancholy fate. It is a degree • of FIGHTING.


20-21 deg Virgo

"A food wholesaler holds a heavy bag of money in one hand and silver coins in the other." Petty, stingy, and mercenary character. One is interested in financial profits and strives relentlessly to increase one's wealth, considering every penny spent, including those meant to meet basic daily needs such as meals and clothes. Speculations in food and raw materials are very lucrative.

Symbol: A large, showily dressed man, his hands full of tinkling coins; golden in his right, silver in his left hand.

The native will be born or will become rich. As do all rich people, he will stick to his money, hug it and greatly fear to lose it. Money will be the only standard of his behavior, the common denominator to which he will reduce all problems of his existence. He will be a schemer even in the paltriest trifles of everyday life. Relying on his scent for bargains, he will be ever ready for sale to the highest bidder, with utter disrespect for ideals, friendships or extra-juridical promises. It is not to be ruled out that he may have to suffer losses, even heavy ones if portended by other factors in his horoscope, but never owing to lack of financial skill, this being, on the contrary, his strongest point.

Behind a show of lordly self-satisfaction and high faulting’ conceit there is no substance at all: a hare’s heart, a chicken’s brain, a weathercock’s character.

Talent for mimicry; has the soul of a poet, but necessity often compels him to work along more prosaic lines; interested in diets, health, and laws of nature; gall bladder duct.

Symbol: A man burning a will as he triumphantly looks towards another lying on a table.

Denotes one of resourcefulness and determination who can be trusted to protect and safeguard his vital interests. Others, perhaps even amongst his own kinsmen, may interfere or attempt to interfere with the liberty of the native and prevent his free actions, and he may have to use craft to protect his rights and himself. It is a symbol of Finesse.

Natives of this degree are concerned with the development of their physical bodies and usually develop a strength impervious to most threats. They are usually conscious of their diets and keep a strict physical exercise routine. With their superior strength, both mental and physical, they are constantly on the alert and never avoid confrontation of any kind. So confident of their strength, both mental and physical, they enjoy the battle far more than victory. They prefer to overthrow their opponents rather than finding some way to get around them. They meet every situation head-on. Living on the defensive, as they do, they attract secret enemies and may even develop a paranoid watchfulness of the action of others beyond what was intended.

One who is often subject to the personality of others but who realizes that the subjugation of the will is harmful to both parties and he stands clear through seeming to acquiesce.

The native will be of a penurious~ acquisitive, and mercenary nature; always counting the cost of all he does, and looking well to it that whatever be performs shall first be remunerative; then, if possible (though this is not important), just. He will acquire wealth by easy means, and will indulge in some very notable speculations. It is a degree of COVETOUSNESS.


21-22 deg Virgo

"A half-naked woman wearing a crown of flowers on her tousled hair dances in a garden and bends over a fish pond to admire her reflection in the water. Nearby, a courtesan plays with a billy goat."
Sensual, superficial and lazy character. One is very influenced by flattery and therefore, easy to swindle. Unless one strongly resists one's instincts, relationships with persons of the opposite gender are the cause of disgrace and dishonour. However, should the natal chart concur, true love or genuine artistic talents offer a good outlet for wild tendencies towards debauchery, and bring about success and fame. This degree is highlighted by the constellation “Berenice's Hair” and endows with personal charm, refined and friendly manners, and performing skills. It sometimes causes eye problems or baldness.

A very loyal friend but liable to be deceived. Reason and not sympathy should govern in the choice of acquaintances.

This degree shows a definite tie-in with Taurus which co-rules this dec. It ties the mental ability to the handling of money. Here the connection springs from deep-seated insecurities which very easily end up making the native a veritable Scrouge in his tight-fisted emphasis. In extreme cases this native sacrifices everything to the accumulation of wealth which seldom reaches any very great amount. No matter how wealthy he becomes he seldom, if ever, ales this wealth to relieve his own impoverished way of life. His enjoyment is limited to the size of the figure he can accumulate on his bank balance.

Symbol: Nymphs and fauna in the midst of Bacchanalian orgies in the woods.

Denotes one of an artistic and sensuous nature who may be misled by the allurement of passion and desire. He is always a true friend, but may put his trust in the hands of those who are unworthy to hold it. He should be careful lest the awakening brings suffering. Under certain horoscopical conditions this degree can denote one of an entirely opposite nature, but with it there is always some degree of binding. It is a symbol of Seduction.

Remarkable mentality, good memory and musical or inventive ability; one whose ideas may be of great benefit to mankind; enteric; typhoid fever; said to bring honors and wealth but leading eventually to disgrace; swift judgments; despair; regrets, misfortunes through natural causes or elements of nature; if rising; good fortune attended by dangers and anxieties because of folly; unhappiness turned to anger; well aspected; makes the native noble, daring, self-controlled, generous, and busy with the affairs of others; gall bladder.

Symbol: A naked lady with a lamb and a kid on her shoulders.

A sensuous and strong character, she is brutally sincere with herself and others. She knows what she is aiming at and states it with a self-possession bordering on impudence. Yet in spite of all this the native’s silly vanity plays her into the bands of anyone who knows how to flatter her.

Should other components exclude the danger of irreparable scandals, stem the erotic trend of this degree, or diverge its forces to a spiritual plane, the native’s charm may make her into a guide of society; in what direction or which flock is likely to be led, only the whole of the pattern may decide; other pointers shall show whether it is toward good or evil.

Most of what I said about 24 degree Aries applies to this degree as well.

It denotes a person of a sensuous and worldly nature, very susceptible to flattery; vain, easily led away, and in great danger of a downfall. Unless the native urges a strong moral resistance to his instincts he will incur shame and dishonor through his alliances with the opposite sex. The same applies mutatis mutandis to a female. It Is a degree of SENSUOUSNESS.


22-23 deg Virgo

"A beautiful ship in full sail glides through the sea."
Adventurous, carefree, and humble character. One is always in quest for new experiences and new sensations full of romanticism and dangers. Because of one's marriage, one may have to travel to foreign countries. Success can be achieved in the arts, in literature, or in the representation of one's country abroad, especially if in the natal chart, several natal planets are posited in mutable signs. If Saturn is prominent, protections granted by powerful figures do not produce all the expected outcomes, and public recognition comes late. Furthermore, one is not the pushy type and prefers to have one's talents revealed by others. According to Manilius, a poet and astrologer of the 1st century of the Christian era, this degree describes beauty, great eloquence, witty repartees, artistic gifts, and outstanding authors and teachers.

Symbol: A man on a sailing ship in the middle of the ocean.

There is an irrepressible need of evasion in time and space. A nature ablaze with enthusiasm and fantasy, which will chafe if fenced in its birthplace and the mentality prevailing there.

By itself this influence will not supply the energy needed to prevail on such mentality and reform it; hence the need of escape. Disregarding the other astrological factors, it can be said safely that the native’s success depends on real journey and migration. Any evasion into daydreaming will result in failure, since thirst for new experiences is the only real thing life can offer but may lead the native dangerously astray. Passion for the sea is a natural consequence.

Military inclinations; projecting and the arts; painting, art; hairdressers; barbers (especially with 5-6 Aries-Libra or 12-13 Leo or Aquarius); medical ability; enthusiastic, impulsive, sensational; tells delightful stories; a good degree for politicians; insanity; appendicitis; hepatic cartilage.

Symbol: The Virgin Astraa, with bandaged eyes, being away by the angels from the world flooded with blood, misery, injustice, and crime.

Denotes one of a refined and sweet nature who keenly feels the wickedness of this wrongly taught world, which would be God’s own paradise were men fair and kind to one another. The native should not allow others to lead him into speculation or any form of gambling or chance. He is ideal in thought, and seer enough to see what might have been. It is a symbol of Sympathy.

This degree goes to two extremes. On the one hand a very enlightened and learned individual capable of leadership of a spiritual nature. Even though he may be far beyond his time he usually refuses to become involved in a way which contributes to the betterment mankind in any practical way. He is also subject to deception on the part of his friends and should use more logic and less sympathy. The other extreme encompasses the jovial good fellow delighting in the company of his fellows. Given to exaggeration and enthusiasm with dramatic ability. Also, on this extreme there is an exaggerated passion coupled with vanity, susceptible to flattery. Should the native take this route there is danger of scandal. This degree like the 24 degree of Aries seems to have an excess of sexual drive or energy which can be put to creative or spiritual use, or consume the body physically.

Loses in speculation until he realizes that nothing is gained through chance. Possesses natural healing power.

It indicates a person of a roving and fanciful nature, always on the alert for some new experience, a new sensation, an d of romance and danger therein. The native will travel to foreign countries and will either become a sailor or will gain his reputation and means of subsistence by work connected with the sea. It is a degree of ROVING.


23-24 deg Virgo

"A bare-chested man is seated on a rocky promontory overlooking the sea and, protecting his eyes with his hand, watches a trapped wild goose striving to free itself."

Misanthropic, independent, and selfish character. One may be estranged from one's family, or becomes an exile or an outlaw. The goose portends some deprivation of liberty, often owing to lack of morals, politics, or just bad luck. This degree indicates potential eye problems or impaired sight.

A natural occultist who knows his power to bend the will of others. As he advances in soul growth he heals many physically and mentally.

The influence here is very difficult to understand. There is some natural healing ability and this is perhaps the most desirable field to pursue since is natural to Virgo. There is restlessness here perhaps because we have not quite grown up to the influence coming through. The native’s frustration causes him to look escapes of various kinds. He finds it difficult if not impossible to come to grips with either reality or his own abilities. He seems to be out of touch with society.

Symbol: A colossal giant holding a woman in his hand.

Denotes one who may become vain of his earthly power and may use it for purposes which can be of no real benefit to him and no real gratification. Suffering may force him to hold himself in check and to understand that” he who conquers himself is greater than he who conquers a kingdom.” It is a symbol of Violence.

Painters; “a ship at full sail”; a hard worker who has many ups and downs; sometimes hard to understand because he is not a good mixer and t other times he does not understand himself; benefics are favorable here, but other planets here may denote a lack of chastity in the female chart; spine; tendons of liver.

Symbol: The scene of “Loneliness” which Richard Wagner has taken to the stage and musically describes with a leitmotif known as “the theme of loneliness” (Tristram, Act 3); on the ramparts of a castle rising on the ocean shore the exile lies alone, nailed to his sickbed by a deadly wound; not far away, on a lofty rock, a shepherd sits surrounded by his hock and, scanning in vain the desolate skyline, blows from his flute an infinitely melancholic tune.

Should the native be able to sublimate into lyric or musical effusion the plaintive dejection drawing him aside from his fellow being and shutting him up in himself, and should he find an outlet to his desperate mood in melody or verse, he may become a successful, a famous, and-as an ironical luck would have it-even a popular artist.

But he will not be rich. The contrivance of life does not leave him any time for moneymaking, and something binds his hands when it comes to shifting from a contemplative to an active life. Optional or forced exile awaits him, perhaps even jail.

Steadfast and stubborn even at the risk of his own undoing, endowed sometimes with real inspiration but nearly always devoid of true intelligence, predisposed to sedentary life, materially or mortally short-sighted if not shady, the native will not be loved by his children and may die as lonely as a dog.

It denotes a person of misanthropic spirit and unsociable disposition, who will be estranged from his kindred and may be exiled or outcast from his country. In addition, the native will be short-sighted or have some moral obliquity. so that be will incur severe troubles through this defect in various ways. It is a degree of LONELINESS.


24-25 Virgo

"Two women walk with arms entwined in a beautiful garden and exchange secrets." Sociable, pleasant, and warm character. One is at the head of a united and happy family and attracts many sincere friends of both genders who are always willing to provide financial help and wise advice. This degree often indicates a special fraternal link such as for instance two friends married to two siblings.

Symbol: The emblem formerly employed in the Royal Italian Army to show promotion for gallantry on the battlefield (nicknamed “the crossbones” by the rank and fi1e), and consisting of the royal crown surmounting two swords placed in the shape of St. Andrew’s cross

It is a degree of daring. This may come to light in any of its forms: heroism and aggression, self- effacement and recklessness, high-handedness and quarrelsomeness, military gifts fitting a partisan or a sabreur rather than a real leader, more a pirate than an admiral, sooner a commando chief than a commander-in-chief. Whatever his profession, the native is farsighted, can plunge headlong into the scuffle and grab winged victory by the forelock. His character, or the deepest of his heart, may harbor something secret or mysterious. In spite of this, a charming personality. If he is a warrior the native will be able to carry his followers off their feet to do or die. In any case the native’s friends will be as plentiful and as powerful as his foes.

Victory is likelier than happiness. Public rather than private luck will crown the native. There may be a taste for art, perhaps on the macabre side.

Painting; people who can assemble facts or images and weave them into an interesting pattern; keen perception of beauty; their mystery makes them charming; anarchism; tyrant; not going along with anything; blindness or defective eyesight, strong passions, hindrances and disappointments; liver.

Symbol: A man, from whose forehead streams a dazzling white light, passing through a fiery valley, at the end of which are beautiful lawns, flowers, and trees bathed in brilliant sunlight.

Denotes one of an affectionate, hopeful, and sincere nature who endeavors to do by love alone what others are attempting to do by force. Gifted with a will of strength, he is able to resist and subdue all the demons which rise against him; thus is his spiritual nature uplifted, and he is inspired and helped from occult sources. He will have struggles in life and difficulties which seem insurmountable, but he knows he will overcome them, and he overcomes them all, for they are but sent to teach him what world-life is and what it may be. It is a symbol of Overcoming.

There is considerable musical and artistic ability coupled with mystical and spiritual tendencies However, the overall nature is weak and unable to interact in society to meet his material needs. He may develop certain measure of skill at dazzling groups of people an he has some of the healing ability natural to Virgo. He also has an ability to blend color and word pictures into fascinating patterns. From all of this he may gain a certain measure of popularity. Nevertheless he remains and lonely. And for the most part few of these people are able to put these mystical qualities to any good use.

One who has faith that moral suasion will conquer where chastisement fails. He relies on guidance from the unseen in all important ventures.

It indicates a person of a military, aggressive character, and who will take things by force and cut his way through life by dint of energy and executive ability. He will have many and powerful enemies, but will overcome them. Yet peace will not abide with the man of war, and the native, while gaining fame, will lose his happiness in life. It is a degree of AGGRESSION.


25-26 deg Virgo

"Two crossed swords surmounted by a crown are lain on the ground before a crossbowman who throws a stone with a sling."

Authoritarian, clever and aggressive character. Conquests are achieved through forceful means and also thanks to one's intellectual qualities. One has numerous and mighty enemies. The more victorious one is, the more hatred one arouses. The rise to power and fame goes hand in hand with loss of happiness. This degree is influenced by two fixed stars, Benetnash and Labrum. The former portends fights, oppression and violent death, while the latter endows with mental and physical strength, noble ideals, and benevolence, and promises wealth and honours. The delineation of the natal chart tells which fixed star prevails.

One who would solve the riddles of the universe, that lasting peace might take place of war and strife. One who helps to develop magic and art.

This degree is even more caught up in an aura of mystery which seems more decisive in carrying them through. Natives are able to convey a feeling that is captivating in its suspense. They are able to whip up a certain enthusiasm and pull people on by a promise of the unknown. They are able to hint at qualities they may or may not have but in this way they enthrall their followers and perhaps make use of some hypnotic abilities. One may be dangerous if oriented in a negative way; or have pathological drive to bolster his own ego. Nevertheless he seems to use these qualities to obtain and hold a job of his choosing.

Symbol: An antique temple of the Muses built on a rock, over which flows an enchanting fall of dear sparkling water.

Denotes one who would seek the ideal in all things, even amidst the hell of war and the fires of destruction. One of a strange, happy, though wise philosophy of thought. He is a votary of art, music, culture, and all uplifting studies. It is a symbol of Cultivation.

Painting; intelligence; honor; riches in disgrace; tyrannical disposition; humorous or pleasant and smiling; happy to spend their lives in serving others; psychic power; gout; neurasthenia; arthritis; abdominal vein.

Symbol: Two elderly bespectacled friends walk and talk confidentially together.

A profound mind able to foreshadow ages to come but not to lay concrete plans for the morrow. Very remote events seem to be within its ken, yet no light helps it to see nearer things on which it may stumble at any step.

Any arbitrage or game of hazard is a sum trap for the native, who will, on the other hand succeed with certainty in all undertakings ruled by national logic and method, but not by accident, blind fortune, or the imponderable of existence.

A courteous, friendly, likeable talker and a persuasive reasoner, he will inspire devoted affections and especially sincere friendships. The disinterested support and loyal cooperation of others, rather than his own methods by wingless and excessively long-sighted intelligence, will allow him to reach his aims, at least after going through some ordeals.

As to his private life he will be happier in ripe age than in youth and will close his days surrounded by his children’s obedient affection and unanimous solidarity. Physical sight might be weakened by hypermetropy or precocious long-sightedness.

It denotes a person of a sociable, kind, sympathetic and cordial nature, who will attract many sincere friends of both sexes, and by means of them will prosper. In mature years the native is destined to preside over a united and happy home. It is a degree of CONCORD.


26-27 deg Virgo

"In his workshop, a disheartened carpenter stands idle whereas his employee cheerfully pulls the workbench cluttered with badly maintained tools."
Clumsy, incompetent, and lazy character. One is handicapped by a lack of skills, and above all, by the certainty that wealth can be achieved without effort. Passivity may encourage people who are more active and hard-working to grasp all the good opportunities. However, the courageous employee of the image also stands for the person influenced by this degree. All it takes to become successful is to pull oneself together, get proper training and start practicing, straight away.

A rather indefinable character, brisk on one hand, lazy on the other. I believe its essence consists in thorough passivity. But die whole of the horoscope must indicate its results. Passivity may be taken merely to affect material work (as a sluggish disposition) or the struggle for life (cowardice or fear, unjustified resignation to being taken in by others’ wiliness or crushed by their overbearingness); it may be neither psychical nor physical, but spiritual, etc. But whether hard working or lazy, the native has certain gifts. and a remarkable skill in business, and a lively, subtle mind, however sluggish his movements and idle his hands. He may even be thoroughly happy, if born in an affluent or rich family, but he is likelier to tend toward despondency and gloom.

In a feminine horoscope there may be difficulty in securing a husband. On the other hand, another woman (mother, sister, colleague in work or the like) will play a great role in her life or destiny.

One of the strongest literary degrees. yet, unless the rest of the chart favors writing, Mercury here merely denotes interest, and Venus a love of literature, painting, good philosophy and honest bluntness along with artistic taste; combative but beneficent; strength of character; alert and aspiring; suicide; denotes art and literary ability; intelligence; honor, and riches in disgrace; hip veins.

Symbol: A newspaper critic seated in a theatre watching a performance.

Denotes one of a quick and critical mind who is gifted with powers of observation and discrimination He is able to turn points to his advantage, and does not hesitate to push forward with energy and activity to gain his desires. It is a symbol of Keenness.

These natives are often interested in psychic phenomena to their detriment. They often are unable to safely trust their own intuition. There does seem to be some help with literary ability especially if supported elsewhere. There is very little here to grant any practical application. These natives prefer not to attempt anything of a practical nature but to speculate about the future too far distant to be tested. Anything worthwhile must be stimulated elsewhere.

One who is too keenly alive to his own material interest to the neglect of the finer essences of the spiritual life, until disability overcomes him and demands contemplation.

It denotes a person of a peculiarly incapable nature, unhappy disposition, and a certain awkwardness in his bearing. He will suffer ills through want of practical ness and executive power, and by reason of his backwardness will be liable to be victimized and deceived by the more active and wary. It is a degree of BLUNTNESS.


27-28 deg Virgo

"Behind an orange tree loaded with beautiful fruits, a nice lawn with many birds is surrounded by rosebushes."
Generous, hardworking, and organised character endowed with sharp intelligence. Family ties and friends are very important. Much attention is paid not only to the family's comfort, but also to other people's needs. Success is achieved thanks to one's personal qualities. Everything needed for one's happiness and peace of mind is readily available. This degree indicates that, if one belongs to a rich family, one knows how to properly use one's wealth without squandering it. If one is of modest origins, one improves one's social status and becomes wealthy.

A faithful employee, thoroughly trustworthy and with a deep ad sincere love nature.

Perhaps it is an influence of Libra highly misunderstood that arrests the development of these degrees late in Virgo. This one seems to be heavily loaded with high, mental ability which is seldom put to good use. There are a few notable exceptions, Einstein’s Jupiter for one. In most cases they seem not to have the strength to give more than mental ability to the service nature of this sign. It seems to touch on some of the more peace-loving qualities of Libra but definitely lacks the strength necessary for most accomplishments. The classical “egghead” type often results from this influence. There is much variety of findings here.

Symbol: A gang of stevedores loading a vessel with product.

Denotes one who works hard and denies himself much. He is entrusted with delicate missions and satisfactory commissions. Work to him is prayer, and he never grumbles at its demands. It is a symbol of Labor.

Astrology; occult; religious; gamblers; leaders; writers; an intelligent and industrious person with good foresight, unless badly afflicted; always scheming and working at his trade or business; folly or reason, depending on aspects; a retrograde planet here with adverse aspects may denote one who will not work; sometimes denotes radicalism or communism if afflicted; tuberculosis; Bright’s disease; eczema; hepative veins.

Fullness of life, work on a large scale, activity supplying many with a livelihood and the native with well-deserved and better spent wealth.

The intelligence is above normal and bent on fruitful and industrious work. There is reserve but generosity. Many people (children or more distant relatives) will live on the native’s income. There will be many friends and beneficiaries around him. The subject’s powerful activity may extend its wholesome influence to all mankind. On the other hand, he may feel bound to his work as a convict to his chains. The whole of the pattern must not be lost sight of. The sprockets of such a mighty machine may even fail to catch.

It denotes a person of a full, rich and generous disposition, superior intelligence, industrious and husbandly habits, predestined to success in life by reason of inherent merits. He will gain many friends and have a large family. Whatever else is needful to success and peace of mind will fall to him. It is a degree of FRUITFULNESS.


28-29 deg Virgo

"A cardinal wearing an amethyst ring stands by the French window of a bishop's palace and watches the rain fall on the garden."
Altruistic, austere, and resilient character. One is a loner and enjoys spending long moments pondering in solitude, but one also appreciates attending formal glamorous ceremonies. Thanks to a vivid imagination, one is capable of achieving great creative works. There may be a strong religious vocation. If in the natal chart, Mars is prominent, there is a tendency towards violence. If Venus is strong, this degree indicates that intense sensuality is reined in by self-control. The constellation “Argo Navis” gives a deep interest in education, favours knowledge amassed through journeys, and underlines the influence of altruism, faith, and philosophy.

A great insight, a quiet, smooth sway over oneself and others a deep religious sense of life and work. The native’s foresight will border on prophecy. In all he undertakes he will be led by great sudden rushes of light, like a poet’s flashes or a seer’s visions. Driven by an unshakable faith in his future and by perfect self-control, the native’s smooth ease will not hinder his liveliness. He will act with lightning-like swiftness but without hurry. He may, therefore, seem heady but will never prove untimely. His liveliness may make his manner blunt but never rough and, even less, coarse. His sensuousness, however powerful, will not interfere with his professional work, which will go on smoothly and successfully in spite of a certain taste for exterior ceremony and formalism.

The native is very unlikely to avoid taking an attitude in front of religious problems. A Roman Catholic or a Protestant, a Christian or a Jew, a freemason or an active supporter of the Church, he must believe in something.

One who aims to serve humanity; shows one’s aim to be of service of humanity; active and intelligent; likes to travel for the purpose of acquiring knowledge; otherwise his habits are reclusive; may gain fame as an astrologer or profit by heeding its advice; consumption; the colon; piety, a wide knowledge, educational work and voyages; back lobes of liver.

Symbol: A crescent moon shining with especial brightness in a blue, star-crowded sky.

Denotes one of some especial genius and extremely artistic who is restless under restraint and who loves to roam about. He roams for a purpose and not for idle pleasure, for this native never idles. He has great faith and obtains recognition and success. It is a symbol of Brightness.

This degree has a little more promise of industry and intelligence. But does not show any unique features which may be easily enlarged upon. The usually lives a very uneventful life working hard to hold things together and being, for the most part, accepted by those around him. Occasionally some accomplishments merit go far beyond this point but they seem to be an accounted for by other influences in the chart. At least degree contributes something worthwhile to the development of other indications.

One who is ever seeking knowledge in science art and chemistry and who travels much to attain his ends.

It denotes one of a quick and energetic nature, short temper, reclusive habits; highly imaginative and capable of much creative work; inclined to religion of a ceremonial nature; subject to spells of sensuousness, but of strong self-commanding faculty. Its a degree of ECCLESIASTICISM.


29-30 deg Virgo

"A man stands by a window with his head covered with a veil which prevents him from seeing the daylight. Another man expresses himself with his fingers in the deaf and dumb language."
Melancholic, eccentric, and secretive character. One is attracted to occultism, and mysteries in general, and enjoys studying in the solitude of the night. One may be affected by a mental disease or a head injury. Unless one is very careful in one's studies, one may end up in a state of mental chaos and confusion.

One who is sustained through faith although he is restrained by others in developing his laten abilities in scientific research.

This degree may contribute to a prophetic insight which is likely to be more mental evaluation of the way things are than psychic ability. There seems to considerable ability here to accomplish some worthwhile activity. There is the possibility also of being restricted I accumulating too many things from the past or just from the hobby of collecting. Other things may also limit the native’s freedom such as a conservative devotion to established religion, laws, social mores, accumulation of wealth or to whatever the native attaches himself.

Symbol: A heap of bright yellow oranges blown from the tree by the wind.

Denotes one who suffers much deceit and whose hopes are threatened. Himself of a sincere and spiritual nature, he dislike, to find fault with the actions of others, and he goes his own way whether they hurt him or no. Fate is strong in his life, and he is forced by circumstances to accept its ruling. It is a symbol of Circumstances.

Clairvoyance; usually denotes permanent or scientific collections; usually accumulates so many personal belongings that they are tied to one place; there is often another form of restraint through marriage, money, or institutions; the colon; hepatic duct.

Sincerity and love of truth as implied by this degree can belong only to an irresponsible being or to a great sage. While talking, the native will tell anyone the truth and will consider no price too high when it comes to discovering it. The price may even be mental sanity.

Work is done by leaps and bounds; overwork is not shunned and, as others throw themselves headlong into pleasure, the native may go into spells of meditation for whole nights or may even undertake risky experiments in witchcraft or yoga or that modem form of necromancy which is today blasphemously labeled as “spiritualism.”

Should the whole of the pattern show balance and self-control, this bold explorer then would have access to the mysteries of true spiritual science, or of the so-called official sciences. His intelligence is sharp, his character melancholy but smooth, his habits secretive and lonely. The need to avoid mental overstrain must be borne in mind.

On the contrary, other factors point to a less sound whole, wounds in the head, cerebral hemorrhages followed by palsy, manic depressive folly, deafness, dumbness or neurasthenia are to be feared. Unenviable or dangerous strains like extravagance, light-mindedness and irresponsible absent-mindedness may show up in the character. These are certainly extreme cases, which had however to be prospected, as caution is never too great when health is at stake. Should the chart portend death due to judicial sentence, the guillotine is to be feared.

It denotes a person of a very melancholy disposition and eccentric mind, a searcher of secret things, and fond of midnight studies; a recluse. It threatens the native with some mental affection, or danger of wounds in the head. The native will have to exercises great care in his mental efforts or he will end his days in chaos and confusion of mind. It is a degree of OBSCURATION.